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Raw 11/2/2020: Hardy vs. Elias; Jax/Baszler vs. Rose/Brooke; New Day vs. Hurt Business; Plus More!!

Here's what's on tap tonight:

  • Non-Title Match: The New Day (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions) vs. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

  • WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (champs)

  • Guitar on a Pole Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

  • Who will target Randy Orton next?

  • Who else will qualify for Survivor Series?

We're in the ThunderDome and we're shown highlights of Randy Orton's interaction with Drew McIntyre and The Fiend at the end of last week's Raw.

WWE Champion Randy Orton is kicking things off as he makes his way to the ring. Orton has a mic and says he became a 14x world champion and he proves he's the best of the best. Wait because best of the best doesn't do him justice. He is THE BEST. PERIOD. He name drops Edge, Undertaker, John Cena, Ric Flair and Drew McIntyre claiming he's better than all of them. Orton talks about how everyone in the back says he has everything handed to him. He claims he's in this position because he's the best. Orton says 8 days ago, he proved he's no longer the Legend Killer. Now, he's simply a LEGEND!! Orton talks about having a bulls eye on his back and he dares everyone to try to take it from him. Orton says for anyone to come and get it. HERE COMES ALEXA BLISS!!! Bliss stares down Orton with a smile on her face. Orton walks around her and asks "Where is he?" Bliss holds up her gloves and one says "Play" and the other says "Pain". She drops the "Play" one and says "He could be here". The lights go red. They come back on and DREW MCINTYRE HITS A CLAYMORE ON ORTON!! McIntyre picks up the title and stares at it. McIntyre dares Orton to give him a rematch or he will make his life hell! McIntyre leaves. MIZ AND MORRISON ARE HERE!! MIZ IS CASHING IN!!! MCINTYRE COMES BACK AND DESTROYS MIZ AND MORRISON!! McIntyre throws them out of the ring and says no one is taken the title except him.

Back from a break, we get highlights of what just happened. Miz and Morrison are interviewed by Charly Caruso backstage. Miz is pissed and says he was this close to cashing in. The bell didn't ring so it wasn't official. Miz says it's time for someone new to step in and become the big star on Raw. Morrison says they are challenging McIntyre to a 2-on-1 handicap match tonight.

Guitar on a Pole Match

Elias vs. Jeff Hardy

You win this match when you retrieve the guitar and smash it across your opponent. Elias talks to us before the match and tries to sing "Amen" until Hardy interrupts. The match begins and both men go for the guitar right away with no success. Elias slams Hardy hard and Hardy rolls out of the ring. Hardy cuts Elias off from getting the guitar. They brawl outside. Hardy leaps off the steps for some Poetry in Motion. Hardy goes for the guitar but Elias throws a stool at him to stop him as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Elias is beating down Hardy in the corner. Elias catches Hardy with a back elbow. Hardy avoids a suplex but Elias sends him into the corner by the guitar. Elias lights up Hardy with chops and chokes him across the top rope. Hardy fights back but Elias avoids the Twist of Fate and hits Hardy with a knee to the face. Elias goes for the guitar but is ripped down by Hardy. Hardy builds some momentum and hits the atomic drop followed by the double leg drop and a basement drop kick. Elbow by Hardy and he goes for the guitar. Elias pulls Hardy off the top in an electric chair but Hardy escapes and HITS A TWIST OF FATE!! HARDY GETS THE GUITAR!! HARDY JUMPS OFF THE TOP AND HITS ELIAS WITH THE GUITAR!! THE GUITAR DOESN'T BREAK BUT HARDY PINS ELIAS FOR THE WIN @ 8:18!! Post match, Hardy smashes the guitar. This wasn't as good as I was hoping and I feel like the wrong guy won.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke are stretching with rubber bands backstage. They meet Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler next for the tag titles next!

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (champs)

The match is about to begin and Lana makes her way to the ring. Dana and Nia start the match. Dana tries a sleeper early on but no luck. Dana tags Mandy who gets a head scissor into an octopus stretch. Mandy tags Dana without Nia knowing. Nia tries a military press on Dana but Mandy stops that. Mandy tries a pin but Shayna breaks it up and Shayna is tagged in. The challengers have the advantage for the moment until Shayna turns the tide against Mandy. Mandy does land a punch and tags Dana back in. Quick tags by the challengers. Dana hits a back elbow and a bulldog. Near fall for Dana. Nia takes out Mandy on the outside. Shayna tries the Kirifuda Clutch but Dana avoids it and gets a roll up near fall. Dana and Shayna fight to the outside with Dana having the upper hand. Back in the ring, Dana tries a back elbow but SHAYNA CATCHES HER IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH!! LANA DISTRACTS BASZLER!! Dana rolls Shayna has her beat but the ref is distracted with Lana. BASZLER IS ABLE TO LOCK DANA IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH AND DANA TAPS @ 3:38!! The champs retain! Nia stares down Lana after the match.

Charly Caruso interviews Randy Orton. Orton thinks McIntyre needs a reminder of quickly you can go from the hunter to the hunted. Orton shall remind him with the three most dangerous letters in sports entertainment....RKO!!

AC/DC's "Shot in the Dark" is the official theme song for Survivor Series.

R-Truth makes his way to the ring. He is being interviewed by Sara Schreiber but he faces Bobby Lashley in a few minutes. Truth thinks he is there to meet Bobby Bouche. Truth wants his water bottle signed.

Non-Title Match

R-Truth (24/7 Champion) vs. Bobby Lashley (WWE United States Champion) w/ MVP

Truth offers Lashley a hand shake right away and lays down for Lashley to win him. Lashley picks him up but Truth attacks. LASHLEY SPEARS TRUTH!! LASHLEY LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK AND TRUTH TAPS @ 0:55!! After the match, Lashley locks in the Hurt Lock again. DREW GULAK TRIES TO WIN THE 24/7 CHAMPION BUT LASHLEY DESTROYS HIM AND LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK!! LASHLEY MAKES GULAK PASS OUT AND HE PUTS GULAK ON TRUTH!! GULAK PINS TRUTH FOR THE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Backstage, the Lucha House Party wants to go get Drew Gulak. They run into AJ Styles and his associate. Styles asks if there is a problem and the Lucha House Party run the other way. Styles has a message for the rest of the Raw Survivor Series team next!

Nia Jax is backstage when Sara Schreiber approaches her. Sara asks about Lana and Nia says to not even speak her name. Nia says Lana won't be on Team Raw at the end of the night because she will end her career.

AJ Styles and his big associate make their way to the ring. AJ has a mic and talks about Jey Uso and Kevin Owens qualifying for Smackdown. No worries though because he says Raw has the advantage. Styles says Smackdown lacks a leader and someone with an "it" factor. Smackdown lacks someone like Styles. Styles deems himself the captain of Team Raw. He says his intangibles have intangibles. His first order as captain, he wants a rally cry to introduce his team. Styles then introduces Sheamus. Styles then introduces Keith Lee. Lee and Sheamus seem skeptical. Styles says he brought them out here because they're the best of the best and their success is his success. Styles doesn't care who they have to go through on Smackdown. Lee says him and Sheamus haven't agreed to Styles at the captain. Styles tells Sheamus to talk sense into Lee. Sheamus agrees with Lee. Sheamus says he will never take orders from Styles. Styles proclaims himself as Captain AJ. BRAUN STROWMAN INTERRUPTS!! Strowman says the only thing Team Raw needs is his hands. Lee tells Strowman he needs to qualify before he is on the team. Strowman says he beat Lee clean a couple weeks ago haha. Strowman claims he's more than qualified and should be captain. ADAM PEARCE IS OUT NOW!! He would love to have Strowman on the team but no one wants to qualify against him. Lee wants Strowman. Sheamus takes offense as he wants Strowman. Styles plays match maker. Styles suggest a triple threat and if Strowman wins, he's on the team. Pearce agrees to it.

Triple Threat Survivor Series Qualifying Match

If Strowman wins, he's on Team Raw

Sheamus vs. Keith Lee vs. Braun Strowman

Styles is on commentary. Lee and Sheamus go at it while Strowman watches. Lee sends Sheamus out of the ring. Strowman tries to power slam Lee but Lee escapes and sends Strowman outside. Sheamus is back and Lee takes him down. Sheamus catches Lee with a boot and goes off the ropes but Strowman pulls him to the outside. LEE FLIPS OVER THE TOP ROPE TAKING OUT BOTH MEN!! Lee's neck hit the apron. He barely made it over. Sheamus goes on the offensive sending Lee face first into the apron. Lee and Sheamus battle over to the announce table. Strowman comes around with Strowman Express and takes out both men. Strowman clears the announce table. Strowman tries a double choke slam but they fight off Strowman. Lee sends Strowman into the steps. Sheamus and Lee both pick up the steps and hit Strowman sending him across the table. Sheamus attacks Lee. Back in the ring, Sheamus pounds on Lee's chest while he's on the apron. Lee falls off the apron. Sheamus tries to grind Lee's face but Lee pulls him through the ropes and launches Sheamus into the barricade. Lee picks up Sheamus but Sheamus escapes and has Lee in a sleeper. STROWMAN IS UP AND TACKLES BOTH OF THEM THROUGH THE BARRICADE AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

Back from the break, Sheamus is working on Lee in the ring. Not sure where Strowman is. Lee fights back to his feet and lands strikes on Sheamus. Strowman is back in and he throws both men around. He misses Sheamus in the corner and SHEAMUS HITS WHITE NOISE ON STROWMAN!! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus geos to the outside after Lee. A couple boots for Lee. Sheamus goes to the top but Lee is back to grab him. Sheamus and Lee fight in the corner where Sheamus knocks Lee to the apron. Strowman goes up to meet Sheamus. LEE GETS STROWMAN IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR AND STROWMAN SUPERPLEXES SHEAMUS!! All three men are down. Strowman tries to low blow Lee but Lee catches his leg. Running cross body by Lee on Strowman for a near fall. Lee lifts Strowman but Strowman slides off his back and Sheamus low bridges Strowman to the outside. Lee hits Sheamus with a standing belly to belly suplex! Lee tries another but Sheamus head butts him and a knee takes down Lee. Near fall for Sheamus. Sheamus sets up Lee for a Brogue Kick. Strowman takes Sheamus to the outside with a clothesline. Lee delivers a massive clothesline to Strowman. LEE GOES FOR A SPIRIT BOMB ON STROWMAN!! SHEAMUS HITS A BROGUE KICK ON LEE!! STROWMAN POWER SLAMS SHEAMUS FOR THE WIN @ 14:29!!! Strowman is on Team Raw!! Good hard hitting match from these three big boys. Styles gets in the ring after the match and tries to get all the men on the same page. Styles plays peace maker. Lee and Strowman shake hands. Sheamus refuses to shake Strowman's hand but then hugs Strowman. SHEAMUS BROGUE KICKS STROWMAN!! Lee sends Sheamus to the outside. Styles drop kicks Lee! Styles wants to know why they can't get along.

Angel Garza is backstage. He's talks about some girl. She's beautiful and he has a rose for her.

Firefly Fun House is next!

Commentary shows Undertaker on Jimmy Fallon on Friday night.

Highlights of Drew McIntyre hitting Randy Orton with a Claymore earlier and taking out Miz and Morrison.

Charly Caruso is with Drew McIntyre backstage. McIntyre is aware of the other people gunning for Orton. Orton has a 6'5" guardian angel in McIntyre. McIntyre tells everyone to back off and if he gets his way, he will be facing Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. He's got a Claymore on the menu tonight for Miz and Morrison.

Fun House time!! Bray and Alexa welcome us. They talk about the letters of R-K-O. Abigail says for what Orton did to them, he can bleep bleep! No swearing! Money in the swear jar for Abby! They talk about what Orton has done in the past. Bray has put it in the past and created a new life. We see highlights of Orton burning down the Wyatt compound. Bray says the Fiend never forgets. Bray puts his hand over Alexa's head. She has a new trick, She sticks her tongue out and it just keeps going. Bray says "Oh shit!"

Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce. They don't think Lana will survive this is one piece or the announce table is one piece. Lana claims she will turn the tables on Nia Jax tonight.

Nia Jax w/ Shayna Baszler (WWE Women's Tag Team Champions) vs. Lana

Shayna Baszler clears the announce table before the match begins. Nia takes Lana to the corner right away. Lana fights back with no luck. Nia tosses her around while talking trash. Nia squashes Lana in the corner. Nia charges again in the corner but Lana moves. Lana tries to fight back but can't take Nia down. Nia knocks down Lana with a clothesline. Nia pins Lana but pulls her up after 2. This is already too long. Nia talks more trash while destroying Lana. Another cover by Nia and she picks her up at 2 again. Slam by Nia. NIA SAMOAN DROPS LANA AND GETS THE WIN @ 3:08!! Squash!! Nia and Shayna start to leave but then come back. Shayna throws Lana to the outside. Nia sends Lana into the barricade, NIA SAMOAN DROPS LANA THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE FOR THE 7TH TIME!!! If this is their way of building Lana as a face, it's not working.

Backstage, Truth is walking around with a neck collar. He comes across the Hurt Business and turns the other way. MVP tells him they signed his water bottle for him!

VIP Lounge time. The Hurt Business is in the ring. MVP says it's fitting that they are all in the lounge because only the best of the best get invited. Speaking of the best, Lashley already destroyed Truth tonight. Cedric says Sami Zayn will find out that Lashley is the best of the best. Lashley grabs a mic and only has one thing to say to Zayn. Lashley promises to put Zayn to sleep. MVP says they took care of Retribution so they want to collect payment. They want to collect the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships. THE NEW DAY ARE HERE TO INTERRUPT!! They got mics. The New Day is a big fan of Lashley. They make fun of Lashley. They say MVP and Benjamin have been around a while. Cedric hasn't been here long but the New Day has been doing well for a long time. They're the most decorated tag team champs of all time! Kofi says he has won more titles than all the Hurt Business combined! MVP mocks Kofi for losing to Brock Lesnar is 8 seconds. Kofi says funny you mention 8 seconds because Lana says that is all Lashley can last haha. MVP says the Hurt Business dresses like businessmen and the New Day are clowns. MVP says Shelton and Cedric will take the tag titles. The New Day claim the only profits they are worried about are the Street Profits at Survivor Series.

Non-Title Match

Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander w/ The Hurt Business vs. The New Day (WWE Raw Tag Team Champs)

The match starts with Woods and Alexander. Woods uses his speed and takes down Alexander with a head scissors. MVP is on commentary. Woods hits a stalling suplex on Alexander before tagging Kingston. Lashley isn't ringside. Benjamin tags in. He takes down Kofi with a shoulder tackle. Kofi fires back with punches but runs into a boot. Benjamin tags Alexander and he sends Kofi to a corner. Alexander monkey flips Kofi but Kofi lands on his feet. Kofi monkey flips Alexander who tries to land on his feet and fails. Cedric delivers punches to Kofi in the corner. Chops by Cedric but Kofi counters and is able to tag Woods. Woods takes it to both members of the Hurt Business. Woods goes to the top but Cedric racks him up and Benjamin delivers a knee to regain the advantage. On the outside, Benjamin sends Woods into the barricade. Back in the ring, near fall for Benjamin. Woods tries to fire back with chops but Alexander prevents him from tagging and hits a super kick as we go to a commercial.

We're back and both Kofi and Cedric tag in. Kofi runs wild. BOOM DROP BY KOFI TO CEDRIC WITH A BALLIN!! Cedric avoids Trouble in Paradise and delivers a kick of his own. Cedric sends Kofi to the corner but KOFI HITS A RANA OFF THE TOP!! Kofi with a stomp to Cedric's chest. Kofi tries SOS but CEDRIC HITS A MICHINOKU DRIVER!! Benjamin tags in. Kofi sends Cedric outside. Woods blind tags in. Woods hits a DDT on Benjamin for a near fall. Woods runs into a spine buster by Benjamin. 1...2...NO!! Benjamin puts Woods on the top turnbuckle. WOODS HITS A DDT ON BENJAMIN!! 1...2...Cedric breaks it up. Kofi goes to dive outside onto Cedric but Benjamin stops that. Benjamin and Woods trade counters. SPRINGBOARD KICK BY CEDRIC AND BENJAMIN HITS WOODS WITH PAY DIRT TO WIN @ 12:55!! Good win for the Hurt Business that will probably give them a title shot before Survivor Series. MVP comes in to celebrate after the match.

Nikki Cross is backstage and she confront Alexa Bliss. Nikki wants to know what's going on but Bliss has her back to Nikki the whole time she is talking. Nikki knows "he" is behind this all. Nikki says Bliss is stronger than him. Nikki wants Bliss to just turn around and look at her. Bliss finally turns around with her crazy contacts and black eyeliner and Nikki gets scared.

Tucker vs. Ricochet

This is happening because Ricochet confronted Tucker earlier about what he did to Otis at Hell in a Cell. Before the match starts, Mustafa Ali makes his way to the ring. Tucker launches Ricochet but Ricochet takes over. Ali is standing on announce table. RICOCHET HITS TUCKER WITH A RECOIL TO WIN @ 0:38!! ALI GETS ON THE APRON AND RETRIBUTION IS HERE!! THEY DESTROY RICOCHET. He gets launched out of the ring and THEN THEY DESTROY TUCKER!! Slapjack throws Ricochet back in the ring. Ricochet gets his ass beat some more and Retribution stands over top of him.

Drew McIntyre walks backstage with Sheamus confronts him. Sheamus tries to convince McIntyre to be the 5th member of Team Raw at Survivor Series. McIntyre says it sounds good but his sights are set on Randy Orton. Sheamus says if he changes his mind, to let him know.

2-on-1 Handicap Match

The Miz (Mr. Money in the Bank) & John Morrison vs. Drew McIntyre

Morrison starts for their team. Morrison tries some offense with no luck. McIntyre takes Morrison down with a stiff punch. Blind tag and Miz comes in. Miz attacks McIntyre and beats on him in the corner. McIntyre turns the tables and chops, kicks, and punches Miz in the corner. McIntyre launches Miz across the ring. Morrison tags back in but McIntyre pulls him back in the ring. Miz chop blocks McIntyre and Morrison covers for 1. Miz tags back in and they double team McIntyre. Knee strike by Morrison. Miz tries a kick but McIntyre catches his leg. Morrison tags in. McIntyre destroys them both on the outside. MCINTYRE REVERSE ALABAMA SLAMS MORRISON ONTO MIZ ON THE FLOOR OUTSIDE AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

We're back and McIntyre is beating on Morrison in the corner. Belly to belly throw by McIntyre. Morrison hits a jaw breaker and tags Miz. Miz eats an elbow. Miz and Morrison use a 2-on-1 advantage to take control. They send McIntyre shoulder first into the ring post. Then they throw McIntyre into the barricade. Back in the ring, Miz delivers kicks and a clothesline to McIntyre in their corner. Morrison tags in and does a corkscrew splash but only gets a 1 count on a a pin. They continue to beat down McIntyre in their corner. McIntyre fights back and charges Morrison but eats a boot. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but McIntyre racks him on the top. McIntyre goes to the top with Morrison and clubs Morrison Sheamus styles. McIntyre gets rack as well. McIntyre falls into a tree of woe. MCINTYRE RISES UP AND LAUNCHES MORRISON OFF THE TOP!! Miz tags himself in. McIntyre was ready for him and McIntyre fires up with multiple belly to belly throws on Miz. Neck breaker by McIntyre and he kips up!! Miz avoids the Future Shock DDT but McIntyre avoids the Skull Crushing Finale. Spine buster by McIntyre!! 1...2...Morrison breaks it up! Morrison tags in and delivers a kick followed by a neck breaker. 1...2...NO!! Miz blind tags himself in. McIntyre sends Morrison out of the ring. MIZ HITS SKULL CRUSHING FINALE ON MCINTYRE!!! 1...2...NO!!! Miz hits the "It" kicks but McIntyre ducks the last one and pushes Miz into Morrison knocking Morrison off the apron. FUTURE SHOCK DDT TO MIZ!! Morrison pulls Miz out of the ring. MCINTYRE FLIPS OVER THE ROPES TAKING BOTH MEN OUT. Back in the ring, CLAYMORE TO MIZ!! 1...2...3 @ 15:33!!! McIntyre looked like a beast but your money in the bank winner looked weak as hell. ORTON IS HERE AND RKO TO MCINTYRE!!! Orton holds up his title and you hear Bray's laugh. LET ME IN!! End Show.

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