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NXT 8/24/2021 Quick Results: Breakout Winner Crowned; Burch Returns; 6 Man Tag Main Events; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s NXT:

  • Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase have championship celebration

  • Timothy Thatcher w/ Tommaso Ciampa vs. Ridge Holland w/ Pete Dunne

  • What does NXT Champion Samoa Joe have to say?

  • Breakout Tournament Finals: Odyssey Jones vs. Carmelo Hayes

  • Six Man Tag Team Match: Hit Row vs. Legado del Fantasma

We're in the Capitol Wrestling Center for the fallout of Takeover tonight! We open the show with a "Million Dollar" limo arriving. It's Million Dollar Champion Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase. They're ready to celebrate. Highlights of Grimes winning the title at Takeover are shown.

Grimes and DiBiase make their way to the ring for the celebration. "To the moon" chants. DiBiase says people wondered what he was doing in NXT. He was looking for someone to carry on the million dollar legacy. DiBiase praises Grimes and puts him over as Million Dollar Champion. Grimes admits DiBiase drove him nuts when he first arrived. Grimes is glad DiBiase tested him. Grimes says before DiBiase, Grimes didn't have an accomplishment worth bragging about. Grimes says there's no way he was going to allow DiBiase be LA Knight's butler. So, together, they took care of Knight and Grimes became champ! Grimes says he's wore out from celebrating and asks DiBiase where they're going next? DiBiase tells Grimes he already knows! In unison, they say "TO THE MOON!!!!" MONEY FALLS FROM THE CEILING!!!

Highlights from NXT Takeover 36 are shown.

We see Hit Row arriving to the building

Ridge Holland w/ Pete Dunne defeated Timothy Thatcher w/ Tommaso Ciampa via pin @ 10:37. Holland got the pine after a powerslam driver in one of his better matches. Post match, Ciampa gets in the ring to fight Holland. Dunne joins in as well. Ciampa gets the better of him. DANNY BURCH RETURNS as he and Lorcan join the attack on Ciampa and Thatcher! Holland hits Thatcher in the throat with the truncheon.

Carmelo Hayes is interviewed about the Breakout Tournament Finals. He talks about him being the underdog story but he considers himself the overdog. He puts over Jones size. He's asked what's next after tonight. He says we'll see if with championship gold.

Highlights of Indi Hartwell's proposal to Dexter Lumis. McKenzie Mitchell congratulates them as she interviews them. McKenzie asks if there's a wedding date. Lumis hands her an invite. It's September 14, 2021!

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter defeated Gigi Dolin & Jacy Jayne via pin @ 4:05. Catanzaro pinned Jayne after a neck breaker/450 combo from Catanzaro/Carter. Post match, Catanzaro/Carter want a tag team championship opportunity.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with NXT Women's Champion Raquel Gonzalez. She puts over how tough Dakota Kai is. She's asked about Kay Lee Ray. Gonzalez has been waiting for KLR to come across the pond. Gonzalez tells KLR to get in line. FRANKY MONET INTERRUPTS to say she doesn't wait in line. Monet says she'll take Gonzalez's title and shine.

Odyssey Jones is interviewed about the Breakout Finals. Jones says his positivity comes from the negatives in life. He talks about his journey from football to wrestling. He puts over Hayes and says he'll be his toughest opponent yet.

Kay Lee Ray defeated Valentina Feros via pin @ 2:50. KLR won a squash with the Gory Bomb.

Dolin and Jayne are interviewed about their loss. They says nothing. MANDY ROSE IS HERE. She invites them to come with her and never look back.

New NXT Champion Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring. Joe says at NXT Takeover 36, he stood across from the most dominant NXT Champion of all time. Joe says he beat up Kross and became the first 3x time NXT Champion. He's not here to celebrate. From his experience, being NXT Champion means being King of the Savages. He noticed some stares when he got to the building today. Joe wants to know who's going to do more than stare and step up to the champ! PETE DUNNE COMES OUT! "Joe's going to kill you" chants. Dunne says he doesn't care how many times Joe has had the title. Dunne tells Joe to have William Regal make the match. Dunne tells Joe not to make him provoke him. LA KNIGHT IS HERE! Knight says the chills going down Joe's spine now is fear. Knight tells Joe if he has enough dingle in his loins, Knight will be the first challenger. It's LA KNIGHT'S GAME! Dunne says if Knight takes another step, he'll break his fingers. HERE COMES KYLE O'REILLY! O'Reilly hasn't met Knight and introduces himself. O'Reilly says no one wants to see Knight in a championship match. O'Reilly respects Joe and says he's earned a title match. HOLLAND ATTACKS O'REILLY! DUNNE TRIES TO BLIND SIDE JOE BUT JOE IS READY!! CIAMPA ATTACKS DUNNE!! Holland saves Dunne from Ciampa. Knight tries to attack Joe but gets his ass whooped. JOE STANDS TALL!

Grimes and DiBiase are leaving the building and Grimes said he had a hell of a night. Grimes opens the door of the limo and DiBiase gets in. Grimes gives the Million Dollar Championship to DiBiase but DiBiase gives it back! Grimes checks it and DIBIASE GAVE HIM A REPLICA!! THAT DAMN DIBIASE!!!

McKenzie interviews O'Reilly about getting beat up by Holland. Duke Hudson is here and says it's been a rough few days for O'Reilly. THEY BRAWL and have to be broken up by security.

Carmelo Hayes defeated Odyssey Jones via pin @ 10:32 to win the Breakout Tournament! Hayes can now choose a championship to challenge for. Hayes pinned Jones with a crucifix pin after he countered a Jones pin after a splash. Both men shake hands post match. Regal joins Hayes on the stage and offers him the contract. Hayes is asks which champion he would like to face. Hayes gives Jones a shoutout. Hayes says it's too early to decide which champion but when he shoots his shot, he won't miss.

Pete Dunne and company with a promo now. Dunne wants Joe's title and Lorcan/Burch want the tag titles. Holland promises to make Ciampa look like Thatcher. Thatcher says they will finish things.

It's announced by commentary that Timothy Thatcher is out indefnitely after attack earlier.

Xyon Quinn defeated Boa w/ Mei Ying via pin @ 1:09. Boa made a gesture to Mei Ying in acceptance but turned into a running forearm for the loss. Quinn tried to leave up the ramp but decided not to because of Mei Ying and left through the crowd.

Johnny Gargano meets with Regal and wants the InDex wedding cancelled. Regal won't cancel. LA knight is here to complain about Joe and it leads to lots of arguing. Regal throws them both out of his office.

Malcolm Bivens promo where he runs down NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Kushida. Bivens says Roderick Strong will issue an open challenge next week. Also announced for next week is Holland vs. Ciampa. Plus two more matches that you can see below.

Legado del Fantasma defeated Hit Row in a six man tag team match via pin @ 13:58. B-FAB interfered on Hit Row's behalf sending Escobar into the ring post. Elektra Lopez would come to ringside and take out B-FAB with a pipe. She threw it in the ring where Swerve caught it. The ref took it from him but the distraction allowed Escobar to roll up Swerve for the win! End Show.

Next Week:

  • Roderick Strong issues an open challenge

  • Tommaso Ciampa vs. Ridge Holland

  • Johnny Gargano vs. LA Knight

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