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NXT 2/3/2021: Edge Comes to NXT; Escobar vs. Stallion; Men's & Women's Dusty Classic Continues!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Edge comes to NXT

  • NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: Curt Stallion vs. Santos Escobar (champ)

  • Quarterfinal Match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Lucha House Party vs. Legado del Fantasma

  • Quarterfinal Match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Undisputed Era vs. Tommaso Ciampa & Timothy Thatcher

  • Semi-Final Match of the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

We see highlights of last week and the run down for what's going down tonight.

We're in the Capitol Wrestling Center and kicking off the show with Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez. They say tonight will be a cake walk.

Semi-Final Match of the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez vs. Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter

Kai and Catanzaro start it off with Kai taking Catanzaro down. Catanzaro gets back up and arm drags Kai. Kai backs Catanzaro into the corner. Catanzaro takes Kai down from the middle rope and tags Carter. Carter takes control and gets a near fall. Kai answers with a back breaker before tagging Gonzalez. Carter with a strike that has no effect. Big shot by Gonzalez floors Carter. Carter uses her speed to her advantage. All four women enter the ring and a brawl breaks out. Gonzalez sends Carter out of the ring. Gonzalez chase her around and back in the ring where Carter hits a spring board kick. Catanzaro tags in and dives towards Gonzalez but is caught and press slammed into the ring for a near fall Kai tags back in and isolates Catanzaro. Near fall for Kai. Kicks by Kai gets another near fall. Big forearm by Kai to Catanzaro and a shot to Carter takes her off the apron. Catanzaro sends Kai across the ring. Both ladies make a tag. Carter has Gonzalez reeling. Carter puts them both in the corner. Carter steps onto Kai and delivers a drop kick to Gonzalez. Carter with high flying offense to floor Gonzalez and hits a super kick for only a one count! Gonzalez sends Carter out of the ring as we go to a split screen commercial.

Kai tags in during the break and goes out to get Carter and put her back in the ring. Kai with a chin lock type submission. Kai gets a near fall. Kai takes Carter to her corner and chokes her with a boot to the throat. In comes Gonzalez. Gonzalez throws Carter out of the ring and goes out to send her into the barricade. Gonzalez fireman's carries Carter up the steps and back into the ring. Gonzalez continues the beat down with right hands before tagging Kai. Kai hits a kick to the face in the corner. Near fall for Kai. Kai works the arms of Carter. Gonzalez gets a tag to come back in.

Carter is taking a lot of punishment. Gonzalez holds Carter's ankle to prevent a tag. Kai tags in but misses a stomp. Catanzaro gets the tag. She stomps Kai in the corner and hits running clothesline! Rana by Catanzaro and a flipping leg drop for a near fall. Kai rolls outside. Catanzaro follows. CATANZARO LEAPS OFF GONZALEZ'S BACK TO CLIIMB SCAFFOLDING!! SHE LEAPS OFF ONTO GONZALEZ AND KAI!! Near fall for Catanzaro back in the ring. Carter tags back in. Kai avoids a double team in order to tag Gonzalez. GONZALEZ PRESS SLAMS CARTER INTO A KAI KICK!! 1...2...Catanzaro breaks it up!! Catanzaro and Kai battle on the outside. Carter tries a sleeper on Gonzalez. Gonzalez charges and is low bridged causing her to fall to the apron. Catanzaro tags in and hits a drop kick from the middle rope. Basement drop kick! CATANZARO GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS HER CRAZY CORKSCREW!! 1...2...Kai saves it!! Kai sends Carter into the steps outside. GONZALEZ PLANTS CATANZARO WITH A ONE ARMED CHOKE SLAM TO WIN IT!! Good stuff here as both teams looked great. They teased Carter/Catanzaro pulling off the upset.

W: Dakota Kai & Raquel Gonzalez via pin @ 13:02

Kai and Gonzalez celebrate. The women's Dusty Cup Finals will be at NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day.

Commentary congratulates Wade Barrett on being a U.S. Citizen now.

Toni Storm is interviewed about her triple threat match against Io Shirai and Mercedes Martinez at Takeover. Storm says Shirai has been untouchable for a while now. Storm says neither Shirai or Martinez can stop her.

NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory are heading to the ring. Theory is in action next!

William Regals meets with Edge backstage in his office.

Leon Ruff vs. Austin Theory w/ Johnny Gargano (NXT North American Champion)

Ruff uses his speed to avoid Theory in the early going. Theory back suplexes Ruff but he lands on his feet. Ruff hits back flip kick. All Ruff until Theory drop toe holds him into the turnbuckle. Theory takes control and delivers shots to Ruff's back in the corner. Ruff is sent hard to the opposite corner. Theory with a snap suplex for a near fall. Theory chokes Ruff across the middle rope but breaks before five. Big stomp to the back of Ruff. Ruff punches his way back to his feet. Ruff comes off the ropes but runs into an elbow. Ruff avoids the ATL and rolls Theory up for a near fall. Ruff with forearms and a super kick. Ruff lands a knee to the jaw and Theory goes to the corner. Theory back drops Ruff to the apron. Gargano tries to get involved but Ruff kicks him for his trouble and knocks Gargano off the apron. Theory and Ruff collide as they both are looking for a cross body. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell come check on Gargano. The ladies leave and RUFF PULLS AN EDDIE GUERRERO ACTING LIKE GARGANO HIT HIM!! GARGANO IS EJECTED!! Back in the ring. Ruff lands a kick and a SPRING BAORD STUNNER!!! 1...2...Theory with a foot on the rope! Theory rolls outside. Ruff leaps over but Theory catches him and drops Ruff ribs first on the barricade. THEORY WITH THE ATL TO WIN!!

W: Austin Theory via pin @ 6:18

Post match, Theory hits another ATL! Theory goes to get the ring bell to use and DEXTER LUMIS IS HERE!! SILENCE TO THEORY!! Lumis rips out Theory's hair!!

A vignette for Legado del Fantasma. They vow to win their matches tonight.

A vignette for Xia Li and Boa airs telling the story of their group. Their leader is said to be a dangerous warrior and they make it sound like she's really old.

Quarterfinal Match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Legado del Fantasma vs. Lucha House Party

Lots of running the ropes early on until Legado del Fantasma takes control. Legado isolates Dorado until Metalik gets a tag. Spring board splash by Metalik. Metalik goes to attempt another high risk move and he's kicked to the outside. Wilde hits suicide dive as we go to a commercial.

Back from the break, Metalik and Mendoza on the top turnbuckle. Sunset flip power bomb by Metalik!! Both teams make a tag. Dorado takes down Wilde with a drop kick followed up with a chop. Dorado misses a senton in the corner. Cross body by Dorado gets a near fall. Wilde with a jaw breaker. Wilde looks but no one is there to tag. DORADO WITH A HAND SPRING STUNNER!! 1...2...NO!! Mendoza comes in the ring but is thrown outside. Metalik tags in. WILDE WITH A S{PRING BOARD DOUBLE DDT!! He covers Dorado but only gets a near fall! Dorado back drops Wilde to the floor. Mendoza tries to come in to interfere but he's knocked to the apron. METALIK WITH A RANA SENDS MENDOZA TO THE OUTSIDE. DORADO MOONSAULTS FROM THE TOP ONTO EVERYONE!! Back in the ring, Dorado hits a rana to Wilde for a near fall. Mendoza tags in. LEGADO DEL FANTAMSA WITH A RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP KICK COMBO TO DORADO GETS THE WIN!! Not a bad match but the women's tag was much better in my opinion.

W: Legado del Fantasma via pin @ 10:16

Legado del Fantasma will face MSK in the semi-finals. MSK IS OUT TO CONFRONT THEM. That match will be next week! MSK vows to win next week and win the cup!

Pete Dune, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch arrive. Dunne says he wants Finn Balor.

Backstage, Timothy Thatcher and Tommaso Ciampa are getting ready for the main event.

NXT Tag Team Champions Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch accompany Pete Dunne out to the ring. Dunne has a mic. Dunne says he told Balor to his face that he isn't waiting anymore but Balor didn't listen. That's why Dunne snapped Balor's fingers last week. Dunne says don't make me wait anymore! HERE COMES BALOR!! Balor says Dunne may claim he's done waiting but he's hiding behind Lorcan and Burch. Dunne says he isn't hiding to which Balor says that's not what it looks like. Dunne has Lorcan and Burch to get out of the ring. Dunne says he's taking the title first chance he gets. Balor says Dunne can have a shot at NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day! HERE COMES EDGE!!! The place is going crazy! Edge says this feels good! Edge says in NXT the focus is on wrestling and that's fun! He likes the passion and he sees fire in their eyes. Edge says NXT helps him find his passion. It helped him get his career back and he used his passion to win the Royal Rumble. Edge says he can challenge any champion now as he stares at Balor. Edge says Balor and Dunne are two of the damn best. Edge sees lots of himself in Dunne. Edge looks at Balor and sees a guy operating at a different level. Edge says he'll be watching Takeover because he's never had the NXT Championship. No matter who wins at Takeover, he's intrigued. Edge says Takeover may make him choose to challenge for the NXT Championship.

Johnny Gargano is interviewed backstage by McKenzie and is asked how The Way is feeling. Gargano tries convincing her everything is good. McKenzie tells Gargano that he's defending the NXT North American Championship at Takeover: Vengeance Day against Kushida. Gargano says that's not true and he's going to Regal's office. He's taking McKenzie with him so he can watch her get fired.

Back from a commercial, Gargano and McKenzie go to Regal's office. They knock on the door and Kushida answers. Kushida tells Gargano that Regals is busy. GARGANO ATTACKS AND THEY BRAWL!! Officials pull them apart and Gargano is down injured.

Jessi Kamea w/ Aliyah & Robert Stone vs. Toni Storm

They lock up and knees by Storm. A big kick by Storm followed by a running clothesline for a near fall. Kamea blocks a German and hits a kick. Kamea drops Storm across the top turnbuckle and hits a kick for a near fall. Storm slaps her! Spinning heel kick by Kamea! MERCEDES MARTINEZ IS HERE!! MARTINEZ ATTACKS KAMEA FOR A DQ!! Less about the match and more about the post match brawl.

W: Jessi Kamea by DQ @ 1:20

Post match, a brawl breaks out between Martinez and Storm. Out comes NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai and she hits a moonsault from the top onto both Martinez and Storm.

Curt Stallion promo. Tonight is his biggest opportunity in his career. Stallion says place your bets because the Lone Star Stallion will make all of Texas proud tonight. The NXT Cruiserweight Championship match is next!


NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match

Curt Stallion vs. Santos Escobar (champ) w/ Legado del Fantasma

After some trash talk, they lock up but we get a clean break. Lock up again and Escobar goes on the attack with shots to the back and head. Stomp to the face by Escobar. Another one! Escobar cranks the neck of Stallion before a snap mare. Escobar works the right arm of Stallion. Stallion runs the ropes but Escobar hits a beautiful drop kick. SCARLETT IS WATCHING IN THE CROWD. Probably because of what Escobar said about Karrion Kross last week. Escobar locks in a dragon sleeper. Escobar backs Stallion in the corner and hits a big chop. Stallion is sent to the opposite corner and double knees by Escobar. Escobar with a suplex. Escobar notices Scarlett now and smiles. Escobar with knees to Stallion but Stallion with a jaw breaker. Stallion runs into a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Escobar glances at Scarlett allowing Stallion to roll Escobar up for a near fall. Escobar bails out of the ring. Escobar stares up at Scarlett as we go to a commercial.

We're back with Escobar beating down Stallion on the outside. Back in the ring they go. During the break, Escobar dropped Stallion back first on the steps. Escobar puts Stallion on the top turnbuckle and slaps him. Escobar with a neck breaker from the top!! 1...2...NO!! Escobar locks in a single leg crab. Escobar transitions into a STF!! Escobar with a knee to the back of Stallion before bending him around Escobar's knee. Escobar lifts Stallion but Stallion escapes. Both men trade strikes in the corner. Escobar misses a charge. German by Stallion and a forearm! Big right hand by Stallion and Escobar rolls out of the ring. SUICIDE DIVE BY STALLION! Back in the ring, FROG SPLASH BY STALLION!! 1...2...NO!! Again 1...2...NO!! Stallion stomps the feet of Escobar and attempts a DDT but Escobar counters and suplexes Stallion into the corner!! 1...2...NO!! Stallion fights back with kicks and a head butt but Escobar answers with an enziguri! PHANTOM DRIVER BY ESCOBAR!! ESCOBAR HITS A FAIRY TALE ENDING TYPE MOVE BUT KNEES STALLION IN THE FACE ON THE WAY DOWN TO GET THE WIN!! Solid but I didn't buy Stallion winning for a second.

W: Santos Escobar via pin @ 13:25

Post match, Escobar stares down Scarlett. HERE COMES KARRIONS KROSS!! Kross destroys Mendoza and Wilde. Escobar waits for Kross in the ring. Kross tells Escobar they have a problem he's going to give Escobar the gift of time. More time to think about the inevitable. Kross tells Escobar to get out of the ring. Tick tock! Escobar backs down.

Undisputed Era gets ready for the main event.

WWE Black History month video airs.

Edge talks to Bronson Reed backstage but you can't hear what was said. Edge goes to leave the building when Karrion Kross confronts him. Kross says he hopes Edge chooses wisely because he won't be facing Balor or Dunne. Kross says Edge would be facing him because Kross will get back the title he never lost. Edge tells Kross to be careful because words like that motivate Edge. Edge says he may just have to come back now.

Quarterfinal Match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Undisputed Era vs. Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa

Cole and Ciampa start. Ciampa backs Cole to a corner and we get a break. Ciampa with a side head lock but Cole send him into the ropes. Shoulder tackle by Cole but Ciampa takes him down with another head lock. Ciampa tries a roll up. Ciampa tries Fairy Tale Ending with no luck. Ciampa grounds Cole again. Cole fights to his feet but misses a pump kick. Cole misses a Shining Wizard and Ciampa misses a knee strike. Stand off. Thatcher and Strong both tag in. They jockey for position and Strong takes down Thatcher. Good chain wrestling here. Body shots by Thatcher. More mat wrestling. They trade uppercuts and a kick by Strong sends Thatcher to the corner. Cole tags back in. He's isolated in the UE corner. Strong tags back in. Thatcher brings him to the corner and Ciampa tags back in. Snap mare and a knee to the back followed by a back elbow. Thatcher gets a tag and scoop slams Strong and delivers an elbow. Thatcher stomps Strong in the corner before tagging Ciampa who continues the stomps. Ciampa taunts Cole. This opens the window for Strong to fight back. Cole tags in and all four men go at it as we go to a split screen commercial.

Strong and Ciampa go at it in the ring while Cole and Thatcher talk trash on the outside. Strong is in control. He knocks Thatcher off the apron as he and Ciampa battle in the corner. Ciampa counters and drops Strong stunner style on the top turnbuckle. Thatcher tags in and wears down Strong.

We're back where Thatcher has Strong in a surfboard submission. Strong turns it into a pin forcing Thatcher to release. Ciampa tags in and he trades chops with Strong. Ciampa floors Strong with a stiff forearm. 1...2...NO!! Another near fall. Thatcher comes back in and delivers a rib shot. Thatcher tries an arm bar but Strong blocks it. Strong back drops Thatcher to the apron but Thatcher locks in a sleeper in the ropes. Thatcher brings Strong up to the middle rope. Both men trade blows on the top turnbuckle. SUPERPLEX BY STRONG!! Ciampa and Cole both tag in. All Cole with clothesline and a pump kick! Cole knocks Thatcher off the apron. BACK STABBER TO CIAMPA!! 1...2...NO!! They trade counters. Enziguri by Cole. Fireman's carry into a neck breaker!! 1...2...NO!! Cole sets up for Panama Sunrise but Ciampa blocks. Ciampa counters a Figure Four and tags Thatcher. Cole with a Figure Four on Thatcher! Strong with a Boston Crab on Ciampa! Ciampa escapes and breaks up Cole's Figure Four!! Strong tags back in. He lifts Thatcher but Thatcher escapes and sends Strong into Cole. Strong escapes an arm bar but gets chopped. German by Thatcher! Ciampa tags in and hits his own German. Thatcher tags back in. Another German by Thatcher! Ciampa in again and hits a big knee strike!! 1...2...NO!! Thatcher throws Cole to the outside!! Ciampa pounds the back of Strong. Strong escapes the Fairy Tale Ending and OLYMPIC SLAM!! Tag To Cole! Super kick to Thatcher. COLE AND STRONG HIT A SUPER KICK KNEE STRIKE COMBO TO CIAMPA!! 1...2...NO!! Strong tags in. Thatcher breaks up the double team!! Strong sends Thatcher over the barricade with a back suplex! STRONG GETS ON THE APRON AND CIAMPA HITS WILLOW'S BELL FOR THE WIN!! Damn good match here! Easily the best of the night and a great main event!

W: Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa via pin @ 17:04

They celebrate. They meet the Grizzled Young Veterans next week! Grizzled Young Veteran comes out to the top of the ramp and the teams exchange words. THEY BRAWL TO END THE SHOW!

Next Week:

  • Semi-Final Match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Legado del Fantasma vs. MSK

  • Semi-Final Match of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Timothy Thatcher & Tommaso Ciampa vs. Grizzled Young Veterans

  • Semi-Final Match of the Women's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic: Candice LeRae & Indi Hartwell vs. Shotzi Blackheart & Ember Moon

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