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Raw 1/11/2021: McIntyre Responds to Goldberg; Orton and Triple H Main Events!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Here's what's on tap for tonight's Raw:

  • Triple H returns to the red brand and will kick off tonight's show

  • WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will address the WWE Universe after the news today that he's tested positive for COVID-19

We're in the ThunderDome at Tropicana Field for Raw tonight and I want to wish a speedy recovery to WWE Champion Drew McIntyre who tested positive for COVID-19 today.

We start with some highlights of last week's Legends Night. TRIPLE H MAKES HIS WAY TO THE RING TO GET US STARTED!! He grabs a mic and says he must still have it as the crowd chants "Triple H!!". He welcomes us to the ThunderDome and Raw!! HERE COMES RANDY ORTON TO INTERRUPT!! Orton has a mic and says look who it is. Orton says Triple H showed up because Drew McIntyre couldn't. Triple H is aware and it's not the Orton/McIntyre match won't happen. Orton wants to know if Triple H will announce he is #30 in the Rumble or is he here to hand him the WWE Championship. Triple H says neither of those will happen. Orton says Triple H must be here to make an announcement that benefits Orton. Triple H asks if this is where they are at now? Triple H says the old Orton is back and he's been in awe. Triple H says lots of people think Orton has crossed lines but Triple H has been proud. Triple H says he would of done the same thing to The Fiend because you do what you have to do to get what you want. Triple H doesn't understand why Orton is kicking legends in the head and he's here to address it. Triple H understand the actions against The Fiend but kicking legends in the head makes Orton a "no good prick". Orton says he is at his peak and asks Triple H if still has it in him? Orton says maybe he takes out the Legend of Triple H tonight in a fight? Orton lays down the challenge. Triple H says it's a no because there's no benefit for him. Orton provokes him by saying he's unable to retrieve his balls from Stephanie's purse since she's not there. TRIPLE H DECKS ORTON WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Orton rolls out of the ring smiling and says I guess that means yes?!

Commentary talks about whether or not the match will happen. Conversation switches to Ric Flair which brings up the tag match between Asuka/Charlotte vs. Peyton/Lacey and how Flair got involved and cost Charlotte the match.

Charlotte is backstage getting ready for a match. She's interviewed about Lacey Evans. She says Lacey won't be the first or last person to hit on Ric. She loves her dad but plans to show Lacey how to be a lady. Charlotte heads to the ring and Lacey is interviewed now. Lacey talks up Ric and dedicates the match to him!! Wooo!!!

Drew McIntyre is here via video to say he tested positive for COVID-19. He has no symptoms but isn't taking it lightly. He encourages us to wear our mask and social distance.

Charlotte Flair (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Lacey Evans

They circle each other before locking up. Charlotte backs Lacey to the corner and we get a clean break. Inside cradle by Charlotte and then Charlotte wants a test of strength. A boot from Lacey who takes control. It's short lived and Charlotte counters to go on the offensive. Chops by Charlotte who follows with a knee strike in the corner. Near fall for Charlotte. Charlotte wraps her legs around the head of Lacey and sends her face first into the mat multiple times. Charlotte keeps the legs locked and rolls around the ring with Lacey. Charlotte begins targeting the knee of Lacey but Lacey gets to the ropes. Lacey bails to the outside. WOOOOO!!! HERE COMES RIC FLAIR!!! Charlotte seems pissed!! We go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Charlotte delivers shoulders to Lacey in the corner. Lacey counters one and sends Charlotte to the corner. Lacey hits her hand spring bronco buster type move. Charlotte goes to the outside where they brawl. Lacey sends Charlotte into the barricade. Back in the ring, Lacey struts but misses a knee drop. Lacey sends Charlotte to the mat and locks in a submission. Charlotte gets to her feet and back suplexes Lacey. Both ladies trade blows. Charlotte lands a kick to the face. Charlotte misses a big boot and Lacey takes her down by the hair. Lacey stomps the shoulder and face of Charlotte but Charlotte fires back with clotheslines. Neck breaker by Charlotte followed by an exploder! They fight in the corner and Charlotte sends Lacey off the apron with a boot. In the ring, Charlotte goes up to the top but Lacey pulls her down. Charlotte maintains control and hits NATURAL SELECTION!! 1...2...RIC PUTS LACEY'S LEG ON THE ROPES!! Charlotte and Ric argue. With Lacey on the apron, CHARLOTTE GOES TO SUPLEX LACEY BACK IN THE RING BUT RIC TRIPS CHARLOTTE AND HOLDS HER LEG DOWN SO LACEY GETS THE PIN TO WIN!! Good win for Lacey. I'm curious as to where this Ric/Charlotte story is heading.

W: Lacey Evans via pin @ 12:27

Commentary talks about the history between Elias and Jeff Hardy. They face off next!

Lacey celebrates with Ric backstage.

Commentary shows us highlights of Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee from last week. Keith Lee is shown warming up backstage. Kayla Braxton how he will bounce back. Sheamus is here to to talk to him. Sheamus says he earned McIntyre's respect therefore he has Sheamus' respect. THE MIZ AND JOHN MORRISON ARE HERE! Sheamus calls them Dumb and Dumber. Lee asks which is which. Miz says there New Year's resolution is to right all the wrongs. They go back and forth. They'll compete in a tag match later.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jaxson Ryker w/ Elias

Elias claims he's injured so Ryker is taking his place. Ryker cuts a terrible promo pre-match. Ryker goes on the attack right away as Elias joins commentary. Hardy fights back and hits a neck breaker. Elias distracts Hardy and RYKER ROLLS UP HARDY FOR THE WIN!! What's the point?

W: Jaxson Ryker via pin @ 0:49

Hardy gets a mic and wants Elias to face him now! Hardy says the universal truth is Ryker is better than Elias. Hardy challenges Elias. Elias tells Ryker not to help him. It'll happen after commercial.

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker

The match is already in progress after a commercial with Elias in control. Elias gets a near fall. Elias misses a knee drop and Hardy fires back with rights. Hardy begins building momentum and gets a near fall of his own. Elias blocks a Twist of Fate and slams Hardy from a fireman's carry position. Near fall for Elias. Elias takes Hardy to the corner and delivers shoulders and punches. Elias puts Hardy on the top but Hardy fights out. Elias misses a charge and HARDY HITS WHISPER IN THE WIND!! 1...2...NO!! Elias avoids a mule kick but Hardy hits a jaw breaker! Elias gains control and hits a spinning neck breaker!! 1...2...NO!! Uppercut by Elias and another. Hardy avoids another with a backslide for 2! TWIST OF FATE BY HARDY!! SWANTON!! IT'S OVER!! So I guess the feud will continue. Elias yells at Ryker but Ryker says Elias told him not to help.

W: Jeff Hardy via pin @ 3:52

The tag match between Lee/Sheamus vs. Miz/Morrison is next!

Commentary shows highlights of the Orton/HHH confrontation from earlier tonight.

Sheamus & Keith Lee vs. The Miz (2020 Money in the Bank) & John Morrison

Sheamus and Morrison start it off. Sheamus controls the early going by grounding Morrison. Lee tags in and slams Morrison and Sheamus delivers a knee drop. Lee gets a near fall. Miz tags in and Lee knocks him to the outside. Lee press slams Morrison out onto Miz! Sheamus tags and leaps off the apron to take out both Morrison and Miz. In the ring, Sheamus hammers Miz. Lee tags in and the faces seem to be enjoying themselves. Lee throws Miz across the ring. Morrison tags in and tries to target the leg of Lee. Lee answers with a head butt! Lee launches Morrison across the ring. LEE POUNCES MORRISON INTO THE CORNER AND THE TURNBUCKLE EXPLODES!! DAMN!! We go to a break!

We're back with Lee in control of Miz. The ring crew is still working on the turnbuckle. Sheamus tags in and they send Miz into the turnbuckle. Sheamus knocks Morrison off the apron but Miz hits a DDT on Sheamus who kicks out at 1. Miz beats on Sheamus in the heel corner. Morrison tags in to continue the beat down. Miz comes back in and delivers a series of kicks in the corner. Sheamus tries to tag Lee but Miz stops it. Sheamus back drops Miz who tags Morrison. Morrison prevents Sheamus from tagging Lee. Miz comes back in and gets a near fall. Miz works a chin lock. Sheamus gets to his feet and MIZ RUNS INTO AN IRISH CURSE BACK BREAKER!! Lee and Morrison both tag in! LEE IS ON FIRE!! He's destroying both men! Lee launches Morrison into Miz!! A big slam by Lee to Morrison! Miz breaks up the cover. GRIZZLY MAGNUM TO MIZ!! Morrison hits Lee with an enziguri. Lee sets up Morrison but Sheamus tags himself in! SHEAMUS BROGUE KICKS MORRISON FOR THE WIN!! Lee laughs about it and they both seem happy about the win.

W: Sheamus & Keith Lee via pin @ 12:53

Triple H is backstage and is interviewed about Randy Orton's challenge. He says he didn't come to fight but things change at the drop of a hat. Triple H says Orton can't get it in his head that legends paved the way for him. Triple H says he can still be the guy who drops the match. On behalf of every legend that has stepped in the ring before them, HE ACCEPTS!!

We come back from a commercial and Keith Lee is arguing with Sheamus in the ring! We have a match!

Keith Lee vs. Sheamus

Both men just start brawling! Sheamus hangs up Lee over the top rope and does his classic clubbing! Lee finally blocks it! Both men trade shots and Lee pulls Sheamus back in. Now Lee clubs Sheamus' chest! Lee is in control now. Sheamus avoids a slam and sends Lee to the outside. A knee by Sheamus but Lee is still standing. Sheamus jumps off the apron but Lee catches him and throws Sheamus into the time keepers area. Sheamus barely beats the count. Lee sends Sheamus to the corner but Sheamus delivers a shot to Lee's knee as Lee charges. Sheamus sends Lee's left arm into the ring post repeatedly. Sheamus takes Lee to the mat and works on the arm. Lee fights to his feet and throws Sheamus to the mat but Sheamus goes right back to the arm. Sheamus goes to the top turnbuckle but Lee cuts him off. Chops by Lee before going to the top with him. Sheamus hits strikes to knock Lee off the top. Sheamus comes off the top with a clothesline. A pump knee strike by Sheamus gets a near fall. Sheamus goes back to the left arm. Sheamus delivers knees to the back before trying a cross arm breaker. Lee fights to his feet and picks up Sheamus and slams him! SPIRIT BOMB BY LEE!!! BALL GAME!! Although short, this was a hard hitting match. Post match, Lee offers Sheamus a fist bump and Sheamus refuses only to hug Lee.

W: Keith Lee via pin @ 6:53

Commentary talks about the confrontation between Drew McIntyre and Goldberg from the end of last week's Raw. McIntyre is up next to respond.

We see highlights of the Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee match from last week including Goldberg confronting McIntyre post match. Drew McIntyre his here via video. After his dream scenario of defending his title in front of legends, Goldberg interrupted him before he could thank those legends. McIntyre talks about watching Goldberg as a kid. McIntyre says he wants to like and respect Goldberg but Goldberg is hurting his own legacy. McIntyre says the WWE Championship is the one title that has eluded him. McIntyre didn't want to accept but his mind changed when Goldberg put his hands on him. McIntyre says in Goldberg's own words, "YOU'RE NEXT!"

Riddle is backstage talking about pizza with the Lucha House party. The pizza was a metaphor for when he beats Bobby Lashley for the WWE United States Championship. They tell Riddle to watch his back out there because the Hurt Business fights dirty.

Xavier Woods vs. T-Bar w/ Retribution

This feels like a really random match. Kofi isn't here because he was injured by the Hurt Business (jaw). T-Bar over powers Woods in the early going. Big shoulder block by T-Bar. Woods avoids a slam and takes T-Bar down to a knee. Woods runs into a huge clothesline. Near fall for T-Bar! T-Bar keeps asking Woods where his family is as he continues the punishment. Woods creates a little separation with a jaw breaker. Another one! Chops by Woods as he tries to build momentum. Super kick by Woods but T-Bar catches the next one. T-Bar charges the corner but Woods avoids it. Enziguri by Woods. Woods goes up top and hits a missile drop kick sending T-Bar out of the ring! Woods delivers a kick through the ropes sending T-Bar into the barricade. In the ring, T-Bar pulls Woods shoulder into the top rope from where Woods was on the apron. T-BAR HITS FEAST YOUR EYES (EYES WIDE SHUT NOW) FOR THE WIN!! Poor Woods. Not sure why he was even in this match but not good for him.

W: T-Bar via pin @ 4:56

Randy Orton is interviewed backstage on his reaction to Triple H accepting his challenge. Orton says Triple H knows him better than anyone. Orton says Triple H doesn't realize Orton has a new found hatred for himself. Orton is able to direct it towards someone else though. Someone like Triple H.

Riddle will challenge Bobby Lashley for the WWE United States Championship next!

Commentary feels the need to remind us again of the confrontation between Orton and Triple H earlier. I don't mind a recap but multiple recaps is a little unnecessary.

WWE United States Championship Match

Riddle vs. Bobby Lashley (champ) w/ MVP

LASHLEY ATTACKS RIDDLE BEFORE THE BELL!! The ref tries to pull Lashley back but Lashley continues the attack. Riddle says he is good so the bell rings. It's all Lashley as he continues the beat down. Riddle's mouth is busted open. Lashley suplexes Riddle to the outside of the ring. Riddle falls hard! Lashley lifts Riddle but Riddle sends Lashley into the ring post. RIDDLE HITS LASHLEY WITH A FLOATING BRO ON THE OUTSIDE!! Back in the ring, Riddle goes for the Final Flash knee but LASHLEY WITH A SPINE BUSTER!! LASHLEY LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK AND RIDDLE TAPS!! Hopefully Riddle gets a legit shot in the future.

W: Bobby Lashley via submission @ 1:58

Post match, Riddle grabs a mic and calls out MVP. Riddle wants a match. MVP heads back toward the ring as we go to a break.

Riddle vs. MVP w/ Bobby Lashley

This match was already in progress with MVP in control. MVP is in his suit. BALLIN ELBOW BY MVP!! 1...2...NO!! Riddle fights back with forearms. MVP blocks a suplex but Riddle hits a knee to the face! Riddle nails Lashley on the outside. FLOATING BRO TO MVP!! LASHLEY COMES IN THE RING AND SPEARS RIDDLE FOR THE DQ!! More of an angle than a match.

W: Riddle via DQ @ 1:22

Post match, Lashley continues to beat down Riddle. Lashley hits Riddle with a flatliner and tells him he will never win the gold. MVP delivers another big kick to the ribs of Riddle. MVP and Lashley leave as Riddle is checked on by an official.

Commentary talks about our wonderful world title matches at the Royal Rumble. We see highlights from Smackdown of how Adam Pearce became the #1 contender for Roman Reigns.

AJ Styles is backstage with Adam Pearce. Styles talks about the possibility of him winning the Rumble and challenging Pearce at WrestleMania. DREW GULAK IS HERE! He wants to be in the Rumble. Pearce asks what Gulak has done. Styles says Gulak doesn't deserve it. Gulak has a flash drive for Pearce's eyes only. Pearce says Gulak can earn his way if he beats Styles next!

Drew Gulak qualifies for the Royal Rumble if he wins

AJ Styles w/ Omos vs. Drew Gulak

Both men try kicks at the same time and collide in mid air. Gulak takes control with a suplex. Another one with a bridge. Tiger Drive by Gulak gets a near fall. Gulak puts Styles on the top turnbuckle. They trade blows and Styles escapes. Styles gets Gulak an electric chair. Gulak counters and gets a near fall. Another near fall for Gulak. Styles takes him down with a clotheslines and a forearm. Styles sends Gulak out of the ring. Omos stands over Gulak and Gulak looks scared. Styles goes out to attack. Back in the ring, STYLES HITS THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM TO WIN!! Styles keeps Gulak out of the Rumble! I'm actually glad Gulak didn't get a fluke win. I'm all for Gulak qualifying but not at the expense of Styles.

W: AJ Styles via pin @ 3:12

A look at the career of Goldberg is next!

Zayde Wolf's "Rumble" is the official theme song for the Royal Rumble. It's the same song they used last year and it's a good one!

A video package shows highlights off Goldberg's career. Eric Bischoff provides some insight and we see highlights of his championship wins. Commentary talks about how Goldberg has never won the WWE Championship. Not going to lie, that worries me.

Triple H is backstage getting his wrist tape on. KEITH LEE IS HERE TO TALK! Lee tells Triple H that Triple H has always been there for him. However, this time Lee offers to be there for Triple H. Triple appreciates the but says he needs to take care of Orton.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke declare for the Royal Rumble.

Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

Mandy and Shayna start the match. Shayna takes down Mandy and toys with her. Shayna goes to stomp the arm but Mandy avoids and tags Dana. Nia tags in and takes down Dana with ease. Nia throws Dana around the ring. Near fall for Nia. Nia works a submission and Dana escapes with a jaw breaker. Shayna tags back in and so does Mandy. Mandy takes down Shayna with a series of clotheslines and a flap jack. Mandy takes Shayna to the corner and delivers a series of right hands. Pump knee by Mandy but Nia breaks up a cover and pulls Mandy outside. Nia tags in and puts Mandy in the ring. NIA HITS A SAMOAN DROP!! 1...2...Dana breaks it up. Shayna gives Dana a back breaker. Nia stacks Mandy and Dana in the corner and squashes them! Nia goes to the second rope BUT SHAYNA TAGS HERSELF IN! SHAYNA LOCKS IN THE KIRIFUDA CLUTCH ON MANDY AND MANDY TAPS!! Nia doesn't seem to happy about it but they celebrate the win as they stare at a fallen Mandy.

W: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via submission @ 3:21

Randy is shown backstage heading towards the ring. He faces Triple H next!

Triple H is in street clothes. Commentary references The Fiend during Orton's entrance by saying those who come in contact with him change. Foreshadowing? Orton is hesitant to get in the ring. There's no ref. This is just a fight. Orton gets in the ring and both men brawl!! Orton gets the upper hand and they go to the outside. More uppercuts. Orton tries to send Triple H into the steps but Triple counters and it's Orton that goes into the steps. Triple H sends Orton into the barricade and then into the steps again. Orton thumbs Triple H in the eye. Orton tries to suplex Orton on the table but Triple H blocks. Triple H suplexes Orton onto the announce table. Triple H throws Orton in the ring and GRABS THE SLEDGEHAMMER!! Orton's cheek is bleeding. THE LIGHTS START TO GO OUT!! TRIPLE H'S HAMMER CATCHES FIRE AND ALL THE LIGHTS GO OUT!! They come back on and TRIPLE H IS GONE!! ALEXA BLISS IS IN THE CORNER OF THE RING DRESSED IN ALL BLACK!! Orton stares at her AND BLISS HOLDS UP HER GLOVE THAT SAYS PAIN!! A FIREBALL SHOOTS FROM IT AND HITS ORTON IN THE FACE!! ORTON ROLLS AROUND THE RING AS IF HE HAS BEEN BLINDED!! End Show!

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