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Raw 11/30/2020: Triple Threat #1 Contender's Match; Orton on Moment of Bliss; Tag Team Main Event!

Here's what's on tap tonight:

  • Moment of Bliss: Randy Orton is the guest to kickoff Raw

  • Exclusive interview with WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

  • Symphony of Destruction Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

  • Drew McIntyre (WWE Champion) & Sheamus vs. The Miz (Money in the Bank) & John Morrison

  • Triple Threat WWE Championship #1 Contender's Match: Riddle vs. Keith Lee vs. AJ Styles

We're in the ThunderDome and kicking things off with......

A MOMENT OF BLISS!! Bliss calls Orton her favorite superstar and says he needs no introduction!! Orton makes his way to the ring. Orton gets in the ring but is hesitant to have a seat. Orton grabs a mic. Bliss says someone is in a foul mood. Bliss then says "she wouldn't be in a phenomenal mood if this happened to me either". Highlights are shown of the Fiend distracting Orton allowing Styles to beat him. Bliss laughs are Orton stares on. Bliss can't believe he did that to Orton. Bliss asks Orton if he ever asked himself why the Fiend might do that to Orton? Orton says he has known Bray Wyatt a long time but the Fiend and him haven't been formally introduced. Bliss calls the Fiend a best friend. Orton says he and the Fiend have a lot in common. Orton talks about how they are similar. Orton says the Fiend keeps his pain and suffering on the exterior where as Orton buries his down deep. Orton hears voices and so does the Fiend. Bliss says that's not what the Fiend told her. Orton says Bray Wyatt didn't tell Bliss everything. Orton says he found what is makes Bray vulnerable and he burned it down. Orton says he needs to find the Fiend's vulnerability and he thinks he found it as HE STARES AT BLISS!! Bliss asks Orton if that's what the voices told him. Bliss gets in Orton's face and asks Orton to think about who in manipulating who? The lights start going out. Orton says "See what I mean?" Another light goes out and Bliss says "See what I mean?" ALL LIGHTS OUT!! WHEN THEY COME BACK ON, THE FIEND IS IN THE RING BUT ORTON IS HOLDING BLISS!! The Fiend reaches for Bliss and Orton hands Bliss to the Fiend and then quickly bails!! Orton backs up the ramp and says "Who's laughing now?" The Fiend stares down Orton while holding Bliss.

Commentary talks about what just happened. They transition to the history between Jeff Hardy and Elias. Their match is next!

Commentary hypes Drew McIntyre returning to Raw tonight and we see highlights of his Royal Rumble win earlier this year.

Symphony of Destruction Match

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

There are no counts of DQs and falls count anywhere. Hardy goes on the attack early. They quickly go to the outside. Hardy grabs a guitar but Elias catches him with a knee to the face. Elias gets Hardy up in an electric chair and drops Hardy face first on the apron. Elias bounces Hardy's head off the piano. R-TRUTH IS IN THE PIANO HIDING!! THE USUAL 24/7 CHASERS ARE HOT ON THE TRAIL OF TRUTH!! ELIAS AND HARDY BUSTS GUITARS ON LINCE DORADO AND DREW GULAK RESPECTIVELY!! We go to a commercial.

We're back with both men trading blows in the ring. Hardy takes down Elias and then hits an atomic drop following by the double leg drop and basement drop kick. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate by Elias counters. Hardy counters Drift Away but Elias sends Hardy into a guitar in the corner. Near fall for Elias! ELIAS PUTS GUITAR PICKS BETWEEN HIS KNUCKLES AND PUNCHES HARDY IN THE FACE!! More punches with the picks!! (Side note: Sheamus will be on Miz TV tonight) They battle to the outside where Elias remains in control. Elias sends Hardy into the ring post. Elias charges Hardy but Hardy avoids him and Elias goes into a gong! Hardy throws Elias into a drum set! Back in the ring, Hardy looks for the Twist of Fate but then eyes a guitar. Elias avoids the guitar shot and sends Hardy to the corner. Elias gets Hardy in an electric chair again but Hardy counters with a rana! Hardy comes off the top BUT ELIAS HITS HIM WITH THE GUITAR!! 1...2...Hardy grabs the ropes! Hardy rolls outside. Elias follows outside and misses a guitar shot and ELIAS GETS ELECTRICUTED BY GUITAR!! Good job of making that look legit! HARDY HITS ELIAS WITH A MASSIVE BASS!! Hardy sends Elias into the steps!! Hardy puts Elias on a table near ringside. HARDY GOES TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE AND HITS A SWANTON THROUGH THE TABLE!! 1...2...3!!! It looked like the back of Hardy's head and neck hit the steps there. Scary. This should be the end of this feud.

W: Jeff Hardy via pin @ 12:29

Commentary hypes tonight's triple threat. The winner will face Drew McIntyre at TLC. Keith Lee is warming up backstage when Riddle approaches him. Riddle is pumped. Riddle says one of them will win. Riddle says he knows Lee has fought McIntyre one-on-one but Riddle wants a chance. Riddle talks about McIntyre's accent as he impersonates. He asks Lee to impersonate but Lee walks off.

The New Day hypes Cyber Monday deals on WWE Shop.

Commentary talks about Retribution and Ricochet's interaction from 3 weeks ago. Ricochet is facing Slapjack next! Ali is backstage with Retribution. Ali doesn't understand why Ricochet can't see what's happening around him. Ali says Ricochet should be with them. Slapjack talks and says Ali saw what was happening and showed him what was real. Ali says Ricochet will face consequences. Ricochet on Twitter says he thought he could save Ali. He realizes he can't save him now and is just focusing on being better than him.

Ricochet vs. Slapjack w/ Mustafa Ali

Ricochet uses his speed to avoid Slapjack and hits a springboard cross body. Ricochet sends Slapjack to the corner. Slapjack fights out of it. Ricochet catches him charging. Ali gets involved helping Slapjack take advantage. Slapjack grounds Ricochet. Ricochet battles to his feet but Slapjack takes him to the corner. Ricochet fights back with a drop kick and punches. Ricochet builds momentum and hits a springboard clothesline! Standing shooting star by Ricochet for a near fall! T-BAR AND MACE COME TO RINGSIDE. Ricochet flips over the top taking out everyone! Back in the ring, Ricochet sets up Slapjack. DANA BROOKE IS RINGSIDE AND SLAPS ALI!! T-Bar and Mace try to interfere but Ricochet fights them off! ALI PROVIDES A DISTRACTION ALLOWING SLAPJACK TO HIT HIS FINISHER FOR THE WIN!! This wasn't good at all and this feud will continue. I assume Dana got involved since Reckoning cost Dana her Survivor Series spot. Why wouldn't Dana confront her then instead of Ali. Commentary didn't acknowledge Dana's presence after the match.

w: Slapjack via pin @ 3:31

Highlights of when Drew McIntyre beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36. Commentary hypes his interview later tonight.

Time for Miz TV!! The Miz and John Morrison welcome us. Miz hypes Miz and Mrs. He used his connections to get Sheamus as their guest tonight. They make fun of his lack of a tan before introducing him. Sheamus makes his way to the ring. The Miz's suit is crazy. Miz asks Sheamus how his Thanksgiving was? Sheamus says get to the point. Sheamus says they should be preparing for their match. Miz and Morrison want to know about Drew McIntyre. Miz brings up Sheamus returning McIntyre his chest and sword from Scotland. Miz says Sheamus got nothing in return. Miz and Morrison stir the pot by saying McIntyre doesn't care about Sheamus. Sheamus says he didn't expect anything in return. Sheamus says he and McIntyre go way back and are like brothers. Miz tells him to stop. Miz says both he and Sheamus both want the WWE Championship. Miz claims once he wins the title, Morrison is first in line. McIntyre should of given Sheamus a shot. Miz proposes that Sheamus get revenge and then Miz can cash in. Sheamus laughs and Miz screams at him and calls Sheamus an afterthought. Miz says Sheamus should laugh at his career because it's a joke. Sheamus stands up and takes his jacket off. Sheamus says this is between him and Miz. SHEAMUS DECKS MIZ AND STARTS BRAWLING WITH MIZ AND MORRISON!! Miz hits Sheamus in the back with the Money in the Bank briefcase. They beat down Sheamus and Miz hits Sheamus with the briefcase again.

Commentary talks about the history between Asuka, Lana, Nia Jax, and Shayna Baszler. We see highlights. Asuka talks to Lana backstage as they get ready for a tag team match.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler are backstage and they argue about last week.

Non-Title Match

Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champion) & Lana vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions)

Shayna and Lana start the match. Shayna schools Lana early. Lana has brief offense and gets a near fall on Shayna before Shayna takes over. Lana is able to tag in Asuka. Nia comes in and Lana sends her outside. The tag champs go to the outside. Asuka and Lana both try simultaneous baseball slides but the champs block. The tag champs each send Asuka and Lana respectively into the barricade as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Nia is in the ring with Asuka and Asuka tags in Lana. Lana tries a sleeper but Nia throws her off. Lana tries again and Nia hits her with a big elbow. Nia chokes Lana across the middle rope. Nia rag doll throws Lana across the ring before squashing her in the corner. Lana tries to fight back but Nia shoves her down. Shayna tags back in and works on Lana's leg and ankle. Shayna throws Lana out of the ring. Nia tags and she throws Lana into the barricade outside. Nia picks up Lana but Lana sends Nia into the ring post. Nia beats the count. Shayna tags in as does Asuka. Asuka hits a face breaker to Shayna and a Hip Attack to Nia. Drop kick on Shayna but Asuka. Asuka hits Shayna with a Hip Attack for a near fall! Asuka goes for a Shining Wizard but no luck. Asuka and Shayna take each other down. Lana tags in and tries a cross body but Shayna catches her. Nia knocks Asuka off the apron. SHAYNA GETS LANA IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH!! ASUKA BREAKS IT UP WITH A RUNNING KICK TO SHAYNA!! LANA PINS SHAYNA FOR THE WIN!! After the match, Nia is furious with Shayna! This is a disaster and I don't believe anyone is getting behind Lana or taking her seriously. Poor Asuka.

W: Asuka & Lana via pin @ 9:18

Sheamus is backstage when Drew McIntyre approaches him. Sheamus isn't happy about Miz TV. Sheamus teases wanting a shot and thanks McIntyre for helping him. McIntyre says he just did what Sheamus would of because they think a lot. They're ready for Miz and Morrison later tonight. Sheamus better not turn.

The New Day makes their way to the ring. Woods is facing Cedric Alexander after the break. After the break, the New Day is on the mic. They hype Xavier Woods being named to G4. Woods says it's huge and he also says he'll be King of the Ring some day. Random but alright. Woods thanks his supporters. Kofi runs down how the Hurt Business has failed to capture the tag titles. We see highlights narrated by Woods. The Hurt Business finally interrupts! MVP says the New Day need a wake up call. MVP says they're 2-2 because New Day lost via count out. MVP says next time they defend the titles, they'll take the titles. Shelton Benjamin says it ends with the Hurt Business taking the titles. Cedric Alexander says luck runs out tonight. Alexander attacks Woods before the bell rings and we go to a break!

Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. Cedric Alexander w/ The Hurt Business

Back from the break and the match is already started. Woods is beating on Alexander in the corner. Alexander fights back but Woods takes him down. Alexander rolls outside and Woods hits a kick before throwing him back in. Alexander catches Woods and throws him. Woods lands draped on the top rope and falls in the ring. Alexander begins wearing Woods down on the mat with different submission holds. Both men trade strikes. Woods with chops followed by a big forearm! Woods builds momentum and hits a kick to the face. Woods knocks Alexander to the middle rope where he hits his jumping senton through the ropes. Woods gets a near fall. Woods goes for a Powerbomb but Alexander avoids hit. Alexander hits a brain buster!! Near fall for Alexander!! Alexander kicks Woods repeatedly. Woods rolls to the apron. Alexander tries a suplex but Woods blocks. Alexander hits a kick sending Woods outside. Alexander tries a suicide dive but Woods side steps and sends Alexander into the barricade. Both men beat the count. ALEXANDER HITS THE LUMBAR CHECK FOR THE WIN!! This felt like a reason to give the Hurt Business another tag title shot. The Hurt Business celebrates afterward.

W: Cedric Alexander via pin @ 5:26

Commentary hypes the triple threat at sudden death. Aren't 99% of triple threats sudden death. Highlights show how AJ Styles qualified over Randy Orton. AJ Styles is backstage with his associate. Riddle interrupts. Styles says this is serious. They argue over who is going to win. Riddle calls Styles cute and Styles gets pissed.

Highlights of what happened earlier tonight on Moment of Bliss.

Triple Threat WWE Championship #1 Contenders Match

Winner faces Drew McIntyre at TLC

Keith Lee vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos vs. Riddle

Riddle goes after Styles right away and Styles bails to the outside. Styles pulls Riddle out. Lee goes after Styles as they go back in the ring. Riddle is back and delivers kicks to Styles. Styles hits Riddle in the throat. Styles goes after Lee but he over powers. Lee gets a near fall over Riddle after a cross body. Lee focuses on Riddle with Styles on the outside. Lee beats on Riddle in the corner. Styles comes back in and Lee sends him up into the lights! Styles rolls outside. Riddle fires back against Lee. Lee quickly regains control. Riddle tries strikes again but Lee takes Riddle down with one shot. Riddle sends Lee to the apron. Lee fights back and goes to pull Riddle out but Styles nails Lee. Omos helps out Styles. They all fight on the outside. RIDDLE TAKES OUT BOTH MEN WITH A SPRINGBOARD AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back and Riddle is delivering kicks to both Styles and Lee in the ring. Sentons by Riddle. Lee kicks out at 1. Riddle tries a senton on Styles but Styles kicks him off! Lee sends Styles hard into the ring post and Styles falls outside. Lee squashes Riddle in the corner and then launches him across the ring. Lee does the same thing to Riddle in the opposite corner. Riddle fights back with punches but Lee stops that. Lee tries a Spirit Bomb but Riddle blocks it into an arm bar. Styles is back in and Lee uses Riddle to swat Styles! Lee picks up Riddle to break the arm bar. Riddle delivers forearms to Lee and Styles in opposite corners. LEE POUNCES RIDDLE!! 1...2...NO!! Lee picks up Styles but Styles escapes. Strikes by Styles and he gets Lee down after a forearm. Near fall for Styles as Lee powers out. Styles goes out to the top but Lee cuts him off with a head butt! Lee goes up top with Styles. Riddle is back in. Riddle tries to power bomb Lee but can't. Styles hits a cross body on Lee! Styles takes turns covering both men but gets near falls. A Styles Clash is unsuccessful. Riddle hits Styles with a kick and a German for a near fall. Lee tries to German Riddle but Riddle lands on his feet. Lee and Riddle trade chops. Knees by Riddle to Lee taking out Lee! STYLES HITS RIDDLE WITH THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM FOR THE WIN!! The ending seemed sudden the overall action was good. Lee shined! Styles will face McIntyre at TLC!

W: AJ Styles via pin @ 12:58

The Miz and John Morrison are backstage with Charly Caruso. Charly has questions but first we see highlights of Miz TV. Miz shows off a dented briefcase. Charly says it appears there planned backfired. Miz and Morrison say McIntyre has a partner he can't trust. Charly says Miz is rattling off facts with no plan. Morrison says he has a plan and tells Miz to follow him.

Dana Brooke vs. Reckoning w/ Mustafa Ali

This match is happening because of what happened earlier and Reckoning's attack on Brooke a couple weeks ago. This is Reckoning's Raw debut. Reckoning and Ali cut a promo before. It's bad. The match begins and Reckoning goes right after Dana. Dana turns the tide and beats down Reckoning in the corner. Dana is really aggressive. Reckoning regains control and delivers chops to Dana in the corner. A snap mare by Reckoning follow by a kick to the back. Reckoning works a submission. Dana gets to her feet and takes down Reckoning with clotheslines. RECKONING GOES FOR A KICK AND DANA AVOIDS IT AND ROLLS RECKONING UP FOR A WIN! The match was awful. Ali is mad at Reckoning for failing. Ali leaves Reckoning in the ring. That could be the best thing for Mia Yim's career.

W: Dana Brooke via pin @ 2:18

The Miz and John Morrison approach AJ Styles in the back. They try to get Styles to help them and STYLES AGREES!! Miz seems surprised! Styles tells Miz it would be easier to beat him instead of McIntyre haha.

We see highlights of McIntyre's win over Orton a couple weeks ago. McIntyre's interview is next!

Riddle is backstage when he is approached by MVP. MVP asks what happened bro?! MVP tells Riddle his ideas are ridiculous. Riddle gets in MVP's face. BOBBY LASHLEY ATTACKS RIDDLE AND PUTS HIM IN THE HURT LOCK!! I'm all for Riddle feuding with Lashley.

Sheamus is backstage when Keith Lee approaches him. Lee says some of the fellas think Sheamus will turn on McIntyre. Sheamus tells Lee that it's none of Lee's business.

Charly Caruso is in the ring and introduces WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. Charly says McIntyre has been a busy man lately with his win over Orton and his war with Roman Reigns. McIntyre says it feels good standing here as champion. He said he would Claymore and beat Orton and he did. He says he is a man of his word. He told Reigns he was going to bring him back down to Earth. McIntyre says he did that. McIntyre says as their match progressed, Reigns confidence turned to fear. McIntyre says then Jey Uso interfered and Reigns took advantage. McIntyre says their paths will cross again. Reigns won the battle but McIntyre will win the war. McIntyre is looking ahead and he's facing Styles at TLC. Charly asks about The Miz lurking around. McIntyre has no problem with Styles and is looking forward to the match. McIntyre says the briefcase is the only thing keeping Miz relevant. Let's get to the match.

Drew McIntyre (WWE Champion) & Sheamus vs. The Miz (2020 Money in the Bank) & John Morrison

AJ Styles and Omos join commentary. Sheamus and Miz start the match. Sheamus takes Miz to the corner. Strikes by Sheamus and he hits Miz with a fall away slam. Miz tags Morrison. Morrison flips around and Sheamus hits him with a clothesline. Sheamus stomps Morrison in the corner before tagging McIntyre. McIntyre takes down Morrison with a big shoulder tackle. Tag to Sheamus and they take down Morrison with a double team and Morrison rolls to the apron. Sheamus clubs Morrison. Miz gets involved so Sheamus clubs his chest as well. Sheamus gets Miz on his shoulders and flips onto Morrison while holding Miz. Styles talks trash to Sheamus so Sheamus confronts him. Miz tries to blindside Sheamus with no luck, Omos gets in front of Sheamus, Morrison kicks Sheamus off the apron and Sheamus goes into the announce table as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Sheamus battles back against Morrison in the ring. Miz tags in and hits a DDT on Sheamus for a near fall. Miz delivers knees to the back of Sheamus and rakes his face. Morrison tags back in and they deliver a series of kicks and knees to Sheamus for a near fall. Morrison keeps Sheamus isolated. Sheamus fights back with elbows. Morrison misses a kick and Sheamus hits Morrison with a pump knee strike! McIntyre and Miz both tag in. Clotheslines by McIntyre and he throws Miz across the ring. Another throw! A throw for Morrison! McIntyre hits a neck breaker on Miz and kips up! McIntyre sets up for a Claymore but Sheamus wants the tag! Morrison pulls Sheamus off the apron and throws him over the barricade. AJ STYLES GETS ON THE APRON AND HITS MCINTYRE WITH A PHENOMENAL FOREARM FORCING A DQ!!

W: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus via DQ @ 9:53

After the match, MORRISON HITS MCINTYRE WITH STARSHIP PAIN!! MIZ HITS MCINTYRE WITH A SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!! Styles gets the briefcase and tells Miz to cash in. Morrison charges McIntyre and McIntyre back drops him to the outside. MCINTYRE CLAYMORES MIZ!! McIntyre stares down Styles! Omos pulls Styles out of the ring. Omos carries Styles up the ramp and Styles claims McIntyre is lucky that Omos is stopping him. McIntyre and Styles talk trash to each other to end the show.

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