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Raw 4/19/2021: Asuka vs. Charlotte Main Events; Riddle vs. Orton; McIntyre in Handicap Match; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • Drew McIntyre demands explanation from MVP

  • Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair

For some reason, Braun Strowman vs. Randy Orton is no longer being advertised so we'll have to see if it takes place. Nonetheless, we're in the ThunderDome at the Yuengling Center for Raw tonight and kicking off the show with DREW MCINTYRE....

McIntyre makes his way to the ring. We see highlights of McIntyre winning the triple threat last week and being attacked by Mace and T-Bar. McIntyre has a mic and talks about opportunities. McIntyre brings up last week and mentions Braun Strowman and Randy Orton also wanting a title shot. McIntyre talks about winning the triple threat to earn the right to be number one contender. This transitions to McIntyre talking about Mace and T-Bar. McIntyre doesn't believe for a second that they are the masterminds behind this. McIntyre says the mastermind is MVP! McIntyre expects Mace and T-Bar to take off the masks and start wearing suits. McIntyre says when he gets his hands on them, he'll get retribution! I see what you did there. HERE COMES MVP!! MVP says McIntyre wasn't expecting to go to sleep to the Hurt Lock and he wasn't expecting Mace and T-Bar. MVP congratulates McIntyre on behalf of Bobby Lashley. MVP says Lashley will put McIntyre to sleep again. McIntyre asks MVP again if he had nothing to do with the attack. MVP says he and Lashley recently decided to down size the Hurt Business. MVP says why would they need Mace and T-Bar to attack McIntyre when Lashley beat McIntyre on his own at WrestleMania. McIntyre brings up the bounty Lashley put on him. MVP reassures him that Mace and T-Bar have no affiliation with the Hurt Business. McIntyre says just maybe MVP is telling the truth. McIntyre gets out of the ring and approaches MVP. MACE AND T-BAR ARE HERE TO ATTACK!!! DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM!!! Mace and T-Bar walk past MVP and leave as looks on in approval.

Kevin Patrick catches up with Mace and T-Bar backstage. He asks if they're with MVP and they list off a bunch of animals. Alright then...

A pissed off McIntyre gets to his feet in the ring as we go to a commercial.

We're back with McIntyre walking up to Adam Pearce. McIntyre wants a match with Mace and T-Bar. Pearce says McIntyre needs a partner. McIntyre claims he doesn't and tells Pearce to make the match or else....

Commentary hypes Asuka vs. Charlotte Flair for later tonight.

Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin vs. The Viking Raiders

This is a rematch from last week. Erik and Shelton start it off. Shelton takes Erik to the corner as they trade blows. Erik misses a charge and Shelton takes him to the mat. Cedric gets a tag and hits a basement drop kick. Quick cover for a near fall for Cedric. Cedric with punches in the corner to drop Erik. Shelton tags back in and takes down Erik with a clothesline. Cedric tags in as they isolate Erik in the corner. Erik fights back and is able to tag Ivar. Ivar with a side walk slam to Cedric. Ivar misses a splash and Shelton is able to tag in. Step up knee by Shelton for a near fall. They battle in the corner with Shelton getting the upper hand. Cedric gets a tag and continues the beat down in the corner. Another quick tag to Shelton. Shelton charges and Ivar counters with a seated senton. Shelton is able to prevent a tag and locks in an ankle lock! Ivar escapes with a roll through and tags Erik! Strikes by Erik but Shelton counters with a suplex. Cedric tags in and hits a splash in the corner. TORNADO DDT BY CEDRIC!! 1...2...Ivar breaks it up. Shelton and Ivar go to the outside where Ivar sends him in the barricade. Ivar with a cross body into Shelton into the barricade. Erik with a big knee strike to Cedric in the ring. IVAR GETS A TAG AND THEY HIT CEDRIC WITH THE VIKING EXPERIENCE FOR THE WIN!! Poor Cedric and Shelton. At least we didn't get 50/50 booking though.

W: The Viking Raiders via pin @ 5:12

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Randy Orton. Patrick says Orton surprised many with his win over The Fiend at Mania. Orton says The Fiend is no more now. Orton says McIntyre or Lashley couldn't have done that. Orton will wait for after WrestleMania Backlash to see who wins then he'll come after the WWE Championship. RIDDLE IS HERE ON THE SCOOTER TO INTERUPT!! Riddle wants to be a tag team and be R-K-BRO! Orton walks off with no comment.

Sarray debuts on NXT tomorrow night!

Randy Orton goes to talk to Adam Pearce. Orton wants a match against Riddle.

Highlights of Charlotte Flair's return last week including her attack on Asuka and Rhea Ripley.

Charlotte Flair makes her way to the ring. She'll speak next! We're back and Charlotte has a mic. The crowd boos before she can even say anything. Charlotte talks about demanding respect last week. She didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. She was just being unapologetically Charlotte. Charlotte says she was the most talked about woman at Mania despite not even having a match. Charlotte doesn't know why all the women are mad because she didn't take anything from them at Mania. If anything, Charlotte had her match taken from her at Mania. Charlotte claims she can beat both Asuka and Rhea Ripley at the same time. Charlotte says we all call her "The Opportunity". I know I don't. How about you guys? ASUKA INTERRUPTS!! BEFORE ASUKA CAN SAY SOMETHING, HERE COMES RHEA RIPLEY!! Charlotte asks if they're going to gang up on her. Charlotte wants Ripley to watch her beat Asuka tonight. Ripley will take her up on that offer but Ripley thinks Asuka will beat Charlotte. Charlotte takes offense and reminds us that she defeated Asuka's streak. Asuka tries to get a word in and Charlotte tells her to stop talking. ASUKA GETS FIRED UP AND SAYS SHE'LL BEAT CHARLOTTE AND CALLS HER A BITCH!! That's the main event tonight!

Randy Orton is walking backstage when Riddle goes zooming by on the scooter. Their match is next!

Highlights of McIntyre getting attacked at the beginning of the show by Mace and T-Bar. A handicap match is official for later tonight.

Riddle vs. Randy Orton

They lock up and go to the ropes. We get a clean break. Orton takes Riddle to the mat with a side head lock. Riddle fights to his feet and backs Orton into the ropes. Orton tries a suplex but Riddle counters with a sleeper. Orton reaches for the ropes but Riddle stops that. Orton is able to escape. Riddle tries a sleeper again and Orton backs Riddle into the corner to break, Riddle tries a third time and throws himself back first onto the mat to break. Riddle tries again but Orton escapes to the outside. Riddle follows and Orton gets the upper hand. Orton back suplexes Riddle onto the announce table as we go to a break.

We're back with Orton stomping the limbs of Riddle. Orton rakes his boot across Riddle's face. Riddle fires back with chops. Riddle comes off the ropes and Orton plants with a power slam for a near fall. Orton with a vertical suplex on Riddle. Uppercut by Orton sends Riddle to the mat. Orton takes Riddle to the corner and Riddle begins fighting back but Orton cuts him off. Orton remains in control. More chops by Orton in the corner. Riddle fires back with his own chops and backs Orton into the opposite corner. Orton stops that and sends Riddle across the ring sternum first into the corner. Orton drags Riddle to the center of the ring and covers him for a near fall. Orton with a chin lock to Riddle now as he talks trash to him. Riddle fights back to his feet but Orton cuts him off again and hits another uppercut. Orton charges and Riddle side steps sending Orton shoulder first into the ring post. Riddle with strikes now. Pele kick by Riddle! Riddle with forearms in the corner to Orton. Orton blocks and they battle in the corner. ORTON WITH A SUPERPLEX OFF THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Orton charges and Riddle locks in a triangle across the top rope. Riddle is forced to break because of the five count. Orton with a kick and HITS THE HANGING DDT!! Orton sets up for a RKO BUT RIDDLE BEATS ORTON WITH A CRUCIFIX PIN!! Really good stuff here.

W: Riddle via pin @ 13:31

Backstage, Adam Pearce is on the phone when Sheamus comes in to interrupt. Pearce congratulates Sheamus on his win at Mania. Sheamus knows he's not here for Pearce to stroke his ego. Pearce knows Sheamus will be a fighting champ. Pearce says John Cena used to do open challenges and suggest Sheamus do the same tonight. Sheamus will do the open challenge but not for the title. What sense does that make?

Non-Title Match

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) vs. Naomi & Lana

Nia and Naomi start it. Naomi uses her speed to avoid Nia in the early going. Kicks by Naomi backs Nia into the ropes. Lana tags in. Head scissors by Lana but Nia blocks a Russian leg sweep. Naomi tags back in and takes Nia down with a clothesline. Lots of quick tags by Naomi and Lana. Naomi gets a near fall on Nia after a leg drop. Lana tags back in and they try a double suplex but Nia suplexes them both, Shayna gets the tag. Shayna goes to work on Lana. Shayna stomps the arm of Lana! HERE COMES MANDY ROSE AND DANA BROOKE! They have footage for Nia. It's Nia and Shayna laughing at Mandy's fall at Mania and then Mandy slapping her. Dana then shows footage of Mandy and Dana attacking Nia backstage. Shayna continues to control Lana. Then we have to see footage of Nia slipping. This is bad. Shayna wants to tag Nia but Nia storms after Mandy and Dana. Naomi tags in. NAOMI AND LANA DOUBLE FACE BUSTER SHAYNA TO WIN! Words can't describe how bad this was.

W: Naomi & Lana via pin @ 4:14

Highlights of Bad Bunny's performance at WrestleMania. Promo by Bunny and Priest talking about their Mania match. They thank each other. Bunny's new tour is sold out!

Miz TV is next!

A video package for the Roddy Piper documentary this Sunday on A&E! If you haven't seen the Stone Cold Steve Austin one, I highly recommend checking it out!

The Miz and Maryse make their way to the ring for Miz TV. The Miz welcomes us and says this isn't a typical episode. Miz is joined by the love of his life Maryse. Miz says last week couldn't have went any better. Miz says he single handedly made Bad Bunny a household name and sold out his tour for him haha. They hype Miz and Mrs. Maryse puts over Miz and calls him the greatest superstar of this generation. They trade "I love you" claiming they each love each other more. Miz says tonight is their night to celebrate. They kiss with tons of pyro. They break out champagne. Miz hypes his 24 documentary that debuts this weekend. HERE COMES DAMIAN PRIEST!! Priest grabs a mic and says he speaks for everyone when he says Miz is delusional. We see highlights of how Miz "earned" his victory last week. Priest asks what kind of man brags about a win like that. Priest speaks Spanish. Translation, Miz got his pants off and proved he has no balls. Maryse accepts a match for Priest vs. Miz on Miz's behalf. Priest drinks the champagne and says it's trash. MIZ TOSSES CHAMPAGNE IN PRIEST'S FACE!

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are walking backstage when they run into Riddle. They congratulate Riddle on beating Orton. Woods is carrying an instrument case. Riddle asks what's in it and it leads to silver dollar pancakes. Kofi is facing Elias next!

Elias is in the ring with Jaxson Ryker to play us a song. We have technical issues and Elias isn't happy. We cut to Xavier Woods playing electric guitar on the stage.

Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker vs. Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods

Elias with a running knee right away!! 1...2...NO!! Elias with a spinning neck breaker for another near fall! All Elias in the early going . Xavier keeps playing the guitar to distract Elias. He's playing Stone Cold's theme. Kofi is back up and takes advantage as he stomps Elias in the corner. Elias fights out and hangs Kofi up across the top rope. Stalling vertical suplex by Elias. Now Elias does some stomping of his own in the corner. Elias slams Kofi chest first across the apron. Elias grabs Kofi by the arm and back drops him for a near fall before going back to work on the left arm. Elias sends Kofi to the corner but Kofi catches him charging with a kick. CROSS BODY BY KOFI!! 1...2...NO!! Kofi with a series of kicks now. Elias catches Kofi off the ropes and they trade counters. SOS BY KOFI!! 1...2...NO!! Kofi with a splash in the corner. They go to the opposite corner where Elias takes down Kofi with a kick. Elias goes to the top and Kofi cuts him off. Both men battle on the top turnbuckle. Kofi gets pushed off but runs back up. Elias pushes Kofi off again and HITS AN ELBOW DROP FROM THE TOP TO WIN IT!! I'll say I'm surprised by the result but I'm good with it! Best Elias match I've probably seen in a year no joke!

W: Elias via pin @ 4:42

Alexa's Playground is next!

Alexa Bliss in on the playground with Lily. Bliss wants to tell us about Lily. She didn't come into her life around WrestleMania. They've been best friends for a long time. One time they were on a playground just like this one. Another girl was being mean to her and wouldn't share her ice cream. Wanna know what Alexa did? She shoved that bitch off the swing and she fell on her ass!! Then Bliss ate her ice cream! When the teacher asked why she did it, she told her that Lily made her do it! When Lily doesn't like something, she has no problem letting her know. So for all the girls on Raw roster, Lily didn't like "him" and she doesn't like all of them either! We zoom in to Lily who "bites" the screen! Nice promo and the colorful language worked well.

Highlights of Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose interrupting the women's tag match earlier. No reason to see this again. Mandy and Dana are backstage with Sara Schreiber. Sara asks if their behavior was appropriate. Mandy says Nia and Shayna are the bullies. Nia interrupts and Mandy/Dana bail. Shayna is also here to scream at Nia. Shayna screams at Nia and says she only lost because of Nia. Shayna tells Nia to pay attention or else....ANGEL GARZA IS HERE! Glad to see he has a pulse. He says something to Nia and then walks off.

The handicap match is next!

2-on-1 Handicap Match

Drew McIntyre vs. Mace & T-Bar

McIntyre jumps T-Bar to start! All McIntyre to start as he lights up T-Bar. T-Bar blocks a suplex. Knees by McIntyre and then he does suplex T-Bar. Head butt by McIntyre and T-Bar fires back with strikes. MVP is watching backstage. Mace tags in and beats on McIntyre in the corner. McIntyre fires back with chops. Mace takes down McIntyre with a tackle. T-Bar tags back in and they double suplex McIntyre. Near fall. Quick tags and Mace comes back in. Uppercut by Mace and here comes T-Bar again. More double teaming. Chin lock by T-Bar to wear down McIntyre. McIntyre fights to his feet but T-Bar brings him down by the hair. Mace gets a tag and back suplexes McIntyre for a near fall. T-Bar gets a tag and repeatedly stomps McIntyre. Punches and chops by McIntyre to fight back. McIntyre plants T-Bar with a spine buster and a jackknife cover gets a near fall. McIntyre charges into a big boot from T-Bar. T-Bar comes off the top and MCINTYRE HITS THE GLASGOW KISS!! McIntyre sets up for a Claymore but here comes Mace. McIntyre knocks Mace off the apron. MACE COMES BACK IN AND THEY BEAT DOWN MCINTYRE FORCING A DQ!!

W: Drew McIntyre via DQ @ 5:57

Post match, HERE COMES BRAUN STROWMAN!! Mace and T-Bar bail as we go to a break.

We're back with a tag match now.

Mace & T-Bar vs. Drew McIntyre & Braun Strowman

Strowman and Mace start and Strowman over powers Mace into the corner. Mace pushes Strowman and goes to the side head lock. Off the ropes they go and Strowman knocks down Mace with a shoulder tackle. Strowman with a head butt and he hits Mace with body shots in the corner. Strowman continues to pound on Mace. Strowman appears to have a cut on his forehead. McIntyre gets a tag and he continues to he beat down of Mace in the corner. McIntyre is fired up! Mace hits him with a throat shot to stop his momentum. T-Bar tags in and McIntyre takes him down before tagging Strowman. Strowman beats the hell out of T-Bar in the corner and throws him across the ring. T-Bar gets sent heard into the opposite corner. Mace distracts and Strowman gets chop blocked by T-Bar. Mace gets a tag and they high/low clothesline Strowman! Mace with punches now to Strowman followed by a crossface. T-Bar tags in and hits Strowman with a boot to the face for a near fall. Strowman fights to his feet and back drops T-Bar. McIntyre and Mace both get tags. McIntyre with a clothesline and a belly to belly throw. Neck breaker by McIntyre and a kip up! MCINTYRE RIPES MACE'S MASK OFF!! MACE SLAPS HIM!! MCINTYRE HITS HIM IN THE FACE WITH THE MASK!! MCINTYRE SNAPS AND HE GETS DISQUALIFIED!! THINGS ARE BREAKING DOWN!! STROWMAN RIPS OFF T-BAR'S MASK!! Hopefully they leave the masks off!

W: Mace & T-Bar via DQ @ 6:24

The Miz and Maryse are heading to the ring. Miz vs. Priest is next!

The Miz w/ Maryse vs. Damian Priest

Miz quickly bails out of the ring. Priest pulls Miz back to the apron and brings him in with a suplex. Priest hammers Miz in the corner with right hands. Priest with a knee to the gut and then a back elbow. Priest goes to the corner and Maryse grabs his ankle allowing Miz to take advantage. Miz kicks Priest out of the ring and sends him into the barricade twice. Back in the ring, Miz goes to the top and hits Priest with a double axe. Miz mounts an hits Priest with punches and a boot for good measure. Miz with a cover and Priest quickly kicks out. Chin lock by Miz. Priest gets to his feet and fights free. Miz answers with a neck/back breaker combo. Miz with a series of kicks now. Priest is getting fired up. Priest fires back and hits Miz with a flapjack. Big back elbow by Priest in the corner. Miz avoids a suplex but Priest keeps control. Priest looks for a choke slam and Miz tries to bail. Priest with a big right hand. Maryse gets on the apron and Miz tries a roll up using the ropes but only gets a near fall. PRIEST WITH THE EAP CLAP AND HIT THE LIGHTS!! IT'S OVER!!

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 5:04

Asuka is getting ready backstage.

WWE United States Champion Sheamus is in the ring now. He says the world needs to know that he's the NEW UNITED STATES CHAMPION! He tells us to get used to it because it'll be this way for a long time. He says he will be our fighting champion. He plans to issue open challenges every week or.......whenever he wants. Sheamus wants to know who wants a shot. HERE COMES HUMBERTO CARRILLO!! Glad to see he's still around too! How did we get him and a Garza siting tonight. SHEAMUS IMMEDIATELY ATTACKS HIM!! Sheamus tosses Carrillo to the outside and beats the hell out of him on the outside. Glad you showed up Carrillo. It was nice knowing you! BROGUE KICK!!! No match. Just a beat down!

Charlotte Flair is getting ready. The main event is next!

Stone Cold vignette to promote WrestleMania 38 in Dallas next year.

Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka

WWE Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley joins commentary. Corey Graves calls Charlotte "The Opportunity" like it's going to stick. They lock up right away. Shoving match to begin. Both ladies trade counters until Asuka lands a series of kicks. Charlotte avoids a hip attack a hits a kick to Asuka. Both ladies battle on the apron. Charlotte with a botched neck breaker and both ladies fall to the floor as we go to a break.

We're back with Charlotte in control. Charlotte sends Asuka to the corner but runs into a boot. MISSILE DROP KICK BY ASUKA! Another drop kick by Asuka and a knee strike to the face. HIP ATTACK IN THE CORNER! Asuka goes for a kick by Charlotte catches it. Asuka blocks as strike and delivers a German! Running kick by Asuka! Asuka goes for another German but Charlotte escapes and hits Asuka with a slap. Asuka goes for a submission but Charlotte avoids. Asuka avoids a big boot. Charlotte comes off the ropes but Asuka hits double knees. It's botched though and looks bad. Both ladies trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Asuka comes off the ropes but CHARLOTTE WITH A SPEAR!! 1...2...NO!! Charlotte looks for a Figure Four but Asuka fights her off. Charlotte with a knee bar on Asuka while in the ropes. Charlotte is forced to break. Charlotte goes for a chop block but ASUKA AVOIDS AND LOCKS IN THE ASUKA LOCK!! Charlotte gets to the ropes. Chop block by Charlotte! FIGURE EIGHT BY CHARLOTTE!! RIPLEY STOPS IT BUT THE REF DOESN'T SEE THAT. CHARLOTTE GOES AFTER RIPLEY! ASUKA ROLLS UP CHARLOTTE WITH A CRUCIFIX TO WIN IT!!

W: Asuka via pin @ 9:15

Post match, a PISSED CHARLOTTE ATTACKS THE REFEREE!!!! More officials come down to stop Charlotte. CHARLOTTE ATTACKS THE SAME REFEREE AGAIN!! Charlotte leaves but then comes back. A kick to the referee now as the crowd boos!! Charlotte stares off into the crowd as the show ends! So this should lead to Charlotte getting fined and/or suspended right?!?!

UPDATE: Well that didn’t take long! Adam Pearce announced on Raw Talk that Charlotte Flair as been fined $100,000 and suspended indefinitely!!

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