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NXT 8/12/2020: Kross/Burch, Priest/Reed, & Another North American Championship Qualifier!

Here's what scheduled for tonight:

  • Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett vs. Danny Burch kicks off the show!

  • Non-Title Match: Tyler Breeze vs. Santos Escobar (NXT Cruiserweight champ)

  • Triple Threat Qualifying Match for the Ladder Match at NXT Takeover XXX for the NXT North American Championship: Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes vs. ???

  • Candice LeRae & Johnny Gargano invite the NXT Universe into their home

  • Damian Priest vs. Bronson Reed

  • How will Adam Cole respond to Pat McAfee's attack?

We're opening the night with highlights of Pat McAfee and Adam Cole incident last week. Also, we see highlights of Karrion Kross and Keith Lee's interaction.

Let's get to some action!

Karrion Kross w/ Scarlett vs. Danny Burch

Poor Burch was destroyed by Kross backstage last week which has led us to this. Kross definitely has one of the best entrances in the business right now. I don't expect this to last long. Burch runs to the ring and immediately attacks Kross when the bell rings. Burch lands a bunch of strikes before clotheslining Kross to the outside. On the outside, Kross takes over and stops Burch's momentum. Kross throws Burch back in and hits an exploder suplex. Burch fights back with a step up enziguri and a missile drop kick. Burch follows up with a German suplex but Kross rocks Burch with a forearm. Another German by Burch gets a near fall. Burch locks Kross in a crossface!! Kross powers out and hits the Doomsday Saito!! ANOTHER DOOMSDAY SAITO!! Burch tries to fight back but no luck as KROSS APPLIES THE KROSS JACKET AND BURCH IS OUT @ 4:00!! As expected, Kross picks up the win on his way to Lee. Speaking of KEITH LEE, HERE HE COMES!! Lee gets in the ring and Kross bails to the outside! Lee has a mic and a contract with him. Lee tells Kross this in all on Kross. Lee calls Kross a bitch for not wanting to face him. Lee claims he pleaded with Regal for a match with Kross at Takeover and promised Regal he wouldn't hit Kross until then. Lee says he just needs Kross' punk ass name on the contract and throws it down. Scarlett comes and grabs the contract and takes it to Kross WHO SIGNS IT!! IT'S OFFICIAL!! They all have a stare following. LEE OPENS THE CONTRACT BACK UP AND A FIRE BALL HITS HIM IN THE FACE!! Medical staff are out to check on Lee. Lee hollers for Kross as he refuses medical attention. In the back now, Lee finally seems to be letting medical staff help him while claiming he's fine.

Drake Maverick vs. Killian Dain

While this match is going on, we have a split screen of the medical staff working on Keith Lee. Maverick uses his speed early on to avoid Dain. Maverick hits a couple strikes with no luck as we got to a split screen commercial. Maverick tries to work Dain over in the corner as we see Keith Lee walking to an ambulance! Back in the ring, Dain is in control of Maverick. Mia Yim is checking on Lee near the ambulance. This match is definitely taking a back seat to what's going on with Lee. Dain slams Maverick and continues the punishment. Yim helps Lee get up into the ambulance. Maverick uses his speed to avoid a charging Dain in the corner and goes after Dain's knee. Maverick uses strikes to build some offense trying to get Dain off his feet. Dain puts a stop to that. The ambulance leaves with Lee and Yim and we see the Undisputed Era arrive!! Dain and Maverick fight on the outside now. Both men beat the count. Maverick goes to the top and drops an elbow! THE UNDISPUTED ERA ARE HERE AND THEY BEAT THE HELL OUT OF BOTH MEN SO THE REF CALLS FOR THE BELL @ 5:12!! A pointless match as the focus was on everything but the match. LAST SHOT BY COLE TO DAIN!! Cole has a mic now. Cole tells Pat McAfee to listen!! Cole is fired up and he dares McAfee to show up next week!! COLE WANTS TO TELL MCAFEE TO HIS FACE THAT HE'LL WHOOP HIS ASS AT TAKEOVER!! MCAFEE CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT AND THAT'S UNDISPUTED!!

Highlights of last weeks encounter between Breezango and Legado del Fantasma. Tyler Breeze vs. Santos Escobar is next!

Kushida cuts a video promo talking about his triple threat match tonight. He claims he will win the ladder match at Takeover XXX.

Non-Title Match

Tyler Breeze vs. Santos Escobar (NXT Cruiserweight champ) w/ Raul Mendoza & Joaquin Wilde

On his way to the ring, Escobar sends Mendoza and Wilde to the back. Breeze tries to take the fight to Escobar but it's Escobar who is dominant early on. All out assault by Escobar early and he hits a very nice drop kick off the ropes. Escobar talks trash while delivering kicks to Breeze. (Side note: Commentary says we will have medical update on Keith Lee later tonight) Breeze fights back with a kick of his own to Escobar's head. They go to the outside where Escobar targets Breeze's left knee. Escobar military presses Breeze onto the apron as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Escobar is in control and delivers a Manhattan drop followed by a knee strike. Breeze avoids the Phantom Driver and sends Escobar out of the ring. Escobar gets back in and Breeze hits him with a series of forearms and kicks. Breeze takes him from corner to corner hitting him with strikes. MENDOZA AND WILDE ARE BACK!! Breeze is distracted allowing ESCOBAR TO HIT THE PHANTOM DRIVER FOR THE WIN @ 7:51!! FANDANGO COMES LIMPING DOWN THE RAMP WITH A CANE AND HIS ARM IN A SLING! Fandango tries to help but Legado del Fantasma beats him down with the cane!! ISIAH "SWERVE" SCOTT IS HERE TO MAKE THE SAVE!! Commentary makes sure to say that Swerve is the only one to have beaten Escobar.

Dakota Kai video promo now talking about how Io Shirai is not the best. She claims to have figured out how to beat Io. Kai says she has outsmarted Shirai and says she has done everything on her own haha. Dakota claims she'll beat Io at Takeover. Good heel promo here by Dakota.

Ridge Holland video and he says his second chance match will be against Johnny Gargano!

Indi Hartwell vs. Mia Yim

Yim is interviewed backstage and isn't in a good mood. She doesn't have an update on Keith Lee yet because she couldn't stay at the hospital. I don't like Hartwell's chances! Beth Phoenix says she can relate to Mia referencing everything Edge has been through. All Mia and she takes down Indi and followed up with a basement drop kick. Mia hits a cannon ball in the corner. Stacked up cover by Yim gets a near fall. Hartwell fights back and delivers some kicks to Yim in the corner but Yim fights out of the corner with some chops. Yim runs into a side walk slam by Hartwell who gets a near fall. Hartwell locks in a chin lock/sleeper. Yim fights out repeatedly but Hartwell keeps trying to use it. They eventually trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Hartwell knocks off Yim's head band and Yim snaps! Neck breaker and a German by Yim! YIM LOCKS IN AN ARM BAR TYPE SUBMISSION AND HARTWELL TAPS AT 4:36!! For how pissed Yim was, that match went longer than I expected and Hartwell actually got some time to shine before the eventual loss.

Finn Balor video promo now. He'll take his second chance. He says no matter your age, everybody watches the Prince. He will face the loser of tonight's triple threat that doesn't get beaten next week. Balor doesn't care who it is.

Bronson Reed and Damian Priest are backstage getting ready for their match. It's next!

Pat McAfee tweets out that he'll be at NXT next week!

Damian Priest vs. Bronson Reed

Both of these men have already qualified for the ladder match at Takeover. Priest found Reed in the parking lot last week and called him a fluke. After some standing around, they lock up in the center. Both men exchange counters with Priest getting the better of the situation. Both men collide when going for shoulder blocks. Neither man budges. Reed takes Priest off his feet with a shoulder tackle. Priest gets right back up and they trade strikes. Priest starts building momentum and hits a jumping enziguri. Reed blocks a suplex as does Priest. Reed hits a DDT and Priest rolls to the outside as we go to a commercial.

We're back and Priest is pounding on Reed in the ring. During the break, Priest sent Reed back first into the steps. Reed hits a series of punches for try to come back. Reed delivers a D'Lo Brown style Sky High! Avalanche in the corner by Reed! Big senton by Reed gets a near fall! Priest counters strike and hits leaping flat liner! Priest builds momentum and hits a springboard somersault!! Priest tries to suplex Reed but can't. He delivers some knees and tries again and HITS THE BROKEN ARROW!! Reed pops up and delivers his own brain buster. A kick by Priest and he tries to follow up with a springboard but Reed catches him and plants him! REED LOOKS FOR THE TSUNAMI SPLASH BUT MISSES! PRIEST LOOKS THE RECKONING BUT REED COUNTERS WITH A JACKKNIFE COVER FOR THE WIN @ 11:27!! Good back and forth battle by two big men! Priest looks shocked after the match and can't believe Reed won. I'm alright with Reed winning but don't like that they keep making it look like a fluke.

Io Shirai video promo now. Shirai claims Kai is acting like a big star and claims no one even knew who the real Dakota was. Io says before Dakota attacked Tegan Nox, no one cared about her. Shirai said she uses people then gets rid of them. Io mentions Dakota being afraid of Shayna Baszler. After Takeover, she'll be afraid of Io too. Io says Dakota isn't in her head. She's just pissed her off!

Cameron Grimes says he's the right man at the right time. He's winning tonight and leaving Takeover as the new NXT North American champ.

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Aliyah & Mercedes Martinez w/ Robert Stone

Martinez could probably win this as a handicap match in my opinion. Robert Stone talks prior to the start and hypes his brand. Their future is bright. He tries to recruit Kacy. Kacy stomps on Stone!! Kayden starts with Aliyah but tags in Kacy early. Quick tags by Kacy and Kayden early as they isolate Aliyah. Mercedes makes a blind tag. Aliyah and Mercedes double team Kayden but Kacy breaks up a cover attempt as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Aliyah gets a near fall on Kayden. Mercedes comes back in and beats on Kayden in the corner. Kayden comes back in and gets a near fall off an atomic leg drop. Mercedes comes back in to continue the beat down. The match already feels too long. Kayden hits a kick on Aliyah. Kacy and Mercedes both tag in!! Kacy takes Mercedes down and hits a somersault kick. Aliyah and Kayden take each other out. MERCEDES PICKS UP KACY AND HITS HER AIR RAID CRASH FOR THE WIN @ 7:51!! They celebrate and HERE COMES RHEA RIPLEY!! Mercedes challenges her to get in the ring. Ripley comes in and beats down Mercedes!! Aliyah attacks Rhea from behind!! They double team Rhea! SHOTZI BLACKHEART IS HERE FOR THE SAVE!! The Robert Stone Brand backs down.

W'ere taken to the Gargano household!! Candice reads to their dog and while Johnny sets up a ladder. Candice claims she is not evil and Tegan Nox needs to mind her own business. Gargano climbs the ladder he set up in the house. Gargano makes fun of Priest and Reed. He says they aren't on his level and you can't have a Takeover without Johnny Takeover. Gargano says he'll beat Ridge Holland next week and make history at Takeover XXX by becoming a two time NXT North American champ!

The triple threat qualifying match is next!

First though, Timothy Thatcher gives another lesson on a single leg crab and his ankle lock.

No real updated on Keith Lee but he claims Karrion Kross is a dead man at Takeover XXX.

Triple Threat Qualifying Match

Winner advances to the Ladder Match at NXT Takeover XXX for the NXT North American Championship

Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes vs. Velveteen Dream

The mystery person is THE VELVETEEN DREAM!! Grimes and Kushida both go after Dream early on. The alliance is short lived. Dream hands Grimes up across the top rope. Kushida and Dream go to square off but Grimes tries to pull Dream out. Dream hits a double axe on Kushida from the top. Kushida sends Dream to the outside. Dream gets taken out multiple times. Grimes attacks Kushida. Kushida hits a tornado DDT on Dream on the outside. Grimes takes over on Kushida as we go to a split screen commercial.

During the break, Grimes wears down Kushida in the corner while Dream is still on the outside. Dream gets back in and goes after Grimes but Grimes takes him down and Dream rolls to the outside. Grimes goes back to Kushida and works on him on the mat. Grimes gets a near fall as Dream comes back in but Grimes knocks him back out of the ring. Grimes goes back to working on Kushida. Officially back from break and Kushida builds some momentum and Dream gets back in the ring. Kushida takes Grimes out with an enziguri and takes Dream down with some kicks. They all trade big kicks! All men are down! Dream clothesline Grimes out of the ring and jumps off the top to take him out! Dream is in control in the ring. DREAM VALLEY DRIVER TO KUSHIDA!! Grimes throws Dream out of the ring but Dream prevents Grimes from making the cover!! Grimes and Dream fight on the outside. KUSHIDA TAKES OVER DREAM OUTSIDE WITH A FLIP OFF THE TOP!! Kushida and Grimes fight on the top and Kushida flips off the top with Grimes and locks in the arm breaker! DREAM COMES OFF THE TOP BUT KUSHIDA CATCHES HIM IN THE HOVERBOARD LOCK!! DREAM ROLLS THROUGH BUT KUSHIDA AVOIDS THE DREAM VALLEY DRIVER!! Kushida locks in the Hoverboard Lock on Dream!! CAVE IN BY GRIMES!! GRIMES THROWS DREAM OUT OF THE RING AND PINS KUSHIDA @ 8:54!! This was a very fast paced balls to the wall match. Grimes celebrates and this means Velveteen Dream will face Finn Balor next week! After the match, DREAM ATTACKS KUSHIDA!!! Dream celebrates his attack over Kushida by taunting in the ring. FINN BALOR IS HERE!! They have a stare down to end the show!

Next Week:

  • Pat McAfee returns to NXT to confront Adam Cole face-to-face

  • Six Man Tag Team Match: Legado del Fantasma vs. Breezango & Isiah "Swerve" Scott

  • Second chance NXT North American Championship Qualifying Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Ridge Holland

  • Second chance NXT North American Championship Qualifying Match: Finn Balor vs. Velveteen Dream

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