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Our 3 Cents - NXT Takeover: In Your House 2021

Welcome to Our 3 Cents where myself, Jesse, and Lonnie give you our predictions on what's going to go down. NXT presents Takeover: In Your House for the second year in a row. We have some interesting match ups here and some matches that could definitely go either way. Without further to do....

John: 6-0 (100%)

Lonnie: 6-0 (100%)

Jesse: 5-1 (83%)

Let's take a look at the card:

Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li

Jesse: Hmmmm, the one match that isn’t for a title on this card so I expect something to happen. I think this will be a good match, but I see a victory helping Mercedes Martinez a lot here. Xia Li can take the loss and still be entertaining with her gimmick.

W: Mercedes Martinez

Lonnie: I like that they are giving Li a chance to shine here, but I feel that Martinez is going to win. She had a very good championship match against Gonzalez last month and since then she has had several very impressive quick wins including after Li tried to attack her last week. I don’t know if a Martinez win would lead to a rematch with Gonzalez but regardless I feel she will win here.

W: Mercedes Martinez

John: I'm happy to see Xia Li getting a Takeover match. She deserves one for the work she's put into her new character. Mercedes Martinez is trying to rebound from a championship loss but I don't see that happening here. Not to sound harsh, but I just can't get into Martinez's work. It doesn't do it for me. She's solid in the ring but I don't picture her at the top of the card or winning the championship. She would honestly be used better on the main roster who needs more women after the recent cuts. She can be used as muscle for the returning Eva Marie. Xia Li should surely win this one and begin working her way up the women's division.

W: Xia Li

Six Man Tag Team Match for the NXT Tag Team Championships & NXT North American Championship - Winners Take All

Legado del Fantasma vs. MSK (NXT Tag Team Champions) & Bronson Reed (NXT North American Champion)

Jesse: Well this is a different type of title match. Granted, I wasn’t pleased that Reed beat Gargano for the North American Championship, he has surprised me a lot the last few weeks. I also am pleased with MSK as well, but I wish they would have had a straight up tag defense on this Takeover. I feel like NXT is starting to turn into AEW in a way where there are too many stables. You have Legado del Fantasma, The Way and now Hit Row, and the problem with that is groups get stagnant which is why I don’t think Legado del Fantasma should lose.......but they will.

W: MSK & Bronson Reed

Lonnie: Legado del Fantasma is fun to watch, but please explain to me how they deserve this title match? They already lost a tag championship match to MSK and it seems Escobar is being rewarded for his cruiserweight title loss with a shot at an even more prestigious championship. Whether they deserve the title shots or not, we know they will bring it and this should be a good match. I don’t see Reed losing his championship this quickly and the shine still hasn’t worn off of MSK so I feel they will all retain here.

W: MSK & Bronson Reed

John: This should be a fun match as these guys can go! This will probably be fast paced and action packed. I'm a big fan of Santos Escobar and I'd actually like to see him win the NXT North American Championship. However, I'd hate to see MSK lose the tag gold so soon. Therefore, I'm torn on this one. Reed is still fresh into his run after beating Gargano about a month ago. Neither result would surprise me but I think the champs retain.

W: MSK & Bronson Reed

Ladder Match for the Million Dollar Championship

Cameron Grimes vs. LA Knight

Jesse: What an amazing performance Grimes has done in this storyline, I absolutely love it. Getting the Million Dollar Championship involved was a genius move on NXT’s part. LA Knight has proved that he can go toe for toe on the mic with Grimes, and made their segments must see each week. I don’t think this feud is over yet, so I see Knight winning thanks to DiBiase and Grimes keep trying to win the championship, getting closer and closer each time.

W: LA Knight

Lonnie: Lord, I really am not sure about this one. A Knight win here would give him a nice boost as a champion and let him prove to DiBiase that he is worthy. On the other hand, Grimes gimmick has been on fire for months and I feel like he would make a much better champion. I think Grimes will pull out a victory here so that he can continue to feud with DiBiase. This will allow Knight to chase the championship with DiBiase as a mentor.

W: Cameron Grimes

John: This could steal the show! I really like both of these guys. Their characters are great and mic work is great. There's a lot to love about both men. I'm not sure if I can see the Million Dollar Championship being a long-term thing but it does add lots of intrigue to this match. Only four people have ever held the championship (DiBiase, DiBiase Jr., Virgil, Stone Cold) so it's a select few. I feel like this championship works best with a heel holding onto it so that makes me go with Knight. Should be a really good match. Look for DiBiase to cost Grimes the win.

W: LA Knight

NXT Women's Championship Match

Ember Moon vs. Raquel Gonzalez (champ)

Jesse: This match is just a stepping stone for Gonzalez. I don’t see her losing this soon after winning, but her and Moon should put on a good match.

W: Raquel Gonzalez

Lonnie: I think Ember Moon is the most talented woman on the NXT roster and I feel that she should be a women’s champion whether it is NXT, Raw, or Smackdown. With how good Moon is this could easily end up being the best match of Gonzalez’s career if given enough time. On a down note though, we know that Kai is going to get involved and that could hurt this match. I believe Kai will be involved enough to allow Gonzalez to retain and then set up a rematch in the future where Kai is not involved whether it’s a cage match or something else of the sort.

W: Raquel Gonzalez

John: I really like Ember Moon and I'll admit that Raquel Gonzalez is growing on me. Moon will give it a great effort but I see no reason to take the title off of Gonzalez yet. There's still lots of people she can defend against including a possible turn from Dakota Kai down the road. Moon will give it all she has but at the end of the day, Gonzalez will be too much and retain.

W: Raquel Gonzalez

Fatal Five Way Match for the NXT Championship

Adam Cole vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Kyle O'Reilly vs. Pete Dunne vs. Karrion Kross (champ) w/ Scarlett

Jesse: Making this pick has given me heartburn. From a storyline perspective I think a five way match is a horrible idea, but viewing this match in a vacuum it should be amazing. Everyone outside of Kross can deliver, and Kross has stepped up his game since he has come back from injury so this has match of the year potential. I don’t think O’Reilly, Dunne or Gargano have a shot at winning, so that narrows it down to Cole and Kross. On one hand, I can see Cole winning and continuing his feud with O’Reilly, with the latter finally winning the championship off his rival at an upcoming Takeover. But, Kross has barely defended the title and has been a monster, so I can’t see him losing. That does beg the question if Kross does win, who is there left for him to face in NXT? I also believe a call up to Raw or Smackdown would do wonders for Kross in WWE, but is that imminent? I think I’m going to go with my brain on this pick and say Kross retains by winning the five way championship brought to you by Skyline.

W: Karrion Kross

Lonnie: I have two lines of thinking when it comes to this match. 1. Kross has been so dominant that there is no way he loses here and he just continues his roll. 2. Kross has been so dominant that there is no way he loses a one on one match so they need to use this match to get the championship off of him. If Kross wins here I have no idea who would then face him after this. If he loses by not taking the fall I feel he would then have to move to Raw or Smackdown. I am torn because I could really see them switching him shows with the return of touring (live crowds) happening soon. If Kross loses I think it will be Gargano or Dunne because Cole and O’Reilly will take each other out so I don’t think either man has a shot. I’m going to be risk averse and pick Kross to retain for the same reason I always pick Roman, when someone is clearly dominant always pick them until they lose at least once.

W: Karrion Kross

John: Look at the talent in this match. I'm honestly not sure which way they're going to go with this. It feels too soon to take the title off of Kross. On the other hand, it feels like this is the best way to take the title off of him without making him take the loss. If he loses, he'll surely get a one-on-one rematch and probably win. I guess he could go to Raw or Smackdown but I'm not sure if he's done in NXT. On the flip side, Kross could dominate and win this thing. The problem with that would be who would he face next? He will have just beaten all the other top guys after having beating Finn Balor in his previous defense. If Kross was going to lose, I'd say Adam Cole gets the sneaky heelish win but I think the safe bet is to say Kross retains. I have no clue what's next for him though.

W: Karrion Kross

That does it for this edition of Our 3 Cents!! Be sure to follow along this Sunday for LIVE COVERAGE and check back to see how we did.

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