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NXT 3/17/2021: Balor/Kross Challenge for Tag Titles; Knight Debuts; Devlin confronts Escobar; More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight's NXT:

  • NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin returns to confront NXT Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar

  • Dexter Lumis vs. Austin Theory

  • LA Knight makes his NXT debut

  • Zoey Stark vs. Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez

  • Breezango vs. Legado del Fantasma

So it appears NXT had to change up the line up tonight due to a COVID outbreak. At least that's what the rumor is. Nonetheless, we're in the Capitol Wrestling Center and we see highlights of Finn Balor vs. Adam Cole from last week including Kyle O'Reilly and Karrion Kross showing up.

We're kicking off the show with THE PRINCE! The NXT Champion, Finn Balor, is in the ring with a mic. He says it's St. Patrick's Day 2021 and he's still the champ. Kyle O'Reilly? Beat him! Pete Dunne? Beat him! Adam Cole? Beat time. Karrion Kross?? Balor has been waiting on him. At Takeover? Kross' time is up! HERE COMES KARRION KROSS AND SCARLETT! Kross says this situation wasn't going to happen until they settled other affairs. Kross says they (the fans) need to know who the real champion is. The entire world needs to know it. Balor says everyone wants to be the champ until the real champ walks in the champ. Balor says he'll tell Kross something no one else has the balls to. Kross walks and talks like a champ, but Balor is the champ because Kross doesn't have what it takes. Kross promises to choke out Balor. Balor says Kross will find out what it's like to main event Takeover and choke. Scarlett says she's already seen this in the cards. Scarlett says she's seen two champions draped in gold. ONEY LORCAN AND BURCH ARE HERE NOW! They claim Balor should be facing Pete Dunne! The best technical wrestler there is. They hype Dunne and say Dunne could be Balor and Kross. They say sooner or later, Dunne will be champ. Scarlett challenges Lorcan and Burch to put the tag titles on the line against Balor and Kross!! Scarlett flirts with them before asking if they're cowards. LORCAN AND BURCH ACCEPT FOR A TAG TITLE MATCH TONIGHT!! Scarlett tells Balor every moment happens for a reason and Balor can't change fate.

Balor vs. Kross is official for Takeover!!

Austin Theory is backstage and talks to Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae on his iPad. He wants to know where they are and they're at home. Gargano says this is the last part of Theory's therapy. He needs to do this on his own.

Dexter Lumis vs. Austin Theory

They lock up and Theory with a forearm to Lumis before throwing him out of the ring. Theory bounces Lumis face off the announce table multiple times as we go to a picture in picture break.

Lumis stops that and they go back in the ring. Theory with a drop toe hold to send Lumis into the second turnbuckle in the corner. All Theory at the moment. Uppercuts by Theory as he beats down Lumis in the corner. Lumis turns the tide and delivers an elbow to the back of the head. Punches by Lumis in the corner. Lumis with a Camel Clutch and some shots to the face of Theory. Theory battles back and hits a back breaker. Theory focuses on the back with a stiff kick. Theory remains in control through the rest of the break. Near fall for Theory.

Back from the break, Theory sends Lumis to a corner and hits a fall away slam! 1...2...NO!! LUMIS LOCKS IN SILENCE!! Theory elbows his way free. Scoop slam by Theory and he talks trash. Big elbow drop by Theory for a near fall. Lumis avoids a back suplex. Theory rolls towards Lumis right into a spine buster!! A series of right hands by Lumis then he follows with a bulldog. Back suplex Lumis for a near fall. Theory counters a suplex and gets a near fall after a roll up. Uppercut by Lumis followed by a spring board suplex! Lumis goes to the top turnbuckle. Lumis flies but Theory ducks and Lumis rolls through. Theory hits a brainbuster on his knee for a near fall. He can't believe it! Theory tries to lift Lumis but it's blocked and Lumis with a big clothesline. Lumis offers a hand to help Theory up but Theory says no. Lumis offers again and Theory accepts. THEORY HUGS LUMIS! LUMIS TRIES SILENCE BUT IT'S BLOCKED! THEORY TRIES AN ATL BUT THEORY COUNTERS WITH SILENCE!! THEORY IS OUT!!

W: Dexter Lumis via submission @ 9:33

McKenzie is outside William Regal's office talking about the NXT Tag Team Championship match. Tommaso Ciampa is here. He wants to know where Imperium is. He wants to know what Alexander Wolfe is. They probably haven't seen them. He says they won't be standing at the end of the night.

Adam Cole is heading towards the ring.

Adam Cole is in the ring now and he says Kyle O'Reilly made the biggest mistake of his life last week. Cole didn't need O'Reilly anymore but O'Reilly cost him the NXT Championship. Cole says O'Reilly just made his death warrant. Cole doesn't care if O'Reilly is cleared. He wants O'Reilly now. HERE COMES WILLIAM REGAL!! Regal says O'Reilly wasn't cleared last week. Regal has banned O'Reilly from the building. O'Reilly is on the tron now. He says he's banned but it's for Cole's safety. O'Reilly is a patient man but he can't wait to get back at Cole. O'Reilly says Cole tried to end his career. O'Reilly says he's willing to do anything and that's a threat. Cole says O'Reilly is threatening him. Cole tells Regals that he's going to find O'Reilly first!!

Highlights of last week's NXT Women's Tag Team Championship reveal and Shotzi Blackheart/Ember Moon defeating Dakota Kai/Raquel Gonzalez for the titles.

McKenzie is backstage with Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. Shotzi was happy to win in front of her dad and Ember says she came back to NXT for moments like this. ROBERT STONE BRAND interrupts. They want at title shot next week. Shotzi and Ember accept!

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin arrives. He's up next!

Legado del Fantasma w/ Santos Escobar (NXXT Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Breezango

Fandango and Mendoza start. Both men trade blows early with Fandango getting the upper hand. Wilde runs in only to get clotheslined. Breeze tags in as hey double team Mendoza for a near fall. Escobar joins commentary. Wilde tags in and works on the back of Breeze and then a cross body for a near fall. Wilde charges in the corner into boots by Breeze. Fandango tags in and hits a nice drop kick. Wilde pounds on Breeze before utilizing a front face lock. Breeze is thrown into the corner and Mendoza tags in. Fandango tags and the pace quickens. Both men battle in the corner. Fandango with a front suplex sends Mendoza to the mat. Wilde distracts and MENDOZA DROP KICKS FANDANGO AND HE FALLS OFF THE TOP TO THE FLOOR! Wilde tags back in as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Wilde talking trash to Fandango. Fandango throws him over the barricade. Breeze tags in and he takes it to Wilde! Mendoza in and he's super kicked and thrown outside. Breeze locks Wilde in a single leg crab. He gets to the ropes. Breeze sends him outside. Breeze with a super kick to Wilde! Mendoza is in to break up a pin. Breeze looks for an Unprettier but it's blocked. Mendoza makes a blind tag. THEY DOUBLE TEAM BREEZE TO SNAP HIS NECK BEFORE HITTING THEIR FINISH FOR THE WIN!!

W: Legado del Fantasma via pin @ 9:53

Post match, Escobar wants to know where Devlin is! Wait no more! HERE COMES DEVLIN!! Devlin says Escobar has been running around for a year claiming to be this and that. Devlin tells him to look at what a champ looks like. Wilde and Mendoza go to confront Devlin but Escobar calls them off. Devlin says Escobar claims to be the king of the division but the ace is back in town! Escobar laughs and says he's redefined what it means to be a cruiserweight. Escobar says he's proved it time after time. Escobar says Devlin still has the title because everyone forgot he had it! ESCOBAR CHALLENGES DEVLIN TO A MATCH AT TAKEOVER TO SETTLE THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL!! DEVLIN DROPS ESCOBAR AND BAILS.

McKenzie is backstage with Adam Cole. Cole says he's leaving the building now and when he finds Kyle O'Reilly, he'll do exactly what he said he was going to do!

A vignette hypes NXT's newest signing: Sarray! She's arriving soon!

We see tweets from Cameron Grimes where he's been at the beach.

Zoey Stark vs. Dakota Kai w/ Raquel Gonzalez

They lock up Stark backing Kai into the corner. They roll around the mat countering each other. Kai gets the upper hand and works an arm. Stark counters and works on Kai's arm. Off the ropes they go and arm drag by Stark. Stark controls and delivers knees to the arm of Kai. Kai fights to her feet. Stark with a big clothesline for a near fall. Kai avoids a slam and throws Stark to the mat for a near fall. Kai mounts and punches Stark. Kai sends Stark hard into the corner. Kai with a boot to the face for a near fall. Kai works a submission with a body scissors. Stark stacks up Kai for a pin but Kai escapes. Stark catches Kai in the corner but misses a charge. Kai pulls Stark to the apron but misses a boot as Stark gets control. STARK WITH A CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE TAKING OUT KAI!! We go to a commercial.

We're back with Kai wearing down Stark. Near fall for Kai. Kai misses a pump kick and both ladies take each other down with simultaneous clotheslines. Stark with clotheslines and a kick to the gut of Kai. Stark misses another kick but a Stark suplex folds up Kai! Stark with a knee to the jaw for a near fall! Stark charges but Kai sends her into the ropes. Kai pulls Stark to the apron and hits a pump kick! Stark with a spin kick on the apron. Kai blocks a German but Stark shoots her in the air back into the ring. Stark spring boards into a Kai super kick! Kai with another kick in the corner for a near fall. Both ladies trade near falls. Rolling fireman's carry by Stark. Stark goes to the top but Kai with a kick. KAI LIFTS STARK OUT OF THE CORNER IN A FIREMAN'S CARRY AND DELIVERS THE GO TO KICK TO THE FACE TO WIN!! Good back and forth match with Stark getting to shine again.

W: Dakota Kai via pin @ 12:35

Post match, Kai and Gonzalez get in Stark's face. HERE COMES NXT WOMEN'S CHAMPION IO SHIRAI!! Shirai is holding a contract. Shirai shoves the contract to Gonzalez. before leaving to check on Stark,

McKenzie tries to get a word with William Regal when a someone (looks like a producer) runs to Regal and says something happen to Adam Cole. He wants Regal to come see. We go to a break.

Grizzled Young Veterans promo now. They say what MSK did last week was the biggest mistake of their careers. They vow payback.

Marcel Barthel w/ Fabian Aichner vs. Tommaso Ciampa

CIAMPA ATTACKS IMPERIUM BEFORE THE BELL! Ciampa takes Barthel to the mat right away. They trade counters and slug it out in the middle of the ring. Barthel gets the upper hand and grounds Ciampa. Barthel leaps off the top into a knee by Ciampa. Ciampa clotheslines Barthel to the apron. Ciampa goes for Willow's Bell but Aichner stops that allowing Barthel to gain control. Ciampa blocks a kick and hits a knee strike. Clotheslines by Ciampa. Ciampa with a running knee to Aichner. German suplex by Ciampa to Barthel!! CIAMPA HITS BARTHEL WITH WILLOW'S BELL TO WIN!! Ciampa ran through them pretty easily.

W: Tommaso Ciampa via pin @ 4:34


Regal is in the parking lot where Kyle O'Reilly is being arrested. Cole says O'Reilly tried to run him off the road. O'Reilly and Cole argue with Regal in the middle of them.

LA Knight's debut is next! He is backstage getting ready. Knight hypes his debut.

LA Knight vs. August Grey

Knight attacks right away and chokes Grey across the middle rope. Knight with a sling shot shoulder block. Knight with a big slam! BRONSON REED IS OUT ON THE STAGE WITH LA KNIGHT'S JACKET! Reed puts on the jacket but it doesn't fit obviously. Reed rips the jacket! Grey rolls up Knight for a near fall. Jaw breaker by Grey as he builds momentum. Grey spring boards but no one is there. Knight mounts and pounds Grey. KNIGHTS HITS A HEADLOCK DRIVER FOR THE WIN! Squash. So Knight vs. Reed at Takeover?

W: LA Knight via pin @ 2:24

Backstage, Raquel Gonzalez says Io Shirai made a mistake handing her the contract. When she signs, Shirai's reign is over. Dakota Kai is here to congratulate her but says they have a tag match against Shirai and Stark next week. Raquel doesn't seem sold but Kai says they need it since they've lost two in a row. Raquel likes the idea.

Xia Li vignette airs. She says resistance won't be tolerated.

William Regal is in the parking lot. He hopes the cops drop the charges so they can both come to NXT next week. Regal will have a resolution then. Hey! How about a Takeover match? Maybe Unsanctioned?

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Karrion Kross & Finn Balor (NXT Champion) w/ Scarlett vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch (champs)

Kross and Lorcan start. Kross with a shoulder tackle followed by a suplex! Lorcan tags out to Burch. Lock up and Kross sends him straight to the mat and then hits a shoulder block. All Kross as Balor claps. Kross with a bear hug to Burch. Burch fights back but Kross locks it in deeper. Burch with punches to finally get free. Kross right back with a scoop slam. Kross goes for another vertical suplex but Lorcan is here to stop it. They double suplex Kross but it only pisses him off. Kross quickly regains control. Balor watches on as we go to a picture in picture break.

Kross tags Balor. Balor locks up with Lorcan and takes him to the mat. Balor works on an arm. Lorcan gets to his feet and backs Balor into a corner. Uppercuts by Lorcan and he targets Balor's arm before taking him to the mat.

We're back with Balor fighting to his feet. Lorcan tries a sunset flip but Balor counters with a basement drop kick. Balor goes back to working on the arm of Lorcan. Lorcan gets to his feet and takes Balor to the corner. Big back elbow by Lorcan. Lorcan stomps Balor in the champs corner but no Burch there. Medical staff is checking on Burch at ringside. Snap suplex by Lorcan for a near fall. Lorcan with a submission as he works on the jaw of Balor. Uppercuts by Lorcan. Jaw breaker by Balor creates separation and he follows with a pele kick! Lorcan knocks Kross off the apron to prevent a tag. Balor fires up and takes Lorcan from corner to corner with chops. Double stomp by Balor! Balor clotheslines Lorcan to the outside. BALOR WITH A SLING BLADE OUT ON THE FLOOR!! JOHN WOO KICK BY BALOR SENDS LORCAN INTO SCARLETT!! Balor throws Lorcan back in the ring. Balor checks on Scarlett. KROSS IS PISSED AND SENDS BALOR INTO THE BARRICADE!! Kross throws Balor in the ring. LORCAN HITS A RUNNING UPPERCUT TO BALOR FOR THE WIN!!

W: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch via pin @ 11:01

Post match, KROSS HITS LORCAN WITH A DOOMSDAY SAITO!! Kross turns to Balor again. DOOMSDAY SAITO TO BALOR!! Kross locks a submission on Balor but Scarlett stops it. Scarlett helps Balor to his feet but POSITIONS HIM SO KROSS CAN HIT HIM IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A FOREARM!! Scarlett tells Balor that everything happens for a reason. Kross and Scarlett stand over Balor to end the show.

Next Week:

  • NXT Women's Tag Team Championship Match: Robert Stone Brand vs. Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon (champs)

  • Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Zoey Stark & Io Shirai (NXT Women's Champion)

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