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Raw 10/11/2021 Results: Big E/McIntyre vs. Usos Main Events; KOTR & QC Semi-Finals Set; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s Raw:

  • WWE Champion Big E and Drew McIntyre meet face-t0-face

  • King of the Ring and Queen's Crown Tournaments Continue

  • Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion) & Charlotte Flair (WWE Raw Women's Champion)

We're in San Francisco, California at the Chase Center for Raw tonight. We're starting with the face-t0-face between McIntyre and WWE Champion Big E. McIntyre welcomes to the home of the "Warriors" and welcomes us to Raw. He hypes Crown Jewel. McIntyre says everyone will be talking about his match with Big E because he vows to win the championship. McIntyre starts story time but BIG E INTERRUPTS! Big E knows why McIntyre wants to be champion but says McIntyre will never take it from him. Big E says the train has already left the station so McIntyre can either come aboard or get run over. McIntyre talks about holding the title twice for 300+ days but never getting to here a live crowd chant for him as champion. McIntyre vows to run through him and everyone else!! USO!!! The Usos are pumped for McIntyre/E. They debate who will win. McIntyre asks what the Usos are doing here and they say they do whatever since they are the Bloodline. They says Reigns will beat Lesnar at Crown Jewel. Therefore, they want to know who will be WWE Champion at Survivor Series. A tag match challenge is laid down. Big E and McIntyre argue with each other and they both eat super kicks! The Usos stand tall!

Kevin Patrick interviews The New Day about their individual King of the Ring first round matches and the possibility of facing each other in the semi-finals. They just laugh. First round action is next!

Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston defeated Ricochet via pin @ 10:57 in a King of the Ring tournament first round match. Woods would win the match with a springboard elbow drop off the top rope. . Woods will face the winner of Kofi/Jinder in the semi-finals. Good stuff from these two!

RK-Bro is backstage. Riddle has a surprise for Orton. Riddle challenged Omos to a match. Riddle asks Orton what the plan is and talks about Jack and the Beanstalk. Orton says Riddle is on his own.

Commentary hypes The Miz on "Dancing With The Stars" and wants us to vote for him.

Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander defeated Mansoor & Mustafa Ali via pin @ 1:20. That was short and sweet. Not much to say here. Alexander pinned Ali after a Michinoku Driver. Post match, Ali shoved Mansoor to the mat.

We see highlights of Shayna Baszler's attacks on Nia Jax, Eva Marie, and Dana Brooke. Also included is Doudrop saving Brooke.

Shayna Baszler defeated Dana Brooke via pin @ 1:23 in a Queen's Crown Tournament first round match. Another squash. Baszler goes for an attack post match but Brooke escapes.

Charlotte Flair is backstage saying who cares about Shayna Baszler. Charlotte says she only cares about herself. Yeah, we already knew that. Charlotte hopes Banks wins the Smackdown Women's Championship so she can beat her and become a double champion. Just what we all need. We see highlights of last week's ending with Banks standing tall.

Omos w/ AJ Styles defeated Riddle (WWE Raw Tag Team Champion) via pin @ 2:32. It's a night of squashes. Omos wins the the double choke bomb. Post match, Styles sets up for a Styles Clash but Orton's music hits. Styles and Omos wait for Orton but ORTON SLIDES IN THE RING AND RKOS STYLES AND ESCAPES BEFORE OMOS CAN GET IN!

Big E and McIntyre talk backstage about by-gones being by-gones for one night. They need to put their differences aside to beat the Usos. They shake hands.

Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. We get highlights of Goldberg's comments last week. Lashley says lots of people have asked him why he challenged Goldberg to a no holds barred match. Lashley brings up Goldberg literally saying "he would kill Lashley". Lashley says that's not actions of a superstar, hall of famer, or father. Lashley compares how he dresses to Goldberg. Lashley says Goldberg is crazy and he can't have a normal match with someone like that. Lashley says Goldberg has been reduced from icon to rabid dog. Lashley will put the dog down at Crown Jewel and end his career. Lashley says the days of Goldberg just showing up for a math and riding into the sunset are done. There will no misunderstanding this time. Lashley says Goldberg can't beat, hurt, or kill The Almighty!

Sasha Banks promo time. Banks tells Belair to follow her lead tonight. Banks plans to beat Charlotte tonight and then go on to win the championship from Becky at Crown Jewel. Banks ends by saying the other three aren't in her league.

Austin Theory defeated Jeff Hardy via pin @ 2:03. During the match, the 24/7 jobbers came to ringside and even got in the ring for a minute. Theory would roll up Hardy using the tights after Hardy missed a Swanton to get the win.

Highlights of the contract signing between Becky Lynch/Bianca Belair/Sasha Banks. Belair cuts a promo now. Belair says Charlotte isn't ruthless but just a cheater. She doesn't plan to follow Banks lead. Belair says it'll only take her less than 30 seconds to send Becky back to "Becky No Belts".

Kevin Patrick tries to ask the New Day about facing in the semi-finals. They give Patrick the "who?" treatment and head to the ring.

Jinder Mahal w/ Veer & Shanky defeated Kofi Kingston w/ Xavier Woods via pin @ 8:55 in a King of the Ring tournament first round match. Mahal will face Woods in the semi-finals. I was hoping they would go for the New Day semi-final but it's not in the cards apparently.

Becky Lynch says she doesn't have much else to say. She's beaten Flair, Lynch, and Belair.

Becky Lynch (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion) & Charlotte Flair (WWE Raw Women's Champion) vs. Sasha Banks & Belair ends in no contest @ 4:20. A big brawl broke out before the match could even begin. Officials had to come to ringside to get control of the situation. The ref would eventually stop the match because Belair/Banks couldn't stop brawling with each other. Banks lays out Belair with a back stabber and then Lynch hits Banks with the Manhandle Slam!

Highlights of The Usos confrontation with Big E/McIntyre. The Usos talk to Reigns on the phone in the back. He tells them to complete the mission. They're hyped for their tag match and are pretty sure they got it!

Doudrop defeated Natalya via pin @ 3:01 in a Queen's Crown Tournament first round match. Shayna Baszler watched backstage on a monitor. Doudrop countered the Sharpshooter and won with a roll up. Doudrop will face Baszler in the semi-finals.

John Morrison is backstage meditating when WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. asks what he's doing. He's tapping into his inner most thoughts. They walk off.

Big E is warming up backstage when Austin Theory swoops in for a selfie.

Mansoor and Mustafa Ali get into an altercation backstage. Ali tells Mansoor he doesn't deserve to be there! Ali claims he was the only one watching Mansoor's back. Ali calls Mansoor a worthless, loser and says he's nothing before walking off. Ali walks off. Mansoor tells Kevin Patrick he'll talk to Ali later but ALI IS BACK TO ATTACK MANSOOR!! I feel this is leading to a Saudi match.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos defeated WWE Champion Big E & Drew McIntyre via count out @ 15:11 in a non-title match. A miscommunication between Big E and McIntyre lead to them fighting each other and getting counted out. McIntyre got a nice cut on his head. The Usos would attack them both post match. Big E and McIntyre fought off the Usos and slugged it out in the ring. MCINTYRE WOULD LAY OUT BIG E WITH A CLAYMORE TO END THE SHOW!

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