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NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day 2021

Updated: Feb 16, 2021


Orlando, Florida

Capitol Wrestling Center

Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Ring Announcers: Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, & Beth Phoenix

Sam Roberts, Wade Barrett, and Brandon Walker from Barstool Sports are the panel to break down tonight's matches.

We see NXT Champion Finn Balor arriving and Pete Dunne arrives with the NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. Sam Roberts says this could be match of the year for 2021.

The panel breaks down the rest of the matches for tonight. McKenzie Mitchell joins to break down the Dusty Cup matches. She interviews MSK who plans on winning the cup and making the Grizzled Young Veterans the Grizzled Young Losers.

ELI DRAKE SHOWS UP TO THE PANEL! He's here to change the game! He puts any title holder on notice and says he's coming for you! His name in NXT is going to be L.A. Knight!!

The panel breaks down Johnny Gargano vs. Kushida.

To close out the kickoff show, a video airs showing the build up for Balor vs. Dunne. Roberts reiterates that it's only February and we get to see the match of the year. Wade Barrett is going with Dunne to beat Balor!

NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day opens with a Valentine's Day rap hyping tonight's matches.

Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, and Beth Phoenix welcome us!

Finals for the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Winners will receive future WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon

Gonzalez and Shotzi start and Shotzi runs into the proverbial break wall. Gonzalez tosses Shotzi across the ring and Moon gets a tag. Moon tries to chop down Gonzalez but Gonzalez hits a sidewalk slam. Shotzi tag back in and they hit double super kicks. Gonzalez throws moon out of the ring. Gonzalez continues to overpower Shotzi in the corner and delivers shoulders to the midsection. Kai tags in and they hit a kick/spine buster combo for a near fall. Kai sends Blackheart to the corner but misses a kick and Shotzi take advantage. Shotzi pulls Kai out of the corner and locks in a Cloverleaf! Kai make it to the ropes. Shotzi tags Moon but hits Kai with a senton across the middle rope. Spring board splash by Moon! Shotzi and Moon isolate Kai to prevent a tag. Shotzi with a single leg crab. Kai misses an enziguri. More good team work by Shotzi and Moon. Moon continues to work the leg of Kai. Kai almost makes a tag but is pulled back to the center of the ring. Kai tries to kick her way free but Moon cuts her off again. Moon drags her to the corner where she tags Shotzi but Gonzalez had the ref distracted. Tag doesn't count! Moon argues with the ref. Kai almost makes the tag but Moon knocks Gonzalez off the apron. More leg work by Moon on Kai. Kai sends Moon into the second turnbuckle and tags Gonzalez. All Gonzalez now and she slams Moon. Moon gets pummeled in the corner! Moon gets launched across the ring. A shot for Shotzi too! Fall away slam by Gonzalez! Gonzalez pulls Shotzi in the ring and fall away slams her too. Near fall for Gonzalez on Moon. Kai tags back in. Flying clothesline by Kai for a near fall. Broken up with a senton by Shotzi. Shotzi and Gonzalez brawl to the outside. Shotzi drives off the apron and GONZALEZ CATCHES HER AND THROWS HER INTO THE BARRICADE!! Gonzalez tags in and Moon drop kicks her off the apron. Moon power slams Kai. Moon goes after Gonzalez and Kai drop kicks her. Gonzalez takes control of Moon now. Jaw breaker by Moon but Gonzalez swats her right down. Kai tags back in. Gonzalez sends Moon to the corner and a kick by Kai! Near fall for Kai. Gonzalez tags back in. Kai holds Moon for a clothesline but GONZALEZ ACCIDENTALLY CLOTHESLINES KAI!! Moon is able to take control now. MOON WITH AN ECPLISE ON GONZALEZ!! Kai distracts the ref!! The ref gets Kai out of here. MOON ONLY GETS A NEAR FALL. GONZALEZ TRIES TO ONE ARM POWER BOMB MOON BUT SHOZI HITS A MISSILE DROP KICK!! They can't keep Gonzalez down. Shotzi and Kai tag in. Arm drags by Shotzi who is unloading on Kai! Shotzi drops Kai face first onto her knee!! 1...2...NO!! Kai sends Shotzi into the ropes and tags Gonzalez. Step up enziguri by Shotzi. Shotzi tries Slice of Bread but Gonzalez puts her on the top turnbuckle. SHOTZI HITS IT ON GONZALEZ FROM THE TOP!! 1...2...Kai breaks it up! SHOTZI DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE TAKING OUT KAI!! Moon tags in. Neck breaker by Shotzi. Code breaker by Moon! 1...2...NO!! They can't keep Gonzalez down. Moon tries to go to the top by Kai stops that. MOON DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE TAKING OUT KAI!! All four women brawl on the outside. Moon and Gonzalez are still legal. Moon with a kick to the knee of Gonzalez. Moon with a submission but Kai breaks it up. Kai and Shotzi tag in. A kick by Kai and THEN THE KAIROPRACTOR!!! 1...2...NO!! Gonzalez tags in. ASSISTED KICK BY KAI AND GONZALEZ!! 1...2...NO!! GONZALEZ LAUNCHES MOON OFF THE STAGE!! Shotzi with a shot to the back of Gonzalez for a near fall! A drop kick by Shotzi. GONZALEZ TOSSES KAI ONTO SHOTZI FOR A SPLASH!! GONZALEZ WITH THE ONE ARMED CHOKE SLAM ON SHOTZI WINS IT!! Wow!! That was awesome! I'd hate to follow this. All the ladies stepped up and killed it!

W: Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez via pin @ 17:38 (****1/4)

William Regal is out to congratulate Kai and Gonzalez.

We again see Pete Dunne and Finn Balor arriving earlier.

It's time for our first title match of the night! A video package airs for Gargano vs. Kushida!

Johnny Gargano does a dance with the other members of The Way before heading to the ring.

NXT North American Championship Match

Kushida vs. Johnny Gargano (champ) w/ The Way

Gargano comes out with Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell but no Austin Theory. Gargano sends them to find Theory. Dexter Lumis probably has something to do with it. They lock up and Gargano takes down Kushida with a shoulder block. Kushida goes for the Hoverboard Lock but Gargano quickly gets to the ropes. They go to the mat where Gargano goes after a leg but Kushida counters trying to work over the left arm. Kushida switches to the leg before going back to the arm. Gargano escapes and goes for the arm of Kushida. Both men back to their feet where Gargano keeps control. Back to the mat where Kushida gets a front face lock. Great mat wrestling early on. Kushida is sent into the rope where he takes down Gargano. Gargano with a rana but Kushida lands on his feet. Both men trade counters. Gargano tries the Gargano Escape and Kushida escapes and locks Gargano in the Gargano Escape! Gargano gets to the ropes quickly. Uppercuts by Gargano and he sends Kushida to the outside. Gargano hits a super kick from the apron. On the outside, Gargano sends Kushida into the steps. Kushida with a counter and SUPLEXES GARGANO ON THE OUTSIDE INTO AN ARM BAR!! Kushida breaks the refs count. Kushida with a chicken wing suplex on the floor outside! Back in the ring, Kushida with a drop kick to the left arm of Gargano! Kushida continues to work on the arm. Kushida slams Gargano's arm into the mat multiple times. Kushida tries an arm breaker but Gargano sends him into the corner. Kushida rolls the apron. NECK BREAKER BY GARGANO ACROSS THE MIDDLE ROPE!! Kushida falls to the outside. Gargano follows. Gargano in control now and drives Kushida face first into the apron and then hits an elbow strike. In the ring now, suplex by Gargano. Only a 1 count on the pin. Kushida blocks a neck breaker and tries a back slide. Gargano counters and face plants Kushida before kicking Kushida in the arm. Kushida rolls to the corner and Gargano bends Kushida's neck back across the bottom rope. Gargano works on the neck of Kushida but Kushida counters into an Octopus Stretch. Gargano escapes as they trade counters and near falls. More counters by both men before they take each other down with simultaneous clotheslines! Both men trade forearms. Kushida picks up the pace with an inverted atomic drop. Kushida holds the arms of Gargano and repeatedly stomps his back! Gargano blocks another chicken wing suplex as both men trade blows. Kicks by both men are countered. Kushida locks in an ankle lock and transitions to a German suplex! A lights out kick by Kushida! 1...2...NO!! Gargano avoids an arm breaker but is sent to the apron. Both men trade more counters. Kushida hits a suplex with a bridge for a near fall! Gargano rolls to the apron. Kushida pulls Gargano to his feet. Gargano with a kick to the face. Gargano goes for the One Final Beat but Kushida counters! Kushida sends Gargano arm and shoulder first into the corner! They battle to the top turnbuckle! Gargano knocks Kushida off but Kushida hits a hand spring kick to lay out Gargano on the top turnbuckle. Kushida goes up with him. Kushida tries the Hoverboard Lock but Gargano counters with a jumping spinning neck breaker!! Gargano with a tornado DDT!! 1...2...NO!! Gargano lifts Kushida but Kushida counters. More counters by both men. They jockey for position on the mat. Kushida tries a cross arm breaker but Gargano stacks him up for a near fall. Both men take each other down. From their knees, both men trade shots. They get to their feet and Kushida tries a hand spring elbow BUT GARGANO CATCHES HIM IN THE GARGANO ESCAPE!! KUSHIDA PEELS THE ARM AND LOCKS IN THE HOVERBOARD LOCK!! Gargano almost gets the ropes and they roll trading counters. Kushida tries a head scissors but GARGANO LONG DARTS KUSHIDA INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!! Elbows by both men. Kushida with another CHICKEN WING SUPLEX THROWING GARGANO INTO THE CORNER!! They fight to the top turnbuckle. KUSHIDA FLIPS OFF THE TOP WITH GARGANO AND LOCKS IN AN ARM BAR!! Gargano rolls towards the ropes but can't quite make it!! GARGANO FINALLY GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Gargano rolls out of the ring and Kushida goes right with him. Gargano sends Kushida into the apron and then into the barricade! KUSHIDA GETS A RUNNING START AND KICKS THE ARM OF GARGANO!! Back in the ring now. KUSHIDA LOCKS IN THE HOVERBOARD LOCK!! GARGANO IS ABLE TO HANG KUSHIDA'S NECK UP ACROSS THE ROPES! GARGANO WITH THE ONE FINAL BEAT DDT ON THE RAMP!!! Gargano rolls Kushida into the ring. ONE FINAL BEAT AGAIN BY GARGANO WINS IT!! Another amazing match! Great stuff here by both men! Johnny Takeover does it again! The drama down the stretch was amazing!

W: Johnny Gargano via pin @ 24:52 (****1/2)

Now it's time for the finals of the men's Dusty classic. We see highlights that build up to the finals.

Finals for the Men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Winners will receive future NXT Tag Team Championship Match

MSK vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Gibson cuts a promo on the way to the ring. Gibson and Carter start it off. Gibson backs Carter to the corner and up to the second rope. Carter leaps off while still lock up. Gibson takes Carter to the mat and works on his left arm. Carter is up and attempts to counter but Gibson takes him down again. Carter with speed and athleticism gets to his feet but is taken to the GYV corner. Drake tags in and takes Carter back to the mat. Carter gets to his feet and leap frogs Drake. Spring board off the middle rope by Carter takes down Drake. Carter with an elbow in the corner and tags Lee. Good team work by MSK and a bronco buster by Carter. Blind tag by Gibson. Lee pump kicks Drake and hits a rana on Gibson. Carter tags back in and both members of MSK land a series of kicks. LEE WITH A HAND SPRING DIVE OVER THE TOP ROPES TO THE OUTSIDE TAKING OUT GYV. Lee looks to have possibly hurt himself there. CARTER LEAPS OFF OF LEE TO DIVE OUTSIDE AS WELL. On the outside. GYV take over. Back in the ring, Gibson hits Carter with a neck breaker for a near fall. Gibson beats on Carter in the ropes. Carter gets isolated in the corner. Spinning heel kick by Drake for a near fall. Another pin for a near fall. Drake with a submission. Carter escapes but Drake gets a near fall before Gibson comes back in. Double clothesline by GYV gets a near fall. More near falls. Carter fights to his feet but is taken again to the corner. Carter with a boot to avoid a double team but Drake takes his head off with a clothesline for a near fall. Carter elbows his way out of the corner. Vertical suplex by Carter to Drake. Gibson runs around and pulls Lee off the apron. Great heel tactics by GYV. GYV with a drop kick flatliner combo. 1...2...NO!! Elbows to Carter by Drake. Snap mare by Drake and a knee to the back of Carter. Carter elbows his way back to his feet. Carter is send to the corner. Carter fights free though and tags Lee. LEE IS ON FIRE! He clotheslines Drake to the outside. Snap mare and a drop kick to Gibson. GYV regroup outside. LEE FLIPS OVER THE TURNBUCKLE TO TAKE OUT GYV ON THE OUTSIDE! "This is awesome" chants. Lee with a hand spring kick!! 1...2..,NO!! Gibson knocks Lee off the top to stop the momentum. Lee counters a power bomb and plants Gibson face first. Lee catapults Gibson into a super kick! Drake is sent to the outside. Carter tags in. Carter is fired up!! He takes down Gibson and delivers shot after shot! Carter runs the ropes and plants Gibson! 1....2...NO!! Lee tags back in. They look to finish Gibson but Gibson fights them off and gives Lee a throat shot. Lee hand springs into a RUNNING KNEE BY GIBSON!! GIBSON WITH HELTER SKELTER!! 450 BY DRAKE!! 1....2...NO!! Drake can't believe it. Gibson tags back in. THEY SET LEE UP FOR A DOOMSDAY DEVICE. LEE WITH A VICTORY ROLL BUT IT'S BROKEN UP! Drake tags back in and they look for Ticket to Mayhem but Carter is here to save it. ASSISTER SHOOTING STAR!! POSION RANA TO DRAKE! CARTER WITH A SWANTON! LEE WITH A CORKSCREW TO DRAKE!! 1...2...NO!! Carter is tagged back in. They try to finish Drake but Gibson lowers the ropes and Lee falls outside. DRAKE DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES AND GYV DOOMSDAY DEVICES LEE ON THE OUTSIDE!! Holy shit!! Lee is out! Carter tries to fight off GYV back in the ring. Gibson is now legal after a tag. Carter is still fighting them off!! POWER BOMB BACK STABBER BY GYV!! 1...2...NO!! Gibson talks trash to Carter and slaps him. Drake tags back in. Lee is back to stop Ticket to Mayhem. Double super kick!! Lee tags in. THEY HIT THE SPRING BOARD HART ATTACK BLOCK BUSTER FINISH FROM THE SECOND ROPE AND THAT WINS IT FOR MSK!! The hits keep coming as we get another great match!

W: MSK via pin @ 18:27 (****)

MSK celebrates with the Dusty Cup!

WWE's Black History month tribute video airs.

Cameron Grimes vignette. He's rich now and it's hilarious! Rich Cameron Crimes is great! TO THE MOON!! He's got fancy cars and rolls around in a pile of money!

"Obey w/ Yungblud" by Bring Me The Horizon if the official theme song of NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day!

Pete Dunne is backstage warming up with Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch hyping him up. Elsewhere, Finn Balor is also warming up.

A video package for the women's triple threat airs. It's next!

Triple Threat Match for the NXT Women's Championship

Mercedes Martinez vs. Toni Storm vs. Io Shirai (champ)

Martinez attacks Shirai during introductions! Storm goes after Martinez. Io is back with double knees! Io throws Martinez out of the ring. Storm and Io go at it now. Martinez is knocked off the apron again. Double stomp by Io on Storm. Io beats on Storm in the corner. Storm counters and hits a kick to the jaw of Shirai. Running sliding clothesline by Storm. Martinez pulls Storm out of the ring to the floor. Io with a moonsault but Martinez moves and Io hits the barricade. Martinez clothesline Io over the barricade. Back in the ring, Martinez plants Storm and gets a near fall. Kicks by Martinez and follows with a snap suplex. Three Amigos but Martinez but Storm blocks the third! Io comes off the top to take them both out! Double knees by Io to Martinez in the corner. Storm with a Boss Man Slam on Io! Martinez hits a spine buster on Storm for a near fall. Martinez locks a STF on Storm. Drop kick by Io breaks it up. Io with a cross face on Storm! Martinez with a Dragon Sleeper on Io at the same time!! Martinez with a suplex on Io. Io is sent into the corner. Martinez charges into a boot. Spring board drop kick by Io sends Martinez out of the ring. Io goes up top but Storm meets her there. Martinez is back to knock Io off the top to the floor. MARTINEZ GERMAN SUPLEXES STORM OFF THE TOP!! Io is back and hangs Martinez in the tree of woe! DOUBLE STOMP BY IO TO MARTINEZ!! All three ladies are down. Io and Martinez fight near the announce table outside. Martinez lifts Io and sends her into the plexiglass. Storm attacks Martinez and lays her out. Storm destroys the announce table. Storm looks for Storm Zero on Martinez but Martinez counters with a DDT. IO CLIMBS THE SCAFFOLDING AND DIVES ONTO STORM AND MARTINEZ!! Everyone is down on the outside. Martinez is up and sends Io hard into the steps. Martinez sends Storm face first into the apron. Martinez with a knee to the face of Storm back in the ring. More knees to the jaw of Storm! Martinez hits Storm with a FISHERMAN BUSTER!! 1...2...NO!! Martinez lifts Storm but Storm fights free and hits a head butt. STORM ZERO ON MARTINEZ!! 1...2...NO!! Storm positions Martinez and goes to the top. FLYING HEAD BUTT BY STORM!! 1...MOONSAULT BY IO!! IO PINS MARTINEZ TO WIN!! Good sprint here. A disappointed Storm and Martinez watch Io celebrate. This was solid but felt a little underwhelming.

W: Io Shirai via pin @ 12:15 (***)

A vignette hypes Elimination Chamber for next weekend.

WrestleMania 37 is in 55 days!

We see highlights of L.A. Knight with William Regals signing his NXT contract earlier today. Then we see highlights of him on the pre-show.

A video package for Balor vs. Dunne airs. The main event is next!

NXT Championship Match

Pete Dunne vs. Finn Balor (champ)

They lock up and Balor backs Dunne to the ropes and then into the corner. We get a break. Dunne goes after the left arm of Balor but Balor is able to take Dunne to the mat. Balor works on Dunne's left arm but Dunne counters and we get a stand off. Lock up again and Balor goes after the arm once again. Dunne tries a take down but Balor still has the arm. Arm ringer by Balor but Dunne monkey flips Balor. Balor still has a hold of the arm though. Dunne with an arm drag to try to escape but Balor still has him. Dunne goes after the arm of Balor but Balor escapes and we have a stalemate. Balor takes Dunne to the mat with a side head lock. Dunne sends Balor off the ropes and Balor runs through him with a shoulder tackle and back to the mat they go. Dunne gets to his feet but another shoulder tackle takes him down. Dunne gets control with a head scissors using his legs to squeeze the head and neck of Balor. Both men trade counters before another stalemate. Dunne backs Balor into the ropes and delivers shoulder shots to the face of Balor. To the corner they go and Dunne bends the fingers of Balor! Balor back drops Dunne. Both men jockey for position both looking for a submission. Dunne tries an arm bar but Balor fights it. Dunne is able to place a knee in Balor's back and lock in an arm bar with the other shoulder pinned under him! Dunne applies more pressure to the arm and bends the fingers back some more! Balor rolls to try to free himself. Dunne bends the arm of Balor back and stomps the ribs of Balor. Balor stomps the foot of Dunne to create separation. Balor wraps of Dunne's legs for a submission of his own. Balor attempts to hyperextend the knee of Dunne but Dunne goes back to the fingers. Balor breaks the hold to get away. Balor goes back to working on the leg with a single leg crab and follows up with elbows to the knee. Dunne targets the jaw of Balor to attempt to get free, Balor still works on the leg but Dunne gets a front face lock on Balor. Both men to their feet now and Dunne with a guillotine. Dunne transitions it into a spinning suplex. Near fall for Dunne. Both men trade shots. In the corner, Balor goes back after the knee. Balor places Dunne's leg across the ropes and jumps on it. Balor takes down Dunne again but Dunne counters and gets a near fall. Enziguri by Dunne but big clothesline by Balor for a near fall. Repeated stomps by Balor!! A knee to the back of the neck of Dunne! Balor with forearms to the back of Dunne's head. STF by Balor!! Dunne grabs the fingers of Balor to break the hold. Dunne slams Balor's fingers into the mat. To the corner they go, chops by Balor. Balor takes Dunne to the opposite corner and another chop before choking Dunne across the middle rope. Both men trade chops now. Balor sends Dunne to the corner and he tries to back flip free but the knee goes out. They trade strikes. Balor misses a pele and Dunne stomps him! POWER BOMB BY DUNNE!!! 1...2...NO!! "This is awesome" chants by the crowd! Kick by Dunne and a big stomp to Balor's arm!! GERMAN BY DUNNE! Dunne stomps the hands of Balor. Dunne misses a kick and Balor takes out the leg. BACK STABBER BY BALOR!! BALOR DROPS AN ELBOW ACROSS THE FACE OF DUNNE! JOHN WOO DROP KICK BY BALOR!! Balor goes to the top! DUNNE COUNTERS COUPE DE GRACE INTO A TRIANGLE!!! Strikes by Dunne!! Balor reaches for the ropes but Dunne rolls back to the middle of the ring! Balor tries to back his way to the ropes and he makes it!! BALOR APPEARS TO BE OUT! DUNNE TELLS THE REF TO CHECK HIM. Dunne tries to pull Balor to the ropes. Balor tells the ref he's good. Dunne with a stomp. DUNNE GOES FOR THE BITTER END BUT BALOR COUNTERS. DUNNE COUNTERS 1916!! Balor locks Dunne in the same submission he beat Kyle O'Reilly with. DUNNE SNAPS THE FINGERS OF BALOR!! Both men are up and trade blows. Balor stomps Dunne but Dunne still has his hand. Dunne snaps the fingers again! DUNNE HITS THE BITTER END!!! 1...2...NO!! The crowd is crazy. Dunne stomps the hands again and again!! BALOR COUNTERS A POWER BOMB WITH A DDT!! Enziguri by Dunne!! Pele by Balor!! BALOR COUNTERS A BITTER END AND HITS 1916!!! 1...2...NO!! Dunne holds onto the fingers of Balor! Balor stomps the ankle of Dunne. BALOR WITH A DOUBLE STOMP TO THE BACK OF DUNNE!! BALOR RIPS THE MOUTH PIECE OUT OF DUNNE'S MOUTH!! Double drop kick to the face of Dunne!! COUPE DE GRACE!!! ANOTHER 1916!!! IT'S OVER!! Amazing! What a war! Both men beyond delivered and this was fantastic!

W: Finn Balor via pin @ 25:11 (****1/2)

Finn Balor celebrates on the ramp. ONEY LORCAN AND DANNY BURCH ARE OUT TO ATTACK BALOR!! They throw Balor back in the ring. Dunne, Lorcan, and Burch beat down Balor!! The referee tries to stop them and Dunne shoves the ref. The beat down continues. SHOCK THE SYSTEM!! HERE COMES THE UNDISPUTED ERA!! Dunne, Lorcan, and Burch high tail it out of the ring. Kyle O'Reilly helps Balor to his feet. O'Reilly tries to get Balor to join the Undisputed Era. THEY GO TO DO THE UE POSE AND ADAM COLE SUPER KICKS BALOR!! O'Reilly gets in Cole's face and asks what he's doing. COLE SUPER KICKS O'REILLY!! STRONG LOOKS STUNNED!! Cole leaves. Strong looks down at O'Reilly and back at Cole. Strong shakes his head like he doesn't know what to do as the show ends.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Wow! What more could you want from an event! From top to bottom, every match delivered. The women's Dusty cup finals set the bar high from the get go. The ladies hit the ball out of the park. Shotzi and Raquel have improved leaps and bounds. Moon is back to what she's capable of and Kai was great as well. The North American title match had it all. Technical wrestling, drama, and it was a nail biter down the stretch to where it could go either way. The men's Dusty Cup was great mesh of styles. The technical of GYV and the aerial style of MSK. MSK surprised me as I thought GYV would win. I'm happy to be wrong because all four men brought their A game! The women's triple threat was good but not near the level of anything else on the show. To me, Martinez didn't look like she belonged. I had higher expectations for this but it wasn't bad by any means. Then the main event! Balor does it again folks! Bell to bell this was a technical war! It was brutal and it was amazing! The post match stuff makes it appear that we're getting an Adam Cole heel turn. So who knows what's next for Balor. Kross? Cole? We'll have to wait and see!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! If you enjoy what you've read, don't hesitate to follow our Facebook page and get updates when new content is posted! Also, any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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