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Raw 12/14/2020: Styles vs. Sheamus; Orton/Wyatt Play a Game; Championship Ascension Ceremony!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • AJ Styles brings "The Nightmare before TLC"

  • WWE Championship ascension ceremony

  • AJ Styles vs. Sheamus

  • Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Lana

  • Six Man Tag Team Match: The New Day (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) & Jeff Hardy vs. The Hurt Business

  • Bray Wyatt & friends take a field trip to the ThunderDome

We're in the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field kicking off the show with highlights of last Monday's handicap match where Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicked Drew McIntyre and commentary runs down what is happening tonight.

We start with The Miz in the ring for the Dirt Sheet. No John Morrison. This is the "Nightmare before TLC". Miz isn't sure we're ready for this tale. Miz plus Miz and Mrs. Miz says he and Morrison will face Keith Lee in a handicap match tonight. Miz hypes the TLC match between Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles. Miz says Styles is the protagonist in the story and a light shines on Styles in the corner. Miz introduces McIntyre and it's Morrison dressed like a Scottish warrior. Styles "hits" Morrison with a chair lightly. Styles eventually stabs Morrison with a sword multiple times. This is bad!! Miz basically says Styles will win the title and if he doesn't, Miz will cash in on McIntyre. Miz hypes himself and Styles takes offense! HERE COMES SHEAMUS TO INTERRUPT! Thank god! Sheamus says that was slightly entertaining but Sheamus is here to fight. Styles tells Sheamus he's either part of the problem or part of the solution. Sheamus says he's rather be part of the problem than the solution. Styles throws a Christmas tree at Sheamus! Styles bails out of the ring and Sheamus throws a present at him. Sheamus wants the match with Styles now.

AJ Styles vs. Sheamus

Both men trade strikes in the early going with Sheamus getting the upper hand with a slam and a knee drop. Sheamus backs Styles into the corner and delivers punches and kicks . Styles rolls to the outside. Sheamus follows and Styles gets back in where he catches Sheamus coming back in. Styles goes on the offensive delivering shoulders to the midsection of Sheamus but it doesn't last. Sheamus turns the tide. Snap mare by Sheamus and he delivers a stiff kick to the back of Styles. Sheamus hits Styles with uppercuts in the corner but Styles fights back with kicks. They trade counters and Sheamus back drops a charging Styles. Sheamus works the arm, shoulder, and face of Styles with a submission. Styles is able to sends Sheamus out of the ring to the floor to force separation. They fight on the apron where Styles delivers some strikes and a kick sends Sheamus to the floor again. Sheamus beats the count and avoids a hanging DDT before hitting Styles with a vertical suplex. Sheamus hits a Falcon Arrow like maneuver. Styles counters and a kick sends Sheamus to the outside. Sheamus pulls Styles off the apron and goes for a power bomb but OMOS PULLS STYLES OUT OF HARMS WAY. Omos stares down Sheamus as we go to a commercial.

W: AJ Styles via pin @ 15:53 king on Sheamus' left leg in the ring. Sheamus fights out of it with elbows. A kick from Styles takes Sheamus back down. Styles goes back to working on the leg. Both men trade kicks with Styles maintaining the upper hand. Sheamus fights back and HITS AN IRISH CURSE BACK BREAKER BUT DOES IT ON HIS BAD KNEE!! Sheamus with a couple double axe handles and a fall away slam on Styles. Styles catches Sheamus charging but then Sheamus hits Styles with a pump knee strike!! 1..2...NO!! Styles sends Sheamus out of the ring in front of Omos. They battle on the apron Where Sheamus clubs Styles' chest while he stares at Omos. Sheamus goes to the top and hits Styles with a flying clothesline! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus goes for White Noise but Styles blocks and LOCKS IN THE CALF CRUSHER!!! Sheamus makes it to the ropes! Styles looks for the Styles Clash but SHEAMUS COUNTERS AND HITS WHITE NOISE!! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus can barely walk. Sheamus picks up Styles and climbs to the second rope. Styles escapes and chop blocks Sheamus!! STYLES STACKS UP SHEAMUS AND GETs THE PIN!! Really good back and forth match where both men shined with the right man winning. Already thinking this will be the best match of the night.

W: AJ Styles via pin @ 15:53

Post match, Styles talks trash so Sheamus goes after him. Omos helps Styles hang Sheamus in the ropes!! STYLES WEARS OUT SHEAMUS WITH A CHAIR!!

Commentary hypes Bray Wyatt and the Funhouse friends field trip.

The six man tag team match is coming up next. We see highlights of what lead up to it. We see the Hurt Business arriving earlier today. They confront a ring crew guy wearing a Riddle hat and eating a "Bronut". They pour a carton of milk over his head. Sara Schreiber tries to get a word with them. MVP runs down Riddle and says he will teach Riddle a lesson tonight. MVP says the Hurt Business will six man tag and sends the New Day hurting into TLC.

Jeff Hardy and the New Day are getting ready for the six man tag when Riddle approaches them. Riddle offers to be in their corner and calls himself "Bro E".

Six Man Tag Team Match

Jeff Hardy & The New Day (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) w/ Riddle vs. The Hurt Business (Bobby Lashley is WWE United States Champion) w/ MVP

The match starts with Woods and Lashley. Lashley goes for the Hurt Lock right away but Woods escapes it. Big shoulder tackle by Lashley takes down Woods. Woods fights out of a slam and hits a kick before tagging Kofi. Lashley catches Kofi and press slams him but Alexander tags himself in. Lashley doesn't seem pleased by it. Kofi gets the upper hand on Alexander. Hardy tags in and takes Alexander from corner to corner and back again. Alexander fights back and lands a kick to the midsection. Benjamin tags in and beats on Hardy in the corner. Hardy takes down Benjamin with a clothesline but Benjamin blocks a Twist of Fate. Hardy takes out everyone in the Hurt Business and the faces clear the ring. Woods plays his trombone and we go to a break.

Back from the break, Kofi and Benjamin are trading blows. Kofi takes him down with a clothesline and then hitting Boom Drop!! Kofi looks for Trouble in Paradise and Lashley reaches over the ropes and throws Kofi to the outside. Benjamin comes out to get Kofi and gets a near fall back in the ring. Lashley tags in and snap suplexes Kofi. Alexander in now and he kicks Kofi in the back takes Kofi down to the mat where he focuses on the back of Kofi. Kofi tries to battle back but Alexander throws him back to the mat where he locks in an arm bar and tags Benjamin. Slam by Benjamin and another. Lashley tags in as they isolate Kofi in the Hurt Business corner. Kofi tries to keep Lashley away with kicks but no luck. Benjamin tags back in and then Alexander tags in. All Hurt Business at the moment with quick tags. Kofi fights back but Benjamin cuts him off. Benjamin knocks Woods off the apron. Kofi stomps Benjamin out of the corner. Hardy tags in! Hardy takes out Benjamin. Double leg drop! Near fall for Hardy. Alexander makes a blind tag and he hits Hardy with a jumping knee. Near fall for Alexander. Hardy counters with a Russian leg sweep and a unique pin for a near fall. Things break down. Lashley hits a flatliner on Woods. Missile drop kick from Kofi to Lashley! Kofi dives to the outside. Lashley catches Woods and throws him into the barricade. Alexander gets three near falls on Hardy with roll ups. Lashley makes a blind tag. TWIST OF FATE TO ALEXANDER! Lashley tries the Hurt Lock but Hardy sends him into the corner. ALEXANDER TRIPS HARDY UP AND LASHLEY LOCKS HARDY IN THE HURT LOCK AND HARDY TAPS OUT!!

W: The Hurt Business via submission @ 15:52

Commentary talks about Nia Jax vs. Lana. We see highlights of Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax talking about what they'll do to Lana. Then we see Asuka hyping up Lana last week. Now, Asuka and Lana are talking backstage. Lana is scared to death but Asuka tries to get her pumped up.

Lana vs. Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion)

They go to lock up and Nia throws Lana down. Nia takes Lana to the corner and splashes her before throwing her to the mat. Asuka is watching backstage. Nia military presses Lana but Lana counters with a rana. Lana goes up top but Nia stops her with a head butt. Nia goes up top with her and tries a Samoan drop but Lana avoids it and takes Nia out at the knee and Nia gets hung up. LANA STACKS UP NIA FOR THE WIN!! One word...Terrible.

W: Lana via pin @ 1:46

Post match, Asuka celebrates backstage but SHAYNA BASZLER ATTACKS HER!! Nia takes out Lana in the ring. Shayna comes out to the ring to participate in the beat down on Lana. Nia leg drops Lana and Baszler stomps her arm. Baszler continuously stomps Lana's leg. Baszler takes off Lana's shoe and twist Lana's leg before Nia leg drops it. Asuka finally gets to the ring and cleans house.

Commentary hypes the Bray Wyatt field trip again.

"Hello I am Elias". Elias is in the ring to grace us with a song. Elias introduces Jaxson Ryker. Elias talks about the symphony of destruction match from a couple weeks ago and overcoming being electrocuted. Elias hypes Ryker. He does his "What does WWE stand for?" Ryker is on the mic now and he praises Elias as a visionary. Ryker vows to stop whoever interrupts Elias. Elias starts to play and R-TRUTH IS HERE! He doesn't want to interrupt but apologizes for interrupting on Main Event. Elias says Truth is interrupting now. Elias tells him to say something. Truth doesn't want to interrupt. Elias starts playing and all of the 24/7 goons come running to the ring. RYKER STARTS DESTROYING PEOPLE! Truth gets away!

The Miz and John Morrison are backstage. They talk about AJ Styles saying he wants Miz to cash in because it's easier to beat Miz than McIntyre. KEITH LEE INTERRUPTS! Miz says what happened to Sheamus will happen to Lee. Lee says he has his special coin. Morrison calls heads and it's heads. Lee says that's all they're winning tonight. The handicap match is next!

2-on-1 Handicap Match

Keith Lee vs. The Miz (2020 Money in the Bank) & John Morrison

Miz and Morrison go right after Lee but he dumps them both to the apron. Morrison hits a punch that seems to piss off Lee. Another forearm by Morrison and Lee knocks the hell out of him. Miz comes off the top and then backs Lee to a corner. Lee puts a charging Miz on the top turnbuckle. Lee hits a belly to belly on Miz. Morrison is back with some kicks and takes Lee down with a knee strike. Morrison charges and Lee sends him into the lights. LEE POUNCES MORRISON OUT OF THE RING AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back and Lee has control in the ring. He launches Morrison and turns to Miz. Lee charges and Morrison drop toe holds Lee into the turnbuckle. The heels takes control and get Lee down but only get a one count. Forgot to say but Miz and Morrison aren't tagging in and out. Morrison hits a moonsault for a near fall. They ground Lee and Miz rakes his eyes. They send Lee off the ropes but Miz is sent to the outside and Morrison gets back dropped to the apron. Double chop by Lee to Morrison. Lee goes for a suplex on Morrison but Miz takes Lee's legs out. Near fall for Morrison. Miz locks in a single leg crab while Morrison has a chin lock on. They willingly break the hold. They both try a double suplex but LEE SUPLEXES THEM BOTH!! Lee levels them both with clotheslines and splashes them both in opposite corners. Morrison is launched into Miz. Morrison blocks a Spirit Bomb but Lee sends Morrison into Miz. Both Morrison and Miz attack Lee and Lee gets chop blocked by Miz while holding Morrison. BOTH MEN DELIVER MORE KICKS! BOTH MIZ AND MORRISON GET ON LEE TO COVER HIM FOR THE WIN! Lee immediately gets up pissed off and the heels run out. Didn't care for this. No one benefitted from this is my opinion which makes for poor booking.

W: The Miz & John Morrison via pin @ 9:59

Video package shows the recent events of the Bray Wyatt/Randy Orton feud. Bray Wyatt's field trip to the ThunderDome is next!

"HWY 666" by Corey Taylor is the official theme song of TLC.

Bray Wyatt is here with his own ugly sweater. Mercy, Huskus, and Ramblin' Rabbit are ringside. Bray says "Hello Fireflies". He's great to see smiling faces in the THUNDERDOME!! Bray has an apology to make. Randy Orton....."I'm Sorry!" Bray knows they were having a great time last week when things got out of hand. Bray says "he" has a a deranged and twisted mind of his own. Bray wished they could of finished what they started because after this Sunday, there won't be anything left of Randy Orton. There will be no fun and games at TLC. Bray says it all ends in pain for Orton at TLC. Bray says TLC won't be a laughing matter, tonight will be. He has prepared some jokes for tonight that will be hysterical. Bray pulls out a paper. "What's the best way to measure a viper?" "Inches because they have no feet." Bray laughs. "What do snakes use to clean their windshields" "Windshield vipers." More laughs by Bray. ORTON IS ON THE TRON NOW!! Orton talks about the Fiend giving him a chance for Orton to prove he's the baddest son of a bitch there is. Orton says for the first time in a long time, he admits he was out maneuvered. That won't happen at TLC. Orton challenges Bray to play a game of hide and seek tonight. Bray says he can't resist a game so he accepts. Orton says come find me and leaves. Bray says he's coming to find him. Let the games begin!

Commentary talks about Ricochet and Dana Brooke's recent struggles with Retribution. We see highlights of last week's mixed tag team match. Mace vs. Ricochet after the commercial!

Mace w/ Retribution vs. Ricochet

Mustafa Ali is on commentary. Ricochet goes on the attack right away but Mace over powers Ricochet into the corner. A big kick takes down Ricochet for a near fall. Mace clubs Ricochet and throws him into the corner. Ricochet avoids the charges and hits a drop kick from the top. Ricochet avoids another charge and hits a cross body, Standing shooting star by Ricochet gets a near fall. Ali references Samoa Joe taking Mace's job at the table. Retribution tries to interfere but Ricochet fights them out. MACE PLANTS RICOCHET WITH A SLAM!! 1...2...NO!! Ali yells for Mace to finish it. MACE HITS RICOCHET WITH A SPINNING SLAM FOR THE WIN! All members of Retribution get in the ring and hold Ricochet. Ali says it ends when he says it does which means it ends when Ricochet joins Retribution. Poor Ricochet. Nothing Retribution does interest me.

W: Mace via pin @ 2:57

Bray Wyatt is backstage searching for Randy Orton. He runs into Riddle. Riddle hasn't seen Orton. Riddle has an idea for "Bro-Nouns". Riddle says they would be great on the Firefly Funhouse. Bray doesn't have time for it. Ramblin Rabbit is here to talk to Riddle. Riddle compares him to Baby Yoda and calls him "Baby Broda". Riddle tries to get him to sign a carrot.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax make their way to the ring. Baszler is facing Dana Brooke next!

Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) vs. Dana Brooke

Commentary says Lana has been taken to a medical facility. Lana is unable to compete at TLC. Asuka will find a new partner. Baszler hits an early back breaker. Early near fall for Baszler. All Baszler as she targets the arm of Brooke. Brooke avoids a stomp and a charging Baszler. Baszler tries the Kirifuda Clutch but Brooke escapes. Brooke takes down Baszler. BROOKE GOES TO THE TOP BUT NIA PUSHES HER OFF CAUSING A DQ! Post match, the tag champs go to attack Brooke and MANDY ROSE COMES TO THE RING WITH A KENDO STICK!! The champs take her down and ASUKA COMES TO MAKE THE SAVE!! Well that happened and we found out Lana can't compete.

W: Dana Brooke via DQ @ 1:27

R-Truth is backstage and talks about his PlayStation 6 since all the PlayStation 5's are sold out. Turns out he's talking to Huskus the Pig. Bray Wyatt is here to tell Huskus not to talk to strangers. Truth calls Huskus Bray's son and says they have a beautiful family. We got a break.

We come back from break and Bray is still looking for Orton. Bray finds a open door with a rocking chair in a spotlight and the rocker is moving back and forth with no one in it. Bray sits in the rocking chair. ORTON APPEARS BEHIND WYATT AND ATTACKS HIM!! Orton sends him into a garage door and then into a box where he slams the door on Bray's head before locking him in there. ORTON POURS GASOLINE ON IT AND SETS IT ON FIRE!!! Orton stares at it with a smile. THE FIEND COMES OUT OF IT AND LOCKS THE MANDIBLE CLAW ON ORTON!! ORTON IS OUT!!

Highlights of what happened moments ago.

MVP vs. Riddle

Riddle brings the "bronuts" to the ring with him. Riddle goes a for a knee strike right away but MVP avoids it and goes on the attack. MVP misses a kick in the corner and Riddle lands the knee strike this time. FLOATING BRO BY RIDDLE AND IT'S OVER!! Lashley hits the ring looking to attack but Riddle escapes. Riddle leaves while eating a "bronut". Not much to say here.

W: Riddle via pin @ 0:51

Drew McIntyre is backstage heading to the ring for the WWE Championship ascension ceremony next!

Tom Phillips is in the ring and says Drew McIntyre and AJ Styles will battle this Sunday in a TLC match for the WWE Championship. Phillips introduces Styles who makes this way to the ring with Omos. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is then introduced. There are tables, ladders, and chairs all around ringside so I'm sure this will be a brawl. McIntyre grabs a mic and Styles has one as well. They each have a final chance to address each other. Styles says McIntyre should address the WWE Championship since he won't have it after Sunday. Styles says they've never faced each other one-on-one. Styles is surprised it took McIntyre 19 years to win the title but he showed us why it took that long when he lost to Orton at Hell in a Cell. Styles says he got it back by beating Orton but he takes unnecessary risk. Styles says McIntyre has never been in a TLC match but Styles has won one. Styles will take every ladder, table, and chair in the ThunderDome and break them over McIntyre in order to win the title. McIntyre says nice speech but here's the facts. McIntyre has always wanted this match and he gets it this Sunday. McIntyre addresses that he's never been in a TLC match. McIntyre's new goal is to remain champ. McIntyre says Styles did research but he'll tell him who he is. He's the champ that led WWE in uncharted waters and he's the diamond of this place. He's the champion that will tear Styles apart. McIntyre will do whatever takes from himself and do whatever he has to do to Styles to retain this Sunday. McIntyre hangs the title. Styles says what if it's not just Styles he has to face at TLC?? MIZ AND MORRISON are here to attack!! Styles joins in!! McIntyre fights back. Styles is sent outside. CLAYMORE TO MIZ!! CLAYMORE TO MORRISON WHO'S HOLDING A LADDER!! McIntyre sets up Styles for a Claymore but Omos throws stairs in the ring. Styles takes advantage of the distraction. STYLES HITS MCINTYRE WITH A PHENOMENAL FOREARM!! Styles calls for Omos to get him a ladder and Styles takes out McIntyre with the ladder!!! Omos hands Styles a chair and he uses that on McIntyre as well! Omos sets up a table outside and puts one in the ring. Styles sets up the table in the ring and puts McIntyre on it. STYLES CLIMBS THE LADDER AND DROPS AN ELBOW ON MCINTYRE THROUGH THE TABLE!! STYLES CLIMBS THE LADDER AGAIN AND GRABS THE TITLE TO END THE SHOW!

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