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NXT 6/8/2021: Kross Confronts His Challengers; Big Return; Priceless Announcement from DiBiase!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s NXT:

  • Poppy Returns

  • Killian Dain vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott

  • Austin Theory vs. Oney Lorcan

  • Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez (NXT Women's Champion)

  • Ted DiBiase has a "Priceless" Announcement regarding NXT Takeover: In Your House

  • Fatal Five Way Face-Off: NXT Champion Karrion Kross meets his Takeover opponents face-to-face

We're in the Capitol Wrestling Center for the last NXT before NXT Takeover: In Your House this weekend. We open with highlights of Adam Cole interrupting last week's triple threat match and the confrontation between Karrion Kross and Adam Cole. The other Takeover matches are also hyped.

We're starting with singles action. We see highlights of a brawl that took place earlier today between Austin Theory and Oney Lorcan.

Austin Theory vs. Oney Lorcan

Lock up and Theory with a side head lock. Lorcan escapes and goes after the arm. Theory stops that with a boot and takes Lorcan to the corner. Nice drop kick by Theory followed by an arm drag. Head lock take down by Theory. Lorcan escapes and head scissors to Theory. Theory gets frees and loses his head band. Theory back to the head lock. Lorcan gets to his feet and backs Theory into the ropes. They trade strikes and Lorcan with a take down. Lorcan works on the leg of Theory. Theory kicks Lorcan away and clotheslines him in the corner followed by a stomp and a suplex. Theory talks trash and eats a chop. Another one backs Theory to the corner where Lorcan stomps him. Lorcan catches Theory coming off the ropes with an elbow to the mouth. Uppercut by Lorcan and he sends Theory to the apron. Theory looks to dive back in but Lorcan with a knee to the jaw sending Theory to the floor. They trade chops and Theory puts Lorcan on the apron. Lorcan trips Theory who goes spine first into the apron. PETE DUNNE COMES TO RINGSIDE. Picture in picture break now.

Back in the ring, Lorcan hits Theory with a clothesline in the corner and then sends him hard into the opposite corner followed by a big chop. Boston Crab by Lorcan now. Theory makes it to the ropes. Back breaker by Lorcan as he continues the punishment a Camel Clutch like submission. Theory is in this for what feels like forever. He tries to get free and Lorcan punches him in the head.

We're back and Johnny Gargano is out here now. Lorcan is still in firm control as he beats on Theory in the corner. Lorcan charges into a blockbuster by Theory!! Both men are down. They trade blows in the middle of the ring now. Theory clotheslines Lorcan out of the ring near Dunne. Lorcan gets back in the ring and pushes Theory out of the ring (Theory's back was to Lorcan). Theory is able to send Lorcan into the barricade before going backing in the ring. Theory with a clothesline in the corner and follows with a fall away slam! Theory charges into a boot but then runs up the ropes for a SPRING BOARD SPANISH FLY!! 1....2....NO!! Lorcan rolls to the outside and Theory follows. Double clothesline by both men and they're both down. Dunne and Gargano talk trash and THEY BRAWL!! Officials come out to separate them. Theory sends Lorcan into the apron. Back in the ring, Lorcan sends Theory into the ring post and THEN FINISHES HIM WITH HALF NELSON URANAGE!! Good start to the show even if it was a little too chaotic with Dunne and Gargano ringside.

W: Oney Lorcan via pin @ 12:36

Post match, Gargano comes back to check on Theory.

Promo time for LA Knight now. He sings Ted DiBiase's theme in the shower. Knight talks about how he's going to beat Cameron Grimes on Sunday. He's get into a Mercedes and says he's the one to carry on the million dollar legacy.

Dok Hendrix is here!! He hypes NXT Takeover: In Your House and runs down the card.

Highlights of last week's NXT Tag Team Championship match are shown.

Legado del Fantasma are in the ring now. Santos Escobar addresses NXT North American Bronson Reed. Escobar vows to make Reed pay for costing Legado the tag gold. HERE COMES REED! Reed was going to tell Escobar he's full of it but he may of squished it out of him last week. Reed shows highlights twice and makes crapping your pants jokes. Escobar is getting pissed and challenges Reed to come to the ring and do it again. Reed accepts and makes his way to the ring. MSK comes to back him up. The six men have a stare and Legado thinks better of it and backs down. Escobar claims they'll take all their gold. Escobar challenges Reed and MSK to a six man tag with all gold on the line. Reed and MSK accept! MSK wants to see the highlights of Escobar getting squished again. HIT ROW INTERRUPTS!! They get in Legado's face before walking right past them. Hit Row then stares down Reed and MSK. They talk trash before Reed and MSK leave. Swerve faces Killian Dain next!

The six man tag is official for Takeover!

Isaiah "Swerve" Scott w/ Hit Row vs. Killian Dain w/ Drake Maverick

Swerve takes him time locking up with Dain. Once they do, Dain overpowers Swerve. Dain with a series of shoulder tackles to Swerve before using a fireman's carry take down. Swerve slaps Dain and bails out of the ring. Dain looks to dive on all of Hit Row but they move. Top Dolla talks trash to Dain allowing Swerve to attack from behind. It doesn't last and Dain regains control. Dain clotheslines Swerve from the apron back in the ring. B-Fab distracts Dain allowing Swerve to regain the advantage on the outside. Back in the ring, Swerve drives his forearm into the face of Dain. Boots by Swerve now. Adonis is eating popcorn ringside. Swerve works on the arm of Dain and hits another kick. Trash talk by Swerve and Dain blocks a kick. Swerve with another slap and Dain decks him! Dain with a series of blows backs Swerve to the corner. Swerve is sent sternum first into the opposite corner. Swerve picks up the pace but Dain with a running cross body for a near fall. Dain lifts Swerve but Swerve elbows his way free. Swerve hits rolling Pay Dirt. Swerve hits Dain with a kick to the head for a near fall. Dain gets to this feet and hits Swerve with a kick. Dain slams Swerve and follows with a senton. Maverick gets into with Hit Row on the outside. Top Dolla plants Maverick on the apron. Swerve uses the distraction to his advantage and HITS DAIN WITH A KNOCKOUT BLOW FOR THE WIN!! Hit Row celebrates together as they leave.

W: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott via pin @ 6:37

We see Poppy arriving.

McKenzie Mitchell interview Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell. Candice doesn't like people talking about Poppy when the tag champs are here. Indi is more concerned about if Dexter Lumis still loves her. She goes to look for him. Candice wants to know why this is a thing and says they were never an item.

Cameron Grimes video now with him jumping in a pool. Grimes burns a $100 bill and coughs on the fumes. He enjoys a cigar and a drink. He asks Ted if he likes it because he loves it. He gets a massage and gives one. Grimes drives his Rolls Royce. Grimes is focusing on taking the million dollar legacy to the moon!!

Mercedes Martinez is on her way to the ring for a match when she gets jumped by XIA LI!! Li beats Martinez all around ringside. Li throws Martinez in the ring and Martinez fights back. Martinez sends Li packing with a kick. They brawl to the outside where Martinez sends Li over the barricade.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Jobber

Martinez dominates and wins with the AIR RAID CRASH!!

W: Mercedes Martinez via pin @ 0:18

McKenzie is backstage with Breezango. She asks what WALTER has against them. They don't know why WALTER is so angry since he's been NXT UK champ forever. Breeze says Imperium has had sour grapes since they beat them for the NXT Tag Team Championships a while back. They say they'll beat them again on the way back to the gold.

Ted DiBiase is backstage heading to the ring. His announcement is next!

William Regal and Triple H welcome Poppy! Triple H loves the new music and wants to know when the new album drops. Poppy says right now! Poppy hits a button on her phone and says the album is released. Triple H can't believe it. DEXTER LUMIS IS HERE and he has a drawing for Poppy. POPPY HUGS LUMIS!! INDI WALKS IN AS THEY'RE HUGGING!! Indi cries and leaves. Triple H says that was awkward!

Cameron Grimes arrives in his Rolls Royce and LA Knight arrives in his Mercedes. They argue in the parking lot. They're told that Ted DiBiase is waiting in the ring. They trash talk each other.

DiBiase is in the ring. He invites Grimes and Knight to the ring. They still argue all the way to the ring. DiBiase says this Sunday is the ultimate test. DiBiase says they have both proven worthy. DiBiase says they will both climb the ladder and a golden ladder lowers down. Knight says he's proven he's head and shoulders above everyone. Knight calls Grimes a hillbilly and says he's Knight is the only one who can carry the million dollar legacy. Grimes is offended he was called a hillbilly. Grimes says he may be smelly but he's worth a million. Grimes says it's not about the fame or money, it's about what happens between the ropes. Grimes says he can't be beat in the ring. Grimes tells Knight to take his money because he's taking the MILLION DOLLAR LEGACY TO THE MOON!! Grimes climbs the ladder and asks what he's reaching for. DiBiase is glad he asked! Some guy brings a case in the ring. DiBiase says both men will fight for this: IT'S THE MILLION DOLLAR CHAMPIONSHIP!! Knight says he can't be serious! DiBiase says the winner of the ladder match will be the new million dollar champion! Knight and Grimes both laugh.

Backstage, security is breaking up a brawl between Kyle O'Reilly and Karrion Kross.

Ever-Rise tells us that they're hosting the pre-pre-show before Takeover: In Your House. Alright then.

Poppy's album "Eat-NXT Soundtrack" is available now!

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. August Grey & Ikemen Jiro

Gibson starts the match with Grey. Grey is able to take down Gibson with a rana early on. Grey tags in Jiro. They run the ropes and Jiro takes down Gibson with a right. Jiro picks up the pace but Gibson with a jaw breaker. Jiro takes offense to Gibson trying to take his jacket off. Gibson tags Drake. They double team Jiro and knocks Grey off the apron. Drake works on the leg of Jiro. More leg work by Drake before tagging Gibson. Quick tags by GYV as they isolate Jiro. Drake with a single leg crab. TOMMASO CIAMPA AND TIMOTHY THATCHER ARE HERE! Grey gets a tag and builds some momentum. Grey with a bulldog to Drake. Flying cross body by Grey. Grey wants an Unprettier but Drake counters. Drake knocks Jiro off the apron and tags Gibson. TICKET TO MAYHEM ON GREY FINISHES IT!! Squash.

W: Grizzled Young Veterans via pin @ 5:00

Post match, GYV claims they are done with Ciampa and Thatcher. They only want MSK and tag gold. They call Ciampa and Thatcher hooligans. Ciampa says they get no shot unless they go through them. Ciampa and Thatcher throw their chairs. GYV says if it's a scrap they want, they'll get it. GYV challenges Ciampa/Thatcher to a tornado tag next week. Ciampa likes the idea but doesn't want to wait until next week. Thatcher can't wait to break their limbs.

Candice LeRae is in the back heading towards the ring as we go to a break.

We see Bobby Fish training and he says he hasn't forgotten about Oney Lorcan.

NXT Women's Tag Team Champion, Candice LeRae, makes her way to the ring. LeRae says she's sick of hearing about Poppy. "Poppy" chants from the crowd. LeRae accuses of Poppy of stealing Indi's man and now says they are a thing. LeRae says Indi left the building because of her. LeRae wants Poppy to come out right now! If she doesn't LeRae threatens to beat her up in the parking lot. POPPY COMES OUT! Poppy says she doesn't wrestle but she knows someone who does! IO SHIRAI IS HERE!!! Shirai heads to the ring and takes down LeRae. 619 by Shirai to LeRae. SHIRAI WITH A SPRING BOARD MISSILE DROP KICK!! Shirai sends LeRae packing!

Dok Hendrix is back to hype more of the Takeover card.

Commentary hypes the Takeover card. Up next is Ember Moon vs. Dakota Kai.

During the commercial break, Io Shirai ran into Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. They had a stare down.

Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez (NXT Women's Champion) vs. Ember Moon

Moon charges right away and Kai side steps her. They both go for a strike and collide. They shove each other and then lock up. Kai takes Moon to the corner and Moon backs her across the ring to the opposite corner. The ref breaks them apart and Kai pulls Moon face first into the turnbuckle. Kai with a kick to the face of Moon in the corner for a near fall. Kai in control in the corner and chokes Moon with her boot. Kai sends Moon hard into another corner and follows with another kick for a near fall. Kai with a kick to the back and Moon answers with a kick of her own. Kai keeps control though. Kai with a strike and Moon gets pissed. Kai with a hip toss and Moon lands on her feet and hits a drop kick. Moo with a sweep and a flatliner for a near fall. Snap mare by Moon and a kick to the back of Kai. Uppercut by Moon sends Kai to the corner. Kai avoids a strike in the corner but Moon drapes her across the middle rope. Kai escapes and Kai swings Moon face first into the ring post under the bottom turnbuckle. We go to the picture in picture screen for a break.

Back in the ring, Kai keeps Moon grounded. Kai controls most of the break and uses a body scissors to wear down Moon.

We're back with Moon fighting back with a clothesline and a drop kick. Snap mare by Moon and she goes to the middle rope. Jumping Code Breaker by Moon gets a near fall! Moon with a kick. Moon goes to run the ropes but forearm by Kai followed by a kick. Kai misses a running kick allowing Moon to hit a kick. Moon hits a flipping stunner!!! 1....2....NO!! Moon locks in a Dragon Sleeper. Kai escapes and hits a reverse neck breaker that plants Moon face first!! 1...2...NO!! Kai tries a kick but Moon catches it. More kicks by Kai including the running kick in the corner!! 1....2...NO!! Gonzalez is in disbelief. Kai lifts Moon but Moon elbows free. MOON WITH A POWER BOMB!!! 1....2....NO!! Moon is frustrated. Gonzalez helps Kai up. Moon decks Gonzalez. Moon throws Kai to the floor. MOON SUICIDE DIVES ONTO KAI AND GONZALEZ!!! Moon throws Kai back in the ring and hits her with a kick to the head. Moon goes to the top and GONZALEZ IS IN TO ATTACK FOR A DQ!!! Expected finish.

W: Ember Moon via DQ @ 12:30

Post match, Gonzalez checks on Kai and Moon attacks from behind. The numbers game catches up to her. GONZALEZ GOES FOR THE CHINGONA BOMB BUT MOON COUNTERS WITH A MODIFIED ECLIPSE!! MOON WITH AN ECLIPSE FROM THE TOP NOW!! Gonzalez is out!! Ember holds the gold over Gonzalez.

Karrion Kross promo now. He tells his challengers that now is the opportunity to show what you can really do. Don't be late. Tick tock.

William Regal is in the ring with NXT Champion Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Regal says he is the GM and Kross doesn't run NXT. Regal says all this isn't happening. Kross grabs the mic and says Regal runs nothing. Kross says he isn't leaving until all four of them get out here and get their asses kicked! Kyle O'Reilly is here and says Kross is dominate but insecure. O'Reilly says it's only a matter of time until a guy like him beats Kross. That brings Johnny Gargano to the party. Gargano can't believe Kross lets a guy in a jean jacket talk trash. Gargano says Kross definitely isn't "Johnny Wrestling" or "Johnny Takeover". Gargano says he would choke out Kross if he was him. Just don't stumble on the way over. Kross tells Gargano to get in the ring. Pete Dunne is here and is tired of talking. Dunne says you can call him champ after Sunday. Adam Cole is on the tron and he's not coming. Cole calls Kross the biggest moron of them all. Cole says he beat Kross verbally last week. Cole says Kross shakes in his boots at the thought of facing Cole one-on-one. Cole says he can beat any of the other guys to win the gold. Cole calls Kross' reign a disappointment. Cole tells them to get back to the sissy fight and he'll see them Sunday. O'Reilly calls Cole a bitch. O'REILLY AND KROSS BRAWL!! GARGANO AND DUNNE JOIN!! SAITO SUPLEX TO DUNNE!! ONE FOR GARGANO!! ONE FOR SECURITY!! Another security guy. More security holds Kross and Gargano super kicks him. O'Reilly takes down Gargano and Dunne but then Kross hits O'Reilly in the back of the head with a forearm!! COLE IS HERE TO ATTACK KROSS!!! LAST SHOT BY COLE TO KROSS!!! COLE HOLDS UP THE GOLD TO END THE SHOW!!! BAY-BAY!!!

Next Week:

  • Tornado Tag Team Match: Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

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