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Raw 4/26/2021: McIntyre vs. Strowman; Orton Teams w/ Riddle; Charlotte Reinstated; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman vs. Mace & T-Bar

  • WWE Champion Bobby Lashley will be live to address Drew McIntyre

  • Six Man Tag Team Match: The Miz, Elias, & Jaxson Ryker vs. Damian Priest & The New Day

  • Six Woman Tag Team Match: Asuka, Naomi, & Lana vs. Rhea Ripley (WWE Raw Women's Champion), Nia Jax, & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

We're in the ThunderDome and we see highlights of last week's altercation between Drew McIntyre and Mace/T-Bar. Highlights of the handicap match and tag match with Braun Strowman are also shown including the unmasking of Mace and T-Bar.

We're kicking the night off with the tag match!

Promo by Mace and T-Bar before the match where they claim they will make McIntyre and Strowman extinct. Strowman and McIntyre argue before the match. Strowman wants a thank you for saving McIntyre last week. Strowman claims he can beat Mace and T-Bar by himself!

Braun Strowman heads to the ring and this is now a handicap match per Strowman! Strowman claims he'll do what McIntyre couldn't.

2-on-1 Handicap Match

Mace & T-Bar vs. Braun Strowman

Mace and T-Bar have no masks but they have face paint now. Strowman starts with T-Bar and backs him into the corner. Strowman sends T-Bar hard into the opposite corner and clubs him. All Strowman early on. A big right hand knocks Mace off the apron and then he splashes T-Bar in the corner twice. Mace comes back in the ring to attack Strowman. A big kick from Mace takes down Strowman. T-Bar tags back in who beats down Strowman in the corner. Quick tags brings Mace back in and Strowman is still down in the corner. Strowman fights his way out but T-Bar stops him with boots. Strowman fights back again but the numbers game catches up to him. MACE AND T-BAR CONTINUE THE BEAT DOWN AND THEY'RE DISQUALIFIED!!

W: Braun Strowman via DQ @ 2:57

Post match, HERE COMES DREW MCINTYRE FOR THE SAVE!! The numbers catch up to McIntyre but Strowman is back. McIntyre and Strowman clear the ring. McIntyre sarcastically asks if Strowman is going to thank him as we go to a commercial.

Mace & T-Bar vs. Braun Strowman & Drew McIntyre

The match started during the break. McIntyre goes for a Future Shock DDT but T-Bar avoids it and hits McIntyre with an elbow. Chops by McIntyre. Big right by T-Bar. T-Bar goes for a discus clothesline and they collide heads. McIntyre gets a near fall. T-Bar tags Mace. Mace with a big side slam on McIntyre (Big Boss Man style) for a near fall. Mace beats on McIntyre in the corner but McIntyre comes back with a Russian leg sweep. Tags to Strowman and T-Bar. All Strowman now. Strowman charges towards the corner and hits the ring post shoulder first when T-Bar moves. McIntyre tags himself in. McIntyre takes him down. T-Bar back drops McIntyre to the apron. McIntyre goes up top and hits T-Bar with a clothesline. McIntyre lifts T-Bar but T-Bar escapes with elbows. MCINTYRE HITS THE FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! 1...2...Mace saves it! Strowman comes in and clubs Mace. Strowman throws Mace out of the ring. McIntyre beats T-Bar outside the ring on the other side. STRWOMAN EXPRESS TO MACE!! McIntyre goes to clothesline T-Bar but ACCIDENTALLY CLOTHESLINES STROWMAN!! T-BAR THROWS MCINTRYE OVER THE BARRICADE!! T-BAR GETS IN THE RING AND MCINTYRE DOESN'T BEAT THE COUNT!! I wouldn't say we're off to the best start tonight.

W: Mace & T-Bar via count out @ 4:21

Post match, a pissed off STROWMAN HITS MCINTYRE WITH A RUNNING POWER SLAM! Strowman yells at McIntyre that he only tried to help him.

Commentary hypes the six man tag match. It's next!

Backstage, Drew McIntyre goes to Adam Pearce. He wants Braun Strowman in a match tonight. Pearce says he can do that!

The Miz and John Morrison are here for Miz TV. Elias and Jaxson Ryker are also in the ring. Miz talks about the Oscars and hypes his 24 documentary and Miz and Mrs. Miz says we may be wondering why Elias is joining him. Elias introduces himself and Ryker. Miz says they are here in honor of Bad Bunny making history by selling out his tour in minutes. Miz takes credit for the sell out of the tour thanks to their star power at Mania. Morrison says Bad Bunny didn't even offer them tickets. Miz says they have something better for the WWE Universe. Miz wants to present a concert! Elias says when Miz and Morrison approached him and Ryker, they couldn't turn it down. Elias makes fun of the New Day. They're going to sing "Hey Hey Hop Hop". All four of them sing. It's bad. DAMIAN PRIEST FINALLY INTERRUPTS! Priest is sorry to interrupt. Priest reminds Miz that Bad Bunny beat him. Priest says he has a surprised of his own and the New Day comes out with a big bass guitar case. It's FULL OF TOMATOES AND THEY THROW THEM AT MIZ, MORRISON, ELIAS, AND RYKER! Miz gets one right in the face! We go to a commercial.

Six Man Tag Team Match

The Miz, Elias, & Jaxson Ryker w/ John Morrison vs. Damian Priest & The New Day

Why do I feel like Morrison should of been in the match instead of Ryker? Anyways, Elias and Woods start the match. Elias hits Woods with a back elbow before beating on him in the corner. Ryker tags in and continues the beat down. He distracts the ref so Miz and Elias can attack in the corner. Elias gets a tag and knocks down Woods. Woods picks up the pace and is able to take down Elias for a near fall. Elias regains control before tagging Miz. Drop toe hold by Woods. Kofi gets a tag. The New Day double teams Miz with kicks and a bulldog. Kofi with a snap mare and woods tags in. Sliding clothesline by Woods and an elbow gets a near fall. Kofi tags back in and delivers a shoulder to the gut followed by a spring board clothesline for a near fall. Priest tags in and Miz begs off. Ryker tags in. They lock up and Ryker gets a side head lock. Priest quickly turns it around. Elias tags in and Priest sweeps him. Miz comes in and Priest takes him down. Kofi knocks Elias to the outside. The New Day and Priest clear the ring. Kofi throws Elias back in and HITS A CROSS BODY FROM THE TOP FOR A NEAR FALL! Elias turns it around and tags Miz as they stomp Kofi in the heel corner. Kofi with a counter and he goes to the top. Ryker pulls Kofi off the top all the way to the floor. Miz follows outside and hits Kofi with a boot to the face as we go to a break.

We're back with Miz kicking Kofi in the face. Miz mounts and punches Kofi before choking him across the second rope. Morrison helps out with the choke with the ref distracted. He even uses a tomato! Elias tags in and drops Kofi with a right hand. Elias with a spinning vertical suplex for a near fall. Elias with a chin lock on Kofi but Kofi fights to his feet. Elias lays out Kofi with a clothesline to stop his momentum. Ryker tags in and gets a near fall. Sleeper by Ryker. Ryker prevents Kofi from tagging and tags Elias. Spring board suplex by Ryker. Elias hits a sliding forearm and gets a near fall. Kofi fights back with punches but Elias prevents the tag by taking Kofi to his corner and tagging Miz. Miz puts the boots to Kofi. "It" kicks by Miz now. Kofi ducks one and HITS SOS!! Kofi needs to make a tag and tags Priest! Miz tags Elias. Back elbow by Priest to Elias. Strikes to Ryker. Elbow in the corner to Elias and one for Ryker. Priest with kicks for both now. Priest looks for the Broken Arrow but Elias escapes. Priest nails Elias with a clothesline for a near fall. Priest goes to the top and comes off with a spinning heel kick! 1...2...Miz breaks it up! BROKEN ARROW TO MIZ!! Woods tags in. Woods comes off the top and Elias hits him with a knee to the face!! 1...2...NO!! Ryker tags in. Woods avoids a double team. Kofi blind tag. KOFI WITH A MISSILE DROP KICK. Priest got a tag somewhere in there and gets the near fall. Morrison pulls Miz out. PRIEST DIVES OUT ONTO MIZ AND MORRISON! Ryker lays out Woods with a double axe. Elias goes to the top but Kofi pulls him off. WOODS CRADLES RYKER AND GETS THE WIN!!

W: Damian Priest & The New Day via pin @ 16:50

Sonya Deville is walking backstage and opens a door by a stairwell to let CHARLOTTE FLAIR IN THE BUILDING!!

Sonya Deville in the ring and she tells us to welcome Charlotte Flair to the ring. Charlotte comes out and joins Sonya in the ring. Sonya has Eddie Orengo in the ring as well. He's the ref from Charlotte's match. We see highlights of the Charlotte vs. Asuka match from last week. Sonya says due to Charlotte's actions she was fined and suspended. Sonya says Charlotte deserves the opportunity to explain her actions. Charlotte has thought about it for a week wants to apologize to management, the fans, and to Eddie Orengo. Charlotte says she doesn't know what came over her. She wants to right the wrong. She apologizes to Eddie and he accepts her apology. He says he didn't see Rhea interfere and if he did, Charlotte would of won. Sonya says since she apologized and paid her fine, the suspension is lifted. Sonya says Charlotte will compete tonight and Eddie will be the ref for her match. Charlotte wants an apology from Eddie and he apologizes. Sonya says Charlotte is officially reinstated and she's looking forward to her match tonight. Sonya and Charlotte leave together. They couldn't even keep her off TV for a week. I got a feeling she's getting a championship match at WrestleMania Backlash.

Sonya and Charlotte get backstage and run into Adam Pearce. Sonya apologizes for not telling Pearce. Pearce says he isn't buying the apology.

WWE United States Champion Sheamus makes his way to the ring. He's issuing an open challenge next!

Back from a break, Pearce is on the phone talking about Sonya. Braun Strowman comes in to interrupt. Strowman likes the idea of facing McIntyre tonight. Strowman is still mad about losing the triple threat number one contenders match without being pinned. Strowman proposes that if he beats McIntyre, the championship match at WrestleMania Backlash becomes a triple threat. Pearce makes it official.

Sheamus is still in the ring. We see highlights of him whooping Humberto Carrillo last week. Sheamus laughs at the footage and says he could watch it over and over. He says he's better than ever. He proved he's a fighting champion. Sheamus says he didn't let the bell ring last week because Humberto didn't deserve to be in the ring with him. Sheamus says he's a generous fella so he's decided to have another open challenge. Sheamus tells whoever wants to step up to come on out. But to be clear, the championship IS NOT on the line! HUMBERTO CARRILLO IS COMING OUT! Sheamus asks if he's serious?! Sheamus throws his hat at Carrillo and attacks!!! Sheamus gets back on the mic and Humberto attacks Sheamus and back drops him to the outside. Sheamus gets on the apron and Humberto drop kicks him back off. Humberto dives to the outside to take out Sheamus! Humberto leaves and a pissed Sheamus throws chairs at ringside.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP are walking backstage. Kevin Patrick asks about WrestleMania Backlash if Braun Strowman beats Drew McIntyre. MVP tells him not to jump to conclusions. MVP says they prefer to deal with reality and they have grievances to address in the ring.

Sara Schreiber is backstage with WWE Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley. Sara asks her about Charlotte's apology. Ripley doesn't believe it but she's happy Charlotte is back. Ripley says why Charlotte is busy playing rugby with referees, she'll be busy remaining champion.

WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP make their way to the ring. We see highlights of the Lashley/McIntyre match from Mania. Both Lashley and MVP have mics. Lashley says a few weeks ago he did exactly what he said he was going to do when he walked in and out of Mania as champion. Lashley says he made McIntyre pass out and he held the title high to demand respect. Lashley said the respect from the live audience was a dream come true with McIntyre at his feet. Lashley says McIntyre is like gum on his shoe that he can't get rid of and vows to beat him again at WrestleMania Backlash. Lashley says it's possible it could become a triple threat and MVP takes offense to that. MVP says he's being treated poorly. MVP says any business involving the WWE Championship that is made without consulting Lashley or MVP is disrespectful. MVP says Lashley's reign could be in jeopardy and he could lose in a match where he doesn't have to be pinned or submitted. MVP brings up that's how he lost the WWE United States Championship. MVP says it's unfair and disrespectful. Lashley says he can beat McIntyre and/or Strowman one-on-one. Lashley says he will have to observe the main event. Lashley promises to leave Backlash still the WWE Champion.

Highlights of Riddle defeating Randy Orton last week.

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Riddle. Riddle says he's feeling awesome. He's on cloud twelve! Riddle puts over Orton but mentions how he beat him. Orton interrupts. Orton says they have nothing in common. Orton says he underestimated Riddle last week but says Riddle may have earned his respect last week. Orton brings up when Riddle said if they were a tag team, they would be called R-K-Bro. Orton says he called in a favor and they have a tag team match together if they want it. Riddle shouts out a bunch of team ideas. Orton says lets just see how it goes out there tonight.

We get highlights of the Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke saga with Nia Jax and Shaya Baszler.

Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, and Reginald are all backstage. Nia says Charlotte Flair is a spoiled brat. Baszler tells Nia to forget about Charlotte, Mandy, and Dana. They argue and Shayna says no more distractions. Someone comes and brings Nia flowers. Nia thanks Reginald but he says they're not from him. ANGEL GARZA IS HERE! They're from him. Nia walks off with them and THEN SLAMS THEM IN MANDY ROSE'S FACE! Nia laughs as Mandy is pissed.

MVP walks up to Braun Strowman backstage. MVP says Lashley knows that Strowman is trying to work his way into the Backlash match. Strowman says if Lashley has something to say, he can say it to his face. Strowman tells MVP to tell Lashley that after he beats McIntyre, nothing is stopping him from beating Lashley and winning the WWE Championship.

Randy Orton & Riddle vs. Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

Corey Graves is convinced that Riddle is walking into a trap. Riddle and Cedric start it. Riddle takes down Cedric with a gutwrench. Bromission by Riddle but Cedric rolls through. Cedric gets a hold of the leg and tags Shelton who pounds on Riddle. Forearms by Riddle to fight back but Shelton hyperextends Riddle's knee. Cedric tags back in and continues to work on the leg of Riddle. All Cedric at the moment. Quick tags by Cedric and Shelton as they isolate Riddle in the corner. Orton wants a tag but Cedric continues the leg work on Riddle. Shelton tags back in as they keep Riddle in their corner. Shelton locks in a single leg crab. Riddle is able to get to the ropes. Cedric comes back in and stomps the leg. Riddle fights to his feet. Riddle catches Cedric with a kick and he's able to tag Orton! Shelton tags in as well. Orton goes to work in the corner. Big clothesline by Orton. Shelton hits a spin kick but Orton with a power slam. Orton sets up for a RKO but CEDRIC COMS OFF THE TOP INTO A RKO!! Orton sends Shelton to the apron. Orton wants the hanging DDT but Riddle wants in. Riddle tags in. ORTON HITS THE HANGING DDT!! RIDDLE HITS THE FLOATING BRO AND PINS SHELTON FOR THE WIN!! Riddle wants to celebrate but Orton tells him to take is easy. Poor Shelton and Cedric. They're on quite the losing streak now.

W: Randy Orton & Riddle via pin @ 5:34

Alexa Bliss is backstage on the swing next to Lily. Alexa's Playground is at some point tonight.

Six Woman Tag Team Match

Asuka, Naomi, & Lana vs. Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions), & Rhea Ripley (WWE Raw Women's Champion) w/ Reginald

Baszler and Asuka start it. Baszler takes Asuka to the mat and they trade counters. Asuka grabs Baszler's arm and wants Ripley to tag in. Ripley does and tosses Asuka across the ring. Knee strike by Asuka to the face of Ripley. Naomi tags in. She quickly tags Lana as they double team Ripley. Ripley and Lana trade counters. Lana gets a near fall roll up and then Ripley head butts her. Vertical suplex by Ripley for a near fall. Kicks by Ripley and she throws Lana face first to the mat. Body scissors by Ripley with a dragon sleeper. Graves rips Virk for comparing tag wrestling to Tik Tok! Ripely pounds on the back of Lana. HERE COMES MANDY AND DANA! Baszler goes after them and they throw a pail of water at Shayna. Nia comes over and slips! Reginald tries to help Nia up as we go to a break.

We're back with Baszler stomping the arm of Lana. Baszler knocks Naomi off the apron before turning back to Lana. Lana comes off the ropes with a head scissors and a Russian leg sweep to Baszler. Asuka tags in. Hip attack sends Ripley to the floor. Asuka takes out Nia as well. HIP ATTACK IS BASZLER!! Near fall for Asuka. Asuka with kicks to the face of Baszler. Baszler turns it around and knees Asuka in the jaw! Nia tags in and slams Asuka and follows with an elbow drop. Near fall for Nia. Nia sends Asuka to the corner and splashes her. NIA HITS ASUKA WITH A SAMOAN DROP! Nia misses a charge in the corner allowing Asuka to take advantage. Tag to Naomi who comes off the top with a splash. Naomi fends off Baszler and tries to chop down Nia. Naomi takes Nia down to a knee with a kick. Naomi sends Nia face first into the mat. The pin is broken up. Reginald distracts allowing Nia to tag Ripley. Ripley plants Naomi face first. Pin by Ripley but Asuka breaks it up. Ripley throws Asuka out of the ring. Lana makes a blind tag. RIPLEY HITS RIPTIDE TO NAOMI!! Lana comes off the top with a splash to Ripley! 1...2...NO!! Asuka and Baszler battle on the outside. Nia flattens Asuka. Lana gets a crucifix pin on Ripley for a near fall. RIPLEY PLANTS LANA WITH RIPTIDE!! NIA TAGS IN AND FINISHES LANA WITH A LEG DROP!! Not great but at least the right team won.

W: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, & Rhea Ripley via pin @ 11:33

Up next is Alexa's Playground!

A video package hypes the Universal and Intercontinental Championship matches for Smackdown this Friday.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are talking backstage. Sonya Deville comes up to them and says they should be ashamed of themselves. Deville tells Mandy that Charlotte Flair needs an opponent for tonight and it'll be Mandy.

We go to the playground where Alexa Bliss is humming. She says Lily understand her. You can have a Lily of your own if you ask nicely. Come closer and look into Bliss' eyes. Think twisted thoughts. We all have them. Repeat after Bliss....Lily, Lily, Lily. Next, I want you to picture something peaceful. Take a deep breath. Inhale. Exhale. Think about how peaceful it is. Lily screams!! Bliss laughs. Did we get you? That was her idea. Lily can be mischievous sometimes. To be honest, Lily is getting restless hanging out on the playground so it's time to play with the rest of WWE. Don't blame Bliss for what happens next......Lily made her do it! Bliss laughs as we get a close up of Lily who "bites" the screen.

Charlotte Flair vs. Mandy Rose w/ Dana Brooke

They lock up and Charlotte takes control. Mandy cartwheels out of it and then Charlotte does the same. Charlotte with a take down. They trade counters until Charlotte takes Mandy down with a clothesline. Charlotte goes for a pin and uses the ropes for leverage. Mandy kicks out and Dana complains to the ref. Mandy with a drop kick to Charlotte. Mandy backs her into the corner and delivers shoulders to the midsection. Mandy runs into a knee to the face. Charlotte puts Mandy on the top turnbuckle. Mandy fights back and HITS A MISSILE DROP KICK!! 1...2...NO!! Mandy complains about the count. Mandy takes Charlotte to the corner and hits a series of right hands. Charlotte blocks an Irish whip but Mandy rocks her with a shot to the face. Mandy sends Charlotte towards to corner and she almost takes out Eddie the ref. Charlotte puts on the brakes and hits Mandy with a boot. Charlotte gets a near fall and complains to Eddie that the count was slow. Mandy rolls up Charlotte for a near fall. Knee strike by Mandy for another near fall. Mandy is frustrated. Mandy charges and Charlotte hits a back breaker before sending Mandy face first into the turnbuckle. CHARLOTTE HITS MANDY WITH NATURAL SELECTION TO WIN! No shock by this result.

W: Charlotte Flair via pin @ 4:38

Post match, Charlotte demands Eddie hold the ropes for her to leave the ring.

Kevin Patrick catches up to Drew McIntyre backstage. McIntyre isn't going to let Braun Strowman screw this up for him. McIntyre says Strowman is all about handouts and is a monster complainer. McIntyre says the only way tonight ends is with a Claymore. That match is next!

Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman

If Strowman wins, the WrestleMania Backlash Main Event becomes a Triple Threat

Stare down to being before they lock up. Neither man gets an advantage. Side head lock by McIntyre but Strowman throws him to the corner. McIntyre tries a shoulder tackle but Strowman doesn't budge. Strowman flattens McIntyre with a shoulder tackle of his own. Strowman with a forward roll that doesn't pay off as McIntyre drop kicks his leg. McIntyre goes after the leg of Strowman. Strowman back drops McIntyre to the apron. McIntyre goes up top but Strowman launches him across the ring. Strowman knocks McIntyre out of the ring. Strowman calls for the Strowman Express but Lashley's music hits. Lashley and MVP come down to ringside. Strowman and McIntyre both stare down Lashley as we go to a break.

We're back with Strowman sending McIntyre hard into the corner. Lashley and MVP are sitting ringside. Strowman clubs McIntyre in the head corner before sending him to the opposite corner. McIntyre counters a scoop slam and locks in a sleeper. Strowman backs McIntyre back into the corner. Strowman misses a charge and McIntyre belly to belly throws Strowman!! McIntyre tries the Future Shock DDT but can't. McIntyre plants Strowman for a near fall. MVP gets up to talk trash. McIntyre goes for a Claymore but Strowman catches him and POWER BOMBS MCINTYRE!! 1...2...NO!! Strowman stalks McIntyre and goes to club his chest but McIntyre blocks! Elbows by McIntyre and a Glasgow Kiss drops Strowman! McIntyre hits Strowman with a spine buster!!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre stomps Strowman and tries the Future Shock DDT again but Strowman forces McIntyre to the corner. Strowman puts McIntyre on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. STROWMAN SUPERPLEXES MCINTYRE!!! 1...2...NO!! It was almost a brain buster as McIntyre landed high on his shoulders. Strowman picks up McIntyre and clubs his chest. Strowman charges and squashes McIntyre in the corner. LASHLEY GETS ON THE APRON AND MVP PULLS MCINTYRE OUT OF A POWER SLAM!! McIntyre hits Strowman with the Future Shock DDT!! McIntyre sets up for a Claymore but MACE AND T-BAR ARE HERE TO DISTRACT MCINTYRE!! MCINTYRE FIGHTS THEM OFF BUT STROWMAN HITS MCINTYRE WITH THE RUNNING POWER SLAM AND GETS THE WIN!!

W: Braun Strowman via pin @ 13:19

Lashley stares on pissed off because the main event of WrestleMania Backlash is now a triple threat match. Strowman stares down Lashley. McIntyre gets back up and he gets in Strowman's face. McIntyre and Strowman stare down Lashley to end the show.

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