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Our 3 Cents - TLC 2020

Welcome back to another edition of Our 3 Cents where myself, Jesse, and Lonnie give you our predictions on what's going to go down. We've come to the last pay-per-view of a hellacious 2020. Without further to do......

John: 54-20-1 (72%)

Jesse: 50-24-1 (67%)

Lonnie: 48-26-1 (64%)

Let's take a look at the card:

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander vs. The New Day (champs)

Jesse: New Day is fun as champs, but it’s time for new ones. The Hurt Business have been very impressive the last few months, and I believe it’s time to put some more gold on them.

W: Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

Lonnie: These guys have already had a title match this month where I thought the New Day was going to lose and they didn’t. While I haven’t been the most excited by this feud, I also realize Raw doesn’t have a deep bench of tag teams. In the end I think it is time for some fresh champs and the Hurt Business picks up the win. A loss won’t hurt the New Day as they are so over at this point.

W: Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

John: In my opinion, it's now or never for the Hurt Business when it comes to winning the tag titles. They've gone back and forth with the New Day for a few weeks now. I feel as though the New Day can take a loss and will be just find. With the tag divisions being weak per usual, this feud probably continues regardless of who wins but I feel as though Benjamin and Alexander need the win more.

W: Shelton Benjamin & Cedric Alexander

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Asuka (WWE Raw Women's Champion) & ??? vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Basler (champs)

Jesse: Why in the world is the Raw Women’s Champion in a tag team match at a PPV? Asuka is great but they could have gotten anybody else for this Lana storyline, but I have a bad feeling this is going to end with Lana winning the title at some point. I don’t know who the mystery partner will be, but it won’t matter, Nia and Shayna will retain and lets hope Nia keeps the match safe.

W: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Lonnie: This entire story line has been complete and total garbage despite anything Jesse says. I see this going one of two ways. 1. Mandy or Dana join Asuka and whoever does will take the pin in a loss. 2. Lana somehow limps her way to the ring and we get to see someone who can’t wrestle on two legs try to wrestle while selling an injury. Regardless, I know this Lana Nia storyline won’t end here which is unfortunate. I have zero interest in this. I guess I’ll go with the champs in what is hopefully a quick match.

W: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

John: Well, at least we won't see Lana win tag gold. This is a tough call simply because we don't know who Asuka's partner will be. If her partner is Mandy Rose or Dana Brooke, I say the champs retain. I'm not ruling out the possibility of a returning Charlotte Flair being the mystery partner. It would be odd for her to return as a face but Nia Jax is the one who put her out of action. This is go either way but is all dependent on who Asuka chooses. The safe bet is the champs keep the gold.

W: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match

Carmella vs. Sasha Banks (champ)

Jesse: Even though I did secretly enjoy Carmella’s title run a while ago, I don’t see Sasha losing the title this soon. This is a nice filler before Sasha starts her main feud on the road to WrestleMania.

W: Sasha Banks

Lonnie: After a year of Bayley, it’s hard to consider already moving on from Sasha. All in all I think WWE/Carmella have done a good job with her return and I have thought it has been pretty good. Unfortunately for Carmella, the Raw women’s division is a mess, and with the Smackdown women’s division carrying the weight so to speak it makes more sense to me to have Sasha retain here. That being said, I’m not sure this match will end cleanly and we could see a rematch at the Rumble or sooner.

W: Sasha Banks

John: Carmella returns and is immediately thrown in a championship feud. I typically don't like when that's done but who else would challenge? Banks and Bayley need a break from each other and no one else has been built up properly which is booking and creatives fault. Banks should be in consideration for women's wrestler of the year along with Bayley and Asuka. It's much too soon for her to drop the gold here. The Boss more tan deserves to have a "legit" reign for once. Banks for the win hopefully leading to Bianca Belair vs. Banks down the road.

W: Sasha Banks

1st Ever Firefly Inferno Match

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton

Jesse: This is either going to be amazing or a disaster. Since we don’t really know the stipulations for it, I’ll just sit back an enjoy the ride. It’s tough to say who is going to actually win, but I can already see a post-match where The Fiend is on fire and has the claw on Orton. Therefore, I am going with Orton to win by catching The Fiend on fire if that is the stipulation.

W: Randy Orton

Lonnie: I have really enjoyed the Wyatt/Bliss combo the last few months. I think fighting a top tier guy like Randy is great for Bray as well. I thought for sure that the Fiend was going to win because he is unstoppable, and McIntyre is going to need a Rumble opponent......Then they announced this new stipulation. I am assuming the first person to catch on fire loses like other inferno matches. This stipulation got me thinking.....After just losing to Drew, Randy could really use a win. Also, I just don’t see Randy catching on fire. I think it is way more likely the Fiend can catch on fire and then no sell it and put Randy in the mandible claw. Randy would win the match, but the Fiend would stand tall. I think that helps both guys so that’s what I’m going with.

W: Randy Orton

John: When the match was first announced, I would of said the Fiend was the sure winner. The firefly inferno stipulation makes me question that now. Although I'm not sure on the rules of what a firefly inferno match is, it'll be the fifth inferno match ever. I suspect it'll be like the ring of fire match that Bray Wyatt and Kane had at SummerSlam 2013. It's hard to imagine Orton getting set of fire just given his ring attire and the fact he's always oiled up. Orton could easily set the Fiend on fire and the Fiend could no sell it which wouldn't surprise me. In the end, I'm sticking with my original thought of the Fiend wins this somehow. Maybe with the assistance of Bliss.

W: "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

TLC Match for the WWE Championship

AJ Styles vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

Jesse: You want to know why the Raw ratings are what they are? It starts at the top and that is with the Champion Drew McIntyre. His run is getting stale, and so are his matches so I am glad that they brought AJ over to Raw in the draft in order to hopefully spice up the title scene. Drew won’t drop the title here, but his time is coming. Drew wins a hopefully decent match.

W: Drew McIntyre

Lonnie: Hell yeah!!! We get to see AJ in a TLC match. I fully expect this match to be really good. Both guys are capable of great matches and given the added stipulation I feel this will deliver. AJ is always a legit main eventer, but I think Drew will pull it off. I fully expect awful Miz interference, but I think he can overcome it. I believe Drew has to win so that the Miz can cash in. With how in your face they are about the cash in the last month, I feel it has to be coming soon. I also don’t think they would do a Miz cash in at the Rumble or closer to WrestleMania. Drew will beat AJ and then he will beat the Miz.

W: Drew McIntyre

John: This should be great but I'm not convinced Styles has a chance of winning. I expect an awesome match where Styles makes McIntyre look like a million bucks. I'm sure Omos will get involved somehow and we'll probably get an appearance from The Miz and John Morrison. However, McIntyre shouldn't lose the championship he just regained a month ago.

W: Drew McIntyre

TLC Match for the WWE Universal Championship

Kevin Owens vs. Roman Reigns (champ)

Jesse: This has been a fun storyline for both KO and Roman, and I hope the match will deliver as well. No way Roman is losing the title here, but at least it’s not another match against Jey.

W: Roman Reigns

Lonnie: I really like KO, I really do. But I just feel like he is a place holder here. Roman as “the head of the table” is the top guy in WWE right now. Quite frankly I don’t care who he faces, he is going to win. That being said, I think these guys will put on a good match. I see Uso getting involved and maybe accidently almost costing Roman. In the end though, Roman will win and continue on his way to the WrestleMania main event as champion.

W: Roman Reigns

John: How great has Roman Reigns been as a heel? He's easily the best part of Smackdown each week and this is the Reigns character we've waited years for. I like Owens getting a chance at the gold because I feel like he went straight to mid-card land after he lost the Universal Championship to Goldberg in 2017. I'm hoping for a great match but I also suspect some interference in this one and Reigns retains after Jey Uso gets involved. Reigns should be taking the title to WrestleMania.

W: Roman Reigns

That does it for this edition of Our 3 Cents!! This should bring a close to 2020! Be sure to follow along tomorrow night for LIVE COVERAGE and check back to see how we did.

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