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Raw 2/15/2021: Miz Removes Himself from Chamber Match; Last Entry Decided in Gauntlet Match; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • Miz TV: The Miz host WWE Champion Drew McIntyre as his guest

  • Gauntlet Match - Winner will enter the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match last: Drew McIntyre (WWE Champion) vs. The Miz (2020 Money in the Bank) vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

Happy President's Day! This is the last Raw before Elimination Chamber and we're in the ThunderDome kicking things off with MIZ TV!!

I had some computer difficulties at the beginning of Miz TV. Basically, The Miz wouldn't stop running his mouth and Drew McIntyre wasn't in the mood. McIntyre warns Miz to shut his mouth. Miz doesn't and McIntyre hits him with the Glasgow Kiss!! McIntyre launches the Money in the Bank briefcase. McIntyre leaves. The Miz gets back on the mic and says he has his strategy all planned out. He reminds us for the millionth time that he has the briefcase and promises he will be either WWE Champion or WWE Universal Champion once he cashes in. He tells us that he's in control. THE MIZ THEN SAYS HE IS REMOVING HIMSELF FROM THE ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH. It's all part of his strategy apparently. We go to a commercial.

A commercial highlights NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day. Which is a must watch in my opinion.

We see highlights of what's been going on with The Hurts Business, Riddle, and Keith Lee. We're told by commentary that Keith Lee has suffered injuries thanks to Bobby Lashley last week.

Riddle talks with the Lucha House Party backstage. Riddle talks to LHP about Presidents.

Six Man Tag Team Match

The Hurt Business vs. Lucha House Party & Riddle

Cedric Alexander, Shelton Benjamin, and MVP are representing the Hurt Business. Shelton and Dorado start the match with a lock up. Shelton pounds on Dorado and knocks him to the mat before taking him to the Hurt Business corner. Cedric tags in as Lashley watches backstage. Cedric remains in control until Dorado picks up the pace and hits a drop kick. Metalik tags in and hits a cross body from the top rope and then a spring board elbow. Things break down as the action spills outside. The Hurt Business has the upper hand going into a commercial break.

Back from the break, Cedric slams Metalik and gets a near fall. An abdominal stretch type move by Cedric and he turns it into a pin for a near fall. The Hurt Business exchanges a few tags and now we have MVP working on Metalik. More quick tags by the Hurt Business as Metalik continues to get isolated. Riddle finally gets a hot tag and he takes it to Cedric with forearms in the corner. Riddle looks great. MVP gets a blind tag and attacks Riddle. BALLIN BY MVP!!!'s broken up. Things break down again and Cedric hits a Lumbar Check on Metalik!! Super kick from Dorado! Riddle with a running knee to Shelton. DORADO WITH A SPRING BOARD SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE TAKING OUT EVERYONE! RIDDLE IS ABLE TO HIT MVP WITH A FLASH KNEE AND THE FLOATING BRO TO WIN IT!! Predictable win for Riddle ahead of Sunday. Nothing else worth noting here.

W: Lucha House Party & Riddle via pin @ 10:08

Post match, Bobby Lashley attacks Riddle and puts him in the Hurt Lock!! Riddle is out cold!

The Miz is backstage complaining to Adam Pearce about his briefcase being dented. Pearce wants to know why he backed out of the chamber match. Miz plays it off like he wants to get the spot to an up and coming WWE superstar. Miz tells Pearce it should be John Morrison! There's a knock at the door and Pearce says he will take it under consideration and shakes Miz's hand.

The Pretty Wreckless song "And So It Wet" is the official theme song of Elimination Chamber.

Commentary talks about the situation with The Miz. That transitions into The Miz and John Morrison's ongoing stuff with Damian Priest and Bad Bunny. We see highlights from last week.

Bad Bunny is backstage with Mandy Rose. Rose is wearing one of his shirts. Rose leaves and Damian Priest is here. Priest hypes Bad Bunny being on Saturday Night Live this weekend. OUT OF NO WHERE TOZAWA BEATS TRUTH TO WIN THE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP!! PRIEST DESTROYS TOZAWA AND BAD BUNNY BECOMES 24/7 CHAMP!! Truth is pissed!

The New Day find Adam Pearce and they want in the chamber match! Kofi wants to be in it and Miz is here to reject it. Miz says it's his spot so he should pick the replacement. Kofi is hoping for another KofiMania. Miz tells Kofi that sequels suck which prompts Kofi to bring up The Marine. Hahaha well played. Pearce suggest a match. Kofi vs. The Miz. If Kofi wins, he's in. If Miz wins, John Morrison is in.

Up next is Asuka and Charlotte Flair vs. Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce after a commercial.

A video package highlights the Elimination Chamber. Talking about the structure and the rules of a chamber match.

Terrible Lacey promo before the match begins. Another commercial.

WWE celebrates Black History month tribute video.

Charlotte Flair & Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce w/ Ric Flair

Asuka and Peyton start. Some grappling early with Asuka getting the upper hand. Asuka targets an arm and tags Charlotte. Charlotte sends Peyton to the corner and wants Lacey to tag in. Lacey refuses so Peyton is staying in. Peyton catches Charlotte with a forearm and chop. Charlotte catches her off the ropes and hits a fall away slam. Lacey is standing out on the steps. Asuka tags back in. Asuka and Charlotte light up Peyton with kicks and chops! Peyton tries a drop toe hold unsuccessfully. Peyton does hit a kick to the face taking Asuka down. Peyton mounts and punches Asuka and gets a near fall. Peyton is aggressive as she takes Asuka to the corner. A suplex by Peyton gets a near fall. Asuka gets fired up. Both ladies are down after a double clothesline! Charlotte tags in but Lacey doesn't want in. Charlotte suplexes Peyton who rolls out of the ring. Charlotte follows her out and slams her head off the announce table. Peyton rolls in and TAGS LACEY!! Charlotte waits! Lacey comes off the steps and heads up the ramp. Lacey grabs a mic and says Charlotte won't put her hands on her. LACEY SAYS SHE'S PREGNANT!! RIC FLAIR WOOOOOS!!! Charlotte looks disgusted!! I guess the match is over as Lacey and Ric leave together?!?! What the hell?!? This is awful.

W: No Contest @ 6:07

Commentary talks about what just happened.

Highlights of Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre's match from last week. Charly Caruso is backstage with Sheamus. Charly talks about the gauntlet match. Sheamus says he shouldn't have to fight in the gauntlet or in the chamber. Sheamus claims he will win the gauntlet and relax in his pod until his opens. Sheamus claims he will Brogue Kick everyone in route to winning the WWE Championship.

Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods vs. The Miz (2020 Money in the Bank)

If Kofi wins, he's in the chamber match. If Miz wins, John Morrison is in.

They lock up and Kofi takes Miz to the mat. Miz grabs the dreads and gains control. Shoulder block by Miz. Kofi with a leap frog and tries a back elbow but it's countered. They try a Skull Crushing Finale and Trouble in Paradise respectfully but neither are successful. Miz gets the upper hand and sends Kofi to a corner but runs into a boot. Kofi comes off the top and takes down Miz for a near fall. Miz rolls to the outside. Kofi chases. Kofi with a kick from the apron. Kofi comes off the top with a double axe to Miz on the floor. Near fall for Kofi back in the ring. Kofi comes off the ropes and Miz lands a knee in his gut. Kofi rolls up Miz for a near fall. Kofi hits a spring board drop kick from the second rope for a near fall. Kofi with another drop kick and Miz goes to the apron. Miz hits a kick on a charging Kofi. MIZ WITH A NECK BREAKER FROM THE SECOND ROPE AND IT IS BOTCHED BADLY! Bad fall for Kofi. Another by Miz and Kofi falls to the floor as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Miz in control. Kofi catches a kick from Miz. Jackknife cover from Kofi gets a near fall. Miz spikes Kofi with a DDT!!! 1...2...NO!! They go outside now where Miz sends Kofi into the announce table and then into the barricade. Back in the ring, Miz goes to the top and hits a double axe of his own. 1...2...NO!! Miz rakes the face of Kofi. Knee strikes by Miz to the face of Kofi but Kofi fights back to create separation. Kofi with right hands to Miz but Kofi misses a charge in the corner. Big boot by Miz gets a near fall. Kofi with kicks and punches but Miz stops him with another boot. Miz off the ropes and Kofi double stomps him!! Kofi builds momentum! BOOM DROP!! Kofi sets up for Trouble in Paradise but misses. Roll up by Miz for a near fall. SOS BY KOFI!!! 1...2...NO!! Spring board cross body by Kofi but Miz rolls through for a near fall. Kofi tries a kick out of the corner but Miz catches the leg and drops it across the ropes. Miz locks in the Figure Four!! Kofi makes it to the ropes. Kofi counters Skull Crushing Finale with a roll up for a near fall. KOFI HITS TROUBLE IN PARADISE AND GETS THE WIN!! Pretty good match since they were given time. Glad Kofi got the win. I honestly expected Mustafa Ali to show up and cost him.

W: Kofi Kingston via pin @ 14:10

Commentary talks about the gauntlet before talking about Nia Jax vs. Lana from last week. Lana and Naomi are interviewed backstage. Lana says maybe it was luck beating Nia but she just gives it her all. Lana calls Naomi her lucky charm. Naomi says Nia deserved to go through that table and a whole lot more. Naomi says they will keep this thing rolling. Lana is in action against Shayna Baszler next!

The Elimination Chamber video is shown again. I get it but we've already seen this once tonight. Feels more like filler now. Commentary then runs down the Elimination Chamber card.

Randy Orton is backstage. Orton says his business with McIntyre is unsettled because of Sheamus. Orton vows to win the gauntlet because he'll do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He references burning The Fiend. Orton wants the WWE Championship and to main event WrestleMania. He will be in the ring with five victims, not opponent. THE SCREEN FLASH AND NOW WE GET ALEXA BLISS!! Bliss says ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Bliss says he was destroyed in a fire but in the future he will be reborn as she's sitting in a pentagram. Bliss laughs and claps.

Commentary hypes the premier of "Young Rock" on NBC tomorrow night.

Lana w/ Naomi vs. Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Shayna takes Lana to the mat right away and stomps the arm of Lana. Shayna puts a knee on the back of Lana's head and bends her leg back. Another stomp by Shayna. Shayna with elbow strikes and LANA SLAPS HER! Baszler mows down Lana for a near fall. Baszler works on Lana's neck. Lana with a small package for a near fall and Baszler takes Lana right back down to the mat. Baszler misses a running knee. Lana struggles but pulls Baszler face first into the middle turnbuckle. Lana attempts a bulldog but Baszler throws her into the corner. They fight up to the top turnbuckle. Lana knocks Baszler to the mat. Lana with a cross body!! 1...2...NO!! Baszler misses a clothesline and they trade kicks. NIA AND NAOMI BRAWL ON THE OUTSIDE!! Naomi sends Nia into the ring post. Shayna grabs Naomi and Lana tries to roll up Baszler for a win but it's only a near fall. BASZLER LOCKS LANA IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH AND LANA TAPS!! It was all it needed to be to further the story,

W: Shayna Baszler via pin @ 4:20

Adam Pearce is backstage when Braun Strowman approaches him. Strowman wants to know why he's not in the chamber match. Pearce says he's not a former WWE Champion. Strowman says he was a Universal Champion. Pearce says he's just the messenger. Strowman tells Pearce to relay to Shane McMahon that McMahon needs to make it right.

AJ Styles is out to start the gauntlet match. Styles calls the gauntlet match a warm up. Styles runs down Kofi. Styles claims he will mow down everyone in the gauntlet and become champion.

Gauntlet Match

Winner will enter the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match last

Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

We're starting it off with AJ Styles and Kofi Kingston. Styles goes after the injured knee of Kofi (was hurt during the match with Miz). Styles takes Kofi to a corner and delivers punches before sending him to the opposite corner. Kofi avoids a charging Styles and goes on the offensive. Kofi with a head butt in the corner and boot to the face. Styles answers with a shot to the throat. Back suplex by Styles. Styles throws Kofi to the apron. Styles with a shot to Kofi's leg but Kofi low bridges Styles and Styles falls to the floor. Kofi spring boards onto Styles. Woods plays the trombone on the announce table and OMOS GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT!! OMOS CHOKE SLAMS WOODS OVER THE BARRICADE!! Kofi gets in the face of Omos and the ref ejects Omos!! Kofi checks on Woods as Styles complains to the ref. Styles chop blocks Kofi on the outside as we go to a commerical.

We're back with Styles in control. Styles locks in a single leg crab but Kofi is able to turn it into a pin for a near fall. KOFI HITS SOS but can't follow up! Styles goes after the knee of Kofi again. Styles places Kofi on the top turnbuckle. Kofi blocks and front face suplexes Styles down to the mat. Kofi dives off onto the back of Styles. 1...2...NO!! Kofi tries to build momentum but Styles goes right back to the leg. STYLES SETS UP AND HITS THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM TO ELIMINATE KOFI AT 11:02!

DREW MCINTYRE IS NEXT! McIntyre with a big clothesline. Chops by McIntyre in the corner before launching Styles across the ring!! McIntyre hangs Styles up on the top rope and a boot to the face of Styles lays him out on the apron as we go to a commercial.

McIntyre beats down Styles in the corner until Styles pulls McIntyre face first into the turnbuckle. McIntyre counters and Irish whips Styles hard into the opposite turnbuckle for a near fall. Styles bails to the outside and McIntyre follows and sends Styles into the steps. Back in the ring, Rib breaker by McIntyre and he follows with a Falcon Arrow!!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre works on an arm of Styles and stomps him. Styles hits McIntyre with a throat shot and regains control. Shoulders by Styles in the corner but McIntyre counters. REVERSE ALABAMA SLAM!! McIntyre sets up for a Claymore but Styles hits a drop kick! Another drop kick by Styles sends McIntyre to the outside. Styles comes over the top rope and hits a forearm!! Both men are down outside. Styles with a running knee strike from the apron knocks McIntyre to the floor again. STYLES WITH A RUNNING FOREARM THAT SENDS MCINTYRE INTO THE RING POST!! Another commercial.

Back from the break where Styles has McIntyre in a chin lock. McIntyre fights to his feet and clotheslines Styles. McIntyre sends Styles to the corner and then launches him out of it!! Neck breaker by McIntyre and a kip up! McIntyre goes up to the top and comes off into AN ENZIGURI BY STYLES!! Pele kick by Styles! 1...2...NO!! Styles goes for the Styles Clash but McIntyre back drops him. McIntyre with chops in the corner. Styles counters and LOCKS IN THE CALF CRUSHER!!! McIntyre head butts his way out of it. Both men are down. Styles tries a Phenomenal Forearm but McIntyre ducks and HITS STYLES WITH A CLAYMORE!! STYLES IS GONE AT 29:48!!

Here comes JEFF HARDY!! Hardy attacks McIntyre right away. Clothesline by Hardy. WHISPER IN THE WIND!! 1...2...NO!! A kick to the ribs by Hardy sends McIntyre to the outside. Hardy with a dive off the apron takes down McIntyre as we go to a break.

Hardy is in control when we come back. Near fall for Hardy. Hardy hangs McIntyre on the top rope and he falls to the apron. McIntyre counters a jaw breaker and belly to belly throws Hardy! Another belly to belly throw! Neck breaker by McIntyre and he kips up! Hardy counters the Future Shock DDT with the double leg drop and a basement drop kick for a near fall. Hardy goes for Twist of Fate but McIntyre counters and HITS THE FUTURE SHOCK DDT!! 1...2...NO!! Hardy rolls to the outside where McIntyre follows. McIntyre suplexes Hardy on the floor! Back in the ring, McIntyre gets a near fall. McIntyre puts Hardy on the top turnbuckle. Hardy fights back and both men trade blows. McIntyre with head butts!! MCINTYRE WITH A SUPERPLEX ON HARDY!! 1...2...NO!! McIntyre misses a Claymore!! TWIST OF FATE!! HARDY GOES FOR A SWANTON BUT MCINTYRE GETS THE KNEES UP!! CLAYMORE!! HARDY IS GONE @ 42:51!!

RANDY ORTON IS NEXT!! Orton takes his time getting to the ring as we get another commercial.

Both me slug it out and Orton throws McIntyre out of the ring and into the steps. McIntyre fires back and sends Orton into the barricade. THE LIGHTS GO DOWN AND ALEXA BLISS IS ON EVERY SCREEN!! OROTN IS FREAKED OUT!! RANDY ORTON IS COUNTED OUT AT 49:00!! Orton rushes the ring and IS CLAYMORED!!

Now here comes SHEAMUS!! Sheamus attacks from behind!! Sheamus sends McIntyre into the barricade. All Sheamus outside the ring. He sends McIntyre into the ring post. Sheamus puts McIntyre in the ring and repeatedly stomps him. The ref checks on McIntyre. McIntyre says he's good. Sheamus attacks in the corner. Clothesline by Sheamus!! 1...2...NO!! Knee drop to the face of McIntyre. Sheamus clubs and pounds on McIntyre and gets another near fall. Sheamus plants McIntyre into the mat for another near fall. McIntyre has had no offense since Sheamus entered the match. McIntyre tries to fight back with chops and a head butt. FUTURE SHOCK DDT!!! McIntyre can't cover. McIntyre back drops Sheamus to the apron and a forearm sends Sheamus to the floor. McIntyre sends Sheamus into the ring post twice before throwing him back in the ring. McIntyre with a belly to belly throw! McIntyre tries another but Sheamus blocks. SHEAMUS CHARGES INTO A SPINE BUSTER BY MCINTYRE!! SHEAMUS AVOIDS A CLAYMORE AND HITS MCINTYRE WITH A BROGUE KICK TO WIN!! A good way to kill an hour on Raw. It was as good as you would expect.

W: Sheamus via pin @ 55:46

Sheamus grabs a mic and brags about being the final entrant in the chamber! Sheamus says it wasn't a fluke and he'll beat McIntyre again Sunday to win the gold! End Show.

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