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Our 3 Cents - Hell in a Cell 2022

Welcome to Hell in a Cell where this year the event is looking more like a Raw exclusive pay-per-view. Wait! Sorry! Premium Live Event! Thanks to the addition of Madcap vs. Corbin, we can listen to McAfee tonight! Without further to do......

Lonnie: 9-3 (75%)

John: 8-4 (67%)

Jesse: 5-7 (42%)

Let's take a look at the card:

No Holds Barred Match

Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin

Jesse: Corbin, because I make bad decisions.

W: Happy Corbin

Lonnie: Madcap will win for two reasons. 1. He needs the win so he can move on from Corbin and we can find out what he can do with other people. 2. Jesse is going to pick Corbin.

W: Madcap Moss

John: To me, Corbin is a guy who is always able to take a loss and not be hurt by it. It's not an insult. It actually says a lot about how good he's done with his character. With Moss returning and having a change in character (or so it seems), I think Moss needs to win this and get his retribution on Corbin for being put out of action.

W: Madcap Moss

Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens

Jesse: I can’t believe that KO has taken it this far to prove that Ezekiel is somehow Elias. It’s disgraceful to brothers everywhere that this discrimination continues week in and week out. I think KO wins and tries to make Ezekiel say he’s really Elias, but Ezekiel will not lie and that will drive KO crazy.

W: Kevin Owens

Lonnie: These guys have made this feud better than it had any right to be. Obviously Owens is the better superstar, however he can also afford to take a loss more. If Ezekiel loses here in a clean manner I feel like his character is over and then there is nothing left for Elias/Ezekiel to do other than future endeavors. Ezekiel wins here in a fluke fashion (a roll up or something similar).

W: Ezekiel

John: As much as I find the Ezekiel character amusing, how the hell did Kevin Owens go from fighting Stone Cold Steve Austin the main event of Mania to this?!?! This must be what KO is stuck with for getting such a huge one of a kind spot. Anyways, I don't think a loss here hurts KO at all. Meanwhile, Ezekiel probably needs it to keep this new character going. Zeke finds a way to win and KO continues to get more pissed off.

W: Ezekiel

Handicap Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Omos & MVP

Jesse: What in the world is this mess of a match? Lashley wins by making MVP tap.

W: Bobby Lashley

Lonnie: Thankfully the involvement of MVP should help hide the shortcomings of Omos. I’m hoping for a clean finish here either way so that Lashley can move onto something new. Lashley is world champion material and having him fight Omos is a waste of talent. This needs to end and Lashley winning is the right decision. Let’s hope this is short and the botches are limited.

W: Bobby Lashley

John: I'm beyond ready for this feud to be over. I think MVP being in the match as a handicap allows for Lashley to win this without hurting Omos stock (if there's stock there to hurt which is debatable). As long as this feud ends, I honestly wouldn't care who won but I say Lashley with the Hurt Lock on MVP.

W: Bobby Lashley

WWE United States Championship Match

Theory (champ) vs. Mustafa Ali

Jesse: I think I am one of the few folks that really likes Theory. He of course is not going to lose here, but I want to say that it’s time for Cena to make his return and train Theory as his protégé, then have Theory turn on him just in time for a SummerSlam match.

W: Theory

Lonnie: Picking this match is as simple as WWE sees Theory as a future star while Ali has had several starts and stops in his WWE tenure (Retribution for example). A lengthy US Championship reign to establish Theory and allow him to get weekly air time will do him well.

W: Theory

John: Well at least the US Championship is being defended on a major event. As much as I like Ali, there's absolutely no way he's beating Theory for the gold. Theory has a lot of things going for him right now and there's no way this title reign gets cut short already. Theory picks up the win pretty easily here.

W: Theory

Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match

AJ Styles, Finn Balor, & Liv Morgan vs. The Judgment Day

Jesse: This match is very intriguing with the different matchups that could take place. I have a bad feeling Balor might turn on AJ and Liv and either turn lone wolf heel like his NXT days or he will join Judgement Day. I may be wrong and Balor will just eat the pin, but either way Judgement Day are winning this match.

W: The Judgment Day

Lonnie: I know we get caught up in the matches and storylines but let’s just appreciate all the talent in the ring for this match. All six are great talents and when you add in the male/female intergender element you can have some hot tags to completely change the momentum of the match. If AJ loses again to the Judgement Day can he keep fighting them? Will a new Judgement Day member debut and help them (I hope not as it would be repetitive)? I see a Judgement Day win with Rhea picking up the win to show she is a worthy member.

W: The Judgment Day

John: I'm intrigued by this simply because I believe we'll have another member of The Judgment Day by the end of the night. It could be a number of people including Balor turning heel. Regardless of who the fourth member turns out to be, it's too soon for The Judgment Day to take a loss so I don't see that happening. They gain a new member at every big event so I expect the newest member to once again assist.

W: The Judgment Day

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Raw Women's Championship

Bianca Belair (champ) vs. Asuka vs. Becky Lynch

Jesse: Why is Becky in this match? Can’t she feud with any other women on Raw? Or maybe be special ref or something? This match will hopefully be entertaining but I see Bianca winning and maybe a returning Bayley comes back to challenge Bianca and revenge her injury from last hell in a cell.

W: Bianca Belair

Lonnie: I hate triple threat matches. You have Beliar as the still new champion. You have Becky who is the #1 woman on the roster. And Asuka who is probably the best women’s wrestler they have. The match will be good, but I just feel the triple threat is lazy booking. If this stayed Belair vs Asuka I would have been tempted to pick Asuka to reestablish her after her time off. Now that it’s a triple threat I feel Belair will pull this one off before fighting a singles match at MITB.

W: Bianca Belair

John: This is a big match to be having so soon in my opinion. Of course, a certain walkout of two roster members seemed to have thrown a wrench in creative plans. That's neither here or there though. I don't see any way that Belair loses this match. I think it could definitely be great but I'm honestly more interested in the follow up for better or worse since I don't see any way or reason for Belair to lose. As a Becky fan, I still think this match would of been more interesting if it had just been Belair vs. Asuka. At the end of the day, Belair retains no problem.

W: Bianca Belair

Hell in a Cell Match

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins

Jesse: If MJF didn’t drop his “Fucking Mark” promo this week, Seth would have won best line of the week. This feud has been absolutely amazing, and the fan in me hopes it doesn’t end. This will by far be match of the night and I want 2 things from it. Seth to come out dressed as Stardust and Cody to get cut open. I see Cody winning this match and driving Seth absolutely insane.

W: Cody Rhodes

Lonnie: I’m truly not sure what to think here. If Cody beats Seth three straight times including a Hell in a Cell match I feel he immediately needs to challenge Roman. Seth almost beat Roman at the Rumble and Cody beating an elite talent like Seth three straight times means he needs to be fighting for the championship. On the other hand, Roman is busy with Riddle/Randy and I don’t think Cody will challenge him next, so does that mean Seth wins to help even up the feud? While I’d prefer Seth win here in dramatic fashion (like Austin vs Triple H ⅔ falls) I think Cody will continue to go over to cement him as the #1 star on Raw.

W: Cody Rhodes

John: Personally feelings aside, I can't deny that the WWE seems all in on Cody Rhodes. He's got two big wins over Rollins already and he even has a countdown for when he's going to come on Raw. This feud reminds me of Batista/Triple H from 2005. Batista picked up the big win at Mania followed by one at Backlash. For those that recall, Batista would then make it 3-for-3 and beat Triple H inside Hell in a Cell to solidify his stardom. I think WWE is going to do the same thing and cement Cody as a star. All I'll say is Cody owes Seth a huge thank you!

W: Cody Rhodes

That does it for this edition of Our 3 Cents!! Check back for a full review of the event to see how we did!

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