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NXT 9/16/2020: Two Titles on the line; Regal has Two Major Announcements!

Here's what's scheduled for tonight:

  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Imperium vs. Breezango (champs)

  • NXT North American Championship Match: Timothy Thatcher vs. Damian Priest (champ)

  • Non-Title Match: Shotzi Blackheart vs. Io Shirai (NXT Women's champ)

  • Drake Maverick & Killian Dain vs. Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish

  • William Regal has two huge announcements

Before we start the review, some news from WWE today that Wade Barrett has signed a full time one year deal to stay on NXT commentary. In my opinion, this is awesome news!!

Now to the show! We kick things off with highlights of Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole from last week and Balor becoming NXT Champion. Also, highlights of the other action last week including the steel cage match. A video package hypes the two titles matches.

Non-Title Match

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Io Shirai (NXT Women's champ)

I like that Shotzi is stepping up to challenge the champ. Shotzi offers a hand shake to begin and Io slaps it away. They lock up and Shotzi takes Io down. Good chain wrestling to begin with neither woman getting an advantage. Both ladies get early pins and continue to counter each other. Shotzi works an arm submission and Io eventually makes it to the ropes. Clean break. Shotzi misses a charge in the corner but then back drops Io to the apron. The fight goes to the outside and IO HITS A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR! Back in the ring, near fall for Io as we go to a split screen commercial.

During the break, Io beats on Shotzi in the corner. Io drops her knees onto Shotzi's midsection and then chokes Shotzi across the middle rope. Io locks Shotzi in a camel clutch and then an abdominal stretch. It's been all Io during the break. Io stomps Shotzi in the corner Stone Cold style. Shotzi gets a roll up for a near fall but then Io goes right back on the offensive.

Officially back from the break, Shotzi drop kicks Io into the corner and begins building momentum. Both ladies trade strikes and chops. Io misses an enziguri but is able to lock in a crossface! Shotzi makes it to the ropes. Io misses a tiger kick and Shotzi hits a step up enziguri! SENTON BY SHOTZI WITH IO DRAPED ACROSS THE ROPES!! SHOTZI HITS A DOUBLE UNDERHOOK GERMAN!! 1...2...NO!! Shotzi locks in Cattle Mutilation but Io rolls through. Flap jack by Io! 619 by Io!! IO HITS A MISSILE DROP KICK OFF THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Io goes to the top by Shotzi cuts her off. SUPER RANA BY SHOTZI OFF THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Shotzi goes to the top and Io cuts her off to return the favor. Shotzi blocks a superplex. They battle on the apron now. IO GERMAN SUPLEXES SHOTZI ON THE APRON!!! Back in the ring, Io gets a near fall! IO CHARGES AND DELIVERS DOUBLE KNEES IN THE CORNER!! IO GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS THE MOONSAULT!!! 1...2...3 @ 14:21!! Awesome match between these two where Shotzi got to look like a legit contender! Props to both ladies!!

Video package for Tommaso Ciampa.

Next week there will be battle royal to determine the new #1 contender for the NXT Women's Championship. I assume that championship match will take place at Takeover.

Desmond Troy vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Poor Desmond. They lock up and Troy tries to pick the leg with no luck. High knee lift by Ciampa and he takes control. Troy rolls Ciampa up for a near fall. Troy had momentum for a few seconds but Ciampa takes over and destroys Troy in the corner. Ciampa has Troy under the turnbuckle and sling shots him face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Troy rolls to the apron. WILLOW'S BELL BY CIAMPA AND IT'S OVER @ 1:53!! Squash. Ciampa grabs a chair but Jake Atlas comes out to confront Ciampa. He calls Ciampa a coward. Atlas knows Ciampa is dangerous but says it's his turn to eat. Atlas wants Ciampa next week! Ciampa laughs in the ring and it seems as though he accepts.

Drake Maverick is interviewed when he arrives earlier. He is asked about him and Killian Dain's match against the Undisputed Era. He says they're not friends but they have a common enemy. He says they will work together as a team.

Finn Balor interview is next!

Finn Balor interview now. Balor talks about his match with Cole. He says Cole is undisputed but he's the Prince. He talks about the difference in this reign vs. his first reign. He says he made this brand and he makes the title important. He says the line starts now and you better look both ways before you cross the Prince!

Austin Theory is out now with a mic. He claims to be a future hall of famer. He is going to prove his match with Bronson Reed was a fluke. He's putting out a challenge. KUSHIDA COMES OUT!! KUSHIDA ATTACKS!

Austin Theory vs. Kushida

The bell finally rings and it's all Kushida early on. Kushida takes down Theory and looks for an arm bar. Theory avoids it and starts battling back. Theory throws Kushida off the top rope for a stun gun. Theory pounds on Kushida and stomps him. Kushida battles back and then Theory hits a back breaker. Kushida comes back again and lands a series of kicks! Basement drop kick by Kushida! A handspring kick sends Theory to the outside. To the floor, Theory attempts to deliver a forearm but misses and hits the ring post!! Kushida targets the arm now. Back in the ring, Kushida holds his arms and stomps Theory's face! HOVERBOARD LOCK BY KUSHIDA AND THEORY TAPS @ 3:20!! I like the more aggressive Kushida. This match showed that and helped get Kushida back on track.

Candice LeRae is at the Gargano house talking and complaining about what Tegan Nox did last week. Johnny Gargano comes in and complains about his TV. Johnny wants Tegan to pay for a new TV. Candice talks about next weeks battle royal. Gargano wants a specific TV but it's not there yet. He is interested in who wins the NXT North American Championship match tonight and calls both Damian Priest and Timothy Thatcher frauds. They say it won't be long until they both have gold.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Breezango (champs) vs. Imperium

Imperium attacks before the bell rings but are sent to the outside quickly. The bell rings and Imperium goes right back to the attack. Aichner and Fandango are starting. Imperium isolates Fandango in their corner. Barthel tags in and takes over the beat down. All Imperium in the early going. Stiff uppercut by Barthel! Fandango fights back but Barthel stops him with a jaw breaker. Aichner is back in and chokes Fandango across the second rope before hitting a back suplex. Big clothesline by Aichner gets a near fall. More isolating of Fandango in the corner as Barthel comes back in. Fandango has taken lots of abuse. Double underhook suplex by Barthel gets a near fall. Fandango battles of the the corner but can't quite make the cover. Great tag team wrestling Imperium as we go to a commercial (Breeze still hasn't been in the match).

We're back and Fandango is still being isolated! Fandango escapes with multiple back elbows and then hits a huge clothesline are Barthel. HE TAGS BREEZE!! AICHNER COMES IN AS WELL! Breeze is on fire!! Breeze locks a single leg crab on Aichner! He sends Aichner to the outside with Fandango. Breeze hits a super kick on Aichner!! 1...2...Barthel breaks it up! Breeze tries to sling shot Aichner into a Fandango elbow but it back fires. AICHNER HITS AN AWESOME SUPLEX ON BREEZE!! Awesome strength!! 1...2...Fandango saves it! Fandango takes out Aichner with a cross body and they go over the top! ALL FOUR MEN FIGHT ON THE OUTSIDE!! FANDANGO SUPER KICKS BOTH OF THEM! Fandango throws Aichner in the ring. FANDANGO MISSES A LEG DROP FROM THE TOP!! Kick by Barthel and a German from Aichner to Fandango!! 1...2...NO!! BIG TORNADO DDT BY FANDANGO ON AICHNER!! Both men make a tag! Breeze and Barthel trade blows. Aichner tags in! Spine buster and a soccer kick! THEY SETUP FOR A EUROPEAN BOMB ON BREEZE!! FANDANGO DROP KICKS AICHNER AND BREEZE GETS A VICTORY ROLL FOR THE WIN @ 14:23!! BREEZANGO RETAINS!! The match started slow but after the commercial break it picked up down the stretch.


Jessi Kamea & Xia Li vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro

This is Kamea and Li's first time teaming together so I like Carter and Catanzaro to win. We start with Carter and Li. Li gets a head lock early but Carter gets out of it quickly and gains the upper hand. Arm drag by Carter and she tags Catanzaro. Good team work by Carter and Catanzaro. Near fall for Kacy. Kayden comes back in. Xia Li hits some strikes and tags Kamea. Kamea gets quickly isolated in the corner. Another near fall for Catanzaro. Clothesline by Kamea and she tags Li. Knee strikes by Li followed by a spin kick for a near fall. Kamea comes back in and hits a terrible looking splash in the corner. Kacy avoids a charging Jessi. Kayden and Xia tag in. They both trade strikes. Carter super kicks Li and Kamea! CARTER HOLDS LI AND CATANZARO PUMP KICKS LI INTO A SAMOAN DROP PINNING COMBINATION FOR THE WIN @ 3:54!! Carter and Catanzaro offer fist pumps after the match. Kamea returns the favor but LI DOES NOT.

Drake Maverick finds Killian Dain backstage. Drake has been looking for him all day. Dain isn't in a talking mood. He tells Maverick he's not his friend or partner. Maverick says he will see him out there. Something tells me Maverick is on his own. Their tag match is next!

Tegan Nox talks now and she know she hasn't charged. She says Johnny is a whiner about the TV that Candice broke. Tegan says Candice won't win the battle royal but she will. Tegan tells Io that next time they face off, it'll be different.

Undisputed Era (Roderick Strong & Bobby Fish) vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Maverick looks concerned as Killian Dain doesn't come out. It appears to be 2-on-1 now. Fish starts for the UE. They isolate Maverick in the corner. He briefly tries to fight back but the numbers get the better of him. Strong misses a charging knee in the corner allowing Maverick to build some offense until he runs into a boot by Strong. Fish comes in but Maverick takes him out at the knee. Maverick hits a missile drop kick for a near fall. Maverick gets distracted by Strong and allowing Fish to take control. Strong blind tags as Maverick is beating up Fish. Strong hits a cradle back breaker. Killian Dain is watching backstage shaking his head. Uranage back breaker by Strong! Maverick tries to fight back again but Strong hits another uranage back breaker as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Fish is beating down Maverick. REGAL CONFRONTS DAIN BACKSTAGE!! REGAL WANTS DAIN TO GO TO THE RING! The Undisputed Era throw Maverick out of the ring and HERE COMES KILLIAN DAIN. Dain throws Maverick into the ring and walks away!! The UE talks shit to Dain as he leaves. DAIN IS PISSED AND COMES BACK TO THE RING! DAIN STARTS DESTROYING FISH AND STRONG! FISH HITS DAIN WITH A CHAIR CAUSING A DQ @ 9:39!! DAIN AND MAVERICK WIN! Dain and Maverick clear the ring and Maverick celebrates!! MAVERICK CLAIMS THEY ARE A GREAT TEAM AND DAIN DECKS HIM!!

Jake Atlas is interviewed in the parking lot about challenging Tommaso Ciampa. He says Ciampa lit a fire under him. CIAMPA ATTACKS ATLAS!! Officials check on Atlas along with KYLE O'REILLY, who tells Ciampa to save it for next week!

Damian Priest and Timothy Thatcher are warming up backstage. Their match is the main event and next!

William Regal says this is an exciting time for NXT. He claims it is time to crown a new #1 contender for the NXT Championship. There will be a gauntlet eliminator match to determine who will face Finn Balor at Takeover. No word on who the participants will be. The picture below shows the rules:

NXT North American Championship Match

Damian Priest (champ) vs. Timothy Thatcher

They lock up to begin and Thatcher gets the upper hand. Priest rolls out of a head lock and arm drags Thatcher. They have a stand off. Lock up again and Priest gets a near fall with a roll up. Another arm drag by Priest. Good grappling by both men early on. Thatcher takes Priest back down to the mat. Priest gets back to his feet and takes Thatcher down with a shoulder tackle. Big forearm by Priest. Thatcher back drops Priest to the apron and then knocks him to the outside. Thatcher follows Priest out. PRIEST SETS UP FOR THE RAZOR'S EDGE OUTSIDE BUT THATCHER SENDS HIM INTO THE STEPS! THATCHER DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPLEXES PRIEST ON THE FLOOR AS WE GO TO A SPLIT SCREEN COMMERCIAL!

Back in the ring, Thatcher works on Priest's arm. Uppercuts by Thatcher and then he takes Priest to the mat again. Thatcher charges Priest in the corner but eats a boot allowing Priest to take control. Priest tries a back elbow in the corner but Thatcher has it scouted. Thatcher works on Priest on the mat some more and gets a couple near falls. Priest battles back with some punches but Thatcher hits him with a hard slap! PRIEST LOOKS PISSED!! Strikes by Priest and another big forearm! Huge clothesline by Priest!! THATCHER GOT FLIPPED! Back elbow and Falcon Arrow by Priest!! 1...2...NO!! Priest goes for a choke slam but Thatcher tries an arm bar. Priest avoids it and hits two big kick! Priest tries a spring board but no one home! Thatcher goes for the arm bar again but Priest fights to his feet. Knee strikes and punches by Priest. Thatcher catches the leg and takes down Priest but Priest kicks him away. Thatcher takes him down again and locks in a single leg crab! Priest escapes but misses a clothesline! THATCHER LOCKS IN THE FUJIWARA ARM BAR!! PRIEST GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE! Thatcher tries a double underhook but Priest counters and HITS A JUMPING FLATLINER!! CHOKE SLAM BY PRIEST!! 1...2...NO!! Thatcher tries the arm bar again but Priest catches him with a kick to the jaw! PRIEST HITS A SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM THE TOP!! RECKONING ON THATCHER AND PRIEST WINS @ 12:48!! Good hard hitting match! Priest celebrates to end the show!!

Next week:

  • Jake Atlas vs. Tommaso Ciampa

  • #1 Contenders Battle Royal: Winner earns NXT Women's Championship match against Io Shirai

  • Gauntlet Eliminator Match: Winner will be the #1 contender for the NXT Championship and will face Finn Balor at Takeover

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! If you enjoy what you've read, don't hesitate to follow our Facebook page and get updates when new content is posted! Also, any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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