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Our 3 Cents - NXT Stand & Deliver 2022

Welcome to our second year of Our 3 Cents where myself, Jesse, and Lonnie give you our predictions on what's going to go down. It's a big weekend for NXT on WrestleMania weekend. Without further to do......

John: 70-16 (81%)

Jesse: 63-23 (73%)

Lonnie: 63-23 (73%)

Let's take a look at the card:

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Tony D'Angelo

Jesse: feels like at this point Ciampa is in WWE purgatory. Won’t go to the main roster, so he’s stuck in NXT putting over and teaching all the new guys. He’s not winning here, so it’s time for a change. Maybe a new gimmick or make a move to the main roster for a bit.

W: Tony D'Angelo

Lonnie: Ciampa is my favorite NXT superstar of all time. He (along with Gargano) really helped establish NXT and helped make it what it is today. At this point he is a guy who can lose and put over others and it doesn’t hurt him. That's what will happen here. D’Angelo gets the win here and hopefully we continue to see more of Ciampa on Raw.

W: Tony D'Angelo

John: I can't say I'm thrilled about this as I just can't get into D'Angelo's character or anything about him for that matter. However, with Ciampa having done everything there is to do in NXT and making some appearances on Raw, maybe he's heading for Raw full time. I believe that would be best for Ciampa to have a change of scenery. I think D'Angelo gets the win although I'd hate to see Ciampa's final NXT match against him.

W: Tony D'Angelo

LA Knight vs. Gunther

Jesse: I don’t understand how WWE/NXT can ruin something so great like “Walter”. He had the name, he had the hype, he had the slap......but they absolutely killed the vibe like a joke about Jada Smith. Knight on the other hand has been great recently and will get called up to hopefully breathe fresh air into the main roster soon. I think “Walter” wins here to gain some of his cred back.

W: Gunther

Lonnie: I think John may be the only person who loves the name Gunther more than I do!!! With Gunther we know that this will probably end up being the match of the night as the man delivers basically every single time. I honestly don’t know who will win here. Based on the fact that Gunther hasn’t had a big victory since his UK title run days, I feel he is due for a big win.

W: Gunther

John: Let me talk to ya! I really love both guys! I just think Knight needs to go to the main roster sooner than later if they're not going to put him in the main event scene of NXT. He's mic skills alone is enough to put him on Raw or Smackdown. As for WALTER, yes he's still WALTER to me. He's been spinning his wheels since losing the NXT UK Championship. A win for him gets him back on track to start moving back up the card.

W: WALTER (Gunther)

NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Toxic Attraction (champs) vs. Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

Jesse: This match seems rushed since it was put together at the last minute. I enjoy Toxic Attraction, but their time has come to an end. Raquel and Dakota need a win here and a chance to make the tag titles legitimate.

W: Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

Lonnie: I’ve been waiting for someone to take out Toxic Attraction and I think I found just the team to do it. Raquel and Dakota got the upper hand after Raquel’s return last week. I think a newly returning Raquel (who we all know can dominate the division) will finally give us some fresh champions.

W: Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

John: I'm hesitant on this one. I think Toxic Attraction is due to lose but I'm not sold on the partnership of Raquel/Dakota. Could Dakota turned again as a I can't believe you were that gullible to trust me again. Maybe Raquel turns heel as payback for when Dakota turned on her? I don't know. I'm going to go with Raquel and Dakota and the main reason is because I don't want a turn where they end up feuding with each other again forever.

W: Raquel Gonzalez & Dakota Kai

Triple Threat Match for the NXT Tag Team Championships

MSK vs. Imperium (champs) vs. The Creed Brothers

Jesse: I will put my complaint here, if this event was on Friday night after smackdown then that would be great, but having it at 1 pm seems like a crime. I would be totally hyped about this match, but instead I have adult shit that I need to do so I will accidently see a spoiler and not watch a pre-recorded. Just dumb on WWE’s part. Imperium retains.

W: Imperium

Lonnie: This should be a really good match assuming it is given a good amount of time. I would have preferred to see the Creed Brothers get a one on one match for winning the Dusty Cup, but adding MSK to any match does make it better. Imperium and MSK have both held the championships for good periods of time. In keeping with the theme of my picks, I think we will get new blood as champions as the Brothers walk away champions.

W: The Creed Brothers

John: This should be great and I like all the teams. With time, this should be awesome. You could make a case for all the teams but I feel like the Creed Brothers need it the most. My only worry is we still don't know who sneaked attacked them a few weeks ago. Someone has it out for the Creeds. I'm not sure when we'll find out who or their motive. If whoever it was doesn't show up to keep the Creeds from winning, I see them leaving with the gold.

W: The Creed Brothers

Ladder Match for the NXT North American Championship

Grayson Waller vs. Santos Escobar vs. Carmelo Hayes (champ) vs. Solo Sikoa vs. Cameron Grimes

Jesse: Another match that would be great on a late Friday night while sipping some bourbon, but no, you get to spend a Saturday afternoon watching it. This will absolutely be the match of the event, and the rise of Grayson Waller begins with his victory here.

W: Grayson Waller

Lonnie: I have to be honest.......with how I do picking NXT matches, and this being a 5-man ladder match.....well here goes nothing. First, I can’t stand Waller so I’m not picking him. I’m thinking Hayes will retain or Grimes will win. For the sole fact that I think Grimes is entertaining as hell and a lot of titles tend to change hands around Mania, I will cross my fingers and pick Grimes.

W: Cameron Grimes

John: This will be awesome. I enjoy all these guys with the exception of Waller which is why he'll probably win. This is a toss up and I'd honestly like to see Carmelo retain because I think he's been great in the ring as well as his character. This is a chance to get the title off of him though without him taking a loss and looking bad. They've built a nice story of Cameron Grimes trying to finally win gold and for his Dad nonetheless. It's now or never for Grimes and I think he takes it TO THE MOON!!!

W: Cameron Grimes

Fatal Four Way Match for the NXT Women's Championship

Io Shirai vs. Mandy Rose (champ) vs. Cora Jade vs. Kay Lee Ray

Jesse: The whole way this match came about is kind of dumb. Mandy Rose feels out of place in NXT, Cora Jade is a future star but now is not her time, and Io and KLR should be in the women’s tag title match for obvious reasons. With that said, there is a reason they added Io and KLR to this match, and I think it’s to get the title onto KLR while still making Cora look like a main event threat. KLR wins in a match I fear won’t be that great.

W: Kay Lee Ray

Lonnie: They were actually building a nice Cora vs. Mandy match and then they decided to let Io/Kay Lee join after the Dusty cup instead of them fighting for the tag titles. Without getting into how dumb that is, I refuse to pick either of them as they shouldn’t be in this match. In the end, it is Mania season and I am predicting this will be the end of Toxic Attractions reign. Cora Jade walks out as the new champion.

W: Cora Jade

John: Don't get me started on why this is a fatal four way. Never have the winners of the Dusty been allowed to choose a different championship. If I was the male winners next year, I know what I'd be doing. We probably got the four way because Mandy and Cora weren't trusted to deliver one-on-one. Cora will be a star but I don't feel she's ready. I think Io needs to go to main roster. KLR needs to get back at Mandy and win the gold. I just don't feel it'll be here. The four way sets it up so Mandy can get a cheap win after someone does the hard work for her. I think Mandy retains via heel shenanigans and she'll drop it to KLR when they meet one-on-one again.

W: Mandy Rose

NXT Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler (champ) vs. Bron Breakker

Jesse: How amazing has Dolph been in NXT? Him winning the title was a total surprise, but he has made the most of it. This is where I’m at a dilemma, will they call Bron up to the main roster so soon? The hype is real around him, so he deserves it, but I don’t want him to get called up and floundering. Dolph would be able to elevate the rest of the NXT roster with his title run, which makes me want to say he will retain. Decision’s decisions.....I’m going to say Bron wins then gets called up after SummerSlam.

W: Bron Breakker

Lonnie: I must say, I’ve never really been a fan of main roster guys returning to NXT as I don’t think any of them were super successful other than Balor. Clearly Breakker is the future of WWE and Dolph is a mid carder. That being said, I don’t think it makes sense for Breakker to win the championship back here. He most likely should go to Raw or Smackdown next week as a post Mania call up and Dolph can anchor NXT for a while.

W: Dolph Ziggler

John: Dolph has been admittedly a nice addition to NXT in recent weeks. I just can't picture it being a long term thing. The point of Breakker losing the title a few weeks ago was so he could win it back on a big stage. Dolph will make Bron look like a million bucks with his selling and Bron will get his moment on the big stage.

W: Bron Breakker

That does it for this edition of Our 3 Cents!! Check back for a full review of the event to see how we did!

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