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LIVE Coverage of Fast Lane 2021

Updated: Mar 21, 2021


St. Petersburg, Florida

WWE ThunderDome (Tropicana Field)

Announcers: Michael Cole (Smackdown), Corey Graves (Smackdown), Byron Saxton (Raw), Tom Phillips (Raw), Samoa Joe (Raw)

Ring Announcers: Greg Hamilton (Smackdown), Mike Rome (Raw)

Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the kickoff show panel. She's joined by Booker T, Jerry "The King" Lawler, & Peter Rosenberg. The panel runs through the matches on the card. They make it sound like the Braun Strowman vs. Shane McMahon match is happening. They say the WWE United States Championship match will be on the kickoff show. The first match they break down is Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus. The whole panel picks McIntyre.

Next match to talk about is the women's tag and then Bliss vs. Orton. The women's tag will start the main card. The panel doesn't know what to expect with Bliss/Orton. We transition to Big E/Apollo. Sonya Deville joins the panel. Deville says she likes and is friends with Big E but the new Apollo is scary. Booker picks Apollo and everyone else picks Big E. Now they transition to the Braun/Shane match. The panel says SHANE INJURED HIS KNEE WHILE TRAINING. WE'LL SEE IF HE"S MEDICALLY CLEARED LATER. I had a feeling the match may get postponed.

Next they talk about Rollins return to Smackdown and him being "disrespected". Rollins is interviewed and promises to teach Nakamura a lesson and he hopes Cesaro is there watching. I feel like Cesaro will be there.

It's time for action!

WWE United States Championship Match (Kickoff Show)

Riddle (champ) vs. Mustafa Ali w/ Retribution

Riddle goes after Ali and Ali bails out of the ring right away. Ali is slow to get back in. They lock up and Riddle takes Ali to the corner. They break and Ali cheap shots Riddle. A pissed Riddle takes Ali down and hits a knee to the ribs. Riddle with a gut wrench toss. BROTON BY RIDDLE!! 1...2...NO!! Riddle goes for another suplex by Ali grabs the ropes to stop it. Riddle with a knock down. Riddle tries another Broton but Ali gets his feet up kicking Riddle's neck. Ali drags Riddle to the ring post and sends Riddle shoulder first into it. A kick by Ali sends Riddle out to the floor. Back in the ring, Ali gets a near fall. Riddle fires back with strikes but runs into a knee by Ali for a near fall. Ali with a body scissors in attempt to wear down Riddle. Riddle escapes. Ali counters the Bro Derek. Ali sends Riddle sternum first into the corner and then a drop kick sends Riddle face first into the turnbuckle. All Ali at the moment. Riddle misses a charge in the corner and ALI HITS A BACK STABBER!! 1...2...NO!! Snap mare by Ali and back to the body scissors. Riddle escapes again but Ali counters a suplex. Ali goes for a neck breaker by Riddle counters into a sleeper. Ali stacks Riddle up but Riddle kicks out at 2!! Both men brawl until Riddle hits a pele kick. Forearms by Riddle in the corner. Suplex by Riddle and then a PK!! RIDDLE WITH A POWER BOMB THEN FINAL FLASH KNEE!!! 1...2...NO!! Riddle goes to the top. FLOATING BRO BUT ALI GETS THE KNEES UP!! Ali tries a tornado DDT from the second rope but Riddle blocks! FISHERMAN BUSTER BY RIDDLE!! 1...2...NO!! ALI LOCKS IN THE KOJI CLUTCH!! Riddle fights it and lifts Ali to dump him. Ali tells Retribution that's how it's done. Ali charges into a boot by Riddle. Both men battle in the corner. Riddle incapacitates Ali with a sleeper momentarily. RIDDLE LIFTS ALI AND HITS A BRO DEREK FROM THE SECOND ROPE TO WIN IT AND RETAIN!!

W: Riddle via pin @ 9:16

Post match, Ali screams at Retribution! RECKONING AND SLAPJACK WALK OUT ON ALI. Ali screams some more at Mace and T-Bar. MACE AND T-BAR DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM ALI!!

The panel breaks down the WWE Universal Championship match and we see the video package for the build up. We see highlights of Paul Heyman on Talking Smack. Rosenberg says he'll never bet against Daniel Bryan. Booker says this is Bryan's moment. The King is going with Reigns. That ends the kickoff show.

The main card opens with a video package hyping the Road to WrestleMania and all the matches are the card. This is the final stop on the Road to WrestleMania!!!

WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Match

Bianca Belair & Sasha Banks (WWE Smackdown Women's Champion) vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (champs) w/ Reginald

Both teams argue over who's starting the match. It's Banks and Baszler starting. Banks goes on the attack right away. Belair tags in and they both stomp Baszler in the corner. Running shoulder by Belair to Baszler in the corner. Banks tags in and hits double knees. Belair back in now and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Baszler avoids a slam. We have a stand off. Belair tries a series of pins for near falls. Baszler tries a triangle but Baszler lifts out of it. Knee by Baszler to take control. Baszler targets an arm and tags Jax. Baszler was unwilling on the tag. Banks tags in. Banks tries to take Jax down with no luck. Jax with a knock down for a near fall. Jax lifts Banks and Belair makes a blind tag. They take Jax down and Belair with a basement drop kick for a near fall. Belair charges Jax in the corner but is back dropped to the apron. Jax knocks Belair to the outside and tags Baszler. Baszler puts Belair back in the ring and prevents a tag. Baszler pounds Belair on the mat for a near fall. Baszler grounds and pounds Belair. Tag to Jax who chokes Belair across the middle rope. Jax tosses Belair across the ring and splashes her in the corner. Elbow drop by Jax for a near fall. Jax backs Belair into the champs corner and Baszler tags back in. Running knee by Baszler for a near fall. Now Baszler chokes Belair across the ropes Baszler continues to beat down Belair with kicks and works the left arm. Belair fights to her feet but Baszler takes her right back down. Jax tags in and slams Belair for a near fall. Jax continues to wear down Belair. Belair fights free and avoids a slam. Baszler tries to interfere unsuccessfully. Belair tags Banks. DOUBLE KNEES TO JAX AND BASZLER IN OPPOSITE CORNERS!! Banks gets a near fall on Baszler. Belair tags in again. BELAIR GOES TO THE TOP AND HITS A 450!! Belair has it won!! REGINALD DISTRACTS!! BANKS WITH A METEORA TO REGINALD!! Banks tags back in. BANK STATEMENT ON BASZLER!! Belair comes in to cut off Jax! JAX SHOVES BELAIR INTO BANKS!! The Bank Statement gets broken in the process! BANKS AND BELAIR ARGUE NOW! BANKS PIE FACES BELAIR!! Belair backs off and goes back to the apron. BASZLER ROLLS UP BANKS FOR THE WIN!!

W: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler via pin @ 9:42

Post match, Banks and Belair continue arguing. BANKS SLAPS BELAIR!! Belair points to the WrestleMania sign and say it's ok.

Commentary hypes WrestleMania tickets being on sale now. They talk about Shane McMahon injuring his left leg while training. Shane McMahon comes out of the trainer's room on a crutch. He runs into Elias and Jaxson Ryker. Elias says he's better than Bad Bunny and Elias wants to perform at WrestleMania. Shane says he has an idea.

A video package airs for the WWE Intercontinental Championship match. It's next!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Apollo Crews vs. Big E (champ)

They begin brawling immediately! Big E sends Apollo to the apron. BIG E HITS HIS SPEARING THROUGH THE ROPES TAKING APOLLO TO THE FLOOR!! The brawl continues on the outside. Back in the ring, Big E breaks the count. Big E stomps Apollo on the apron. Big E tells Apollo that he asked for this ass whooping. BIG E WITH HIS APRON SPLASH!! Big E continues to pound Apollo. Big E talks trash and ANOTHER APRON SPLASH!! Apollo runs back into the ring. Apollo throws a punch with no effect. Big E with a belly to belly suplex sends Apollo across the ring. Another belly to belly! Big E charges and Apollo drop kicks Big E's knee! This is his opening. Apollo German suplexes Big E! Another German! A third German by Apollo! Apollo stomps the back of Big E's head. Apollo with a spine buster and another stomp. Apollo goes to the top turnbuckle and HITS A SPLASH!! 1...2...NO!! Big E fights back with back elbow strikes. Two step up enziguris by Apollo. Apollo goes for a moonsault but Big E gets the knees up. They counter each other's finishers! CREWS ROLLS UP BIG E BUT BIG E SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT AND PINS APOLLO FOR THE WIN!! Post match, Apollo attacks Big E! Apollo slaps around Big E and hits three Olympic Slams!

W: Big E via pin @ 5:43

24/7 Champion R-Truth and the jobbers are part of an Old Spice advertisement. The Old Spice guys win the 24/7 title only for R-Truth to win it back!

Commentary tells it's time for Braun Strowman vs, Shane McMahon. We see video footage of how Shane hurt his knee training.

Shane is in the ring with Elias and Jaxson Ryker. Shane says as a prelude to WrestleMania, he wants to hear what Elias can do. Elias starts to play and Shane says Elias is taking his place tonight.

Elias w/ Jaxson Ryker vs. Braun Strowman

Strowman tries to attack right away and Elias does his best to avoid him. Strowman hammers Elias in the corner and launches him across the ring. Elias tries to get out of the ring and Strowman brings him back in. This is all Strowman as the beat down continues! Strowman charges in the corner and Ryker pulls Elias out of the ring. STROWMAN EXPRESS TAKES OUT ELIAS!! Ryker throws Elias back in the ring. Strowman stares down Ryker. Elias chop blocks Strowman from behind and follows with a DDT. ELIAS HITS A FLYING ELBOW FROM THE TOP!! 1...2.. Strowman powers out! Elias goes on the offensive but it's short lived. Strowman squashes Elias in the corner and then choke slams him. Strowman picks Elias by the beard and HITS THE RUNNING POWER SLAM!! IT'S OVER!!

W: Braun Strowman via pin @ 3:50

WrestleMania is in 20 days!

Highlights of Riddle defeating Ali on the kickoff show. Riddle rides his scooter backstage and runs into Shinsuke Nakamura. Riddle wishes Nakamura luck tonight. Riddle has some ridiculous proposition that he rambles about. He turns and Nakamura is gone (he's hiding behind a wall. Riddle rides off.

A video package shows how Nakamura vs. Rollins came about.

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

They lock up and Rollins trash talks. Nakamura connects with a knee to the midsection and follows with another knee. Rollins bails. When Rollins gets back in, Nakamura hits a kick. Nakamura tries a German but Rollins with an elbow. Rollins goes on the attack and throws Nakamura out of the ring. Rollins with a flying knee from the apron! Rollins bounces Nakamura face first off the announce table and throws him back in the ring. Rollins with a knee to the gut of Nakamura. Another knee! A third one! Gut buster by Rollins for a one count. Rollins delivers shoulders to the gut of Nakamura in the corner. Rollins sends Nakamura to the opposite corner and then hits a back breaker for a near fall. Rollins tries to wear down Nakamura but Nakamura fights it with elbows. Rollins takes him right back down and gets a near fall. Rollins chokes Nakamura across the middle rope and looks into the camera talking to Cesaro. Rollins tells commentary that Cesaro swung him 22 times and he wants to know where Cesaro is. Rollins tries to swing Nakamura but Nakamura counters with an arm bar. Rollins slides to the ropes. Rollins goes to the outside. Nakamura with a baseball slide followed by a running knee. Nakamura with a jumping knee the back of Rollins' neck! Nakamura with strikes now and a boot to the throat of Rollins in the corner. Nakamura positions Rollins on the top turnbuckle. RUNNING KNEE TO THE GUT!! 1...2...NO!! Nakamura goes for an inverted exploder by Rollins counters. Nakamura goes to the second rope but Rollins knocks him off and out to the floor. SUICIDE DIVE BY ROLLINS!! Back in the ring, SPRING BOARD KNEE BY ROLLINS THE THE FACE OF NAKAMURA!! SLING BLADE BY ROLLINS!! 1...2...NO!! Nakamura blocks the Falcon Arrow and fights back. They trade blows in the center of the ring. Enziguri by Rollins. Nakamura avoids a buckle bomb and hits a kick. Rollins avoids the Kinshasa but NAKAMURA WITH A SLIDING GERMAN!! NAKAMURA GOES FOR THE KINSHASA BUT ROLLINS COUNTERS WITH THE BUCKLE BOMB!! FALCON ARROW BY ROLLINS!! 1...2...NO!! Nakamura counters the stomp and HITS LAND SLIDE! 1...2...NO!! INVERTED EXPLODER BY NAKAMURA!! Rollins ducks the Kinshasa and decks Nakamura in the back of the neck! Nakamura avoids a stomp but Rollins puts on the brakes and hits like a reverse enziguri!! Never seen something like that before. ROLLINS HITS THE STOMP FOR THE WIN!!

W: Seth Rollins via pin @ 12:55

The video package for Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus airs. It's next!

No Holds Barred Match

Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus

McIntyre has a Braveheart look. Sheamus tells McIntyre he asked for this and the brawl begins. McIntyre with belly to belly throws and then clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. McIntyre follows but Sheamus gets the upper hand and sends McIntyre into the barricade. McIntyre with a belly to belly onto the floor!! McIntyre with chops and punches before sending Sheamus into the ring post. McIntyre clears the announce table. McIntyre throws kendo sticks into the ring and Sheamus attacks. Sheamus sends McIntyre into the ring post. McIntyre avoids a kendo stick shot and belly to belly throws Sheamus again on the floor. McIntyre sends Sheamus into the steps. McIntyre stomps Sheamus' head on the steps. Back in the ring now, McIntyre grabs a kendo stick but Sheamus is a jumping knee strike for a near fall. Sheamus has he kendo stick now and hits McIntyre in the back multiple times! Trash talk by Sheamus before another kendo stick shot. Sheamus attacks the jaw of McIntyre with the kendo stick. McIntyre gets to his feet and a GLASGOW KISS creates separation. A boot by McIntyre. McIntyre has the kendo stick now. MCINTYRE WEARS SHEAMUS OUT!! Russian leg sweep with the kendo stick! McIntyre sends the point of the stick into Sheamus eye. We've seen enough that last summer with Rey and Rollins. Sheamus' back is looking rough. To the outside they go, Sheamus with a drop toe hold sends a charging McIntyre into the steps. Sheamus picks up the steps and hits McIntyre in the face with them. Sheamus puts McIntyre on the announce table. McIntyre fights back. McIntyre tries the Future Shock DDT but Sheamus blocks. McIntyre throws Sheamus off the table and into the barricade. McIntyre rakes the face of Sheamus and they being brawling into the crowd. All McIntyre at the moment. Sheamus counters a suplex and suplexes McIntyre on the exposed floor. Sheamus pounds on the back of McIntyre as they go up the scaffolding into the crowd. McIntyre fights back with right hands. SHEAMUS WITH A ROLLING SENTON!! Sheamus lifts McIntyre but McIntyre counters and MCINTYRE SENDS SHEAMUS THROUGH SOME OF THE LED SCREENS!! SPARKS FLY!! That's one way to come down a level. McIntyre kicks Sheamus down a ramp and we're on the floor level again. McIntyre puts Sheamus on a road case to wheel him back towards the ring. MCINTYRE SUPLEXES SHEAMUS OFF THE ROAD CASE ONTO THE EXPOSED FLOOR AGAIN! McIntyre gets Sheamus in a fireman's carry and takes him back to ringside. Sheamus rakes McIntyre's eyes. SHEAMUS HITS A BROGUE KICK THAT SENDS MCINTYRE OVER THE BARRICADE!! Sheamus is up but walking gingerly. Sheamus goes over the barricade to stomp McIntyre. SHEAMUS STANDS ON A ROAD CASE AND LIFT MCINTYRE. SHEAMUS STEPS UP ON THE BARRICADE AND DELIVERS WHITE NOISE THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! DAMN! "This is awesome" chants from the crowd. Sheamus drags McIntyre towards the ring and puts him back in. Sheamus puts a piece of the announce desk in the ring. Sheamus talks trash to McIntyre as McIntyre tries to fight back. Sheamus tries an Alabama Slam but McIntyre counters. MCINTYRE FUTURE SHOCK DDTS SHEAMUS ON THE PIECE OF THE ANNOUNCE DESK!! CLAYMORE AND IT'S OVER!! McIntyre stares down Sheamus after the match before celebrating in pain.

W: Drew McIntyre via pin @ 19:41

Commentary hypes McIntyre vs. Lashley at WrestleMania,

Will Rousch's "Rise Up" is the official theme of Fast Lane.

A video package for Bliss vs. Orton airs. It's next!

Randy Orton vs. Alexa Bliss

ORTON STARTS COUGHING BLACK GOO DURING HIS ENTRANCE!! Orton gets pissed and he wants a towel. Orton yells enough games as he waits for Bliss. Bliss has the pale make up look. The matches are dimmed for this. We start and Orton goes to charge but a big fire ball stops him in his tracks. Orton charges but Bliss moves and Orton goes shoulder first into the ring post and falls to the outside. Bliss hides from Orton on the other side of the ring (still on the outside). Orton stalks her. Bliss looks up and THEN LIGHTING FALLS FROM THE CEILING ALMOST TAKING OUT ORTON! Bliss says that was so close. Bliss challenges Orton to keep following her around the ring. How have they not been counted out? Anyways, Bliss swings on the ropes on the opposite side of the ring that Orton is on. Orton is slow to get back in the ring as Bliss waits for him. Bliss blows Orton a kiss. Orton charges and BLISS HITS HIM WITH ANOTHER FIRE BALL! Orton appears to have blocked most of it! Bliss sits on the top turnbuckle. THE FIEND'S BURNT ARM REACHES THROUGH THE MAT AND GRABS ORTON'S LEG!! FIRE HITS THE HOLE IN THE RING. THE FIEND IS HERE AND HE"S CHARRED!! BLISS PUSHES ORTON INTO THE FIEND WHO HITS SISTER ABIGAIL!! BLISS PINS ORTON FOR THE WIN!! Bliss and the Fiend stand over Orton following the match. I'll say they do a good job with the Fiend's look.

W: Alexa Bliss via pin @ 4:38

Commentary hypes Hulk Hogan and Titus O'Neil as the hosts for WrestleMania. They hype the matches that have been announced thus far.

A video package hypes the main event.

WWE Universal Championship Match

Special Guest Enforcer: Edge

Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns (champ) w/ Paul Heyman

Reigns tries to corner Bryan early but Bryan avoids him. Early mind games by Bryan and Reigns backs him into the corner. Bryan escapes and shoots a kick at the leg of Reigns. They lock up and Reigns backs Bryan into the corner. Reigns cheap shots Bryan to send a message. Reigns talks trash. Bryan shoots at the leg and looks for a heel hook but Reigns gets to the ropes. Reigns gets up and Bryan tries to pick the leg again but Reigns powers out of it. Bryan has Reigns reeling. Edge is watching with his arms crossed on the outside. Reigns and Bryan lock up to test strength. Reigns over powers Bryan but Bryan counters into an arm bar. Reigns quickly gets to the ropes. Bryan chuckles as he throws a jab. As Graves says, Bryan is trying to toy with Reigns. Bryan with a quick kicks to the leg of Reigns. Reigns grabs Bryan and takes him down with a side head lock. Bryan slips free and locks up the arm of Reigns. Bryan with knees to the back of Reigns while working on the arm of Reigns. Bryan bends Reigns arm back but Reigns escapes and head butts Bryan. Reigns with a kick and big right hand. Reigns backs Bryan into the corner and hits shoulder to the gut. Reigns takes Bryan to the opposite corner. Reigns goes off the ropes but Bryan hits him with a drop kick. Bryan hyperextends the arm of Reigns. Bryan focuses on the arm as Reigns backs Bryan into the corner. Clotheslines by Reigns but Bryan ducks one and tries to build momentum. Bryan runs the ropes but Reigns catches Bryan with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Near fall for Reigns. Reigns rakes Bryan's face across the canvas before slamming Bryan face first into the mat. Reigns hits Bryan across the face with a crossface. Reigns with a suplex for a one count. Bryan backs himself into the corner and goes for the leg of Reigns but Reigns hits him with an elbow. Kicks by Reigns as he stomps away on Bryan. Chin lock by Reigns to wear down Bryan. Bryan fights to his feet with elbows. Reigns back drops Bryan to the apron and an uppercut sends Bryan to the outside. Reigns rolls to the outside and they're right in front of Edge. Reigns sends Bryan into the barricade. Reigns breaks the count and comes back out only for Bryan to fight back with strikes Reigns stops the rally and sends Bryan into the ring post before putting him back in the ring. Near fall for Reigns. Reigns with another suplex for a near fall. Reigns has really slowed the pace of the match. Reigns shakes his head and says Bryan is really getting up. Reigns hits Bryan with a clothesline in the corner. Reigns sends Bryan hard into the opposite corner. Reigns charges and Bryan sends Reigns into the turnbuckle with a drop toe hold. Kicks by Bryan now. RUNNING KICK BY BRYAN! Bryan puts Reigns on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. REIGNS BLOCKS A RANA AND WALKS BRYAN INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! Reigns with a Boston Crab on Bryan. Bryan gets close to the ropes. Bryan counters and rolls up Reigns for a near fall. Bryan with a running elbow to the face of Reigns and both men are down. They get to their feet. Punches and kicks by Bryan. reigns with a knee to stop it. Reigns charges and Bryan low bridges him to the outside. BRYAN TRIES A CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE BUT REIGNS CATCHES AND SLAMS HIM. BRYAN TURNS IT AROUND BY SENDING REIGNS INTO THE RING POST. BRYAN WITH A RUNNING KNEE FROM THE APRON! Bryan goes up to the top. FLYING KNEE FROM BRYAN TO THE BACK OF REIGNS NECK! Bryan goes to the top again. MISSILE DROP KICK BY BRYAN! 1...2...NO!! Reigns powers out. YES KICKS BY BRYAN NOW. Reign catches one and he takes Bryan to the corner. Big right hand by Reigns. REIGNS IS PISSED!! Knee strikes by Reigns and stomps now! Bryan crumbles in the corner. Bryan tries to take Reigns down to the mat but Reigns blocks. Reigns tries a power bomb but Bryan counters with a rana! Bryan with a kick to the face!!! 1...2...NO!! Bryan talks trash to Reigns. Bryan grabs the arms of Reigns and STOMPS REIGNS FACE!! BRYAN LOCKS IN THE YES LOCK!!! Reigns reaches for the ropes but BRYAN ROLLS THROUGH!! YES LOCKS IS STILL ON!!! EDGE IS PACING ON THE OUTSIDE!! REIGNS BREAKS THE GRIP OF BRYAN!! Reigns escapes!! REIGNS MOUNTS BRYAN AND DELIVERS HAYMAKERS!! Reigns lifts and power bombs Bryan!! 1...2...NO!! Both men are down. They pull themselves up to opposite corners. Reigns looks for a spear but Bryan hits a kick. BRYAN GOES FOR A RUNNING KNEE BUT ACCIDENTALLY TAKES OUT THE REF!! REIGNS SPEARS BRYAN!! EDGE GETS IN THE RING TO MAKE THE COUNT!! 1...2...NO!! Reigns questions the count and Edge trade words now. Reigns pounds Bryan and BRYAN LOCKS IN A TRIANGLE!! Reigns lifts Bryan but Bryan takes him down and LOCKS IN THE YES LOCK AGAIN!! EDGE IS RIGHT THERE!! Bryan hits Reigns with some crossfaces and LOCKS THE YES LOCK BACK IN!! JEY USO IS HERE TO SUPER KICK EDGE!! USO SUPER KICKS BRYAN AS WELL!! Uso goes out a grabs a chair. Uso throws Edge shoulder first into the ring post. Bryan avoids a chair shot and HITS USO WITH A RUNNING KNEE!! BRYAN HAS THE CHAIR AND HITS USO WITH IT MULTIPLE TIMES!! Bryan checks and sees the ref is still down. BRYAN GOES TO HIT REIGNS BUT ACCIDENTALLY HITS EDGE WITH THE CHAIR!! REIGNS WITH SUPERMAN PUNCH!! REIGNS GOES FOR A SPEAR BUT BRYAN GETS THE YES LOCK ON AGAIN!!! REIGNS IS TAPPING!! BUT NO ONE SEES IT!! EDGE HITS BRYAN A CHAIR!! EDGE THEN HITS REIGNS WITH THE CHAIR!! Edge claims this is his and storms to the back!! A new ref runs down the ring. REIGNS COVERS BRYAN AND GETS THE WIN!!

W: Roman Reigns via pin @ 29:59

Reigns stands tall holding the championship over Bryan.

Keep refreshing for the most up to date results!

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