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NXT 5/25/2021: Kross vs. Balor for NXT Championship Main Events; Franky Monet Debuts; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight’s NXT:

  • Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase meet in a million dollar face off

  • We'll hear from new NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed

  • Bobby Fish vs. Pete Dunne w/ Oney Lorcan

  • Franky Monet's World Premiere

  • Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez (NXT Women's Champion) vs. Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon

  • NXT Championship Match: Finn Balor vs. Karrion Kross (champ) w/ Scarlett

It's Tuesday so we're in the Capitol Wrestling Center for NXT. An opening video package hypes Kross vs. Balor II. This video package is really well done! Vic Joseph, Wade Barrett, and Beth Phoenix welcome us and run down what's going down tonight.

We're starting with women's action!

Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon vs. Raquel Gonzalez (NXT Women's Champion) & Dakota Kai

Gonzalez and Blackheart start the match. Blackheart jumps on the back of Gonzalez to try a sleeper and Gonzalez throws her off. Blackheart tags Moon and Gonzalez over powers her as well. Moon gets a couple near falls on rolls ups. Moon tells Gonzalez she was close to beating her. Gonzalez chases Moon around the ring. Moon comes off the ropes with a cross body but Gonzalez catches her and slams her. Kai tags in and continues the punishment. Quick tags by Kai and Gonzalez. Blackheart tags herself in. Blackheart picks up the pace and hits Kai with a reverse sling blade and then a senton when Kai is draped across the middle rope. Near fall for Blackheart. Moon tags back in. Moon with a drop toe hold to Kai and an elbow drop by Blackheart gets a near fall. Blackheart tags back in and pulls Kai out of the corner and locks in a Cloverleaf. Kai gets closer to the ropes and Gonzalez runs around to pull Kai to safety. Gonzalez tags in and beats on Blackheart with elbows. Near fall for Gonzalez as we go to a break.

We're back with both Kai and Blackheart clotheslining each other. Moon and Gonzalez tag in and Moon takes it to her! Kick by Moon and hits doubles knees to the ribs of Gonzalez. Moon goes to the middle rope and hits a jumping Codebreaker. Kai distracts allowing Gonzalez to lay out Moon. Kai tags in. Gonzalez lifts Moon into a PK kick! 1...2...NO!! Moon crawls for a tags and kicks Kai away. Blackheart gets a tag and hits a drop kick. More kicks as Blackheart builds momentum. Blackheart hits Kai with a face buster for a near fall. Kai is sent sternum first into the corner. Moon gets Kai in an electric chair as Blackheart climbs to the top. Gonzalez makes the save but Blackheart takes her out. Moon with a Scorpion submission to Kai! Gonzalez saves it. GONZALEZ GOES FOR THE CHINGONA BOMB BUT MOON COUNTERS WITH AN ECLIPSE!! That sends Gonzalez out of the ring which allows BLACKHEART AND MOON TO DOUBLE TEAM KAI FOR THE WIN!!

W: Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon via pin @ 11:24

Post match, Gonzalez lays out Moon and Blackheart. Gonzalez power bombs Blackheart into the plexiglass multiple times and into the ring post before slamming her on the floor outside. Kai makes Moon watch the whole thing.

Promo time for Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher. They talk about Grizzled Young Veterans costing them their match last week. Ciampa says they've split rounds one and two. Ciampa promises there will be a round three. Thatcher says he'll enjoy breaking their limbs.

A video package hypes Bobby Fish vs. Pete Dunne. It's next!

Just like on Raw, a vignette hypes the return of fans!

We see Finn Balor arriving earlier today and Karrion Kross arriving with Scarlett.

Pete Dunne w/ Oney Lorcan vs. Bobby Fish

Fish goes on the attack right away. Kicks by Fish to take down Dunne. Fish backs Dunne into the ropes with punches. The ref backs Fish up and Dunne hits him with a stiff forearm to take him down. Dunne rakes the face of Fish before working on his ankle. Fish grabs at the face of Dunne and Dunne's mouth guard falls out. Dunne continues to focus on the leg and then goes after the arm. Side head lock take down by Dunne. Fish fights to his feet and they go to the corner. Fish fights back but Dunne backs him back down. Fish counters with an arm bar. Dunne rolls through but Fish keeps control. Dunne fights to his feet but Fish drops him arm first across the top rope. Fish sends Dunne to the outside as we go to a break.

Back from the break, Dunne stretches out Fish in the middle of the ring. Dunne slaps the back of Fish before going after the arm again. Dunne kicks Fish in the face multiple times but it pisses Fish off. Fish drives Dunne back into the corner. Dunne charges back at Fish and Fish hits a spine buster!! Fish mounts and punches Dunne. Fish with a sleeper now. Dunne grabs the fingers and bends them back! That breaks the hold. Dunne takes Fish to the mat and knee drops Fish's arm!! Fish goes to the outside. Dunne charges and Fish back drops him. Fish sends Dunne into the barricade and then back into the ring. Fish belly to belly suplexes Dunne into the ropes. Both men fight to their feet and and exchange knees strikes. Fish gets the upper hand as he backs Dunne into the corner. Dunne turns it around and hits a German! Dunne with a kick to the side of the jaw! Fish avoids a kick and rocks Dunne and takes down Dunne. Dunne turns it around and tries an arm bar but Fish rolls through. Fish bends back the arm of Dunne but Dunne rolls through. DUNNE HITS FISH WITH THE BITTER END TO FINISH FISH!! Great stuff by both men.

W: Pete Dunne via pin @ 12:11

Post match, Lorcan comes in to beat down Fish. Lorcan targets Fish's surgically repaired arm. The referees pulls Lorcan back but he gets in one more cheap shot.

Highlights are shown of Bronson Reed defeating Johnny Gargano in a steel cage for the NXT North American Championship.

Mercedes Martinez promo where she discusses her loss to Raquel Gonzalez. She says tonight starts night one of getting back to a title match. Boa is watching her in the background.

Hit Row promo now. They say they put everyone on notice last week. They say it's time to go for gold and they got eyes on the main event. Swerve can't wait to cross Kross or Balor off his list. Top Dolla says they are eyeing the tag titles and Ashante has his eyes on Kushida. They also bring up Reed.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Kayden Carter

Martinez quickly take Carter to the mat. Carter gets back up and hits Martinez with a drop kick that backs Martinez in the corner. Carter gets sent into the corner but goes up and over. Carter takes Martinez down with a kick for a near fall. Martinez stops Carter's momentum. Multiple double underhook suplexes by Martinez gets a near fall. Martinez locks in a dragon sleeper. Carter is able to get up and escape. Near fall for Carter but she runs into a spine buster by Martinez. Martinez with forearms but Carter uses a rana to take her down. Carter locks in a sleeper. Martinez backs her into a corner to break it. Martinez puts Carter on the top turnbuckle and goes up with her. Martinez throws Carter off the top and follows with a running knee strike. AIR RAID CRASH BY MARTINEZ FINISHES CARTER!! What it needed to be if they're building Martinez back up.

W: Mercedes Martinez via pin @ 3:27

Post match, the lights go out! Red lights come on and the arena fills with smoke. It stops and the lights come up and Martinez looks down to see a black mark on her hand.

Backstage, Ted DiBiase talks to Toni Storm. Robert Stone approaches DiBiase and DiBiase throws money at him and walks off. DiBiase and Grimes are up next!

Kross is warming up backstage.

Cameron Grimes makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. Before he can get a word out, Ted DiBiase's music hits. DiBiase has a mic and the crowd chants "DiBiase". Grimes says he wasn't always rich. Grimes talks about how DiBiase has embarrassed him and says he guesses it's true that you never meet your idols. DiBiase says they have more in common than he thinks. DiBiase says he put Grimes through all that hell because he sees some of DiBiase in Grimes. DiBiase is sure Grimes wants to know why he's here. DiBiase is looking for the special someone who embodies the million dollar legacy. It's not all about money about also about performance in the ring. DiBiase says once you become rich, you've lost focus. LA KNIGHT IS HERE TO INTERRUPT!! Let me talk to ya!! Knight hears DiBiase talking about his million dollar legacy and he sees a million dollar opportunity. Knight hypes himself up to DiBiase. Grimes says this is a conversation for millionaires not nickels and dimes. DiBiase tells Grimes to let Knight talk. Knight says he's not a millionaire yet but with DiBiase he can create the legacy. Knight says this is Knight's game. DiBiase says he's aware of Knight's success and thinks he could be a mega star. DiBiase says Knight has a million dollar mind and body. Grimes takes offense. "To the moon" chants from the crowd. Grimes tells Knight to leave the ring or he'll kick his ass to the moon!! KNIGHT ATTACKS GRIMES AND HITS HIS CUTTER!! DiBiase stands over Grimes and says he'll never learn.

Backstage, Franky Monet gets out of the make up chair and she's ready for her world premiere next!

A vignette hypes NXT Takeover: In Your House for June 13th!

Backstage, Indi Hartwell is roaming backstage looking for Dexter Lumis as McKenzie Mitchell chases her down for an interview. She runs into Ever-Rise who gives her a hard time. Drake Maverick is here to point to a room where Dexter was. Indi enter the room and it's a bunch of pictures of Dexter being stabbed in the heart.

Franky Monet vs. Cora Jade

Monet backs Jade into the corner to begin. Clean break. They lock up and Monet sends Jade to the mat. Jade gets up and tries a slam with no luck. Monet with kicks to Jade in the corner followed by sending Jade face first into the middle turnbuckle. Running knees to the back of Jade. Jade falls to the bottom of the corner. Running knees to the face of Jade by Monet! Monet backs Jade into the ropes and hits a chop. Monet with a kick and a knee lift followed by a clothesline. Monet takes too much time and Jade fights back. Head scissors and Russian leg sweep by Jade. A pissed Money spears Jade! Monet plants Jade with a slam and a power bomb! MONET HITS ROAD OF VALHALLA FOR THE WIN!! Squash.

W: Franky Money via pin @ 3:12

Grizzled Young Veterans talk about costing Ciampa and Thatcher their match. It wasn't personal and they were just putting them in their place. GYV came across the world to win the tag titles so they're focused on next week's match between MSK and Legado del Fantasma. They still promise that they are soon to be recognized as tag champs.

More highlights of Bronson Reed winning the NXT North American Championship. We'll hear from his next! Reed is shown talking to Kushida backstage.

WALTER vignette where he talks about how Alexander Wolfe didn't have what it takes to stand up for this great sport. Therefore, he's gone. WALTER says they're going to continue doing what they've been doing and stresses the mat is sacred.

NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed makes his way to the ring. Reed grabs a mic as the crowd chants "You deserve it". Reed says it took 14 years to get here and it wasn't an easy road. It wasn't just 14 years of climbing the mountain but 14 years of falling and getting back up. He has a lot of doubt and a lot of people telling him he couldn't do it along the way. However, this title is proof that if you grind it out, you can become champion. He says for anyone in the back that thinks they're taking it from him, they have a colossal mountain to climb!! HERE COMES SANTOS ESCOBAR WITH LEGADO DEL FANTASMA!! Escobar congratulates him and gives props for the story. Escobar grabs a tissue because it brought tears to his eyes. Escobar says he can't relate to any of that because he was born a champion. Escobar says this business belongs to him. Escobar says after Reed's victory, something caught his eye. It was the NXT North American Championship! Escobar says he's the Emperor of Lucha Libre and he runs the bingo! Escobar says he sees that championship and sees USA and Mexico NOT CANADA! Escobar says since it represents Mexico, it belongs to him. They surround Reed! MSK IS HERE TO JOIN REED!! DOUBLE SUPER KICK TO WILDE!! REED PLANTS ESCOBAR!! Legado del Fantasma bails.

Finn Balor is warming up backstage. The main event is next!

William Regal says after tonight, we'll need a new number one contender. Next week there will be a triple threat match next week between Kyle O'Reilly, Pete Dunne, and Johnny Gargano. The winner faces tonight's winner at NXT Takeover: In Your House.

NXT Championship Match

Finn Balor vs. Karrion Kross (champ) w/ Scarlett

Balor goes for quick kicks early before going to a side head lock. Balor goes off the ropes but runs into a shoulder tackle by Kross. Kross sends Balor to the outside but Balor gets right back in. Balor off the ropes and drop kicks the knee of Kross. Kross rolls to the outside as we go to a picture in picture break.

Kross takes his time getting back in the ring. Balor tries kicks to knot up the legs of Kross. Kross takes Balor to the mat but Balor counters and both men get to their feet for a clean break. Balor goes after the leg of Kross but Kross takes Balor to the mat looking for an arm bar. Balor fights it and escapes. Balor ties up the legs of Kross for a submission before transitioning to a front face lock. Kross gets to his feet but Balor controls the arm. Kross lifts Balor to escape but Balor counters and remains in control of Kross' left arm as he takes Kross to the mat.

We come back with Balor still in control. Kross lifts Balor for a scoop slam. Kross takes Balor to the corner and slows the pace. Kross with a clothesline in the corner followed by another to send Balor to the mat. Kross picks up Balor and suplexes him. Kross with stomps now before locking in a submission. Balor tries to block but Kross with right hands. Balor counters a lariat and locks in an abdominal stretch. Balor with shots to the ribs to take down Kross and then shots to the back for a near fall. Balor backs Kross into the corner and focuses on the ribs. Kross stops the momentum with a head but and delivers shoulder to the gut of Balor in the corner. Now shoulders to Balor's back followed by a running boot to the back. Kross tosses Balor across the ring. German by Kross! Balor with a counter and he locks Kross in a crossface! Balor with a kick to the ribs. He goes for another but Kross blocks it. Balor double stomps the ribs of Kross! Balor in control now as he hits chops in the corner. Kross stops it with one shot and throws Balor to the outside. Kross follows him out and Balor traps him in the ring skirt!! Balor stomps on the back, head, and neck of Kross. Balor with a big kick from the apron as we go to another picture in picture break.

Kross is down on the outside. Balor follows him out and continues the attack. Balor breaks the count as Scarlett checks on Kross. Balor goes back and more stomps to Kross who's leaned up against the barricade. Balor throws Kross back in the ring but runs into a boot. Kross with an elbow to Balor followed by a suplex. Kross lifts Balor and Balor tries to fight back with forearms. Belly to belly suplex by Kross and he floats over for another for a near fall. Balor is able to back drop Kross who was looking for a power bomb and Balor with a kick to the head of Kross.

We're back with both men down. They get back to their feet and trade right hands. Kross picks up Balor and drives him spine first from corner to corner before slamming him for a near fall. Kross stalks Balor but Balor keeps him at bay with strikes. Kross tries a slam but Balor floats over and drives an elbow into Kross. Only a one count. Balor with a double stomp BUT KROSS LOCKS IN THE KROSS JACKET!! Balor is fading but still fighting. Balor gets to the ropes!! Kross breaks the hold. Kross throws Balor to the outside. Kross slams Balor off the plexiglass multiple times. KROSS POWER BOMBS BALOR INTO THE PLEXIGLASS!! Kross throws Balor back in the ring. Balor counters another power bomb with a DDT!! Sling blade by Balor!! Balor clotheslines Kross out of the ring and dives out onto him!! Kross gets right back up and SLAMS BALOR ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Kross throws Balor back in the ring. Balor catches Kross with a kick but Kross pushes him away. Balor with a double leg take down and double stomp again. JOHN WOO DROP KICK BY BALOR!! BALOR GOES TO THE TOP BUT MISSES THE COUPE DE GRACE!! Kross takes Balor to the corner and hits a German!! KROSS HITS A SAITO SUPLEX!! KROSS SETS UP FOR THE FOREARM BUT BALOR ROLLS HIM UP FOR A NEAR FALL!! Balor with an abdominal stretch again. They go to the mat where Kross escapes. KROSS POUNDS THE BACK OF BALOR'S HEAD!! BALOR ESCAPES AND DOES THE SAME TO KROSS!! Kross says something to Scarlett and BALOR LOCKS IN A SLEEPER WITH A BODY SCISSORS!! Kross escapes. Balor tries a triangle!! KROSS POWERS OUT AND POWER BOMBS BALOR!! Kross with a clothesline to drop Balor. Kross hits Balor in the back and THEN HITS A FOREARM TO THE BACK OF BALOR'S HEAD!! Kross stomps Balor now!! KROSS LOCKS IN THE KROSS JACKET!! BALOR IS OUT!!! Great match with great pace that made Kross look like a monster.

W: Karrion Kross via submission @ 22:43

Kross and Scarlett stand over Balor to end the show!

Next Week:

  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Legado del Fantasma vs. MSK (champs)

  • NXT Championship #1 Contenders Triple Threat Match - Winner faces Karrion Kross at NXT Takeover: In Your House: Kyle O'Reilly vs. Pete Dunne vs. Johnny Gargano

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