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NXT 8/31/2021 Quick Results: Ciampa vs. Holland Main Events; Gargano vs. Knight; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's NXT:

  • Sarray vs. Mandy Rose w/ Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne

  • Kyle O'Reilly vs. Duke Hudson

  • NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov comes back to NXT

  • Johnny Gargano w/ InDex vs. LA Knight

  • Non-Title Match: Raquel Gonzalez (NXT Women's Champion) vs. Jessi Kamea w/ Franky Monet & Robert Stone

  • NXT Champion Samoa Joe has sit down interview with Wade Barrett

  • Roderick Strong vs. Ikemen Jiro

  • Tommaso Ciampa vs. Ridge Holland w/ Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, & Danny Burch

We're in the Capitol Wrestling Center for NXT tonight. We're kicking off the show with some women's action!

Sarray defeated Mandy Rose w/ Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne via count out @ 6:49. Sarray would hit Mandy with one of her sick trademark low drop kicks while Mandy was up against the ropes. Mandy fell out of the ring. Dolin and Jayne rushed to help Mandy and then just took her to the back willingly taking the count out loss. Definitely one of the better Mandy matches. Makes me wonder if the ending had to be changed due to the hard fall to the outside.

Commentary hypes Ciampa vs. Holland for later tonight. Ciampa promo now. Ciampa says Holland did exactly what he said he was going to do by taking out Timothy Thatcher. The post match attack doesn't sit well with Ciampa. Ciampa dedicates tonight's ass whooping to "Toothless" Timmy. Ciampa says a motivated Ciampa is a scary Ciampa!

Up next is O'Reilly vs. Hudson!

Kyle O'Reilly defeated Duke Hudson via submission @ 11:54. O'Reilly had his ribs taped up for the match (still selling the undisputed finale with Adam Cole). Hudson got a chance to shine and most of his offense focused on the ribs of O'Reilly. O'Reilly delivered two dragon screws to Hudson across the ropes followed by a knee drop from the top onto the knee. O'Reilly finished Hudson with the heel hook.

NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov is next.

Highlights of two weeks ago when Indi Hartwell proposed to Dexter Lumis. The wedding is September 14th. Beth Phoenix has an InDex shirt on. She gives one to Barrett as well but he's not impressed.

The NEW NXT UK Champion Ilja Dragunov makes his way to the ring and is limping. In all seriousness, that was one of the best matches I've seen in a long time! It's a must see if you haven't seen it. He has a mic and "You deserve it" chants from the crowd. Dragunov says before he goes back home, he wanted us all to see that he's still alive. "Please don't go" chants. Dragunov says he feels more alive than ever before. He survived the biggest and most intense battle of his life. He likes it here and we'll see him soon again. For now, he's shown the world what it takes to be NXT UK Champion. He asks who's willing to go through all of the struggles to take the championship away from him? He says the Ring General has fallen. "Long live the Czar".

Earlier today, Kay Lee Ray sat down for an interview. She's asked about her arrival in NXT at Takeover. She says she makes an impact where ever she goes. That's why she chose Takeover to make a statement. She's asked if she'll be in NXT full time. She's asked about Raquel Gonzalez, Io Shirai, Dakota Kai, Ember Moon, and others. KLR runs them all down. She says Regal brought her here because he knows what she's capable of. She puts over her NXT UK Women's Championship reign and says she plans to dominate here as well.

Carmelo Hayes is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. He says he has the golden ticket with his Breakout Tournament contract. He talks about his championship options. Elektra Lopez comes in and tells Hayes that the NXT North American Champion belongs to Santos Escobar. That brings Legado del Fantasma in. Escobar tells Hayes that since he's new, he can have a pass. Escobar tells Hayes to stay out of his business and walks off. Hayes asks McKenzie if Escobar just threatened him before walking off.

Imperium defeated Drake Maverick & Grayson Waller via pin @ 3:06. Waller was making his NXT debut. Imperium finished Waller with the European Bomb. Squash.

Johnny Gargano is backstage with Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis. Hartwell wants Gargano to give Lumis a chance. InDex will be in Gargano's corner for his match against LA Knight. It's next!

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan promo with Pete Dunne and Ridge Holland also. Lorcan/Burch want a shot at MSK's tag titles. Dunne and Holland talk about how Holland will take out Ciampa. They say how nice it is that Ciampa dedicated the match to Thatcher. He can tell him about it when they're next to each other in the hospital.

Moments ago in the back, footage is shown of Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne attacking Sarray in her locker room.

LA Knight defeated Johnny Gargano w/ InDex via pin @ 14:05. The match started with "InDex" chants before transitioning to "Johnny Wrestling". Hartwell spends the majority of the match just staring at Lumis. At one point, Gargano takes a bad fall on a stun gun across the top rope. The finish came when Lumis accidentally cost Gargano and it led to Knight hitting Gargano with the BFT! Post match, Gargano yells at Lumis. Knight gets the big win while the InDex/Gargano storyline continues along.

NXT Tag Team Champions MSK go to talk to William Regal in his office. They would like to give Lorcan/Burch a shot at the tag titles since they were stripped of the titles. Regal grants it for next week.

Mei Ying and Boa vignette in Chinese so I'm not sure what is said. However, the end of it says Mei Ying will compete in her first match next week!

NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez defeated Jessi Kamea w/ Franky Monet & Robert Stone via pin @ 2:43 in a non-title match. Gonzalez finished Kamea in short order with the Chingona Bomb. Post match, Gonzalez and Monet have a stare down and talk trash while Stone checks on Kamea.

Ember Moon is backstage with McKenzie Mitchell. Moon was in the back trying to enjoy her birthday (it's today) when she heard Kay Lee Ray running her mouth. Moon doesn't appreciate her name coming out of KLR's mouth and challenges KLR to a match next week.

The interview with NXT Champion Samoa Joe is next.

A vignette airs with the new NXT logo.

NXT Champion Samoa Joe joins Wade Barrett for a sit down interview. Barrett asks Joe what his expectations are as champion and the future of NXT. Joe says he expects to reestablish what it means to be NXT Champion. He says this began far before he won the championship. Joe says he wasn't 100% going into Takeover. He spent time in Vegas scouting talent over SummerSlam weekend looking for the next stars. Then he flew back to NXT to defeat Kross. Barrett asks if this being his third reign, does that change how he looks at it? He talks about carrying on the legacy of the championship and name drops Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura. Joe wants to know who amongst the NXT roster wants to step up.

Roderick Strong w/ Diamond Mine defeated Ikemen Jiro via pin @ 4:58. This was the open challenge that Strong issued last week. Jiro accepted and proclaimed Kushida as his idol. Strong hit Jiro with End of Heartache twice to get the win. Felt like placeholder until Strong can faces Kushida. The winner was never in doubt to me but otherwise, this was solid for how much time they got. During a post match promo, Strong says Kushida's NXT Cruiserweight Championship belongs to him.

McKenzie is backstage with NXT Women's Tag Team Champions Io Shirai and Zoey Stark. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter are also here. They will challenge for the tag titles next week. Catanzaro & Carter explain how they're a team in and out of the ring. Shirai pretty much says she doesn't like any of them but will work with Stark because she's her partner.

Ciampa vs. Holland is next!

McKenzie is backstage with Million Dollar Championship Cameron Grimes. He talks about the advice from Ted DiBiase. He's interrupted by GRIZZLED YOUNG VETERANS. They make fun of him for having a replica championship. Grimes laughs and asks if they need a loan because they're low on funds. Grimes drops the championship on Gibson's toe. GRIMES IS GOING TO THE MOON!!!

Tommaso Ciampa defeated Ridge Holland w/ Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, & Danny Burch via pin @ 12:02. This was a good back and forth hard hitting match. Ciampa would put Holland away with Willow's Bell. Post match, Dunne/Lorcan/Burch tried to attack Ciampa but MSK would make the save! Ciampa and MSK stand tall to end the show!

Next Week:

  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. MSK (champs)

  • Mei Ying in action

  • Ember Moon vs. Kay Lee Ray

  • NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Io Shirai & Zoey Stark (champs)

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