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Raw 5/10/2021: Lashley vs. McIntyre Main Events; Ripley vs. Asuka; Mahal Returns; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • Eight Man Tag Team Match: AJ Styles, Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions), Elias, & Jaxson Ryker vs. Riddle, Randy Orton & The New Day

  • Six Woman Tag Team Match: Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) w/ Reginald vs. Asuka, Mandy Rose, & Dana Brooke

  • Non-Title Match: Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP

We're in the ThunderDome and this is the go home Raw for WrestleMania Backlash. We open with highlights of Bobby Lashley defeating Braun Strowman followed by Drew McIntyre hitting them both of them with a Claymore. Commentary hypes Lashley vs. McIntyre as the main event tonight.

We're starting with the six woman tag!

Six Woman Tag Team Match

Charlotte Flair, Nia Jax, & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) w/ Reginald vs. Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, & Asuka

Nia and Mandy start it. Mandy avoids a clothesline. Mandy takes a swing at Shayna and Nia attacks her in the corner. Tag to Shayna who stomps Mandy in the corner. Shayna targets the left arm of Mandy. Shayna with a take down but Mandy is up and backs Shayna into the corner. Tag to Asuka who puts the boots to Shayna in the corner. Asuka goes for a German but it's blocked. Asuka takes down Shayna with a drop kick. A hip attack knocks Charlotte off the apron. All six women get in the ring. ALEXA BLISS' MUSIC HITS!! ALEXA BLISS IS SWINGING ON THE STAGE WITH LILY! Bliss is sorry for interrupting but Lily isn't. Bliss says they're here to keep their eyes on a certain someone. Bliss laughs as we go to a break.

We're back with Charlotte stomping Mandy in the corner. Alexa is still on the swing on the entrance ramp. Charlotte with a body scissors on Mandy. Shayna tags in and kicks Mandy in the leg. Shayna goes back to the arm work and gets a near fall. Shayna takes Mandy to the corner and tags Nia. Near fall for Nia before going to a chin lock. Alexa continues to swing and talk to Lily. Mandy gets to her feet and fight back. Mandy avoids a Samoan drop and tag Dana. Shayna gets a tag too. Dana with a clothesline and a bulldog for a near fall. Shayna answers with a back breaker. Shayna's knee gives out as she goes to tag Nia. ASUKA TAGS IN AND HITS SHAYNA WITH A SHINING WIZARD TO WIN!! I'm intrigued to see who Bliss is targeting. Bliss kind of stole the focus of the match for better or worse.

W: Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, & Asuka via pin @ 8:39

Post match, Charlotte attacks Asuka with a big boot! Everyone stares at Bliss as she laughs.

We see highlights of last Monday where Elias and Jaxson Ryker threw tomatoes at Randy Orton. That led to Riddle and Orton defeating Elias and Ryker in a match.

Backstage, the New Day are talking when Riddle joins them. He talks about his team with Orton. The New Day bring up AJ Styles and Omos still not being a team. They discuss hitting Omos with a tomato. Riddle senses someone behind him and it's Orton. Woods says if he knew Orton was going to get hit by a tomato, he would of stepped in between. Riddle says Orton has to admit it was funny. Orton says what he finds funny is ending careers, killing legends, and kicking people in the head. Orton leaves and Riddle says they will catch up later. The eight man tag is later tonight

MVP walks backstage and knocks on Braun Strowman's dressing room and then walks in. Strowman is talking to an official and then tells MVP to get out when he sees him. MVP wants to talk business but Strowman says to get out. MVP says Lashley didn't beat Strowman last week. McIntyre did. Strowman tells MVP enough with the bs and get to the point. MVP says if Lashley had to lose the title, he'd rather lose to Strowman and not McIntyre. MVP suggest what if McIntyre got injured and couldn't make it to WrestleMania Backlash. MVP suggest if that happened, Strowman could face Lashley one-on-one.

Highlights of Damian Priest beating John Morrison last week are shown. Damian Priest vs The Miz is made official for WrestleMania Backlash.

Damian Priest is talking to Adam Pearce backstage. The Miz and Morrison interrupt. They argue. John Morrison is facing Damian Priest again tonight. If Morrison wins, he can choose the stipulation for the Miz/Priest match. If Priest wins, he picks the stipulation.

Jinder Mahal is in guerilla for a promo. He's excited to be back on Raw and for some fresh competition. He introduces us to Veer and Shanky. He's heading to the ring. He faces Jeff Hardy next!

Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy attacks right away. A drop kick by Hardy sends Mahal into the corner. Hardy with a kick and tries a jaw breaker but Mahal counters and hits Hardy with a big boot! Mahal stomps Hardy now. Mahal takes over now. Knee drop by Mahal to the face of Hardy. Mahal with a vertical suplex followed by an elbow to the head of Hardy. Mahal wears down Hardy with a chin lock. Hardy fires back with a mule kick and right hands. Hardy takes down Mahal. Mahal blocks Hardy and pounds the back of Hardy. Mahal charges into the corner but Hardy with boots. Mahal avoids a Twist of Fate and hits Hardy with a knee. MAHAL HITS HARDY WITH THE KHALLAS TO WIN!! Return squash for Mahal.

W: Jinder Mahal via pin @ 3:26

Sonya is backstage on the phone when Charlotte approaches her. We can't hear what's said.

Elias is backstage with Jaxson Ryker. Elias says they need to take of the New Day, Riddle, and Orton. AJ Styles and Omos join. Elias says he wrote a song. Styles says no tomatoes or songs. Omos grabs a tomato and crushes it with his hand.

Eight Man Tag Team Match

Riddle, Randy Orton, & The New Day vs. Elias, Jaxson Ryker, AJ Styles, & Omos (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

Riddle and Elias are starting. Riddle goes for a monkey flip and transitions to an arm bar. Elias quickly escapes and tags Ryker. They go to the mat and Riddle with a kick to the chest of Ryker. Ryker tags Omos who tosses Riddle across the ring. Riddle tries a kick but Omos catches it and flips him. Xavier and Kofi come in but Omos throws them around. Riddle gets thrown back to his corner and Orton gets a tag and slides in the ring. Orton stares down Omos and rolls outside as we go to a break.

Back from the break, Elias stomps Riddle in the ring. Riddle ends up in the heel corner and Ryker tags in. Elias and Ryker double team Riddle for a near fall. Back suplex by Ryker and Styles tags in for a near fall. Riddle tries to fight back but Styles stops him. Styles tries a suplex but Riddle lands on his feet and tags Xavier. Xavier builds momentum and gets a near fall. Kofi makes a blind tag. Kofi with a cross body off the top turnbuckle for a near fall. Kofi sends Styles to the corner and splashes him. Xavier tags in and hits Elias with a missile drop kick. Styles tags Ryker. Ryker pounds on Xavier in the corner. Elias comes back in and sends Ryker into the corner to clothesline Xavier. Elias with a spine buster to Xavier for a near fall. Elias lights up Xavier with chops and then an Alabama Slam for a near fall. Ryker comes back in and hits a stomp before locking in a Camel Clutch. Xavier gets to his feet and hits jaw breaker. Ryker prevents the tag. Ryker with a spine buster now for a near fall. Elias gets a tag and pounds the back of Xavier. Suplex by Elias for a near fall. Xavier battles back with a sunset flip for a near fall. Tag to Riddle! Riddle with a knee to Elias and suplex to Ryker. Riddle sends Styles to the outside. Elias and Riddle exchange blows. BRO DEREK BY RIDDLE!!! 1...2...Omos saves it. Orton makes a blind tag! Omos rocks Riddle and tosses Xavier out of the ring. The New Day spins Styles around by his legs. Omos goes to help. ORTON RKOS ELIAS!! IT'S OVER!!

W: Riddle, Randy Orton, & The New Day via pin @ 12:09

Post match, ORTON RKOS XAVIER AND KOFI!! Riddle tries to talk some sense into Orton but Orton just leaves.

Sonya Deville is backstage on her phone. Rhea Ripley and Asuka interrupt. Deville claims she was given an idea and has given it thought. Deville makes Ripley vs. Asuka of later tonight. Ripley asks if this was Charlotte's idea. Deville won't comment. Asuka and Ripley argue over who will win.

Sheamus will face Humberto Carrillo next!

MVP is backstage with Bobby Lashley. Kevin Patrick interrupts wanting an interview. MVP cuts off his question and insults Patrick. MVP says Lashley already proved he could be Drew McIntyre and he'll do it again tonight. Lashley says he beat Strowman last week and tonight he'll beat McIntyre again. Patrick asks MVP about his business proposal to Strowman. MVP won't comment and tells Patrick to beat it.

Sheamus is in the ring and talk about Brogue kicking Humberto Carrillo and Mansoor last week. Sheamus discusses Pearce telling him he should walk in the foot steps of past United States Champion. Sheamus wants to know why he would want to do that. Sheamus says they aren't on his level. Sheamus says only thing Carrillo is getting tonight is a Brogue kick and he'll become a meme! Haha!

Non-Title Match

Sheamus (WWE United States Champion) vs. Humberto Carrillo

They lock up and Sheamus takes down Carrillo with a side head lock takeover. They get back up and shoulder tackle by Sheamus. Off the ropes they go, Carrillo tries a hip toss but Sheamus isn't having it. Carrillo with a spring board arm drag and sends Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus gets on the apron but spring board drop kick by Carrillo. Carrillo goes for a baseball slide but Sheamus blocks and pulls him to the outside. Sheamus sends Carrillo over the barricade as we go to a break.

We're back with Sheamus dominating Carrillo. Carrillo tries to fight back with chops and strikes but runs into a back elbow from Sheamus. Sheamus throws Carrillo to the apron. TEN BEATS TO THE BOWERY!! Sheamus gives Carrillo the Dublin smile! Why so serious Humberto? Carrillo tries to fight back and Sheamus charges into a boot. Sheamus hits Carrillo with an Alabama slam! Near fall for Sheamus. Sheamus lifts Carrillo on his shoulders and climbs to the middle rope. Carrillo fights out of it with elbows. CARRILLO WITH A RANA FROM THE TOP!! Sheamus turns it around and tries to pound the chest of Carrillo on the apron. CARRILLO WITH A SUNSET BOMB PLANTING SHEAMUS ON THE FLOOR OUTSIDE!! THAT WAS UGLY!! Damn! Sheamus landed on the knee of Carrillo! THE REF CALLS OFF THE MATCH!! Interesting finish. Honestly not sure if that was planned or not. If not, they sold it well but Carrillo could be legit hurt.

W: Sheamus via referee stoppage @ 9:01

A video package highlights the Lucha House Party. They reintroduce themselves. They claim they're always "Lucha Lit".

We see highlights of last week where Cedric Alexander kicked Shelton Benjamin to the curb. They face each other next!

Another Eva Marie vignette is shown. Does she have your attention now? Coming Soon!

Cedric Alexander vs. Shelton Benjamin

Trash talk to begin. Shelton misses a clothesline and Cedric avoids a slam. Cedric takes down Shelton with a drop kick. Punches by Cedric. Off the ropes they go and Shelton looks for Pay Dirt but Cedric bails. Back in the ring, Cedric hangs up Shelton's knee on the middle rope with a dragon screw. Cedric targets the knee now. Shelton tries to come back but Cedric with a nice takedown and locks in a heel hook. Shelton powers his way back up and counters to a modified Sharpshooter! Cedric gets to the ropes. Cedric with a drop kick to the knee to take Shelton back down. A basement drop kick by Cedric sends Shelton to the outside. Cedric with a dive to the outside that sends Shelton into the barricade. Cedric goes for another dive but SHELTON WITH A KNEE STRIKE TO THE FACE. Back in the ring, Shelton looks for Pay Dirt but it's countered. They trade counters. Cedric hits Shelton with a spring board enziguri!! Cedric grabs the face of Shelton and talks trash. Kick by Cedric. MORE TRASH TALK BY CEDRIC AND SHELTON HITS HIM WITH A T-BONE SUPLEX! SHELTON WINS!! Cedric looked good but he showboated and it cost him.

W: Shelton Benjamin via pin @ 4:23

Commentary talks about Angel Garza. We have to see highlights of him literally shoving a rose up Drew Gulak's ass. Angel Garza has a photo shoot backstage and Gulak interrupts. Gulak says what happened to him last week has never happened to anyone. Garza asks what his point is? Gulak says he was embarrassed and humiliated. Garza says next time he'll shove the rose down his throat.

Non-Title Match

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley (WWE Raw Women's Champion)

Both ladies lock up and Ripley backs Asuka into the corner. Forearms by Ripley across the face of Asuka before a break. Asuka takes Ripley to the ropes and just misses a back fist. Ripley slaps Asuka! Ripley taunts and Asuka sweeps her! Asuka takes control and throws Ripley across the ring. Ripley does the same to Asuka. Ripley charges into a boot in the corner. Ripley over powers Asuka and stomps her in the corner. Asuka with a takedown and looks for an arm bar but Ripley quickly gets to the ropes. Ripley rolls outside and Asuka chases. Asuka misses a hip attack on the apron and Ripley sends Asuka to the floor with a boot. CHARLOTTE'S MUSIC HITS!! Asuka hits Ripley with a back fist on the apron thanks to the Charlotte distraction. Charlotte says she's just here to watch as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Ripley has a body scissors on Asuka and Charlotte has joined commentary. Charlotte admits to helping put this match together. Ripley takes Asuka to the corner. Shoulders by Ripley to the gut of Asuka. Ripley chokes Asuka across the middle rope. Ripley with kicks to the leg of Asuka. Ripley follows that with kicks to the back. Short arm clotheslines by Ripley. Asuka blocks one finally and avoids a kick. Ripley counters Asuka and hits her with a kick to the face. Both ladies go to the outside. Ripley lifts Asuka in an electric chair but Asuka goes to the apron. Asuka with a flying knee to Ripley! Near fall for Asuka back in the ring. Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock but Ripley powers out and sends Asuka to the outside. Asuka locks eyes with Charlotte. Head butt by Ripley to Charlotte. Ripley throws Asuka back in the ring. Both ladies trade blows in the ring. Northern Lights suplex by Ripley for a near fall. Ripley goes for Riptide but Asuka escapes and hits a Codebreaker! 1...2...NO!! Both ladies roll to the outside. Charlotte trash talks Ripley. ASUKA WITH A HIP ATTACK TO RIPLEY OFF THE COMMENTARY TABLE!! Back in the ring, ASUKA WITH A MISSILE DROP KICK TO RIPLEY! 1...2...NO!! Asuka tries a hip attack in the corner but Ripley catches her. RIPTIDE BY RIPLEY BEATS ASUKA!! Solid match with a surprisingly clean finish. Too many Charlotte distractions for my liking.

W: Rhea Ripley via pin @ 12:38

Post match, Ripley stares down Charlotte.

Commentary hypes the men's triple threat for WrestleMania Backlash and we see a video package for it.

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Drew McIntyre. Patrick wants to know why McIntyre attacked Strowman and Lashley last week. McIntyre wasn't planning on getting involved until Strowman put his hands on him. McIntyre talks about MVP's business proposition to Strowman. McIntyre isn't worried about that. He's focused on beating Lashley tonight and getting the WWE Championship back on Sunday.

John Morrison w/ The Miz vs. Damian Priest

Winner picks stipulation for Miz vs. Priest at WrestleMania Backlash

Morrison with a shot right away but Priest quickly takes Morrison to the corner. All Priest now. He sends Morrison to the opposite corner and then hits a side walk slam for a near fall. Pries with a submission but Morrison gets to the ropes. Morrison with a kick to the midsection. Morrison mounts Priest and hits punches. Cartwheel but Morrison and then he lands a knee to the face of Priest! Miz is getting hyped on the outside. Chin lock by Morrison. Priest battles to his feet and backs Morrison to the corner to break the hold. Uppercut by Priest. Priest charges in the corner but Morrison avoids him. Morrison hits a kick to the face followed by a cartwheel kick. Back in the ring, Priest decks Morrison with a big right after shooting him in the air! Priest with a cover but Morrison gets the ropes. Miz pulls Morrison out of the ring. Priest follows to the outside. Miz challenges Priest to fight as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Priest in control in the ring and he hits Morrison with a back elbow off the ropes. Near fall for Priest. Morrison fires back with a punch and clotheslines Priest out of the ring. CHEAP SHOT BY MIZ! Morrison comes outside and lands a couple kicks. Back in the ring, both men trade strikes. Neck breaker with a sweep by Morrison for a near fall. Morrison focuses on the neck now. Priest escapes and ear claps Morrison. Spin kick by Priest. A series kicks by Priest now sends Morrison to the corner. Running back elbow by Priest. PRIEST WITH A BROKEN ARROW!! 1...2...NO!! Priest goes to the top rope but Morrison cuts him off and climbs up with him. Priest blocks a Spanish Fly and shoves Morrison off who back flips off. SPIN KICK BY PRIEST OFF THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Priest goes for a choke slam Morrison counters with a pin for a near fall. Priest counters a sliding knee with a kick. MIZ GETS ON THE APRON! MORRISON WITH A CRUCIFIX BY MIZ STILL HAS THE REF DISTRACTED!! Morrison had it won. Priest is able to get free. PRIEST WITH HIT THE LIGHTS TO MORRISON TO WIN!! So Miz costs Morrison again and Priest will get to choose the stipulation.

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 12:55

Post match, Miz attacks! Miz tries Skull Crushing Finale but Priest fights him off. Miz bails and PRIEST NAILS MORRISON WITH HIT THE LIGHTS AGAIN!

McIntyre and Lashley are shown getting ready. Strowman walks up to stare Lashley in the eyes. The main event is next!

Another Eva Marie vignette. She talks about her fame and fortune. She claims to want to inspire people. She says life is not picture perfect but anything is possible.

Priest goes to talk to Pearce. Priest wants a lumberjack match. He's tired of Miz running away. Pearce makes it official.

"Tiny Riot" by Sam Ryder is the official theme song for WrestleMania Backlash. Commentary runs down the card.

Non-Title Match

Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP vs. Drew McIntyre

McIntyre charges right away and Lashley tries the Hurt Lock! McIntyre avoids it and Lashley locks in a side head lock. McIntyre tries to escapes but Lashley keeps it on. McIntyre lifts Lashley over the rope to the apron but Lashley keeps the hold on. Lashley brings McIntyre across the top rope throat first. Back in the ring, Lashley hits a neck breaker and then chokes McIntyre across the middle rope. Braun Strowman is watching backstage as Lashley pounds on McIntyre in the corner. McIntyre turns the tide and beats on Lashley in the corner. Lashley counters McIntyre and more punches from Lashley. Lashley runs into a boot from McIntyre. Both men go to the outside. McIntyre with a belly to belly throw on Lashley on the floor!! We go to a commercial.

We're back with McIntyre beating on Lashley in the corner. Lashley reverses in the corner but runs into an elbow. Lashley counters to regain control. Flatline by Lashley before going back to the chin lock. McIntyre fights to his feet. Off the ropes and McIntyre misses a clothesline. Lashley tries a suplex but McIntyre blocks and hits a stalling vertical suplex of his own. McIntyre charges toward the corner where Lashley gets both boots up! Lashley chokes McIntyre in the corner. McIntyre rolls to the apron where Lashley charges and knocks him off the apron with a forearm. Lashley follows to the outside where he bounces McIntyre face first off the apron. Lashley hangs McIntyre up across the top rope. Back on the outside, Lashley lifts up McIntyre and runs him into the ring post! Back in the ring, Lashley sets up for a spear but McIntyre side steps and throws Lashley upside down into the corner! Both men slug it out from their knees! They get back to their feet and McIntyre with a belly to belly throw! Another one! Neck breaker by McIntyre and a kip up! Lashley avoids the Future Shock DDT but McIntyre with the Glasgow Kiss! McIntyre hits a spine buster and a jackknife cover gets a near fall! McIntyre goes for a Claymore but Lashley with a cross body! Lashley goes for the Hurt Lock but McIntyre avoids. Lashley with knees to the body of McIntyre. Lashley with a suplex but MCINTYRE HITS THE CLAYMORE!! HERE COMES BRAUN STROWMAN!! STROWMAN ATTACKS MCINTYRE FROM BEHIND AND HITS THE RUNNING POWER SLAM!! Expected finish as one had to think Strowman would get involved.

W: Drew McIntyre via DQ @ 13:24

Post match, STROWMAN HELPS UP LASHLEY AND RUNNING POWER SLAMS HIM!! ANOTHER RUNNING POWER SLAM FOR MCINTYRE!! On the outside, MVP tries to hit Strowman with his cane but Strowman just takes it from him. Strowman tells MVP he could hit him but he'd rather make him watch Strowman destroy Lashley. STROWMAN LIFTS LASHLEY AND RUNNING POWER SLAMS HIM THROUGH THE BARRICADE!! Strowman goes back in the ring and HITS MCINTYRE WITH A THIRD RUNNING POWER SLAM!! Strowman stands tall to end the show!

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