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NXT 4/20/2021: O'Reilly vs. Grimes Main Events; Sarray debuts against Stark; Kushida defends; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's NXT:

  • Kyle O'Reilly will be live to kick off the show

  • Sarray makes her debut against Zoey Stark

  • Dexter Lumis vs. LA Knight

  • Kushida's championship celebration

  • Kushida will issue an open challenge for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

We're in the Capitol Wrestling Center for tonight's NXT and kicking off the show with KYLE O'REILLY!!!

Kyle O'Reilly makes his way to the ring to get us started. O'Reilly must be in a good mood because he's playing air guitar!! He grabs a mic and says in life we face constant challenges and struggles. At Takeover, he faced the toughest of his life. He's in a great mood because he's moving beyond Adam Cole. O'Reilly has never been one to thrust himself into the spotlight and he lets his ring work speak for itself. Now that Cole is behind him, he has to realize it's time to move on. Now, what is next for O'Reilly? He learned at Takeover that to succeed, you need to have that killer instinct. He found it at Takeover. You have to be willing to go to the extreme and pay the ultimate sacrifice to achieve your dreams and goals. What's his next objective? Should he prove he's the workhorse and take the NXT North American Championship? Should he use that killer instinct and he makes a time reference before suggesting challenging Karrion Kross. HERE COME CAMERON GRIMES TO INTERRUPT! Grimes wants to congratulate O'Reilly. Grimes says O'Reilly proved he could stand and deliver. Grimes says he made a killing on Draft Kings by betting on O'Reilly. Grimes wants to invest in and work with O'Reilly. Grimes calls him "Cool Kyle". Grimes wants to make some NFTs with O'Reilly. Grimes and O'Reilly could go TO THE MOON!! O'Reilly loves it!! O'Reilly says they should celebrate their business arrangement. O'Reilly announces he's cleared to compete and he saw his next opponent. O'REILLY DECKS GRIMES!!

Commentary talks about that match for later tonight. They hype the debut of the "Warrior of the Sun" Sarray. We see her arriving earlier today and she's greeted by William Regal. Zoey Stark also greets her in the parking lot. Stark wants a match. Regal asks Sarray if she's willing to have the match and it's official.

LA Knight is backstage and he wants to talk to us. He talks about the gauntlet eliminator at Takeover. Everyone teamed up on him but what goes around comes around. Knight says he's going to off Lumis' switch. Lumis is first on Grimes list! Their match is next!

LA Knight vs. Dexter Lumis

Trash talk by Knight to begin. They lock up and Lumis backs Knight to the corner. Knight turns the tide and we get a break. Knight tries a cheap shot but Lumis was ready for it. Knight comes off the ropes and knocks down Lumis and tries a jackknife cover. Off the ropes again and Lumis lowers his head but eats a kick. Knight takes control. Knight with more trash talk and Lumis goes for Silence but Knight quickly rolls out of the ring. Lumis pulls Knight up to the apron and Knight hangs him up over the top. Spring board shoulder tackle by Knight. Knight comes off the ropes and big back body drop by Lumis. Lumis stalks Knight back to the corner. Lumis slides under the ropes and hits Knight with an uppercut on the outside. Back in the ring, Lumis misses a charge in the corner and Knight hits a neck breaker. Knight sends Lumis to the outside as we go to a picture in picture break.

During the break, Knight goes to the outside to get Lumis and Lumis bounces his face off the apron. Back in the ring, Knight regains control and chokes Lumis across the middle rope. Knight controls pretty much the whole break,

Back from the break, Knight charges into a boot from Lumis in the corner. SPINE BUSTER BY LUMIS! Lumis with right hands now and a clothesline in the corner. Lumis hits a back suplex and a leg drop to follow up. Lumis with a spring board vertical suplex for a near fall. Knight slows down Lumis with a shot to the throat and Lumis throws Knight to the outside. Lumis goes out after Knight and Knight sends Lumis into the barricade and then back first into the apron. Lumis answers with an uppercut. LUMIS LOOKS UP IN THE CROWD AND SEES INDI HARTWELL!! Lumis is distracted and Knight takes advantage. Knight talks trash to Hartwell and Lumis dives to the outside to take him out. Lumis is still distracted. KNIGHT IS ABLE TO DRIVE LUMIS FACE FIRST INTO THE MAT WITH HIS CUTTER TO GET THE WIN!! Big win for Knight and Lumis is kept strong given the distraction.

W: LA Knight via pin @ 9:50

Post match, Knight celebrates as Indi gets on the apron. Indi wants to kiss Lumis but as Lumis gets close to her The Way comes and pulls her off the apron.

Leon Ruff is backstage. He asks if Isaiah "Swerve" Scott enjoyed standing over him in the ring because Ruff enjoyed laying him out backstage. Ruff says he's done playing and the ball is in Swerve's court.

We have a sit down interview with Io Shirai next!

Beth Phoenix is standing by with former NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai. Phoenix shows us highlights of NXT Takeover: In Your House when Io Shirai won the title. Io says that was the biggest night of her life. Phoenix switches gears and highlights of NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver are shown. Io says Raquel was her biggest and toughest challenge. Io says she'll get a rematch when the time is right and win her title back. Phoenix asks what's next. FRANKY MONET IS HERE TO INTERRUPT! She congratulates Io on an iconic and amazing title reign. Franky marks out for Beth Phoenix. Franky says if Io is taking time off, Franky is more than willing to fill her shoes. Io takes offense and says she likes cats.

Breezango vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

Breezango does a tribute to the Queen's guard before the match. The GYV take offense and says they're the next tag champs! We break out into a brawl before the match begins. Order is restored and we start with Gibson and Breeze. Gibson pounds on Breeze in the corner. Breeze avoids a slam and takes down Gibson with a rana. Breeze works on an arm and tags Fandango. Near fall for Fandango. Drake sacrifices himself to allow Gibson to gain control. Snap mare by Gibson. Drake tags in and Fandango fights them both off before tagging Breeze. They send the GYV to the outside. Fandango takes out both Gibson and Drake with a flip over the top as we go to a break.

We're back with Drake going to the top but comes off and tweaks his knee. The referee checks on him and tells Breezango to back off. Gibson comes in to check. Gibson thumbs Fandango in the eye and Drake was faking it. Tag to Gibson and they isolate Fandango in the corner now. They do a double team flatline for a near fall. Fandango fights to his feet but Gibson prevents the tag. Drake gets a tag and Fandango does as well. Breeze is on fire now. He takes it to drake and knocks Gibson off the apron. Stomps to Drake in the corner and another shot to Gibson. Breeze jumps off the apron to take out Drake. Back in the ring, Russian leg sweep to Drake. Gibson distracts and Drake rolls up Breeze for a near fall. Blind tag to Gibson. GYV HIT BREEZE WITH THE TICKET TO MAYHEM TO FINISH IT!! Solid match with the right team gets the win as they should be number one contenders for MSK.

W: Grizzled Young Veterans via pin @ 9:03

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Indi Hartwell who requested this time. Before Indi can say anything, The Way is here to say no interviews tonight. BRONSON REED IS HERE! He says Dexter Lumis would make a great addition to the Gargano family. Gargano tells Reed he goes to the back of the line. Theory chimes in. Theory talked to William Regal and Reed can have a title shot against Gargano if he beats Theory tonight. Gargano didn't know about this an take offense.

The debut of Sarray is next!

Moustache Mountain reunites this week on NXT UK and Joe Coffey makes his return.

McKenzie Mitchell is back with Cameron Grimes. Grimes finds out he was outbid in an auction by TED DIBIASE! Grimes is irate!

Zoey Stark vs. "Warrior of the Sun" Sarray

Stark offers a hand shake to being and Sarray accepts! Test of strength to begin and Stark gets the upper hand. Trip by Stark and they trade near falls. The pace quickens as Sarray takes down Stark. Sarray stomps the back of Stark before tying Stark up in the middle of the ring. Bridge submission by Sarray and Stark is able to crawl to the ropes. Sarray sends Stark to the corner but Stark avoids a strike. Running clothesline by Stark for a near fall. Snap suplex by Stark for another near fall. Strikes by Stark now. Stark sends Sarray face first into the corner. Another snap mare by Stark but Sarray fights back to her feet and backs Stark into the corner. Stark sends Sarray into the top turnbuckle again. Stark charges and Sarray back drops her to the apron and then knocks her to the floor. Stark gets back in the ring and they trade strikes. Forearms by Sarray. Sarray goes off the ropes but Stark with a knee. Stark goes off the ropes but eats a drop kick. Another running basement drop kick by Sarray. Fisherman suplex with a bridge by Sarray for a near fall! Huge kick by Stark followed by a half and half suplex! Stark with a sliding knee!! 1...2...NO!! Stark tries a 450 but rolls through. Sarray with a roll up for a near fall. Stark gets multiple near falls for a spinning heel kick to the head! Stark with a back suplex but Sarray lands on her feet. SPINNING HEEL KICK BY SARRAY AND SHE PLANTS STARK WITH A SIDE SUPLEX TO WIN IT!! Great debut by Sarray but Stark continues to impress me! They hug after the match.

W: Sarray via pin @ 7:12

Post match, TONI STORM ATTACKS STARK ON THE RAMP!! Sarray runs to check on Stark as Storm backs off.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai. They're asked about Io's comments. Raquel busted her ass to win the title and she'll be a better champ. They're asked about Mercedes Martinez. Dakota says you don't always get what you want because Dakota wants to go to Hogwarts. Raquel says to line up all the challengers and she'll run through them.

Kushida's open challenge is next!

Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell are talking backstage. LeRae wants Hartwell to focus. LeRae walks up to Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon but doesn't realize that Hartwell is no longer following her. Candice tries to bail but Shotzi and Ember beat her down.

Highlights of Kushida winning the NXT Cruiserweight Championship last week.

The new NXT Cruiserweight Champion Kushida makes his way to the ring. Kushida says he won the championship last week in an open challenge. He will give the same opportunity tonight. Who wants it??? ONEY LORCAN ANSWERS!!

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

Kushida (champ) vs. Oney Lorcan

Lorcan backs Kushida into the corner to begin and we get a clean break. Kushida takes down Lorcan by the leg. They trade counters and Kushida locks Lorcan in a surf board. Lorcan quickly escapes and looks for an arm bar. More counter wrestling and Lorcan rips at the face of Kushida. Lorcan stomps the bare foot of Kushida and goes to side head lock. Off the ropes they go and Kushida with a take down and locks Lorcan in a cross arm breaker. Lorcan quickly gets to the ropes. Kushida charges into an elbow in the corner. Lorcan goes up top and Kushida sends him out to the floor with a kick as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Lorcan stretching out Kushida. Commentary says Lorcan has controlled since the break. Kushida tries a hand spring but Lorcan hits Kushida with a big uppercut for a near fall. Lorcan with a shot to the midsection and he gets a couple near falls. Abdominal stretch by Lorcan. Kushida attacks the arm to force a break. Lorcan charges but Kushida cuts him off with a knock down. Kushida with a series of strikes in the corner now. Lorcan whips Kushida into the corner but Kushida with an elbow strike. Kushida with a jumping knee strike to the arm from the middle rope. Lorcan fights back and hits a block buster for a near fall!! Chops by Lorcan and they're loud as hell but Kushida no sells them! Hip toss by Kushida and a cartwheel drop kick. Kicks by Kushida and KUSHIDA LOCKS IN THE HOVERBOARD LOCK!! LORCAN HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO TAP!!! Really great stuff to the surprise of no one given who's involved.

W: Kushida via submission @ 9:23

Post match, Santos Escobar's music hits and LEGADO DEL FANTASMA ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!! It's 3-on-1 now. MSK IS HERE TO HELP!! Legado del Fantasma is sent packing!

Mercedes Martinez promo about how she called Raquel Gonzalez out. Mercedes says Raquel is scared. Mercedes says Dakota Kai barks the orders and Raquel follows. Mercedes says she'll take out Dakota then nothing will stand in the way of her, Raquel, and the NXT Women's Championship.

Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory talk backstage. Theory explains his talk to Regal. Candice LeRae shows up all beat up and Gargano asks what the hell happen. Indi Hartwell shows back up. She talked to Regal and got them a tag team title match. Gargano and Theory celebrate but Candice doesn't look happy.

Imperium promo before the next match and they plan to expand to global domination.

Ever-Rise vs. Imperium w/ Alexander Wolfe

Aichner charges right away and destroys Martel. All Aichner as he hits a back suplex. Chase Parker gets a tag after Martel hits a jaw breaker. Aichner cuts off Parker with a slam and tags Barthel. Good tag wrestling by Imperium. KILLIAN DAIN SHOWS UP. Parker with a roll up for a near fall off the distraction. DRAKE MAVERICK IS ALSO HERE AND HE WANTS TO FIGHT BUT DAIN HOLDS HIM BACK. BARTHEL TAGS BACK IN AND THEY HIT THE EUROPEAN BOMB TO BEAT PARKER! Squash.

W: Imperium via pin @ 1:56

Kyle O'Reilly is backstage heading to the ring to get ready for the main event. He runs into NXT Champion Karrion Kross and Scarlett. Kross stares him down.

Commentary announces three matches for next week which you can see below.

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Cameron Grimes

They lock up and O'Reilly attempts to work the arm. Grimes picks his leg but O'Reilly escapes as they trade counters. O'Reilly gets the upper hand but Grimes counters. Head lock takeover by O'Reilly. Grimes fights to his feet and backs O'Reilly into the ropes before taking him to the mat. O'Reilly sends Grimes into the ropes but Grimes fires back with a shoulder tackle. O'Reilly back up and goes back to working on the arm of Grimes. Grimes escapes and hits an uppercut but O'Reilly answers with a knee to the jaw! O'Reilly grabs a hold of the arm and takes Grimes down again. Kicks by O'Reilly. Grimes fights back though with chops. Sunset flip by Grimes but O'Reilly counters into an arm bar. Grimes is able to roll into the ropes to force a break. O'Reilly picks a leg but Grimes back flips out of it and German suplexes O'Reilly!! O'Reilly rolls to the outside as we go to a split screen break.

Grimes follows to the outside where he sends O'Reilly into the barricade and then bounces him off the announce table. Back in the ring, Grimes continues to punish O'Reilly taking him from corner to corner. Grimes maintains control throughout the rest of the break,

We come back with Grimes working on the head and neck of O'Reilly. O'Reilly fights to his feet as both men trade blows. Clothesline and a near fall for Grimes. Grimes with a series of kicks backs O'Reilly into the corner. Grimes sends O'Reilly sternum first into the corner and gets a near fall off of it. Grimes goes back to a crossface like submission to put pressure on the neck. O'Reilly gets to his feet but Grimes with a shoulder tackle off the ropes. Grimes comes off the ropes and O'Reilly catches him with a knee to the midsection. Knee strikes by O'Reilly now and he sweeps Grimes. Forearm by O'Reilly in the corner and an arm breaker. Suplex by O'Reilly and he goes for a heel hook but Grimes quickly gets to the ropes. O'Reilly focuses on the leg now. Grimes catches him with an elbow. Grimes looks for a slam but O'Reilly counters into a guillotine! Big knee strike by O'Reilly. Grimes counters what I think was going to be a tornado DDT and plants O'Reilly with a spinning slam! Grimes tries a German but O'Reilly blocks. Grimes with shots to the back of O'Reilly. Grimes stacks up O'Reilly for a near fall. They trade big strikes now! GRIMES WITH HIS SPINNING SLAM!! 1...2...NO!! Grimes looks for the Cave In but O'Reilly with a boot. Grimes counters O'Reilly and hits a super kick! Combination offense by O'Reilly and O'Reilly with a brain buster!! O'REILLY GOES TO THE TOP AND DROPS A KNEE TO THE BACK OF GRIMES FOR THE WIN!! Great back and forth match to end the show and both men got to shine.

W: Kyle O'Reilly via pin @ 13:27

O'Reilly celebrates to end the show!

Next Week:

  • Dakota Kai vs. Mercedes Martinez

  • If Bronson Reed wins, he earns future NXT North American Championship Match: Bronson Reed vs. Austin Theory

  • Six Man Tag Team Match: Kushida (NXT Cruiserweight Champion) & MSK (NXT Tag Team Champions) vs. Legado del Fantasma

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! If you enjoy what you've read, don't hesitate to follow our Facebook page and get updates when new content is posted! Also, any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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