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Money in the Bank 2021


Fort Worth, Texas

Dickies Arena

Announcers: Michael Cole (Smackdown), Pat McAfee (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Raw), Jimmy Smith (Raw), Byron Saxton (Raw)

Ring Announcers: Greg Hamilton (Smackdown), Mike Rome (Raw)

Sorry for the delay on the review. I had to watch the men's Money in the Bank match again thanks to the Peacock issues last night.

We got a huge night tonight in the WWE as this is a big pay-per-view with live fans back! It can hopefully set of us off on the right foot going forward. Let's do it!

Kayla Braxton is hosting the kickoff show and joining her is Jerry "The King" Lawler, Booker T, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, and Peter Rosenberg. They hype live fans being in the building and run down tonight's card. The Money in the Bank match vignette airs. It's a really good package that hypes the match and the success of those who win it. Sonya Deville joins the panel to discuss the women's Money in the Bank match. Deville wants to see the women step up. Deville says she put Liv Morgan through the ringer to make her better. Commentary speculates whether Liv can win it. Liv joins for an interview. Liv says she's so excited and she's definitely emotional. I'm thinking she may pull it off the more I think about it. Liv says the reaction got Friday night means more than anything to her. Liv tells Booker than there isn't anything she won't do to have the briefcase in her hand tonight. A video package shows the build up for Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair. Deville says Charlotte has pushed Rhea to the point that "The Nightmare" will come out and that's a side of Rhea that you don't want to see. The whole panel picks Charlotte except Rosenberg. They transition to discuss the Raw Tag Team Championship match. Unanimous picks for Styles/Omos. A video package airs for Bobby Lashley vs. Kofi Kingston. The panel hypes how dangerous Lashley looked on Monday. The panel discusses how great Smackdown was with live fans and we get highlights. The Miz and John Morrison join the panel. Miz says Morrison will win the briefcase and be the next champ. The panel asks if Morrison if he's nervous and he is because it's one of the most important matches of his life.

It's time for some action!

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match (Kickoff Show)

The Usos vs. Rey & Dominik Mysterio (champs)

New entrance for the Mysterios! Dominik and Jimmy are starting. Lock up and Jimmy backs Dominik into the corner. Jimmy wants a cheap shot but Dominik counters and takes it to him. Nice drop kick by Dominik. Dominik runs the ropes and hits a deep arm drag. Another one. Dominik with some arm work before tagging Rey. Double hip toss to Jimmy. Dominik power bombs Rey onto Jimmy for a near fall. Jimmy picks up Rey and takes him to the Uso corner. Tag to Jey and he runs into a drop kick to the mouth. They run the ropes and Jimmy sends Rey hard to the outside. He clipped the bottom rope on the way out. Back in the ring, Jimmy gets a tag as they isolate Rey. Near fall for Jimmy after a head butt. Jimmy chokes Rey across the middle rope and Jey gets a cheap shot in. Rey avoids a back suplex and is able to tag Dominik. Spring board by Dominik gets a near fall and he follows that with a neck breaker. Spring board moonsault by Dominik gets a near fall. Dominik knocks Jimmy off the apron and sends Jey to the outside. Dominik dives off the top to the outside but the Usos catch him and send him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Jey charges and hits Dominik with the ass in the face in the corner. Scoop slam by Jey and a tag to Jimmy. Wishbone by the Usos on Dominik before Jimmy goes to a chin lock. Jimmy puts Dominik on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with it. Jimmy wants a Samoan drop on the top but Dominik blocks and tries to reverse. Jimmy falls out to the floor. Rey and Jey both get tags. Clotheslines by Rey but Jey with a kick. Head scissors by Rey takes down Jey. Rey is launched to the apron but he hits Jey with a forearm. SEATED SENTON FROM THE TOP BY REY!!! 1.....2.....NO!!! Rey spring boards onto Jey's shoulders. Jimmy gets a blind tag. Jimmy with a super kick followed by a POP UP SAMOAN DROP!!! 1.....2......NO!!! Jey tags in and the Usos want a double super kick. Dominik pulls Jimmy out but Jimmy sends him into the ring post. Rey wants a 619 on Jey but JIMMY TAKES IT FOR HIM!!! JEY HITS REY WITH A SUPER KICK!!!! JEY HITS THE SPLASH FROM THE TOP!!!! 1........2..........NO!!!! WOW!!! "This is awesome" chants!! A frustrated Jey tags Jimmy back in. BOTH USOS GO UP OPPOSITE CORNERS. DOMINIK STOPS JEY. JIMMY IS ABLE TO ROLL UP REY FOR THE WIN USING THE TIGHTS AND ADDITIONAL LEVERAGE FROM JEY!!! Good stuff for a kickoff show match. The results makes sense since the Usos are featured in the main event seen despite extracurriculars.

W: The Usos via pin @ 11:24 (***1/4)

The panel discusses what just happen and Booker says you win by any means necessary.

The video package for Roman Reigns vs. Edge airs. The panel breaks it down. Rosenberg says Edge will win. Lawler quotes Reigns Twitter account and he believes Reigns will win. JBL calls it a fantasy match up. Booker says Edge needs a perfect storm to win.

The women's Money in the Bank match will be first!

The opening video package hypes previous Money in the Bank cash-ins and says it all begins here. The package hypes the ladder matches before transitioning to the championship matches.

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Alexa Bliss vs. Liv Morgan vs. Nikki A.S.H. vs, Natalya (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Tamina (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Zelina Vega vs. Naomi vs. Asuka

Everyone gets out of the ring right away to try to get a ladder. Everyone except Bliss who has stood on the second rope in the corner since she was introduced. Bliss dances around the ring now. Bliss reaches her hand up and Naomi is back to German suplex her. Everyone takes turns taking each other out. Nikki with a tornado DDT on Natalya. Naomi Rear View to Nikki and Tamina turns out Naomi's lights with a super kick. Liv back in to big cheers. Tamina throws her around to boos. Tamina gets a ladder and puts in the the corner on the bottom rope. Tamina catapults Bliss into it face first. Tamina gets up a ladder and Liv runs up it. Tamina stops her and super kicks Zelina before splashing both Liv and Zelina in the corner. Tamina sets up a ladder but Asuka stops her. Asuka screams Japanese and unloads on Tamina. Tamina whips Asuka into the ladder but Asuka goes under and hip attacks Natalya off the apron. Asuka takes out Tamina and sets up the ladder with Tamina pinned under it. Asuka drives the ladder into Tamina. Asuka climbs and Tamina lifts the ladder on her. Liv stomps the ladder on Tamina. Liv with double knees to Asuka. Liv climbs but Natalya stops her. Natalya and liv tug-a-war over the ladder. Nikki comes in only for them to hit her with the ladder. Naomi comes back in and gets on the ladder but Tamina Samoan drops her off of it. Zelina with a rana off the apron to Tamina and Asuka with a hip attack on Tamina into the barricade. Bliss is back now and hits Natalya with a knee to the back. Bliss climbs a tilted ladder towards Liv in the corner. Natalya plants Bliss and Bliss laughs in her face. Bliss uses a drop toe hold to send Natalya into the ladder. Bliss throws Liv to the mat and eyes the briefcase. Bliss sets up a ladder and Zelina runs in to climb. Bliss and Zelina both get to the top. Bliss hypnotizes Zelina and MAKES HER CLIMB DOWN!! Bliss goes back up and Natalya pulls her down. Natalya power bombs Bliss into the ladder and into the mat. Zelina is back and takes out Nikki and Asuka. Zelina and Liv battle on the top turnbuckle. Liv front face suplexes Zelina onto a ladder. NAOMI POWER BOMBS LIV ONTO ZELINA WHO'S ON A LADDER!!! Naomi sets the ladder in position but Natalya is back. Naomi takes out both Natalya and Tamina with a spring board kick and then a stunner! Nikki is back but Naomi slams her on a ladder! Naomi leg drops Nikki on a ladder. Naomi climbs but Natalya stops her again and throws her out of the ring. Zelina stops Natalya from climbing but using a sleeper. Natalya climbs with Zelina on her back! Natalya gets to the top and has a hand on the briefcase! Zelina reaches over her!! LIV PULLS THEM BOTH DOWN!! All the ladies brawl in the ring except Bliss and Nikki. NIKKI GOES TO THE TOP OF A LADDER ON THE OUTSIDE AND HITS EVERYONE IN THE RING WITH A CROSSBODY!!! Nikki sets up a ladder and climbs but Bliss stops her. They trade blows now. BLISS WITH A VERSION OF SISTER ABIGAIL TO NIKKI!!! Bliss climbs and Natalya/Tamina stop her. Natalya sends Bliss into the barricade outside and then hit Bliss with a ladder. ALL THE LADIES BURY BLISS IN A PILE OF LADDERS!! Meanwhile, Liv climbs in the ring!! Tamina stops her but Liv with a head scissors to send Tamina into the corner. Natalya puts another ladder in the ring and sets it up next to the other one. Natalya climbs but Liv stops her. Natalya is sent face first into the ladder. Asuka and Zelina bring a third ladder in. Asuka climbs but Liv stops her. Asuka misses a hip attack and LIV HITS OBLIVION ON ASUKA!! Liv climbs as does Naomi on the other side. Natalya and Tamina climb another ladder. Zelina and Asuka as well. Six ladies are climbing three ladders!! Nikki is back to also climb. Everyone except Bliss. NIKKI REACHES OVER THEM ALL AND GRABS THE BRIEFCASE TO WIN!!!! They had some good spots but this had too much Natalya and Tamina in control for my liking. They went with a surprise winner. The follow up is key.

W: Nikki A.S.H. via retrieval of the briefcase @ 15:46 (***)

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee hype Nikki's win. Highlights of the Usos winning the tag gold on the kickoff show are shown. Backstage, the Usos are celebrating in the locker room and they present Reigns with the tag titles. Reigns tells them to hold on to them for now. Reigns says it's been a long journey. Reigns says to not get confused. Reigns since winning the tag titles was the easier part. Reigns claims he's done all the heavy lifting to get them there. Reigns says it's all about representation and the bloodline is number one. Now that Reigns has given them what they want, it's time for Reigns to get what he wants. Jey says he's been the right hand man since day one. Jimmy then chimes in to say Reigns is his Tribal Chief. It's not very convincing though. Reign hugs them both.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

The Viking Raiders vs. AJ Styles & Omos (champs)

Erik and Styles are starting. Styles changes his mind and tags Omos. Erik goes to size up Omos but decides to tag Ivar. The Raiders double team Omos but he quickly runs through both of them. Omos knocks Ivar to the corner and tags Styles. Snap mare by Styles and a kick to the spine of Ivar. Styles covers but Ivar quickly kicks out. Ivar takes Styles to the Raider corner and delivers shoulders to the midsection. Erik gets a tag. Huge Styles chants from the crowd even though they're the heels. Ivar comes in and scoop slams Styles. Erik then slams Ivar onto Styles. Styles kicks out at one. Styles is taken to the corner where Erik tags in. They double team Styles and Erik hits a wicked knee strike to the face! Near fall for Erik. Styles fights back and drop kicks Erik out of the ring. Styles then baseball slides the legs out from under Ivar on the ropes. Omos comes and launches STYLES TO THE OUTSIDE WHO THEN TAKES OUT ERIK WITH A RANA! That was sweet. Back in the ring, Styles with a chin lock on Erik. Erik battles out and takes out Styles with a huge back body drop. Ivar gets a tag and builds momentum with a slam and crossbody. Cartwheel by Ivar and he hits Styles with a huge lariat for a near fall. Styles hits jaw breaker allowing him to tag Omos. Ivar tries another lariat with no luck. Ivar goes to the top but Omos catches and slams him. Omos squashes Ivar in the corner. Omos applies a nerve hold on the trap of Ivar. Ivar gets to his feet but Omos slams him right back down. Styles gets a tag and trades blows with Ivar. Ivar floats over Styles to tag Erik. Styles and Erik trade strikes with Erik getting the better. Running knee by Erik connects and he follows with a throw. Ivar tags and The Raiders double team Styles in the corner. Erik tags in. The Raiders with a spring board clothesline/German suplex combo and it gets a near fall for Erik. Ivar tags back in. Ivar goes to the top. Erik tries to lift Styles but Styles counters. Pele kick to Ivar in the corner. Omos tags in! OMOS LIFTS IVAR OFF THE TOP AND MILITARY PRESSES HIM!! Omos covers him by putting a boot on his chest. 1.....2......NO!! Styles gets a tag. Omos whips Styles into the corner but Ivar sits on his chest. Erik gets a tag and hits Omos with a flying forearm. Ivar comes back in and they try to chop down Omos. Ivar clotheslines Omos out of the ring. Erik dives out onto him but Omos stays on his feet. In the ring, Styles rolls up Ivar for a near fall. Styles charges and Ivar back drops him to the apron. STYLES WANTS THE PHENOMENAL FOREARM BUT NO ONE HOME!! RAIDERS HIT STYLES WITH THE VIKING EXPERIENCE!!! 1......2......Omos shoves Erik into Ivar to break it up!!! Omos and Erik both get tags. Styles hits Erik with a kick. Ivar hits one of his own to Styles. OMOS PLANTS ERIK WITH THE TWO ARMED CHOKE SLAM TO WIN IT!!! The Raiders looked like viable challengers and the Styles/Omos team works. Omos plays her giant role well for now.

W: AJ Styles & Omos via pin @ 12:56 (***)

Drew McIntyre is interviewed about the men's Money in the Bank match.

The video package for Lashley vs. Kingston airs. It's next!

WWE Championship Match

Kofi Kingston vs. Bobby Lashley (champ) w/ MVP

The bell ring and MVP grabs the foot of Kofi! Lashley charges but Kofi escapes. Kofi hits a double stomp for a quick near fall. Lashley quickly turns it around and levels Kofi with a hard clothesline. Lashley with shoulders to the gut of Kofi now in the corner. Lashley charges again but no one there. Kofi with a spring board but Lashley catches him and hits Kofi with a spine buster!! Lashley press slams Kofi to the outside and he follows to the outside. Lashley lifts and runs Kofi into the ring post. Lashley breaks the count and goes back out. Lashley sends Kofi into the ring post again. All Lashley at the moment as he throws Kofi back in the ring. Lashley backs Kofi into a corner and hits an elbow. The crowd is firmly behind Kofi which seems to be pissing off Lashley. Lashley hits a forearm to drop Kofi. Elevated flatliner by Lashley. Lashley taunts as Kofi crawls up Lashley's leg. LASHLEY LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK!!! KOFI IS ABLE TO ESCAPE but Lashley hits him with a fall away slam. More Lashley domination as he hits another flatliner. Lashley mounts and pounds Kofi. LASHLEY HITS A DOMINATOR!!! ANOTHER ONE!!! A THIRD ONE!!! Lashley shhhhhs the crowd. LASHLEY LOCKS IN THE HURT LOCK AND IT'S OVER!! This was a glorified squash as it was all Lashley!

W: Bobby Lashley via submission @ 7:37 (**1/2)

SummerSlam is August 21st in Las Vegas!

The video package airs for Rhea Ripley vs. Charlotte Flair. It's next up!

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Rhea Ripley (champ) vs. Charlotte Flair

Lock up and they jockey for position before breaking. The WWE Universe gets to Charlotte by chanting "We want Becky" and she flips them off!! Both ladies trade slaps before Ripley takes Charlotte down. Drop kick by Ripley takes down Charlotte. "We want Becky" chants fill the arena. Both ladies battle on the apron now. Ripley lifts Charlotte but Charlotte targets the knee. Ripley avoids her and gets back in the ring. A baseball slide from Ripley knocks Charlotte off the apron. Ripley dives off the apron but Charlotte moves and Ripley splats on the floor. Charlotte takes control now back in the ring. Charlotte suplexes Ripley into the corner and then stomps her. Charlotte throws Ripley to the mat and gets a near fall. Chin lock by Charlotte now before she throws Ripley to the mat again. Charlotte with boots now and then both ladies trade blows. The crowd continues to hate on Charlotte with "Let's go Rhea" chants. Charlotte works over Ripley in the corner. Charlotte tries to come down on Ripley's leg but Ripely back drops her to the floor. More "We want Becky" chants. Ripley flips off the steps to take out Charlotte on the outside. Back in the ring, two short arm clotheslines by Ripley followed by a head butt. Basement drop kick by Ripley as well. Ripley with knees to the face of Charlotte and then hits a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Charlotte rolls to the apron and hangs up Ripley. Charlotte wants an O'Connor Roll but Ripley counters with an awesome German!!! Ripley goes up to the top but misses a missile drop kick. Charlotte locks in a Boston crab! Ripley powers out and gets a near fall. Single leg take down by Charlotte and she wants the Figure Four but Ripley counters. Charlotte hits a big boot for her own near fall. Charlotte drags Ripley near the corner and goes up to the top rope. Ripley is up and pulls Charlotte down hard. Ripley gets Charlotte in an electric chair. Charlotte escapes with a sunset flip but RIPLEY COUNTERS INTO A DEAD LIFT VERTICAL SUPLEX!! That was awesome. Ripley with chops and Charlotte no sells them of course. Charlotte sends Ripley hard into the corner and Ripely falls to the outside. Ripely gets to the apron and a big boot from Charlotte sends her back to the floor. CHARLOTTE GOES UP TO THE TOP AND MOONSAULTS ONTO RIPLEY ON THE OUTSIDE!! Charlotte throws Ripley back in the ring and goes for Natural Selection but Ripley counters into THE PRISM TRAP!!! Charlotte rolls through and gets a near fall. RIPLEY WANTS RIPTIDE BUT CHARLOTTE COUNTERS WITH A DDT!!! 1....2.....NO!!! Charlotte is almost crying in frustration. Charlotte talks trash as both ladies trade punches. Chops by Charlotte now but she misses a boot. Charlotte takes down Ripley and tries to use the ropes to assist on a pin! The ref sees it and stops the count!! Ripley hits Charlotte with a kick that backs Charlotte to the corner. Shoulders to the midsection of Charlotte. Ripley puts Charlotte on the top turnbuckle and goes up with her. Ripley wants a superplex but Charlotte blocks. CHARLOTTE HITS NATURAL SELECTION FROM THE TOP!! DAMN!!! 1.....2........NO!!!! Charlotte goes for the Figure Four but Ripley blocks and sends Charlotte into the corner. Charlotte may have hit her head on the bottom turnbuckle. Charlotte goes to the outside. Ripley goes after her. CHARLOTTE SENDS RIPLEY FACE FIRST INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!! CHARLOTTE PUTS RIPLEY'S LEG IN THE STEPS AND STOMPS IT MULTIPLE TIMES!! CHARLOTTE LOCKS IN THE FIGURE EIGHT IN THE RING!! RIPLEY FIGHTS IT BUT ULTIMATELY TAPS OUT!!! I can't deny that this was really good even though I didn't care for the finish and result.

W: Charlotte Flair via submission @ 16:49 (****)

Riddle talks with Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs backstage. Riddle gets Boogs to play Randy Orton's theme.

It's time for the men's Money in the Bank match! Peacock is still having major issues going in an out.

Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Kevin Owens vs. Riddle vs. Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Rick Boogs vs. Ricochet vs. John Morrison w/ The Miz vs. Big E vs. Seth Rollins vs. Drew McIntyre

I had to watch this again thanks to Peacock troubles. The bell rings and everyone brawls. Rollins and Morrison argue on the outside and Riddle takes out Riddle with a kick and a Floating Bro! Ricochet takes out Morrison with a dive. The ring clears except for Big E and McIntyre. Riddle charges back into a belly to belly by Big E. Ricochet tries a crossbody but McIntyre catches and chucks him over the top. Rollins knocked off the apron. Big E and McIntyre trade blows and McIntyre with a belly to belly. McIntyre is sent to the apron and Big E hits his through the ropes spear. Owens gets a ladder wants want to climb but Nakamura stops him and hits an EXPLODER ON THE LADDER!! Morrison stops Nakamura from climbing. Then Nakamura returns the favor. Morrison has the ladder in the corner and DOES A CORKSCREW OVER IT ONTO NAKAMURA!! "Johnny Drip Drip" chants from the crowd! Nakamura is up to stop Morrison from climbing. Both battle at the top of the ladder. Nakamura locks in an arm bar at the top of the ladder. ROLLINS WITH A SPRING BOARD KNEE TAKING NAKAMURA OFF THE LADDER. Rollins and Morrison agree to work together against Nakamura and Big E. Using the ladder to take them out as well as McIntyre and Riddle. MORRISON SAMOAN DROPS RIDDLE ON THE LADDER!! They lean the ladder on the middle rope. Ricochet comes back and gets back dropped onto the ladder. Big E tries to put another ladder in but Rollins stops that. Owens pulls Rollins out and wants a power bomb but Morrison saves him. Rollins/Morrison clear the announce table and set up a ladder bridge from the apron to announce table. "We want tables" chant from the crowd. Alright then. Owens is back and limps into the ring. Rollins and Morrison continue to work together against the field. OWENS SPRING BOARD MOONSAULTS ONTO A LADDER ONTO ROLLINS AND MORRISON!! They stop Owens though and GIVE HIM A SICK SUPLEX ON THE SIDE OF THE LADDER!! McIntyre is back and he beats the hell out of both Rollins and Morrison. The numbers game catches up to him and they lay McIntyre across a ladder. Morrison tries a flipping elbow from the top onto McIntyre but he didn't get much of it. Rollins clears the ring and climbs. Big E and Ricochet stop him. Nakamura joins the beat down of Rollins. RIDDLE RKOS ROLLINS!! Nakamura sends Ricochet outside with a kick. Riddle and Nakamura trade strikes. DOUBLE CLAYMORE TO RIDDLE AND NAKAMURA!! FUTURE SHOCK DDT TO BIG E!! MCINTYRE REVERSE ALABAMA SLAMS RICOCHET INTO A LADDER FACE FIRST!!! McIntyre has cleared the ring so he dives over the top to take out everyone again. Rollins comes back but gets a GLASGOW KISS!!! COUNTDOWN!!! 3.......2........1 CLAYMORE TO ROLLINS!!! McIntyre sets up a ladder. JINDER MAHAL, VEER, AND SHANKY ARE HERE TO ATTACK MCINTYRE!!! They beat McIntyre up the ramp and wear him out repeatedly with a chair. Mahal demands Veer and Shanky drag McIntyre out of the arena. Riddle climbs a ladder but Ricochet walks the top rope and leaps onto it. He knocks Riddle off. RIDDLE TIPS THE LADDER AND RICOCHET LANDS ON THE TOP AND THEN FLIPS ONTO EVERYONE OUTSIDE!!! HOLY SHIT!!! Riddle and Ricochet climb back up. Rollins sets up another ladder. Big E stops Rollins and throws him out of the ring. RIDDLE RKOS BIG E!!! RKO TO RICOCHET TOO!!! ROLLINS STOMPS RIDDLE!!! Nakamura stops Rollins and lays him out!! Nakamura climbs but Morrison is back with the DRIP STICK!! He stops Nakamura but OWENS IS BACK TO STUN MORRISON!! STUNNER TO NAKAMURA TOO!!! Owens climbs. Ricochet stops him and gets a POP UP POWER BOMB!! Owens climbs but Rollins stops him. ROLLINS POWER BOMBS OWENS OUT OF THE RING THROUGH THE BRIDGED LADDER!! DAMN!!! Rollins climbs but Big E is back to stop him. They are climbing side by side. BIG E HITS ROLLINS WITH A BIG ENDING OFF THE DAMN LADDER!!! BIG E CLIMBS AND HE"S GOT THE BRIEFCASE!!!! Wow! Just wow!! The best Money in the Bank match I've seen in a long time and maybe ever!

W: Big E via retrieval of the briefcase @ 18:04 (****1/2)

Seth Rollins is backstage and he's pissed that he didn't win. Kevin Patrick applauds his effort but Rollins doesn't care about effort. Rollins says he should of never been in the match. Rollins says Edge stole his Universal Championship match. Rollins says he's next in line for whoever wins the main event tonight.

The video package airs for Roman Reigns vs. Edge.

WWE Universal Championship Match

Edge vs. Roman Reigns (champ) w/ Paul Heyman

Stare down to begin with trash talk by both men. The crowd appears to be pretty 50/50. Lock up and Reigns backs Edge to the corner. Reigns pies faces Edge! They circle each other as they play to the crowd. Lock up again and this time Edge backs Reigns to the corner and slaps him! Reigns doesn't like that. The crowd chants for Edge and Reigns is irritated. Waistlock by Edge and he takes Reigns down and slaps his head to play with him. Reigns takes offense. Both men are up and Edge with a side head lock. Reigns shoots him off the ropes and takes Edge down with a shoulder tackle. Edge rolls to the outside. Edge breaks the count but rolls back out for a breather. Edge gets back in the ring and goes after the left arm of Reigns. Reigns fires back with a right hand sending Edge to the corner. Head butt by Reigns as he works on Edge in the corner. Reigns with clotheslines in the corner. Edge fires back and goes after the arm again. Edge sends Reigns shoulder first into the ring post and then again into the opposite ring post. Edge tries to ground Reigns but Reigns escapes to the outside. Reigns gets right in the ring and punches Edge in the face. They trade blows until Edge hits Reigns with a knee to the back sending Reigns outside. Edge follows and charges into a Samoan drop on the floor!! Reigns breaks the count and then sends Edge into the ring post outside. Edge makes it back in at 8. Reigns with stomps now and beats down Edge in the corner. Reigns throws Edge to the outside in front of the announce table. Reigns follows to the outside and sends Edge into the steps. One more time. Back in the ring, Reigns shoots the half and gets a near fall. Reigns mounts and pummels Edge including a head butt. Reigns sends Edge shoulder first into the ring post. Reigns talks trash before sending Edge shoulder first into the opposite corner. Edge falls to the apron. Suplex by Reigns for a near fall. Reigns wears down Edge with a chin lock. Edge tries to fight it but Reigns wrestles him back to the mat. Edge fights back up and hits Reigns with body shots. Edge charges into an uppercut by Reigns that stops the rally! Reigns connects with a Drive By!! Near fall for Reigns! Reigns tries a Superman Punch but Edge counters with a backslide that gets a near fall!! Both men take each other down with big boots. Both men are up and trade blows. Reigns gets the better of it but EDGE COUNTERS WITH A EDGE O'MATIC!!! 1.....2......NO!!! The crowd is behind Edge and he tries to build momentum. Edge charges into a boot. Then Reigns charges into a flapjack. EDGECUTION BY EDGE!!! 1.....2......NO!!! Edge with punches in the corner. Edge places Reigns on the top turnbuckle. Edge goes to the top as well and Reigns hits him with an elbow. Edge falls to the apron. Edge is up and bounces Reigns head off the top turnbuckle and Reigns is hung in the tree of woe. Edge attacks as Reigns can't get free. Reigns falls to the mat where EDGE LOCKS IN A CROSSFACE!!! Reigns fights it as he tries to crawl to the bottom rope. EDGE DRAGS HIM BACK!! Reigns makes the ropes!! Edge sets up for a spear but REIGNS GETS A GUILLOTINE!! Edge tries to back Reigns into the corner but Reigns still has it in!! Edge is fading but then Edge charges towards the ropes and forces he and Reigns to the outside to break the hold. REIGNS LOOKS TO SPEAR EDGE ON THE OUTSIDE BUT EDGE MOVES AND REIGNS GOES THROUGH THE BARRICADE!! Edge stops Charles Robinson from counting!! EDGE GOES TO THE OUTSIDE AND SPEARS REIGNS THROUGH ANOTHER BARRICADE!!! Edge carries Reigns back to the ring and puts him inside. Cover!! 1.......2.......NO!!!! Edge gets back to his feet and picks up Reigns. Reigns blocks another DDT and HITS EDGE WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH!! EDGE FALLS INTO CHARLES ROBINSON!! Both Edge and Robinson are down! Reigns goes to the outside to get a chair. He breaks the bar off of it. Reigns gets back in the ring and laughs at Edge. More trash talk by Reigns as the crowd boos. Reigns tries a crossface with the bar but Edge blocks. Officials come to check on Robinson. Edge fights out of it. Edge has the bar now!! CROSSFACE ON NOW REIGNS WITH THE BAR IN HIS MOUTH!!! HERE COME THE USOS!! THE MYSTERIOS ARE HERE TO STOP THEM!! Usos and Mysterios battle up the ramp while Reigns is still in the crossface!! SETH ROLLINS IS HERE AND HE SUPER KICKS EDGE IN THE HEAD!!! Both men are down now. Still no ref. REIGNS IS UP AND WANTS A SPEAR BUT EDGE SPEARS REIGNS!! A NEW REF RUNS DOWN!! 1.......2..........NO!!!! Edge can't believe it!! Edge sets up for another spear but ROLLINS IS BACK!!! EDGE KNOCKS ROLLINS OFF THE APRON BUT TURNS INTO A SPEAR FROM REIGNS WHICH ENDS IT!!!! Reigns to no surprise continues to be awesome and Edge was great as well. The match may have gone a little long but still had the drama that you'd want in a big time match.

W: Roman Reigns via pin @ 33:10 (****)

Post match, Seth Rollins comes back into the ring to beat the hell out of Edge some more!! Rollins stares down Reigns. Edge gets back up and he goes after Rollins. EDGE AND ROLLINS BRAWL OUT INTO THE ARENA!!!

Reigns asks Heyman for a mic! Reigns says now the whole world can acknowledge him!!! JOHN CENA IS HERE!!!! THE ROOF HAS COME OFF THE DICKIES ARENA!!!! Cena's color of choice is green apparently as he has a new shirt. Cena gives Reigns the "You can't see me" taunt!! Cena poses on the top turnbuckle as we go off the air!!

Overall Rating: 8/10

The first full time pay-per-view back with live fans and I think they delivered. Both tag matches were good. The women's match was great even though we will all argue and rightfully so that Charlotte isn't deserving of another championship reign. I'm trying to be positive and think who better for Becky Lynch to take the title off of. But that also means another cheap, short reign for Charlotte. I've rated the WWE Championship as technically the worst match of the night but it did further establish Lashley as a bad ass! The women's Money in the Bank started bad but gradually got better. It was too much Natalya and Tamina in control for my liking. We got a surprise finish there. Hopefully Nikki isn't Otis 2.0. The highlights for me were the main event and the men's Money in the Bank. Reigns was his usual awesome self in this role and Edge showed he can still go in a big one-on-one match. The ending doesn't hurt Edge and now we have two made SummerSlam matches out of it. Both of which should be awesome. Hearing the crowd erupt for Cena was amazing! Love him or hate him, the guy gets a reaction. I hope that doesn't overshadow how awesome the men's Money in the Bank was. That's the best Money in the Bank I can remember in a very long time or maybe ever. Everyone delivered and it was actually what you would want it to be. Big E getting a shot at the main event scene is way overdue and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out. Please don't screw this up. Overall big thumbs up for the show and the crowd was great all night.

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