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Raw 1/25/2021: Drew McIntyre/Goldberg Face-to-Face; Raw Women's Title Match; EDGE RETURNS!!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Charlotte Flair (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax

  • Gauntlet Match (Riddle earns a shot at Bobby Lashley's WWE United States Championship if he wins): Riddle vs. The Hurt Business

  • WWE Raw Women's Championship Match: Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka (champ; also WWE Women's Tag Team champion)

  • WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and Goldberg will be live face-to-face!

We're live in the ThunderDome for the last Raw before the Royal Rumble. HERE COMES WWE CHAMPION DREW MCINTYRE TO KICK THINGS OFF!! McIntyre says it feels good to be back on Raw. He thanks us for all the get well wishes. McIntyre did lose his taste and smell but he's been training since day four of it. He says we will get through this virus. Speaking of things he's sick of, he talks about his match with Goldberg Sunday. McIntyre underestimated Goldberg. He talks about Goldberg's accomplishment. McIntyre says Goldberg has started a new streak since he returned and that' beating every champion he's faced. McIntyre vows to end that this Sunday. HERE COMES THE MIZ AND JOHN MORRISON TO INTERRUPT! Drew says "That's not starting things right". Haha. Miz says McIntyre vs. Goldberg will be one for the ages and they both hype the match. Miz and Morrison are their usual annoying selves. Miz teases cashing in the briefcase after the McIntyre/Goldberg match. McIntyre challenges them to get in the ring. HERE COMES GOLDBERG!! Goldberg says "Me, you, Sunday. You're Next!" Miz taunts them both. MCINTYRE AND GOLDBERG BRING MIZ AND MORRISON IN THE RING THE HARD WAY. GOLDBERG SPEARS MIZ!! CLAYMORE TO MORRISON!! McIntyre holds the title up in Goldberg's face as they stare each other down! Goldberg leaves and McIntyre tosses the Money in the Bank briefcase out of the ring.

Commentary hypes Asuka vs. Alexa Bliss tonight. They also talk about Charlotte Flair vs. Shayna Baszler. That match is next!

Charlotte interview backstage. She hypes herself and mentions she's entering the Rumble and defending the titles with Asuka this Sunday. She calls herself Ms. WrestleMania. She talks about Lacey Evans.

Charlotte Flair (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Shayna Baszler w/ Nia Jax

They lock up to begin and Charlotte sends Shayna to the corner. Take down by Charlotte and she baseball slides Nia. Shayna goes for the Kirifuda Clutch but Charlotte rolls out to escape and lands a boot. CHARLOTTE GOES FOR THE FIGURE EIGHT AND NIA IS IN THE RING TO ATTACK CHARLOTTE FORCING A DQ!! Too short to mean anything.

W: Charlotte Flair via DQ @ 0:55

Post match, they go to attack Charlotte but MANDY ROSE AND DANA BROOKE ARE HERE TO HELP!! LACEY IS HERE TO ATTACK CHARLOTTE! We go to a commercial.

Back from the commercial. We have this match......Teddy Long must be in the house.

Six Woman Tag Team Match

Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, & Lacey Evans vs. Charlotte Flair (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion), Mandy Rose, & Dana Brooke

Lacey and Mandy start is off. Lacey acts like she is Ric Flair with Wooos. Mandy takes Lacey to the mat but Lacey gets a head scissor. Back to their feet, Mandy goes on the attack and tags Dana in. Double suplex by Mandy and Dana for a near fall. Dana with a hard knock down on Lacey for another near fall. Hip toss by Dana and a kick to the face of Lacey. Near fall. Dana goes to tag Charlotte and does. Lacey runs to tag Shayna. They trade counters and Flair starts with multiple chops. Fall away slam by Charlotte. Charlotte takes a swipe at Lacey but misses. Mandy tags in and her along with Dana stomp Shayna. Shayna gets isolated in the corner. Charlotte is in control of Shayna. They fight on the apron and a knee by Charlotte sends Shayna to the outside. Shayna fights back and THROWS CHARLOTTE IN THE RING BUT DOESN'T BEAT THE COUNT HERSELF!! That was an incredibly stupid finish. Dumb. That match did nothing for everyone involved.

W: Charlotte Flair, Mandy Rose, & Dana Brooke via count out @ 4:42

Commentary discusses the gauntlet match between Riddle and the Hurt Business for later tonight. Sheamus will also face John Morrison later tonight.

Must of been a mess up because the match is restarted!

Six Woman Tag Team Match

Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, & Lacey Evans vs. Charlotte Flair (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion), Mandy Rose, & Dana Brooke

Nia is going at with Dana to start things. Dana gets the upper hand and hits an hand spring elbow. It doesn't last as Nia mows down Dana! Lacey tags in and gets a near fall on Dana. Stomps by Lacey. Shayna tags in and delivers a big kick while she stares down Charlotte. Shayna stomps Dana's elbow before tagging Nia. Nia locks in a Cobra Clutch type moves and rag dolls Dana. Dana somehow escapes but Nia over powers her and goes to sit on her but misses. Mandy and Lacey tag in. Clotheslines by Mandy followed by a flapjack. Mandy takes Lacey to the corner and unloads a series of punches. PUMP KNEE BY MANDY!! 1...2...broken up by Shayna. Charlotte spears Shayna!! Nia comes in to stop that. Nia tags in now. CHARLOTTE CHASES LACEY OUT OF THE RINGSIDE AREA!! Nia misses a charge and Dana hits a neck breaker for a near fall. Dana goes to the top but Nia cuts her off and launches her! NIA WITH A POWER BOMB AND LEG DROP ON DANA TO GET THE WIN!! Makes me really wonder about the count out finish before. I personally think it got messed up. The last three matches have been pretty bad.

W: Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, & Lacey Evans via pin @ 4:50

Highlights of what's been going on with Retribution and Xavier Woods. Earlier today, Mustafa Ali says the greatest moment in Kofi Kingston's life happened because of the worst moment in Ali's life.

Slapjack and Retribution make their way to the ring. Slapjack vs. Xavier Woods is next!

Zayde Wolf's "Rumble" is the official theme song for the Royal Rumble.

Slapjack w/ Retribution vs. Xavier Woods

Woods with a running drop kick right away sending Slapjack to the corner. Woods sends Slapjack to the opposite corner and a big back body drop. All Woods early. Slapjack turns things around and gain control. Slapjack hits a bulldog type maneuver from the apron and stomps Woods. Woods fights back with chops and strikes. Woods uses a head scissors transitions to a Russian leg sweep. Slapjack with an uppercut but eats a boot. Honor Roll by Woods gets a near fall. Mustafa Ali tells Retribution to surround the ring. SLAPJACK ROLLS UP WOODS BUT WOODS ROLLS THROUGH AND HITS SLAPJACK WITH A SHINING WIZARD TO WIN!! Poor Woods for still being stuck in this feud.

W: Xavier Woods via pin @ 2:42

Post match, Woods tries to bail in a hurry but T-Bar takes him out. T-Bar and Mace hit a double choke slam. Ali sends Slapjack to get a chair. Ali goes for a chair shot to Woods but has second thoughts. Ali sits and grabs a mic. Ali says Woods talks about wanting to be King of the Ring but Ali says he looks like a peasant. Ali wants Woods to tell Kofi that he heard Kofi was unable to compete in the Royal Rumble match. Ali says he will take Kofi's place in the Rumble.

Riddle is backstage and runs into 24/7 Champion R-Truth. They talk about the Hurt Business. The VIP Lounge is next! We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, the Hurt Business makes their way to the ring for the VIP Lounge. Samoa Joe says Bobby Lashley is his favorite to win the men's Rumble. All men have a mic. MVP says big things are popping per usual. MVP is stoked about Bad Bunny being at the Rumble. Lashley wanted this VIP Lounge is address something important. Before that, MVP says they need to focus on the task at hand regarding the gauntlet match. Lashley has the floor now. Lashley says to look at them; they all look good. Lashley says they have just began. Shelton starts talking and Cedric cuts him off. Cedric gives props to MVP. Lashley says the Hurt Business present something to MVP to show appreciation. It's a gold chain necklace with "THB" on it. MVP is at a loss for words. Cedric says he worked with the designer and Shelton cuts him off saying Cedric knows nothing. R-TRUTH IS HERE TO INTERRUPT!! MVP says he isn't on the guest list. Truth thinks they're throwing him a surprise party. Truth wants to know where the 24 golden karats are? Shelton says now is not the time. Lashley has been busy training and he forgot it was Truth's birthday. Lashley invites Truth is the ring. THE 24/7 JOBBERS ARE HERE TO ATTACK TRUTH!! THE HURT BUSINESS DESTROYS THE JOBBERS!! RIDDLE IS HERE AND HITS MVP WITH THE FINAL FLASH KNEE!! RIDDLE BAILS!!

Commentary hypes the gauntlet match for later and then transition to talk about Asuka vs. Bliss.

We see Edge's 2020 Royal Rumble highlights. WE WILL HEAR FROM EDGE LIVE TONIGHT!!

Backstage, Truth runs into Adam Pearce. Pearce wants to prove he should be in the Money in the Bank match (not a typo! That's what he said). AJ STYLES AND OMOS ARE HERE TO GIVE HIM A CHANCE. Pearce tells Truth to prove himself against Styles tonight. Truth tries to talk to Styles and Omos but they aren't having it.

Highlights from the McIntyre/Goldberg confrontation earlier.

Commentary talks about Peacock having WWE Network

Sheamus vs. John Morrison w/ The Miz (2020 Money in the Bank)

Sheamus backs Morrison into the ropes in the early going and we get a break. Sheamus takes Morrison to the mat but Morrison counters and tries a sleeper. Sheamus escapes and grounds Morrison again. Sheamus works the left arm of Morrison and transitions to a head scissors. Good mat wrestling early on. Shoulder knock down by Sheamus who then misses a clothesline. Both men get near falls on roll ups. They go to the corner and Morrison hits a cheap shot and follows with a series of strikes. Morrison runs into a back body drop. Kicks by Sheamus followed by an uppercut. Stiff body shots by Sheamus and more work on the left arm. Morrison lands a couple kicks and then mounts Sheamus to deliver punches. More kicks by Morrison but Sheamus counters and they go to the corner. IRISH CURSE BACK BREAKER BY SHEAMUS FOR A NEAR FALL. Sheamus goes to the top and Miz distracts. SHEAMUS JUMPS BUT MORRISON DROP KICKS HIS KNEE IN MID AIR!! Morrison hangs Sheamus up in the ropes by his knee. A baseball slide sends Sheamus to the outside. Morrison continues to target the knee outside the ring. Morrison throws Sheamus back in the ring and brings him down with a dragon screw. More leg work by Morrison. Sheamus fights out with punches. Morrison goes back to the knee with elbows. Sheamus elbows Morrison in the face and the legs to the face to force a break. Double axe by Sheamus and he launches Morrison across the ring! Sheamus goes for White Noise but Morrison escapes and chop blocks Sheamus. Sheamus catches Morrison in mid air and slams him! 1...2...NO!! Sheamus stomps Morrison and tries a Cloverleaf!! He locks it in!! Morrison makes the ropes! Morrison hangs Sheamus up on the top rope but runs into a knee to the face!! WHITE NOISE BY SHEAMUS!! IT'S OVER!! I expected better from these two.

W: Sheamus via pin @ 9:35

The Miz challenges Sheamus to a handicap match right now!! Sheamus accepts!! It happens after the break!!

Handicap Match

Sheamus vs. John Morrison & The Miz (2020 Money in the Bank)

Both Morrison and Miz immediately attack Sheamus!! Sheamus dumps Morrison out of the ring. Sheamus lifts Miz but Morrison chop blocks him. DDT by Miz for a near fall. Sheamus gets stomped in the corner by both men. Both men delivers knees to Sheamus' face for a near fall. Sheamus tries to fight them off but the numbers game is too much (Miz and Morrison don't have to tag in and out). Morrison clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Miz jumps through the ropes to drop kick Sheamus to the floor. Morrison dives over the top to take out Sheamus! They send Sheamus into the barricade. Spin kick by Morrison and a boot by Miz. Commentary says no count and no DQ. Ok then? Miz comes off the top to continue the beat down. Sheamus blocks Miz but Morrison decks him! I've already seen enough as Miz and Morrison beat Sheamus down in the corner. Sheamus back drops Morrison to the outside and clotheslines Miz. Double axes to Miz and a slam to Morrison. SHEAMUS LIFTS MIZ AND DOES ON SENTON ONTO MORRISON!! CLASSIC SHEAMUS CLUBS TO MIZ ON THE APRON!! Morrison accidentally hits Miz!! SHEAMUS CLUBS MORRISON TOO!! Morrison falls to the outside. Sheamus goes to the top and DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT MIZ AND MORRISON!! Sheamus tosses Miz back in the ring. Sheamus sets up for a Brogue but Morrison holds his leg. Sheamus fights them off AND BROGUE KICKS MORRISON!! MIZ HITS SHEAMUS WITH SKULL CRUSHING FINALE FROM BEHIND TO WIN!! I'd like to hope the Money in the Bank winner can win a 2-on-1. I don't like having matches that lead to another match. Especially two in one night.

W: John Morrison and The Miz via pin @ 6:50

Backstage, Ric Flair is showing Lacey Evans some new moves when Charlotte walks in. Charlotte tells Lacey to get out. Charlotte tries to tell Ric that she's not the bad guy in this situation. LACEY COMES BACK IN AND HITS CHARLOTTE WITH A WOMAN'S RIGHT BEFORE KICKING HER IN THE HEAD!! Ric starts to check on Charlotte until Lacey pulls him along.

Non-Title Match

R-Truth (24/7 Champion) vs. AJ Styles w/ Omos

Styles attacks right away with kicks to Truth. Styles sends Truth hard into the corner. Truth lands a right hand but Styles blocks a kick and targets the leg. Back breaker by Styles. Styles talks trash and goes to throw Truth out of the ring over the top but Truth counters and throws Styles over the top! Styles is pissed and aggressively attacks!! Styles charges and Truth back drops him to the apron. TRUTH AVOIDS A PHENOMENAL FOREARM. Truth takes down Styles and HITS THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!! TRUTH GOES FOR AN ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT BUT STYLES COUNTERS INTO A CALF CRUSHER!! TRUTH TAPS!! Squash with brief offense from Truth.

W: AJ Styles via submission @ 2:33

Asuka is shown walking backstage.

Commentary talks about the match between Asuka and Alexa Bliss later tonight. We are shown highlights of Randy Orton's promo from last week.

Alexa Bliss is on her playground singing Mary, Mary. Bliss says last week was so much fun! Did you see Randy Orton's face? More highlights of the fireball. Bliss applauds her handy work. She looks at the empty swing and laughs. She wanted to have fun with Asuka in her playground but Asuka didn't want to play. We see highlights of that. Bliss says she didn't want to play either and we see highlights of her transformation and Bliss hitting Sister Abigail on Asuka. Bliss asks if we liked her trick? "He" taught me it. She can't wait to see him again and thank him. Bliss says she can win a shiny new toy tonight. Just like last week, Bliss doesn't feel like playing nice. Bliss starts singing "Ring around the Rosey". Bliss says "Let Me In" but we hear it with a Fiend voice over.

Gauntlet Match

(Riddle earns a future shot at Bobby Lashley's WWE United States Championship if he wins)

Riddle vs. The Hurt Business

Riddle starts with Benjamin and Riddle goes for a Final Flash knee early with no luck. Shelton tries a German but Riddle lands on his feet. Shelton catches a kick from Riddle and plants him with a spine buster. Shelton picks up Riddle Olympic Slam style and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Knee by Shelton and Riddle goes to the outside. Back in the ring, Shelton hits a forearm to Riddle's face for a near fall. Shelton grounds Riddle but Riddle fights to his feet. Shelton with a knee to the midsection of Riddle as he continues the assault. More strikes by Shelton. Shelton with a knee strike to the head of Riddle. 1...2...NO!! Waste lock by Shelton and RIDDLE COUNTERS WITH A GUILLOTINE!! RIDDLE TRANSITIONS OT THE OTHER SIDE!! Shelton counters and goes for a suplex but a knee by Riddle. Riddle goes for a roll up and Shelton counters with a roll up but Cedric has the ref distracted! Cedric and MVP argue. RIDDLE ROLLS UP SHELTON AND BEATS HIM!!

MVP is in next as Shelton and Cedric argue on the outside. MVP IS DISTRACTED AND RIDDLE GETS MVP IN A HEEL HOOK!! MVP TAPS!! Cedric enters the match after a commercial!

We're back with Cedric delivering shoulders to Riddle in the corner. Snap mare by Cedric for a near fall. Forearms by Riddle but he runs into a knee by Cedric. Gut buster by Cedric gets a near fall. Shelton and MVP are on the outside looking pissed. Cedric works an arm bar types submission on Riddle. Riddle fights to his feet and delivers forearms and kicks in the corner. Riddle runs into a nice drop kick from Cedric. 1...2...NO!! MVP tells Cedric to focus. Cedric locks in an abdominal stretch. Riddle makes it to the ropes. Cedric with a knee under the chin of Riddle up against the ropes. Near fall for Cedric. Another one! Riddle gets free from Cedric again as the crowd wills him on. Riddle lifts Cedric but Cedric counters with a DDT!! 1...2...NO!! A crossface type submission by Cedric. Riddle escapes and lands a pele kick! Forearms by Riddle to Cedric in the corner! Exploder by Riddle but misses a kick. RIDDLE TRIES A BROTON BUT CEDRIC GETS HIS KNEES UP!! Both men trade punches. GERMAN BY RIDDLE!! BRAIN BUSTER BY CEDRIC!! 1...2...NO!! MVP is pissed!! Cedric mounts Riddle and delivers punch after punch!! Kick after kick!! Cedric goes to the top turnbuckle and leaps and misses! RIDDLE WITH A TRIANGLE!! CEDRIC COUNTERS WITH A POWER BOMB BUT RIDDLE STILL HAS IT IN!! CEDRIC POWERS OUT AGAIN BUT RIDDLE ROLLS CEDRIC UP FOR THE WIN!! Kind of predictable especially with the Hurt Business continuing problems. Riddle looked good and earns a future championship match. Post match, Bobby Lashley attacks Riddle and locks in the Hurt Lock.

W: Riddle via pin @ 16:25

Commentary hypes the return of Edge. We see highlights of his match against Randy Orton from Backlash. EDGE IS UP NEXT!!

Commentary talks about the WWE Network move to Peacock. Then they hype the Royal Rumble. We see highlights of the McIntyre/Goldberg confrontation from earlier tonight.

EDGE is with us now. He says 2020 has taught him and all of us that you can't sleep on tomorrow. You have to fight for your dream everyday because there may be no tomorrow. Edge says 10 years ago after WrestleMania 27, he went to bed as the World Heavyweight Champion. A week later he had to forfeit that title, his career, and his dream. He'll never forget telling his mom he was going to be a wrestler and she said go do it! The people lit a fire in his gut for 9 years to get his career and dream back. At Backlash, Randy Orton gave him a reminder that everything can be torn away just like that. Edge says you got to fight and he knows what his mom would say. "Just go do it." EDGE SAYS HE IS ENTERING THE ROYAL RUMBLE!! He knows it won't be like last year because the stakes are higher. He says he needs to win the Rumble and take what he never lost. At the Rumble, he will fight with every fiber in his body to make the dream come true! If you've been on this ride since the Brood, you know Edge has to try this. Edge says whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right! Edge thinks he can! See you at the Rumble!!

Asuka faces Alexa Bliss next in the main event!

WWE Raw Women's Champion Match

Asuka (champ; also WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Alexa Bliss

Slow start as they go through a feeling out process. Asuka fires up and throws Bliss across the ring before working on the left arm of Bliss. Stomps by Asuka and more arm work. Asuka takes Bliss down but misses a hip attack and falls to the outside.. STRANGE MUSIC PLAYS A ROCKING HORSE IS IN THE RING AND BLISS RIDES IT. Asuka stares on from the outside as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Asuka is beating down Bliss in the corner. No more rocking horse. Bliss avoids a drop kick from Asuka off the second rope. Bliss gets a near fall. Bliss takes Asuka to the corner and delivers a series of kicks. Snap mare by Bliss and a chin lock. Bliss gets a near fall before going back to the chin lock. Bliss laughs while in control. Asuka fights back with elbows. Bliss charges and eats a kick to the face. Bliss holds her face and smiles. Asuka builds momentum! Knee strike! Hip attack! German suplex! A kick to the face as well! 1...2...NO!! Asuka sends Bliss to the corner. Weird music plays and Alexa Bliss is back to her "goddess" attire. Asuka looks stunned as does Bliss. Asuka charges and Bliss sends her into the middle turn buckle. Bliss stares off into space as she goes to the corner. THE LIGHTS START GOING OUT!! MUSIC PLAYS AND CRAZY BLISS IS HERE IN THE CORNER!! The same one who beat Asuka last week. Bliss blocks all of Asuka's offense. A big knee strike to the face of Bliss. ASUKA TRIES THE ASUKA LOCK BUT BLISS OVER POWERS HER!! MANDIBLE CLAW BY BLISS!!! RANDY ORTON SHOWS UP BEHIND BLISS WITHOUT HIS MASK!! RKO TO BLISS!!

W: No Contest @ 12:19

The show ended after the RKO and the match had no official announcement nor did the bell ever ring.

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