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NXT Takeover: War Games 2020


Orlando, Florida

Capitol Wrestling Center

Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Ring Announcers: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, & Beth Phoenix

Wade Barrett and Sam Roberts are on the kickoff show breaking down the matches.

McKenzie Mitchell says Pat McAfee seems relaxed and the Undisputed Era are ready for war. McKenzie tells us that the women's War Games match will kickoff the show!

A video package shows the build up for the women's War Games match. Roberts and Barrett discuss the match.

We see the Garganos arrive as well as Leon Ruff. A video package shows the build up for the triple threat.

Barrett and Roberts break down the strap match between Lumis and Grimes. A video package of the lead up is shown. Grimes is backstage and says the video isn't accurate because he isn't afraid of anyone. Grimes claims Lumis should be the scared one. Grimes says Lumis should be screaming that "GRIMES IS GOING TOOOO THE MOOOOOOOON!!"

A video package is shown for the men's War Games match.

The cages lower as the kickoff show ends!

The opening video package hypes the War Games matches.

Women's War Games Match

Team Blackheart Has Advantage

Team LeRae (Toni Storm, Raquel Gonzalez, Dakota Kai, & Candice LeRae) vs. Team Blackheart (Ember Moon, Rhea Ripley, Io Shirai (NXT Women's Champion), & Shotzi Blackheart)

Blackheart has a brand new tank that is considerably bigger than her old one. The new tank fires!! The match starts with Dakota Kai and Ember Moon. Kai makes Moon come to the second ring and Kai goes on the attack right away. Both ladies trade counters. Moon sends Kai to the the corner. Kai hits a pump kick but Moon takes Kai to the other corner. Kicks by Moon followed by a senton. Kai connects with a heel kick to stop Moon in her tracks. Kai mounts and punches Moon! Kai in control of Moon now but misses a kick. Moon kips up into a head scissors taking down Kai. A stiff shot by Moon floors Kai. Kai goes into the cage. MOON HITS A CROSS BODY WITH KAI AGAINST THE CAGE!! Moon stays a step ahead of Kai and hits a super kick! Kai answers back and delivers a series of kicks to the face. DESTROYER BY KAI!! Kai grounds Moon. SHOTZI BLACKHEART JOINS THE MATCH! Blackheart takes a tool box and crow bar into the ring. A kick by Blackheart sends Kai into the corner followed up by a bulldog. Kicks by Blackheart drapes Kai across the middle rope. SENTON BY BLACKHEART! More kicks by Blackheart. Blackheart misses another and Kai sends her into the turnbuckle. Kai turns to Moon. Blackheart hits a step up enziguri on Kai and rakes Kai's face across the cage! Blackheart suplexes Kai into the corner. Blackheart goes to the top but Kia stops her with a kick! Both ladies fight on the top turnbuckle. Moon gets Kai on her shoulders and BLACKHEART HITS A MISSILE DROP KICK!! The countdown is here and RAQUEL GONZALEZ ENTERS! Blackheart and Moon greet her at the door. Gonzalez overpowers both ladies and takes them down with kicks. Big slam by Gonzalez to Moon! Gonzalez is dominating at this point. Gonzalez launches Moon across the ring while Kai works on Blackheart. Gonzalez sends Blackheart hard to the corner and Kai follows that with a stiff kick. They double team Moon as well. KAI LEAPS FROM ONE RING TO THE OTHER WITH GONZALEZ'S ASSISTANCE TO TAKE OUT BOTH MOON AND BLACKHEART!! RIPLEY JOINS THE MATCH!!

Ripley fights off both Kai and Gonzalez!! Knee strikes to Kai by Ripley! Team Shotzi gets the upper hand. Moon hits a jumping Code Break from the second rope on Gonzalez!! Blackheart and Moon work on Gonzalez. Ripley gets a hammer out of the toolbox and HITS KAI IN THE MIDSECTION WITH IT! RIPLEY SENDS KAI HARD INTO THE CAGE!! Gonzalez takes out Moon and Blackheart. STARE DOWN BETWEEN RIPLEY AND GONZALEZ!! They trade bombs between the two rings! Ripley tackles Gonzalez into a ring. They trade punches and the countdown ticks down. TONI STORM IS IN!! Storm brings a kendo stick in the ring. German suplex to Ripley by Storm. Storm exposes a turnbuckle. Gonzalez holds Ripley for a kendo stick shot from Storm. Storm sends Ripley into the exposed turnbuckle. The heels are firmly in control now. Storms hits Moon with the kendo stick while Gonzalez hits Blackheart with one as well. Kai sends Ripley into the cage. Storm chokes Moon with the kendo stick. All the ladies climb in the joining corners in the middle! Ripley holds Kai and Moon comes off the top to plant her face first. Everyone is down!! IO SHIRAI JOINS THE MATCH!! Shirai grabs a ladder and puts it in the ring! Gonzalez closes the door to keep Shirai out! Blackheart hits Gonzalez with the kendo stick. Shirai puts another ladder in the ring. Gonzalez keeps her from getting in again! Gonzalez hits Blackheart again with the kendo stick. Blackheart is taking a beating. SHIRAI HITS A CHAIR INTO GONZALEZ'S FACE BUT GONZALEZ STILL KEEPS HER OUT!! Storm uses her belt to tie it around the door to lock it. Shirai climbs the cage but gets knocked off. CANDICE LERAE ENTERS LAST!! SHIRARI CONFRONTS HER ON THE OUTSIDE!! INDI HARTWELL IS HERE AND ATTACKS SHIRAI!!

Hartwell puts a bunch of weapons into the ring. LeRae gets in the ring and Hartwell closes the door and locks it with a chain. Hartwell has the key! LeRae hits Blackheart with a kendo stick multiple times!! The heels are in complete control but War Games hasn't officially begun since Shirai is not in the ring! BLACKHEART IS BEING HIT BY ALL THE HEELS WITH KENDO STICKS!! LeRae tries a cover but the ref won't count since Shirai has entered the match. Moon and Ripley try to fight back but the numbers game is too much. IO SHIRAI CLIMBS TO THE TOP OF THE CAGE!! SHIRAI PUTS A TRASH CAN OVER HER HEAD AND JUMPS ONTO EVERYONE TAKING THEM ALL OUT!! HOLY SHIT!!! Shirai gets the hammer and hits Gonzalez!! SHIRAI WITH A HUGE DDT ON GONZALEZ!! Shirai is taking out everyone!! Blackheart drops LeRae with a German! They take out LeRae and Kai! Shirai kicks a chair into Gonzalez! MOONSAULT TO GONZALEZ!!!'s broken up!! Kai sends Ripley into the cage! LeRae locks Moon in the Gargano Escape! Blackheart gets Storm in a butterfly submission! LeRae breaks her hold to stop Blackheart! BLACKHEART BEATS THE HELL OUT OF LERAE AND STORM!! Kai stops her! Kai hits a pump kick on Shirai in the corner. KAI DOUBLE STOMPS SHIRAI WHO HAD A TRASH CAN ON HER!! MOON MAKES THE SAVE!! Moon sends Storm into the cage. Kai uses a chair on Moon. Moon turns the tide and hits Kai in the back with a chair. Moon sends Kai face first into the chairs. MOON GOES TO THE TOP AND ECLIPSES KAI ONTO TWO CHAIRS!! HOLY SHIT!! 1...2...Storm breaks it up!! STORM HITS MOON WITH STORM ZERO ON THE TRASH CAN!! Shirai breaks it up!! RIPLEY LOCKS STORM IN THE PRISM!! Drop kick to Storm by Shirai!! 1...2...NO!! LeRae is back to suplex Shirai and take out Ripley with the trash can lid. Blackheart tries to get a ladder but LeRae stops that. Blackheart knocks LeRae off the ladder. BLACKHEART HITS A SENTON ON LERAE OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! Ripley plants Kai hard with a slam. SHIRAI HITS A MOONSAULT ON KAI!! Storm tackles Ripley into the pin to break it up! Ripley hangs Storm across the top rope. Gonzalez sends Ripley into the cage which knocks Shirai off the top rope. Shirai tries a triangle on Gonzalez but GONZALEZ ONE ARM POWER BOMBS SHIRAI THROUGH THE LADDER!!! GONZALEZ PINS SHIRAI FOR THE WIN!! This was brutal!! All of the ladies brought it and this was violent with all the weapons used. I would be shocked if a couple of these ladies didn't get hurt. Props to all involved. They set the bar high here!

W: Team LeRae via pin @ 35:19 (****1/2)

Finn Balor video promo. He says this Wednesday, all eyes go back on the Prince!

We see the Undisputed Era and the Kings of NXT arriving to the building earlier today.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Timothy Thatcher

They lock up and Ciampa takes down Thatcher. Thatcher quickly turns the tide and we get a stand off. Lock up again and Thatcher grounds Ciampa. Ciampa fights to his feet and gets a head lock of his own. Thatcher escapes and takes down Ciampa. Strikes by Thatcher. Thatcher focuses on the knee of Ciampa. Thatcher continues to ground Ciampa and works different submission holds. Ciampa gets to his feet and takes down Thatcher. Ciampa delivers a knee to the back and a series of clubs. Ciampa seems pissed. Ciampa stomps the leg of Thatcher. Ciampa sends Thatcher to the outside. Ciampa chases and Thatcher gets back in and catches Ciampa with an uppercut when he comes back inside. More strikes by Thatcher followed by a suplex. Near fall for Thatcher! Thatcher works the head and neck of Ciampa but Ciampa gets to the ropes. Another stiff shot by Thatcher. Thatcher is keeping Ciampa grounded. Elbow to the throat of Ciampa. More ground submission work by Thatcher. Belly to belly suplex by Thatcher for a near fall. Thatcher delivers knees to the back of Ciampa. Another near fall for Thatcher. Thatcher hits another uppercut followed by another chin lock submission. Ciampa fights back with punches and chops but Thatcher stops him with one shot. Thatcher tries a double underhook but Ciampa counters. Both men are down. Both men fight to their knees trading punches. They collide with head butts. Both men down again. Ciampa hits a a series of clotheslines! Like 8 or 9 of them! Ciampa hits another clothesline in the corner before putting Thatcher on the top turnbuckle. CIAMPA HITS THATCHER WITH A SUPERPLEX!! 1...2...NO!! Thatcher counters the Fairy Tale Ending with a throat chop! THATCHER LOCKS CIAMPA IN THE SAME SUBMISSION HE PUT HIM TO SLEEP WITH. CIAMPA TACKLES THATCHER TO THE OUTSIDE!! Both men beat the count. Ciampa hits a pump knee to Thatcher's face! Ciampa locks in a chin lock of his own. Thatcher tries to fight out of it. CIAMPA HOLDS IT ON TIGHT WHILE DELIVERY PUNCHES!! THATCHER IS BLEEDING FROM THE EAR!! I think the pump knee did it. THATCHER HITS A GERMAN TO ESCAPE!! ANOTHER GERMAN BY THATCHER!! Ciampa rolls to the apron. Thatcher follows and tries a German on the apron but Ciampa blocks. Thatcher knocks Ciampa down with a forearm. Ciampa hits a kick. Thatcher pulls Ciampa into the ropes and Ciampa hits throat first! Stiff shots by Thatcher. Ciampa tries a backslide but Thatcher goes into the ropes. Strikes by Ciampa with Thatcher in the ropes. Pump kick by Ciampa. WILLOW'S BELL BY CIAMPA!! THAT DOES IT!! They stare each other down as Thatcher leaves the ring. This started slow and I wasn't really into but boy did they pick it up down the stretch. Good brawl here.

W: Tommaso Ciampa via pin @ 16:46 (***1/4)

Damian Priest, Johnny Gargano, and Leon Ruff are all backstage getting ready for the triple threat.

A video package gets us ready for the strap match.

Strap Match

Dexter Lumis vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes wants to use the strap he brought but the ref won't let him. Grimes says his strap or no strap. GRIMES ATTACKS LUMIS BEFORE THE MATCH STARTS!! Lumis isn't attached to the strap yet. Grimes beats up Lumis on the outside and sends him into the steps and barricade. Grimes rakes Lumis' eyes with the strap. Boos from the crowd. Back in the ring, Grimes continues the attack. Grimes goes to whip Lumis but Lumis avoids it and goes on the attack. LOU THESZ PRESS BY LUMIS!! Lumis attaches the strap and we are offically started. Grimes tries to run! Grimes tries a boot but Lumis blocks. Big clothesline by Lumis! Lumis goes to whip Grimes but Grimes slides out of the ring. Lumis follows and Grimes gets the upper hand raking Lumis' eyes. Grimes tries to climb over the barricade but Lumis pulls him back and delivers a shot to the throat. LUMIS SENDS GRIMES HARD INTO THE BARRICADE! AGAIN INTO THE OPPOSITE BARRICADE!! All Lumis now. Grimes backs fight and sends Lumis into the barricade before BELLY TO BACK SUPLEXING LUMIS OVER THE BARRICADE!! Lumis raises up and Grimes delivers a kick. Strikes by Grimes and a knee takes down Lumis on the outside. Lumis is sent into the time keepers area where Grimes again rakes the eyes of Lumis. Grimes hits Lumis with the other strap. GRIMES BLINDFOLDS LUMIS AND WHIPS HIM WITH THE STRAP!! Back in the ring, Grimes chokes and whips Lumis with the strap. Lumis fires back with a spine buster!! Lumis takes the blindfold off. Lumis tries to tie up Grimes in the corner but Grimes pulls the strap and Lumis goes into the steel structure. Grimes lands a kick to the jaw on the outside. Another one! Lumis blocks a third one and pulls Grimes off the apron. Grimes lands hard on the floor. Back in the ring, Lumis whips Grimes with the strap. Lumis hits a clothesline in the corner but when he goes for a bulldog Grimes counters with a German into the corner! Grimes puts a chair in the ring and hits Lumis in the back with it. Another shot in the back! A third shot! Grimes sits down in the chair and celebrates! Grimes charges and Lumis catches him! Fall away slam by Lumis! Big right hands by Lumis. Lumis goes to the top but Grimes pulls him off using the strap. LUMIS CHARGES BUT GRIMES FLIPS AROUND THE WORLD AND SLAMS LUMIS!! Grimes sets up the chair and whips Lumis with the strap! Grimes sits Lumis in the chair. LUMIS COUNTERS THE CAVE IN! GRIMES COUNTERS SILENCE! LUMIS PULLS THE STRAP AND GRIMES HITS THE CHAIR FACE FIRST. TIES UP GRIMES AND LOCKS IN SILENCE!!! GRIMES TAPS!! Pretty good as far as strap matches go. These matches are tricky and are usually hit or missed. Grimes was entertaining per usual and Lumis has his character don't pat. Hopefully this feud is over now.

W: Dexter Lumis via submission @ 12:56 (***)

The Undisputed Era are backstage getting ready for War Games.

Back in the arena, the lights flicker and we see multiple videos of a raven and clock. TICK TOCK!!

A video package shows the lead up to the triple threat.

Triple Threat Match for the NXT North American Championship

Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Leon Ruff (champ)

Gargano goes right after Ruff but Priest throws Ruff across the ring. Gargano tries to get and early win on Ruff with multiple pin attempts. Gargano kicks Priest off the apron. Ruff uses his quickness to to his advantage against Gargano. Ruff takes down Gargano with a rana. Ruff beats on Gargano in the corner. Priest throws Ruff to the side to beat on Gargano himself. Ruff is sent out of the ring. RUFF HITS BOTH PRIEST AND GARGANO WITH A DROP KICK FROM THE TOP. Priest and Ruff exchange words. Strikes by Ruff but Priest no sells them. Gargano back to attack Priest. Both Gargano and Ruff work together on Priest. Priest is sent out of the ring. GARGANO SUICIDE DIVES ONTO PRIEST!! Ruff goes for a suicide dive but GARGANO SPRINGBOARD SPEARS HIM!! Near fall. Gargano measures Ruff but Priest pulls Gargano to the outside and sends Gargano into the barricade. They fight over by the stage. Ruff dives but Priest catches him. PRIEST GETS RUFF UP FOR THE RAZOR'S EDGE AND THROWS RUFF THROUGH THE BARRICADE!! Officials are here to check on Ruff. Priest appears to be remorseful and apologizes. Gargano and Priest fight ringside and GARGANO TORNADO DDTS PRIEST ON THE FLOOR!! Gargano waves bye to Ruff. Gargano tries the One Final Beat but Priest counters. Back in the ring, Priest hits a spinning heel kick for a near fall. Gargano counters a Razor's Edge and hits a slice of bread for a near fall! Both men avoids each other's strikes. Kicks by Gargano but Priest levels Gargano with a big clothesline. HERE COMES RUFF BACK! He pounds on Gargano and drop kicks Priest. RUFF FLIPS OFF THE TOP AND TAKES OUT BOTH GARGANO AND PRIEST. Back in the ring, RUFF HITS GAGRANO WITH A LEAPING STUNNER!! 1...2...NO!! Ruff goes to the top but Gargano cuts him off and pulls Ruff off the top. Gargano sends Ruff into the ropes but Ruff comes back with a clothesline for a near fall. Ruff goes back to the top but Priest is back in. Ruff comes off the ropes and Priest hits him with a boot. Priest flatliners them both! Priest hits a back elbow to each guy in opposite corners! PRIEST BROKEN ARROWS RUFF AND THROWS RUFF INTO GARGANO!! Gargano counters the Razor's Edge and sends Priest into the ring post. GARGANO LONG DARTS RUFF INTO PRIEST!! Gargano ties up Priest in the bottom rope of the second ring! Gargano picks up Ruff for a long dart again but Ruff counters. RUFF HITS GARGANO WITH A CRUCIFIX BOMB!! 1...2...NO!! Ruff goes to the top but misses a frog splash!! GARGANO LOCKS RUFF IN THE GARGANO ESCAPE RIGHT IN FRONT OF PRIEST!! Priest gets free and breaks it up! Priest hits Gargano with a kick and HITS A SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM THE TOP!! Priest misses a back elbow on Ruff in the corner. Priest throws Ruff into the ropes and Gargano super kicks him! GARGANO TRIES THE ONE FINAL BEAT BUT PRIEST BLOCKS IT!! Priest plants Gargano! THREE GHOST FACE GUYS SHOW UP TO BEAT UP PRIEST!! PRIEST FIGHTS THEM OFF!! THREE MORE SHOW UP!! Priest dives to the outside to take them out! Priest takes out the other three with a dive to the outside. Gargano dives outside BUT PRIEST CATCHES HIM AND CHOKE SLAMS HIM ON THE APRON!! In the ring, RUFF FROG SPLASHES GARGANO!! 1...2...NO!! Priest breaks it up! Ruff and Priest go at it. Priest turns Ruff inside out!! Gargano avoids the Reckoning and super kicks Priest! Priest fights him off with a spine kick. Priest goes for the Reckoning again on Gargano but GHOST FACE HITS PRIEST WITH A PIPE!! Ruff tries to roll up Gargano but Gargano counters with a super kick! GARGANO HITS RUFF WITH THE ONE FINAL BEAT DDT!! 1...2...3!! Gargano regains the title for a third time! The Ghost face guy is AUSTIN THEORY!! This was much better I anticipated. No offense to Ruff but him going out of the match helped it in my opinion. My one knock on this match is the finish. I don't like the six Ghostface guys. Would of been better served if it was just Theory in my opinion.

W: Johnny Gargano via pin @ 17:30 (***3/4)

NXT New Year's Evil will take place 1/6/2021!!

Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" is the official song of NXT Takeover: War Games!

A video package hypes the men's War Games match.

Men's War Games Match

Kings of NXT Have Advantage

Undisputed Era (Adam Cole, Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong, & Bobby Fish) vs. Kings of NXT (Pat McAfee, Pete Dunne, Danny Burch, & Oney Lorcan (NXT Tag Team Champions))

The match begins with Kyle O'Reilly and Pete Dunne. No shock there. Feeling out process in the early going. Good chain mat wrestling by both men to start. O'Reilly tries a triangle choke but Dunne avoids. O'Reilly tries an arm bar but Dunne avoids. Dunne tries his own triangle between the two rings. O'Reilly escapes and takes down Dunne. O'Reilly tries a German but Dunne lands on his feet and delivers a kick to O'Reilly's head. Dunne works on the fingers and arm of O'Reilly. They trade blows in the corner. More counters by both men and Dunne stomps the hand. O'Reilly avoids a power bomb and tries to put Dunne to sleep. Dunne suplexes O'Reilly into a cross arm breaker. O'Reilly breaks free and locks in a heel hook. The countdown is on. ONEY LORCAN ENTERS! McAfee teased coming in. Lorcan and O'Reilly trade strikes. Dunne takes out O'Reilly. Lorcan beats down O'Reilly and delivers a vicious suplex. Dunne puts O'Reilly in a surfboard and Lorcan delivers chops followed by a DDT!! O'Reilly fights back and dragon screws Lorcan across the middle rope. O'Reilly ties up Dunne and goes to the top turnbuckle. O'Reilly takes out Lorcan with a knee strike from the top and then Dunne missile drop kicks O'Reilly's knee. Lorcan and Dunne put O'Reilly in a double submission half crab arm lock combo. Countdown and BOBBY FISH ENTERS!!

The fresh Fish is fired up and taking it to Lorcan and Dunne. Fish hits a spine buster on Lorcan! Dunne tries to do something but is double teamed by the UE. They out Lorcan. Dunne tries to fight back but it's all UE at the moment. Fish beats on Dunne in a corner and O'Reilly works on Lorcan in the opposite one. Fish takes down Lorcan with a dragon screw. Dunne turns the tide on Fish in the corner. Countdown is on and it's DANNY BURCH ENTERING. McAfee teased coming in again. Burch throws something in the ring. It's a cricket bat! Burch hits strikes on O'Reilly followed by a German. Dunne uses the cricket bat on Fish! Burch has another cricket bat but O'Reilly avoids it and LOCKS IN A HEEL HOOK!! BURCH TAPS BUT IT DOESN'T COUNT YET. Dunne is over to stop O'Reilly. BURCH NAILS O'REILLY WITH THE BAT!! O'Reilly is being picked apart by Dunne and Burch. Fish fights back but is quickly outnumbered. RODERICK STRONG ENTERS!!

The tag champs try to isolate Strong but Strong delivers back breakers and an Olympic Slam!! Strong is on fire! Strong charges Lorcan but Lorcan elevates him into the cage to stop his momentum. Lorcan sends Strong into the steel again. Dunne beats on Fish. O'Reilly tries to help but is taken out. The tag champs double team O'Reilly. Lorcan lights up Strong with chops as Dunne beats on Fish. The countdown is on and it's going to be PAT MCAFEE!! Pat McAfee grabs a table with the UE logo on it and "Fish". He puts it in the ring. He gets another one with O'Reilly's name on it. He adds some chairs. Another table with "Strong" on it and finally one with "Cole". McAfee enters the ring. The Kings of NXT are in control as they beat down the three members of the UE. THEY PUT STRONG ON A TABLE. MCAFEE MOONSAULTS AND PUTS STRONG THROUGH THE TABLE!! The countdown is at 10 seconds. HERE COMES ADAM COLE!!

No one else rom the UE is standing. Cole gets a fire extinguisher and sprays all of them. COLE GRABS A CHAIR AND WEARS THEM ALL OUT! Back stabber on Dunne!! Enziguri to Lorcan and he hits Burch with a neck breaker! Cole and McAfee have stare down. Dunne steps in between them. They brawl. Dunne stomps Cole! COLE COUNTERS THE BITTER END WITH A DDT!! McAfee grabs Cole from behind and Dunne hits Cole with a kick. O'Reilly hits Dunne with a chair. O'Reilly challenges McAfee to a fight! COLE NAILS MCAFEE WITH A CHAIR!! Cole punches McAfee. Dunne saves! IT'S ALL BREAKING DOWN!! All 8 men are paired off! Fish gets Dunne in a sleeper but LORCAN HITS A BLOCK BUSTER!! O'Reilly covers for a near fall. Lorcan nails Strong. Cole hits Lorcan and Burch with pump kicks but McAfee chop blocks Cole! MCAFEE LOCKS COLE IN A FIGURE FOUR!! The other six are trading blows in the other ring! Cole turns McAfee over. Dunne makes the save! The tag champs isolate Fish as they put a table in position. Strong fights back against Dunne. Fish is back to his feet. Strong and Fish battle Lorcan and Burch. A spin kick and all men are down. Dunne and Cole brawl in the other ring. Cole counters and suplexes Dunne into a neck breaker!! 1...2...NO!! Cole sets up a table. Cole takes Dunne to the top turnbuckle. Dunne fights back. The UE are fighting back and gaining the numbers advantage. THE UE POWER BOMB DUNNE ONTO BURCH ONTO A TABLE BUT IT DOESN'T BREAK! STRONG DIVES AND PUTS DUNNE AND BURCH THROUGH THE TABLE! McAfee climbs to the top but COLE PUSHES HIM OFF THROUGH A TABLE!!! O'Reilly sends Dunne, Burch, and Lorcan into the cage. With all three of them between the ropes and cage, they hit multiple strikes on all of them!! THE UE IS STANDING TALL AND THEY ALL TURN TO MCAFEE!! McAfee begs off!! McAfee tries to climb! They pull him back and he's surrounded. THEY ALL BEAT ON MCAFEE!! MCAFEE IS SENT INTO THE CAGE MULTIPLE TIMES!! Cole lines up for a punt kick but Dunne stops it. Lorcan and Burch are back as well and they've regained the advantage! Burch gets Fish on his shoulders but O'Reilly makes the save. O'Reilly gets taken out in a Doomsday Device. Cole and Dunne fight on the top rope. NECK BREAKER BY COLE ON DUNNE!! STRONG SUPERPLEXES MCAFEE!! All 8 men are down! They all get to their feet for a stand off. They all brawl!! MCAFEE IS ON THE TOP OF THE CAGE AND DOES A SWANTON TAKING OUT EVERYONE!!! O'Reilly and Dunne get to their feet and trade blows! O'Reilly gets the better but Dunne fires back and snaps the fingers!! DUNNE HITS O'REILLY WITH THE BITTER END!!! 1...2...NO!!! WOW!! Dunne and O'Reilly are between rings and O'Reilly suplexes Dunne on the steel platform. 1...2...NO!! O'Reilly sets up a chair and puts Dunne's head on it. O'Reilly goes to the top but MCAFEE HITS O'REILLY WITH A CHAIR!! Cole is back and he hits McAfee with punches! COLE GOES TO HIT MCAFEE WITH THE CHAIR AND MCAFEE LOW BLOWS HIM!! Cole avoids the punt kick by McAfee! Cole hits McAfee with a pump kick! Cole looks for Panama Sunrise but Burch stops him. FISH TACKLES BURCH THROUGH A TABLE! McAfee tries a Panama Sunrise on Cole but Cole super kicks him. COLE HITS PANAMA SUNRISE ON MCAFEE!!! 1....2...NO!! Cole sets up McAfee for the Last Shot but Lorcan sacrifiices himself! Dunne takes out Cole with the BITTER END ON AN OPEN CHAIR!! STRONG BACK BREAKERS DUNNE!! O'REILLY AND FISH HIT HIGH/LOW ON LORCAN! FROM THE TOP ROPE, O'REILLY DROPS A KNEE INTO A CHAIR INTO THE FACE OF LORCAN FOR THE WIN!! The UE celebrate in the ring! This was really good but it felt really long! I feel as though it would of been better with 5-10 minutes less time.

W: Undisputed Era via pin @ 45:03 (****)

Overall Rating: 8/10

Both War Games matches delivered and in my opinion, the ladies stole the show. I'm not surprised as I had high expectations. I'm just glad they knocked it out of the park. The triple threat was good but I didn't care for the finish. I'm good with the strap match as long as that ends the feud. I wouldn't mind seeing Lumis challenge Gargano next. Ciampa and Thatcher picked it up down the stretch and made for an enjoyable brawl. Not sure where either man goes from here. Overall this was a great event with the "worse" match being ***. Two great War Games matches with the women stealing the show!

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