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King of the Ring 2001


East Rutherford, New Jersey

Continental Airlines Arena

Attendance: 19,112

Announcers: Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

Ring Announcer: Howard Finkel

The opening video package focuses on the build of the WWE Championship triple threat match, King of the Ring tournament, street fight, and the Diamond Dallas Page/Undertaker stalker rivalry.

Diamond Dallas Page makes his way to the ring by coming through the crowd and he's carrying a sign. DDP has a mic and says no need for security and he's here to let the Undertaker know that DDP has arrived. DDP says he saw Taker on Smackdown last Thursday and he looked pissed off. DDP says Taker should be thanking him because he only showed the PG footage. DDP says his personal collection is more than just a thumbs up! DDP says as far as Undertaker sticking DDP at the top of his list for biggest ass kicking, well, DDP doesn't see it that way. DDP says he's here in the Undertaker's house to kick the Big Dog's ass all over his yard. DDP says tomorrow on Raw, he'll become the first ever WCW star to step foot in Madison Square Garden. DDP says he has a ticket and he'll be the guy in the front row with a sign that reads "Make Me Famous"! DDP begs Taker to make him famous!

Commentary talks about the WWE Tag Team Championship match and speculate who Spike Dudley's mystery partner will be. Then they talk about the rumor of Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit will take the WWE Championship to WCW if they win the triple threat tonight.

King of the Ring Semi-Final Match

Kurt Angle vs. Christian

Kurt Angle is looking to become the first ever 2-time King of the Ring and he has a street fight against Shane McMahon later in the night. Angle defeated Hardcore Holly and Jeff Hardy to get here while Christian defeated Kane and Big Show. Christian attacks Angle right away and takes him to the corner where he stomps him. Angle picks up Christian and runs out of the corner with him before throwing him across the ring. An aggressive Angle takes over and beats the hell out of Christian in the corner. Commentary stresses Angle needing to end this early. Angle sends Christian to the opposite corner and charges but Christian moves and Angle goes sternum first into the turnbuckle. Neck breaker by Christian now for a near fall. Christian chokes Angle before stomping him. Christian goes off the rope and tries a sunset flip but Angle counters and looks for the ankle lock. Christian kicks him away back into the corner. Right hands but Christian. Angle stops that and wants a belly to belly. Christian blocks at first but then Angle gets it. Christian rolls to the apron and Angle knocks him off to the floor. Angle follows to the outside where Angle continues the attack including bounces Christian's face off the announce table. Christian turns it around and sends Angle into the steps before putting him back in the ring. Christian goes to the top and Angle pushes him off into the barricade on the outside. Angle puts Christian back in the ring for a near fall. Angle with a gutwrench suplex followed by a back suplex for a near fall. Christian fights back with rights but runs into a knee to the gut by Angle. Angle hits another suplex for another near fall. Heyman keeps hyping Angle as a superhero. Right hands by Angle. Angle wants another suplex but Christian cradles him for a near fall. Angle is right back up and another suplex gets a near fall. Angle is frustrated and knocks Christian to the mat with a right hand. Christian with rights and takes down Angle with a spinning heel kick. HERE COMES SHANE MCMAHON TO RINGSIDE! He's got his WCW shirt on. Angle takes down Christian with a clothesline and then sees Shane. Angle goes up to the top and tries a moonsault but Christian moves. Christian shoots the half and gets a near fall. Christian builds momentum and hits a reverse back breaker for a near fall! Angle rakes the eyes and Christian blocks a German. Christian with a go behind and wants the Unprettier but ANGLE COUNTERS WITH THE ANKLE LOCK!! Christian trips the ref and crawls over him to get to the ropes. Christian hobbles to his feet uses the ropes to help him up. ANGLE WANTS AN ANGLE SLAM BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS WITH AN UNPRETTIER!! 1...2....SHANE PULLS CHRISITAN OUT OF THE RING!!! Christian looks back at Shane from the apron and ANGLE BRINGS CHRISTIAN BACK IN THE RING WITH AN ANGLE SLAM FOR THE WIN!! Pretty good opener. Angle was Angle and Christian stepped up to try to be on his level. Christian was able to look good in defeat.

W: Kurt Angle via pin @ 8:16 (***)

Commentary speculates as to why Shane McMahon helped Kurt Angle win. They also talk about Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit defecting to WCW if they win the WWE Championship.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is talking to Debra backstage. Jonathan Coachman comes in and he wants a word with Austin about the rumor of Jericho or Benoit winning the title and taking it to WCW. Austin is more concerned about where Vince McMahon is. Coachman asks again about Jericho or Benoit taking the WWE Championship and Austin gives him a crazy shocked look but says nothing.

A video package shows us the history of the DDP/Undertaker/Sara saga with DDP recording Sara. Paul Heyman wants a word with DDP now at ringside. Heyman asks DDP about his actions. DDP says he has balls and it takes guts to go after Taker. We cut to footage of someone filming DDP. DDP asks Heyman if he finds this funny. DDP asks Taker if he has a problem and then holds up his sign. DDP begs Taker to make him famous.

King of the Ring Semi-Final Match

Edge vs. Rhyno

Edge beat Test and Perry Saturn to get here and Rhyno beat Tazz and Tajiri. Rhyno spits in the face of Edge to begin and the brawl is on! Edge takes down Rhyno with a spinning heel kick and then beats on him in the corner. Edge sends Rhyno hard into the opposite corner but runs into an elbow. Rhyno takes control until Edge back drops him to the apron. Rhyno tries to send Edge into the turnbuckle but Edge reverses and sends Rhyno into it. Edge drop kicks Rhyno off of the apron to the floor. Edge goes to the outside to continue the attack. Rhyno blocks and sends Edge into the barricade. Rhyno wants a piledriver or power bomb on the outside but Edge blocks and racks Rhyno across the barricade. Edge breaks the count and sends Rhyno into the barricade. More brawling on the outside where Rhyno flapjacks Edge onto the barricade and then throws him into it. Rhyno gets back in the ring and takes off the middle turnbuckle cover. EDGE GETS SENT STERNUM FIRST INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE! Rhyno targets the ribs and midsection now to set up for the Gore. Rhyno hits a big kick to the face of Edge in the corner for a near fall. Rhyno continues the rib work and locks Edge in a body scissors. Edge fights free and charges but Rhyno hits him with a knee to the midsection. Rhyno scoop slams and then goes to the top. RHYNO WITH A SPLASH FROM THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Rhyno takes Edge to the corner to continue the punishment. Rhyno charges into a boot and then Edge elevates Rhyno to hang him up across the top rope. Inverted atomic drop by Edge followed by a clothesline and a neck breaker. Edge goes up to the top and Rhyno cuts him off. Rhyno wants a superplex but Edge blocks and HITS SUNSET FLIP FROM THE TOP!! 1...2...NO!! Off the ropes they go and RHYNO WITH A BIG SPINE BUSTER!! RHYNO WANTS THE GORE AND EDGE TRIES HIS SPEAR AT THE SAME TIME!! BOTH MEN COLLIDE!! Both men are down. You don't see that all the time. Rhyno covers for a near fall. Edge avoids a slam and rolls up Rhyno for a near fall. RHYNO WANTS THE GORE AGAIN BUT EDGE SIDE STEPS AND RHYNO GOES INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE!! EDGE HITS THE IMPALER DDT FOR THE WIN!! Just as good as the opener in my opinion but in a different way. The psychology was good here and they did some things that you don't see often.

W: Edge via pin @ 8:52 (***)

Spike Dudley is interviewed about the Dudleyz giving him a 3D on Smackdown. He's challenging them to a tag title match tonight. Spike is asked who is partner will be and he says it's a big surprise. The Dudleyz interrupt. They call Spike a disappointment since day one.

Chris Jericho is interviewed by Tazz. Tazz asks about Jericho taking the championship to WCW if he wins. Jericho Jericho teases it in a round about way before telling Tazz to shut the hell up.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Dudley Boyz (champs) vs. Spike Dudley & Kane (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

This match was made on Sunday Night Heat when Spike made the challenge. Spike attack the Dudleys right away! Kane takes out the Dudleys with a clothesline. Kane takes D-Von to the outside and they double team Bubba. It's all challengers in the beginning. Bubba catches Spike and press slams him into Kane who catches him and press slams Spike back into Bubba!! Near fall for Spike. Kane with a boot to Bubba's face and Spike covers for a near fall. Bubba retreats to his corner and tags D-Von. Drop toe hold by Spike and he backs D-Von to the corner and tags Kane. D-Von's offense has no effect and Kane power slams him. Elbow drop by Kane for a near fall. Kane with right to D-Von in the corner and Spike tags himself in. Off the ropes they go and D-Von falls to the mat and fakes an injury in order to lure Spike in. That allows D-Von to take control now. Bubba gets a tag and works on Spike in the corner. D-Von comes back as the crowd chants for tables. The Dudleys double team Spike. Side walk slam by Bubba and D-Von hits a leg drop from the middle rope. Kane breaks up the cover. Bubba tags back in and sends Spike into the lights with a back body drop. Spike tries a sunset flip but Bubba blocks. Bubba tries to sit on Spike but Spike moves just in time. Bubba catapults Spike into the ropes and goes to a chin lock. Spike fights free but runs into a power bomb from Bubba!! 1...2...NO!! D-Von gets a tag and more punishment for Spike. D-Von with a scoop slam and he does to the top. D-Von misses a flying heat butt and that allows Spike to tag Kane! Bubba tags in as well. Kane back body drops Bubba and clotheslines him in the corner. Clotheslines to D-Von as well and a neck breaker to Bubba. Kane gets a near fall on Bubba. Kane slams D-Von and hits Bubba with another side walk slam for a near fall. Kane throws D-Von to the outside and power slams Bubba for another near fall. D-Von is back and Kane sends him back outside. Kane tags Spike which is probably a mistake. Kane presses Spike and launches him to the outside onto both Dudleys! Spike throws Bubba back in the ring where Kane hits him with a flying clothesline from the top! Spike covers. 1...2...NO!! Kane and D-Von brawl on the outside. SPIKE HITS BUBBA WITH THE DUDLEY DOG!! 1...2...D-VON SAVES IT!! Kane is back and wants a choke slam on D-Von but Bubba stops that and they double suplex Kane. Bubba holds Kane and D-Von hits the What's Up head butt to the groin from the top. SPIKE MISSILES DROP KICKS BOTH DUDLEYS FROM THE TOP!! SPIKE WANTS THE DUDLEY DOG ON D-VON BUT IT'S COUNTERED INTO A 3D TO GIVE THE DUDLEYS THE WIN!! Much better than I expected it to be. Spike took it to the Dudleys and you could tell he really wanted to beat them. Kane was a smart choice for his partner.

W: Dudley Boyz via pin @ 8:33 (**3/4)

Post match, D-Von gets a table and sets it up. Kane is back and power bombs D-Von. KANE CHOKE SLAMS BUBBA THROUGH THE TABLE!!

Christian is in the back to talk to Edge. Edge assumes he's going to complain about losing earlier but Christian says he just wants to wish Edge good luck in the finals. Definitely teasing a break up there.

DDP is still ringside as we see more stalker footage of DDP being recorded earlier today. DDP is getting upset and tells Taker he's right here.

"The One" Billy Gunn is at WWE New York. They ask him his thoughts on this year's King of the Ring. He's pissed he wasn't even in the tournament. He doesn't care and says it's pathetic!

King of the Ring Finals

Kurt Angle vs. Edge

Edge holds the ribs on the way to the ring. Angle grabs a mic before we start and tries to talk Edge into forfeiting that match. Edge isn't having it and hits Angle with a right hand. Edge backs Angle into the corner and it's all Edge early on. Angle turns things around in the corner and stomps Edge. They trade rights and Edge takes down Angle with a heel kick. Edge lowers his head and eats a kick from Angle. ANGLE BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEXES EDGE FROM IN THE RING TO THE OUTSIDE!! Angle follows Edge to the outside and sends him into the steps. Angle sends Edge into the barricade and continues the attack on the ribs. Back in the ring, Angle hits a back suplex for a near fall. Angle with a right hand followed by a vertical suplex for a near fall. Angle goes to a chin lock to wear down Edge. Edge fights to his feet but Angle puts him on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. Edge knocks Angle and slides down his back to cradle Angle for a near fall. Edge tries to send Angle into the ropes but Angle counters with a belly to belly for a near fall. Snap mare by Angle and back to the chin lock. I suppose the chin lock makes sense for Angle to conserve energy since he has another match later tonight. Edge fights to his feet and escapes before Angle sends him to the outside. Angle follows and hits Edge with right hands before front face suplexing Edge across the barricade. Angle sends Edge back into the ring and climbs to the top. Edge drop kicks Angles leg to make him straddle the turnbuckle. Edge climbs up with Angle and HITS A TOP ROPE RANA!! 1...2...NO!! Both men trade rights from their knees. Back to their feet and Edge takes down Angle with clotheslines now. Edge wants to send Angle the corner but Angle reverses and then tries a drop kick but Edge puts on the brakes. Edge catapults Angle into the corner and rolls him up for a near fall. Edge looks to Irish whip Angle but Angle counters. Angle wants the Angle Slam but Edge escapes and wants Edgecution but Angle blocks. ANGLE GETS EDGE IN THE ANKLE LOCK!! Edge rolls through for a up and gets a near fall! EDGE HITS ANGLE WITH AN EDGE-O-MATIC!! HERE COMES CHRISITAN!! Christian is distracting the ref when Edge has Angle beat. Edge wants to know what's going on. Angle rolls up Edge and uses the tights but Edge kicks out at 2! Angle sends Edge into the corner but charges into a boot. Edge goes to clothesline Angle but Angle ducks and EDGE CLOTHESLINES THE REF!! ANGLE PICKS THE LEG AND LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK!!! EDGE IS TAPPING!! THERE'S NO REF THOUGH!! Angle breaks the hold to try to wake the ref. SHANE MCMAHON IS HERE AND SPEARS ANGLE!!! Shane leaves through the crowd. EDGE HITS ANGLE WITH EDGECUTION!!! THE REF CRAWLS TO COVER AND IT'S OVER!! Angle had an answer for all of Edge's offense but Edge was persistent. Minor complaint that you were almost certain Shane would cost Angle.

W: Edge via pin @ 10:21 (***1/4)

Chris Benoit is interviewed by Tazz. Tazz asks if there's any truth to the rumor about WCW. Benoit asks what the hell kind of rumor is that? Benoit says it's actually a pretty good one and walks off.

We see a paranoid DDP still waiting on the Undertaker.

Edge is interviewed backstage by Jonathan Coachman. Coach asks Edge how it feels to be the 2001 King of the Ring? Edge likes the sound of it and says it reeks of royalty. Christian is here to say he was just trying to help. Edge asks what else he would be out there for? Christian is off to get balloons to celebrate. They definitely teased the split between them all night. It would take a few more months though.

A pissed off Kurt Angle roams the hallways and he's pissed that Shane McMahon cost him the King of the Ring.

WWE Light Heavyweight Championship Match

Jeff Hardy (champ) vs. X-Pac

I can't decide if I love the X-Pac Uncle Kracker theme or if I hate it. Thoughts? Lock up and arm drag take down by X-Pac. Lock up again and X-Pac takes Hardy to the mat and taunts him. Another lock up and side head lock by X-Pac. X-Pac with a shoulder tackle and Hardy with an arm drag. Hardy sends X-Pac to the outside with a head scissors. On the outside, Hardy walks the barricade and hits X-Pac with a flying clothesline. Back in the ring, X-Pac sends Hardy into the corner and Hardy tries Whisper in the Wind but there's no one there as X-Pac moves so Hardy crashes and burns. Trash talk from X-Pac who beats on Hardy and slows the pace with an abdominal stretch. X-Pac uses the ropes for extra leverage when the ref isn't looking. Hardy reverses but X-Pac hip locks Hardy over the top. X-Pac takes out Hardy on the outside with a spring board cross body. X-Pace gets back in the ring and taunts. Hardy makes his way to the apron and shoulders to the midsection of X-Pac. Hardy gets back in the ring but X-Pac takes his head off with a spinning kick. Near fall for X-Pac before going back to a chin lock. Hardy fights back to his feet. They both run the ropes and X-Pac hits another spinning heel kick for a near fall. X-Pac takes Hardy to the corner where he hits a series of kicks but misses a bronco buster! Hardy with a drop kick now and a take down. Hardy hits his double leg drop to the abdomen of X-Pac. Hardy charges X-Pac in the corner and X-Pac tries to leap frog him and comes down on top of Hardy. X-Pac sends Hardy to the opposite corner and Hardy HITS WHISPER IN THE WIND THIS TIME!! 1...2...NO!! Hardy goes to the top again and hits a flying cross body but X-Pac rolls through for a near fall. Hardy mounts X-Pac in the corner and delivers right hands. X-Pac thumbs Hardy in the eye and THEN HITS THE X-FACTOR!! 1....2.....3!! HARDY'S FOOT WAS ON THE ROPES THOUGH SO THE REF WAIVES IT OFF!! X-Pac argues! The match is continuing. X-Pac sends Hardy to the corner. X-Pac wants the X-Factor again but Hardy counters with a jaw breaker. Hardy goes to the top but X-Pac is up and racks Hardy. X-Pac climbs up with Hardy. HARDY PUSHES X-PAC OFF AND HITS THE SWANTON BOMB FOR THE WIN!! They botched a couple spots which brings this down. X-Pac just seemed a step or two behind Hardy here. This was more or less filler because X-Pac would win the title the next night on Raw.

W: Jeff Hardy via pin @ 7:11 (**1/2)

William Regal and Tajiri are talking in Regal's office when Stone Cold Steve Austin comes in. Austin wants to use Regal's phone to call Vince. Austin talks to Vince about the rumor of Jericho or Benoit winning the championship and defecting to WWE. Austin wants Regal to tell Vince that Austin is telling the truth. Austin asks Vince where he is and says he needs him. Austin tells Vince to hurry.

Another video of someone filming DDP is shown. DDP has seen enough. He jumps the barricade and gets in the ring. DDP tells Undertaker to get his ass out here and get his ass kicked. More footage of DDP arriving to the building is shown. The camera turns to Sara (Undertaker's wife). Sara says it's time for DDP to become famous. UNDERTAKER'S MUSIC HITS! Undertaker takes his time getting to the ring and stops at the bottom of the ramp to put on some gloves. Undertaker gets in the ring and THE FIGHT IS ON!! Taker no sells all of DDP's offense! Taker mounts and hits DDP with several haymakers. All Taker as he beats the hell out of DDP. DDP finally gets a low blow in. DDP gets in a few shots but it's short lived. SARA makes her way out now with a camera and she takes video of Taker kicking DDP's ass! The beat down goes on for what feels like forever and DDP finally bails through the crowd. DDP's WWE career was over before it really got started and this wasn't a good start to the WCW invasion angle.

Stone Cold is in the parking lot looking for Vince. Austin asks a work how long it takes to get there from Greenwich? The guy says a hour and a half. Austin tells him to come find him when Vince gets here.

A video package hypes Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon.

Street Fight

Shane McMahon (WCW Owner) vs. Kurt Angle

Angle throws his gold medals to the floor and immediately tackles Shane! Another take down by Angle! Shane with elbows but Angle won't let go. Angle with a back suplex and he stomps Shane. Angle with a knee to the midsection of Shane followed by a bunch more. Shane catches a leg and hits some rights of his own. Arm drag by Shane and he takes down Angle with a heel trip. Angle quickly gets up and he's pissed. Shane bails out of the ring. Angle gets on the mat and challenges Shane to come back in and go amateur. Angle got busted open. Shane is slow to get back in and Angle schools him. Angle beats the hell out of Shane and gutwrench suplexes him. Belly to belly by Angle. Angel talks trash followed by another belly to belly. Angle with some wicked forearm shots to the face of Shane. Angle takes Shane back to the mat and schools him some more. Angle tells Shane that he's not in Angle's league. Angle challenges Shane to go amateur again. Shane thinks about it but gives Angle a kick to the ribs. Shane with a big back elbow and he takes it to Angle. Angle turns it around and takes Shane down again. Angle with a go behind. Shane uses Angle's momentum to send him out of the ring. Angle is pissed now! Shane gets out of the ring and Angle chases him! Shane hops on the barricade and jumps on Angle. Shane gets on the barricade behind the announce table and dives over the table to take out Angle! Shane gets a kendo stick and wears Angle out with it! Angle runs Shane into the ring post and apron to stop it. Shane sends Angle over the barricade. Angle is back up and tries to choke Shane but Shane brings him back over the barricade and delivers punches. Shane sends Angle into the apron and into the barricade. Shane clubs Angle with forearms and sends him into the steps. Shane shoulder tackles Angle into the steps! Back in the ring, Shane covers and Angle bridges out at 2! Again and Angle bridges again! A third time and Angle bridge only for Shane to drop an elbow on him. Shane goes to the outside to get some trash cans, lids, road sign, and a wooden platform. Shane uses the road sign on Angle including sending Angle off the ropes and jumping to hit him in the face with it. Near fall for Shane. Angle fights back now but misses an enziguri which ALLOWS SHANE TO LOCK IN THE ANKLE LOCK!! Angle gives Shane a stiff kick to the face to break it. Angle misses a charge and Shane floats over for a DDT! SHANE LOCKS IN A SHARPSHOOTER!! Angle makes it to the ropes but Shane pulls him away! ANGLE GRABS A KENDO STICK AND CRACKS SHANE WITH IT!! Shane avoids some more kendo stick shots and hits a series of punches for a near fall. Shane blasts Angle in the head with a trash can and a couple shots to the abdomen too. Shane places the trash can on Angle and heads to the top. SHANE TRIES A SHOOTING STAR PRESS BUT ANGLE MOVES AND SHANE LANDS ON THE TRASH CAN!!! Damn!! Angle dumps Shane to the outside and they begin to fight up the aisle way. Shane blocks a suplex and suplexes Angle on the floor. I believe Angle has said in the past that he broke his tailbone here. Angle gets to his feet and they trade punches. Angle sends Shane into the set. ANGLE TRIES TO BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX SHANE INTO THE "KOR" GLASS BUT IT DOESN'T BREAK!! Hard fall for Shane. ANGLE TRIES AGAIN AND SHANE GOES THROUGH THE GLASS THIS TIME!! "Holy shit" chants from the crowd. That was brutal! Shane is busted open now. ANGLE TRIES TO DO IT AGAIN THROUGH ANOTHER ONE GOING THE OPPOSITE WAY BUT IT DOESN'T BREAK!! Angle tries again and again it doesn't break. ANGLE SAYS SCREW IT AND THROWS SHANE FACE FIRST THROUGH THE GLASS!! Wow!! Angle tries a cover but the ref tells him to take Shane to the ring. Angle's arm is cut as well. Angle tries to drag Shane but he can't. Angle puts Shane on a production case to wheel him back to the ring. Both men are covered in glass. Angle puts Shane back in the ring. 1....2....NO!!! Angle goes to use the trash can lid but SHANE WITH A LOW BLOW!! Shane with a couple trash can lid shots to Angle. SHANE HITS ANGLE WITH THE ANGLE SLAM!!! Shane crawls over. 1...2....NO!!! Angle wants the Ankle Lock but Shane avoids it. Angle catapults Shane up onto to top turnbuckle. Angle pounds on the back of Shane. ANGLE CLUBS SHANE WITH THE WOODEN PLATFORM BEFORE SETTING IT UP ON THE TOP ROPE!! ANGLE GOES UP TOP AND HITS SHANE WITH A SUPER ANGLE SLAM FROM THE TOP!!! "HOLY SHIT". ANGLE CRAWLS TO COVER AND IT'S OVER!! This was brutal! This is easily the best match of Shane's career and how amazing is Angle?!?

W: Kurt Angle via pin @ 26:00 (****1/4)

Post match, Shane McMahon gets a standing ovation as he's helped out. Shane wants to leave on his own power.

Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Stone Cold Steve Austin are all getting ready for the main event. Austin checks the parking lot one more time. He's told his match is next. Austin tells them to send Vince to the ring when he gets here.

We get the video package to hype the triple threat main event.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship

Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin (champ)

The crowd still loves Austin and Austin looks over his shoulder on the way to the ring looking for Vince. Austin is hesitant to get in the ring. Jericho and Benoit go out to get Austin. Jericho tosses Austin back in the ring and we're underway officially. Austin bails and tries to leave through the crowd and he's chased by both Jericho and Benoit again. They bring him back to the ringside area only for Austin to try to go through the crowd on the other side. Austin back drops Jericho over the barricade to the ringside area. Benoit takes Austin back to the ring where Austin nails him on the way in. Stomps by Austin to Benoit. Austin chops Benoit in the corner and Jericho is back now. Jericho and Benoit double team Austin with chops in the corner. Heyman complains about Benoit and Jericho double teaming Austin claiming it's a triple threat and not a handicap match. Austin fights back and Jericho hits him with a flying forearm. Jericho wants a cover but Benoit pulls him off. Benoit and Jericho exchange words and that allows Austin to attack from behind. Austin sends Jericho sternum first into the corner and tries a back suplex but Jericho lands on his feet. Benoit and Jericho team up on Austin again. Jericho tries a spinning heel kick to Austin but accidently takes out Benoit instead when Austin ducks. Jericho tries to help Benoit up but then decks him! Jericho and Benoit go at it now while Austin is over in another corner taking off the top turnbuckle pad. Austin and Jericho briefly work together and send Benoit out of the ring. Austin wants a Lou Thesz Press on Jericho but Jericho counters into the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Benoit is quickly back in to break that up. Benoit back suplexes Jericho out of the ring! Benoit stomps Austin in the corner now. Benoit wants the Crossface but Austin quickly gets to the ropes. Snap suplex by Benoit. Benoit with strikes and chops to Austin. Benoit gets a near fall. Benoit comes off the ropes and Austin side steps and sends Benoit over the top to the floor. Austin follows to the outside and sends Benoit into the steps. Austin taunts Benoit with the title before sending him into the steps again. Back in the ring, Austin stomps the gut of Benoit. Austin with chops now and drops a knee on the chest of Benoit for a near fall. Austin mounts and delivers right hands to Benoit. Jericho starts to stir on the apron and Austin sends Benoit into him knocking Jericho to the floor. Austin chokes Benoit across the middle rope and drops a leg across the back of Benoit. AUSTIN WANTS A STUNNER BUT BENOIT PUSHES AUSTIN INTO THE REF! THE REF IS DOWN! BENOIT HITS AUSTIN WITH A STUNNER!! Benoit covers and has Austin beat but no ref! The ref crawls over and it's a near fall. Benoit goes to get the title and HITS AUSTIN IN THE FACE WITH IT!! Benoit covers again and Jericho breaks it up. Jericho throws Benoit out of the ring and they brawl outside. Jericho elevates Benoit head first into the ring post. Jericho gets back in the ring and covers Austin for a near fall. Jericho with chops an Austin tries the Walls of Jericho on Jericho but Jericho avoids it. Jericho wants the Walls now but Austin gets to the ropes. Suplex by Jericho and a near fall. Austin lays out Jericho with a nice spine buster!! Near fall for Austin. Heyman talks about WCW trying to steal the WWE Championship and references Montreal. Austin continues to work over Jericho and locks in a sleeper. Jericho breaks it by back suplexing Austin. Austin and Jericho trade punches from their knees. Jericho takes Austin down with a flying forearm and a couple clotheslines. Benoit gets on the apron only for Jericho to spring board drop kick him to the floor. Jericho sends Austin to the corner and hits a bulldog. Jericho wants the Lionsault but Austin gets the knees up! Austin wants a Stunner but is pushed away. LOU THESZ PRESS BY AUSTIN AND RIGHT HANDS!! Benoit grabs a chair outside. Austin ducks and JERICHO IS BLASTED IN THE HEAD!! Damn! Benoit swings at Austin again who ducks and HITS BENOIT WITH A STUNNER!!! BENOIT FALLS OUT OF THE RING! Austin covers Jericho. 1....2....NO!! Austin puts Jericho on the top turnbuckle and goes up with him. AUSTIN SUPERPLEXES JERICHO! Austin looks like he's hurting. Austin puts Jericho on the top in another corner. AUSTIN SUPERPLEXES JERICHO AGAIN!! 1....2....NO!! Austin puts Jericho on top again! Benoit is back in now. FIVE GERMAN SUPLEXES FROM BENOIT TO AUSTIN!! Benoit wants another but Austin with a low blow! All three men are down! Jericho locks Austin in the WALLS OF JERICHO!! BENOIT LOCKS THE CROSSFACE ON AT THE SAME TIME!! AUSTIN TAPS OUT!!! JR and Heyman want to know who won. The ref can't award the match to both men so he says we're continuing. Benoit and Jericho go at it now. Benoit LOCKS JERICHO IN THE CROSSFACE!! Jericho rolls through and wants the Walls but Benoit kicks him away. Austin rolls outside as Benoit and Jericho trade chops. Snap suplex by Benoit for a near fall. Austin grabs a chair outside and Benoit baseball slides it into Austin's face. Benoit with a front face lock on Jericho but Jericho sends Benoit outside. BOOKER T IS HERE AND ATTACKS AUSTIN!! SCISSOR KICK ON THE OUTSIDE!!! BOOKER PUTS AUSTIN THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Security comes after him and he bails through the crowd. Meanwhile, Benoit hits Jericho with two Germans. Jericho counters a third into the WALLS OF JERICHO!! Benoit crawls and makes it to the ropes. Benoit sends Jericho shoulder first into the ring post. Benoit wants a back suplex but Jericho lands on his feet. They trade counters. Scoop slam by Benoit and he goes to the top. Jericho is up and brings Benoit down the hard way. Bulldog by Jericho. Jericho with a Lionsault but he barely gets it as it was botched. Jericho covers anyways for a near fall. Chops by Jericho now and he hits Benoit with a cross body and they both go over the top. Jericho hits Austin with part of the announce table before putting him back in the ring. Jericho goes to the top turnbuckle. MOONSAULT BY JERICHO!! 1....2....Benoit saves it and sends Jericho out of the ring! Benoit goes to the top. HEAD BUTT TO AUSTIN!! 1.....2....Jericho pulls the ref out! Benoit clubs Jericho and puts him on the top turnbuckle. BENOIT WITH A BACK SUPLEX FROM THE TOP ON JERICHO!! BENOIT HOLDS HIS NECK IN PAIN!! AUSTIN VERY SLOWLY CRAWLS TO COVER BENOIT FOR THE WIN!! This was great. Props to Austin for some of the bumps he takes. Two superplexes and fiver Germans! The finish was anti-climatic but I believe that's because of what happened to Benoit.

W: Stone Cold Steve Austin via pin @ 27:51 (****)

Austin slowly heads back up the ramp with the championship and struggles to hold it up as we end the show.

Overall Rating: 8/10

What more can we say about Kurt freaking Angle?!? The guy wrestles two good matches and then has one of the most brutal street fights in WWE history. If you haven't seen it, stop what you're doing and watch it now! The tournament matches all deliver and are more than solid. The tag title match is surprising good for what expectations are. Just skip Hardy/X-Pac. I think the main event was great but had potential to be even better! It's unfortunate that Benoit injured his neck on the back suplex and would be out for a year.

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