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Our 3 Cents - Payback 2020

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Welcome back to another edition of Our 3 Cents where myself, Jesse, and Lonnie give you our predictions on what's going to go down. We are just a week removed from SummerSlam! However, so much has changed in a week! It's odd to have another pay-per-view the following week but here we are to tie up some loose ends. Here's our current standings:

John: 27-11-1 (69%)

Jesse: 25-13-1 (64%)

Lonnie: 24-14-1 (62%)

Let's take a look at the card:

Big E vs. Sheamus

Jesse: Before Roman came back, I thought Big E might get a push to the main event scene. Now it seems like he may get stuck in mid card purgatory for a bit more. On that note as well, why did this match get announced but not the Intercontinental? Oh well, Big E wins this match of 2 big meaty men.

W: Big E

Lonnie: From his work with Jeff Hardy recently to his recent match with Big E, Sheamus has been doing really good character work and doing a good job reinventing himself as many veterans have to do. Unfortunately for him, WWE clearly has big plans for Big E. With the rest of the New Day sidelined, we are seeing Big E finally get the singles run that he so deserves.

W: Big E

John: These two should be more than capable of giving us a good match. Big E was able to beat Sheamus on Smackdown a couple weeks ago after a distraction on the outside of the ring by the Smackdown locker room. Some would of called that a fluke. I'd like to see Big E pick up a clean win here to further build his momentum. I don't think Sheamus needs a win and wouldn't be effected by a loss.

W: Big E

WWE United States Championship Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Apollo Crews (champ)

Jesse: It feels like MVP vs Apollo Crews has been a place holder for Crews eventually losing the US title to Lashley. Lashley wins here, then defends the title for a few months before losing it to Keith Lee around the Survivor Series time frame.

W: Bobby Lashley

Lonnie: Oh hey!!! Crews beat MVP to move on to Lashley as we all expected. The options here are 1. Apollo continues to beat the Hurt Business and solidify himself as a strong champion at their expense or 2. Lashley wins and cuts into Apollo’s momentum but prevents the Hurt Business from looking weak. As much as I think Apollo could benefit from continuing his run, I think it is “what’s best for Hurt Business” if they are finally able to win the US Championship here. I definitely think MVP and Benjamin will be heavily involved giving Crews an excuse for a rematch.

W: Bobby Lashley

John: This is really the match we should of had at SummerSlam in my opinion. The Hurt Business has been one of the better parts of Raw the past few months but they don't have much luck with winning and/or keeping championships. Apollo has has a good run but I think the numbers game gets the best of him here. A win for Apollo would be huge for him but a loss by Lashley undoes everything they have done the past couple months. Lashley will pick up the win with help from MVP and Benjamin.

W: Bobby Lashley

Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin

Jesse: Bro….this match has been a few weeks coming and unfortunately it feels like King Corbin is becoming the gatekeeper for NXT talent. King Corbin is a great wrestler and entertainer, but he should not be the person that individuals who get called up from NXT face in their first PPV match. Unfortunately my opinion doesn’t matter and here we are, it feels like WWE is ready to rocket Riddle to the moon and defeating Corbin is the first step.

W: Matt Riddle

Lonnie: For weeks, Corbin has been trying to get other people to take Riddle out for him and they have not been successful.  This has finally led to the match we have been expecting for weeks. I think this match should have an obvious outcome, a clean Matt Riddle victory. Riddle beating Corbin would be respectable and it would then allow Riddle to move on to someone else and be on his way to be a star. My fear is that Vince’s love of Corbin will lead to a Corbin victory which will keep Riddle stuck in this feud and prevent Riddle from moving on to something bigger.

W: Matt Riddle

John: This was a good first feud for Riddle when he came to the blue brand but I feel like it's already run it's course. Corbin put a ransom out to whoever would take out Riddle. Great heel stuff by Corbin but no one has collected yet. I suppose we could see someone interfere on Corbin's behalf to collect the ransom and give Corbin the win but I'd rather see Riddle win this and put this feud to rest. Riddle wins and moves on to something bigger and better.

W: Matt Riddle

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley (champs; Bayley is also WWE Smackdown Women's champ)

Jesse: Once again, I come to this 3 Cents review and hope that it will lead to a Bayley and Sasha match, but I realize that WWE will let me down just like the Cleveland Browns. I don’t like Shayna or her reign in NXT, and I compare Nia Jax to Lonnie’s pick of matches on this website....they just suck. Bayley and Sasha retain, but there is a storm brewing.

W: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Lonnie: I really have no idea what should happen here. Nia and Shayna are two of the biggest women stars we have right now and putting them together forms a huge threat to the champs. So, with that I feel like they could easily win. The problem I have with that, is that WWE teased friction between the two of them and if they are the tag champs, who will be available to fight Asuka at Clash of Champions? When looking at Sasha and Bayley, they are clearly having their issues and will need to lose the tag championships before we move on to the two of them fighting for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. I guess I just don’t see them losing here and then having their big match at Clash of Champions. I feel like Clash will be the time for them to lose their tag championships.

W: Sasha Banks & Bayley

John: It hasn't been a great week for the Golden Role Models to say the least. Banks lost the WWE Raw Women's Championship at SummerSlam and there is definitely some friction between her and Bayley. I'll admit I'm not crazy about the team of Baszler and Jax but they do pose a legit threat to the champs. Also, I feel like Bayley and Banks need to lose the titles relatively soon so we can FINALLY get to their show down. When I look around the women's roster, I don't really see any other legit threats to the champs at the moment. Therefore, I'm picking Baszler and Jax to take the straps. I don't think they'll have them for long but it will relieve Banks and Bayley of the burden. This will also allow some more women to get on the card for next month's Clash of Champions pay-per-view.

W: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax

Dominik & Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy

Jesse: Why is this feud continuing with Dominik in the match? We all know the Mysterio’s will win and lead to a Rey for Seth match at the next PPV.

W: Dominik & Rey Mysterio

Lonnie: First, Dominik more than held his own last week at Summerslam which is a good thing. I think this tag match is just the next small step in the Mysterio’s journey for retribution on Rollins for all he has done to them....And speaking of Retribution, isn't it lovely what they did to the Mysterios on Raw this past week. I really hope they deliver another beat down here. But even if they don’t, it doesn’t feel like now is the right time for Rey and Dominik to finally get their revenge on Seth. Seth and Murphy should be able to squeak out at least one more victory in this feud.

W: Seth Rollins & Murphy

John: I like this match as it is a way for extend the Mysterio/Rollins feud without them having a match against each other. I feel like the end game is a Rey vs. Rollins match inside hell in a cell. Another positive from this is Rey gets to team with Dominik which is something he said he wanted to do before he retires. Hey Lonnie, maybe Rey will be closer to retirement after this. Anyways, I think the Mysterios pick up the win only because they can get the pin on Murphy. Maybe Dominik gets his first pin win here.

W: Dominik & Rey Mysterio

Keith Lee vs. Randy Orton

Jesse: I don’t want to cuss in this column.....but what in the actual fuck is this match? Does Keith Lee continue his reign of being absolutely dominate against everyone besides Killer Kross? Or does Orton continue his reign of terror? I feel like WWE is dragging out Orton’s chase of the title and this match will end with Drew interfering after getting punted multiple times on Raw. Orton wins dirty, but will continue his chase of the title.

W: Randy Orton

Lonnie: This is a monster, PPV headlining match-up if done right.....That was just randomly thrown together. I really don’t like this booking as you need to keep both Lee and Orton strong. They both need victories after both losing clean last weekend. Ah, speaking of clean finishes, this match will not have one. I believe that McIntyre will be heavily involved despite THREE punts on Raw this week. My guess is that McIntyre will hit Randy first when he gets to the ring, so I’m going with Randy winning by DQ. My confidence level in this is low though as this poorly booked match could end in many different ways.

W: Randy Orton

John: This is the toughest match for me to predict and I don't like the booking. Lee just debuted on Raw and Orton is still very much in the title conversation after punting McIntyre three times on Raw. Rumblings are also that Lee will debut a new theme music after all the fan backlash from the music he walked out to on Raw. Even though McIntyre took the three punts, I think we're going to see him here. We could easily get a DQ finish but I'm going with McIntyre helping Lee get a pin fall win. Orton can be protected with the loss and Lee can get his first main roster pay-per-view win while continuing the McIntyre/Orton feud. Side note: WWE, please don't mess up Keith Lee like you have so many other NXT "call ups".

W: Keith Lee

No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match for the WWE Universal Championship

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt

Jesse: I am not happy at all that they aligned Roman with Paul Heyman, so I will keep this prediction short. Roman came back to win what his rightfully his, so he spears Braun in order to win the Universal Title.

W: Roman Reigns

Lonnie: I know one thing for sure. Braun is going to be the one who gets pinned. No doubt about it. From a story line perspective I think it makes the most sense for Bray to retain the belt and then move on to one-on-one matches with Roman. The “New” Roman does not need the championship this fast, and it makes more sense to let this new side of his character with Paul Heyman by his side build a little bit before he becomes champion......However, I don’t think this match is going to make the most wrestling sense. September is the “new season debut” for TV shows and the ratings in September will determine ad revenue and other stuff. Unfortunately, I believe this will be the determining factor and to make FOX happy, Roman will pin Braun here.

W: Roman Reigns

John: Before Smackdown, I was ready to lock in the Fiend as my final answer. Then I saw Roman Reigns look to his left to reveal PAUL HEYMAN!! One thing I'm still sure of is that Strowman has no chance and he will take the loss. I originally thought the Fiend would retain before dropping the title to Reigns one-on-one. With Heyman in Reigns corner, that completely changes the game. If there is anything I've learned over the years, when Heyman says it's not a prediction, it's a spoiler, he's correct 99% of the time!! I mean he even told us to our faces that Lesnar would break Taker's streak!! Roman cements himself as Smackdown's top heel (never thought I'd say that!) and takes the gold!! This won't be the end of Fiend vs. Reigns though. Sorry Strowman!

W: Roman Reigns

That does it for this edition of Our 3 Cents!! Be sure to follow along Sunday for LIVE COVERAGE and check back to see how we did. Join us next month for Clash of Champions!

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