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NXT Super Tuesday II 9/8/2020: New NXT Champion Crowned; Ripley vs. Martinez in a Steel Cage; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Killian Dain vs. Roderick Strong

  • Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory

  • Steel Cage Match: Rhea Ripley vs. Mercedes Martinez

  • NXT Championship Match: Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole

We kick off tonight's show with a video package highlighting Rhea Ripley and Mercedes Martinez and also highlights of the fatal four way iron man match.

We're in Full Sail and Wade Barrett is back on commentary!

NXT Championship Match

Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole

These are the two longest reigning NXT champions ever. They lock up early and Balor backs Cole into the corner. We get a clean break. Balor takes down Cole and mat wrestles him. Cole gets back to his feet but Balor takes him down again. Cole gets a couple near falls and tries to send Balor off the ropes but Balor holds onto the head lock. Balor takes Cole down with a shoulder block and goes back to the head lock. The winner of this match becomes the third ever 2-time NXT champion (Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura are the others). Cole transitions into a hammer lock and gets a near fall. We have a stand off. Cole works on the arm of Balor. Balor reverses with a nice counter and now he works Cole's arm. Good mat wrestling by both men! Cole hits a basement drop kick to gain the upper hand! Cole delivers some chops and then hits a neck breaker dropping Balor across his knee!! 1...2...NO!! Cole remain in control as we go to a split screen commercial.

Cole remains in control during the break working on the head and neck of Balor. Cole beats on Balor in the corner and sends him to the opposite corner hard as Balor falls to the mat. Cole dominates most of the break until Balor counters a sunset flip and hits a basement drop kick of his own. Balor goes back to the mat work. Cole fights back to his feet but runs into a back elbow. Near fall for Balor.

We're officially back from the break and Balor is in control. Cole creates some separation with a jaw breaker. Balor goes right back on the offense and is getting more aggressive. Balor stomps Cole in the corner. Another basement drop kick by Balor. 1...2...NO!! Balor drives shoulders into Cole in the corner and delivers a chop. Same thing in another corner! Balor takes Cole from corner to corner. Both men trade forearms now in the middle of the ring. Cole gets the better of Balor and hits a nice pump kick to the face! Enziguri by Cole followed by a back stabber!! 1...2...NO!! Both men counter each others moves! Sling blade by Balor!! Balor charges Cole looking for the John Woo drop kick but Cole hits a shining wizard!! 1...2...NO!! COLE SETS UP FOR THE LAST SHOT BUT BALOR PULLS HIS LEGS OUT AND HITS A DOUBLE STOMP!! Balor continuously stomps Cole!! They fight to the outside where Balor stomps Cole some more. BALOR LOOKS TO JOHN WOO DROP KICK COLE IN THE TIME KEEPERS AREA BUT EATS A SUPER KICK BY COLE AS WE GO TO A SPLIT SCREEN COMMERCIAL!!

During the break, both men beat the count back into the ring. Both men trade blows in the middle of the ring. Neither man is gaining an advantage until Balor hits a pele kick! Cole hits another neck breaker! We're back and Cole is on the second rope but Balor knocks him off. BALOR LOOKS FOR COUPE DE GRACE BUT COLE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!! Cole targets Balor's knee and locks in a figure four!! Balor makes it to the ropes. Cole sets up Balor for a super kick but Balor hits a sling blade! Elbow across the face of Cole. JOHN WOO DROP KICK BY BALOR ON COLE!! BALOR HITS THE COUPE DE GRACE!! 1...2...COLE KICKS OUT!!! HOLY SHIT!! BALOR PICKS UP COLE AND GOES FOR 1916 BUT COLE COUNTERS AND LOCKS THE FIGURE FOUR BACK IN!! Cole breaks when Balor gets close to the ropes. SUPER KICK BY COLE!! LAST SHOT BY COLE!!! 1...2...BALOR KICKS OUT!! DAMN!! COLE SETS UP FOR THE PANAMA SUNRISE BUT BALOR CATCHES HIM!! Balor looks for 1916 but Cole forces him to the corner. BALOR HITS A REVERSE 1916!! The knee is hurting him, Balor goes to the top but Cole stops him. They fight on the top rope and BALOR HITS 1916 OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! 1...2...3 @ 23:09!!! BALOR WINS THE TITLE!!! BALOR CELEBRATES!! Balor is finally a 2-time champ!

Rhea Ripley is backstage talking about Mercedes Martinez trying to make a name for herself at Ripley's expense. Ripley says tonight she will show Martinez why Ripley is the Nightmare!

Connor's Cure video package.

Backstage, Triple H and William Regal congratulate Finn Balor. Adam Cole then comes up to Balor and congratulates him. Balor says this is the reason why he returned to NXT.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Robert Stone. Stone says he's the greatest manager ever because he know where stuff is. Stone goes to destroy Shotzi Blackheart's tank. Aliyah tries to attack Blackheart but accidently hits NXT Women's champion, Io Shirai. They fight to the ring where Io and Shotzi destroy Aliyah and Robert Stone!! They hit a moonsault and senton from the top respectively! Shotzi holds up Io's title and Io snatches it from her and says "Don't make me hurt you."

Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano are in their house waiting for Tegan Nox. The doorbell rings and Johnny goes to answer it. Tegan is at the door and Gargano jokes with her before welcoming her in. Candice, Johnny, and Tegan all sit at the kitchen table and Candice says lets talk as we go to a commercial.

Time for another lesson Thatch-as-thatch can. Thatcher says you must know your enemy and talks about NXT North American champion, Damian Priest. Thatcher shows footage of Priest and points out all of his flaws.

Velveteen Dream vs. Ashante "Thee" Adonis

Dream makes fun of Adonis' gear early and they trade slaps! Dream takes Adonis to the corner. Adonis comes out of the corner and hits a pair of clotheslines! Adonis is going crazy on Dream! Roll up gets a near fall for Adonis! ADONIS SPIKES DREAM WITH A DDT!! Adonis misses a super kick and almost hits the ref with it. DREAM THUMBS ADONIS IN THE EYE AND HITS THE DREAM VALLEY DRIVER FOR THE WIN @ 1:35!! After the match, Dream grabs a mic but HE'S ATTACKED FROM BEHIND BY KUSHIDA!! KUSHIDA DESTROYS DREAM AND SENDS DREAM INTO THE RING POST SHOULDER FIRST MULTIPLE TIMES!! KUSHIDA PUTS HIM IN A CROSS ARM BREAKER USING THE TURNBUCKLE AND ROPES!!

Breezango is backstage with their NXT Tag Team titles talking about their gold and we see highlights of them beating Imperium to win the gold. Breezango talks about Imperium. Imperium gets a rematch next week and they claim they will make Breezango's reign the shortest in history.

Back at the Gargano's. Johnny says this is awkward and uncomfortable haha. Johnny offers to finish his meal upstairs and leaves. Candice wants Tegan to own up to her mistakes but Tegan reminds Candice that she turned on her. They bring up what each other did in the past. Candice brings up the "Gargano Way" and Tegan doesn't like it. Candice asks Tegan what she has to lose by doing things the Gargano way? Tegan ponders it.

Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory

Theory wants a handshake. Reed charges. Reed takes control early. Reed takes Theory down to the mat and wears him down. Theory gets back to his feet and sends Reed off the ropes but Reed flattens him. Reed hits a springboard elbow drop. All Reed here. Theory is on the apron and gets brought back in the hard way by Reed. More mat work by Reed. Theory battles back but gets taken out again and rolls to the apron. Theory tries a sunset flip but Reed sits on him!! 1...2...NO! Theory is on the outside side now and Reed goes to the outside and SENDS THEORY FLYING WITH A BIG POUNCE!! Split screen commerical.

Reed throws Theory back in the ring and beats on him in the corner. All Reed so far during the break. Reed works a bear hug on the mat and tries to squeeze the life out of Theory. Theory eventually gets back to his feet and gets free. Reed charges but Theory sends him face first into the turnbuckle. Theory takes control now. Theory goes to the chicken wing now. Theory tries a pin unsuccessfully and complains about the count.

Officially back from the break and Reed has Theory on his shoudlers and plants him! Reed with some strikes now building momentum. Atomic drop followed by a big elbow by Reed! BIG SPLASH IN THE CORNER BY REED!! Near fall for Reed. Theory tries to lift Reed for a back suplex but his back gives out. They fight in the corner. THEORY ROLLS INTO A BLOCKBUSTER!! 1...2...NO!! THEORY GOES THE ATL BUT REED FALLS ON HIM!! REED GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS THE TSUNAMI SPLASH FOR THE WIN @ 10:49!! Good win for Reed.

Adam Cole is interviewed. He's disappointed but says the better man won tonight. He respects Balor. Cole says if he gets another opportunity, the outcome will be different. THAT'S UNDISPUTED!

Mercedes Martinez backstage promo. She says Rhea Ripley is the strongest and toughest but she won't stop until nothing is left of her.

Roderick Strong w/ Bobby Fish vs. Killian Dain

Strong tries to use his speed early and toys with Dain. Strong's chops have no effect so Strong bails out of the ring. Dain chases and Fish provides a distraction to give Strong the advantage. Back in the ring, Strong is in control. Strong taunts Dain so Dain throws him in the corner and starts beating on him. Strong sends Dain to the floor with a kick. Dain gets back on the apron and hits Strong (who's in the ring with Dain on the apron) with a uranage! Behind the ref's back, Fish knocks Dain off the apron as we go to a commercial.

We're back from the break and Strong is in control of Dain. Strong tries different submissions but Dain is too powerful. Dain builds momentum and squashes Strong in the corner. DAIN HITS A RUNNING CROSS BODY!! 1...2...NO!! Dain lifts Strong but Strong escapes. Strong misses a jumping knee. Dain plants Strong and hits a senton. Fish pulls Strong out of the way. DAIN IS DISTRACTED BY FISH WHICH ALLOWS STRONG TO THIS A JUMPING KNEE TO THE FACE OF DAIN!! THAT'S ENOUGH TO WIN IT @ 7:33!! After the match, Strong and Fish attack Dain!! DRAKE MAVERICK MAKES THE SAVE WITH A BAT!! The numbers game is too much though as Strong and Fish beat down Maverick. Dain grabs the bat and chases off Strong and Fish. Dain stares down Maverick. Dain starts to leave and Maverick offers Dain a handshake. DAIN DECKS MAVERICK!

Back at the Gargano's, they cheer to their friendship, sisterhood, and Candice being the next NXT Women's champion. Tegan asks why it will be Candice. Candice says Tegan had her chance and blew it! Candice throws the salad bowl on Tegan and Tegan throws something back. Johnny is back now! TEGAN SAYS "F*CK YOU" AND PUTS A BOWL OF SPAGHETTI OVER JOHNNY'S HEAD!! CANDICE THROWS SOMETHING BUT TEGAN MOVES AND IT BREAKS THE TV!! Tegan leaves the house as Candice chases her. Johnny looks sad while looking at the broken TV.

Damian Priest is interviewed. He defends his title against Timothy Thatcher next week! Priest says Thatcher doesn't need to watch film. Priest says will introduce Thatcher to a Reckoning and then the party forever will continue!

Battle of the Badasses

Steel Cage Match

Mercedes Martinez w/ Robert Stone vs. Rhea Ripley

Mercedes brings a kendo stick to the ring. Then she puts a bunch of chairs in the ring before we start. Ripley attacks Martinez while she's throwing weapons in the cage. Ripley uses the cage as a weapon. She traps Martinez in the door and beats on it. Ripley puts a table in the ring. Ripley closes the door and we're officially started. Martinez gets the advantage and kicks Ripley up against the steel. Clubbing forearms by Martinez. Ripley ducks a chair shot and sends Martinez into the side of the cage. Ripley ties Martinez in the ropes and kicks her face first into the cage. Ripley takes her down with a big boot. Ripley is in control for the time being. Stone talks trash from the outside. Ripley goes for the Riptide but Martinez counters and HITS THE FISHERMAN'S SUPLEX!! Martinez gets a chair but Ripley kicks it away. Ripley goes to the second rope but MARTINEZ PULLS HER OFF AND SLAMS HER ON A CHAIR!! 1...2...NO!! We go to a split screen commercial.

During the break, Martinez continues to beat down Ripley. Martinez delivers a series of strikes to Ripley and lifts her on her shoulders but Ripley fights out of it. Knee strikes by Ripley! Ripley places Martinez on the top turnbuckle and goes up with her. Martinez is in the tree of woe but raises up and GERMAN SUPLEXES RIPLEY OFF THE TOP ROPE!! Ripley chucks a chair at Martinez! Ripley hits a running drop kick! MARTINEZ HEAD IS STUCK THROUGH THE CAGE! Ripley goes back to the top with Martinez. RIPLEY SUPERPLEXES MARTINEZ!!! 1...2...NO!! Martinez hits some forearms before hitting a big spine buster on Ripley. Ripley ducks a kick and gets Martinez in an electric chair and plants her! RIPLEY LOCKS IN THE PRISM TRAP!! MARTINEZ GRABS A KENDO STICK AND USES IT ON RIPLEY TO FORCE A BREAK! RIPLEY TAKES THE KENDO STICK FROM MARTINEZ AND NAILS MARTINEZ!! STONE CLIMBS THE CAGE BUT RIPLEY HITS HIM WITH IT TOO!! Martinez saves Stone by hitting Ripley with the kendo stick. Martinez sends RIpley face first into the steel and THEN HITS A NECK BREAKER FROM THE TOP ROPE!! Stone is still hanging across the top of the cage. Martinez gets a near fall on Ripley. Martinex sets up the table. Martinez puts Ripley on the top turnbuckle. MARTINEZ GOES FOR THE FISHERMAN'S SUPLEX BUT RIPLEY BLOCKS!! HEAD BUTTS BY RIPLEY!! RIPLEY HITS THE RIPTIDE OFF THE TOP THROUGH THE TABLE!!! THAT'S IT @ 14:22!! Ripley celebrates!! End Show.

Next Week:

  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Imperium vs. Breezango (champs)

  • NXT North American Championship Match: Timothy Thatcher vs. Damian Priest (champ)

  • Non-Title Match: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Io Shirai (NXT Women's champ)

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