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NXT 9/1/2020: New NXT Champion Crowned in Fatal Four Way 60 Minute Iron Man Match or Not?!?

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher

  • Six Man Street Fight: Breezango (NXT Tag Team champs) & Isiah "Swerve" Scott vs. Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar is NXT Cruiserweight champ)

  • 1st Ever Fatal Four Way 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole

We're in Full Sail and once again in memory of "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. 1939-2020. RIP and condolences to the family.

We kick off the show with highlights of Karrion Kross relinquishing the title and the rest of the action from last week. A good video package highlights the iron man match.


Six Man Street Fight

Legado del Fantasma (Santos Escobar is NXT Cruiserweight champ) vs. Breezango (NXT Tag Team champs) & Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

Joaquin Wilde takes the tag champs and Swerve with a flip over the ropes to start! They all brawl on the outside to start! There's weapons everywhere and they're all being used. Swerve kicks Mendoza who eats a chair head first in the corner and it sounded nasty!! Wilde is paired off with Breeze and Escobar with Fandango. Swerve uses a trash can lid on Mendoza. Meanwhile, Fandango puts a ladder on his shoulders an airplane spins to take out Escobar!! A table is setup on the outside. FANDANGO SLING SHOTS BREEZE INTO MENDOZA'S BALLS!! Big knee by Swerve to Escobar! A fire extinguisher is introduced and Breeze uses it on all three of them as we go to a break!!

We're back and Fandango got put through a table on the outside by Wilde. Legado del Fantasma is in control. Swerve tries to fight back and he hits a flatliner on Mendoza! ESCOBAR SUICIDE DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT SWERVE AND SWERVE GOES OVER THE BARRICADE!! Wilde and Mendoza beat down Breeze on the ramp. IMPERIUM IS HERE!! THEY ATTACK BREEZE AS WELL!! 4-on-1 ON BREEZE!! In the ring, it's now 5-on-1 on Breeze!! SWERVE AND FANDANGO LEAP OFF A HUGE FORKLIFT TO TAKE OUT EVERYONE!!! Breezango and Swerve clean house!! Breezango dives to the outside taking out Imperium, Wilde, and Mendoza!! THAT LEAVES SWERVE AND ESCOBAR IN THE RING!! SWERVE HITS ESCOBAR WITH JML DRIVER FOR THE WIN @ 11:53!! Breezango and Swerve celebrate!! I don't care for them winning when it was 5-on-3 at one point as it makes Legado del Fantasma look bad but the match was entertaining none the less.

We see Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor warming up backstage

A video for Connor's Cure. Good stuff happening with these kids.

Tegan Nox interview/video package where she talks about her history with Candice LeRae. Tegan will do whatever to reconcile.

Candice LeRae vs. Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter

Candice hits Kacy with a stiff elbow early on. Kacy returns the favor and uses her speed to take Candice down with a head scissors. Candice delivers a sick neck breaker and then sends Kacy to the outside with a baseball slide. Candice puts Kacy back in the ring but Kacy gets a near fall roll up. Another big elbow by Candice for a near fall. Candice back elbows Kacy in the corner and follows with a snap mare. Candice goes for another back elbow but gets knees to the back! Kacy takes over in the corner. KACY TRIES A CODEBREAKER BUT CANDICE COUNTERS INTO A STF TYPE SUBMISSION WITH A SURFBOARD AND SUPER DRAGON STOMPS KACY'S FACE INTO THE MAT!! THAT'S IT @ 2:59!! Poor Kacy took some stiff shots and the winner was never in doubt.

Candice gets on the mic and she heard Tegan's comments. Candice says Kacy and Kayden remind her of Tegan and herself. Candice says she also wants to hash things out and she invites Tegan to come to her house to talk things out.

Rhea Ripley is backstage and she's sick of Mercedes Martinez and the Robert Stone Brand. Ripley challenges Martinez to a steel cage match!!

Bronson Reed vs. Timothy Thatcher

Barrett loves Thatcher being old school! Thatcher goes after an arm but Reed throws him. Reed goes to a head lock but Thatcher counters looking for a chicken wing. They go to the ropes. Both men trade blows and Reed takes down Thatcher with a big clothesline. Stiff shots by both men. Big senton by Reed!!! Another big clothesline takes Thatcher down again. Reed pushes Thatcher into the corner but Thatcher targets the arm and works it over on the mat. More punches and forearms traded by both men and Reed takes Thatcher down with a forearm. Reed squashes Thatcher from the ropes. REED DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT THATCHER!! Reed throws Thatcher in the ring. AUSTIN THEORY ATTACKS REED BUT THE REF DOESN'T SEE IT!! Theory throws Reed back in the ring. THATCHER LOCKS IN AN ARM BAR!! REED TEMPORARILY ESCAPES BUT THATCHER LOCKS IN A FUJIWARA ARM BAR AND REED TAPS OUT @ 4:46!! Good big man battle with Thatcher getting a much needed win but Reed looks alright in a loss thanks to Theory interference.

Adam Cole is with the Undisputed Era getting ready while Tommaso Ciampa is also getting ready. The main event is next!!

Mercedes Martinez accepts Rhea Ripley's challenge for next Tuesday in a steel cage!

1st Ever Fatal Four Way 60 Minute Iron Man Match for the NXT Championship

Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole vs. Finn Balor vs. Tommaso Ciampa

The match starts with all four men staring each other down. Gargano bails and Ciampa goes after Cole. Ciampa then beats down Balor in the corner going back and forth from Balor to Cole. Balor turns the tide and beats on Cole. Ciampa sends Balor to the outside. Gargano comes in but Ciampa is ready for him and Gargano is sent outside. Ciampa clears house!! CIAMPA GOES OUTSIDE AND KNOCKS BALOR INTO THE BARRICADE!! Ciampa is a house of fire taking out everyone!! Balor is back to send Ciampa into the steps and Cole into the plexiglass. Ciampa and Balor battle back in the ring. with Ciampa having the upper hand. Cole is back in and he sends Ciampa outside. Balor puts the boots to Cole and chokes Cole over the ring ropes. Balor knocks Gargano off the apron and goes back to Cole. Basement drop kick by Balor and Gargano is back in to attack both Balor and Cole. Gargano delivers a neck breaker to Balor and taunts him. Gargano gets a near fall on Cole. Gargano works on Cole's arm. Gargano taunts Cole also with the UE hand sign. More arm work on Cole by Gargano. Cole fires back with clotheslines and a leaping neck breaker! Balor comes back in but Cole is still in control. Neck breaker to Balor and Cole gets a near fall. Ciampa tries to get in and Cole stomps him. Balor fights back and takes down Cole and delivers a double stomp! Balor drops Ciampa with an arm across the face and neck! Near fall for Balor. Balor works on Ciampa as we go to a commercial at about the 10 minute mark! No falls yet!

We're back with Gargano beating on Cole with chops in the corner. Big boot by Cole to Gargano! Cole hits a big neck breaker!! 1...2...NO!! COLE SETS UP FOR THE PANAMA SUNRISE BUT GARGANO AVOIDS IT!! Cole delivers super kicks to Balor and Gargano!! Ciampa is back to take out Cole! All men down! Pretty even math so far. COLE GOES FOR THE PANAMA SUNRISE AGAIN BUT IS STOPPED ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!! Balor beats down Cole in the corner. BALOR SUPERPLEXES COLE WHILE CIAMPA POWER BOMBS BALOR!! Gargano covers Balor and Cole but gets near falls. Gargano works on Balor in the corner. BALOR HITS GARGANO WITH 1916!!! 1...2...NO!! SLING BLADE GARGANO!! JOHN WOO DROP KICK!! BALOR MISSES COUPE DE GRACE!! CIAMPA HITS BALOR WITH AN AIR RAID!! 1...2...NO!! We go to a split screen commercial at 20 minutes in with no falls yet!

Cole works on Ciampa. COLE SETS UP THE LAST SHOT BUT CIAMPA HOLDS HIS LEG! Gargano is in with a head scissors and locks COLE IN THE GARGANO ESCAPE WHILE CIAMPA HAS BALOR IN AN ARM BAR!! Cole makes the ropes! So does Balor!! Ciampa kicks Balor out of the ring. Ciampa and Gargano back into each other. Balor and Cole throw them out of the ring respectively. Cole faces off with Balor and Cole puts up the "too sweet" symbol. BALOR THROWS COLE OUT OF THE RING. JOHN WOO KICK BY BALOR DRIVES CIAMPA THROUGH THE TIME KEEPER AREA!! Balor takes out Gargano!! COUPE DE GRACE ON COLE!! BALOR PINS COLE TO GO UP 1-0 @ 24:00ish!! Balor is in the ring all alone. Balor goes in defense mode and tries to keep everyone from entering the ring. Balor tries to wear down Gargano in the ring. Balor stomps on both Gargano and Ciampa repeatedly. Balor sends Cole back out of the ring as we go to a split screen commercial at around the 28 minute mark.

Balor spends the break battling with Ciampa in the ring. Ciampa gets the upper hand and drops a vicious knee on Balor's head. Cole hits a jumping enziguri on Ciampa!! CIAMPA WITH A WICKED POWER BOMB BACK BREAKER TO COLE!! BALOR BREAKS UP THE COUNT! CIAMPA DOES THE SAME BACK BREAKER TO GARGANO!! Near fall. Balor gets a near fall on Ciampa with a jackknife cover. CIAMPA WITH THE POWER BOMB BACK BREAKER TO BALOR!! NEAR FALL! CIAMPA CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Ciampa goes outside after Cole. CIAMPA GOES TO SLING SHOT COLE UNDER THE RING BUT BALOR STOPS IT!! WIILLOW'S BELL TO BALOR!! FAIRY TALE ENDING TO BALOR!! GARGANO THROWS CIAMPA OUT OF THE RING AND PINS BALOR!! BALOR AND GARGANO HAVE 1 @ 32:00ish minutes!! Gargano tries to get another quick one but can't. COLE HITS A LAST SHOT ON CIAMPA!! 1...2...NO!! Cole blocks the Fairy Tale Ending. COLE HITS A PANAMA SUN RISE ON GARGANO AND PINS HIM FOR A FALL!! ONLY CIAMPA IS AT ZERO!! Cole sets up Gargano but Balor stops the Last Shot. Ciampa sets up Gargano and Cole on the apron and HITS DOUBLE WILLOW'S BELL!! FAIRY TALE ENDING TO COLE!! CIAMPA PINS COLE!! THEY ALL HAVE 1 FALL WITH ABOUT 23 MINUTES LEFT!! Everyone makes it to their feet for a stand off.

All four men are throwing haymakers now leaving only Balor and Ciampa in the ring. Gargano and Cole are fighting outside. Balor and Ciampa take each other down with double clotheslines. Cole and Gargano both go down after double super kicks!! Ciampa gets a handful of near falls on Balor. Ciampa hits a sitting Balor with a knee strike in the corner. HE HITS ANOTHER ONE AND BALOR ROLLS OUT OF THE RING!! Cole is back now but Ciampa knocks him off the apron and follows him outside. CIAMPA SENDS GARGANO INTO THE PLEXIGLASS!! COLE GOES INTO THE PLEXIGLASS!! UNDER 20 MINUTES LEFT!! Ciampa tries to lift Cole on the apron but no luck and they go back into the ring. Cole goes to the top but Ciampa cuts him off. CIAMPA TRIES AN AIR RAID BUT COLE SLIDES OUT OF IT!! SUPER KICK TO CIAMPA BY COLE! Split screen commercial.

Cole locks Ciampa in a figure four but Balor breaks it up. Balor locks the figure four on Ciampa now!! Cole is back to break it up. Cole tries a figure four on Ciampa but Ciampa rolls him up for a near fall. This time Cole gets the figure four on Ciampa again!! GARGANO IS BACK AND LOCKS CIAMPA IN THE GARGANO ESCAPE WHILE HE'S IN THE FIGURE FOUR!! Balor breaks it all up!! Balor is in control. Balor snap suplexes Gargano for a near fall. Ciampa's knee gives out. Only Balor and Ciampa in the ring now. Balor locks in a single leg crab but Ciampa makes the ropes. UNDER 10 MINUTES LEFT!! Balor is still in control with Cole and Gargano on the outside. JOHN WOO KICK TO CIAMPA!! BALOR MISSES COUPE DE GRACE!! COLE AND GARGANO BOTH SUPER KICK BALOR!! Gargano is all alone now. GARGANO TAKES OUT CIAMPA WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!! SUICIDE DIVE TO COLE TOO!! GARGANO TRIES TO BALOR BUT BALOR CATCHES HIM!! GARGANO HITS BALOR WITH A TORNADO DDT ON THE FLOOR!! Split screen commercial.

All men look exhausted. In the ring, Cole super kicks Gargano and hits a neck breaker!! 1...2...NO!! Cole and Gargano trade blows! Super kick by Cole. COLE MISSES THE LAST SHOT AND GARGANO LOCKS IN THE GARGANO ESCAPE!! CIAMPA PULLS THEM OUT OF THE RING!! All four men are on the outside. CIAMPA SENDS BALOR INTO PLEXIGLASS! Ciampa suplexes Cole on the floor. 3 MINUTES LEFT!! ALL TIED!! Ciampa and Gargano are slugging it out! CIAMPA PUTS GARGANO UNDER THE RING AND SLING SHOTS HIM THROAT FIRST INTO THE RING!! Ciampa throws Gargano in the ring. COLE BREAKS UP THE COVER!! COLE COVERS AND BALOR BREAKS IT UP!! Ciampa takes out Balor and Cole outside. CIAMPA ROLLS UP GARGANO!! 1...2...NO!! 90 SECONDS LEFT!! Ciampa beats on Gargano in the corner. AIR RAID TO GARGANO!! COUPE DE GRACE BY BALOR!! BALOR PINS CIAMPA!! BALOR HAS 2!! LESS THAN 10 SECONDS!! COLE HITS LAST SHOT ON BALOR!!! 1...2...3 AS TIME EXPIRES!! COLE HAS 2!! COLE AND BALOR ARE TIED AT 2!! Balor and Cole argue over who the champion is. WILLIAM REGAL IS OUT!! He announces BALOR VS. COLE NEXT WEEK ONE-ON-ONE FOR THE TITLE!! Balor and Cole argue to end the show!

Next week:

  • Steel Cage Match: Rhea Ripley vs. Mercedes Martinez

  • NXT Championship Match: Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole

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