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Raw 2/1/2021: Edge vs. Orton in the Main Event; Two Titles are Defended; Priest Makes Raw Debut!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • What will the fallout be from the Royal Rumble?

  • Miz TV: The Miz hosts with Bad Bunny as his guest

  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match: Lucha House Party vs. The Hurt Business (champs)

  • WWE United States Championship Match: Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley (champ)

We're in the ThunderDome for the fallout from the Royal Rumble! Mike Rome is in the ring and introduces WWE Champion Drew McIntyre!! McIntyre grabs a mic and welcomes us to Raw. McIntyre says we're taking it up a notch because we're on the road to WrestleMania now. McIntyre says the Royal Rumble was awesome last night! He thanks Goldberg. McIntyre hypes all the matches from last night. McIntyre saves the men's rumble match for last....HERE COMES EDGE!!! Edge has a mic. McIntyre calls Edge a mentor and says Edge always looked out for him. McIntyre remembers when Edge had to retire. McIntyre remembers the feeling of Edge coming back in the 2020 rumble. McIntyre is proud of Edge's win last night. Edge says he appreciates the compliment. Edge says he has to be blunt and asks McIntyre what is wrong with him? Edge says he can challenge McIntyre if he wants to. Edge says McIntyre should be kicking his head off instead of giving compliments. McIntyre says that's not the kind of champion he is. HERE COMES SHEAMUS!! He says look at this and congratulates Edge. Sheamus says McIntyre has carried this company in unchartered waters while Edge was injured. Sheamus says McIntyre may take the high road but he sure as hell doesn't. Edge tells McIntyre that he has a big target on his back and he's playing a dangerous game. Sheamus takes offense. Edge tells McIntyre that he will know when Edge makes his decision. Edge promises he will walk out of WrestleMania as a champion! Edge leaves and MCINTYRE TURNS INTO A BROGUE KICK FROM SHEAMUS!!!

After a commercial, we see highlights of Sheamus Brogue kicking McIntyre. Charly Caruso catches up to Sheamus in the back. Sheamus says everyone knows him as McIntyre's friend. Sheamus says he's no longer McIntyre's friend and he wants the WWE Championship. Sheamus asks for his bags and Drew Gulak of all people hands them over.

WWE United States Championship Match

Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley (champ) w/ MVP

Riddle is sporting a black eye. Riddle attacks immediately. Lashley pushes him away and goes on the attack. Riddle hits a forearm and a couple kicks before Lashley slams him. Lashley is super aggressive. Lashley with a stalling vertical suplex. Lashley charges looking for a clothesline but Riddle dumps him to the outside. FLOATING BRO BY RIDDLE OUT TO THE FLOOR. Back on the apron, Lashley with THE HURT LOCK ON RIDDLE WHILE RIDDLE IS IN THE ROPES!! LASHLEY REFUSES TO BREAK AND THE REF CALLS FOR A DQ!! Super short. Should lead to a rematch at some point.

W: Riddle via DQ @ 1:40

Post match, Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock on Riddle on the outside of the ring. MVP can't even pull Lashley off. Lashley finally breaks for a moment. Lashley stares at MVP and then locks the Hurt Lock on Riddle again!! LASHLEY TOSSES RIDDLE OVER THE BARRICADE!! Lashley and MVP finally leave.

Commentary talks and highlights of the Women's Tag Team Championship match are shown. Later tonight is a triple threat women's tag team match. The winners get a future title shot. It's been Asuka/Charlotte, Mandy/Dana, and Lana/Naomi.

Bad Bunny arrives to the arena.

After a commercial, Riddle is still being checked on by officials.

Randy Orton is backstage. Orton says he didn't think it would possible that Edge would return and win the rumble. Orton congratulates him and he means it. Orton says there's a problem because Orton promised he wasn't coming back. Now Orton says he looks like a liar. Orton runs down all the things he's done for Edge. Orton has a secret...Edge won't main event WrestleMania. Orton says Edge chose to look past him. Orton says there's no more compassion and there will be no main event at WrestleMania for Edge. Orton will face Edge one-on-one tonight.

Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston talk backstage. They talk about Retribution. Kofi says he has Xavier's back tonight. Woods faces Ali next! Ali cuts a promo earlier today. He's happy that Kofi is back so he can witness first hand what he does to Woods.

Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston vs. Mustafa Ali w/ Retribution

They lock up and Woods backs Ali to the corner. Woods rubs Ali's face into the turnbuckle but Ali escapes. Woods with a shoulder knock down and he clothesline Ali out of the ring. Woods follows and throws Ali into the barricade and then back into the ring. Neck breaker by Ali followed by a stomp. Ali mounts and punches the head and neck of Woods. Ali chokes Woods in the corner with his boot. Chops by Ali and another neck breaker for a near fall. Snap mare by Ali and he continues to work on the neck of Woods. Woods battles back to his feet. Woods hits a couple kicks and some chops. Woods with a head scissors into a Russian leg sweep. Woods charges into a boot by Ali. Woods blocks a tornado DDT and turns Ali inside out with a discus clothesline. 1...2...T-Bar breaks it up. Kofi comes around to get a shot on T-Bar. ALI TRIES TO ROLL UP WOODS BUT WOODS COUNTERS INTO A CRUCIFIX PIN TO WIN!! Short match with Woods getting some revenge.

W: Xavier Woods via pin @ 4:07

Damian Priest is backstage talking with Bad Bunny.

A vignette hypes the new WWE Icons show on the WWE Network with the first episode being on Yokozuna. I watched it last night. Good stuff! I recommend it!

WrestleMania 37 is in 68 days.

Highlights are shown of Edge, McIntyre, and Sheamus from earlier. Later tonight there will be an interview with Drew McIntyre.

It's time for Miz TV. Mr. Money in the Bank The Miz and John Morrison make their way to the ring. Miz welcomes us and says this will be a historic one. We're on the road to WrestleMania. Miz runs down what happened at the Royal Rumble. Miz says the star of the night was Bad Bunny. Give me a break. Miz and Morrison hype Bad Bunny and then introduce him. Miz and Morrison imitate Bunny. Miz calls him Mr. Bunny and Miz wants to clear the air. Miz rolls footage of last night including Damian Priest eliminated Miz and Morrison from the rumble. Miz says two wrongs don't make a right. They can be men about it an apologize. Miz apologizes. Miz asks if Bunny wants to say anything and he says no. Miz asks if Bunny wants to become a WWE superstar and Bunny says yes. Miz says Bunny has come to the right guy. Miz has to remind us "what he did for Daniel Bryan". Miz and Morrison are willing to help him if he will record an album with them. They start singing and they suck. Bunny stops them and calls them special. Bunny isn't interested in their proposal. Miz asks if he has any idea where he is or who is talking to? Miz gets pissed. Bunny says he has a good friend. HERE COMES DAMIAN PRIEST!! PRIEST DECKS MIZ!! Morrison bails!!

The Miz w/ John Morrison vs. Damian Priest w/ Bad Bunny

Priest goes on the attack and lands some kicks that takes Miz off his feet. Miz bails. PRIEST GOES UP OVER THE TOP ROPE TO TAKE OUT MIZ!! Back in the ring, Priest comes off the middle rope with a right hand and gets a near fall. Priest tries a back suplex but Miz thumbs him in the eye and sends Priest into the ring post shoulder first. Kicks by Miz now in the corner and follows that with a running clothesline. Miz continues the attack and mounts Priest with punches. Miz chokes Priest across the middle rope and then drops a leg across his back. Miz talks trash to Bad Bunny on the outside. Priest blocks a kick and fires back with his own. Big clothesline by Priest! Priest with the back elbow in the corner and the BROKEN ARROW!! 1...2...NO!! Morrison gets on the apron to distract allowing Miz to hit a kick to the face. Morrison on the apron again to distract. Miz tries to grab the briefcase but Bad Bunny takes it. Bunny hands the briefcase to Morrison and then hits Morrison with a mic. PRIEST HITS MIZ WITH THE RECKONING TO WIN!! Good debut for Priest and Miz continues to look terrible as Mr. Money in the Bank.

W: Damian Priest via pin @ 4:25

Commentary talks about Alexa Bliss. We see highlights of last week's Alexa's Playground and the match between Bliss and Asuka where Randy Orton hit a RKO on Bliss. Alexa Bliss will face Nikki Cross tonight.

"Save Your Tears" by The Weeknd is the official theme song for WrestleMania.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

The Hurt Business (champs) w/ MVP vs. Lucha House Party

MVP is on commentary. Shelton and Lince Dorado start it off. Dorado comes off the ropes and Shelton takes him down with a shoulder block before launching Dorado across the ring. Dorado tries a roll up with no luck. Blind tag by Metalik. Shelton blocks a rana at first but then Metalik gets it. Shelton with a slam. Cedric tags in and goes on the offensive. Drop kick by Metalik and Dorado tags in. They double team Cedric in the corner and land a spinning heel kick. Cedric is sent to the outside. Shelton comes in and is sent outside as well. LHP is rolling as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break with Cedric slamming Dorado hard for a near fall. Dorado gets isolated in the corner and Shelton comes in. Shelton slams him twice for a near fall. Chin lock by Shelton and Dorado fights to his feet and hits a jaw breaker. A stunner by Dorado and Shelton rolls through and hits a gut buster for a near fall. Cedric tags in and hits snap suplex for a near fall. Shelton back in now with a kick to the ribs. Crossfaces by Shelton and he stomps Dorado in the corner. Shelton with knees to the back of Dorado but Dorado is able to stop the momentum with a DDT. Shelton tags Cedric. Dorado hits a drop kick and tags Metalik. Cross body by Metalik and a shot to Shelton. Cedric arm drags Metalik into the ropes but he bounces off and arm drags Cedric. A rana off the top to Cedric. LHP picks up the pace as things are breaking down. Cedric goes for a slam but Metalik counters for a near fall. Metalik with a sling blade. Splash by Dorado and senton by Metalik!! 1...2...Shelton breaks it up. Shelton takes out Dorado. A knee by Cedric takes down Metalik. SHELTON TAGS HIMSELF IN AND HITS PAY DIRT ON METALIK TO WIN!! Cedric seems surprised Shelton tagged himself in at the end. Commentary tries to convince us they're good.

W: The Hurt Business via pin @ 11:13

Commentary goes from the men's tag titles to the women's. Highlights again of the kickoff show last night where we got new champs. For as much as they've shown highlights of it, the match wasn't very good.

Sara interviews Asuka and Charlotte. Charlotte says Lacey thinks she is learning to play dirty. Charlotte feels bad for her mistake last night. She let drama get in the way. Asuka isn't happy with last night's loss. Asuka claims she was ready and they would of won if not for Ric Flair and Lacey. Charlotte tells Asuka the only thing on her mind is winning the tag titles back. I don't believe that! Watch out Asuka!

#1 Contenders Triple Threat Women's Tag Team Match

Winners face Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

Charlotte Flair & Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Lana & Naomi

Charlotte and Naomi start it off. They run the ropes and Charlotte with a shoulder knock down and then Naomi with a rana. Both ladies kip up. Nia and Shayna watch on from the back. Mandy tags Charlotte and Asuka tags as well. Asuka with a near fall. Dana and Lana tag in. Lana tries quick pin on Brooke. No luck. Dana tags Mandy who pump kicks Lana for a near fall. Asuka tags back in but Mandy takes her down. Mandy and Dana isolate Asuka in the corner and then hit a flapjack. Mandy and Dana flex for the crowd as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Dana beating on Charlotte in the corner. Dana tries a hand spring elbow but Charlotte clubs her in the back and gets a near fall. Charlotte sends Dana flying across the ring. Dana tags Mandy. Roll up by Charlotte for a near fall and a big boot to Mandy. Mandy turns the tide and stomps Charlotte in the corner. Dana tags in as they isolate Charlotte. Near fall for Dana. Dana with punches and chops. Mandy comes back in and they double suplex Charlotte but Charlottes lands on her feet and clothesline them both. Asuka tags in. Hip attack and a release German! Shining Wizard by Asuka and then a missile drop kick to Mandy. Lana and Charlotte tag in. Charlotte stomps Lana and then gets two near falls. Charlotte with a chin lock to Lana. Lana reaches for a tag but is ripped down. Charlotte tries a power bomb but Lana counters with a rana and tags Naomi. Naomi takes it to Charlotte with punches and kicks. Spring board kick to Charlotte's face for a near fall. Lana tagged back in and drops double knees on the back of Charlotte but Charlotte catches Lana with a big boot. Mandy comes in with a pump knee. Enziguri by Naomi. Things are breaking down. CHARLOTTE WITH NATURAL SELECTION TO DANA!! HERE COMES RIC FLAIR AND LACEY!! Charlotte tags herself out Asuka. NAOMI HITS ASUKA WITH A REAR VIEW TO WIN!! So, Charlotte walks out on Asuka and Naomi beats Asuka. I don't mind Naomi and Lana winning, but Asuka is the last person they should of pinned. Charlotte turning on Asuka is now inevitable.

W: Lana & Naomi via pin @ 11:07

The interview with Drew McIntyre is next!

Charly Caruso is backstage with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. She says he's had a crazy couple days. She asks Drew how he's feeling? McIntyre doesn't know about Sheamus. He says family fight all the time but this is different. McIntyre looks emotional and asks if Sheamus is willing to throw away their friendship over the WWE Championship. McIntyre says if he wants a title match, he's got it!

Up next Carlito is back in action for the first time in 10 years! We see highlights of Carlito.

Elias & Jaxson Ryker vs. Jeff Hardy & Carlito

Carlito and Elias start. They lock up and Elias backs Carlito to a corner. Elias goes for an arm but eats an elbow. Snap mare by Carlito and Carlito works the arm. Carlito tags Hardy and Hardy comes off the top with a double axe to Elias. Elias tags Ryker. Hardy takes him down and double leg drop and a basement drop kick for a one count. Ryker backs Hardy to the heel corner where Elias tags in. Ryker grabs Hardy's towel to distract and Elias attacks to get the upper hand. They isolate Hardy in the corner as Ryker tags back in. Clothesline by Ryker for a near fall. Vertical suplex and another near fall for Ryker. Elias tags back in and catches Hardy with an elbow sending him into the ropes. Elias chokes Hardy on the middle rope and keeps Hardy from tagging out. Elias cheap shots Carlito. Ryker tags in and delivers a shoulder to Hardy in the corner. Sit out choke slam by Ryker!! 1...2...NO!! In comes Elias and he scoop slams Hardy before tagging Ryker. Ryker misses a head butt from the second rope. Hardy with a mule kick and tags Carlito. Carlito is all over Ryker! Knee lift and a drop kick. Carlito ducks his head and Ryker sends him face first into the mat. Elias tags in and rolls Carlito up for a near fall. CARLITO WITH A BACK STABBER ON ELIAS!! TAG TO HARDY! CARLITO TAKES OUT RYKER AND HARDY HITS A SWANTON ON ELIAS TO WIN!! Good win for Hardy and a returning Carlito.

W: Jeff Hardy & Carlito via pin @ 5:54

Commentary hypes Edge vs. Orton for later tonight.

A video package is shown that includes Edge's retirement and his comeback at last year's Royal Rumble. It shows the history between Randy Orton and Edge.

Edge promo now backstage. He came back to outlast 29 other guys in the rumble. But there's still a black cloud over his head and his family's head. The black cloud is Randy Orton. Randy Orton had the same chance and he couldn't do it. Edge says Orton is jealous. Edge says he's beat up but he needs to put Orton in the rear view tonight. Edge needs to clear his path so he can focus on WrestleMania and get back the title he never lost. Edge gets closure tonight and tonight it ends.

Up next is Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross.

Edge walks backstage and runs into Damian Priest. Edge shakes Priest hand and says Priest impressed him last night.

Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki Cross

Cross charges right away but Bliss ducks it. Cross tries to reason with Bliss and they lock up. Cross takes Bliss down and talks trash to her. Bliss escapes and fixes her hair with a smile. Cross goes on the attack and hits a running cross body for a near fall. Cross yells at Bliss that she's done with her. Cross takes Bliss to the corner and hits more strikes to the midsection. Snap suplex by Cross for a near fall. Bliss hits a jaw breaker and big right hands. Bliss celebrates it before getting a near fall. Bliss looks perplexed. Another near fall for Bliss. Cross pushes Bliss and Bliss with a drop kick. Bliss stands on Cross near the ropes and stomps her before sending Cross face first into the mat twice. Bliss measure Cross before hop scotching over to her to deliver a boot. Bliss grapevines her legs around Cross and Cross elbows her way free. Cross fights to her feet. Bliss thought about the Mandible Claw but Cross fights free and goes on the attack. Cross stomps Bliss in the corner. BLISS' OLD MUSIC PLAYS AND SHE TURNS INTO THE GODDESS! Bliss is all smiles now. Cross look confused and hits a boot to Bliss. Cross sends her to the corner and splashes her. FUN HOUSE MUSIC PLAYS AND FUN HOUSE BLISS IS BACK! She laughs! Bliss takes down Cross and BLISS SETS UP FOR SISTER ABIGAIL AND PUTS HER OWN TWIST ON IT AND TURNS IT INTO A DDT!! IT'S OVER!! Bliss' character work continues to be great!

W: Alexa Bliss via pin @ 6:43

As Bliss is leaving, HERE COMES RANDY ORTON!! Orton walks by Bliss without looking at her. Bliss stares Orton down as she leaves.

Randy Orton vs. Edge

Cross body by Edge right away and he goes on the attack. Edge tries to end it early with no luck. Edge with a knee lift for a near fall. Edge goes for Antivenom but Orton fights free by raking the eyes and takes Edge down. Orton with an uppercut and stomps Edge in the corner. Orton pounds on Edge in the corner. Edge with a right hand but Orton stops the rally and chokes Edge across the middle rope. Edge counters an Irish whip and HITS EDGECUTION!! 1...2...NO!! Edge sets up for a spear but Orton counters with a power slam! Orton sends Edge shoulder first into the ring post and Edge falls to the outside. Orton follows. Orton sends Edge into the steps as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Orton stalking Edge. Orton beats on Edge in the corner and all around the ring. Edge fires back with a clothesline. Edge comes off the ropes and both men connect with double clothesline. Near fall for Edge. Edge goes to the top turnbuckle but Orton goes to meet him. Right hands by Orton. Edge blocks a superplex and both men trades punches. Edge blocks the superplex again and head butts Orton. A right hand sends Orton to the mat. Flying clothesline by Edge! Near fall for Edge. Edge counters a RKO with an EDGE-O-MATIC!! 1...2...NO!! Orton rolls to the apron. Edge hits Orton in the back and Orton is sent into the barricade. Edge follows and puts Orton back in the ring. Orton rolls out the other side. Edge follows again and Orton thumbs Edge in the eye. ORTON DROPS EDGE BACK FIRST ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Back in the ring, Orton sling shots Edge throat first into the bottom rope. ORTON HITS A HANGING DDT!! ORTON SETS UP FOR A RKO AND MUSIC STARTS PLAYING. ALEXA BLISS IS SITTING ON THE TURNBUCKLE WITH BLACK STUFF COMING OUT OF HER MOUTH!! ORTON IS DISTRACTED AND EDGE SPEARS ORTON FOR THE WIN!!

W: Edge via pin @ 16:04

Edge seemingly moves on while Orton will continue to deal with Bliss. It appears The Fiend will be returning soon.

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