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Raw 5/17/2021: Lashley Issues an Open Challenge; Charlotte vs. Asuka; New 24/7 Champ; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • Fallout from WrestleMania Backlash

  • Alexa Bliss welcomes the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Natalya and Tamina, to her playground

We're in the ThunderDome for the night after WrestleMania Backlash. We immediately cut to backstage where WWE Champion Bobby Lashley is being escorted by a group of ladies. Commentary welcomes us and MVP is in the ring. It is his honor to present the Almighty WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley!! Lashley makes his way to the ring with the group of ladies. Highlights of last night's WWE Championship triple threat match are shown. MVP and Lashley both have mics. MVP asks Lashley if he came through for him with the surprise? Lashley is pleased. MVP says Lashley is the glitz and glamour. MVP says what Lashley did last night was herculean when he beat two of the best Raw had to offer. MVP talks about how much punishment Lashley took and still won. MVP says McIntyre can't get out of bed today. MVP says Lashley's knuckles are damaged from the beat down he dished out. MVP asks Lashley when the "Almighty Era" ends? Lashley says never. Lashley says he takes no nights off so MVP issues an open challenge on his behalf!! HERE COMES DREW MCINTYRE!! MVP goes to say something and McIntyre snatches the mic from him. McIntyre says he can't think of a better way for Lashley to impress his ladies than to defend against McIntyre tonight. MVP says McIntyre interrupted before he was done. The open challenge was for anyone other than McIntyre and Strowman. Lashley tries a cheap shot but McIntyre ducks and hits McIntyre with a right. MVP holds Lashley back from retaliating while the ladies scream.

Up next is AJ Styles vs. Elias!

It's confirmed that Lashley will defend the WWE Championship against anyone besides McIntyre and Strowman tonight!

AJ Styles w/ Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker

Elias with a kick to the midsection right away. Elias goes off the ropes and Styles hits him with a beautiful drop kick. Elias hits Styles with a stalling suplex and takes him to the corner. Styles back out of it and takes Elias to another corner where he sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Styles takes control now. Elias turns it around and delivers shoulders to the midsection of Styles in the corner. Elias sends Styles into the opposite corner and Styles tries to stop his momentum but goes ribs first into the ring post. Elias with a sliding kicks sends Styles into the ring post ribs first. Styles falls to the outside. Elias military presses Styles and drops him on the apron. Back in the ring, Styles sends Elias back out with a clothesline. Styles leaps over the top and hits Elias with a forearm. Styles and Ryker have a stare down. Ryker tries to help Elias up as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Styles with strikes to Elias in the ring but Styles charges and Elias back drops him. Elias hits Styles with a AA spine buster for a near fall. Elias applies a chin lock to Styles. Elias hits a knee drop and then taunts flexing. Something like Rick Roode would do. Elias goes back to the chin lock to wear down Styles. Styles tries to get to his feet but Elias doesn't allow it. Styles finally gets to his feet and breaks Elias' grip with rights. A kick by Styles allows him to get free. Sliding forearm by Styles. Strikes by Styles and he finishes that with a pele kick. Styles lifts and drops Elias with the back of Elias' neck across his knee! 1....2...NO!! Styles sets up for the Styles Clash but Elias back drops him. Styles rolls through and tries the Styles Clash again but Elias with a knee strike!! DRIFT AWAY BY ELIAS!! 1...2...NO!! Elias can't believe it and goes back to the chin lock. Styles gets free. Elias charges and drop toe hold by Styles sends Elias to the corner. Styles charges and Elias back drops him to the apron. Styles regains control and SETS UP FOR THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM BUT RYKER ATTACKS CAUSING A DQ!!

W: AJ Styles via DQ @ 11:46

Post match, Omos chases Ryker off while Elias continues attacking Styles and sends him into the steps. Omos comes back to chase Elias off too!

Up next is Alexa's Playground!

A video package hypes Johnny Gargano vs. Bronson Reed for the NXT North American Championship in a steel cage match.

We see highlights of last week's eight man tag team match followed by Randy Orton RKOing the New Day. Backstage, Riddle is approached by the New Day. They talk about two headed snakes. Orton shows up and wants to know what the New Day is doing here. Orton wants to know if they are referring to him as the two headed snake. Riddle says even though they ended on bad terms last week, maybe Orton can apologize to the New Day. Orton says that's not going to happen. Orton won't apologize because he's not sorry. Kofi isn't surprised. Riddle says Orton didn't mean it. Kofi says he knows Orton better than Riddle. Orton says he'll drop Kofi if he keeps running his mouth. Kofi challenges Orton to a match tonight. Orton accepts! New Day leave and Riddle tries to talk but Orton tells him to hush. Orton walks off.

Alexa Bliss on at the playground with Lily. They're excited to be joined by their two new friends; the new WWE Women's Tag Team Champions, Natalya and Tamina. Natalya puts over their win and reminds us it was Tamina's first title win. Natalya asks if they can leave and Bliss says they haven't asked the tough questions. What's your favorite color? Natalya says pink. Tamina says black and blue which is what Alexa will be if she tries something funny. Alexa says that's not nice. Alexa says Lily like what Tamina did to Reginald. Tamina says she'll do it again tonight in their tag team rematch. Bliss and Lily keep talking about smashing bugs to which Natalya and Tamina leave. Bliss asks if it was something said? Bliss says good luck tonight because she'll be watching.

Angel Garza vs. Drew Gulak

This is a rematch from two weeks ago. Garza's pants go off before we start. Gulak charges right away and goes on the offensive. Suplex by Gulak and then he locks in an abdominal stretch. Garza escapes and head butts Gulak. Hip toss by Garza followed by a clothesline. Chop by Garza and then another clothesline. Reverse spring board suplex by Garza but Gulak landed funny. It's all Garza now. Double underhook stalling back breaker by Garza. Gulak crawls to the corner but Garza with a running kick to the face. WING CLIPPER BY GARZA FINISHES IT!! Squash. Post match, Garza grabs the rose and shoves it down Gulak's throat!!

W: Angel Garza via pin @ 2:13

Backstage, R-Truth is on the run. First time we've seen him in weeks. Kevin Patrick tries to get a word with him. Truth says when he closes his eyes, he can't see anything. Truth says he's keeping a low profile because he has an open challenge tonight for his baby. Patrick says it's Lashley with the open challenge. AKIRA TOZAWA IS HERE TO ROLL UP TRUTH TO WIN THE 24/7 Championship!!

We get an Eva Marie vignette. The Eva-Lution is coming soon!

Randy Orton w/ Riddle vs. Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods

Lock up and side head lock by Orton. Kofi sends Orton into the ropes and Orton with a shoulder tackle. They run the ropes and leap frog by Kofi and Kofi hits Orton in the face with his hip. Orton goes to the outside. Kofi follows but Orton regains control. Back in the ring, Kofi leap frogs Orton again and arm drags him. Near fall for Kofi. Russian leg sweep by Kofi followed by a spring board splash for a near fall. Hammer lock by Kofi now as he works the arm of Orton. Orton backs Kofi into the corner and pokes the eye. Orton takes advantage in the corner now with right hands. Orton chokes Kofi across the bottom rope and then does his vintage Orton limb stomp. Orton goes to the rear chin lock to wear down Kofi. Kofi fights to his feet and uses elbows to get free. Orton head butts Kofi and takes him to the corner. Orton sends Kofi to the opposite corner but Kofi is able to hit a drop kick out of the corner. Chops by Kofi followed by another drop kick. Kofi runs into a nice power slam by Orton. XAVIER STARTS PLAYING THE TRUMPET WHICH DISTRACTS ORTON LONG ENOUGH FOR KOFI TO ROLL HIM UP FOR A WIN!!

W: Kofi Kingston via pin @ 5:12

Post match, Orton is fuming and storms off while Riddle talks to the New Day. Riddle shoves down Xavier and leaves behind Orton.

Naomi, Lana, Mandy Rose, and Dana Brooke are backstage with Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville complaining why Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler get another title shot. CHARLOTTE FLAIR INTERRUPTS! Charlotte says all four of them have had chances and blown them! Dana says someone else blew an opportunity. The four ladies leave Charlotte. Charlotte wants a one-on-one match with Rhea Ripley. Deville says she can't make that match on her own as she looks at Pearce. Deville and Pearce agree Charlotte will be considered if she beats Asuka one-on-one tonight. RHEA RIPLEY INTERRUPTS!! Rhea wants new competition and says Charlotte is yesterday's news. Charlotte claims she'll beat Asuka tonight and beat Ripley like she did last year. Charlotte leaves and Ripley says she'll be ready if the cards fall in Charlotte's favor as she stares at Sonya.

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Natalya & Tamina (champs) vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler w/ Reginald

Natalya and Nia start. Nia charges right away and flattens Natalya. Shayna tags in and hits Natalya with a wicked knee strike. The challengers are in control early. Shayna targets the left arm of Natalya while she trash talks Tamina. Natalya escapes but Shayna lays her out with a clothesline and gets a near fall. Nia tags in and Shayna whips Natalya into Nia. The good old running into a brick wall. Natalya side steps Nia and takes down Nia with a discus clothesline. Tamina gets a tag and Nia scoop slams here. Tag to Shayna. Tamina fights off Shayna. Nia tries to go to the top but Tamina super kicks her. Tamina blocks a kick from Shayna. BLISS IS ON THE RAMP!! Shayna tries the Kirifuda Clutch on Natalya but FIRE COMES OUT OF THE RING POST AND WIPES OUT REGINALD!! TAMINA AND NATALYA HIT SHAYNA WITH THE HART ATTACK TO WIN!! Post match, we hear Bliss laugh as Natalya and Tamina are confused as to what happened. Nia checks on Reginald who is acting like he's blinded.

W: Natalya & Tamina via pin @ 3:13

Sheamus vs. Ricochet is next after a commercial. Sheamus cuts a promo and he's pissed that Ricochet stole his jacket and hat last night. Sara Schreiber is with Ricochet backstage and we see highlights of last night at WrestleMania Backlash. Ricochet had fun last night but the real fun will be when he shuts Sheamus up for good. Ricochet leaves for a minute and comes back with the hat and jacket. Ricochet feels like Ernest "The Cat" with it. Ricochet says maybe he'll have a pint after the match! Somebody better call his momma!!!

Non-Title Match

Sheamus (WWE United States Champion) vs. Ricochet

Sheamus goes to attack Ricochet on the stage but drop toe hold by Ricochet. They get back in the ring and we officially begin. Sheamus charges but Ricochet avoids him early and hits Sheamus with kicks. Sheamus finally hits a clothesline and begins beating down Ricochet. Short arm clothesline by Sheamus. All Sheamus now as he scoop slams Ricochet. Ricochet tries to fight back with punches but Sheamus backs him into the corner and knee him in the gut. Ricochet is able to get a sleeper hold on but Sheamus quickly throws him off. Sheamus grounds Ricochet but Ricochet hits jaw breaker to create separation. Ricochet with a knee to the face and a step up enziguri. Sheamus goes to the outside. Ricochet dives outside but Sheamus catches him! Sheamus rams Ricochet spine first into the ring post and then chucks him into the time keeper area as we go to a break.

We're back with Sheamus still in control in the ring. Ricochet fights back with rights but Sheamus with a knee to the gut sending Ricochet to the apron. TEN BEATS TO THE BOWERY!! Sheamus tries the Dublin Smile but Ricochet blocks it and fights back. Ricochet takes down Sheamus with a series of rights. Ricochet charges into an IRISH CURSE BACK BREAKER!! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus goes to the top rope but Ricochet cuts him off and goes up with him. Sheamus shoves him off. RICOCHET RUNS BACK UP AND HITS A SPANISH FLY!!! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus grabs the leg of Ricochet but Ricochet kicks him away. Chops by Ricochet now and he hits a running forearm in the corner. Ricochet charges but Sheamus back drops him to the apron. SPRING BOARD CLOTHESLINE BY RICOCHET!! STANDING SHOOTING STAR BY RICOCHET!! 1...2...NO!! Ricochet tries moonsault by Sheamus gets knees up. Cradle by Sheamus for a near fall. Sheamus misses Brogue Kick and gets hung up on the top rope. Ricochet drops Sheamus and climbs to the top rope. Sheamus rolls out of the ring. Ricochet hits Sheamus with a flying cross body off the top taking out Sheamus on the outside. Back in the ring, RICOCHET HITS A SPRING BOARD 450 FROM THE APRON!! 1...2...NO!! Ricochet lifts Sheamus but Sheamus gets free. Pump kick by Sheamus!! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus can't believe it! Looks like that was suppose to be the finish but Sheamus didn't get all of the kick. Ricochet slaps Sheamus!! SHEAMUS FINISHES RICOCHET WITH A BROGUE KICK!! Really good stuff here by both men.

W: Sheamus via pin @ 13:29

Post match, Sheamus grabs a mic and says he loves his gold and teases that he may accept Lashley's open challenge.

T-Bar and Mace now with a backstage promo. They says Bobby Lashley's reign has an expiration date. It's time for them to collect a debt. They flip a coin to see who would face him as they also tease challenging Lashley tonight.

Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

Lock up and Charlotte takes down Asuka. Asuka is quickly back up and they trade counters. Asuka with a drop kick followed by a hip attack! Charlotte blocks an Irish whip and hits Asuka with an elbow. Asuka sends Charlotte to the corner she flips over like Ric always did. Asuka takes down Charlotte on the apron. Asuka goes to the outside and hits a hip attack to Charlottes' face with her laying on the apron. Back in the ring, Asuka controls and Charlotte rolls out of the ring. Charlotte sweeps the legs of Asuka on the apron. HERE COMES RHEA RIPLEY!! She wants to take a closer look. Charlotte gets a near fall back in the ring as we go to a commercial,

Back from the break, Charlotte has Asuka grounded as Rhea watches on. Asuka fights to her feet but Charlotte knocks her right back down. Charlotte chokes Asuka in the ropes and hits her with a forearm sending Asuka to the corner. Chops by Charlotte now taking down Asuka. Stomps now. Charlotte cartwheels and kicks Asuka in the face for a near fall. Graves is still trying to convince us that Charlotte is "The Opportunity". Asuka begins to fight back and gets a near fall off a crucifix pin. Both ladies trade near falls. Charlotte hits Asuka with a back breaker and sends her into the ropes. Neck breaker by Charlotte gets a near fall. Charlotte with a head scissors to Asuka and drives her face first into the canvas. Charlotte continues to do it. Charlotte rolls through and sends Asuka across the ring. Near fall for Charlotte and she appears frustrated. Asuka avoids a strike and gets a series of near falls. Asuka rocks Charlotte with a kick and both ladies are down. Asuka with another kick and knee strike to the face. German by Asuka! Hip attack in the corner followed by a bulldog. Near fall for Asuka. Asuka wants another German but Charlotte with an elbow. Big boot by Charlotte gets a near fall. Asuka counters Natural Selection and tries the Asuka lock. Charlotte hits an elbow and gets a close near fall. Charlotte puts Asuka on the top turnbuckle and goes up with her. Asuka blocks a Spanish Fly and sends Charlotte off. Asuka hits a missile drop kick! 1...2...NO!! Kicks by Asuka now. Asuka misses the running kick and Charlotte coves using the tights but can't beat Asuka that way. Off the ropes they go and Asuka locks in a knee bar!! Charlotte escapes and picks up Asuka. Asuka counters and looks for a triangle. Charlotte tries to stack her. Charlotte turns it into a Boston Crab and pulls her to the center. Asuka counters for a roll up. Asuka tries the Asuka lock but Charlotte gets to the ropes. Charlotte kicks the knee of Asuka and ties her up in the ropes. She breaks before five. On the outside now, Charlotte sends Asuka into the announce table and trash talks Rhea. Charlotte ducks a back fist and Asuka almost hits Rhea. CHARLOTTE LOOKS FOR THE FIGURE FOUR BUT RHEA GETS ON THE APRON. CHARLOTTE KICKS RHEA OFF THE APRON BUT THEN ASUKA CRADLES CHARLOTTE FOR THE WIN!! They got time and delivered a good match. There were multiple times where they had to blackout the screen to keep Charlotte from having a wardrobe malfunction.

W: Asuka via pin @ 16:45

John Morrison walks backstage. Kevin Patrick stops him and asks what happened last night. Morrison makes bad zombie references and says Miz may not be the same. Morrison dedicates his match to Miz tonight and hope he gets better.

Lumberjack Match

Damian Priest vs. John Morrison

Lots of the Raw roster, male and female, are ring side to be lumberjacks. That's how it should of been last night. Morrison avoids Priest in the early going. Side head lock by Morrison but Priest escapes and takes down Morrison with a shoulder tackle. Arm drag by Priest. Morrison turns it around and backs Priest into the corner. Morrison sends Priest outside and he's attacked before being thrown back in. Morrison with strikes in the corner. Morrison charges into a boot. Kicks by Priest now and Morrison bails to the outside. The Viking Raiders throw him back in. Priest unloads on Morrison in the corner. Priest sends Morrison to the opposite corner but misses a charge. Morrison is sent outside. He runs around ring side and very athletically avoids all the lumberjacks. Morrison gets back in the ring and eats a choke slam from Priest as we go to a commercial.

We come back with Morrison stomps Priest in the middle of the ring. Priest avoids a strike and stacks up Morrison. Priest is able to lock in a triangle type submission. Morrison escapes and hits a spring board type kick. Priest is sent outside but is put back in by the Viking Raiders. Morrison hits a running knee for a near fall. Morrison goes off the ropes but Priest with a back elbow. Priest plants Morrison face first. Priest lifts Morrison and hits an elevated DDT for a near fall. Morrison sends Priest outside in front of Mace and T-Bar. They attack Priest and the Viking Raiders confront them. Priest is thrown back in the ring. Priest hits a forearm and rocks Morrison with strikes. Priest dives over the top to take out Mace and T-Bar. Cedric Alexander attacks Shelton Benjamin and the rest of the lumberjacks try to break it up. Priest bell claps Morrison and they go to the top. PRIEST SUPERPLEXES MORRISON FROM THE TOP OUT ONTO THE LUMBERJACKS!! The Viking Raiders put them back in the ring. Morrison avoids a choke slam but misses Priest in the corner. PRIEST WITH A RANA OUT OF THE CORNER!! HIT THE LIGHTS FINISHES IT!! Much better than last night's mess which wasn't difficult to do.

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 12:08

Sara Schreiber comes out on the stage to interview Priest. He's done with Miz and Morrison. He says his name wanting to live forever isn't just a catch phrase. He teases challenging Lashley.

Speaking of which, Lashley is warming up backstage. The open challenge is next!

Video package promo by Bronson Reed hyping tomorrow's cage match. He vows to beat Gargano.

Another vignette hypes the return of Eva Marie. The Eva-Lution is coming soon!

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin doesn't want to waste time talking about Cedric Alexander. Shelton talks about potentially challenging Lashley. Cedric comes in and applauds having the guts to challenge Lashley. Cedric says Shelton's win over him was fluke. Shelton drops him with a right hand.

We see highlights of earlier tonight when MVP issued the open challenge and McIntyre's interruption.

Bobby Lashley and MVP head to the ring. We'll out who answers the challenge after the break.

We come back and MVP wants to know who it's going to be. Anybody? No one comes at first but then HERE COMES KOFI KINGSTON!! Xavier Woods accompanies him. Right before the bell rings, MVP grabs a mic and says it's not for the title!! Kofi attacks!! Lashley is able to fight him off.

Non-Title Match

Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP vs. Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods

Once the bell rings, Kofi charges into a HUGE SPINE BUSTER BY LASHLEY!! Lashley tries a stalling vertical suplex but Kofi escapes. Drop kick by Kofi. More kicks by Kofi and he builds momentum. Kofi sends Lashley to the outside and then dives to the outside to take him out as we go to a break.

We come back and see the replay of MVP issuing an open challenge to prove he never said it was for the title. Back to the action, Lashley is beating down Kofi in the corner. He rocked Kofi with an elbow. Lashley with shoulders to the midsection of Kofi in the corner. Lashley follows up with the stalling vertical suplex and gets it this time! 1...2...NO!! Another cover and another near fall. Lashley tries to squeeze the lift out of Kofi. Kofi goes into the ropes to hand up Lashley to break it. Kofi is able to counter Lashley and hit a DDT for a near fall. BOOM DROP BY KOFI!! Lashley gets right up! Lashley grabs Kofi by the hair and plants him with an elevated flatliner!! Lashley takes Kofi to the corner and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Right hands by Lashley. Woods starts plying the trombone which distracts Lashley. Kofi takes advantage and sends Lashley forehead first into the apron. Kofi goes for SOS but Lashley counters. Lashley takes Kofi to the outside runs him into the ring post!! Lashley throws Kofi back in the ring and back out the other side. Lashley looks to send Kofi into the ring post but Woods pulls Kofi down. The ref sends Woods to the back. MVP TRIES A CANE SHOT TO KOFI BUT MCINTYRE IS THERE TO TAKE THE CANE!! THE REF IS DISTRACTED WITH WOODS AND MCINTYRE HITS LASHLEY WITH THE CANE AND KOFI PINS LASHLEY FOR THE WIN!! Good surprise win for Kofi and it appears they're going to further the Lashley/McIntyre story.

W: Kofi Kingston via pin @ 10:52

McIntyre celebrates with the New Day on the stage as a furious Lashley watches from the ring. End Show.

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