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Money in the Bank 2010

Updated: May 25, 2020


Kansas City, Missouri

Sprint Center

Announcers: Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Matt Striker

Ring Announcers: Tony Chimel (Smackdown), Justin Roberts (Raw)

Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Kofi Kingston (WWE Intertcontinental Champ) vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Christian vs. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Kane vs. Big Show

Coming into this match, 6 people have won Money in the Bank briefcases and all 6 have cashed in successfully. They play up that the winner is guaranteed to become a world champion. I like the start of this match as Big Show and Kane are targeted by the other six so they can't get rid of the big men. Good comedy spot in the early stages as Big Show tries to climb but the ladder rung breaks because of his weight. He then gets pissed and smashes another rung with his hand. Matt and Christian control early since they both have the most experience in ladder matches. Ziggler takes a big hip toss off ladder. Every time Show and Kane get up, they're taken out again by multiple people. As brawls spill outside, Kane puts McIntyre onto the announce table and does nothing with it. But don't's Kofi with a ladder to deliver a HUGE BOOM DROP onto McIntyre through the table!! Big Show brings out his massive reinforced ladder that supposedly holds one ton. King says something to the effect that all men could climb it at once minus Big Show. Cody ironically takes Big Show out with a tiny step ladder. Kane sends Show to the outside where everyone buries him under a pile of ladders. Kane attempts to throw Dolph out but he gets hung up in the ropes. He could of seriously hurt his leg/ankle. Kane frees him and all is good. Kane goes crazy on everyone. He throws Dolph onto Show and the ladders, choke slams Kofi onto said pile and then fights Cody towards the entrance and throws him head first into the armored truck. Meanwhile in the ring, Matt and Christian are on the top rungs of a ladder reaching for the briefcase but both knock each other off. Drew is alive still and makes an attempt to get the case. Kane meets him at the top to choke slam him off and secure the briefcase for the win!

W: Kane via retrieval of briefcase @ 26:16 (***3/4)

Sheamus is interviewed about the attacks of the Nexus. He said he is sick of the Nexus and he only helped John Cena because he wants him to be 100% and to have no excuse when he beats him.

WWE Diva's Championship Match

Eve Torres vs. Alicia Fox (champ)

Alicia Fox had won the title the month before in a fatal four way. The crowd wasn't into this at all. Hard to blame them. Tough to follow the previous match action and the women's division on Raw at this time was terrible. Alicia tries to work over Eve's back but it's no good. Commentary seems about as interested as the fans. After a failed rally, Eve goes for a swanton but Alicia gets the knees up to the already injured back. A scissor kick follows and that's all. Luckily, it was kept short.

W: Alicia Fox via pin @ 5:51 (1/2*)

Jack Swagger is on the phone with his mom backstage explaining why he let his dad get destroyed by Kane. His dad has always been jealous of him. He couldn't risk getting hurt before his match tonight. This was bad.

Unified Tag Team Championship Match

The Usos w/ Tamina vs. Hart Dynasty (champs) w/ Natalya

Hart goes crazy on the Usos early as they try to weather the storm. The Usos use a combination of Rikishi and Umaga offense. They even have their thumbs taped up for the Samoan spike. Tyson Kidd gets the hot tag and is impressive but that ends when the Usos use a blind tag and assisted Samoan drop. Usos pay homage to Snuka with a splash. Hart Dynasty locks in the sharpshooter and that's Tamina's cue to get involved. Natalya takes care of her and Smith uses the sharpshooter to pick up the submission win. This has great non stop action from the start. However, it was criminally short. The guys did great with the time they had. Five or ten more minutes would of made this much better.

W: Hart Dynasty via submission @ 5:53 (**3/4)

World Heavyweight Championship Match

Jack Swagger vs. Rey Mysterio (champ)

Much like Eve and Alicia, Rey ended Swagger's title reign the previous month in a fatal four way. Mysterio plays a great face in peril. Coming into the match with an ankle injury due to Swagger attacks over the past few weeks. I'm not a big fan of Swagger. How he was booked could have a lot to do with that but he works a smart match here. His whole offense is focused on Rey's injured ankle and Rey sells it like he's really in pain. Swagger hits his gutwrench powerbomb but Rey gets his foot on the ropes. Swagger goes for a super powerslam from the top but Rey turns it into a tornado DDT. Rey hits a 619 but the hurricanrana is turned into an ankle lock. Rey reaches the ropes. Jack hits the Swagger Bomb and goes for the ankle lock again but Rey had loosened his boot ala Eddie Guerrero style!! Rey slips out of the ankle lock and allowing Rey to get the pin and win! Love the Eddie tribute!! Rey sold well and this is one of the better Swagger matches I have seen.

W: Rey Mysterio via pin @ 10:45 (***1/4)

The Rey Mysterio celebration is cut short by a post match Swagger attack. Swagger goes back to the ankle lock. Here comes Kane to make the save!!! Kane thinks Swagger is the one behind the attack of Undertaker in late May. Kane fights Swagger all the way to the back. Rey is back to his feet and holds the title up in victory when.....HELL FIRE AND BRIMSTONE!! KANE IS BACK WITH BRIEFCASE AND REFEREE!!!

World Heavyweight Championship Match (Kane cashing in money in the bank)

Rey Mysterio (champ) vs. Kane

The look on Rey's face says he knows he is screwed! Kane chases him around the ring before hitting a choke slam and tombstone! NEW CHAMP!!! This was great as it was the first time the briefcase has been cashed in on the same night!!

W: Kane via pin @ 0:52 (NR)

Backstage, Chris Jericho and Edge go back and forth about who will win their money in the bank match. Edge says he has successfully cashed in twice. Jericho claims he created money in the bank so therefore he will win.

WWE Women's Championship Match

Kelly Kelly w/ Tiffany vs. Layla (champ) w/ Michelle McCool

Layla has been calling Kelly, Smelly Kelly for some reason and that's basically the feud. Kelly's offense is down right terrible even though Michael Cole tries to convince us all how athletic she is. Layla and Michelle use some good heel tactics (putting Kelly's leg in apron, Michelle putting Layla's foot on rope for her, Layla distracting ref so Michelle can attack). When Kelly and Tiffany attack Michelle on the outside, that leads to Kelly getting rolled up by Layla when she comes back in the ring and it's thankfully over. Some good heel work saved this from being a dud.

W: Layla via pin @ 3:58 (1/2*)

Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Randy Orton vs. The Miz (WWE United States champ) vs. Mark Henry vs. Ted DiBiase (Million Dollar champ) w/ Maryse vs. John Morrison vs. Chris Jericho vs. Evan Bourne vs. Edge

Randy looks out of place with no elbow pads or wrist pads. No big deal, just an observation. Edge bails out the ring after putting a ladder in. Mark Henry starts laying waste to everyone while Edge supervises. Early on, Orton does a hanging DDT on Evan Bourne through a rung of the ladder. Cool spot. Edge, Orton, Morrison, and Jericho are climbing two different ladders when Mark Henry stands between them and pushed them both over at the same time. Bourne takes Henry out then with a ladder leaving everyone down. Maryse takes this opportunity to get in and start climbing herself. Morrison tries to be nice by bringing her down like a gentlemen and asking her to leave. While he's distracted with her, DiBiase tries to run up the ladder but Morrison sees him and stops him. Henry starts dishing out world's strongest slams including one to The Miz on a ladder. Morrison and Jericho climb. Jericho's leg gets caught in the ladder and Orton pulls Morrison down into a RKO. Evan Bourne immediately hits a shooting star on Orton!! Looks great!! Awesome timing! Bourne climbs and gets his hands on the briefcase but Jericho gets himself free and stops him. Orton hits a jumping RKO on Jericho when he's midway up the ladder and it looks pretty!! Edge gets shoved off the ladder by Orton and falls through the middle supports of an upside down ladder. Orton is all alone and looking to grab the briefcase when the Miz pushes him off. Miz goes up the ladder to a chorus of boos and grabs the briefcase for the win!! This was on the same level as the Smackdown one earlier in the night. This one had more high spots but less psychology. Both were great and everyone got to shine. I like the decision for the Miz win as he was great as an asshole prick heel.

W: The Miz via retrieval of briefcase @ 20:27 (***3/4)

Miz cuts a post match promo telling everyone that he continues to prove them wrong. He says he works his ass off and he will continue to shut up all the naysayers. He says he will be a future WWE champion because he's awesome.....AWESOME!!! Great promo and as Miz shows passion and real emotion.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

John Cena vs. Sheamus (champ)

So this was really only a cage match to keep the Nexus from interfering, which means they are still probably going to interfere because that's what typically happens. Interesting note that Sheamus title reign is the 100th reign for the championship. The crowd seems dead in the beginning because it feels like they're going through the motions just waiting for the Nexus to arrive. For the first 5-6 minutes, you wouldn't even know this was a cage match. They finally start trying to climb out and Cena superplexes Sheamus back in. Some sleeper holds and rear naked chokes by Sheamus doesn't help the slow start. Now we're 10 ish minutes in and it still feels like nothing of note has happened. Cena tries to climb while Shemaus has him in a sleeper but no luck. Crowd starts to come alive when Cena gets on offense. Let's go Cena chants! Cena attempts a five knuckle shuffle from the top rope and he misses. Sheamus ties him up in the ropes and beats on him. Sheamus attempts to climb over Cena. Cena frees himself and makes the stop. Sheamus hits Cena with an Irish curse back breaker and a brogue kick but Cena kicks out! Now we're at the 19 minute mark. Sheamus tries to escape but thinks twice about it and goes after Cena only eat an AA. Fans cheer but Sheamus kicks out!! Now what we've been waiting for....NEXUS arrives and they have bolt cutters. One referee steals them and another referee throws the keys to the cage into the crowd. THEY MUST NOT GET IN!! Inside the ring the ref gets knocked down inadvertently before Cena makes Sheamus tap to the STF. Cena starts to climb but Nexus members climb up to greet him. Cena throws Justin Gabriel into the cage and tries to fight off others while trying to climb out. Sheamus is up now and climbs the opposite side to escape for the win!! He grabs the title and bails through the crowd. After the match, Cena takes out a couple members of Nexus with the steps and claims he won't stop until he takes them all out. I can't say I enjoyed this match. I understand what they were trying to do, but It just took too long to develop and everyone in the building knew Nexus was going to interfere.

W: Sheamus via escape @ 23:02 (**)

Overall Rating: 7/10

This was a better than average first Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Some could argue that it happened too soon since there was just a Money in the Bank match a few months prior at WrestleMania. The Money in the Bank matches are what shined at this event as expected. Both were great in their own way. I like the decision to give The Miz the briefcase in the more star studded match. I think commentary said at one point that Orton, Jericho, and Edge had 21 world title reigns between them. Glad they used the Raw match to make a new start and Miz had been killing it as a heel. The cage match was unfortunately a snooze fest and the focus was more on Cena vs. Nexus. This pay-per-view will probably most be remembered for Kane cashing in his briefcase about an hour after he won it. This makes it the quickest cash in in history and much to the delight of my brother, who for some unknown reason, despises Rey Mysterio with every fiber of his being.

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