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NXT 11/25/2020: War Games Advantage Ladder Match, Moon vs. LeRae; Kushida vs. Thatcher; Plus More!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Kevin Owens is on commentary

  • The KO Show: Kevin Owens host NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff

  • Ember Moon vs. Candice LeRae w/ Indi Hartwell

  • War Games Advantage Ladder Match: One member of Undisputed Era vs. Pete Dunne

  • Kushida vs. Timothy Thatcher

  • Rhea Ripley addresses the NXT Universe

We're in the Capitol Wrestling Center kicking off the show with highlights of Finn Balor being interrupted by Pat McAfee and the Undisputed Era coming out to brawl. Starting with some action!

Kevin Owens is on commentary in a t-shirt and tie! Just my style!

Candice LeRae w/ Indi Hartwell vs. Ember Moon

Moon takes a swipe at Hartwell before the bell rings. LeRae runs around to being avoiding Moon. Moon is clearly frustrated by it. Moon drop kicks LeRae and LeRae bumps into Hartwell and knocks her off the apron. All Moon early. She follows LeRae to the outside. Moon avoids a clothesline from Hartwell and drops LeRae face first on the announce table. MOON HITS HARTWELL WITH A RIGHT HAND! Back in the ring, Moon hits a nice fall away slam on LeRae and LeRae rolls out of the ring. LeRae tries to bail but Moon goes out to get her and bring her back to the ring. Back in the ring, LeRae hits a senton for a near fall. LeRae takes control. They trade strikes with LeRae getting the upper hand and grounding Moon with a submission. Both ladies trade pinning combos before Moon lands a kick for a near fall. LeRae blocks a suplex and gets a near fall off a cradle. Clothesline by LeRae for a near fall. Moon hits some elbow strikes but LeRae quickly regains the advantage and takes Moon to the corner. Moon avoids a charging LeRae and hits a t-bone suplex!! Another big kick by Moon gets a near fall. RAQUEL GONZALEZ AND DAKOTA KAI COME OUT TO RINGSIDE AS WE GO TO A SPLIT SCREEN COMMERCIAL.

During the break, LeRae rolls to the outside where she's helped up by Hartwell. LeRae takes her time getting back in. In the ring, Moon slams LeRae for a near fall. Moon tries a submission but LeRae turns the tide. Hartwell pulls Moon off the apron to the outside to give LeRae the advantage. LeRae hits a baseball slide. Moon beats the count. LeRae continues to wear down Moon.

We're back from the break and LeRae is still in control of Moon. Moon fights to her feet and delivers a head scissors. Moon with a roll up for a near fall. LERAE HITS A HEAD SCISSORS OF HER OWN AND INTO THE GARGANO ESCAPE!! Moon tries to counter and gets to her feet but LeRae transitions into a sleeper. Moon is able to fight out of it. Moon quickens the pace with a series of kicks and a back elbow in the corner. Another one with a suplex. Moon with a front face suplex. Moon goes to the top. Gonzalez and Kai distract the ref and HARTWELL GETS IN THE RING TO SACRIFICE HERSLEF. MOON HITS AN ECLIPSE ON HARTWELL! LERAE TAKES OUT MOON AND HITS MOON WITH THE WICKED STEPSISTER FOR THE WIN!! Good back and forth match with the expected interference to give LeRae the win.

W: Candice LeRae via pin @ 13:00

After the match, the heels all gang up on Moon! HERE COMES TONI STORM!! STORM ATTACKS MOON!! Storm throws Moon back in the ring and Gonzalez, Kai, and LeRae all destroy Moon!

The Undisputed Era has arrived and they're going straight to the ring after the break.

Legado del Fantasma talk backstage. Escobar talks taking the NXT Cruiserweight Championship to the big time. They brag about taking out everyone who has challenged them. The address Curt Stallion being the next challenger for Escobar's title.

SHOCK THE SYSTEM!! The Undisputed Era make their way to the ring. Highlights of Pat McAfee show where he says he won't be on NXT tonight. They all got mics. Cole talks about how McAfee claims they have killed the UE and taken over. Cole says everyone who has tried to take them out has failed. Cole calls McAfee a coward. Cole can't wait to be locked in the cage with McAfee. O'Reilly chimes in saying how much fun it was beating up Pat and his goons. They all talk about the whooping they gave them last week. Cole says unfortunately for Pete Dunne, he doesn't know who he is facing. O'Reilly says after what happened at Halloween Havoc, he wants Dunne. The other UE members support it and they all agree it's O'Reilly vs. Dunne tonight. Cole says they're taking Pat and the boys to hell at War Games. Cole says they will take them to war at War Games and they will never be the same afterwards. THAT'S UNDISPUTED!!

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Candice, Dakota, and Raquel after Candice talked to Toni Storm. Candice says those three ladies and herself are Team Candice for War Games. Toni says we will get the new Toni Storm.

Thatcher's students are backstage on sofas ready to watch his match which is next.

Black Sabbath's "War Pigs" is the official theme song of Takeover War Games!

Timothy Thatcher vs. KUSHIDA

Tommaso Ciampa makes his way to the ring with a chair before the match starts and sits at the end of the ramp. Chain wrestling to start to feel each other out. Thatcher briefly gets the upper hand with mat wrestling until KUSHIDA fires back with some kicks. Thatcher takes KUSHIDA down and tries to work the legs of KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA counters into a bridged submission. Thatcher escapes and counters back into a submission of his own. Both men fight to their feet and trade strikes. Hip toss and basement drop kick by KUSHIDA. Thatcher locks in a single leg crab across the the top rope so he's obviously forced to break as we go to a commercial.

We're back and both men are trading strikes as Ciampa is still watching. Thatcher gets the upper hand with an uppercut. KUSHIDA avoids a butterfly suplex and tries to take Thatcher down by the arm. They trade counters. KUSHDIA gets a near fall off a back slide. KUSHIDA holds Thatcher's arms and delivers stomps. KUSHIDA tries the Hoverboard Lock but Thatcher fights it. Thatcher rolls through and tries his own submission. KUSHIDA rolls out of it and tries an arm bar but Thatcher rolls into an ankle lock. KUSHIDA counters into his own ankle lock! KUSHDIA rolls into a pin and Thatcher counters into a body scissors. Great submission counter wrestling by both men. KUSHIDA is able to send Thatcher out in front of Ciampa. KUSHIDA follows and they trade counters until KUSHIDA drives Thatcher arm first into the floor. Thatcher was distracted by Ciampa. In the ring, KUSHIDA has the upper hand until Thatcher hits a double underhook suplex. CIAMPA STANDS UP WHICH DISTRACTS THATCHER!! KUSHIDA LOCKS THATCHER IN THE HOVERBOARD LOCK!!! THATCHER TAPS!! Ciampa tells the camera that maybe Thatcher will have a problem with him now before Ciampa leaves. Thatcher seems pissed as he stares at a leaving Ciampa. This was great back and forth submission counter wrestling.

W: KUSHIDA via submission @ 12:33

We see highlights of NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley from last week. We will here from Ripley later but the KO Show is next after the commercial.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Pete Dunne, Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch. They talk about the the UE hasn't lost a War Games advantage match ever. Dunne says he will win tonight and break their spirit.

Kevin Owens is in the ring ready for the KO Show! Owens brings up his War Games history and says he's back in NXT for tonight and he'll always come back when invited. Owens introduces Leon Ruff and Ruff makes his way to the ring. Ruff thanks Owens for having him. Owens was already coming back to commentate but he wants to get Ruff on the show after the past couple weeks he has had. The crowd says they love and Ruff says he loves them too. Ruff says it feels like he just signed his contract and now he's NXT North American Champion. We see highlights of Ruff putting on the title and it sliding off. They laugh together. Owens asks what it means to Ruff to have the NA title. Ruff says it's about not giving up on his dreams and Owens says he should be proud. "You deserve it" chants. Ruff wants to be an inspiration to people. Owens says Ruff needs to have more conviction and he needs to let people know who he is so the locker room doesn't see weakness. Ruff gets fired up and says he beat Johnny Gargano twice. Owens says you don't call someone by name on KO Show because they almost always come out. Owens does a count down and HERE COMES JOHNNY GARGANO!! Gargano is pissed. Gargano asks if Ruff wants to be an inspiration. Owens gets Gargano a chair and Gargano launches it. Owens puts another chair in the ring and Gargano asks who it's for? Owens says don't worry about it. Gargano wants Ruff to admit that Gargano is the real champ. Gargano mentions Damian Priest and Owens says don't do that because he'll come out. Owens gives count down twice and HERE COMES DAMIAN PRIEST!! Priest Johnny Wheel of Fortune is always complaining. Priest says the reality is Ruff is better than Gargano. Gargano talks trash to Ruff before shoving him. Priest tells Ruff he hasn't received a rematch. Owens says if Teddy Long was here, he would come out now and make a triple threat match. Haha! HERE COMES WILLIAM REGAL!! Regal says there will be a triple threat match at War Games for the title and then he adds "PLAYA" at the end!! That was hysterical!!!

A Finn Balor vignette airs. He says he laid the groundwork for war. When they're done with war, he'll be ready for the winner. Don't put checkers on the chess board. The cat is back. I'd rather have him refer to himself as the Prince.

Shotzi Blackheart vignette airs where she talks about crushing her enemies while rebuilding her tank.

Jake Atlas vs. Cameron Grimes

Grimes takes the early advantage but Atlas uses his speed to counter. Grimes hits a German suplex for a near fall. Grimes beats down Atlas in the corner. Grimes ducks his head and gets kicked in the face by Atlas. Atlas builds momentum. Atlas gets a near fall off a jack knife cover. German by Atlas followed by a forearm for a near fall. Both men trade strikes and Grimes hits Spanish Fly when they both comes off the ropes. GRIMES HITS ATLAS WITH THE CAVE IN TO WIN!! After the match, Grimes puts on his hat and says he's going to the moon! DEXTER LUMIS SHOWS UP BEHIND LUMIS! Lumis bails up the ramp. Lumis points to the tron and a video package is shown of all the times Grimes has run from Lumis. Lumis pulls a strap out of bag and throws one end at Grimes hinting at a strap match. Grimes doesn't take it and goes to the back.

W: Cameron Grimes via pin @ 2:49

Rhea Ripley is heading to the ring to discuss her future next!

Grimes is walking backstage when he says he's not afraid of Lumis. Regal confronts him and says the NXT Universe wants to see Grimes vs. Lumis one more time. Regal says Lumis gave him a great idea. Grimes vs. Lumis at War Games in a strap match.

Rhea Ripley makes her way to the ring. Ripley says Io Shirai is one of the toughest women she has ever faced. Ripley says after last week, there is speculation about what is next for Ripley. Everyone is questioning the hug between Ripley and Shirai. Ripley says the hug was nothing but respect. It wasn't a send off at all. Ripley isn't going anywhere until she gets the title. HERE COMES CANDICE LERAE AND TONI STORM!! Candice claims Io stole two victories from her but Io beat Rhea on her own. Candice says Rhea talks but can't back it up. Candice claims to talk the talk and walk the walk. DAKOTA KAI AND RAQUEL GONZALEZ WALK OUT WITH IO OVER GONZALEZ'S SHOULDER!! They drop Io on the ramp and THEY ALL BEAT DOWN RIPLEY!! Looks like we have a good idea of who will be on Team Shotzi. Ripley is left beat down in the ring while Shirai is still laid out on the ramp.

Boa and Xia Li are in a car going somewhere. They are taken to what looks like a warehouse where they explain to somehow how they tries their best. They promise not to lose again. They are marked by the same old man from a couple weeks ago. They bow before someone on a throne who's face we can't see but it appears to be a woman.

Ever-Rise is here getting ready for a match when they are ATTACKED BY THE GRIZZLED YOUNG VETERANS!! They cut a promo reminding us who they are and they say they're back to be recognized as #1!! They basically put the tag division on notice and Ever-Rise gets destroyed with the Ticket to Mayhem.

McKenzie Mitchell is in the parking lot with Candice LeRae. Indi Hartwell is wearing a neck brace. Candice says anyone dumb enough to join Team Shotzi are War Games will get run over. Candice says Shotzi will face Raquel next week. Johnny Gargano is here to say they got to go. Johnny, Candice, and Indi get in a car to leave. Another person with Scream face mask is in the back seat as they drive away.

War Games Advantage Ladder Match

Kyle O'Reilly vs. Pete Dunne

O'Reilly attacks right away and they brawl. O'Reilly sends Dunne out of the ring and then sweeps him on the apron as we go to a commercial.

We're back and they're battling on the outside with a ladder in the ring. O'Reilly has the upper hand hitting Dunne with running knees off the apron. O'Reilly gets another ladder from under the ring. Dunne stomps O'Reilly's hand on the ladder before slamming him. Dunne sets up a bridge with a ladder from the apron to the railing. O'Reilly avoids a suplex and takes Dunne down. O'Reilly catapults Dunne into the barricade and plexiglass! O'Reilly gets in the ring and sets up a ladder to climb. Dunne is back in and knocks O'Reilly off the ladder. Dunne sets up a ladder with O'Reilly under it. Dunne uses the ladder for leverage for an arm bar type submission. Dunne pins O'Reilly's left hand under the ladder and begins climbing. O'Reilly escapes and dragon screws Dunne's leg in the ladder! O'Reilly takes the ladder down. They trade counters and Dunne hits an enziguri. DUNNE POWER BOMBS O'REILLY INTO A LADDER THAT'S LEANED IN THE CORNER!! Dunne puts O'Reilly on the ladder bridge and stomps his face repeatedly. O'Reilly hits a another dragon screw across the middle rope. O'Reilly delivers strikes to Dunne on the apron. They trade counters until DUNNE SUPLEXES O'REILLY FROM IN THE RING THROUGH THE BRIDGED LADDER!! HOLY SHIT!! We go to a split screen commercial.

During the break, officials check on Dunne and O'Reilly. Dunne rolls back in the ring and sets up a ladder while O'Reilly is still down outside. Dunne begins climbing and O'Reilly makes it back in to stop him. Dunne comes down to fight. Dunne puts O'Reilly's hand in the ladder before stomping it! Dunne tries it a second time but O'Reilly kicks and fights it. Dunne goes crazy with repeated stomps!!

We're back from break, Dunne is in control. Dunne goes outside to get a chair. O'Reilly delivers a super kick to stop Dunne and O'Reilly punches the chair into Dunne. Dunne tries the Bitter End but O'Reilly counters and tries to choke out Dunne. Knee by O'Reilly and O'Reilly suplexes Dunne onto a ladder! O'Reilly goes to the top and tries a flying knee but Dunne moves and O'Reilly knees a ladder! O'Reilly rolls out of the ring. Dunne sets up a ladder and climbs. O'Reilly makes it back in to stop Dunne and locks in an ankle lock! Dunne escapes. Dunne kicks but O'Reilly ducks and Dunne kicks the ladder. They trade punches under the ladder. O'Reilly repeatedly pulls Dunne's shoulder into the ladder. Dunne pushes the ladder into O'Reilly but O'Reilly blocks and sends the ladder into Dunne's face! O'Reilly sets up the ladder but both men climb. They trade punches at the top. Dunne gets to the top and kicks O'Reilly to the bottom. O'Reilly stops Dunne from getting the briefcase. Both men have a hand on it!! Dunne knocks O'Reilly off and O'Reilly returns the favor. O'Reilly turns Dunne inside out with a clothesline!! Dunne rolls out of the ring. O'Reilly sets up a ladder and begins climbing. Dunne is back in with a chair and he hits O'Reilly in the knee knocking him off the ladder. CHAIR SHOT TO O'REILLY'S BACK! Dunne takes O'Reilly out outside. Dunne climbs. O'REILLY TILTS THE LADDER AND DUNNE FALLS INTO THE CORNER LADDER!! O'REILLY CLIMBS BUT SOMEONE IN A BLACK HOODIE AND MASK PUSHES THE LADDER OVER AND O'REILLY FALLS TO THE OUTSIDE!! DUNNE CLIMBS THE LADDER AND WINS IT!! These guys took some crazy bumps!

W: Pete Dunne via retrieval of briefcase @ 19:47

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch are shown celebrating with Dunne as the rest of the UE check on O'Reilly. End Show.

Next Week:

  • Raquel Gonzalez vs. Shotzi Blackheart

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