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NXT Takeover: In Your House 2021


Orlando, Florida

Capitol Wrestling Center

Announcers: Wade Barrett, Vic Joseph, & Beth Phoenix

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Sam Roberts and Justin Barrasso are here for our pre-show to break down the matches. They run down the card. Here's a look at the set:

We see Ted DiBiase arriving in a long white limo. DiBiase says it's time to crown a new champion. A video package shows the history of the Million Dollar Championship. Roberts and Barrasso break down Grimes vs. Knight. Both men pick Knight. We see Kyle O'Reilly earlier today. Johnny Gargano arrives as well and they argue in the parking lot until they are separated by security and William Regal. A video package airs for the NXT Women's Championship match. Raquel Gonzalez arrived earlier today alongside Dakota Kai. Ember Moon was solo when she arrived. Both pick Gonzalez. Arash Markazi joins the panel and he sat down with Bronson Reed and MSK today to talk about the six man tag. He also sat with Legado del Fantasma. Roberts picks Legado and the other two pick the champions. Xia Li vs. Mercedes is the next to discuss but they don't say much. Now the fatal five way. Barrasso goes with Gargano. Markazi and Roberts go with Cole.

We open the show with an old school intro that shows some flash backs to old In Your House events intertwined with a video package hyping tonight's matches. It's narrated by Todd Pettengill. Dok Hendrix voice overs the last part of the video package and welcomes us to Takeover: In Your House! Naomi Fox sings some "In Your House" song and it's kind of hard to catch the lyrics. Todd Pettengill is our host for the evening! He says this is the largest crowd in the Capitol Wrestling Center.

Winner Take All - Six Man Tag Team Match for the NXT Tag Team Championships & NXT North American Championship

MSK (NXT Tag Team Champions) & Bronson Reed (NXT North American Champion) vs. Legado del Fantasma

Lee and Mendoza start. Quick pace to start with good counter wrestling. Head scissor take down by Lee but Mendoza lands on his feet. Another exchange with neither man getting the upper hand. Carter and Wilde tag in. Wilde lights up the chest of Carter. Wilde misses a charge but hits a jaw breaker. Wilde runs into a drop kick before tagging Escobar. Escobar wants Reed. Reed gets the tag. Escobar then bails to tag Mendoza! Mendoza tries some kicks with no luck but he avoids a charge. Mendoza runs into Reed but Reed doesn't move and lays out Mendoza with a clothesline. Reed lifts Mendoza but Mendoza elbows free and Escobar makes a blind tag. Reed sits on the chest of Mendoza and Escobar attacks. Escobar tries to lift Reed but Reed falls on him. Escobar tags Wilde and Wilde isn't thrilled about it. Reed military presses him. Quick tags to MSK as they showcase their high flying offense. Reed comes back in. MSK holds Wilde for a Reed senton for a near fall. Tag to Lee. Reed puts Carter on his back and squashes Wilde. Lee jumps off Carter's back to take out Wilde in the corner. Carter tags in and hits a snap mare before going to a chin lock. Jaw breaker by Wilde creates separation. Escobar tags in and he back drops Carter to the apron. Elbow sends Carter to the floor. Carter pulls Escobar out of the ring and hits him with a moonsault! Wilde dives to the outside then Lee does the same. Now Mendoza dives out onto the pile. Last but not least, REED DIVES ONTO EVERYONE!! "This is awesome" and "NXT" chants. MSK isolates Escobar in the corner. Escobar turns it around on Lee. Wilde and Mendoza take out Carter on the outside. Escobar with chops in the corner. Double knees by Escobar and he puts Lee on the top turnbuckle. TOP ROPE RANA BY ESCOBAR!! 1....2....NO!! Escobar goes to a surfboard submission. Tag to Mendoza. He hits a clothesline in the corner. Quick tags by Legado. All three of them take their shots on Lee. Brain buster by Escobar!! Wilde tags in and hits AN ASSISTED 450!! 1....2....NO!! Wilde with a chin lock on Lee now. Lee fights to his feet and almost tags Reed but can't. He eventually gets the tag. Reed takes it to Wilde and Mendoza and squashes them in the corner. DOUBLE SAMOAN DROP TO BOTH OF THEM!! Reed suplexes Wilde and stares down Escobar. Mendoza takes out Reed's knee from behind. ESCOBAR WITH A MICHINOKU DRIVER TO REED!!! 1...2...Carter breaks it up. Carter gets a tag. Carter with kicks but he misses one. Wilde wants a German but Carter blocks. Mendoza tags in and LEGADO WITH A HIGH/LOW!! 1.....2.....Lee saves it!! Escobar grabs the North American Championship BUT REED SQUASHES HIM THROUGH THE BARRICADE!! MSK takes out Wilde with an assisted stomp. ASSISTED BLOCKBUSTER BY MSK ON MENDOZA!! REED FINISHES HIM WITH THE TSUNAMI SPLASH!!! Great opening, fast paced match.

W: MSK & Bronson Reed via pin @ 13:35 (***1/2)

SummerSlam in in Las Vegas on August 21st! Tickets are on sale this Friday.

A vignette hypes Hell in a Cell which is next weekend.

Highlights of the Gargano/O'Reilly confrontation earlier today in the parking lot.

Todd Pettengill wants to show us the history between Xia Li and Mercedes Martinez. He calls McKenzie Mitchell Stephanie Waind. He tries to use a VHS tape with no luck. A video package airs for Li vs. Martinez.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Xia Li w/ Tian Sha

They lock up and quickly spill hard to the outside floor. Li with kicks to Martinez on the outside. Back in the ring, Li runs into a back body drop. Martinez beats on Li in the corner now. Suplex by Martinez and Li rolls to the apron. Li tries to choke out Martinez in the ropes. Li pulls Martinez to the outside and sends her into the ring post. Back in the ring, Li shoves Martinez to the mat and stomps her in the corner. Li pulls Martinez to the ring post and pulls her ribs into it while standing on the outside. Li with slaps to the head of Martinez. Li sends Martinez sternum first into the corner and then into the opposite corner. Li with a drop kick in the corner that sends Martinez to the outside. Li misses a kick on the outside and kicks the ring post. Martinez gets in the ring and Li makes it in at 8. Martinez with right hands now but Li goes back to the ribs. Li hurts her own leg with the kick. Li drops Martinez with a knee. Martinez hits a butterfly suplex but misses a charge in the corner. Li back on the offensive and hits a suplex. Li charges in the corner and Martinez drops her face first on the top turnbuckle. Martinez puts Li up on the top turnbuckle. Martinez plants Li with a Razor's Edge into a Dominator!! 1....2....NO!! Knee strikes by Martinez and she throws Li to the mat. Martinez misses another knee but rolls through. Martinez with a knee to the jaw of Li!! Boa pulls Li to the outside!! Martinez goes outside but Boa steps in the way and she shoves him. Li charges but gets back dropped on the floor. Martinez puts Li back in the ring. Martinez goes for the Air Raid but LI ESCAPES AND HITS A SPIN KICK TO THE HEAD TO WIN IT!! I didn't care for the finish and never bought into Martinez winning. Xia Li comes out looking good.

W: Xia Li via pin @ 7:40 (**1/2)

Post match, Boa gives Li a chair but Martinez knocks it away from her. Martinez gets the chair and decks Boa and Li with it! Multiple shots to Li. The lights go dark and flicker. Martinez tells Mei Ying that she's not scared. Mei Ying gets out of her chair and walks towards Martinez. They come face to face and Mei Ying grabs Martinez by the throat. Martinez hits her with the chair but MEI YING GRABS MARTINEZ BY THE THROAT AND THROWS HER INTO THE BARRICADE!!

Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher have a promo. They expected to be tag champs by now but they aren't thanks to Grizzled Young Veterans. Thatcher wants to break bones. Ciampa gets fired up Ciampa promises to show the world how dangerous he and Thatcher are at GYV expense.

"Dark Dark World" by Poppy is the official theme song for Takeover: In Your House.

The video package airs for Grimes vs. Knight. It's next! Ted DiBiase comes out with the Million Dollar Championship accompanied by security to hoist the title.

Ladder Match for the Vacant Million Dollar Championship

LA Knight vs. Cameron Grimes

Trash talk to begin. They lock up and go all over the ring. Shoulder tackle by Knight to knock down Grimes. Grimes picks the leg and takes down Knight. "You can kiss my grits"! Grimes with chops and uppercuts now followed by a clothesline. A kick by Grimes backs Knight to the corner where Grimes keeps control. Grimes lowers his head and eats a kick. Knight charges into a rana by Grimes that sends Knight to the outside. Knight grabs a ladder and throws it in the ring. Grimes grabs the ladder but Knight sends him outside. Knight throws the ladder but Grimes avoids it. In the ring, Knight with a stiff clothesline followed by some taunting, Grimes is sent to the outside again and Knight goes to get a ladder. He puts it in the ring and sets it up. Knight begins to climb and Grimes runs up the other side. Both men take each other off and Knight sends Grimes to the outside. They fight over a ladder and Grimes sends Knight outside. Both men have ladders now in the ring and the duel with them. Grimes gets the upper hand and sends Knight outside with a ladder shot. Grimes wants a ladder but Knights holds onto it from outside. Grimes uses the ladder to send Knight into the barricade. Grimes goes to the apron and hits a kick to the chest of Knight. Grimes puts a second ladder in the ring. Knight sends Grimes into the barricade. Knight swings the ladder on the apron into the face of Grimes! Knight showboats on the steps. Knight talks trash to the crowd and tells them they can meet Grimes as he sends Grimes into the plexiglass. Knight tells DiBiase that Grimes isn't million dollar material. Grimes now sends Knight into the barricade. Knight with a thumb to the eye and sends Grimes hard into the barricade. Knight grabs an extra tall ladder and bridges it from the apron to the barricade. Knight on the apron now and hits Grimes with a knee followed by the spring board shoulder tackle. Knight leans a ladder in a corner. Knight chokes Grimes across the bottom rope with his boot. Knight wants to send Grimes into the propped up ladder but Grimes blocks and GERMANS KNIGHT INTO THE LADDER!! Grimes hits Knight in the gut with the ladder. Knight is down in the corner. Grimes looks for a groin shot but Knight avoids it. Knight avoids another German and NECK BREAKERS GRIMES ON THE LADDER!! That was sweet!! Knight goes outside for another ladder. It's another super sized one. Knight sets it up but Grimes is up. Uppercuts by Grimes but Knight sends him face first into the ladder. Knight leans the ladder across the top rope and puts the shorter ladder on the top turnbuckle. Knight wants an Irish whip but Grimes counters and Knight goes face first into the ladder in the corner!! "To the moon" chants now as Grimes hits a series of kicks. Knight pulls him down by the hair to stop him. Knight charges and Grimes back drops him on the ladder that was leaning against the top rope. GRIMES THROWS KNIGHT OVER THE TOP ONTO THE BRIDGED LADDER!! Grimes goes to the entry way to get the golden ladder! It's taller than the others. Grimes sets it up and begins to climb. Knight is up and climbing the other side! They trade blows. Grimes throws Knight off. Knight tips the ladder over. Grimes with his patent running slam. Both men are down. Knight is up first and in control. Grimes rolls to the outside and Knight follows. Knight hits Grimes with a ladder and then sets that ladder up on the ramp and makes a bridge to the middle rope. Grimes knocks Knight off the stage and hits him with a kick to the jaw. They fight over near DiBiase and Knight hides behind the security before hitting Grimes with a cheap shot. Knight whips Grimes into a ladder but Grimes climbs it. Knight tries to tip it over but Grimes gets on the scaffolding. Grimes climbs that and DIVES OFF ONTO KNIGHT!! "This is awesome" chants. Grimes begins to climb!! Knight is back to stop him. Knight wants to power bomb Grimes outside but Grimes sends him outside and skins the cat. Grimes goes to climb again!! KNIGHT IS BACK AND SENDS GRIMES OFF THROUGH THE BRIDGED LADDER ON THE RAMP!! KNIGHT CLIMBS AND RETRIEVES THE TITLE!! They took some nice bumps but this never hit the next gear from me.

W: LA Knight via retrieving the championship @ 19:23 (***)

Ted DiBiase presents LA Knight with the Million Dollar Championship! Complete with gold pyro!

Todd Pettengill hypes some NXT merchandise. He's interrupted by Hit Row. They hype their own merch. They give Pettengill their album.

Backstage, Pete Dunne and Karrion Kross are having to be pulled apart by officials from brawling.

The NXT Women's Championship match is next and we get the video package for it.

NXT Women's Championship Match

Ember Moon vs. Raquel Gonzalez (champ) w/ Dakota Kai

Mon with a drop kick right away and follows with rana but Gonzalez stays on her feet. Moon keeps a quick pace. Moon charges towards Gonzalez and Gonzalez flattens her. Gonzalez wants the Chingona Bomb but Moon with a head scissors that sends Gonzalez out of the ring. Kai distracts Moon on the apron and Gonzalez sends her into the barricade. Gonzalez controls on the outside now and puts Moon back in the ring. Near fall for Gonzalez. Gonzalez puts Moon in the corner and hits knees to the midsection. Moon is sent hard into the opposite corner. Moon avoids a scoop slam and tries to take Gonzalez down but Gonzalez is too strong. Moon creates separation and goes to the top. Moon comes off the top but Gonzalez catches her! One armed side walk slam by Gonzalez! Gonzalez hits a twisting Vader Bomb from the second rope for a near fall! Gonzalez picks up Moon for a Canadian back breaker. Gonzalez turns it into a slam for another near fall. Gonzalez talks trash while continuing the beat down. Moon fights back and hits a super kick but Gonzalez is still standing. Step up enziguri by Moon now followed by a clothesline. Moon with another super kick and a forearm to finally take down Gonzalez. Code Red by Moon!! 1....2....NO!! Moon ties up Gonzalez's legs with a submission and pulls back on the jaw of Gonzalez. Kai helps Gonzalez get to the ropes. Gonzalez goes to the outside and Kai checks on her. Moon with a suicide dive to the outside sending Gonzalez over the commentary table! Moon sends Gonzalez face first into the announce table. Back in the ring, Moon with a flatliner for a near fall. Moon heads to the top but Kai gets on the apron to distract. Gonzalez hits a suplex for a near fall. Gonzalez wants the Chingona Bomb but Moon counters with a victory roll for a near fall. Gonzalez flattens Moon with a big boot that gets a near fall. Gonzalez with a stalling vertical suplex but MOON COUNTERS WITH A MODIFIED ECLIPSE!! Moon hits a jaw breaker. Moon goes to the top. JUMPING DOUBLE KNEES! Moon goes back to the top. MOON HITS THE ECLIPSE!! 1....2.....KAI PUTS GONZALEZ FOOT ON THE ROPES!! SHOTZI BLACKHEART IS HERE!! BLACKHEART CHASES MOON UP THE RAMP!! Moon goes for a submission again but Gonzalez crawls to the apron. Moon sends Gonzalez into the ring post. MOON WITH A TORNADO DDT FROM THE TOP TO THE OUTSIDE!! Moon rolls Gonzalez in the ring and covers. 1.....2.....NO!!! Moon goes back to the top. Moon wants the Eclipse but Gonzalez catches her and drops her in the corner for snake eyes!! GONZALEZ HITS MOON WITH THE CHINGONA BOMB TO WIN IT!!! Moon can't overcome the dominance of Gonzalez in a really good match.

W: Raquel Gonzalez via pin @ 12:38 (***1/2)

Todd Pettengill is backstage once again. Someone took his Walkman. He goes to play Karate Fighter and he's playing with DEXTER LUMIS!! Pettengill asks Lumis how the women are treating him these days. Lumis gets pissed and threatens to hit Pettengill with a karate guy so Pettengill says Lumis wins.

The Great American Bash returns July 6th!

Commentary reminds us of the tornado tag this Tuesday. Kushida will also have an open challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.

The video package airs for the fatal five way.

Backstage, Shotzi Blackheart, Ember Moon, Dakota Kai, and Raquel Gonzalez all brawling as Johnny Gargano walks by.

Fatal Five Way Match for the NXT Championship

Johnny Gargano vs. Kyle O'Reilly vs. Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole vs. Karrion Kross (champ) w/ Scarlett

O'Reilly hits Cole with a kick and Gargano pairs off with Dunne. The ring gets cleared except for Kross and Dunne. Dunne tries some kicks with no effect. Dunne jumps at Kross who catches him and launches him. O'Reilly comes in and trades strikes with Kross. Kross hits a kick that rocks O'Reilly. O'Reilly takes down Kross and wants a submission but Kross easily escapes. Gargano spring boards in. Gargano goes up and over. He wants the Gargano Escape but no. Chop block by Gargano. Kross stops Gargano and suplexes him across the ring. Now Cole comes in. Everyone gets a chance to go one-on-one with Kross. Kross gets his hands on Cole but Cole with an enziguri. Kross sends Cole outside where everyone else attacks him. Cole gets away from them but runs into Kross back in the ring who flattens Cole in the corner with a clotheslines. Kross swats away everyone as they come back in. Northern Lights suplex by Kross to Dunne and he rolls through. Kross tosses Dunne and Gargano. All Kross in the early going. Kross and O'Reilly go at it now. O'Reilly takes down Kross. Dunne is back and O'Reilly knocks him down. O'Reilly takes Cole down and mounts him for punches. O'Reilly wants an arm breaker on Cole. Dunne locks his own arm breaker on O'Reilly. Gargano comes after Dunne. Kross is back and power bombs Gargano onto Dunne. Kross tells Cole to get his ass in the ring. Cole doesn't come so Kross goes to the ramp to get it. Cole avoids a power bomb. Dunne and Gargano come after Kross and SEND KROSS THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR OF THE HOUSE!! O'Reilly and Cole go at it in the ring. Cole with a neck breaker to O'Reilly across his knee for a near fall. Cole sets up for Panama Sunrise but O'Reilly avoids it but gets kicked in the head by Gargano. With O'Reilly in the corner, Gargano puts Cole in the tree of woe in front of O'Reilly. Dunne is back. He wants the Bitter End on Gargano but Gargano counters with a DDT!! Gargano long darts Dunne into Cole and O'Reilly. Near fall for Gargano. Gargano with punches to Dunne now and stomps to Cole. Gargano wants a super kick but O'Reilly intercepts him. Pump kick from Cole. Everyone is taking each other out. Cole gets a near fall on Gargano. Kross is still no where to be found. Cole and O'Reilly trade forearms. Kick by Cole but his super kick is counters by O'Reilly into an ankle lock. Kross grabs O'Reilly out of no where and sends O'Reilly over the barricade. Kross suplexes Cole on the floor. Gargano gets slammed on the apron. Dunne is sent over the barricade as well. Kross throws Gargano in the ring. Kross launches Gargano for a F-5!! 1....2....NO!!! Cole is back and gets kicked by Kross. Gargano with kicks to Kross now. Gargano uses Cole for leverage to DDT Kross! Gargano with a suicide dive to O'Reilly. He takes out O'Reilly. Gargano dives out to Dunne and tornado DDTs him!! Gargano and Cole now. They trade counters. Cole blocks the sling shot spear but Gargano blocks the Panama Sunrise. Gargano plants Cole for a near fall. Everyone is down in the ring except Kross. O'Reilly eats kicks from Dunne and Gargano. Cole hits Dunne into a reverse rana by Gargano!! Gargano kicks Cole into a back suplex by O'Reilly!! Awesome stuff! All men down! Kross is stirring outside. He's back in and clothesline for everyone in the four corners. Everyone trade blows! O'Reilly takes down Cole, Gargano, and Dunne but turns into a clothesline from Kross that takes his head off! Kross with a German to O'Reilly. One for Cole too!! Gargano gets one! Kross stalks Dunne and tries a German but Dunne lands on his feet! Dunne sends Kross into O'Reilly. Super kick from Gargano to Kross. Super kick from Cole to Kross who is unsteady on the apron. O'REILLY AND COLE POWER BOMB KROSS ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! It doesn't break!! "Undisputed" chants. All four others stare down in the ring and brawl! Cole and Gargano super kick each other then Dunne and O'Reilly both lock them in dragon sleepers! O'Reilly turns to Dunne. Dunne counters a guillotine and Dunne has a triangle. Gargano comes through the ropes. Cole is back to pick up scraps. Cole suplexes O'Reilly into a neck breaker into a near fall!! Cole and Dunne trade punches now. Dunne tries an enziguri but Cole ducks and Gargano gets it. Dunne wants a moonsault but Gargano and Cole super kick him! ONE FINAL BEAT TO COLE!! Near fall. Gargano wants the Gargano Escape but it's broken up. O'Reilly and Gargano go at it. Jumping knee by O'Reilly followed by a brain buster! O'Reilly goes to the top but Cole pushes him off! COLE PANAMA SUNRISE TO GARGANO!! 1....2.....Dunne pulls him out and suplexes Cole on the floor! KROSS IS UP NOW! He stares down Dunne and Dunne tells him to get in the ring! They go at it! Kross with a German!! Dunne is back up hits suplex. DUNNE HITS KROSS WITH THE BITTER END!!! 1....2.....NO!! Dunne wants a triangle on Kross!! Kross is fading!! Everyone else jumps in to break it up!! Dunne stomps the hands of Gargano and O'Reilly. Dunne bends the fingers of Cole. KROSS SAITO SUPLEXES COLE AND DUNNE AT THE SAME TIME!! KROSS WITH A FOREARM TO COLE SENDING HIM OUTSIDE!! KROSS JACKET TO DUNNE!!! Dunne is starting to fade but grabs the fingers!! HE SNAPS THEM!! ONE FINAL BEAT TO DUNNE!! Gargano rolls through the Kross Jacket for a near fall. Kross is still trying to get it. LAST SHOT FROM COLE TO KROSS!! O'Reilly takes down Cole. O'Reilly goes to the stop and DROPS A KNEE ON KROSS!!! 1....2....Cole super kicks him!! SUPER KICKS FOR EVERYONE FROM COLE!! Cole misses a Last Shot on O'Reilly and O'REILLY HAS COLE IN A KNEE BAR!! KROSS JACKET TO O'REILLY WHILE O'RELLY HAS COLE!!! O'Reilly has to break the hold on Cole. O'REILLY PASSES OUT IN THE KROSS JACKET!!! All around chaos and the four challengers made the match look great for Kross.

W: Karrion Kross via submission @ 26:15 (****)

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell tries to get William Regal's thoughts on the event. Regal says he's been in charge of NXT for 7 years and he's never seen this kind of madness. Regal says maybe it's time for a change..........End Show.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

Not a bad event by any means but not quite up to the usual Takeover standard. Maybe the bar is just too high. The opener was great, fast paced action. It could of possibly used more time to get to the next level. Li/Martinez was about what I expected. It's hard for me to care about any of Martinez work. The ladder match felt like a big spot before waiting for the next big spot. Props to the guys for taking some bumps. The women's championship was really good and Gonzalez did the heel things right. Moon couldn't overcome the odds or the dominant champion. The main event was really good chaos. You'd expect a great match with the talent involved. Speaking of talent, what's it say when your champion was the least talented of the five? Interested to see who's next for Kross. Lastly, I like the intrigue of the cliffhanger as Regal appears to be stepping down as NXT GM.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! If you enjoy what you've read, don't hesitate to follow our Facebook page and get updates when new content is posted! Also, any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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