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Raw 4/12/2021: Two Returns; Bliss Introduces Lily; New #1 Contender Named!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • Non-Title Match: Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion)

  • WrestleMania Rematch - WWE Raw Women's Championship Match: Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley (champ)

  • Firefly Funhouse Returns

  • Miz TV: Maryse as the guest

We're back in the ThunderDome at the Yuengling Center and we have a new set for entrances. We see WWE Champion Bobby Lashley arriving earlier today. Riddle is there to challenge him. Lashley says Sheamus whooped him last night. Lashley hypes his win over Drew McIntyre and says he won't face someone lesser. Lashley says he's only here to celebrate and address the WWE Universe. Riddle quotes previous Lashley comments over the past few weeks and LASHLEY DECKS HIM!! Lashley says he'll face Riddle tonight!

We're starting with some action! Corey Graves, Adnan Virk, and Byron Saxton are on commentary

Non-Title Match

Bobby Lashley (WWE Champion) w/ MVP vs. Riddle

Riddle rolls down to the ring on his scooter and Lashley attacks him on the outside before the match begins! Lashley sends Riddle repeatedly into the barricade. Lashley lifts Riddle and runs him into the ring post. Lashley throws Riddle in the ring and Riddle says he's good to go. We're officially started now. Lashley picks up where he left off and delivers a series of shoulders to the gut of Riddle in the corner. To the opposite corner they go for more of the same! Lashley with a stalling vertical suplex. Lashley goes to the outside to grab Riddle's scooter and chucks it! Lashley gets back in the ring and Riddle fires back with strikes but it doesn't last. Back to the outside they go and LASHLEY MILITARY PRESSES RIDDLE INTO THE CROWD AS WE GO TO A BREAK!

We're back with Lashley continuing the beat down. Riddle fights back with right hands but Lashley stops him with knees to the midsection. Flatliner by Lashley for a near fall. Lashley with crossfaces across the face of Riddle and a big shoulder tackle to floor Riddle. Snap suplex by Lashley and he drives his knee in Riddle's face. This is an extended squash at this point as Riddle isn't doing anything. Riddle throws a punch and Lashley flattens him with another clothesline. Lashley goes for a spine buster but Riddle counters with a kick. Riddle with a go behind and he HITS A RIPCORD KNEE!! RIDDLE MISSES A FLOATING BRO AND LASHLEY LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK!! RIDDLE IS OUT!!!

W: Bobby Lashley via submission @ 10:26

Highlights are shown from the WWE Raw Women's Championship match at WrestleMania 37 which saw Rhea Ripley defeat Asuka to win the gold.

Kevin Patrick is backstage with WWE Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley. He asks Ripley how she's preparing for her rematch with Asuka. Ripley is confident and she says the WWE Universe witnessed the new brutal order of the women's division last night. Ripley will prove again that she's ready for Asuka.

Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander vs. The Viking Raiders

THE RAIDERS ARE BACK!!! Cedric and Ivar start it off. Ivar backs Cedric into the corner and goes to work! Tag To Erik. Ivar slams Cedric and then Erik slams Ivar onto Cedric. Shelton gets a tag. Cedric distracts and Shelton hits Erik with a wicked knee strike. Shelton with a scoop slam and a knee strike as he beats down Erik. Shelton with a snap suplex for a near fall. Cedric tags back in as they isolate Erik. Cedric beats on Erik in the corner. Erik is able to duck a clothesline but Cedric hits in with rapid fire elbows. Shelton gets a tag. Knee strike by Cedric and a suplex by Shelton gets a near fall. Cedric gets a tag but Erik spins him inside out and hits him with a knee strike to the jaw! Ivar and Shelton tag in! IVAR UNLOADS ON SHELTON! Shoulder tackles and a sidewalk slam followed by a splash! Shelton stops the momentum with a knee. Shelton charges into a seated senton by Ivar!! Cedric gets a tag but IVAR TAKES THEM BOTH OUT WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE. Erik lifts Ivar and drives him into Shelton in the corner. THE RAIDERS HIT THE VIKING EXPERIENCE ON CEDRIC TO WIN IT!!! Small complaint with Virk calling the Raiders the Viking Express.

W: The Viking Raiders via pin @ 5:37

Kevin Patrick is with Asuka backstage. Asuka claims she will win back the title. That match is next!

CHARLOTTE FLAIR makes her way to the ring. Charlotte is here on the Raw after WrestleMania and she would normally be smiling but she wasn't invited to WrestleMania. She knows people are thinking it's only one WrestleMania but no....she claims what she does in the ring is sacred. She says the reason she wasn't on WrestleMania was out of her control. She says it's not her fault about teaming with Asuka, Asuka not responding to her challenge, or Lacey getting pregnant. Charlotte talks about Rhea Ripley taking advantage of the opportunity to become champion. Charlotte says every woman thought it was there chance to seize an opportunity since Charlotte wasn't on WrestleMania. Charlotte calls Ripley the biggest snake of them all. Charlotte isn't happy about Asuka getting a rematch. Charlotte names every woman on the women's roster and says none of them compare to her. She says she doesn't steal opportunities, she is the opportunity. Charlotte says this is the new Charlotte and she'll no longer be humble because she's that good! She wants respect for dedicating years of her life to his business with nothing in return. Charlotte tells us to enjoy our championship match that she should of been in and mic drops! Typical Charlotte promo about the same old stuff.

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Asuka vs. Rhea Ripley (champ)

They lock up and Asuka backs Ripley into the corner. They break before going right back after each other. Asuka tries to drop toe hold Ripley into the corner but Ripley blocks. Ripley throws Asuka across the ring and pounds on her back. Ripley tries plant Asuka face first but Asuka counters into a near fall. A kick by Asuka and she tries an arm bar but Ripley gets to the ropes. Strikes by Ripley as she takes Asuka to the corner and puts her on the top. A drop kick by Ripley sends Asuka all the way out to the floor as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Asuka escapes a leg scissors by Ripley and Ripely flattens her with a clothesline. Ripley sends Asuka hard into the corner. Ripley bounces Asuka's head off the turnbuckle multiple times but Asuka fires back with an elbow and a kick. MISSILE DROP KICK BY ASUKA!! Asuka with a knee strike to the face of Ripley! HIP ATTACK IN THE CORNER!! Asuka continues building momentum with a spin kick and a sliding knee! Near fall for Asuka! Asuka goes up to the top but comes up short on a drop kick. RIPLEY LOCKS ASUKA IN THE PRISM TRAP!! Asuka makes it to the ropes but Ripley plants her face first into the mat! 1...2...NO!! Ripley appears to be frustrated. Ripley talks trash and delivers knee strikes to the head. Snap mare by Ripely and they both avoid strikes from each other. Ripley gets Asuka up in an electric chair and transitions into a Samoan drop. Kind of looked like Asuka was trying a crucifix. Not sure who got the worst of that. Asuka tries an arm bar and RIPLEY ROLLS RIGHT INTO THE ASUKA LOCK!!! Ripley fights it and breaks it by running Asuka's head into the corner. Ripley gets Asuka up again in the electric chair and plants her face first! 1...2...NO!! Asuka rolls to the apron and Ripley follows. Ripley tries a suplex but Asuka blocks and sends Ripley into the ring post. Asuka with a modified DDT to Ripley on the apron! CHARLOTTE IS HERE TO ATTACK BOTH LADIES FORCING A DQ!!! CHARLOTTE LEAVES BOTH LADIES LAID OUT ON THE OUTSIDE! Predictable finish here.

W: No Contest @ 11:50

The Miz and John Morrison are backstage and they are joined by Maryse. Morrison asks what Maryse is doing here tonight and Miz says she's the guest on Miz TV tonight. Miz and Maryse leave and Morrison tells them to wait up.

Alexa's Playground is next!

Backstage, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler watch highlights of Mandy Rose tripping on the ramp at WrestleMania. Mandy interrupts them. Shayna leaves. Mandy says it was funny and she's able to laugh at herself. MANDY AND DANA BROOKE ATTACK NIA!!

Alexa Bliss is on her swing and she says WrestleMania was so much fun. She knows we want to know why she did what she did. Once upon a time, there was girl who was lost but she was rescued by the devil (we see video of The Fiend). He protected and nurtured her and taught her everything he knew. But when he was burned, the girl realized that maybe she didn't need him. She realized she could do everything on her own. It was no longer helping her but just standing in her way. Highlights of WrestleMania are shown. Is it true that the female of the species is deadly? Bliss says along the way, she unlocked something that was truly evil. She turns to a Bliss-Fiend type puppet named Lily on the other swing. She says her friend is just getting started!

The Miz, Maryse, and John Morrison make their way to the ring for Miz TV!! It's next! They're all in the ring when we come back. The Miz welcomes us and says history was made at WrestleMania. The Miz claims he's still the most talked about man in entertainment. Miz knows we're wondering why Maryse is here. Maryse is here to plug the premiere of Miz and Mrs. tonight after Raw. Morrison suggests a new show of Miz, Mrs., and Morrison. They hype Maryse's product line. Miz and Morrison made a commerical for her product that you'll see on the show. Miz takes credit for making Bad Bunny a superstar. Miz rolls highlights of WrestleMania and in every one of them, Bad Bunny is taking out Morrison. Miz says the pain was worth it because history was made. HERE COMES DAMIAN PRIEST! Priest objects to Miz taking credit for Bad Bunny. Priest reminds Miz of when Miz says Bunny didn't belong. Miz says Priest wasn't even in the highlights because Bunny outperformed Priest. Miz challenges Priest to a match tonight. Morrison wants the match instead so they argue. Maryse tells them that they can both fight him. Priest accepts a handicap match for now!

A vignette hypes Bad Bunny's next tour!

2-on-1 Handicap Match

The Miz & John Morrison w/ Maryse vs. Damian Priest

Priest and Miz start. Miz and Morrison are in their suits. All Priest in the early going but the numbers quickly catches up to him. Miz sling shots Priest into a forearm by Morrison. Morrison tags in and gets a near fall. Morrison with a chin lock to Priest before taking him to the corner. Miz tags in. Priest fires back and hits Morrison with a back elbow in the corner and then same for The Miz. BROKEN ARROW TO MORRISON!! Priest drops Miz with a wheel kick. CHOKE SLAM TO MIZ!! Morrison is in to hit Priest with a running knee. Priest lays out Morrison again. Priest goes to the top but Morrison rolls out of the ring. PRIEST FLIPS OVER THE TOP ROPE TO TAKE OUT MIZ AND MORRISON! Back in the ring, Miz prevents Miz from climbing up top. Priest knocks Miz to the floor but that allows Morrison to go up top with him. Priest knocks Morrison back in the ring. PRIEST WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK OFF THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Morrison blocks a choke slam and Miz makes a blind tag. HIT THE LIGHTS TO MORRISON!! Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Priest counters. Priest tries Hit the Lights but Maryse pulls Miz out of the ring. MARYSE DISTRACTS PRIEST ALLOWING MIZ TO ROLL UP PRIEST AND USE THE ROPES FOR LEVERAGE TO WIN!!

W: The Miz & John Morrison via pin @ 5:33

Kevin Patrick is backstage to get a word with Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. We see highlights of Mandy and Dana attacking Nia earlier. Nia says that footage isn't necessary. Nia says after the beating they give Mandy and Dana, no one will be talking about them.

Non-Title Match

Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Nia trips getting into the ring. I think it was intentional. Nia and Dana start the match. Nia takes her to the corner and delivers shoulders to the midsection. Nia launches her across the ring and squashes her in another corner. Shayna tags in and hits a running knee to the face of Dana for a near fall. Shayna stomps the leg of Dana and locks her in a stretch muffler!! Nia tags in as Shayna swings Dana into the turnbuckle. Elbow drop by Nia for a near fall. Nia wears down Dana with a submission. Dana fights to her feet and does a head scissors to create separation. Shayna tags in and Mandy does as well. Mandy with a drop kick off the top then a series of clotheslines. Flapjack by Mandy on Shayna before taking Shayna to the corner. Mandy misses a pump knee but regains control. Mandy tries a double underhook but SHAYNA COUNTERS INTO THE KIRIFUDA!! Mandy escapes to the ropes and goes to the outside. Nia tags in and throws Mandy back in the ring. NIA SLIPS AGAIN GETTING IN THE RING! Alright now they've over done it. Nia is mad now. DANA AND MANDY BACK UP THE RAMP!! They say it's not worth it and THEY GET COUNTED OUT! Alright this whole thing was TERRIBLE!!!

W: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via count out @ 4:32

Highlights of Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre from WrestleMania. Lashley's "All Mighty Address" is next!

MVP joins us in the ring. This is an official announcement from the Hurt Business! He says Lashley will join shortly. MVP says at WrestleMania, Lashley retained his championship and only wanted to celebrate tonight. MVP puts Drew McIntyre over as a warrior and a dominant WWE Champion. However, McIntyre took his eye off the target for a second and now he's just that....second. MVP says McIntyre's effort was respectable but once you're in the Hurt Lock, it's over! MVP says there's no way McIntyre is walking around with his head high today. If McIntyre can't handle the Hurt Lock, who can?? The answer is no one!! HERE COMES DREW MCINTYRE!! McIntyre says how the hell would MVP know how McIntyre felt? McIntyre says he knew Mania would come down to the Hurt Lock, Claymore, and who made the first mistake. McIntyre admits he made a mistake. McIntyre owns passing out at Mania. McIntyre says there's no one who can humble him but MVP wants MVP to keep growing Lashley's ego. McIntyre wants Lashley's head to get as big as possible so when he finally Claymores him, he'll fall as far from possible. MVP says nothing around here is given and everything must be earned. HERE COMES BRAUN STROWMAN!! MVP says McIntyre should go to the back of the line and Strowman agrees. Strowman says he destroyed Shane McMahon and he wants Lashley now. HERE COMES RANDY ORTON!! Orton says he's done with The Fiend and Alexa Bliss so he has all the time in the world to focus on becoming WWE Champion once again. ADAM PEARCE IS HERE NOW! Triple threat match tonight and the winner will face Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania Backlash!!!

Up next the New Day will face Elias and Jaxson Ryker.

Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre exchange words backstage about who is going to win the triple threat tonight.

Highlights of Charlotte Flair's promo from earlier.

Elias and Jaxon Ryker are out now for a song. Elias dedicates the song to Shane McMahon for his bravery at WrestleMania. The New Day interrupts before he can get started. They trade insults.

Elias & Jaxson Ryker vs. The New Day

Woods and Ryker start. Ryker gets control right away but misses a charge in the corner. The New Day clear the ring and flip over the top to take out both Elias and Ryker as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Ryker is in control of Woods and gets a near fall. Elias gets a tag as they isolate Woods in their corner. Elias plants Woods with a Death Valley Drive type slam and gets a near fall. Elias goes to a chin lock to continue the wear down process. We get a split screen commerical for the movie Nobody so that tells you how this match is going. Elias prevents Woods from making the tag and Ryker gets a tag to come back in. Ryker gets a couple near falls. Woods knocks Elias off the apron but jumps off the middle rope and gets nailed by Ryker with a double axe for a near fall. Elias tags in and hits Woods with a sliding knee for another near fall. ELIAS SUPLEXES WOODS ONTO THE KNEE OF RYKER!! 1...2...NO!! I'll give them that for doing something different. Woods avoids a back suplex and hits Ryker with an enziguri! KOFI FINALLY TAGS IN! Kofi goes crazy on them! Kofi with a stomp to the gut of Elias! 1...2...NO!! BOOM DROP!! Kofi sets up for Trouble in Paradise and Ryker distracts. Woods takes out Ryker. Kofi escapes an electric chair and Woods blind tags. KOFI HOLDS ELIAS AND WOODS HITS A DOUBLE STOMP FROM THE TOP FOR THE WIN!!

W: The New Day via pin @ 10:04

Randy Orton is backstage and says he's been distracted for the past six months. However, that all ended last night at WrestleMania. Now he can focus on what matters....the WWE Championship. Orton has to go through McIntyre and Strowman tonight but only has to beat one. He'll do it with a RKO!

The Firefly Funhouse is next!

Bray Wyatt welcomes us to the Firefly Funhouse! It appears the whole gang is here! Hello Fireflies!! It feels great to be back in the funhouse! He calls the puppets his true friends! Rabbit says he missed Alexa. Bray hugs the rabbit before tossing him. Bray says those "Witches be wild" haha. Abby says some explicit words that are beeped out directed towards "her". Bray says they still have each other and he feels great. It's a new start with new friends and a brand new Bray. He says he feels reborn! He heals Huskus and Mercy. Bray says everything will be fine because "he" will return! The funhouse will be big and bad! Cya later!

WWE Championship #1 Contender Triple Threat Match

Winner faces Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania Backlash

Drew McIntyre vs. Braun Strowman vs. Randy Orton

McIntyre goes right after Strowman. Orton slides out of the ring to let them go at it. Strowman turns the tide and beats on McIntyre in the corner. Orton slides back in. Orton and McIntyre team up to double suplex Strowman. Orton turns to McIntyre and Strowman takes them both out with a clothesline. Strowman throws McIntyre over the ropes. STROWMAN GOES FOR THE STROWMAN EXPRESS BUT MCINTYRE BLASTS HIM WITH THE STEPS!! ORTON BACK SUPLEXES MCINTYRE ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE AS WE GO TO A BREAK!

We're back with Orton and McIntyre teaming up on Strowman. They send Strowman out of the ring and Orton turns his attention to McIntyre. Orton stomps the limps of McIntyre. McIntyre fights to his feet and builds momentum. Belly to belly throw to Orton! Another one! Strowman is back knock down McIntyre and squash Orton in the corner. McIntyre uses Strowman's beard as leverage to take him down. All three men take the action to the outside. McIntyre lights up Orton with chops and Orton sends McIntyre into the barricade and then the ring post. Orton bounces McIntyre off the announce table repeatedly! Orton throws McIntyre across the announce table. STROWMAN EXPRESS TO ORTON!! Strowman throws Orton in the ring and then hits McIntyre with the steps on the outside. Strowman pulls Orton to the apron and clubs his chest. STROWMAN BLASTS BOTH MEN WITH THE STEPS!! Strowman throws Orton back in the ring but Orton cuts him off and HITS THE HANGING DDT!! Orton sets up and HITS STROWMAN WITH A RKO!!! 1...2...MCINTYRE WITH A CLAYMORE TO ORTON!! MCINTYRE PINS ORTON!!

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 11:15

McIntyre will face Lashley at WrestleMania Backlash! MVP comes out on stage confront McIntyre. T-BAR AND MACE ATTACK MCINTYRE FROM BEHIND! DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM!! End Show!

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