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Raw 5/3/2021: Lashley vs. Strowman; Both Tag Titles Defended; Backlash Change; Eva Marie Returns!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • How will WWE Champion Bobby Lashley react to the threat of Braun Strowman?

  • Non-Title Match: Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) vs. Braun Strowman or Drew McIntyre

  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day vs. AJ Styles & Omos (champs)

  • WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Naomi & Lana vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (champs)

We're in the ThunderDome and we open with highlights of last week when Braun Strowman defeated Drew McIntyre to make the main event of WrestleMania Backlash a triple threat.

Earlier today MVP met with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville. They bring up Lashley saying he could beat Strowman or McIntyre one-on-one. Pearce says they'll flip a coin to see if Lashley faces Strowman or McIntyre tonight. MVP wants to check and make sure it's not a trick coin. MCINTYRE AND STROWMAN BOTH INTERRUPT! They argue. Strowman calls tails and it's tails! IT'S LASHLEY VS. STROWMAN TONIGHT! McIntyre says when Strowman is done with Lashley, he can expect to go to Claymore Country. MVP says Lashley will Strowman in the Hurt Lock and Strowman may not make it to WrestleMania Backlash.

Commentary hypes Lashley vs. Strowman as tonight's main event.

The new WWE Raw Tag Team Champions AJ Styles and Omos make their way to the ring. They both grab mics. Styles says for those of us that were foolish and didn't tune into WrestleMania, you missed them becoming the new tag champs. Styles says Omos is going to toss the New Day around the ring again. Styles asks the crowd if they missed them? Styles says of course we did haha. Styles says they haven't been here because they were in the Caribbean celebrating. The New Day finally interrupts and they claim they're going to win the gold back. They say there's a reason why they're 11-time champs! When they get knocked down, they get back up and win the titles back. Like clockwork. Kofi talks about how even though they lost at Mania, they still have showed up every week and they wouldn't think of taking a month off. Omos finally says he's have enough of them. Apparently, he didn't knock enough sense into them at Mania. Woods says it's time for the champs to come back to reality. Not bad promos but they went a little long. The match is next!

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

AJ Styles & Omos (champs) vs. The New Day

Styles and Woods start it. Styles changes his mind and tags Omos to start. Woods doesn't seem thrilled and Omos launches him across the ring. Omos chucks Woods into the New Day corner and request Kofi tag in. Kofi comes in and tries a kick with no luck. Omos catches the leg of Kofi on another kick and sends him to the mat. Kofi picks up the pace and tags Woods. Double drop kick by the New Day but then Omos runs through them both with a double clothesline. Omos with a knee to the face of Woods and Styles gets a tag although it was meant to be a high five. Woods with a roll up for a near fall. Styles is sent outside and Woods takes him out with a dive. Kofi stares down Omos and then Kofi also dives to the outside to take out Styles as we go to a break.

We're back with Woods working on an arm of Styles. Styles gets to his feet but Woods with a kick to the knee. Woods gets a near fall before taking Styles to the corner. UNICORN STAMPEDE!! Basement drop kick by Kofi for a near fall. Kofi goes back to working on the left arm of Styles with wrist lock. Styles is back up and tries to create separation. Kofi with a jumping knee to the face of Styles for a near fall. Styles fights back with a jaw breaker but Kofi prevents the tag. Pele by Styles and Kofi tags Woods. Styles lands on his feet when Woods does a back suplex and Omos gets the tag. OMOS CLEANS HOUSE!! Back breaker to Kofi! One for Woods too! Omos takes out both of them in opposite corner. TWO HANDED CHOKE SLAM TO KOFI! Woods tries a kick but Omos isn't having it. Styles gets a tag. STYLES HITS WOODS WITH THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM OFF THE SHOULDERS OF OMOS!! IT'S OVER!!

W: AJ Styles & Omos via pin @ 11:40

Sonya Deville is backstage talking to Charlotte Flair. Deville says she'll take Charlotte's concerned under consideration. Adam Pearce walks in as Charlotte leaves. Pearce wants to know what that was all about and says Deville is overstepping her bounds.

We'll hear from WWE Champion Bobby Lashley after a commercial.

Reminder that Throwback Smackdown is this Friday!


Kayla Braxton is backstage with MVP and Bobby Lashley. She asks about having to face Braun Strowman. MVP says Strowman's luck has run out tonight. MVP says you could consider Strowman luck or unlucky to be in the ring with Lashley tonight. MVP says Lashley can beat Strowman or McIntyre. Lashley says he's no normal man. He doesn't like anyone's odds of taking the title from him. They could win without beating him but he won't let that happen.

Highlights of Miz TV last week with Damian Priest and the New Day throwing tomatoes at The Miz, John Morrison, Elias, and Jaxson Ryker.

The New Day is backstage getting iced down. Elias and Jaxson Ryker are around the corner wit ha basket of tomatoes. They launch the tomatoes and ACCIDENTALLY HIT RANDY ORTON!! Here comes Riddle on the scooter. Orton is pissed!

Charlotte is in action next!

Charlotte Flair vs. Dana Brooke w/ Mandy Rose

They lock up and Charlotte pie faces Dana. Dana gets fired up and hits Charlotte with right hands followed by a head scissors. Drop kick by Dana but she runs into a back breaker by Charlotte. Charlotte takes control now. Near fall or Charlotte. Charlotte talks trash to Mandy and hits Dana with a boot to the face for another near fall. Dana is sent outside and more trash talk by Charlotte. Dana gets to the apron and hangs up Charlotte. Step up enziguri by Dana but Charlotte takes her right back down. Charlotte charges into an elbow. Dana tries a sunset flip but no luck as Charlotte stomps her senseless. Charlotte misses a boot in the corner and Dana pounds on her back. Hand spring elbow by Dana! Another one in the opposite corner. Dana goes to the top turnbuckle. SWANTON BY DANA!! 1...2...NO!! Dana is in disbelief. Dana tries another chop block but Charlotte chop blocks her in mid air! CHARLOTTE LOCKS IN THE FIGURE EIGHT AND DANA TAPS!! Charlotte tried to give Dana some offense but this wasn't very good.

W: Charlotte Flair via submission @ 4:15

Post match, Mandy attacks Charlotte when Charlotte won't broke the Figure Eight. HERE COMES SONYA DEVILLE! Sonya will speak after the break.

A vignette hypes Drew McIntyre. We'll have an interview with him tonight.

We come back to Sonya and Charlotte in the ring. I got a bad feeling about this. Sonya is letting Charlotte make a proposal. Charlotte says she was taken back when she heard Asuka is getting another opportunity at Rhea Ripley. She reminds us that she ended Asuka's undefeated streak and she beat Ripley at Mania last year. Charlotte says Ripley stole her championship match at this year's Mania. Charlotte says you can't say adding her to the WrestleMania Backlash wouldn't make it better. Charlotte claims she's the face of the women's division. Charlotte says she Sonya the chance to have authority and Sonya made the right decision. Charlotte says the division and WWE Universe need her. Charlotte wants Sonya to make the right decision and add her to the match at WrestleMania Backlash. Sonya bites her lip as she thinks. Charlotte says "Be fair to Flair". Give me a break. Sonya says the men have a triple threat so the women should too! SONYA ADDS CHARLOTTE TO THE MATCH! HERE COMES RHEA RIPLEY! Ripley says this is absolute crap! Ripley says Charlotte wasn't at Mania for a one likes her! Ripley is confident she can beat Asuka because she already did it. Ripley says a triple threat is unfair. HERE COMES ASUKA! Asuka pretty much says Charlotte is a whiny baby. Asuka says she can beat Charlotte and Ripley because she's ready to become champ. Flair says she's walking out of WrestleMania Backlash with the gold. Ripley gets in Sonya's face and FLAIR DECKS RIPLEY! ASUKA GOES AFTER FLAIR AND CLEARS THE RING!

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Humberto Carrillo. She brings up his issues with Sheamus and we see highlights of the last couple weeks. Carrillo says Sheamus is a bully and he won't let Sheamus disrespect him. Carrillo says he will challenge Sheamus again and SHEAMUS ATTACKS HIM!! Sheamus beats the hell out of him and says Carrillo is in no condition to accept his open challenge tonight. There's always next week!

The Miz and John Morrison head to the ring. Morrison will face Damian Priest.

Sonya Deville walks into Adam Pearce backstage. He threatens to go to a higher authority because Deville is out of line. Deville claims she sent him a text message. Pearce says they should be making decisions together and Deville agrees.

Miz and Morrison are still in the ring. They talk about their accolades and how they've been disrespected. Miz says he's a first ballot hall of famer. He probably is to be honest. He compares himself to John Cena and The Rock. He says none of them would be treated how he's been treated. Miz says Morrison will beat respect into Priest.

John Morrison w/ The Miz vs. Damian Priest

Side head lock by Morrison right away. Priest escapes with an inverted atomic drop and sweeps Morrison. They go to the mat where Morrison gets the advantage. They trade counters and then Priest clotheslines Morrison out of the ring as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Priest hits a knee to the midsection of Morrison. Morrison turns it around and mounts Priest and hits a series of punches. Near fall for Morrison. Priest missed an elbow in the corner during the break and Morrison took advantage with a spring board kick. Morrison clubs Priest in the back but charges into a flapjack by Priest. Both men are down. They trade right hands now. Priest gests the better. Kicks by Priest now but misses a spin kick. Morrison staggers Priest but Priest turns it around and hits the back elbow in the corner now. Morrison avoids the Broken Arrow but Priest with a lariat for a near fall. Priest goes to the top turnbuckle. Miz is on the apron to distract. MORRISON RUNS UP AND HITS A SPANISH FLY!! 1...2...NO!! Morrison sets up for Starship Pain but Priest counters. Miz gets on the apron to but Morrison has Priest beat with a cradle. Priest gets free. BELL CLAP BY PREIST FOLLOWED BY HIT THE LIGHTS FOR THE WIN!! The commercial felt poorly timed but Priest basically squashed him.

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 8:50

Backstage, Mansoor signs a contract with Adam Pearce to officially become part of Raw. SHEAMUS INTERRUPTS! Sheamus tells Pearce that Humberto Carrillo can't accept his open challenge tonight. Mansoor suggests that he could answer the open challenge. They'll have a match tonight.

Kayla Braxton is with MVP backstage. Again? Geez. MVP says the Strowman vs. Lashley match shouldn't even be happening tonight. MVP says Strowman shouldn't be in the triple threat either. MVP says it wouldn't surprise him if Lashley and McIntyre teamed up to take out Strowman so they can have their proper one-on-one match. MVP tells Kayla to watch what Lashley does to Strowman tonight.

Lucha House Party vs. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

We come to this match already started. Cedric and Gran Metalik. Metalik with the quick pace and a rana to take down Cedric. CEDRIC STOPS ALL THAT WITH A MICHINOKU DIRVER! Tag to Shelton who continues the beat down. Near fall for Shelton. Cedric tags back in and beats down Metalik in the corner with stomps. Metalik fights out of the corner and sends Cedric face first into mat. Lince Dorado and Shelton both tag in. Shelton turns him inside out with a clothesline. Near fall for Shelton. Shelton with knees in the corner. Dorado tries a rana off the ropes but Shelton blocks. Shelton gets another near fall off a boot. Shelton sends Dorado to the corner but Dorado with a tornado DDT. Cedric runs in but gets thrown outside. Dorado spring board dives outside to take out Cedric. METALIK HITS A SPRING BOARD ELBOW DROP TO SHELTON FOR THE WIN!! I've said to before but poor Cedric and Shelton. Couldn't even beat LHP.

W: Lucha House party via pin @ 4:29

Post match, Cedric gets a mic and screams at Shelton. Cedric says they went from champs to this. No wonder Lashley and MVP kicked them out of the Hurt Business. Cedric calls Shelton the weak link. Cedric says Shelton has been here forever and gotten opportunity after opportunity. Cedric says he's done wasting his prime years. CEDRIC TELLS SHELTON THAT THEY'RE DONE!!

Angel Garza is walking backstage with a rose. Drew Gulak asks if the rose is for him. Garza asks if he's trying to be funny. Gulak says the only thing funny is Garza's win/loss record. Gulak challenges Garza for tonight.

Shelton is walking backstage when Kayla approaches him. Kayla asks his thoughts about Cedric's words. Shelton says he's lasted so long because he can take a hit. Shelton says Cedric was only in the Hurt Business because of him. Shelton says Cedric can do whatever he wants but he will respect him.

Angel Garza vs. Drew Gulak

Garza tears off the pants and throws them in Gulak's face to begin. Drop kick by Garza and Garza is super aggressive!! Garza mounts and pounds Gulak. Garza with a double underhook back break. Gulak fires back with chops and goes to a head lock. Gulak takes Garza to the mat. Garza uses the ropes to help him escape and hits a vicious clothesline. Garza beats down Gulak in the corner. WING CLIPPER!! BALL GAME!! Squash.

W: Angel Garza via pin @ 2:17

Post match, Garza makes Gulak smell the rose and then shoves it literally up his ass! Then Garza kicks Gulak in the ass literally. Alright then. Poor Gulak.

Riddle is racing his scooter and runs into the Viking Raiders. Riddle asks if they watched the NFL draft. Are they Vikings or Raiders fans? Erik likes the Browns. Bad choice Erik. Ivar says they're Vikings who raid. Riddle rides off and finds Randy Orton. Orton says he's not Riddle's bro. Riddle hypes that they're undefeated but Orton says it was just one match but....what do you says they go win another one. Riddle gets hyped and Orton just stares at him. They face Elias and Jaxson Ryker next!

A vignette hypes Braun Strowman.

We have to see highlights of Garza putting the rose up Gulak's ass again.

Riddle & Randy Orton vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Orton and Elias start. Orton takes Elias to the corner and stomps him. Punches now and it's all Orton in the early going. Elias fires back with a boot and punches. Ryker gets a tag. He pounds Orton in the corner. Orton cuts him off with an eye poke. Orton grabs the arm of Ryker and tags Riddle. Riddle goes for a Kimura but Ryker throws him off. Riddle locks in the Bromission but Ryker backs him into the corner. Elias tags in and hits Riddle in the face with a knee for a near fall. Punches and chops by Elias to Riddle. Near fall for Elias before he works on the hand of Riddle. Riddle tries to power out but no luck. Ryker gets a tag. Elias suplexes Riddle onto the knee of Ryker for a near fall. Ryker with body shots and a sling shot suplex for another near fall. Rear chin lock by Ryker but Riddle fights free. Riddle avoids a suplex and hits a knee to the jaw of Ryker. Orton and Elias both tag. Orton is on fire. Orton goes for the hanging DDT but Elias hangs him up. They go to the announce table where Orton bounces Elias' face off of it before back suplexing Elias on the table. Back in the ring, Orton with a back breaker to Elias. Orton tags Riddle. ORTON WITH THE HANGING DDT TO ELIAS!! RKO TO RYKER!! FLOATING BRO TO ELIAS WIN IT!!

W: Riddle & Randy Orton via pin @ 5:15

Kayla Braxton is with Drew McIntyre. He's asked about Strowman vs. Lashley. McIntyre doesn't care as long as they beat the hell out of each other. Next, he's asked about Mace and T-Bar. McIntyre doesn't know. Mask or no mask, face paint or no face paint. McIntyre says what matters is he regains the WWE Championship. Strowman interrupts and says they can try to double team him but he'll walk out of WrestleMania Backlash as champion.

Sheamus heads to the ring. He's in action next against Mansoor.

Another vignette for Smackdown Throwback edition.

Non-Title Match

Sheamus (WWE United States Champion) vs. Mansoor

They lock up and Sheamus takes him down. Head lock takeover by Sheamus. Off the ropes they go and shoulder tackle by Sheamus. Sheamus lifts Mansoor but Mansoor escapes. Sheamus slaps Mansoor but Mansoor returns the favor. Mansoor picks up the pace and hits a drop kick. Mansoor goes for the arm of Sheamus but Sheamus grabs and puts him on the top rope in the middle of the ropes before pushing him to the outside and Mansoor lands on the floor. Mansoor gets back in the ring and Sheamus continues the beat down and pulls at Mansoor's face. TEN BEATS TO THE BOWERY!! A clothesline by Sheamus sends Mansoor to the floor outside. SHEAMUS MILITARY PRESSES MANSOOR AND DROPS HIM ON THE BARRICADE. Mansoor beats the count at eight. Sheamus is surprised. Mansoor with elbows and he avoids a back suplex. Drop kick by Mansoor and he's building momentum. MANSOOR WITH A TORNADO DDT!! 1...2...NO!! Mansoor goes up to the top but Sheamus cuts him down. WHITE NOISE!! Sheamus sets up for a Brogue Kick and HUMBERTO CARRILLO IS HERE TO ATTACK SHEAMUS FORCING A DQ!!

W: Sheamus via DQ @ 4:27


Alexa's Playground is next!

Alexa Bliss is here with Lily. Bliss says Lily is having so much fun tonight seeing some of her favorite superstars up close. Lily loves playing hide and go seek but Bliss always finds her in odd places. Where ever Lily goes, trouble seems to follow. She sometimes gets her hands dirty and her favorite color is red. Lily says a certain someone may have caught her beady little eyes. She can't tell you who though. That's a secret. Bliss tells us what happens next, isn't her fault. Bliss sings to Lily about how much fun they have together and they'll be friends forever. Bliss like she'll cry but then gives the sinister laugh. Zoom in to Lily who does her screen bite.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Naomi & Lana vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (champs) w/ Reginald

Nia and Naomi start and Nia immediately shoots Naomi into the air and she lands face first. Shayna tags in and goes after Naomi but Naomi tags Lana. Lana comes off the top to take out Shayna and gets a near fall. Lana builds momentum. Bind tag by Naomi. Naomi gets a near fall off a roll up. Naomi drop kicks Nia off the apron. Double team face buster to Shayna. Nia pulls Naomi out and sends her into the announce table. In the ring, Lana has Shayna beat with a pin but Reginald distracts the ref. Shayna locks in the Kirifuda Clutch but Lana escapes. SHAYNA LOCKS LANA IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH AGAIN AND LANA TAPS!! Alright then.

W: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via submission @ 1:59

MVP and Bobby Lashley are in gorilla. MVP says Strowman is one of the strongest men he's ever seen but he's no Lashley. MVP says this is the battle of the bulls and the dominant bull is Lashley!

The main event is next!

A vignette hypes Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins for Throwback Smackdown.

Non-Title Match

Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP vs. Braun Strowman

They lock up and they jockey for position. Strowman backs Lashley into the corner and throws elbows. Lashley comes off the ropes and tries a shoulder tackle but Strowman doesn't move. Lashley hits a neck breaker and tries a pin but not even a one count. Strowman takes down Lashley and then goes for a power slam but Lashley slides off. Strowman clotheslines Lashley out of the ring. Lashley walks around the ring and tries to get on the apron but Strowman knocks him off. Back in the ring, Strowman squashes Lashley in the corner. He tries it again but runs into a boot. Lashley with a clothesline for a near fall. Lashley targets the arm of Strowman but Strowman gets back up. Strowman goes to club the chest of Lashley and MCINTYRE'S MUSIC HITS!! Strowman clubs Lashley and then goes outside to meet McIntyre. Lashley hits Strowman from behind to take him down. Lashley stares down McIntyre and offers him a fist bump. McIntyre isn't having it as we go to a commercial.

We're back with McIntyre joining commentary. Strowman grabs Lashley in the ring and talks trash but Lashley hits him with a flatliner for a near fall. Lashley stomps Strowman in the corner. Forearm clubs by Lashley across the face of Strowman followed by sending Strowman shoulder first into the ring post. Another forearm across the face of Strowman. Suplex by Lashley for a near fall. Lashley mangles the face of Strowman on the mat and in the corner. Lashley with a running shoulder to the gut of Strowman. All Lashley at the moment. Running forearm by Lashley and Strowman drops in the corner. Lashley mounts Strowman in the corner and delivers punches. Strowman picks Lashley up in an electric chair and drops him back first. Strowman charges and squashes Lashley in the corner. Slam by Strowman and he builds momentum. He goes for the power slam but Lashley slides off his back. Lashley tries the Hurt Lock but can't do it. Side walk slam by Strowman and Lashley rolls to the outside. STROWMAN GOES FOR THE STROWMAN EXPRESS BUT LASHLEY SIDE STEPS AND STROWMAN TAKES OUT MCINTYRE!! McIntyre confronts him and gets on the apron. LASHLEY SPEARS STROWMAN AND BEATS HIM!!

W: Bobby Lashley via pin @ 13:15

Post match, CLAYMORE TO LASHLEY!! CLAYMORE TO STROWMAN!! McIntyre stands tall as commentary tells us that Drew McIntyre will face Bobby Lashley in a non-title match next week!

Next Week:

  • Non-Title Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion)

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