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LIVE Coverage of Survivor Series 2021

Updated: Nov 22, 2021


Brooklyn, New York

Barclays Center

Attendance: 15.120

Announcers: Michael Cole (Smackdown), Pat McAfee (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Raw), Jimmy Smith (Raw), Byron Saxton (Raw)

Ring Announcers: Mike Rome (Raw)

It was announced this afternoon that Damian Priest vs. Shinsuke Nakamura will take place on the kickoff show. The kickoff show panel consisting of Kayla Braxton, Booker T, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Peter Rosenberg, and Kevin Patrick break down tonight's card.

We're kicking things off with a champion vs. champion match!

Champion vs. Champion Match (Kickoff Show)

Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Intercontinental Champion) w/ Rick Boogs vs. Damian Priest (WWE United States Champion)

Lock up to begin and go behind by Priest. Priest works the left arm of Nakamura as Boogs begins playing guitar to distract Priest. Nakamura counters and takes control. Arm drag by Priest but Nakamura avoids a second one and we get a stand off. Nakamura takes control and he puts the boots to Priest in the corner while Boogs plays some more chords. Priest avoids a running knee and hits a leg drop from the top for a near fall. Knee strike by Priest followed by a back elbow gets a near fall. Priest with a chin lock to wear down Nakamura. Boogs plays the guitar to attempt to get the crowd behind Nakamura. It appears to be pissing off Priest. Nakamura avoids a scoop slam and hits Priest with a step up kick. Strikes by Nakamura followed by an enziguri. Priest blocks a kick in the corner but Nakamura hits a sliding German!! Priest kicks out of a pin. Priest runs into a boot in the corner. Nakamura leaps from the second rope but Priest hits a spinning heel kick in mid air! The crowd is pretty split now! Kicks by Priest followed by a flapjack. Priest hits the back elbow in the corner but Nakamura counters a suplex. Priest with a suplex and HITS THE BROKEN ARROW!! 1......2......NO!!! Nakamura counters a choke slam and both men trade blows. Ear clap by Priest but Nakamura answers with a kick to the head. Nakamura sets up but misses the Kinshasha. Roll up by Priest gets a near fall. They trade counters and Nakamura hits a kick to the face for a near fall. Nakamura wants the Kinshasa again but PRIEST HITS A CHOKE SLAM!!! 1.....2.....NO!!! Priest sets up for the Reckoning but Nakamura escapes. Stomp by Priest. Nakamura tries an arm bar but Priest counters into triangle. Nakamura is about out but Boogs plays another riff! Nakamura stacks up Priest for a near fall. PRIEST GOES OUT AND TAKES THE GUITAR FROM BOOGS AND BREAKS IT!! PRIEST DECKS BOOGS WITH THE GUITAR!! PRIEST DECKS NAKAMURA WITH THE GUITAR CAUSING A DQ!!!

W: Shinsuke Nakamura via DQ @ 9:25

Kevin Owens joins the panel as they're discussing the men's 5-on-5 match. Owens plans to show he is a man of integrity tonight. He vows to prove he's a team player tonight and redeem himself in the eyes of his teammates.

We cut to a limo arriving backstage and it's VINCE MCMAHON!! He has a golden egg with him. He gets a round of applause from a handful of people including Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville.

The panel says we're kicking off the main card with Becky vs. Charlotte!!

Our opening video package ties in The Rock's new movie Red Notice with Survivor Series and what they have in common. It runs down tonight's card.

We get the video package for Becky vs. Charlotte.

Champion vs. Champion Match

Charlotte Flair (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion) vs. Becky Lynch (WWE Raw Women's Champion)

Charlotte with a big right hand right away and the fight is on! Charlotte misses Natural Selection early and Becky wants the Dis-Arm-Her but Charlotte escapes. SPEAR BY CHARLOTTE! They brawl to the outside. Becky sends Charlotte into the ring post and into the barricade. Becky breaks the ref's count. Becky puts the boots to Charlotte in the ring. Charlotte blocks the Manhandle Slam and hits a back breaker followed by a kick to the back of the neck. Charlotte mounts and slams Becky's face into the mat repeatedly before standing on her head. Becky rolls to the apron. Charlotte misses a kick but catches Lynch coming back in the ring. Charlotte sends Becky shoulder first into the ring post and Becky falls to the floor. Charlotte goes up to the top rope and Becky pushes her off into the barricade outside! Becky goes out after her but Charlotte back suplexes Becky onto the barrier wall. Both ladies beat the count. Both ladies talk trash and trade blows. Clothesline by Charlotte takes down Becky. Charlotte works over Becky in the corner. They trade counters and Charlotte hits Becky with a slam for a near fall. Both ladies trade roll ups for near falls. Charlotte runs into an elbow. Becky with strikes and boots in the corner. Charlotte blocks an exploder and hits one of her own! Charlotte talks trash instead of making a cover. Charlotte goes up to the top rope and goes for a moonsault. Becky rolls away and Charlotte lands on her feet and then hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Becky fights to her feet and cradles Charlotte for a near fall. Charlotte fires back with a right but Becky sends her to the corner. Charlotte hangs Becky across the top rope. Charlotte gets on the apron and Becky lights her up with strikes. With Charlotte draped across the middle rope, Becky hits a leg drop from the second rope for a near fall! "This is awesome" chants from the crowd. Charlotte blocks a kick but Becky rolls through with a unique arm bar. Near fall for Becky. Becky with uppercuts. Charlotte goes for a big boot but Becky avoids it. Charlotte was able to rock Becky with an elbow to the head for a near fall. Trash talk by Charlotte now. Charlotte catches Becky coming off the ropes with a big boot!!! Near fall for Charlotte who is frustrated now. Charlotte wants the Figure Eight but Becky escapes and hits a reverse DDT for a near fall. Becky wants to climb to the top but Charlotte stops her so Becky pounds her on the mat. Becky then climbs to the top rope but misses a leg drop. Charlotte misses a big boot and BECKY HITS THE MANHANDLE SLAM!!! 1.....2......CHARLOTTE WITH A FOOT ON A ROPE!! Becky drags Charlotte to the middle of the ring and LOCKS IN THE FIGURE FOUR!! They trade slaps and Charlotte rolls through. Becky gets to the ropes! Becky rolls to the apron and Charlotte sends Becky to the floor with a big boot! Charlotte climbs to the top rope again. CHARLOTTE WITH A MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE BUT SHE DOESN'T GET ALL OF IT!! Charlotte throws Becky back in the ring and gets a near fall. CHARLOTTE LOCKS IN THE DIS-ARM-HER!!! Becky gets to the ropes. Trash talk by Charlotte as she lights up Becky with chops in the corner. CHARLOTTE WITH A ROLL UP BUT USES THE ROPES AND THE REF CALLS IT OFF!! BECKY COUNTERS WITH A ROLL UP OF HER OWN USING THE ROPES AND GETS THE 3!!!

W: Becky Lynch via pin @ 18:15

Post match, Becky celebrates while Charlotte leaves with a smirk.

We get a flash back to 25 years ago when The Rock made his debut at MSG.

Men's 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team Raw (Bobby Lashley w/ MVP, Austin Theory, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, & Seth Rollins) vs. Team Smackdown (King Woods, Jeff Hardy, Sheamus, Happy Corbin w/ Madcap Moss, & Drew McIntyre)

Team Raw argues over who is going to start. We're starting with Owens and Woods. OWENS ROLLS OUT OF THE RING AND HEADS TO THE BACK!! HE'S COUNTED OUT!! OWENS IS ELIMINATED!! Team Raw can't believe it. Team Smackdown takes advantage and Woods beats on Theory. Theory gets isolated as Woods tags in McIntyre. McIntyre with big chops to Theory in the corner. Sheamus gets a tag and gets a few shots in on Theory before tagging Corbin. Theory fights back and tags Rollins. Rollins misses a flying knee and Corbin sends him sternum first into the corner. Quick tags by Team Smackdown as they attempt to isolate Rollins. Hardy is major over with the crowd. Rollins is able to tag Balor who works on the arm of Sheamus until Sheamus is able to tag Corbin. More quick tags from Team Smackdown. Balor takes shots from the whole team and McIntyre with a stalling vertical suplex. Balor fights his way out of the Smackdown corner but Corbin hits him with Deep Six! Lashley breaks up the cover. McIntyre comes in to hit a belly to belly on Lashley. Things quickly break down into a big brawl. Balor avoids a charging Corbin and ELIMINATES HIM AFTER A COUPE DE GRACE!! CORBIN IS OUT!! IT'S 4-on-4!! Hardy comes in to face off with Balor. Hardy takes control and hits an elbow drop. Balor turns it around to get control and tags Rollins. Hardy gets cornered and Lashley gets the tag. Lashley roughs up Hardy in the corner before tagging Balor back in. Hardy battles back and takes out both Balor and Rollins with a Whisper in the Wind. Lashley goes around to take out McIntyre on the outside! Lashley runs McIntyre into the ring post face first! Sheamus checks on McIntyre while Theory works on Hardy in the ring. Woods gets a hot tag and takes it to multiple members of Team Raw. Woods hits a kick and elbow to Theory. Woods climbs to the top but Lashley knocks him off as the ref was distracted by Rollins. Lashley is legal now. SPEAR TO WOODS AND THE HURT LOCK FINISHES WOODS!! 4-3 ADVANTAGE TEAM RAW!! Balor and Rollins double sling blade Sheamus and Hardy. McIntyre tags himself in so he can face Lashley. They have a stare down. Lashley has second thoughts for a minute and the fight is on! Lashley hits McIntyre with a flatliner. McIntyre comes firing back and clotheslines Lashley out of the ring. McIntyre sends Lashley into the ring post outside. They fight into the time keepers area. BOTH LASHLEY AND MCINTYRE GET COUNTED OUT!! TEAM RAW IS UP 3-2!! They continue fighting and MCINTYRE CLAYMORES LASHLEY! It's Rollins, Balor, and Theory against Hardy and Sheamus. Rollins mocks McIntyre so McIntyre hits him with a Glasgow Kiss! Sheamus covers Rollins for a near fall. Balor gets a tag and near fall off of a sunset flip. Sheamus knocks Rollins and Theory off the apron. Sheamus with a slam on Balor for a near fall. Balor hits a sling blade followed by a John Woo Drop Kick!! SHEAMUS AVOIDS THE COUPE DE GRACE AND HITS BALOR WITH A BROGUE KICK TO ELIMINATE HIM!! IT'S 2-ON-2!! Theory with a drop kick to Sheamus. Sheamus gets isolated in the corner. Rollins and Sheamus trade blows. Back breaker by Sheamus gives him the upper hand and he tags Hardy. Clotheslines by Hardy followed by a jaw breaker. Rollins runs into a boot and Hardy hits a splash from the second rope for a near fall. Sheamus and Hardy stack Rollins and Theory in the corner. POETRY IN MOTION!!! Sheamus gets both Rollins and Theory on the apron. TEN BEATS TO THE BOWERY FOR BOTH OF THEM!!! Rollins fights back and wants a stomp by Sheamus counters it. SHEAMUS GOES FOR THE BROGUE BUT THEORY DISTRACTS. Rollins super kicks Sheamus! Theory gets a tag. Rollins knocks Hardy off the apron so Sheamus can't make a tag. THEORY ROLLS UP SHEAMUS USING THE TIGHTS TO ELIMINATE HIM!! IT'S 2-ON-1!! A pissed Sheamus attacks Theory and DECKS HARDY! Rollins tags in and FROG SPLASHES HARDY!! 1.....2.....NO!!! Rollins tags Theory and they put Hardy on the top turnbuckle. Hardy fights them off and SWANTON TO THEORY!! HE'S ELIMINATED!! IT'S DOWN TO ROLLINS AND HARDY!! The crowd is nuts for Hardy!! Rollins talks trash and Hardy gets a near fall after his classic leg drop across the legs. Both men trade near falls. Rollins sets up for the stomp but Hardy catches his foot. TWIST OF FATE TO ROLLINS!!! HARDY TRIES THE SWANTON BUT ROLLINS GETS THE KNEES UP!! ROLLINS HITS THE STOMP TO WIN IT!!!

W: Team Raw (Rollins Sole Survivor) via pin @ 29:55

We get highlights of Vince McMahon's arrival earlier in the night.

Highlights of The Rock winning the WWE Championship in the Deadly Game Tournament at Survivor Series 1998 when he beat Mankind.

Security is outside Vince's dressing room when Roman Reigns knocks on the door and just walks in. Reigns and Vince shake hands. Vince wants to show Reigns something. It's Cleopatra's egg. Vince references The Rock not having any money when he debuted and how he gave him an egg but not the real one. Vince hypes what the egg is worth and it's a ridiculous amount.

The Rock 25th Anniversary 25 Man Battle Royal

Participants Include: Ricochet, T-Bar, Mansoor, Cesaro, Street Profits, Viking Raiders, R-Truth, Drew Gulak, AJ Styles, Omos, Sami Zayn, Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza, Apollo Crews, Commander Azeez, Otis, Chad Cable, Shelton Benjamin, Cedric Alexander, Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode, Jinder Mahal, & Shanky

Hey! We got Pizza Hut at ringside! I guess their triple box is sponsoring this. Alrighty then! Everyone brawls to begin as you'd expect. Styles rolls out of the ring and watches from commentary. Omos chucks Gulak and Benjamin. Truth slides out of the ring to eat pizza. He gets back in the ring with pizza in hand. He offers Omos pizza and then offers it to Otis as well! Otis takes a bite!! Truth smacks Otis in the ass so Otis launches him out! Omos eliminates Otis! Styles is still watching from the outside. Cesaro eliminates Gable. T-Bar is eliminated by Ricochet and Mansoor eliminates Cedric Alexander. Cesaro and Ziggler battle on the apron but both hang on. Garza is eliminated. Sorry not sure who got him. Shanky eliminates both Viking Raiders. Shanky and Omos have a stare down. Omos eliminates him! The Dirty Dawgs double team Mansoor and he's gone! Ziggler and Roode turn their attention to Omos. Omos eliminates Roode with ease. Ziggler tries to be friends with Omos but Styles hits him with a Phenomenal Forearm! Styles throws out Ziggler. Sami tries to get all the remaining Smackdown guys on the same page (It's only Sami, Cesaro, and Ricochet). Ricochet doesn't buy it and then the Street Profits eliminate Sami! Omos eliminates Commander Azeez! Crews isn't happy about it. Styles talks trash to Azeez on the outside and Azeez tries to pull Styles out. Omos holds on to Styles for tug of war. Styles ends up eliminated! Omos tosses Crews! We're down to five. Cesaro, Ricochet, and the Profits all team up on Omos! OMOS LAUNCHES CESARO!! OMOS THROWS OUT DAWKINS!! FORD IS GONE NEXT!! Down to Omos and Ricochet! Ricochet tries a drop kick and a low bridge to get Omos out. Omos hangs on and LAUNCHES RICOCHET TO WIN IT!!!

W: Omos via last eliminating Ricochet @ 10:38

Post match, Styles confronts Omos in the ring and wants to celebrate with pizza. Ford stops that and steals the pizza!

Highlights of The Rock winning the Royal Rumble in 2000.

Champions vs. Champions Match

The Usos (WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions) vs. RK-Bro (WWE Raw Tag Team Champions)

Orton is breaking the record for pay=per-view matches with this match. Riddle and Jimmy start it off. Riddle with a go behind and he takes Jimmy down. Riddle wants an arm bar but Jimmy stacks him up. We get a clean break. Jimmy backs Riddle into the corner with a kick and head butt. Riddle avoids him and hits a kick. Riddle muscles Jimmy with a gutwrench and spins him around before slamming him. Orton gets a tag and delivers a kick and knee to Jimmy. Jimmy turns it around and backs Orton into a corner but Orton comes out of it looking for a RKO. Jimmy rolls out of the ring to avoid it. Jey gets a tag and puts the boots to Orton in the corner. Orton turns it around. He and Riddle double team double team Jey who is sent outside. Riddle with PK kick to Jey from the apron. SPRING BOARD FLOATING BRO TO JEY!! The Usos turn the tide by sending Riddle into the barricade. A dive takes out Riddle on the outside and that gets Jimmy a near fall back in the ring. Back suplex by Jey to Riddle as the Usos isolate Riddle. Riddle avoids a charge from Jey but Jimmy gets a tag and prevents Riddle from tagging. Jimmy with a chin lock to wear down Riddle but Riddle fights free. Riddle hits a forearm but still can't make the tag. Snap suplex by Jey gets a near fall before going back to a chin lock. Riddle escapes and finally tags Orton!! Jey also got a tag. Orton with a power slam for each Uso!! Orton wants the hanging DDT on Jey but Jey pulls Orton to the outside. Orton bounces Jey off the announce table before back suplexing him on it. Orton then back suplexes Jimmy on the table as well. Back in the ring, Jey super kicks Orton in the gut. Jey charges but Orton sends him to the apron. HANGING DDT BY ORTON!!! Jey blocks the RKO and hits two more super kicks. Riddle tags himself in. Strikes by Riddle now. Jimmy comes in and gets a knee to the face. Riddle is on fire! Exploder to Jey followed by a Broton! Jimmy stops Riddle with a pop up neck breaker!! Near fall for Jimmy. Riddle hits Jey with a German and a bridge for a near fall! Jimmy makes a blind tag. The Usos hit an assisted pop up Samoan drop for a near fall!! The Usos double team Riddle and also hit a double super kick to Orton. A SUPER KICK SANDWICH FOR RIDDLE!!! 1......2.......NO!!! Jey lifts Riddle for a Samoan drop but Riddle slips out and sends Jey into the ring post. Orton makes a blind tag. Jimmy knocks Orton off the apron. Jimmy super kicks Riddle and heads up to the top. JIMMY LEAPS TO HIT RIDDLE WITH A SPLASH BUT ORTON RKOS HIM IN MID AIR FOR THE WIN!!!

W: RK-Bro via pin @ 14:47

Highlights of The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce are backstage in Vince's office. Vince notices his golden egg is gone. He wants to know who stole it. He tells Sonya to get out of his office and go call the cops! Pearce says it's possibly it was one of their superstars. Vince wants Pearce to go interview everyone. If Vince doesn't get it back, he'll be on Raw tomorrow to get to the bottom of it and confront every superstar.

A vignette hypes Xia Li. She's coming soon to Smackdown.

Women's 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match

Team Raw (Bianca Belair, Carmella, Queen Zelina, Liv Morgan, & Rhea Ripley (WWE Women's Tag Team Champion) vs. Team Smackdown (Natalya, Shayna Baszler, Toni Storm, Shotzi, & Sasha Banks)

Storm and Carmella are starting the match. Carmella cheap shots Storm to begin and then calls a "time out". Zelina gets a tag and hits Storm with an elbow before stomping her in the corner. Running knee to the face by Zelina. Carmella tags back in. She wastes time trying to put her mask on and STORM ROLLS UP CARMELLA TO ELIMINATE HER!! SMACKDOWN IS UP 5-4! Banks and Belair come in now. Banks then tags out to Shotzi she locks up with Belair. Belair takes down Shotzi and then another. Shotzi pulls Belair down by the braid and then takes control. Belair powers out of a hammerlock and splashes Shotzi for a near fall. Liv gets a tag and takes out Shotzi with a leap from the second rope. Shotzi fires back with a jaw breaker and tags in Natalya. Natalya gets a near fall. They trade near falls off roll ups. Natalya plants Liv with a botched spring board slam. Natalya does her classic offense with a kick to the back of the head and low drop kick for a near fall. It doesn't look good though. Near fall for Natalya. Liv is able to make the tag to Ripley who hits Natalya with a series of short arm clotheslines and a head butt. Drop kick by Ripley for a near fall. Natalya is able to turn things around with a German and tags Baszler. Baszler and Natalya double suplex Ripley for a near fall. Baszler targets the arm of Ripley but Ripley avoids a stomp. Baszler blocks Riptide and plants Ripley face first with a gutwrench. Hard fall there! Baszler knocks Belair off the apron. Banks wants a tag but Shotzi pulls her off the apron. Baszler and Ripley trade blows. Baszler blocks Riptide again and Ripley backs her into the corner. Baszler is able to lock in an arm bar. Ripley tries to stack her and Baszler transitions to the Kirifuda Clutch! Ripley escapes and stomps Baszler. Ripley wants Riptide but Shotzi stops that. Everyone gets involved now. Ripley counters a sleeper and both ladies are down. Banks and Belair get tags!! Trash talk by both ladies. They trade counters and Banks locks in the Bank Statement!! Belair gets close to the ropes but Banks rolls through. Belair escapes. Belair catches a diving Banks and hits a fall away slam! Belair knocks Natalya off the apron and backs Banks into the corner. TORNADO DDT BY BANKS!!! 1.....2......Ripley breaks it up! Banks decks Ripley sending her outside. Belair hits a big spine buster on Banks and stacks her up for near fall. Belair wants the KOD on Banks but Banks grabs the braid and lands on her feet. Zelina make a blind tag. Belair military presses Zelina onto Banks for a near fall. Zelina gives the crowd the royal wave to taunt. Banks counters Code Red. Storm gets a tag. Banks hits a back stabber on Zelina and Storm finishes her! VEGA IS ELIMINATED!! Liv comes in for Raw. A head butt by Storm rocks Liv They trade pin attempts and Baszler saves Storm. Liv sends Baszler out of the ring and THEN ELIMINATES STORM WITH OBLIVION!! IT'S 4-ON-3 IN FAVOR OF SMACKDOWN! Baszler is in for Smackdown. Shotzi tags herself in and hits a splash on Liv. BANKS TAGS HERSELF IN AND SPLASHES LIV TO ELIMINATE HER!! IT'S 4-ON-2 IN FAVOR OF SMACKDOWN! Ripley comes in for Raw and hits a nice stalling vertical suplex on Banks. Ripley hits Banks with a missile drop kick. Shotzi tags in. Ripley gets quadruple teamed and IS ELIMINATED BY BASZLER!! BELAIR IS ALL ALONE!! Belair and Natalya are legal now. Belair knocks the rest of Team Smackdown off the apron. Natalya fights out of the corner to power bomb Belair for a near fall. Banks and Shotzi argue who tagged in (they both tried to tag Natalya at the same time). Banks shoves Shotzi into Baszler on the outside. Arguing now by Team Smackdown. BANKS GETS COUNTED OUT!!! SHE'S GONE!! IT'S 3-ON-1 NOW! Baszler, Shotzi, and Natalya all surround Belair now. Natalya locks Belair in the Sharpshooter. Belair is able to escape and send Natalya into Baszler. BELAIR ELIMINATES NATALYA WITH A ROLL UP!! Belair tries to roll up Baszler with no luck. Belair escapes the Kirifuda Clutch and plants BASZLER WITH GLAM SLAM TO ELIMINATE HER!!! IT"S DOWN TO BELAIR AND SHOTZI!! Shotzi chokes Belair in the corner but breaks on four. Shotzi with a cross body off the top but Belair rolls through! Shotzi escapes and plants Belair face first. Near fall for Shotzi. Shotzi tries a slice of bread but BELAIR COUNTERS WITH A KOD TO TO WIN IT!!!

W: Team Raw (Belair Sole Survivor) via pin @ 23:46

Highlights of The Rock and Becky Lynch on the 1st Smackdown on Fox.

Paul Heyman is walking backstage when Kayla Braxton confronts him. Heyman knows what Kayla is going to ask. Heyman says he doesn't know who took Vince's egg. Heyman suggest it was a fan since we're in Brooklyn. Kayla wants Heyman's take on the rumor that Brock Lesnar's suspension is lifted. Heyman suggests Kayla asks Adam Pearce since Pearce is the one that has a problem with Lesnar.

A vignette hypes Day 1 on New Year's Day in Atlanta, Georgia.

Champion vs. Champion Match

Big E (WWE Champion) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Champion) w/ Paul Heyman

They lock up to begin and Big E backs Reigns to the corner. We get a clean break. Lock up again and Big E pushes Reigns back to the corner. Reigns bails out of the ring for a breather. Reigns gets back in the ring and go behind by Big E. Reigns elbows free and they trade blows. Reigns hits a flying clothesline to take down Big E. Reigns mounts and lands a series of right hands. Reigns takes control as he takes Big E from corner to corner. Both men run the ropes and Big E catches Reigns with an elbow. Big E pulls Reigns to the apron and clubs his chest. BIG E MISSES THE APRON SPLASH!! REIGNS HITS THE DRIVE BY!! Back in the ring, Reigns beats on Big E in the corner. Cover by Reigns but only a one count. Reigns tries to wear down Big E with a chin lock. Big E elbows free but runs into a back elbow from Reigns. Big E fires back with forearms but charges into a boot in the corner. Reigns lays out Big E with a big boot and gets a near fall. The crowd is behind Big E and Reigns tells them to shut their mouths haha. Reigns sends Big E to the outside and talks trash to the crowd. Reigns sends Big E face first into the ring post. One more time! Reigns breaks the ref's count and goes back to the outside. Reigns talks trash to Big E and Big E reverses an Irish whip to send Reigns into the steps. Both men beat the count. Belly to belly suplex by Big E!!! Another one!!! A third one!!! Big E is building momentum!! BIG E HITS THE ROPES AND DELIVERS A BIG SPLASH!!! Big E hits the ropes but Reigns counters with a Samoan drop for a near fall!! Both men are slow to get up. Reigns with repeated clotheslines in the corner. Big E wants a belly to belly but Reigns blocks. REIGNS RUNS INTO A URANAGE BY BIG E!!! 1.......2......NO!! BIG E LOCKS IN THE STRETCH MUFFLER!!! Reigns counters with a one armed sit out power bomb!! Near fall for Reigns! Reigns sets up for the Superman Punch but Big E ducks it. REIGNS HITS A ROCK BOTTOM!! 1......2.......NO!! Naturally, the crowd chants "Rocky" now. Near fall for Reigns. SUPERMAN PUNCH BY REIGNS!! Big E goes down to a knee. ANOTHER SUPER MAN PUNCH TAKES DOWN BIG E!! BIG E GETS BACK UP!! A THIRD ONE!! Reigns taunts the crowd! Reigns sets up for a spear but Big E is up. Reigns can't believe it! Big E sends Reigns to the apron. BIG E SPEARS REIGNS TO THE FLOOR!! Back in the ring they go. REIGNS SPEARS BIG E!!! 1.......2........NO!!!! Reigns trash talks Big E. Reigns wants a guillotine but Big E drives Reigns to the corner. Reigns falls to the apron. Big E wants another spear but Reigns locks in the guillotine in the ropes. Reigns breaks it on the four count and LOCKS IT IN AGAIN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!! BIG E POWERS OUT AND HITS THE BIG ENDING!!! 1......2......REIGNS GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!! "This is awesome!" chants. Reigns rolls to the outside of the ring. Big E follows and bounces Reigns off the announce table and then into the ring post. Big E sends Reigns into the barricade. Big E looks to send Reigns into the steps but Reigns reverses and sends Big E into them. Reigns leaps off the steps to HIT A SUPERMAN PUNCH! Back in the ring, Big E wants the Big Ending but Reigns takes out his knee! REIGNS HITS ANOTHER SPEAR TO GET THE WIN!!!

W: Roman Reigns via pin @ 21:53

Post match, Reigns celebrates with Heyman.

Keep refreshing for the most up to date results!

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