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Raw 3/1/2021: The Miz defends the WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley!

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • WWE Championship Match: Bobby Lashley vs. The Miz (champ)

  • Drew McIntyre returns

We're in the ThunderDome and we got a big WWE Championship match planned for tonight. We open the show with highlights of Miz TV last week focusing on the confrontation between The Miz and Bobby Lashley. Then we get highlight of Lashley destroying Braun Strowman in the main event last week.

Commentary hypes tonight's championship match and the return of Drew McIntyre. McIntyre will face Sheamus tonight.

DREW MCINTYRE makes his way to the ring! McIntyre wants a mic. McIntyre says it's been a real bitch of a month for him. He addresses Sheamus. He claims they're going to beat the hell out of each other. McIntyre talks about Elimination Chamber. He says he successfully outlast five former WWE Champions. Then he was attacked by Lashley. Then the resident cockroach, The Miz, cashed in his briefcase and won the title. Yes, the freaking Miz. McIntyre says it's all good because he knows what he has to do. Regain the championship and main event WrestleMania. He didn't win it and defend it constantly to get screwed at the finish line. McIntyre says Miz has a been target but tells Sheamus to get down here. HERE COMES THE MIZ AND JOHN MORRISON! Miz says McIntyre is forgetting something. He wants to be introduced as the current WWE Champion. Mike Rome reintroduces him with lots of ridiculous pyro. Miz admires McIntyre for handling everything we dignity and class. Miz says it was only a matter of time until he successfully cashed in. McIntyre challenges Miz to get in the ring to which Miz declines. Miz tells McIntyre he needs to blame Lashley and not Miz. McIntyre refuses to do Miz's dirty work. McIntyre says if Miz beats Lashley, then Miz will be McIntyre's problem. Miz says he's the victim when Lashley threatened his well being. Miz says why would someone like Lashley get the first shot over someone like McIntyre. Miz proposes they all work together. HERE COMES MVP!! MVP wants to know if Miz is making another deal. McIntyre says he doesn't need anyone's help. MVP tells Miz that Lashley will become the new champ tonight. MVP starts to leave but then tells Miz that his match with Lashley starts promptly at 9:00pm EST. Which means, Miz has less than an hour as champ. SHEAMUS IS OUT NOW!! He says McIntyre only cares about himself. Sheamus says McIntyre won't be able to help anyone after the beating Sheamus gives him. THEY BRAWL AROUND THE RINGSIDE AREA!! Officials try to pull them apart. McIntyre clotheslines Sheamus over the barricade. The match will begin after a commercial break.

A countdown is ticking down to the WWE Championship match.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus

The bell rings and they pick up the brawl right where they left off before the break. McIntyre with a knock down and quick kick out by Sheamus. Sheamus with a boot stops a charging McIntyre. Sheamus with a clothesline and knee drop from the middle rope for a near fall. Sheamus works on an arm and McIntyre fights to his feel and hits a snap suplex. Kicks to the face of Sheamus by McIntyre. McIntyre sends Sheamus hard into the corner. Sheamus takes down McIntyre and stomps his chest and follows with a knee to the face. More elbows to the head of McIntyre. Near fall for Sheamus. Side head lock by Sheamus and Sheamus gets caught up in the ropes. McIntyre hits Sheamus with TEN BEATS TO THE BOWERY!! Sheamus is able to send McIntyre outside to the floor. They battle on the apron. Sheamus clubs the back of McIntyre and McIntyre answers with elbows. SHEAMUS BROGUE KICKS MCINTYRE OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR!!! Commercial time.

We're back with Sheamus is firm control. IRISH CURSE BACK BREAKER!! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus with a Camel Clutch like submission. Sheamus continues the beat down choking McIntyre across the ropes. Another knee to the jaw of McIntyre. McIntyre is kicked to the apron. SHEAMUS WITH TEN BEATS TO THE BOWERY NOW!! Both men trade strikes back in the ring. McIntyre fires out of the corner with a clothesline. Belly to belly throw by McIntyre! McIntyre tries another but Sheamus blocks. McIntyre clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus causes McIntyre to hit his back on the apron. McIntyre sends Sheamus back first into the ring post and THEN BELLY TO BELLY THROWS SHEAMUS INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! That was a nasty throw!! MCINTYRE SUPLEXES SHEAMUS ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Back in the ring, McIntyre goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus blocks the Future Shock DDT and takes down McIntyre with a clothesline. Sheamus goes to the top. McIntyre kips up and hits a GLASGOW KISS!! MCINTYRE WITH A BELLY TO BELLY THROW OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!! 1...2...NO!! It'll continue after another commercial.

Back from the break, both men are on their knees slugging it out! Chops by McIntyre. Sheamus tries White Noise but McIntyre with a roll up near fall. McIntyre with a spine buster into a jackknife cover. 1...2...NO!! Sheamus hits a knee strike for a near fall. SHEAMUS WITH WHITE NOISE!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre counters a Cloverleaf for a near fall. FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre looks for a Claymore and Sheamus rolls out of the ring. Sheamus hangs up McIntyre to regain control. Sheamus goes to the top rope and pulls McIntyre up with him. Both men trade shots. MCINTYRE WITH WHITE NOISE TO SHEAMUS OFF THE TOP!!! 1...2...NO!!! McIntyre goes for the Future Shock DDT but Sheamus avoids it. Sheamus with a kick to the gut of McIntyre in the corner. SHEAMUS HITS THE REVERSE ALABAMA SLAM TO MCINTYRE!! 1...2...NO!! SHEAMUS SETS UP FOR A BROGUE KICK BUT RUNS INTO A CLAYMORE!! IT'S OVER!! Awesome, hard hitting match. This was a pay-per-view main event caliber match. Post match, both men get to their feet and stare each other down.

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 23:05

The countdown lock for the WWE Championship match is under 15 minutes.

Naomi is dancing as she heads to the ring. Nia Jax gets in her face. They have a match next!

WWE Championship countdown is at about 10 minutes.

Naomi w/ Lana vs. Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Naomi charges right away and Nia shoves her away. Knock down by Nia and she throws Naomi across the ring. Nia talks trash and pulls the hair of Naomi. Naomi fights her way out of the corner and hits a jaw breaker. Strikes by Naomi but Nia takes her down with an elbow. Nia with a bear hug. Naomi tries to elbow her way free. Naomi tries a sunset flip but Nia blocks it and head butts her. SAMOAN DROP BY NIA!! NIA WITH A POWER BOMB AND THAT DOES IT!! Squash. Lana checks on Naomi post match as Nia and Shayna leave.

W: Nia Jax via pin @ 2:19

Bobby Lashley is ready backstage. The WWE Championship match is next!

A vignette for Rhea Ripley airs. She's coming to Raw soon!

Lashley heads to the ring. The Miz's music hits but The Miz doesn't come out to the ring. We're taken backstage where John Morrison is checking on Miz. Adam Pearce is here. Miz says he's cramping up. LASHLEY IS PISSED AND HEADS BACKSTAGE!! The Miz tells Pearce he needs a little more time. LASHLEY IS THERE NOW AND GRABS MIZ BY THE THROAT! Lashley throws Miz down. Morrison wants a towel. Pearce tells Miz that he will defend at 10:00 EST even if Pearce has to carry Miz to the ring. I guess it'll happen in an hour.

Braun Strowman heads to the ring. He's in action after the commercial.

Braun Strowman has a mic and says Adam Pearce and Shane McMahon have something against him. He says he wasn't in the chamber match and he thinks the chamber match sucked. Now he's in a tag match and he doesn't even know his partner. Strowman says he's getting really pissed off. HERE COMES SHANE MCMAHON AND ADAM PEARCE!! Shane tells Strowman to relax. Shane says Strowman has an inability to reach his own goals. Shane says Strowman is upset but he's here to help. Shane says he's takin some MBA courses and has learned about conflict management. Shane makes fun of Strowman's ability to read. Shane says Strowman's tag match is all about communication. Shane says the only way to get Strowman to work with management is to make him team up with management. Strowman asks if Shane is his partner. Shane says don't be ridiculous. Shane says Strowman's partner will be someone he's had conflict with. Strowman's partner is....ADAM PEARCE!! Strowman says it sucks. Shane will sweeten the pot and makes the match for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. Strowman says that's not too bad. Strowman says if Pearce screws this up, he'll get these hands!! Strowman goes to grab Pearce and we go to a commercial.

WWE Rag Tag Team Championship Match

Braun Strowman & Adam Pearce w/ Shane McMahon vs. The Hurt Business (champs)

Strowman bulldozes the Hurt Business right away. It appears Cedric is starting too. Strowman launches Cedric out of the ring. The STROWMAN EXPRESS TAKE OUT BOTH CEDRIC AND SHELTON! Back in the ring, Strowman sends Cedric hard into the corner before launching him across the ring. Stomps by Strowman to Cedric. Strowman throws Cedric across the ring again. Another one! Strowman charges and goes shoulder first into the ring post. Shelton tags in and takes Strowman off his feet. Strowman quickly turns it back around. STROWMAN WITH A RUNNING POWER SLAM TO SHELTON!! Shane wants Strowman to tag Pearce. Strowman reluctantly does! PEARCE GOES FOR A PIN AND SHELTON CRADLES PEARCE FOR THE WIN!! Post match, Strowman is pissed!! He promises Shane he's going to wreck this place. This was all around bad.

W: The Hurt Business via pin @ 3:14

24/7 Champion Bad Bunny and Damian Priest are backstage talking when ELIAS AND JAXSON RYKER INTERRUPT!! Elias has a musical proposition for Bad Bunny. Elias says Bad Bunny has potential. He wants them to team up for a collaboration. Bunny rejects.

The Miz has about 30 minutes until he's suppose to defend. I got a feeling it won't happen then,

"Rise Up" by Will Roush is the official theme song for Fast Lane.

Elias and Jaxson are in the ring getting ready for a musical performance. Elias says the biggest travesty is Universal Truth not being considered for a Grammy.

Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker vs. Damian Priest w/ Bad Bunny (24/7 Champion)

Priest backs Elias into a corner. Clean break. They lock up and Elias gains control of an arm. Priest counters and Elias gets to the ropes. Lock up again and Priest works the arm of Elias. Elias fights to his feet but Priest remains in control. Elias breaks free with a knee lift. Off the ropes they go and Priest hits a back elbow. Priest clothesline Elias out of the ring. Elias talks trash to Bunny as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Elias in control of Priest. Priest sends Elias into the ropes but Elias with a shoulder tackle. Off the ropes again and Priest with an arm drag as he continues to work on the arm of Elias. Elias fires back with a chop. Both men trade strikes now. Elias gets the upper hand. Elias misses a jumping knee strike and Priest takes him back to the mat. Elias make his way to his feet and sends Priest throat first into the top rope. Elias with a boot to the face of Priest in the corner. Elias slams Priest face first into the apron multiple times. Elias with a knee to the face followed by a clothesline for a near fall. Elias with another boot to the face of Priest in the corner. A big right to the face of Priest. Ryker gets a cheap shot in on Priest while Elias has the ref distracted. Elias still in control as he uses a chin lock to wear down Priest. Priest fights back to his feet and rolls through. Priest looks pissed. Priest tees off with kicks and a big clothesline! Priest with a big back elbow in the corner. BROKEN ARROW BY PRIEST!! 1...2...NO!! Ryker gets on the apron to distract. Elias rolls Priest up and uses the tights but only gets a near fall. Priest rolls up Elias for a near fall. Elias sends Priest to the apron. Priest with a kick but Elias answers with a jumping knee strike!! 1...2...NO!!Elias sets up for Drift Away and Priest counters is twice. Elias with forearms to the back of Priest in the corner. Elias gets Priest in an electric chair. Priest counters with a bell clap!! PRIEST CONNECTS WITH A KICK AND THEN HIT THE LIGHTS (THE RECKONING) FOR THE WIN!! This felt way too long for what they were trying to achieve.

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 15:22

A video package shows how we arrived at The Miz vs. Bobby Lashley match. The Miz is backstage heading to the ring. The match is suppose to happen after the break.

A video package hypes Big E's 24 special on the WWE Network. It's really good.

Kayla Braxton is backstage with Randy Orton. Orton doesn't know what's going on last week but he knows Alexa Bliss had a part to play in it. Highlights are shown. Orton says Bliss wants to end up like the Fiend, he suggests she stay out of his business. ALEXA BLISS IS HERE! She's sitting in the pentagram again. She whispers that he's back. A hooded person walks towards the screen. The hood is taken off to reveal Randy Orton with black eyes. Orton is watching as this Orton tells Orton that this doesn't end on his terms. The black eyed Orton says soon Orton will come face to face with everything he has done. The real Orton begins choking as fake Orton laughs.

Miz and Lashley come out for their title match. Before the match begins, The Miz wants to talk. Miz says this isn't the stage where Lashley wants to win the WWE Championship. Miz proposes they postpone the match until WrestleMania. MVP says no. Lashley wants it now!

WWE Championship Match

The Miz (champ) w/ John Morrison vs. Bobby Lashley w/ MVP

Miz immediately rolls out of the ring when the bells rings. Miz grabs the title and runs to the back. THE MIZ IS COUNTED OUT!! Lashley is pissed as he leaves with MVP. Come on man!

W: Bobby Lashley via count out @ 0:27

Lashley is backstage complaining to Shane McMahon. Shane says he won't let it slide. MVP says this is bullshit. Shane says he will consider stripping The Miz of his title tonight! Lashley says I'd rather you find him so I can beat the piss out of him!

Charlotte Flair heads to the ring and says the last few weeks have been miserable for her. Charlotte says she came back and wanted to be a good tag team partner. She had no intentions of going after Asuka's title. Then Ric Flair and Lacey got involved but now they're out of the way. Charlotte says we're 6 weeks out from WrestleMania and Asuka has no challenger. Charlotte says Bianca Belair chose Sasha Banks. Charlotte says if we want to know her true colors....SHE WANTS ASUKA AT WRESTLEMANIA. Charlotte says Asuka is hurt after getting a tooth kicked out last week. Charlotte knows Asuka will be back and she plans to challenge her. HERE COMES SHAYNA BASZLER!! Baszler says Charlotte only thinking for herself is nothing new. Baszler takes credit for knocking out Asuka's teeth. Baszler puts over her and Nia's dominance. This isn't the road to WrestleMania Charlotte planned. Nia says we all wished Charlotte went home instead of Ric. Nia says the power in the women's division has shifted. Nia and Shayna claim one of them will challenge Asuka. Charlotte says the locker room probably does want her gone. She's simply Charlotte Flair. CHARLOTTE BRAWLS WITH BOTH SHAYNA AND NIA!! Nia with a leg drop on Charlotte. Charlotte vs. Shayna is suppose to happened after a break.

Charlotte Flair vs. Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

The match is already in progress after the break. Shayna with strikes and a gut wrench slam to Charlotte for a near fall. Shayna goes after an arm and takes Charlotte down. Lana and Naomi are watching backstage. Charlotte fights to her feet and flap jacks Shayna. Shayna with kicks and strikes. Charlotte blocks another gut wrench and back drops Shayna. Charlotte beats down Shayna in the corner and suplexes her. Chops by Charlotte now and she targets the left leg of Shayna. Nia gets on the apron and gets knocked off by Charlotte. Shayna tries a roll up but Charlotte stops it. Charlotte goes for a Figure Four but Shayna kicks her to the outside. Nia charges and Charlotte side steps and NIA GOES INTO THE STEPS!! SHAYNA LOCKS IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH BUT CHARLOTTE ESCAPES AND HITS NATURAL SELECTION FOR THE WIN!! Too short to mean much. Not sure I like Shayna taking a clean quick loss like that.

W: Charlotte Flair via pin @ 2:58

Backstage, Shane tells Pearce to inform Lashley that if Miz doesn't show up for his match, Miz will be stripped of his title and it will be awarded to Lashley.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Retribution w/ Mustafa Ali vs. Lucha House Party & Riddle (WWE United States Champion)

T-Bar and Riddle start the match. T-Bar attacks right away and HITS RIDDLE WITH A CHOKE SLAM BACK BREAKER!! 1...2....NO!! Slapjack tags in and beats down Riddle in the corner. Slam on Riddle and he gets a near fall. Mace tags in as they isolate Riddle in their corner. Side walk slam by Mace for a near fall. Retribution is super aggressive. T-Bar tags back in and delivers a back breaker. T-Bar lifts Riddle but Riddle counters with a knee strike to the head. Riddle sends Mace over the top and tags Dorado. Dorado with a cross body. Dorado with a super kick! METALIK TAGS IN AND HITS A SPLASH FROM THE TOP TO WIN!! Ali is in the ring and pissed! No one will ever take Retribution serious. The sooner they accept this, the better.

W: Lucha House Party & Riddle via pin @ 2:19

Ali wants a match against Riddle! We go to a commercial.

Non-Title Match

Mustafa Ali vs. Riddle (WWE United States Champion)

They lock up and Ali with a side head lock. Riddle escapes and tries a triangle. Ali escapes and Riddle with a gut wrench and Ali goes to the outside. Ali comes back with a drop kick to the elbow of Riddle. Ali works on the arm of Riddle now. Ali hits a neck breaker for a near fall. More arm work by Ali. Ali sends Riddle to the corner but Riddle counters with a submission. Ali escapes and gets a near fall. Riddle with strikes and a pele kick. Forearms by Riddle in the corner and then a suplex. BROTON BY RIDDLE and then a kick to the chest of Ali for a near fall. RIDDLE HITS THE FINAL FLASH KNEE!! Riddle looks to go to the top. MULTIPLE DISTRACTIONS BY RETRIBUTION LEADS TO ALI TRYING A BACK STABBE TYPE MOVE ON RIDDLE FROM THE TOP BUT BOTH MEN CRASH TO THE MAT. ALI PINS RIDDLE FOR THE WIN! Too short and it unfortunately probably means the feud will continue.

W: Mustafa Ali via pin @ 3:18

The Miz is in Shane's office to complain. Shane asks Miz what he's going to do. Miz asks what the stipulation is and Shane hasn't decided. Miz says we need Miz as champion. Miz says he deserves to go to WrestleMania and he deserves respect. The Miz says Shane should be protecting him. Miz asks what kind of champion Lashley would be. Shane says we may be about to find out. The decision is up to The Miz.

WrestleMania 37 is in 40 days!

Lumberjack Match for the WWE Championship

Bobby Lashley w/ MVP vs. The Miz (champ) w/ John Morrison

The bell is about to ring when Miz snatches the championship from the ref. HERE COMES SHANE MCMAHON. Shane says it's a lumberjack match. Miz tries to hit Lashley with the title but Lashley blocks it. Miz runs to the apron before attacking Lashley from behind. His hit has no effect. Miz goes to the outside and pleads with the lumberjacks. Gulak throws Miz back in. Lashley with shoulders to the midsection of Miz before launching him across the ring. Miz rolls to the outside. Shelton and Cedric throw him back in. Lashley with a flatliner! Lashley mounts and punches Miz. Miz throws punches with no effect. LASHLEY MILITARY PRESSES MIZ TO THE OUTSIDE! The lumberjacks throw him right back in. Lashley beats down Miz in the corner. HUGE SPINE BUSTER TO MIZ!! LASHLEY CALLS FOR THE HURT LOCK!! LASHLEY HAS IT LOCKED IN!!! MIZ TAPS!!! Completely destroyed.

W: Bobby Lashley via submission @ 3:00

Lashley is emotional and celebrates. Lashley points at the WrestleMania sign! LASHLEY GRABS MIZ AND PUTS THE HURT LOCK BACK ON!! Lashley releases and celebrates with MVP as the show ends.

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