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Raw 4/5/2021: McIntyre vs. Corbin Main Events; Ripley Turns on Asuka; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • Non-Title Match: Cedric Alexander w/ Shelton Benjamin vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP

  • Drew McIntyre vs. King Corbin

  • Non-Title Match: Rhea Ripley & Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

  • Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos

We're in the ThunderDome for the last Raw before WRESTLEMANIA!! We're starting the show with Drew McIntyre!! We see highlights of Bobby Lashley and King Corbin attacking McIntyre last week. McIntyre grabs a mic and says this is the final Raw before WrestleMania. 5 days until Mania. McIntyre can't help but think of last year and how unique it was. But now Mania is back in business. McIntyre says despite Corbin, their match is still happening at Mania and he promises they will rip each other to shreds. McIntyre tried to think what makes McIntyre and Lashley different. It's sacrifice. McIntyre says when Lashley is off the road he makes up for last time. McIntyre didn't have that luxury. He wasn't able to go home. McIntyre talks about not going home when his mother was undergoing chemo. His mom threatened to kick his ass if he came home. McIntyre gets fired up and says Lashley isn't capable of beating him. McIntyre promises to take care of Corbin tonight and then take Lashley's championship at Mania. HERE COMES LASHLEY!! Lashley wants to know if McIntyre is done rambling. Lashley says McIntyre was great champion but it's Lashley's time now. Lashley says the locker room is scared of McIntyre but Lashley only sees fears in McIntyre's eyes. Lashley says he will use the Hurt Lock to put McIntyre out at Mania. Lashley tells McIntyre to watch what he does to Cedric Alexander tonight. McIntyre challenges Lashley to fight now and MVP interrupts. MVP won't let it happen until Saturday. McIntyre says they are making it sound like McIntyre should just give up but McIntyre plans on running through Lashley at Mania. MVP says McIntyre may not make it to Mania! HERE COMES KING CORBIN!! He has a mic and he agrees with MVP saying McIntyre won't make it to Mania. Tonight, Corbin will finish what he started last week. Corbin says there will be no Mania for McIntyre after he whoops his ass!

Highlights are shown from last week when Omos took out the New Day. Up next is Xavier Woods vs. AJ Styles.

Tomorrow night is the 2020 and 2021 Hall of Fame ceremony on Peacock.

Commentary hypes Asuka/Ripley vs. Jax/Baszler for later tonight.

The New Day is getting ready for Woods' match in gorilla. Riddle is here is talk to them. He faces Mustafa Ali later tonight. They talk about their Mania matches. The New Day says "Matt, let's hope no one gets that high". There it is folks haha.

Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos

Styles starts with a quick jab and then takes down Woods with a hip toss. Woods fires back with some punches but Styles counters into the CALF CRUSHER!! Kofi Kingston grabs a mic and talks trash to Omos before throwing the mic at Omos like a fast ball! Omos goes after Kingston and then gets on the apron. WOODS TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE DISTRACTION AND CRADLES STYLES FOR THE WIN!! I don't like this at all but it is what it is. The New Day celebrates as Styles and Omos look on pissed.

W: Xavier Woods via pin @ 1:20

We see Damian Priest and Bad Bunny arrive in a white Bugatti luxury car.

Braun Strowman heads towards the ring. He's up next!

WrestleMania is in 5 days!!!

Braun Strowman heads to the ring and there is a cage surrounding it. We are forced to see highlights of the Strowman/McMahon saga. Strowman has a mic and says he's been dealing with guys like Shane his whole life. Strowman says Shane doesn't know what he's gotten himself into at Mania. When the cage door closes Saturday, he'll be locked in the cage with Strowman and Strowman will whoop Shane's ass for not only him but for anyone Shane has ever made fun of. At WrestleMania, Strowman promises to ping pong Shane's ass around the cage and Shane will GET THESE HANDS!! HERE COMES SHANE! Shane makes fun of Strowman's intellect. Shane says on paper, the cage stipulation favors Strowman. However, Shane promises to outwit and outsmart Strowman. Shane says when Braun makes up the next day after Mania, he'll look in the mirror and say "I am stupid". We're getting a handicap match after the break. Great.

2-on-1 Handicap Match

Braun Strowman vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

Shane is watching from the ramps. Elias and Ryker don't have to tag. Strowman launches Ryker over the top to the floor before cornering Elias. Strowman looks for the running power slam on Elias but Ryker saves him. Elias hits Strowman with a knee to the face. They double team with a back suplex. They take Strowman to the mat. Ryker hits a flying head butt from the top. Elias goes up top as well and delivers a flying elbow drop. Both men cover Strowman and he powers out. They continue the beat down as Shane comes closer to the ring. Strowman throws them off and stares down Shane. Strowman squashes them both in the corner and clubs Elias in the chest. STROWMAN HITS EACH MAN WITH A POWER SLAM AND PINS THEM BOTH!! We get the idea.

W: Braun Strowman via pin @ 2:37

The Miz and John Morrison are backstage carrying red paint cans. They're asked about Bad Bunny. THEY PAINT BAD BUNNY'S BUGATTI!!! Including writing "Hey Hey Ho Ho" on the hood.

After a commercial, Bad Bunny comes to the parking lot to find what Miz and Morrison did to his car. As he's looking at his car, MIZ AND MORRISON ATTACK HIM!! Adam Pearce finally shows up and then Damian Priest does as well. Miz and Morrison bail.

Commentary tells us that Ash Costello will play Rhea Ripley to the ring this Sunday at WrestleMania.

Highlights of what Miz and Morrison just did to Bad Bunny.

This Saturday there will be tag team turmoil at WrestleMania.

Non-Title Match

Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champion) & Rhea Ripley vs. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) w/ Reginald

Asuka and Baszler start. Ripley isn't giving Asuka the time of day. Baszler mocks Asuka for kicking her tooth out. Asuka gets fired up and attacks the mouth and face of Baszler. Asuka brings Baszler to the corner looks to tag Ripley but Ripley isn't interested in tagging. Eventually, Ripley tags in on her own. Ripley lifts and launches Baszler across the ring. That was actually impressive. Nia tags in and she trades blow with Ripley. Ripley tries to take Nia off her feet but no luck. Ripley decides to tag Asuka. Asuka avoids a Samoan drop and locks in an Octopus to Nia. Asuka comes off the ropes but runs into the proverbial brick wall. Near fall for Nia. Nia squashes Asuka in the corner before sending Asuka to the opposite corner. Asuka avoids a charge. Baszler tags in and Asuka forces a tag to Ripley. Reginald provides a distraction allowing Baszler to take out Ripley's knee. Ripley is sent outside where Nia sends her into the apron as we go to a break.

We're back with Baszler working on the leg of Ripley. Nia gets a tag and scoop slams Ripley before hitting an elbow drop for a near fall. Baszler comes back in now and delivers a series of punches and then a kick to the back of Ripley for a near fall. Baszler looks for a heel hook on Ripley and gets it. Ripley attempts to kick her way free but Baszler continues the leg work. Nia tags in and leg drops the injured knee of Ripley. Nia isolates Ripley from her corner. Ripley finally gets an opening but Asuka is hesitant to tag. Asuka tags in! HIP ATTACK BY ASUKA TO NIA!! German to Baszler! All Asuka now! ASUKA GOES TO THE TOP AND RIPLEY SHOVES HER OFF!! RIPLEY PLATNS ASUKA FACE FIRST ON THE FLOOR OUTSIDE!! Ripley throws Asuka back in the ring where BASZLER FINISHES HER WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE!! They clearly established Ripley as the heel for the Ripley/Asuka program.

W: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax via pin @ 12:01

Highlights of Bobby Lashley kicking Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander out of the Hurt Business last week. We also see Lashley defeating Benjamin last week. Backstage, Shelton and Cedric corner MVP. They call MVP a crippled has been. Cedric says he may not beat Lashley but he'll leave him with a scar. Shelton and Cedric say they can't wait to see McIntyre beat Lashley at Mania. Shelton and Cedric leave. Sara Schreiber gets a word with MVP. MVP is disappointed in them and Lashley is here now wanting to know what happened. Lashley promises to break Cedric's ass in half.

Backstage, Nia and Shayna are interviewed by Sara about WrestleMania. Lana and Naomi interrupt which cause all of the other teams in the tag team turmoil to show up as well as Billie Kay with her resume. Nia says her and Shayna don't have time for all of this. The other teams argue.

A video package shows the build up for Lashley vs. McIntyre.

Non-Title Match

Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP vs. Cedric Alexander w/ Shelton Benjamin

MVP joins commentary. Before the bell rings, Shelton and Cedric both jump Lashley!! Lashley turns it around and disposed Shelton to the outside. The match officially begins and it's all Lashley as he beats down Cedric in the corner. Neck breaker by Lashley and he launches Cedric across the ring. Once again to the other side of the ring before throwing Cedric to the outside. Lashley follows and Cedric rolls back in the ring. It's still all Lashley. Lashley with a shoulder to the gut of Cedric in the corner followed by a standing vertical suplex. Lashley continues the beat down and throws Cedric out of the ring again near Shelton. Lashley lifts and sends Cedric hard into the ring post as we go to a break.

Back from the break, Lashley continues to dominate Cedric. Cedric fights back with kicks but runs into a flatliner! Lashley throws Cedric out of the ring once again and stares down Shelton. Lashley looks to send Cedric into the ring post again but Shelton stops it. Cedric uses the distraction to know Lashley into the steps and ring post. Cedric goes back in the ring and hits two dives out onto Lashley. Cedric with a spring board kick back in the ring. Cedric goes to the top and hits a missile drop kick! Lashley kicks out of a pin immediately! Cedric with strikes and Lashley pushes him away. Lashley swats Cedric out of the air before lifting and planting him similar to a Dominator. Shelton tries to tell Lashley to stop but no such luck. LASHLEY WITH A HUGE SPINE BUSTER TO CEDRIC!! LASHLEY LOCKS CEDRIC IN THE HURT LOCK AND IT'S OVER!! Post match, Shelton tries to make the save but LASHLEY LOCKS HIM IN THE HURT LOCK AS WELL! Cedric got to look good but Lashley ended up dominating as he should.

W: Bobby Lashley via submission @ 10:21

Damian Priest and Bad Bunny talk backstage. They plan to publicly address Miz and Morrison next!

We see the video package showing the build up for Randy Orton vs. The Fiend.

Damian Priest and Bad Bunny make their way to the ring. Highlights of Miz and Morrison painting Bad Bunny's Bugatti again. Priest says Miz and Morrison crossed the line tonight. Priest says Miz is so worried about Bad Bunny that he couldn't keep the WWE Championship for more than a week. Priest wants to up the stakes and he challenges Miz and Morrison to a tag match at WrestleMania. Bunny has a mic now and says he came here in order to live his dream. Bunny talks about growing up watching WWE. Bunny was grateful to come to the Royal Rumble and perform. Bunny lists a bunch of legends he respects and says he even respected The Miz. Bunny says The Miz disrespected him for no reason. Bunny talks in Spanish and I'm not sure what he says. Bunny then says Miz smashed him with a guitar and painted his Bugatti. Bunny still respects Miz but Miz doesn't respect him. Miz crossed the line! Bunny says he will shut Miz's mouth and whip his ass at Mania. More Spanish. MIZ AND MORRISON ARE ON THE TRON NOW. Miz says Bad Bunny doesn't belong here. Miz says they will embarrass him again at Mania. They accept! It's now a tag match.

Mustafa Ali is walking backstage when Sheamus cuts him off. Ali is fired up but Sheamus says the one thing they have in common is hatred for Riddle. Sheamus says he will be on commentary for their match. Riddle goes flying by on his scooter.

Non-Title Match

Riddle (WWE United States Champion) vs. Mustafa Ali

Sheamus is on commentary. They lock up and jockey for position and Ali controls the arm of Riddle. Riddle counters and tries a triangle but Ali stacks him up for a near fall. Ali backs Riddle into a corner but Riddle comes out firing. Ali quickly turns it around and hits a running kick to the face for a near fall. Chin lock by Ali now. Riddle back drops a charging Ali out to the floor. Riddle takes out Ali before throwing him back in the ring. Riddle steals Sheamus' hat and does an Irish dance with it on. Ali takes his advantage from behind and plants Riddle on the floor with a Russian leg sweep as we go to a break.

We're back with Ali pounding Riddle in the corner. Riddle catches Ali's leg and comes out of the corner. Ali stomps the bare foot of Riddle and delivers another kick to the ribs. Near fall for Ali. Body scissors by Ali. Riddle gets to his feet and backs Ali into the corner before dropping Ali back first on the mat to force Ali to break the hold. Riddle builds momentum with a series of strikes. Forearms in the corner now by Riddle. Riddle with an exploder! Ali avoids a moonsault but RIDDLE HITS A BROTON!! ALI COUNTERS INTO THE KOJI CLUTCH!! Riddle powers out with a brain buster! 1...2...NO!! Riddle locks in a triangle but Ali gets a foot on the ropes. Ali pulls Riddle in the ropes to choke him. Ali hits a gut buster on Riddle for a near fall. Ali with a slap to the face of Riddle and Riddle answers with a kick, ALI TRIES A TORNADO DDT BUT RIDDLE COUNTERS AND HITS BRO DEREK TO WIN!! Great match here by both men. I wouldn't mind seeing what they could do on a pay-per-view stage. Post match, Riddle and Sheamus have a stare down.

W: Riddle via pin @ 10:33

Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage asking if he feels threated by Lashley and Corbin. Long story short, McIntyre says he's going to Claymore Corbin and go straight through him on the way to WrestleMania. That match is next!

Commentary runs down the WrestleMania card. They confirm the match between Big E and Apollo Crews will be a Nigerian Drum Fight.

Lashley is interviewed backstage before the match. He says it's hard for Drew McIntyre to give him an almighty ass whooping when he's in the Hurt Lock.

Drew McIntyre vs. King Corbin

MVP is on commentary as Lashley watches backstage. They lock up with neither man getting an upper hand. McIntyre sends Corbin off the ropes but Corbin hits McIntyre with a shoulder block taking him down. McIntyre gets up and side head locks Corbin. Corbin escapes and McIntyre hits him with a shoulder block sending Corbin out of the ring. Corbin gets back in and takes McIntyre to the corner. McIntyre comes back out swinging. McIntyre with a snap suplex for a near fall. Corbin regains control and sends McIntyre into the corner. Corbin charges and does his usual go under the turnbuckle and back in to take out McIntyre. Corbin chokes McIntyre in the corner and continues a beat down. Corbin sends McIntyre hard into the corner spine first. Corbin with a back suplex slam for a near fall. McIntyre is sent into the corner again but comes out with a clothesline. McIntyre with two belly to belly throws to Corbin followed by a neck breaker! McIntyre kips up and goes for the Future Shock DDT but Corbin rolls out of the ring. To the outside they go where McIntyre sends Corbin into the ring post and steps as we go to a break.

We're back and McIntyre is in control. Corbin is able to back drop McIntyre to the apron and then send him into the ring post forcing McIntyre to fall to the outside. Corbin bounces McIntyre off the announce table before throwing him back in the ring. Corbin with strikes to McIntyre back in the ring. McIntyre fights back and sets up a suplex but Corbin counters into a suplex of his own for a near fall. Corbin with some vicious elbow strikes to the face of McIntyre. McIntyre tries to fight back but runs into a choke slam by Corbin!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre turns things around with a spine buster and a jackknife cover for a near fall! McIntyre goes for the Future Shock DDT but Corbin drives him back into the corner. McIntyre charges and Corbin hits him with a sidewalk slam. 1...2...NO!! MVP questions if Corbin wants to go to Mania. GLASGOW KISS BY MCINTYRE FOLLOWED BY THE FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre goes to the top turnbuckle but Corbin cuts him off. Corbin looks for a superplex and HITS IT!! 1...2...NO!! Both men struggle to their feet and trade punches. McIntyre gets the better of it but RUNS INTO DEEP DIX BY CORBIN!! 1...2...NO!! MVP takes off his head set. MVP says it's not about beating McIntyre but taking him out! MVP HANDS CORBIN HIS CANE. CORBIN LOOKS TO USE IT BUT MCINTYRE DUCKS AND HITS CORBIN WITH A CLAYMORE TO WIN!! I feel it took too long to get to the expected result.

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 17:58

HERE COMES LASHLEY. They stare each other down to end the show!

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