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Our 3 Cents - Hell in a Cell 2020

Welcome back to another edition of Our 3 Cents where myself, Jesse, and Lonnie give you our predictions on what's going to go down. Hopefully WWE can make up for the last couple years Hell in a Cell event. The last few haven't been good to say the least. I'm optimistic about the cell matches this year. We'll see how it goes. Without further to do, here's our current standings:

John: 45-12-1 (78%)

Jesse: 39-18-1 (67%)

Lonnie: 37-20-1 (64%)

Let's take a look at the card:

Jeff Hardy vs. Elias

Jesse: Surprisingly, this storyline has been entertaining. Not sure if it’s the nostalgia of Jeff Hardy or the return of Elias, but I have enjoyed the last few weeks of this feud. I am not expecting a barnburner of a match, but it should be entertaining. Hardy wins but the feud will continue.

W: Jeff Hardy

Lonnie: This came together fast in the last two weeks, but I do like how they circled back to the whole car incident from a few months ago. Should Jeff win here to get his revenge? Or should a returning Elias win to get some momentum? I could see this going either way. WWE can just never seem to use Elias the right way to get him to take that next step. Hardy on the other hand is dependable and with a fresh start on Raw I think he’s more likely to win here.

W: Jeff Hardy

John: First, I'm happy that they are revisiting this feud as it's good to call back on the what happened months ago with the car accident and it gives the guys their first feud on Raw. I could be given a hard time for this but I would call Jeff Hardy a WWE legend. He's won every major championship their is and the fans love him no matter what he does. Elias is much better as a heel as it just comes natural to him. Elias needs the win here and Hardy can avoid to take a loss and the crowd will still love him and he'll still be over. Hardy may "win the feud" but Elias should get the first win here.

W: Elias

Money in the Bank contract on the line

Otis (2020 Money in the Bank contract winner) vs. The Miz

Jesse: Poor Otis should have never been put in the spot to have the Money in the Bank briefcase. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Otis but right now, but he’s not ready for the main event picture. Miz wins this match/briefcase and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t cash in before the end of the night.

W: The Miz

Lonnie: First, no one should ever have to defend the MITB briefcase. It is just WWE admitting they shouldn’t have had someone win it in the first place. Second, there is no way Otis can beat Roman, Drew, or Randy. Third, this storyline has sucked and needs to end. Last, thankfully Miz/Morrison and Otis are on different shows and this should be the end of this garbage. I don’t feel like Otis can successfully cash in, but with how the Miz has been booked recently neither can he. With that being the case, I am going to go with Otis winning as I don’t feel anyone should lose their chance to cash in.

W: Otis

John: I hate this match. Otis shouldn't have to put the contract on the line to begin with and this whole storyline is poorly done in my opinion. I feel like they gave Otis the contract then had no idea what to do with him. Honestly, I can't see either of these guys cashing in successfully. Neither of them seem on the level of Roman Reigns or Drew McIntyre. I like Otis but I can't see him as much more than a tag team or comedy wrestler. I feel Otis would of been better served to the the first man to cash in on the tag titles with Tucker. Then he could of made some history but oh well. The Miz has potential but has been booked well since he was IC champion. I don't like it but I'm going with The Miz.

W: The Miz

Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship

Sasha Banks vs. Bayley (champ)

Jesse: FINALLY!!!! I feel bad because both of these superstars have a lot to live up to from their previous match in NXT, but this will still be the match of the night. Sasha will win and hopefully hold onto the title for a while.

W: Sasha Banks

Lonnie: I really hope these ladies live up to my expectations. I have really wanted to see this match for a long time, and it is finally here. I am okay with that fact that this feud was drawn out, as WWE clearly was waiting for fans if they could once Summerslam in Boston was cancelled. I really hope this opens the show as it deserves being in the Cell and with multiple Cell matches, I hope it gets to be first and fresh. I have long thought Sasha would be the only one to end Bayley’s impressive reign, but I do have doubts it happens here. I really don’t think this will be a one match and done scenario. However, how do you have a second match when the first one is Hell in a Cell? While I think Bayley could retain, I think in the end WWE will do the smart thing and finally give Sasha a nice long title run. She has been one of the best women’s wrestlers lately and maybe all time and it’s about damn time she gets the reign she’s worthy of.

W: Sasha Banks

John: I have such high hopes for this one. I feel these ladies could really deliver something special here. It would be amazing if they could reach the levels of their Takeover Brooklyn match but I realize that's asking a lot. This is the first legit chance Bayley has of losing her title in a very long time. I think Banks needs to take the gold here and get a legit run for once in her career. Part of me could see Bayley winning via some nefarious means for some great heel heat but I think Banks dethroning Bayley is the right call. I would be willing to give these ladies the main event spot but I'm not sure that'll happen. If it did, Banks wins for sure. If it's not the main event, there is a chance for a Bayley win. Bayley has had an amazing run but I think it's Boss time. You're welcome Michael Cole!

W: Sasha Banks

Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

Jesse: This feud has been dragging on and I’m out of words to describe why Randy deserves to finally win the title. Randy wins and holds the title till Edge returns.

W: Randy Orton

Lonnie: In my opinion these two guys have done the best story telling of the summer and I have really enjoyed a lot of what they have done. It was really nice to see a story develop and take place over months and Drew not have a new challenger every month. That being said, I feel it is time to end this feud and set up the Rumble/Mania season. I really thought they planned on Drew keeping the championship until fans came back, but who knows how long that will be. I feel like it is finally Randy’s time to win. I think it will set him up to fight Edge again, and maybe Lee at Mania or something. Hate to see Drew lose, but if he doesn’t lose here when would he ever?

W: Randy Orton

John: Well, I've picked Orton against McIntyre twice and I was wrong both times. I think if Orton was going to win the gold, he would of already done it. I also think this match will be the end of this feud. An Orton win would be that McIntyre would probably get a rematch. I think the better option is for McIntyre to win clean and wrap up this feud before moving on to his next challenger which could potentially be AJ Styles, Keith Lee, or Braun Strowman.

W: Drew McIntyre

"I Quit" Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Universal Championship

Jey Uso vs. Roman Reigns (champ) w/ Paul Heyman

Jesse: I have to give it to all participants in this storyline because they are making everyone look like a star. Obviously Roman isn’t going to lose, but from this point forward Jey is a singles star, so I give Roman credit for building him up. Roman wins but I do not know what the fallout of this match will be.

W: Roman Reigns

Lonnie: I really do appreciate WWE trying to make this story interesting....I do. But is there a chance in hell that Roman Reigns says the words “I Quit” to lose the championship? Hell no. He retains and moves onto something new.

W: Roman Reigns

John: This feud has really grown on me and the story telling has been great. However, I don't think there is a chance in hell that Jey wins the gold. I like the "I Quit" stipulation as it adds something different. Especially on a card with three cell matches but the stipulation makes me think Jey's chances went from 1% to 0.00001%. I think Reigns will dominate and then be acknowledged as the Tribal Chief. The Usos will then join Reigns as he moves on to his next feud.

W: Roman Reigns

That does it for this edition of Our 3 Cents!! Be sure to follow along tomorrow night for LIVE COVERAGE and check back to see how we did. Join us again next month!!

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