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LIVE Coverage of SummerSlam 2020

Updated: Aug 23, 2020


Orlando, Florida

WWE ThunderDome (Amway Center)

Announcers: Tom Phillips (Raw), Byron Saxton (Raw), Samoa Joe (Raw), Michael Cole (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Smackdown)

Ring Announcers: Mike Rome (Raw), Greg Hamilton (Smackdown)

The panel on the pre-show previews all the matches. Renee Young makes it a point to say this is her last night with the company.

WWE United States Championship Match (Kickoff Show)

The Hurt Business is banned from ringside

Apollo Crews (champ) vs. MVP

MVP has new theme music. Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin come out of the ramp to wish MVP well before heading to the back. MVP takes down Crews early and tries a knee bar but Crews gets to the ropes. Some mat exchanges and pin attempts early before MVP bails to the outside. MVP gets back in but powders and then catches Crews with a cheap shot. Crews picks up the pace and takes control. MVP tries to cheap shot Apollo again but Apollo ducks it. Crews charges MVP in the corner and MVP back drops him to the outside where Crews' face hits the steps! Back in the ring, MVP beats on Crews in the corner until he misses a big boot. Crews goes to the top but gets racked by MVP. Superplex by MVP!! Near fall. Crews sends MVP to the outside with a clothesline. A PLANCHA BY CREWS OVER THE TOP TAKES OUT MVP! Both men get back in at the count of 9! Both men exchange punches while on their knees. Crews gets the better of it and pummels MVP. Two splashes to MVP in the corner! Spine buster by Crews and he follows up with a standing moonsault for a near fall. MVP avoids the Toss Power Bomb! MVP TRIES THE PLAY MAKER BUT CREWS COUNTERS AND HITS THE TOSS POWER BOMB FOR THE WIN!! CREWS RETAINS! Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin try to attack after the match but Crews avoids and bails up the ramp with his title!

W: Apollo Crews via pin @ 6:35

Renee Young gives her thanks to everyone and the fans as the kickoff show ends. That was a nice send off for Renee. Asuka is about to head to the ring. It appears her match against Bayley is first!

The show opens hyping the ThunderDome and a video package runs down the card.

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship Match

Asuka vs. Bayley (champ; also WWE Women's Tag Team champ) w/ Sasha Banks (WWE Raw Women's champ & WWE Women's Tag Team champ)

They lock up and Asuka takes the advantage delivering some strikes to Bayley and then hits a drop kick. All Asuka early as she delivers some kicks. Asuka gets Bayley tied up in knots with a submission but Bayley makes the ropes. A HIP ATTACK SENDS BAYLEY OFF THE APRON TO THE OUTSIDE! ASUKA JUMPS OFF THE STEPS AND DDTS BAYLEY ON THE FLOOR! Back in the ring and near fall for Asuka. Bayley hangs Asuka up on the second rope twice to stop her momentum. Near fall. Bayley works Asuka on the mat. Bayley has "317+" shaved into the back of her head (the number of days she's been champ). Bayley continues the beat down on Asuka. Asuka fires back with some kicks but BAYLEY HITS A BAYLEY TO BELLY!! 1...2...ASUKA KICKS OUT!! Asuka hits a back elbow and a nice kick. Both ladies are down now. Asuka builds momentum with shoulder blocks and a hip attack in the corner. Knee to the face by Asuka follows up by a German! HIP ATTACK TO BAYLEY'S FACE!! 1...2...NO! They both fight out on the apron, Asuka tries a Hip Attack but Bayley catches her and drives Asuka knee first into the apron. In the ring, Bayley targets the knee now. Bayley locks in a submission but Asuka quickly escapes. Bayley runs into a Codebreaker by Asuka! Near fall for Asuka. Asuka goes to the top and goes for a missile drop kick but Bayley counters into a knee bar!! Asuka makes it to the ropes! Bayley hits a running sunset flip sending Asuka into the corner. Bayley goes to the top for an elbow but Asuka catches her in an arm bar! Sasha Banks distracts Asuka causing Asuka to break! They fight on the outside. Asuka throws Bayley back in the ring. Banks swings at Asuka but Asuka avoids it and kicks Banks. ASUKA GOES FOR A HIP ATTACK ON BAYLEY BUT BAYLEY MOVES AND SHE HITS BANKS OFF THE APRON!! BAYLEY ROLLS UP A DISTRACTED ASUKA FOR THE WIN!! BAYLEY RETAINS! Banks and Bayley attack Asuka after the match!!

W: Bayley via pin @ 11:36

Dominik is backstage getting a pep talk from Rey Mysterio and his wife Angie. Dominik talks to Rey and Dominik wants to go it alone in his match. Dominik wants Rey's word and Rey regretfully gives it to him.

We get highlights of all the Retribution shenanigans.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. He's joining commentary for the next match.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Angel Garza & Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. The Street Profits (champs)

Red solo cups are raining down during the Profits entrance! We start with Ford and Andrade. Ford and Andrade trade blows early. Ford takes Andrade off the top with a rana and sends him out of the ring. All Profits as they take out Garza too! FORD DIVES TO THE OUTSIDE BUT THE CHALLENGERS CATCH HIM AND PLANT HIM ON THE FLOOR! Andrade beats on Ford in the ring now. Garza in now and he drop kicks Ford off the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, near fall for Garza. KO runs down Zelina on commentary. Garza is in control and the pants are off!!! Andrade is back in and he locks in an arm bar with the ropes assisting. Andrade continues working on the arm of Ford. Garza is back in and takes over where Andrade left off. The heels hang Ford in the tree of woe and Andrade hits a double stomp from the top!! 1..2..NO!! Andrade/Garza make frequent tags but FORD FINALLY TAGS DAWKINS! Dawkins runs wild on the challengers. Andrade catches him with a back elbow but DAWKINS SPEARS ANDRADE!! Ford and Garza are back in. FORD HITS A BIG CROSS BODY ON GARZA! GARZA ROLLS THROUGH FOR A PIN AND ZELINA TRIES TO HELP BUT THE REF SEES IT!! GARZA SENDS FORD INTO ZELINA!! Andrade is busy checking on Zelina. DAWKINS HITS THE CASH OUT ON GARZA!! SPLASH BY FORD AND IT'S OVER!! PROFITS RETAIN!

W: The Street Profits via pin @ 7:49

Kevin Owens tells commentary he is bringing back the KO Show on Raw and is inviting Aleister Black to be the guest!

Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Kayla asks about Bayley's win with Sasha's help. Bayley says it doesn't matter how she won. Kayla asks Banks about her match and Banks says she can definitely beat Asuka if Bayley can. They tease some conflict. Bayley gets out a broom and says it'll be a clean sweep then they will succesfully defend the tag titles at Payback!

No DQ, Loser Leaves WWE Match

Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose

They meet face to face in the ring and Deville shoves Rose. They fight to the outside of the ring. Mandy sends Sonya into the barricade and into the steps. They fight up the ramp where Mandy suplexes Sonya on the ramp. Mandy then sends Sonya into the ring post and then once again into another one. Mandy once again sends Sonya into the barricade. Mandy jumps off the announcer's table and hits a flying clothesline. Mandy introduces a table into the match. It takes her forever it set it up though. Sonya attacks her with a chair! Sonya talks trash and bounces Mandy off the announcer's table several times. Back in the ring, Sonya gets a near fall. All Sonya now. A running knee for Sonya gets another near fall. Mandy fights back but misses a running knee. Sonya locks in a dragon sleeper but Mandy escapes with elbows. Sonya with a triangle now! Mandy stacks her up for a 2 count. Sonya talks trash while beating on Mandy. Mandy fires back and catches Sonya with a knee. Near fall for Mandy. They go outside the ring again. Mandy returns the favor and bounces Sonya off the table multiple times. Mandy puts Sonya on the table she set up. Sonya rolls off the table though. Mandy slides a couple chairs across the table trying to hit Sonya but Sonya avoids them. The table gets flipped as they go at it. A jump kick by Sonya takes Mandy down. In the ring, hits a running knee to Sonya's face! Another knee! A THIRD KNEE TO THE FACE! MANDY HITS THE BED OF ROSES! ONE MORE KNEE STRIKE BY MANDY AND IT'S OVER! SONYA MUST LEAVE WWE! Sonya can't believe it and throws a tantrum outside the ring. OTIS IS HERE!! HE CELEBRATES WITH A CATERPILLAR!! Otis puts Mandy on his shoulder. MANDY DOES HER OWN CATERPILLAR AND IT'S BAD!

W: Mandy Rose via pin @ 10:02

Rey Mysterio and Angie are in the gorilla position to send off Dominik.

Street Fight

Seth Rollins w/ Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio w/ Rey Mysterio

Rollins is wearing gear inspired by Rey Mysterio's purple Halloween Havoc gear. It's awesome and a nice touch! They lock up and Rollins schools him immediately. Rollins teases a test of strength before taking Dominik down. Rollins taunts Dominik by putting his own hands behind his back haha. Dominik tries a few right hands but Rollins stops it. Dominik picks up the pace with some nice arm drags. They have a stand off and Rollins claps! Lock up again and Rollins takes control as he beats down Dominik in the corner. Big slam by Rollins! Rollins calls for Murphy to give him a kendo stick! Nice drop kick by Dominik. Dominik has the kendo stick and Rollins runs to the outside where Dominik chases. Back in the ring, Rollins regains the advantage and kicks the kendo stick out of the ring. Rollins dominates now and has his way with Dominik. Rollins says it's "too easy". Rollins taunts Rey while he beats up Dominik. Dominik fights back but Rollins takes him down with a sling blade. We see Angie watching backstage. Murphy gives Rollins a chair. Rollins sits and taunts Rey. Rey starts to get in the ring but Dominik tells him no! Rollins continues the beating. ROLLINS GOES FOR STOMP BUT DOMINIK AVOIDS! DROP TOE HOLD TO ROLLS ONTO THE CHAIR BY DOMINIK!! Rollins goes for a buckle bomb but Dominik counters with a rana into the corner!! TORNADO DDT BY DOMINIK!! 1...2...NO!! Dominik has the kendo stick and nails Rollins!! SHOT AFTER SHOT!! THE KENDO STICK BREAKS OVER ROLLINS BODY!! Dominik goes to the top but Rollins cuts him off. SUPERPLEX BY ROLLINS AND ROLLS INTO THE FALCON ARROW!! 1...2...NO!! Rollins is given two kendo sticks by Murphy. Rollins uses them on Dominik now! Multiple shots as he taunts Rey! Rollins asks Murphy for a table! Side note that the lights have went out twice during this match and came back on. Rollins sets up a table near the corner. More kendo stick shots from Rollins to Dominik. Rollins positions Dominik on the top turnbuckle near the table. Rollins taunts Rey some more. Dominik racks Rollins on the top rope! DOMINIK USES THE KENDO STICK TO DO A RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP ON ROLLINS ON THE TOP THROUGH THE TABLE!! DOMINIK HITS A FROG SPLASH!! 1...2...NO!! Dominik goes to the outside and grabs a chair. Rollins hits a super kick!! Power bomb by Rollins!! Rollins takes Dominik's top off and grabs a kendo stick. Rollins delivers more kendo stick shots to Dominik's bare skin! MURPHY HANDS ROLLINS SOME HAND CUFFS!! Rollins drags Dominik to the ropes. HERE COMES ANGIE!! REY STOPS HER! DOMINIK ROLLS UP ROLLINS FOR A 2!! MURPHY ATTACKS DOMINIK!! MURPHY TRIES TO SEND DOMINIK'S EYE INTO THE STEPS! REY ATTACKS MURPHY!! ROLLINS ATTACKS REY!! Rollins and Murphy both beat down Rey! THEY HAND CUFF REY TO THE ROPES!

They grab kendo sticks but then turn back and see ANGIE!! ROLLINS WALKS TOWARDS ANGIE BUT DOMINIK FIGHTS HIM AND MURPHY OFF!! Dominik has snapped!! 619 of sorts to Rollins! A REAL 619 ON ROLLINS NOW!! Dominik goes for a frog splash but Rollins gets his knees up!! Rey tries to get in the ring but can't stop Rollins. ROLLINS STOMPS DOMINIK IN FRONT OF REY!! IT'S OVER!! Dominik crawls towards Rey afterward with the keys to unlock the hand cuffs. Rey hugs Dominik!

W: Seth Rollins via pin @ 22:35

There's a new 24 documentary about WrestleMania 36. That should be interesting. Almost all of those documentaries are great!

WWE Raw Women's Championship Match

Sasha Banks (champ; also WWE Women's Tag Team champ) w/ Bayley (WWE Smackdown Women's champ & WWE Women's Tag Team champ) vs. Asuka

Banks immediately goes after Asuka's injured knee. Asuka tries to fight back with kicks and knees. More kicks by Asuka and she follows with sliding forearm. Banks tries to bail but Asuka brings her back. They fight on the outside now. Asuka locks a knee bar in on the outside. Back in the ring, Asuka hits a hip attack in the corner!! A kick and a near fall for Asuka. Asuka locks in an arm bar but Banks gets out of it. They fight on the apron where Asuka delivers some kicks but then ASUKA KICKS THE POST WHEN BANKS MOVES! SUNSET FLIP BY BANKS PLANTS ASUKA ON THE FLOOR!! DAMN THAT LOOKED PAINFUL AS ASUKA'S HEAD BOUNCED! Asuka barely beats the count! Banks gets two near falls. Banks beats on Asuka in the corner. Another near fall for Banks. Banks works Asuka in the counter but ASUKA COMES OUT OF IT WITH BANKS IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR! Asuka plants Banks and locks in the knee bar again. Both ladies fight in the corner. ASUKA JUMPS OFF THE TOP WITH BANKS AND HITS A DDT!! Banks rolls to the outside. Asuka follows and they brawl outside. Back in the ring, Asuka goes to the top and hits a missile drop kick! 1...2...NO!! It's Asuka's turn to beat on Banks in the corner. Banks connects with a Codebreaker! 1...2...NO!! Banks sets up Asuka and goes to the top rope. BANKS MISSES A FROG SPLASH!! Bayley talks to Banks in the corner! ASUKA LOCKS IN THE ASUKA LOCK!! BANKS ESCAPES!! ASUKA LOCK AGAIN BUT BANKS ROLLS THROUGH BRET HART STYLE!! 1...2...NO!! BANK STATEMENT!! ASUKA ESCAPE AND ASUKA LOCK AGAIN!! Banks escapes! Asuka goes for a hip attacks but Banks and Bayley both move!! Bayley doesn't sacrifice herself for Banks like Banks did for her earlier. Asuka hits a back elbow to Bayley. ASUKA LOCKS BANKS IN THE ASUKA LOCK AGAIN!! BANKS TAPS!!! ASUKA WINS BACK THE TITLE!! Banks is in disbelief! Bayley comes in the ring and sits next to Banks as Asuka leaves with the title.

W: Asuka via submission @ 11:30

Shawn Michaels interview before the match and he hopes Drew McIntyre Claymores Randy Orton upside the head.

WWE Championship Match

Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre (champ)

Orton gets the gold reigning down pyro like his old Legend Killer days. Lots of pyro for McIntyre too. The bell rings and Orton immediately bails to the outside. Orton is slow to get back in. Orton finally gets back in but powders in the corner. Orton avoids a punch from McIntyre but again slides out of the ring. McIntyre chases Orton around the ring but Orton slides back in and then attacks McIntyre. ORTON GOES FOR A RKO BUT MCINTYRE AVOIDS IT. The pace quickens and ORTON TRIES ANOTHER RKO BUT MCINTYRE AVOIDS AGAIN! McIntyre rolls out of the ring now to regroup. Drew gets back in and throws Randy into the corner and delivers some haymakers! Orton tries another RKO but McIntyre avoids again!! That's three attempts so far! Orton sends McIntyre shoulder first into the ring post and he goes to the outside. Orton sends McIntyre into the barricade, the announcer's table, and the ring post. ORTON LIFTS AND SENDS MCINTYRE BACK FIRST ONTO THE TABLE! AND AGAIN! Orton talks trash now and then breaks the count. Orton suplexes McIntyre from the table to the floor!!! Back in the ring, McIntyre kicks out of a cover at 1. Orton remains in control with a chin lock. Orton does the GARVIN STOMP. McIntyre battles back and they trade shots to each others knees. Orton delivers punches to McIntyre but runs into a spine buster!! MCINTYRE LOCKS IN THE FIGURE FOUR!! Orton tries to roll out of it but no luck. Orton distracts the ref and then thumbs McIntyre in the eye!! Big chop by McIntyre!! MCINTYRE'S EYE IS BLEEDING! Both men trade blows now. Orton tries a RKO but no luck and McIntyre hits Orton with two belly to belly suplexes! McIntyre goes to the top and TAKES DOWN ORTON! McIntyre kips up! McIntyre puts Orton on the top turnbuckle but Orton blocks the superplex. McIntyre falls into the tree of woe. McIntyre raises up and takes Orton off the top! Near fall for McIntyre. ORTON AVOIDS THE FUTURE SHOCK DDT BUT MCINTYRE HITS IT THE SECOND TIME!! Orton sends McIntyre over the top rope. McIntyre goes to the top but Orton avoids him this time and power slams him. 1...2...NO!! Orton tries the hanging DDT but McIntyre comes in the ring and HITS THE GLASGOW KISS! McIntyre clothesline Orton and both men go to the outside. Back in the ring, HANGING DDT BY ORTON!! Orton sets up for the RKO as the crowd boos. Orton changes his mind and goes the punt instead! POWER BOMB BY MCINTYRE!! MCINTYRE SETS UP THE CLAYMORE BUT HE MISSES!! MCINTYRE COUNTERS A RKO AND BACK SLIDES ORTON FOR THE WIN!! McIntyre looks into the camera and says the title isn't just his and that it's all of ours. McIntyre celebrates as Orton looks on from the outside.

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 20:35

A vignette airs that KEITH LEE IS COMING TO RAW!!

Commentary reminds us that Payback is next Sunday!

Falls Count Anywhere Match for the WWE Universal Championship

"The Fiend" Bray Wyatt vs. Braun Strowman (champ)

Braun goes right after the Fiend and backs him into the corner. The Fiend laughs. The Fiend slams Braun with ease and goes on the attack. Fiend tries to rip Braun's head off literally and the action goes to the outside. Fiend hits Braun in the gut and spine with a tool box. Fiend clears the announce table but Braun fights back. BRAUN SHOULDER TACKLES THE FIEND RIGHT THROUGH THE BARRICADE!! The Fiend gets right back up but BRAUN CHOKE SLAMS HIM ON THE TABLE AND THE TABLE BUCKLES BUT DOESN'T BREAK!! They trade blows and Strowman hits the Fiend with the steps. Back in the ring, Strowman splashes the Fiend in the corner and THEN HITS THE RUNNING POWER SLAM!! 1...2...NO!! The Fiend rolls to the outside and Braun follows. They battle up the ramp. Braun sends the Fiend into the LED screen. They go backstage in the control area where the Fiend sends Braun into each wall. SISTER ABIGAIL TO BRAUN!! 1...2...NO!! The Fiend laughs!! The Fiend rakes Braun's eyes. They come back out to the stage and Braun is sent into the LED screen now. BRAUN APPEARS TO HAVE A CUT ON HIS HEAD. They're back to ringside now. THE FIEND LOCKS IN THE MANDIBLE CLAW but Braun drives him back into the apron. Strowman clubs the Fiend and gets a near fall. A fan in the crowd near the barricade has a Fiend mask on haha. BRAUN HITS ANOTHER POWER SLAM IN THE RING!! 1...2...NO! The Fiend kicks out again! Braun pounds on the Fiend. Strowman gets a box cutter from outside the ring. STROWMAN CUTS A GIANT HOLE IN THE RING MAT! THE FIEND HITS A URANAGE TO BRAUN ON THE EXPOSED WOOD! SISTER ABIGAIL BY THE FIEND!! ANOTHER SISTER ABIGAIL!! IT'S OVER AND WE HAVE A NEW CHAMP!! The ending felt really sudden.

W: "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt via pin @ 11:59


Keep refreshing for the most up to date results!

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