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NXT 10/21/2020: NXT Tag Titles Defended; Triple Threat & Six Man Tag Action!

Here's what's on tap for tonight:

  • Six Man Tag Team Match: Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Jake Atlas, & Ashante "Thee" Adonis vs. Legado del Fantasma

  • Triple Threat Match: Kushida vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Velveteen Dream

  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Undisputed Era vs. Breezango (champs)

We kick off tonight's show with some triple threat action!

Triple Threat Match

Kushida vs. Velveteen Dream vs. Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa attacks Dream during the entrances! The match starts with Ciampa and Kushida targeting Dream. Dream is sent to the outside. Ciampa and Kushida go to the outside. Ciampa gets the upper hand on both men!! All Ciampa early on. All three men get back in the ring. Ciampa remains in control and stomps the cast of Dream. Kushida gets a near fall roll up on Ciampa. Dream is sent outside again. CIAMPA HITS WILLOW'S BELL ON KUSHIDA WITH DREAM HANGING ON TO KUSHIDA!! Ciampa gets a near fall on both men. Ciampa beats on Kushida in the corner. Ciampa then targets Dream's cast. Ciampa lights up Kushida with chops and tries to send him into the opposite corner but Kushida counters. Kushida tries to target Ciampa's arm but Ciampa turns the tide. Ciampa suplexes Dream and then turns his attention back to Kushida. Sunset flip by Kushida gets a near fall on Ciampa. Dream is back to go on the offensive. Dream puts both men in the corner but taunts and show boats causing Ciampa to turn the tide on him. Ciampa lights up both Dream and Kushida in the corner with chops. More chops by Ciampa until Kushida blocks. Kushida tries a double spring board elbow but gets caught. Kushida avoids a double back suplex and takes out Ciampa before DREAM HITS A DREAM VALLEY DRIVER ON HIM!! Ciampa sends Dream to the outside with a pump knee as we go to a commercial.

The cowboy drinking a mountain dew commercial airs. I swear this commercial is on every break during WWE shows.

We're back with Ciampa and Kushida in the ring. Good back and forth with Kushida hitting an enziguri. Dream tries to trip up Kushida takes out Dream. KUSHIDA LOCKS IN AN ARM BREAKER AND DREAM IS TAPPING OUTSIDE BUT NOTHING THE REF CAN DO. Ciampa goes to the outside to brawl with Kushida. Back in the ring, Kushida is in control of Ciampa. Kushida tries to get an arm breaker but DREAM CONNECTS WITH THE PURPLE RAIN MAKER ON KUSHIDA!! Dream covers Kushida for a near fall as Ciampa breaks it up! Ciampa and Dream trade blows. Dream avoids the Fairy Tale Ending. Ciampa rolls Dream up for a near fall. DREAM HITS CIAMPA WITH THE DREAM VALLEY DRIVER!! Kushida breaks up the pin!! Dream talks trash to both men. Kushida and Ciampa both light up Dream. Kushida sends both men to the outside. He dives out onto Dream before diving out onto Ciampa. Back in the ring, Kushida dives out on to Dream again. KUSHIDA GOES TO GET BACK IN THE RING AND CIAMPA CATCHES HIM WITH WILLOW'S BELL!! Dream is back in now and all three men go at it. Dream is sent to the outside again. Ciampa and Kushida battle. DREAM IS ON THE APRON AND HITS CIAMPA WITH HIS CAST!! KUSHIDA HITS A GERMAN ON CIAMPA WITH A BRIDGE FOR THE WIN @ 15:34!! Lots of action here and good back and forth.

The Undisputed Era is backstage. Cole is here via tablet. They acknowledge that things haven't been great for the UE. It all changes tonight when Strong and Fish win the tag titles.

Ember Moon is in action next!

The Halloween Havoc card is run down. In addition to what's already been announced, Dexter Lumis vs. Cameron Grimes in a Haunted House of Terror!!

A video package shows the history between Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez.

Jessi Kamea vs. Ember Moon

They lock up and Moon takes control early. Kamea has a brief flurry of offense until Moon regains control. Moon gets fired up and takes down Kamea with a drop kick. More kicks by Moon. Standing moonsault by Moon for a near fall. Moon locks in a crossface! Kamea counters with a cradle pin for a near fall. Moon immediately goes back on the offense and locks in an single leg crab but Kamea escapes it. Kamea hits a spinning heel kick and delivers more kicks for a near fall. Kamea sends Moon to the corner but Moon counters. MOON LOCKS IN A STF CAMEL CLUTCH TYPE SUBMISSION AND KAMEA TAPS OUT @ 3:58!! Extended squash for Moon. DAKOTA KAI IS HERE TO ATTACK MOON!!

Backstage, someone has attacked BOBBY FISH!! Strong and O'Reilly are here to help Fish up.

Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed

Theory uses his speed to avoid Reed and slap Reed. (McKenzie Mitchell gives an update on Bobby Fish and says he's being taken to a medical facility. Kyle O'Reilly will take his place). Reed is in control of Theory until Theory stops his momentum with a drop kick. Reed fights him off but Theory takes down Reed with a chop block. Chin lock by Theory. Reed gets back to his feet and hits a big power slam. SENTON BY REED! Reed goes to the top but Theory cuts him off. Theory lands a chop and goes to the top with Reed. Reed pushes Theory off. Theory runs back up and gets knocked off again. REED HITS A TSUNAMI SPLASH AND IT'S OVER @ 3:29!! Good win for Reed and Theory's losing streak continues. THEORY HAS A MIC! He claims he's the future of NXT and WWE. Theory claims he isn't going anywhere until he beats him.

Austin Theory vs. Bronson Reed

Here we go again. Reed gets in the ring and Theory goes on the attack. REED GETS UP AND HITS A BIG SAMOAN DROP FOR THE WIN @ 0:13!! Theory gets squashed twice in one night!

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Kacy Catanzaro and Xia Li. Kacy is stepping up to Xia's challenge. Kacy says they've had their differences. Xia emphasizes that she must win tonight, Xia says it's the biggest match of her life.

The six man tag match is next!

During the commercial break, Austin Theory left the building. When someone tried to get an interview with him, he said he quit!!

Six Man Tag Team Match

Legado del Fantasma vs. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, Jake Atlas, & Ashante "Thee" Adonis

We go to start with a brawl but Legado del Fantasma all bail. Swerve confront Escobar outside and they brawl. The other four go at it in the ring. Swerve sends Escobar into the barricade and into the steps. Wilde and Atlas are the two legal men. Atlas mounts Wilde and beats on him. Adonis tags it and hits a flap jack on Wilde. Near fall. Adonis beats down Wilde and chokes him across the middle rope. Atlas tags back in and continues the attack. TRIPLE VERTICAL SUPLEXES BY ATLAS!! 1...2...NO!! Atlas in control and sends Wilde into the corner. ATLAS RUNS THE ROPES VERY WELL AND TAKES OUT 2/3 of the opposition. SWERVE TAKES OUT ALL THREE MEMBERS OF LEGADO WITH A CORKSCREW TO THE OUTSIDE AS WE GO TO A COMMERCIAL.

During the break, Legado del Fantasma gains the upper hand and isolates Adonis. They turn their attention to Swerve and clear the announcer's table. How they haven't been counted out is a mystery to me. Back in the ring, Legado is still on the offensive.

We're officially back from break. Adonis is trying fight back. Quicks tags by Legado keep Adonis isolated. Adonis has been in forever. Escobar delivers double knees to the chest of Adonis in the corner. Mendoza comes in and works an arm bar. Wilde comes back in but Adonis hits him with a drop kick. Atlas and Escobar both tag in. Atlas picks up the pace and takes out everyone. Atlas hits a German on Escobar. Swerve tags in. Swerve hits a rolling thunder flatliner on Escobar!! Swerve is taking out all members of Legado. Swerve and Mendoza fight on the apron. Big kick by Swerve but Mendoza sends Swerve face first into apron. ATLAS TRIES A SPANISH FLY FROM IN THE RING TO THE OUTSIDE AND IT GETS BOTCHED BUT EVERYONE ITS TAKEN OUT!! Swerve almost finishes Mendoza but Wilde breaks it up. Swerve and Adonis try a double team but it gets countered. Escobar takes out Swerve with a suicide dive. ATLAS DDTS ESCOBAR ON THE FLOOR! In the ring, WILDE AND MENDOZA HIT A SUPER KICK RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP COMBO ON ADONIS FOR THE WIN @ 14:57!! Great action in this one.

The Garganos are at home and they have a training wheel to practice spinning for next week. The Garganos talk about what's the worst that could happen. Gargano spins a mock wheel and it lands on buried alive. LeRae spins and gets trick or street fight. She loves the idea. Gargano decides to spin again and gets a casket match. He says the wheel wants him to die and decides to go to bed haha.

Tag action with Drake Maverick and Killian Dain is next!

Ever-Rise vs. Drake Maverick & Killian Dain

Dain still hates their entrance music. Maverick starts the match. Ever-Rise makes quick tags to isolate Maverick. Maverick definitely knows how to sell an ass whooping. Maverick is finally able to make a tag. DAIN GOES CRAZY!! Cross body by Dain wipes out Parker! Dain gets chop blocked but no sells it. Another chop block takes him down. Parker gets a single leg crab on Dain while Maverick is taken outside. MAVERICK GETS PISSED AND GRABS A CHAIR!! MAVERICK DESTROYS EVER-RISE WITH THE CHAIR AND IS DQED @ 2:52!! Ever-Rise wins! Maverick realizes they lost and seems upset. Dain acts like he's mad but then says "that was the best thing Maverick has ever done." Their theme music plays and Dain isn't having it and leaves.

Backstage, RODERICK STRONG IS FOUND DOWN NOW!! Kyle O'Reilly and medical staff check on him. We go to a commercial.

Back from break, William Regal questions the locker room and wants to know if anyone saw anything about who did this. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch both offer to team with O'Reilly but he declines. Now, Lorcan and Burch will get the title shot.

Xia Li vs. Kacy Catanzaro w/ Kayden Carter

Xia knocks down Kacy with a shoulder block early. Kacy gets the upper hand and gets a near fall. Xia fights back and takes down Kacy with a hip toss. Knee strikes by Xia followed by a kick. Xia tries multiple pin attempts but no luck. Kacy counters a slam and delivers strikes of her own. Kacy beats down Xia in the corner. Running clothesline by Kacy. KACY DOES A WHEEL BARROW ROLL UP AND BEATS XIA @ 2:27!! XIA ATTACKS KACY AFTERWARD!! KAYDEN TRIES A SAVE BUT GETS BEAT UP TOO! RAQUEL GONZALEZ IS HERE AND DESTROYS ALL THE LADIES!! Raquel has a mic and says this is what awaits Rhea Ripley next week.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Cameron Grimes. She asks Grimes about Dexter Lumis. Lumis watches on from a door window as Grimes is talking. Grimes stutters and claims he's not scared. Grimes says he's going to the moon at Halloween Havoc.

A video package hypes Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae at Halloween Havoc.

Timothy Thatcher is in the ring for a live session of Thatch-as-Thatch-can. He has his student Anthony with him but Thatcher keeps calling him by the wrong name. Thatcher makes him tap out twice. The student is getting visibly pissed and tries to take down Thatcher! Thatcher calls him a tough man and tells the student to give the next demonstration. Thatcher calls a referee in the ring for a match!

Timothy Thatcher vs. Anthony

Thatcher kicks this guys ass and MAKES HIM TAP TO A SINGLE LEG CRAB @ 0:56!!! Thatcher wins! Squash!

A video package for Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano next week is shown.

The main event is next!

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Breezango (champs) vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch

The match starts with Lorcan and Fandango. Lorcan with an early take down. They lock up and Fandango gets the upper hand. Lorcan sends him off the ropes and tries a hip toss but Fandango still has the head lock. Fandango lights up Lorcan with chops. Sunset flip by Fandango but Lorcan rolls through and locks in a single leg crab. Fandango makes the ropes and we have a stale mate. Strikes by both men. Burch tags in. Burch works over Fandango's arm but Fandango counters with a back slide for a near fall. Breeze tags in. Near fall for Breeze before locking in a chin lock. Breeze corners Burch where he beats him down. Burch rolls to the outside. Breeze follows but Burch sends him into the barricade. Both men makes it back in. Breeze picks a leg and pulls him to the ring post where he sends Burch knee first into the post as we go to a split screen commercial.

During the break, Breeze targets Burch's knee. Breeze tags Fandango. Fandango delivers chops to Burch in the corner before sending him to the opposite corner. A front face suplex by Fandango puts Burch on the top rope. Tag to Breeze who takes over. Burch fights back and tags Lorcan. Nice double team by the challengers.

We're officially back with the challengers in control. Fandango turns them both inside out with separate clotheslines. The fight goes to the outside. LORCAN GOES FOR A DIVE BUT BOTCHES IT AND BREEZE MAY HAVE BARELY CONNECTED ON A KICK. In the ring, FALCON ARROW BY FANDANGO ON BURCH! FANDANGO HITS A LEG DROP FROM THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Breeze tags in but Lorcan comes in to attack, The challengers lock in a double submission crab/crossface. Fandango breaks it up. Breeze and Burch are legal. Breeze goes back after the left knee of Burch that was injured earlier. Breeze goes to the top. Burch cuts him off and racks him. A cutter by Burch but the pin is broken up when Fandango tackles Lorcan into Burch. All four men are down. The champs double super kick Burch and then the same for Lorcan!! Fandango goes to the top but A HOODED MAN PUSHES HIM OFF!! BURCH LOW BLOWS BREEZE WHILE THE REF IS DISTRACTED!! BURCH AND LORCAN HIT AN ASSISTED DDT TO BREEZE FOR THE WIN @ 12:52!! The hooded man gets in the ring to celebrate with Lorcan and Burch!! THE HOODED MAN IS PAT MCAFEE!!! MCAFEE INTRODUCES LORCAN AND BURCH AS THE NEW CHAMPS AND SAYS THAT'S UNDISPUTED!! End Show.

Next Week for NXT Halloween Havoc:

  • Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Gonzalez

  • Haunted House of Terror: Cameron Grimes vs. Dexter Lumis

  • Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal Match for the NXT Women's Championship: Candice LeRae vs. Io Shirai (champ)

  • Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal Match for the NXT North American Championship: Johnny Gargano vs. Damian Priest (champ)

Thanks for taking the time to read this!! If you enjoy what you've read, don't hesitate to follow our Facebook page and get updates when new content is posted! Also, any comments or feedback is greatly appreciated!

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