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NXT Halloween Havoc 10/28/2020: Two Titles Defended; Grimes vs. Lumis; Ripley vs. Gonzalez!!

Here's what's on tap tonight:

  • Non-Title Match: Santos Escobar (NXT Cruiserweight Champ) vs. Jake Atlas

  • Haunted House of Terror Match: Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis

  • Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez

  • Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal Match for the NXT Women's Championship: Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai (champ)

  • Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal Match for the NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano vs. Damian Priest (champ)

We're in the Capitol Wrestling Center and kicking off the show with a video package for past Halloween Havocs and hypes the matches that are taking place tonight. SHOTZI BLACKHEART is our host and she's dressed all crazy by the wheel that will be spun. It's time for some action as Damian Priest is being played to the ring by a guitarist! It's actually pretty sweet!! Gargano deflates the pumpkin in the entry way on his way to the ring. Blackheart spins the wheel and it's a devil's playground match.

Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal

Devil's Playground Match for the NXT North American Championship

Damian Priest (champ) vs. Johnny Gargano

There are no DQ, no count outs, and falls count anywhere for this. Priest gets the early advantage. Priest hits a flatliner before deliver a big back elbow to Gargano in the corner. Another back elbow followed by a splash in the corner. Gargano catches Priest with his own elbow but then runs into a spinning heel kick. Near fall for Priest. Gargano retreats to the outside but lures Priest back in the ring. Gargano tries the diving spear through the ropes but Priest catches him. Gargano blocks the Reckoning and they battle on the outside. Gargano sends Priest into the steps. Gargano gets a kendo stick but Priest pulls out a club as we go to a split screen commercial break.

During the commercial, Priest gets the upper hand and beats Gargano all around the ringside area. They fight up the ramp way where Priest throws Gargano into the deflated pumpkin causing Gargano to get caught up in it. Near fall for Priest. All Priest at the moment. Priest goes to send Gargano off the ramp but Gargano counters and delivers some kicks. Gargano rakes Priest's face across the ramp.

Back from the break, Gargano is on control and flips off the ramp taking out Priest. Gargano gets the kendo stick and hits Priest multiple times. Gargano tries an enziguri but Priest hits his ankle with the club! PRIEST CHOKE SLAMS GARGANO FROM THE APRON INTO THE RING!! 1...2...NO!! They battle on the apron with Gargano getting the better of it. Gargano dives to the outside but Priest catches him. Gargano avoids a choke slam and Gargano sends him into the barricade. GARGANO HITS SLICE OF BREAD TO PRIEST ONTO THE STEPS!! 1...2...NO!! PRIEST HITS A BROKEN ARROW TO GARGANO ONTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE. They fight into the crowd area where they trade blows. Gargano opens a casket and a dummy comes out of it. Gargano super kicks the dummy haha. Priest takes advantage until Gargano sprays him with a fire extinguisher. That allows Gargano to get the upper hand. Gargano dumps a trash can out onto Priest. Gargano sends a rolling case into Priest as we go to another split screen commercial.

During the commercial, Gargano remains in control by hitting Priest with a trash can and a crow bar! On the floor, GARGANO LOCKS IN A GARGANO ESCAPE USING THE CROW BAR TO PULL BACK ON!! Priest makes it to his feet and long darts Gargano into some fencing. Priest goes on the offensive now.

We're back now and Priest is still beating on Gargano near the Halloween Havoc set. They're by the wheel now. Priest tries a Razor's Edge but Gargano avoids and hits a super kick. Gargano has a trash can and hits Priest in the back multiple times. Gargano does Priest's taunt but runs into a kick by Priest. Another kick by Priest hits the trash can into Gargano's face. PRIEST GOES FOR THE RECKONING BUT SOMEONE IN A SCREAM OUTFIT HITS PRIEST WITH A PIPE!! GARGANO DDTS PRIEST!! Gargano is all smiles. THE SCEAM GUY HANDS GARGANO A TOMBSTONE. GARGANO HITS PRIEST WITH IT AND PRIEST FLIES OFF THE STAGE!! GARGANO CRAWLS TO PRIEST AND PINS HIM FOR THE WIN @ 20:54!!! Gargano becomes the first ever two time NXT North American Champ!! Gargano celebrates with the title by the wheel!

Vic Joseph is dressed as Waldo and Wade Barrett is dressed as BAD NEWS BARRETT!! I miss that gimmick!!

Pat McAfee is backstage with the new NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch and it appears they are heading to the ring. We see highlights of Lorcan and Burch winning the tag titles last week.

Cameron Grimes is backstage when he's approached by William Regal. Grimes is scared about his haunted house of terror match against Dexter Lumis.

Pat McAfee, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch are in the ring. McAfee talks about how he had the greatest debut in the history of the business. He runs down the IWC and the idiot fans. He talks about Cole not congratulating him after they're match and calls Cole a scumbag. McAfee talks about his radio shows and why he couldn't be here to handle Cole. McAfee says he paid off Ridge Holland with a Mercedes to take out Adam Cole at Takeover. McAfee talked to Lorcan and Burch about being his guys since they took out Holland. Lorcan and Burch grab a mic BUT HERE COMES KYLE O'REILLY!!! O'Reilly is about to get in the ring and HERE COMES PETE DUNNE!!! DUNNE HAS CHAIRS!! HE HANDS A CHAIR TO O'REILLY!!! McAfee, Lorcan, and Burch bail! DUNNE HITS O'REILLY WITH A CHAIR!!! Dunne, Lorcan, and Burch beat the hell out of O'Reilly!! McAfee tells O'Reilly that the four of them run the brand now and THAT'S UNDISPUTED!!!

Cameron Grimes is talking to William Regal and trying to get out his match with Dexter Lumis.

Non-Title Match

Jake Atlas vs. Santos Escobar (NXT Cruiserweight Champion) w/ Legado del Fantasma

Escobar is paying homage to Rey Mysterio with his Halloween Havoc attire. Escobar hits a kick as soon as the bell rings and goes on the attack. Escobar pounds Atlas in the corner. All Escobar in the early going. Escobar delivers double knees to Atlas in the corner. Escobar talks trash and Atlas fires back. Atlas starts building some momentum and hits a German that rocks Escobar and gets a near fall. ATLAS GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS A CARTWHEEL DDT!! 1...2...Legado del Fantasma puts Escobar's foot on the ropes!! The ref argues with Legado del Fantasma and Atlas flips over the top rope and takes them out. MENDOZA HITS ATLAS WITH A HEAD BUTT ON THE OUTSIDE AND THROWS ATLAS BACK IN THE RING. PHANTOM DRIVER BY ESCOBAR AND IT'S OVER @ 3:29!! Escobar won easily with Atlas only have a flurry of offense.

A video package with Ember Moon talking about Dakota Kai. Moon says Kai was a scared little girl last time she was her. Kai stepping up is exactly what Moon wanted. Moon says Kai has a good kick but she won't like this receipt.

Haunted House of Terror Match

Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis

This appears to be a cinematic match. Marilyn Manson's "Don't Chase The Dead" plays as Cameron Grimes arrives. Grimes is scared as he looks for Lumis. Grimes makes it into the house where a deer head scares him. Then Grimes gets scared by a tricycle that moves on it's own to which Grimes say "You got kids?". Grimes finds a referee who scares Grimes. Lumis is here now and attacks Grimes but Grimes escapes. Grimes finds a silhouette in the shower tries to join her haha. Grimes pulls the curtain back and it's a crazy demon girl so Grimes takes off running. A bunch of spooky things chase Grimes as he keeps running away from Lumis. Grimes finally makes it back to the van and gets in. Lumis is waiting in the van!! Grimes gets out and runs into the woods!! TO BE CONTINUED!!

Barrett says it's the weirdest match he has ever seen. Commentary hypes Ripley vs. Gonzalez which is next!

Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez

They immediately start brawling when the bell rings. It's a slugfest early on. After trading blows, Gonzalez takes Ripley down first. Both ladies are bringing the heavy hits. They criss cross the ropes and a drop kick by Ripley sends Gonzalez to the outside. A Ripley kicks sends Gonzalez into the announce table. RIPLEY TRIES TO FLIP OFF THE APRON BUT GONZALEZ CATCHES HER AND POWER BOMBS HER INTO THE FENCING IN FRONT OF THE CROWD!!! They go to a commercial break.

Back from break, Gonzalez has Ripley over her back in a submission in the middle of the ring. Ripley escapes but Gonzalez takes her down with a clothesline. Near fall for Gonzalez. Gonzalez sends Ripley into the corner but Ripley catches her with back elbows. Ripley charges and eats another clothesline. Near fall again for Gonzalez. Gonzalez sets up for a power bomb but Ripley back drops her. Ripley holds her back in pain. Ripley fights back with strikes and takes down Gonzalez. Ripley hits a basement drop kick for a near fall. Ripley goes on the offensive now and TRIES TO LOCK GONZALEZ IN THE PRISM TRAP!! Gonzalez quickly escapes it because Ripley didn't get it fully locked in. Ripley sits into a pin but only gets a near fall. Gonzalez plants Ripley with a spinning slam for another near fall. They battle to the corner where Gonzalez puts Ripley on the top turnbuckle. Gonzalez tries a superplex but Ripley fights her off and tries a Riptide!! Gonzalez escapes. They slug it out on top. GONZALEZ BELLY TO BELLY THROWS RIPLEY OFF THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Gonzalez is frustrated. Gonzalez tries a one armed slam but Ripley counters with a head scissors that sends Gonzalez into the corner. RIPLEY HITS A KICK AND FOLLOWS UP WITH RIPTIDE FOR THE WIN @ 12:52!! Good slugfest match from these ladies.

Cameron Grimes is on the run! He's heading back towards the arena.

Drake Maverick is backstage dressed as Hulk Hogan. He calls McKenzie Mitchell Mean Gene. Two guys dressed as The Giant and Yeti show up totally recreating WCW's Halloween Havoc 1995. Here comes Killian Dain as the Shockmaster but he doesn't trip. Maverick is upset that Dain won't have any fun. Maverick takes the Shockmaster helmet and puts it on before proceeding to trip.

Grimes has made it to arena but zombies are chasing him. The arena fills with white smoke and LUMIS IS HERE!! Lumis destroys Grimes and plants him with a spine buster. The zombies enter the ring. Grimes hits one of them with the Cave In. THE GIRL ZOMBIE TAKES OUT GRIMES WITH A CROSS BODY. LUMIS PUTS GRIMES OUT WITH SILENCE!! Lumis leaves and the zombie girl dances around Grimes. It's a little weird.

Tommaso Ciampa cuts a promo backstage. He doesn't recognize NXT anymore. The colors and name are the same but the attitude and culture are different. People walk around asking for opportunities and think they are owed something. It's not about taking turns. Ciampa says he was never handed anything. He was NXT but fate took that away from him. He addresses Velveteen Dream. He says Dream is full of talent but keeps getting in his way. He basically says Dream is a dead man.

Next week Ciampa will face Dream and Ember Moon will face Dakota Kai!

Poppy plays Shirai to the ring. Shotzi spins the wheel and we have a Tables, Ladders, and Scares match!

Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal

Tables, Ladders, & Scares Match for the NXT Women's Championship

Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai (champ)

LeRae tries to attack Shirai right away but Shirai sends her to the outside. Shirai suicide dives to the outside taking out LeRae while the ref hangs the belt in the ring. Shirai gets a ladder but LeRae stops her and sends Shirai into the barricade. LeRae pulls out a table with a bag on it. The bag is full of body part which scares LeRae. Shirai uses them to attack LeRae. Beth Phoenix says Shirai is "lending a hand to LeRae" as she hits her with an arm haha. LeRae stops Shirai with a drop toe hold onto a ladder. LeRae uses the ladder on Shirai. Shirai sends LeRae into the ring post as they fight over to the announce table. They get onto the announce table where Shirai tries to put LeRae through it but LeRae blocks it. LERAE HITS SHIRAI WITH A LAPTOP SENDING SHIRAI OFF THE TABLE!! LeRae sets up a ladder bridge from the apron to the announce table. Shirai chucks a chair at LeRae! SHIRAI DELIVERS DOUBLE KNEES TO THE FACE OF LERAE WHEN SHE IS AGAINST THE STEPS!! Shirai gets more chairs from under the ring and puts them in the ring. Shirai hits LeRae in the midsection with a chair. SHIRAI SUPLEXES LERAE ON THE FLOOR AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL!!

We're back and LeRae has turned the tide. Two tables have been set up outside. Both ladies put a ladder in the ring. LeRae tries to climb but is stopped. LeRae props a ladder up in the corner. LeRae begins climbing again but is stopped once again. Shirai delivers a strike and then sets up a pile of chairs. Shirai delivers a back breaker to LeRae and them climbs to the top. SHIRAI GOES FOR A MOONSAULT ONTO LERAE WHO IS ON THE PILE OF CHAIRS BUT LERAE MOVES AND SHIRAI CRASHES AND BURNS ON THE CHAIRS!!! LeRae uses a chair hit Shirai multiple times!! LeRae sets up an open chair but Shirai turns the tide and SUPLEXES LERAE ON THE OPEN CHAIR!! Shirai tries to climb but LeRae stops her. Shirai tries to deliver double knees to LeRae in the corner against the ladder but LeRae moves and Shirai goes knees first into the ladder! Then the ladder falls on Shirai. Both ladies are hurting now. LeRae goes up to the top but Shirai cuts her off. Shirai makes a chair pile again. Shirai sets up two open chairs and then goes to the top with LeRae. LeRae blocks whatever Shirai is attempting and both ladies come down from the top. LeRae goes for a kick but Shirai traps her leg in the chair and hits a dragon screw!! Shirai misses a 619 and LeRae hits her with a chair. On the apron, LERAE DELIVERS A SWINGING NECK BREAKER THROUGH THE TWO TABLES ON THE OUTSIDE!!! THE PERSON IN THE SCREAM OUTFIT FROM EARLIER IS OUT NOW TO HELP LERAE TO HER FEET!! I'm betting it's Indi Hartwell. The Scream person puts LeRae on their shoulders and begins to climb!! SHOTZI BLACKHEART IS HERE AND GETS IN THE RING TO STOP THEM FROM CLIMBING!!! Blackheart delivers an electric chair drop to Scream face. LeRae is still on top of the ladder but appears out of it. Shirai is back in and puts another ladder next to LeRae's. Shirai climbs next to LeRae but LeRae knocks Shirai off. LERAE HAS HER HANDS ON THE TITLE BUT SHIRAI PUSHS LERAE OFF AND SHE GOES KNEES FIRST THROUGH THE BRIDGED LADDER ON THE OUTSIDE!! HOLY SHIT!! SHIRAI CLIMBS THE LADDER AND GRABS THE TITLE @ 16:32!!! Great stuff here and both ladies took some wicked bumps!! Shirai celebrates on top of the ladder as Gargano comes out to check on LeRae to end the show.

Next week:

  • Tommaso Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream

  • Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai

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