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More Participants Announced for Royal Rumble (Updated Card)

In a WWE Network exclusive interview today, Charlotte Flair declared she would enter the 2021 women's Royal Rumble. Charlotte will be looking to be a repeat winner since she won the 2020 women's Royal Rumble.

AJ Styles would announce on his Twitter page that he would be entering the men's Royal Rumble this year.

During a conversation with Mark Henry on Raw, Randy Orton said that he would be entering the rumble this year.

To close out Raw, Goldberg confronted and challenged Drew McIntyre to a WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble. McIntyre is yet to answer at this time.

Here is the updated card:

30-Woman Royal Rumble

Participants include: Nia Jax, Charlotte Flair (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) & 28 TBD

30-Man Royal Rumble

Participants include: Daniel Bryan, Bobby Lashley (WWE United States Champion), AJ Styles, Randy Orton, & 26 TBD

The Royal Rumble is Sunday, January 31st on the WWE Network!

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