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NXT Takeoff to Takeover 9/23/2020: Battle Royal & Gauntlet Eliminator Match Determine #1 Contenders

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Jake Atlas vs. Tommaso Ciampa

  • #1 Contenders Battle Royal - Winner faces Io Shirai at Takeover for the NXT Women's Championship

  • 1st Ever Gauntlet Eliminator Match - Winner faces Finn Balor at Takeover for the NXT Championship: Bronson Reed vs. Kushida vs. Kyle O'Reilly vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Cameron Grimes

We kick off the show with the women's battle royal. Most of the women are in the ring. Candice LeRae and Rhea Ripley are the only ones to get their own separate entrances. We see highlights from backstage where moments ago Candice LeRae attacked Tegan Nox!! LeRae pushed a cart into Nox's knee. Tegan Nox will be unable to compete in the battle royal.

#1 Contenders Battle Royal - Winner faces Io Shirai at Takeover for the NXT Women's Championship

Rhea Ripley quickly woman handles and tosses someone I don't recognize. Raquel Gonzalez eliminates someone named Raven. Ripley then launches someone who I've never seen before. She hit the barricade hard! They seem to be getting rid of the enhancement talent early which is smart. Ripley then gets Marina Shafir out. Raquel eliminated Brandi Lauren. Gonzalez and Ripley are dominating at this point. Another elimination for Raquel as she gives someone a 300 kick! Raquel with another elimination! That's four for her! Ripley sends another one out with a big boot not to be outdone by Gonzalez. Catalina gets flashy and tries a top rope maneuver but Gonzalez eliminates it. Ripley and Gonzalez are responsible for all the eliminations so far. Aliyah tries to eliminate Kacy Catanzaro but Catanzaro falls to the outside but keeps her feet from touching the floor! KACY DOES A HAND STAND TO GET BACK IN THE RING! We go to a split screen commercial.

Raquel tries to eliminate Shotzi Blackheart but Blackheart hangs on. Aliyah works on Ripley. Ripley attempts to eliminate Aliyah but Robert Stone keeps her from falling to the outside. Ripley is able to knock Aliyah off the apron and she falls onto Stone and thus is eliminated!! Kayden Carter uses a rana like move to eliminate Xia Li. Shotzi fights off Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. Gonzalez turns her attention to Carter now but stops to save Kai from being eliminated by Ripley. LeRae battles Blackheart now. Gonzalez goes back to Carter now. Somehow, Catanzaro got knocked to the outside but is hanging on the barricade!! Catanzaro climbs the barricade and plexiglass. Catanzaro jumps to the steps but Indi Hartwell kicks her off of them!! CATANZARO HOLDS ONTO THE BARRICADE AGAIN!! Catanzaro climbs back up using the plexiglass meanwhile Gonzalez dumps Carter to the apron near Catanzaro. Carter tries to pull Catanzaro back to the apron. GONZALEZ KNOCKS CARTER OFF THE APRON TO ELIMINATE HER! Carter does help Catanzaro get to the apron though and Catanzaro is back in the ring! Ripley and Gonzalez trade blows. GONZALEZ GETS RIPLEY ON HER SHOULDERS AND GOES TOWARDS THE ROPES. BOTH WOMEN FALL OVER THE TOP AND ARE ELIMINATED!! They continue to brawl outside.

Shotzi almost gets Candice out. Catanzaro uses her athleticism to avoid being eliminated and then USES A RANA TO ELIMINATE INDI HARTWELL!! We're down to the final four!! CATANZARO, BLACKHEART, LERAE, AND KAI!! Kai attacks Catanzaro!! LeRae helps her as they beat down Catanzaro in the corner. LeRae sends Catanzaro to the apron. KAI ELIMINATES CATANZARO WITH A BOOT TO THE FACE!! Kai and LeRae team up on Blackheart. LeRae charges in the corner but Blackheart delivers knees to LeRae's back! Blackheart avoids a kick from Kai. BLACKHEART DUMPS KAI OVER!! BLACKHEART AND LERAE ARE THE FINAL TWO!! Blackheart gets the upper hand and tries to eliminate LeRae. LeRae hangs on. Enziguri by Blackheart but she misses her senton allowing LeRae to hit a neck breaker. LeRae throws Blackheart over but she lands on the apron. Blackheart kicks LeRae in the head and then goes up to the top. LeRae cuts her off. Both ladies battle on the top turnbuckle and fall out to the apron. BLACKHEART SENDS LERAE INTO THE RING POST AND SHE FALLS ONTO THE STEPS!! BOTH LADIES FIGHT ON THE STEPS! LERAE MONKEY FLIP KICKS BLACKHEART OFF THE STEPS FOR THE WIN @ 15:11!! The action was pretty good once the enhancement talent was gone. Kacy Catanzaro definitely got to shine. Johnny Gargano comes out to celebrate with her. LeRae vs. Shirai at Takeover.

Sara Schreiber interviews Damian Priest backstage. She asks about his match against Johnny Gargano at Takeover. He says his reign of infamy will continue. He's facing Austin Theory tonight. He claims Theory is better than his record but Theory won't beat him tonight.

Earlier today, Fandango, dressed as Sherlock Holmes, comes up with a goofy way to determine who the #1 contenders are for the NXT Tag Team Championships. William Regal seems to approve.

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jake Atlas

Ciampa takes control early but misses a chop in the corner allowing Atlas to get some brief offense in. Ciampa fires up and throws Atlas to the apron. Ciampa tries Willow's Bell but Atlas avoids it and pulls Ciampa to the outside. Atlas goes on the attack. Atlas tries to put Ciampa under the ring for the sling shot that Ciampa did to him a couple weeks ago. Ciampa avoids it and both men get back in the ring. Atlas runs into a big clothesline. Ciampa works a submission now and then just stomps Atlas. Atlas tries to fight back and gets a little bit of offense in. Atlas does hit a nice pump kick in the corner. Atlas goes to the top but Ciampa rolls out of the ring. ATLAS HITS A MOONSAULT FROM THE SECOND ROPE!! Back in the ring, Atlas goes to the top and HITS A BLOCK BUSTER!! 1...2...NO!! Atlas goes to the top again looking for the cartwheel DDT but Ciampa kicks him off the top. Ciampa sets Atlas up and HITS WILLOW'S BELL!!! 1...CIAMPA STOPS THE COUNT!! CIAMPA TALKS TRASH!! MODIFIED FAIRY TALE ENDING BY CIAMPA AND IT'S OVER @ 4:48!! A basic squash as the winner wasn't in doubt but Atlas did get more offense than I expected him to.

A vignette for Ridge Holland is shown.

Great video package highlighting all the men in the gauntlet eliminator match.

Roderick Strong & Danny Burch vs. Fabian Aichner & Raul Mendoza

The winners of this match, their respective teams will face off next week for a future NXT Tag Team Championship match. Strong and Aichner start. Good back and forth action to start with Aichner getting the upper hand. Rough tag to Mendoza. Mendoza gets a near fall then Strong backs Mendoza into his corner. Burch comes in and begins to wear down Mendoza. Good exchange and Burch gets a near fall with a roll up. All Burch and then he goes to the top where he is distracted by Aichner. This allows Mendoza to pull him off the top to the mat as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Aichner is isolating Burch. Burch fights back but Aichner stops him momentum with a back suplex. Mendoza tags back in and beats down Burch in the corner. Mendoza continues to wear down Burch with Million Dollar Dream type submission on the mat. Burch does a sunset flip by Aichner makes a blind tag. Aichner takes out Strong to prevent a tag. Burch fights back and Strong tags himself in. STRONG GOES WILD ON EVERYONE!! OLMYPIC SLAM BY STRONG ON AICHNER!!! 1...2...MENDOZA BREAKS IT UP!! Strong goes off the ropes but Mendoza knees him in the back. Spine buster by Aichner to Strong!! 1...2...NO!! Mendoza comes in as Strong throws Aichner to the floor. Mendoza gets the upper hand. He goes to the top but Strong catches him with a kick. Burch tags in and HITS A HANGING CUTTER (RKO LIKE) FROM THE TURNBUCKLE!! THAT'S ENOUGH TO WIN @ 9:49!! Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan will face the Undisputed Era next week to determine the number one contenders.

Austin Theory is being interviewed backstage when Johnny Gargano comes to talk to him. Gargano likes what Theory has been doing since coming back to NXT. Theory faces Damian Priest tonight and Gargano would like Theory to soften Priest up.

Non-Title Match

Austin Theory vs. Damian Priest (NXT North American Champ)

Priest controls the early going by targeting an arm. Priest takes down Theory and we have a stand off. Theory catches Priest with an elbow then Priest returns the favor with an elbow of his own taking down Theory. More arm work by Priest. Priest goes to the top and walks the ropes "old school" style but then jumps off and hits a cross body! Priest remains in control. Theory uses a drop toe hold on a charging Priest to send Priest into the turnbuckle. Belly to back suplex by Theory only gets a one count. Standing moonsault by Theory but still only a one count. Theory talks trash while deliver some strikes. THEORY GOES FOR THE ATL BUT PRIEST COUNTERS WITH A FLATLINER!! Priest goes for a springboard but Theory pushes him off the ropes and he falls to the outside as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Theory avoids a kick and hits a nice rolling kick. Theory works a chicken wing like submission. Priest starts firing back with strikes before hitting a big clothesline. Running back elbow to Theory in the corner. TOSS FALCON ARROW BY PRIEST!! 1...2...NO!! Priest misses another back elbow strike. THEORY HITS A BLUE THUNDER BOMB!! 1...2...NO!! Priest rolls to the outside. Theory goes out after him. Theory talks trash and Priest goes for a choke slam. Theory avoids it. PRIEST DOES A RAZOR'S EDGE THROWING THEORY ONTO THE APRON!! BACK IN THE RING, PRIEST HITS THE RECKONING FOR THE WIN @ 11:05!! Good win for Priest and Theory was able to get a decent amount of offense in. PRIEST CELEBRATES AND JOHNNY GARGANO HITS HIM WITH A SUPER KICK OUT OF NO WHERE!!

Ridge Holland is in action next!

Isaiah "Swerve' Scott promo where he talks about his victories over Santos Escobar. Swerve wants a match with Escobar with no interference for the title.

Ridge Holland vs. Antonio De Luca

De Luca charges right away but Holland over powers him. A kick by De Luca but Holland pounces him across the ring! Belly to belly by Holland! Massive head butts by Holland in the corner!! NORTHERN GRIT BY HOLLAND AND IT'S OVER @ 1:31!! Complete squash!

NXT Women's Champion, Io Shirai, is interviewed backstage. She's interrupting by Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano. Candice says Io has been hiding and asks if she's scared. DAMIAN PRIEST COMES IN AND PUNCHES GARGANO IN THE FACE! I guess that was payback for earlier.

Connor's Cure video.

The main event is the gauntlet eliminator match next! Reminder, here are the rules:

1st Ever Gauntlet Eliminator Match - Winner faces Finn Balor at Takeover for the NXT Championship

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Kushida vs. Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Cameron Grimes

We start with Kyle O'Reilly and Kushida. We start with some grappling on the mat. Lots of mat work early on and both men roll into the ropes. Back to the mat work and both are great at it. O'Reilly gets the upper hand but Kushida battles back targeting the left arm of O'Reilly. O'Reilly works back to his feet and both men trade blows. BRONSON REED JOINS THE MATCH!! Reed over powers both men and begins to dominate. Reed splashes both men in the corner. Reed tries a double Samoan drop but both men escape. Kushida hits Reed with an enziguri. O'Reilly tries an arm bar on Kushida. Reed breaks it up. Kushida tries the Hoverboard Lock on O'Reilly but Redd breaks that up. Senton by Reed on O'Reilly!! Reed works on Kushida in the corner. Then Reed turns to O'Reilly and hits a big slam. Reed goes to the top turnbuckle but is cut off by O'Reilly. Kushida goes up too! All three men on the top now. Kushida hits a kick to both. O'Reilly falls to the outside. The ref is distracted by O'Reilly, VELVETEEN DREAM HITS DREAM VALLEY DRIVER ON KUSHIDA!! REED HITS TSUNAMI SPLASH ON KUSHID AND HE'S GONE @7:48!! TIMOTHY THATCHER ENTERS NEXT AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!!

Back from the break, all three men are brawling in the ring and the countdown is at 10 seconds. CAMERON GRIMES ENTERS! All participants have entered now. Grimes takes out everyone and O'Reilly is sent to the outside. Thatcher tries a Fujiwara arm bar on Grimes with no luck. All four men are in the ring trading strikes. Big slam by Grimes on O'Reilly but then Reed takes Grimes out with a huge clothesline. All men are down. Thatcher and O'Reilly trade blows on the apron. Grimes knocks Thatcher to the outside and then O'Reilly jumps off the apron to deliver a knee strike to Thatcher. REED LAUNCHES GRIMES TO THE OUTSIDE LONG DART STYLE ONTO O'REILLY AND THATCHER!! All four men fight outside. Back in the ring, Reed hits a Death Valley Drive on Thatcher. O'Reilly is back in and delivers some strikes but Reed power bombs him!! 1...2...NO!! O'Reilly rolls outside. Grimes comes back in to deliver strikes to Reed. Near fall for Grimes. Reed begins overpowering Grimes. REED SUICIDE DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE TAKING OUT EVERYONE AS WE GO TO A SPLIT SCREEN COMMERCIAL!

All four men are down outside. It's Grimes and O'Reilly inside the ring while Reed and Thatcher battle outside. Thatcher makes his way back in and delivers a wicked uppercut to O'Reilly. Grimes goes outside to fight with Reed. Thatcher locks a single leg crab on O'Reilly. Reed and Grimes make it back into the ring. Thatcher delivers more uppercuts to O'Reilly in the corner. Thatcher sends O'Reilly outside. Thatcher and Grimes double team Reed. Reed fights back but O'Reilly is back in to get a piece. Reed power slams O'Reilly. Reed puts O'Reilly on the top turnbuckle. Reed slams Thatcher onto Grimes!! 1...2...NO!! Reed goes to the top but is cut off by Grimes. Thatcher goes to the top with Reed. Reed knocks Thatcher off! REED MISSES A TSUNAMI SPLASH!! O'REILLY DROPS A KNEE ON REED AND ELIMINATES HIM @ 21:36!! REED IS GONE!! Thatcher tries an ankle lock on O'Reilly but O'Reilly escapes. Thatcher and O'Reilly trade strikes. Grimes is back but Thatcher hits a belly to belly on him. O'Reilly and Thatcher beat the hell out of each other and Grimes gets decked by both of them. Thatcher gets sleeper on O'Reilly while O'Reilly has an ankle lock on Grimes. All holds gets broken. O'Reilly knocks Grimes out of the ring. Uppercuts by Thatcher on O'Reilly. Big chop by Thatcher! O'REILLY ELIMINATES THATCHER WITH A ROLL UP @ 25:12!! Down to Grimes and O'Reilly!! GRIMES HITS THE CAVE IN ON O'REILLY!! 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!! Grimes talks trash to O'Reilly while delivering punches. Grimes tells O'Reilly that Adam Cole was always the leader of the group. Both men take each other down. They're on their knees trading shots. O'Reilly uses a dragon screw on the leg but Grimes hits a kick to the neck. GRIMES MISSES A CAVE IN AND O'REILLY LOCKS IN A HEEL HOOK!! GRIMES TAPS OUT @ 27:49!! O'REILLY IS GOING TO TAKEOVER!! Awesome showing by O'Reilly!! THE REST OF THE UNDISPUTED ERA COME OUT TO CELEBRATE WITH O'REILLY!! FINN BALOR COMES TO THE RAMP TO STARE DOWN O'REILLY TO END THE SHOW!!

Next Week:

  • Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai

  • #1 Contenders Match for the NXT Tag Team Championships: Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs. The Undisputed Era

  • Mixed Tag Team Match: Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae vs. Damian Priest & Io Shirai

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