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Our 3 Cents: The Horror Show at Extreme Rules 2020

Welcome back to another edition of Our 3 Cents where myself, Jesse, and Lonnie give you our predictions on what's going to go down. This is supposed to be the one night of the year when the WWE goes extreme! I don't want to speak for others, but I'm not a fan of "The Horror Show" tagline. Without further to do, lets check our standings and look at the card!

John: 14-4-1 (74%)

Jesse: 12-6-1 (63%)

Lonnie: 11-7-1 (58%)

Now here's the card:

Tables Match for the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships

Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The New Day (champs)

Jesse: With John predicting it correctly, to the surprise of nobody we get a Smackdown Tag Team Title Match. It would be awesome to see Nakamura and Cesaro as tag team champs, but I don’t think now is the right time. Keep the tag titles on New Day till Woods returns, then they lose it and we get a break up of the best team of the decade.

W: The New Day

Lonnie: Based on history, table matches lend themselves to the heels winning. Heels can put their opponents through a table to win in a “cheap” fashion. That being said, I also feel like we are due for a title change here. The New Day have been the champs for a while and Cesaro and Nakamura are the first challengers in quite a while that feel legitimate. I feel a title change here will freshen up the tag division, let New Day be the challengers, and also free up other faces to potentially challenge such as Heavy Machinery.

W: Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura

John: Cesaro and Nakamura feel like the most legit challengers the New Day have had in some time. I expect this to be a good match and the stipulation gives the heels the advantage as most tables match tend to favor the heels. However, I feel the New Day are going to retain. Not sure where they go from here which would be the only reason why I could see Cesaro and Nakamura taking the straps. I’m sticking with the champs.

W: The New Day

WWE United States Championship Match

MVP vs. Apollo Crews (champ)

Jesse: Ugggghhhhh, why is MVP wrestling? He is the perfect manager for Lashley and should not be having matches. But I digress since this match is probably leading to a Lashley vs Crews match, so I don’t see Crews losing the newly redesigned United States Championship.

W: Apollo Crews

Lonnie: When MVP’s music hit at the Royal Rumble my thought was, “Oh cool! I didn’t miss him, but him being back for one night is okay“. I would have never thought he would stick around and become a regular on Raw. I’m not trying to hate on the guy as he is a solid performer (as in, I like him as a manager), but he isn’t must watch television. I am going to stick by that and say that if you miss this match you aren’t going to miss anything. Apollo is going to retain here and set up a match with Lashley for the US title next month. The only real question here is if Apollo wins legit or by DQ. I would guess Lashley will see MVP about to lose and go on the attack resulting in a DQ.

W: Apollo Crews

John: Apollo Crews has been alright as United States champion thus far and MVP is helping everyone around him with his mic and promo skills. At this stage in his career, I feel MVP is more of an enhancement talent and his goal should be to get over the young talent. Crews should win this and feud with Bobby Lashley next. MVP can continue to be involved with the feud as his does Lashley's talking for him.

W: Apollo Crews

"Eye for an Eye" Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

Jesse: Here is the hardest match to pick for the night. On one hand you have one of the greatest of all time in Mysterio, and on the other you have Crossfit Jesus who would look amazing in an eye patch. I don’t see Seth losing, but like I mentioned before, how awesome would it be for Seth to wear an eye patch with his suit. I really have been going back and forth all week with this match, then a light clicked. Little do all of you know, someone who writes for this site is also one of Mysterio’s biggest fans. He has the purple mask and everything, so I’m following what Lonnie’s heart would say, and I’m picking Mysterio.

W: Rey Mysterio

Lonnie: What is more likely? Rey winning and avenging the loss of his “eye” in front of his son? Or Seth Rollins continuing to be one of the best things on Raw and take Rey out for good? Seth is going to win here for a few reasons. First, he lost clean to a stunner on Monday Night and I don’t see him losing twice in a row cleanly. Second, it is going to be way easier for Rey to lose an “eye” while wearing a mask. I don’t even know how they would do it if Seth were to lose. Finally, I feel Seth getting a win here sets up the future better. If Rey won, what would he do? Feud with Murphy? However, when Seth wins, he can move on to have some good matches with Aleister Black. Or if that is not your speed, he can always fight Dominic at SummerSlam and Dominic can get the win to avenge his old man.

W: Seth Rollins

John: This personal rivalry has been building for a while and this is the big payoff. Rollins has been fantastic and has really carried the feud as Rey hasn't been on TV a whole lot. Rey is working for WWE without a contract right now which shows how much Vince McMahon trust him in a major angle. Would has to think Rey is doing that to set up Dominic for a nice WWE future. This match should should have some sort of cinematic presence or some CGI of some kind in order to have someone "lose" an eye. Rollins should get the win as it would be easier for Rey to "lose" an eye while wearing a mask. Rollins bragging after this will be great. Rollins can face Aleister Black at SummerSlam but I'd rather see him do something against Dominic.

W: Seth Rollins

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match

Nikki Cross vs. Bayley (champ; also WWE Women's Tag Team champ)

Jesse: When 2020 is over and we look back at the year with no fans, Bayley is going to be on of the reasons wrestling stayed great. I never was a fan of her turning heel due to seeing the way little kids look up to her (John Cena Effect), but the way she has ran with it makes any appearance on TV something special. For the match I believe Bayley wins so that hopefully we can finally get the Bayley vs Sasha match we have all wanted.

W: Bayley

Lonnie: Right now, I truly believe that Bayley and Sasha are the MVP’s of the WWE. Not only are they carrying the women’s division, but I have found them to be the best part of most of the shows the last month or so. I am glad that they decided to give Nikki a shot as I feel this sets her up for more success down the line, but we know that her time is not now. Bayley fighting Nikki is just buying time until the eventual Bayley/Sasha feud that is coming. Hopefully this is a clean match that makes Nikki look good, but there is no doubt that Bayley will walk out as champ.

W: Bayley

John: I like that Nikki Cross is getting a chance to shine in a big match situation but I don't buy for a second that she's going to be the one to beat Bayley. I've said it for a few months now and most agree that only Sasha Banks should beat Bayley. I would of said it would happen at SummerSlam in Boston but because of COVID, it may have to wait longer. In the end, Bayley beats Nikki and continues the road to face her best friend Sasha.

W: Bayley

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Sasha Banks (WWE Women's Tag Team champ) vs. Asuka (champ)

Jesse: Asuka is another person we can put on the Mt Rushmore of keeping wrestling entertaining during the COVID Era. From her genuine excitement to Becky’s pregnancy announcement to whatever the hell she says each week on Raw, Asuka has been a delight. With that being said I am pleasantly surprised Sasha is challenging for the Raw title. This should be match of the night, but in the end Asuka retains and Sasha gets jealous of Bayley still having a singles title.

W: Asuka

Lonnie: When it comes to the women’s matches this one is far more interesting to me. I like the idea of Bayley and Sasha having all the gold and then having a wonderful implosion that leads to the two of them fighting each other. While it could work.....It would tie up all of the championships in one feud which is not necessarily a good thing. I understand with the current state of business (COVID and all) they may try it, but I think the better move is to have Sasha lose for several reasons. 1. Asuka retaining would allow her to move on to someone else and keep a championship out of the Bayley/Sasha feud. 2. The Bayley/Sasha feud we all feel is coming may not happen as quick as we think as the two of them together have been fantastic and they may not want to split them yet. 3. Bayley trying to “help” Sasha accidentally costing Sasha would really help the slow burn that has been building the last few months.  For those reasons, Asuka will retain the Raw Women’s Championship.

W: Asuka

John: These ladies should be able to tear the house down and it's a shame they won't have a crowd to perform for. In my opinion, Asuka has been the MVP of the women's division in the COVID area. Bayley and Sasha Banks are right behind her as they've worked three brands on weeks but always at least two. Asuka needs a long run with the championship and while I think these women will have a great match, I find it hard to believe Sasha walks out with the win. Hopefully the predictability of it doesn't hurt the match. I see Bayley "accidentally" costing Sasha to get the ball rolling on their feud.

W: Asuka

Wyatt Swamp Fight (non-title)

Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman (WWE Universal champ)

Jesse: From the minute they announced this match was non-title you knew who would win. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing since it will lead to a rubber match with The Fiend, but come on WWE. I hope Bray has a lot of say in the production of this match, since I extremely enjoyed his WrestleMania match/dream/whatever that was with Cena. Like I said before, Bray wins and it leads to The Fiend vs. Braun at Summerslam.

W: Bray Wyatt

Lonnie: This feels like the second stage of a three-part saga. Braun beats Bray, Braun wins a specialty match against Bray, and then The Fiend arrives and beats Braun.  We will see how this match plays out, but I feel like Braun will win here and make Bray resort to The Fiend. That being said, I do wonder how this match will play out. As it is a cinematic match, I am assuming it will be somewhere between the Boneyard and Firefly Funhouse matches in how it is presented. I am just hoping it is not 100% odd like the Funhouse was. Also, will The Fiend arrive immediately for SummerSlam next month, or will he go away for a month or two as Braun fights someone else and then returns in the fall? We will see.

W: Braun Strowman

John: I'm not sure what to expect here. The swamp fight will be cinematic know doubt. Braun claims he'll drag Bray into the waters so the alligators can finish him off. Will we see an alligator? I don't like that this is not for the Universal championship. Since it's not for the title, that screams a Bray Wyatt win to me so they can have a rubber match at SummerSlam where we see The Fiend vs. Strowman. I don't like 50/50 booking so I would of rather had this be for the title and Strowman win so Bray can finally resort to The Fiend at SummerSlam as a last resort. I think Bray wins this match via something wild and crazy and they have a rubber match at SummerSlam to finish the feud.

W: Bray Wyatt

WWE Championship Match (Stipulation to be named by Dolph Ziggler)

Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

Jesse: I have a weird feeling about this match. Dolph deserves another championship run after his work in the last couple years, but I think it’s too early for Drew to lose the title. Depending on the stipulation, I think these 2 can put on a hell of a match, but Drew retains to go on to SummerSlam to more than likely face Randy Orton.

W: Drew McIntyre

Lonnie: This match is only difficult to pick because I don’t know the stipulation. We all know that Drew is going to walk out as champion. I just wonder if Dolph could win cheaply by count out or DQ. I am going to play it safe and pick Drew to win. They have built Drew to be a dominant champion and I am starting to think they do not know what to do with him. He could move on to fight Randy which would feel like a big-time feud, but other than Randy I don’t know that there is anyone on the current Raw roster that I would view as a legitimate threat. Never thought I’d say this, but I kind of miss Cena, or Roman, or Lesnar as they would at least pose a real threat unlike Dolph who is just wasting our time for a month.

W: Drew McIntyre

John: I'm not sure what the stipulation will be especially since Dolph said it would be something we haven't seen before. That could be something really great or not so much. Either way, Drew will walk out with the title. I feel like the WWE hasn't taken Dolph seriously in years. I don't doubt they will have a great match but I see this as another match with a predictable winner. Seems to be a theme with this event. McIntyre should win and will probably face Randy Orton at SummerSlam who has been nothing short of spectacular since reviving his Legend Killer character.

W: Drew McIntyre

Thanks for joining us on this edition of Our 3 Cents! Check back after the event to see how we did and be sure to join us next month for SummerSlam!

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