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Our 3 Cents - Backlash 2020

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Welcome to Our 3 Cents! It's only been a week since we last gave our thoughts but we're here and ready to give our thoughts on Backlash! Here are the standings:

John: 9/12 (75%)

Jesse: 7/12 (58%)

Lonnie: 6/12 (50%)

Lets get to it!

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

Jesse: With a card that does not have high expectations in my book, this should be a pretty decent match if it is given some time. Both these guys can still perform at a high enough level to keep us entertained. I believe Hardy wins to go on and feud for the Intercontinental Championship.

W: Jeff Hardy

Lonnie: Whether or not you approve of WWE using Jeff’s past drug/legal issues in a story line, Jeff clearly approved of it so here we are. From using weeks of video montages and Sheamus getting upset, to Sheamus trying to frame Jeff, WWE has been doing a great job of trying to have a truly emotional mid card rivalry. I feel like something that has been building for months like this does not end in one match. I think Jeff should win because if Sheamus wins it says he tried to frame Jeff and essentially got away with it. That being said, I have a feeling Sheamus will win instead. It may be due to an emotional Jeff getting disqualified or some other non-legit manner, but I expect a Sheamus victory here to keep this feud going.

W: Sheamus

John: This is a coin flip match for me. Jeff Hardy has just made his return and to be honest, this is Sheamus first real feud since he returned earlier this year. No, I don't care his feud against Chad Gable because it was one sided with Sheamus kicking his ass all the time. This feud may hit a little too close to home with Hardy's past issues being brought up but sometimes the best feuds are when it's real and personal. Some people will love it while others will hate it. The contract signing on Smackdown was over the top. The amount of piss in the cup was unrealistic. Hardy must of not peed all day. Anyways, both guys need the win in my opinion but I think Hardy wins and sets his sights on the Intercontinental championship.

W: Jeff Hardy

WWE United States Championship Match

Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. Apollo Crews (champ)

Jesse: I am disappointed that Andrade won the triple threat on Raw in order to face Apollo. I feel that as of now Andrade is bigger than the United States championship and should move up to the main event picture sooner rather than later. With that said, I see Andrade getting DQ’d somehow and Apollo retains.

W: Apollo Crews

Lonnie: I see pluses and minuses to this match. First, Andrade is a great in ring performer and if given time this should allow Apollo to have a quality match against a good opponent to continue his recent push. That being said, Apollo already beat Andrade for the title and doesn’t need to beat him again here. In the build to this match Apollo already pinned Andrade in a tag match. I feel that Andrade getting the cover on Garza last week on Raw may lead to them turning on each other but more importantly....I think Apollo turning heel on Owens in the near future can lead to more matches between the two of them and give us a new layer to Apollo’s character.

W: Apollo Crews

John: Raw is in desperate need of creating new stars and I'm really hoping the don't pull the rug from under Crews so soon. I like Andrade but I wasn't impressed with his title run so I see no reason to go back to it. I would of liked to see Angel Garza getting this shot instead. Andrade and Garza are heading for a split so that's where his focus should be the next month or so. Crews can keep having some open challenges to continue building him up. Maybe a feud with Kevin Owens after this? Crews should win this.

W: Apollo Crews

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships

The IIconics vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley (champs; Bayley also WWE Smackdown Women's champ)

Jesse: Since the return of this column, I have not been as torn on a match as I am with this one. WHO DO I PICK? Bayley and Sasha as heels are great, The IIconics are one of the best and funniest things on WWE at the moment, and Alexa and Nikki make a great team….not to mention Alexa is from the Great State of Ohio. I have a feeling Sasha and Bayley’s split is coming soon and we will see cracks in the foundation continue during the match, but they retain for now.

W: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Lonnie: First off, I love that we are having a match that has legit tag teams in it. I can’t stand when they just throw together two random people and expect us to believe that they have a chance. I really like the triple threat idea here because each team can win. 1. Sasha and Bayley can win while having some tension and continue the slow simmer until they fight each other. 2. Alexa and Nikki have proven to be reliable tag champs and could get the belts back by beating the IIconics to keep Sasha and Bayley strong. 3. The IIconics could win as a triple threat is the ultimate way for a weasel heel win and that fits the IIconics so well. I may regret this, but I am going to take option 3. I think the IIconics could really use a title run to get them strongly back in the mix after their long time away. I’m not sure they will pin the champs, but I am sure it will be a cheap victory. The loss of the Tag Team Championships can be the final straw that breaks the Bayley and Sasha friendship and sets in motion their SummerSlam Smackdown Women’s Championship match.

W: The IIconics

John: I could see this going one of two ways. Either the IIconics get a sneaky win like they did at WrestleMania 35 when Banks and Bayley were champs then or Banks and Bayley get the victory via shenanigans. I think Banks and Bayley will get the win but they'll have some form of miscommunication or something will go wrong. They' ll argue or something. I'm not sure what it will be but it won't be smooth I guess is what I'm saying. Either way, Banks and Bayley retain and hold the gold for a little bit while teasing tension. Lightning doesn't strike twice for the Iiconics.

W: Sasha Banks & Bayley

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Nia Jax vs. Asuka (champ)

Jesse: I am not looking forward to this match because Nia Jax bores me. Asuka is a star, and winning this match will help make her look strong, but I hope she gets out of it uninjured.

W: Asuka

Lonnie: A list of my hopes for this match: 1. Nia doesn’t hurt Asuka 2. See #1 Seriously......That is how low I have the bar set for this match and I love Asuka!! She has really been one of the best things about Pandemic WWE. With that being said, this match was put together to fill time until Charlotte got freed up from being NXT champion. As WWE teased this past Monday on Raw, we are headed for an Asuka/Charlotte feud this summer.

W: Asuka

John: Asuka has been great since the COVID pandemic started while Nia Jax has been legit hurting people since returning. It's way too soon for Asuka to lose the title. Nia poses a threat but I think that's as far as she goes. Asuka can move on to Charlotte (most likely) and/or Shayna Baszler. Hopefully Asuka not only retains but is able to come out without an injury.

W: Asuka

"The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever"

Edge vs. Randy Orton

Jesse: Why would they bill this as the greatest match ever? It won’t touch the likes of Flair vs. Steamboat or Omega vs. Okada, hell I think Bryan vs. Styles on Smackdown would do better with that tagline. In the end, I see it being a decent match with Orton cheating to win in order to set up the rubber match for SummerSlam.

W: Randy Orton

Lonnie: “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever?” That is one thing that I know this match will not be. I don’t expect this to be a 25-minute technical classic. I expect a hard-hitting shorter match that will make sure Edge looks good and doesn’t drag on too long. As far as the winner....I really don’t know. If they want to have a third match between these two at SummerSlam, I feel that Randy needs to win. However, is it really a good idea to have Edge lose so soon into his comeback? I feel that best route is to play into them both truly trying to have a great wrestling match and then......late in the match the Viper strikes and cheats when the referee isn’t looking. Randy picks up the cheap win and a pissed off Edge can come looking for revenge.

W: Randy Orton

John: So this is going to be the greatest wrestling match ever? Talk about setting yourself up for failure. That's not a knock on these two because they're great performers. No matter what these guys do, it won't live up to the hype. On top of that, they have to follow Styles/Bryan from Smackdown which also doesn't help. While I also wouldn't call Styles/Bryan the greatest match ever, I'm almost certain it was better than this is going to be. I think Edge and Orton know they can't have that kind of match at this point in their careers so I'm hoping their goal is to give us a good, solid match that doesn't go to long like they're WrestleMania match did. I think Orton will win via shenanigans when he realizes he can't beat Edge straight up. I hope Orton uses the win to challenge for the WWE championship at SummerSlam and they can revisit this feud later since they're all tied up freeing up Edge to face someone new at SummerSlam.

W: Randy Orton

Handicap Match for the WWE Universal Championship

John Morrison & The Miz vs. Braun Strowman (champ)

Jesse: My heart says that I want to see Miz and Morrison Freebirding the Universal Title like the New Day does with the Tag Titles, but my head tells me Braun is a monster among men and won’t drop the title so soon. Morrison will do some crazy moves, Miz will get launched across the ring a few times, and Braun will win with a double running powerslam.

W: Braun Strowman

Lonnie: Should we have Braun Strowman continue to fight Bray Wyatt? Should we let their feud finish with Braun fighting the Fiend so that either, the Fiend wins, or Braun beats him and looks like a monster? HELL NO!!! I have a way better idea! Let’s have Braun defend the Universal Championship in a handicap match against Miz & Morrison!!! What the hell was creative thinking.....ughhh. The idea is stupid, the build has been stupid, if this continues it’s stupid. I really hope this match has a definitive end so we can move on to something better.

W: Braun Strowman

John: This is my easiest pick of the night. There's no way in hell Strowman should lose to these two. The main event seen is weak on Smackdown especially since AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan are fighting for the work house Intercontinental championship. For those wondering what happened to Bray Wyatt, I believe he took a paternity leave to welcome his second child. Strowman should win this no problem and the Fiend will come calling to renew that rivalry. I'm hoping for Morrison and Miz to break up following the loss.

W: Braun Strowman

WWE Championship Match

Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

Jesse: I am not a fan of Bobby Lashley but he deserves this match since he had to survive the bending over showing his butt thing and then the whole Lana marriage thing. He won’t be rewarded with the title though, as Drew has been an excellent champion and I do not see losing. I do not have high hopes for the quality of this match, and I hope Drew’s claymore beats Lashley and any chance at a rematch.

W: Drew McIntyre

Lonnie: I am still surprised that Drew moved on from Seth so fast to a new feud. That being said, I am fine with him and Lashley going at it considering the limited roster that they are working with. I feel this gives Lashley some main event time that he otherwise probably would not get. Adding MVP into the mix adds someone who can talk and bring depth to a Lashley character that is very lacking in any sort of depth. Add in the whole Lana dynamic and you just never know what might happen....Actually, we know exactly what is going to happen. Drew is going to retain. There is no way in hell they end Drew’s reign to Bobby Lashley! Especially since Drew has yet to have his moment in front of a live crowd to celebrate like he deserves.  Let’s hope this match stays around 5-8 minutes. Anything more than that means we are probably seeing a lot of unnecessary rest holds to set up a full nelson that will not work.

W: Drew McIntyre

John: With a somewhat limited roster right now, I like that Bobby Lashley is getting a one-on-one opportunity for the title. This is the first time for then since he faced John Cena in 2007. I also like pairing him with MVP as a mouth piece. For one, MVP is good talker that can help get Lashley over as a heel and for two, it's not Lana and all the annoying drama that comes with her. Lashley has been taken more serious since being paired with MVP. With all that said, it's NOT the time to take the title off of McIntyre whether he's facing Lashley or anyone else. McIntyre has worked too hard for this and I'd like to see him come out to an arena with real fans before his reign is over. Hoping this a good hard hitting big man fight that doesn't over do it on time. Maybe about 10-15 minutes tops. I think McIntyre wins this and faces Orton at SummerSlam.

W: Drew McIntyre

As always, be sure to check back and see how we did and tune in next month for our predictions for Extreme Rules!!

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