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InVasion 2001

Updated: May 28, 2020


Cleveland, Ohio

Gund Arena

Attendance: 17,964

Announcers: Jim Ross, Michael Cole

Ring announcer: Howard Finkel

Good opening video package with former presidents talking about war mixed with the build up to the main event. WCW's Chavo Guerrero defeated WWE's Scotty 2 Hotty on Heat to put WCW/ECW up 1-0.

Lance Storm & Mike Awesome vs. Edge & Christian

Storm & Awesome were already in the ring when the pay-per-view begins. Storm has a mic. "If I could be serious for a minute". He's immediately interrupted by Edge & Christian. Edge was the 2001 King of the Ring. The match starts with Christian and Awesome. Awesome and Storm are in control in the opening moments. Jim Ross talks up Storm's accolades. Edge hits a nice missile drop kick on Storm. He follows up by back body dropping Storm to the outside and he lands on Awesome. Christian attempts to jump off Edge's back to dive onto Storm/Awesome but Christian slips on his jump and pretty much just falls to the outside onto the opposition. The ref checks on Christian and it appears he's alright. Back in the ring, Edge and Christian are in control of Storm. Storm attempts a superplex but Christian pushes him off. Before Christian can do anything, Awesome stops him allowing Storm to take advantage. Awesome beats down Christian outside while the ref is distracted. In the ring, Storm throws Christian into the ring post under the bottom rope to injure his ribs. This was a unique spot that you don't often see. Awesome back in to wear down Christian. Commentary lets us know the officials were chosen tonight by coin toss. Constant tags by Storm and Awesome. Christian eventually hits a cross body but Awesome takes out Edge so Christian can't make a tag. Edge breaks up a count to save the match. More frequent tags by Storm and Awesome. Edge breaks up another pin. Awesome goes to the top and attempts to power bomb Christian from the top but Christian back drops him down to the mat. This allows Christian to finally tag Edge. Awesome tags Storm in as well. Edge is on fire! Edge takes Storm down from behind with the Edge-o-matic for a near fall. Edge tries a sunset slip but Awesome holds Storm's hands so Edge can't pull him down. Christian comes around to take out Awesome. Edge with a roll up for a near fall. Small package by Storm but Christian shifts the momentum so Edge is covering Storm while Awesome had the ref distracted. Near fall. Christian takes out both Storm and Awesome with a double clothesline from the top. Edge goes to spear Storm but Storm moves and he spears Awesome! Another near fall! Storm goes for a super kick on Christian. Edge moves Christian out of the way and the kick intended for Christian takes out Edge. Christian takes Storm out of the ring. Awesome covers Edge for a long 2! Awesome sets Edge up for a power bomb but Christian spears Awesome and Edge falls onto Awesome for the cover and the 3!! This was good opening tag team match with solid back and forth action.

W: Edge & Christian via pin @ 10:11 (***)

It's 1-1 if you count the match that took place on Heat.

Vince is backstage and he's happy with the win. William Regal comes in to tell Vince that Austin has arrived. Vince says to give Austin space and he tells Regal to focus on his match with Raven. Vince makes a bad Revolutionary War reference.

Special Referee: Mick Foley

Nick Patrick (Senior WCW referee) w/ WCW referees vs. Earl Hebner (Senior WWE referee) w/ WWE referees

The crowd loves Mick, JR says Earl has been with company since 1988 and talks up his loyalty. Patrick gets in Hebner's face when the bell rings and Hebner isn't having it. He pushed Patrick so Patrick slaps him in the face. This is already bad. Earl throws Nick into the corner and goes crazy with stomps. He pulls Patrick out of the corner and covers for a near fall. Hebner mounts Patrick and beats the hell out of him. Patrick turns the tide and forces Hebner to the outside of the ring. The WCW refs tease interfering but the WWE refs make sure they don't. Mick goes outside to ensure there's no interference. Back in the ring, Earl looks pissed and continues kicking ass. He gives Patrick ten punches in the corner. Patrick hits a baseball slide sending Hebner outside. The WCW refs jump Earl and Foley ejects them all! Foley helps Hebner back in the ring. Patrick gets mad and confronts Foley. Earl runs and hits a shoulder tackle. He covers Patrick and that's it! This was bowling shoe ugly as JR put it but was about what you would expect from these two. At least they kept it short and we got to see Foley.

W: Earl Hebner via pin @ 2:51 (NR)

It's 2-1 in favor of the WWE. After the match, Patrick complains to Foley and gets introduced to Mr. Socko.

We get highlights of Diamond Dallas Page abducting Debra on the most recent Smackdown. We see Debra talking to the Undertaker's wife, Sara.

Champions vs. Champions

A.P.A. (WWE Tag Team champs) vs. Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo (WCW Tag Team champs)

We get a video package before the match starts. Are these teams really the tag team champions for each organization respectfully? Surely there are better options. Anyways, O'Haire and Palumbo run to the ring and the match starts with both teams brawling. The ref gains control and we got Bradshaw against Palumbo to start. JR says O'Haire and Palumbo beat Kevin Nash and DDP for their tag title back in January. Some power moves by both teams but nothing impressive. A fan keeps holding up a "Teddy Long Fan Club" sign as he is the referee for the match. A.P.A. wear down Palumbo and Bradshaw hits a fall away slam on him. O'Haire makes the save. O'Haire hits some nice power moves. Faarooq gets a tag after Bradshaw had been in a while. Michael Cole tries to convince the audience that the A.P.A. have been the ones to rally the WWE against WCW/ECW. O'Haire pulls Faarooq out of the ring and beats him down but it's not enough to put him away. Faarooq plants O'Haire with a spine buster and that allows him to tag Bradshaw but O'Haire also tags Palumbo. Big slam by Bradshaw for a near fall. O'Hair picks up Bradshaw and Palumbo drop kicks Bradshaw's back sending him face first into the turnbuckle. Faarooq makes the save. Faarooq knocks O'Haire out of the ring but eats a super kick from Palumbo. Bradshaw hits Palumbo with the clothesline from hell and that's it. The crowd just really wasn't into this and I don't blame them. The opening tag match was much better.

W: A.P.A. via pin @ 7:18 (*1/2)

It's 3-1 Team WWE. Vince is happy backstage as he talks to Chris Jericho about the main event.

Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, and Paul Heyman give Billy Kidman a pep talk.

Champion vs. Champion

X-Pac (WWE Light Heavyweight champ) vs. Billy Kidman (WCW Cruiserweight champ)

"X-Pac sucks" to chant. I wouldn't say the crowd loves Kidman but they hate X-Pac. They work some mat grappling in the beginning. X-Pac tries to shoot Kidman into the air but Kidman counters with a nice hurricanrana. He follows that up with an enziguri knocking X-Pac out of the ring. Kidman slides under the bottom rope and bulldogs X-Pac to the floor. In the ring, X-Pac side steps Kidman and throws him to the outside. X-Pac hits a good looking dive to the outside and gets booed for it. Back in the ring, X-Pac wears down Kidman. JR says if you have a match between two high flyers, the first one to ground the other has the advantage; Thanks for the insight JR. X-Pac goes to the top as he continues to get booed. He attempts a swanton but Kidman rolls out of the way. Kidman takes control. Kidman hits X-Pac with a sky high. Where's D'Lo Brown at? Near fall for Kidman. Kidman delivers punches to X-Pac in the corner. X-Pac takes him and tries to stack him up for a cover and even uses the ropes for leverage. Near fall. X-Pac tries to power bomb Kidman but Kidman turns it into a X-factor of his own. Near fall again.

Kidman goes up top but somehow dives right into a X-factor. He kicks out of pin and X-Pac can't believe it. X-Pac goes for a Bronco Buster but Kidman gets a boot up. Kidman heads up top and hits a Shooting Star Press for the win!! A much better pace and match than the previous two but still far from great. WCW/ECW gets their first win on the main card making it 3-2 WWE.

W: Billy Kidman via pin @ 7:13 (**1/2)

Shane, Stephanie, and Paul are happy with the win. DDP comes in to talk to them and they tell him to stay focused.

Stacey Keibler and Torrie Wilson talk about their bras and panties matching.

Raven vs. William Regal (WWE Commissioner)

It's odd to see Regal being cheered as he's normally a heel. Since he's a WWE guy, he's the favorite for this one if you can call it that. The crowd doesn't seem to care about either guy. Regal takes control early and attempts to lock in the Regal stretch but Raven rolls outside. Regal goes after him and throws him back in. Regal attempts multiple covers and gets all near falls. Regal sling shots Raven out of the ring and JR says Raven dresses like a bum haha. Regal continues to beat Raven up on the apron. He charges at Raven but Raven side steps and sends Regal over the top. Raven connects with a baseball slide and hits a Russian leg sweep sending Regal into the barricade. Back in the ring, Raven is in control. Raven targets Regal's ribs. The crowd is silent. Regal delivers a knee to Raven's head but Raven rolls him up for a near fall. Regal mounts and repeatedly punches Raven. Running bulldog by Raven gets a near fall. They trade more near falls. Raven goes for Raven Effect but Regal counters with a Northern lights suplex. They collide heads and both men are down. Raven rolls out of the ring. The ref is distracted with Raven and Tazz suplexes Regal. Raven gets back in the ring and hits a Raven Effect for the win. This was not good. The crowd could of cared less as they didn't like either guy. Regal got minimal cheers just for being the WWE guy.

W: Raven via pin @ 6:35 (*)

Vince talks to Undertaker and Kane backstage saying WWE can't lose another match. Vince pisses off the Undertaker while trying to motivate him.

Six Man Tag Team Match

Big Show, "The One" Billy Gunn, & Albert (WWE Intercontinental champ) vs. Shawn Stasiak, Hugh Morrus, & Chris Kanyon

First off, someone please tell me why in the hell Albert is the Intercontinental champion. You could argue that this is when the roster has the most talent ever and he's the Intercontinental champion? I can think of at least twenty better options. Next, why does Shawn Stasiak have a second rate rip off Mr. Perfect theme as his entrance music? Anyways, on with the match. We start with the WWE guys all gorilla pressing the opposition. Gunn and Kanyon are the legal men. Commentary brings up Gunn's 1999 King of the Ring win but fail to mention he's done nothing since that. Apparently, he was invited to this years King of the Ring tournament and JR says you have to earn it. A nice way of saying he hasn't done anything. Gunn has advantage over Kanyon but gets hit from behind by Stasiak. Kanyon hits a nice Russian leg sweep and rolls through with it and hits a flatliner on Gunn. Not something you see often. Near fall. Stasiak in now and "Meat" chants from the crowd. He beats down Gunn in the corner. Gunn hits a neck breaker and tags in Albert. Albert squashes Stasiak in the corner and now everyone is in to brawl. The crowd lets out a big cheer for something Big Show and Hugh Morrus did but we can't see it. Albert hits a big bicycle kick on Stasiak. Kanyon and Morrus come in but he takes care of them. He hits a Baldo Bomb on Stasiak but Morrus and Kanyon break up the cover. Morrus tags himself in but gets power slammed by Albert. Gunn is back in and he hits a Fameasser to Morrus. Gunn goes for the One and Only on Morrus but Stasiak drops Gunn with a reverse DDT that looked botched as both Morrus and Stasiak fall on Gunn. Stasiak puts Morrus on Gunn and they get the win. I don't think Big Show was legally in the whole match. This was boring but the fans were more into it than the last one. At least this was kept short.

W: Shawn Stasiak, Hugh Morrus, & Chris Kanyon via pin @ 4:23 (*)

Post match, Big Show lays out Stasiak and Morrus with choke slams. Kanyon gets taken out with an alley-oop.

Shane and Booker are talking backstage about how they're up 4-3 while Shane shines Booker's titles.

Tajiri talks to William Regal. Regal tells him to beat Tazz for him, Vince, and WWE.

Tazz vs. Tajiri

Tajiri dives into the ring and we're under way with some brawling. Tajiri takes him down with some kicks and then hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Tajiri works on Tazz in the corner. Tajiri runs into a belly-to-belly suplex. Tajiri regains controls with a flurry of kicks but Tazz stops it with a clothesline. Tazz mounts Tajiri and delivers some forearm shots across the face. The crowd boos Tazz. Tazz delivers some chops in the corner. Commentary talks about Heyman recruiting Tazz back to ECW. Cross arm breaker by Tazz but Tajiri gets to the ropes. Tazz throws Tajiri into corner and Tajiri tries to counter but Tazz catches him and plants an Alabama slam. Tazz claims he's done but Tajiri kicks out and Tazz argues with the ref. Tazz throws Tajiri into the ropes but Tajiri this is hand springboard elbow to take down Tazz. Outside, Tazz throws Tajiri into the steps. Back inside, Tajiri counters Tazz in the corner and locks in the Tarantula. Big kick to Tazz's jaw that gets a 2 count. Tajiri lights Tazz up with a couple kicks and Tazz catches his leg on the third and suplexes him. Tazz shoves the ref to go after Tajiri and Tajiri hits him with the green mist!! The ref doesn't see it since Tazz pushed him away. Tajiri delivers a knock out kick to the face for the win! It's 4-4.

W: Tajiri via pin @ 5:44 (**)

The Hardyz are talking backstage when Rob Van Dam hits Matt in the back with a chair. He tells Jeff that he's next.

Hardcore Holly is at WWE New York signing autographs. He gets into an altercation with a fan wearing a WCW shirt.

WWE Hardcore Championship Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy (champ)

RVD gets cheered as the crowd likes both men. Lots of action right when the bell rings. They trade shots and RVD shows off his flexibility by doing the splits. They trade take downs and we have a stale mate. The crowd has woken up and is solidly behind both men. RVD looks at the crowd and goes for his signature taunt and Jeff wipes him out with a drop kick. Jeff beats RVD down in the corner. Jeff kicks RVD and he goes face first into the turnbuckle. Near fall. RVD leap frogs Jeff but Jeff hits a compactor for a near fall. RVD ducks a cross body and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. RVD hits Rolling Thunder for another near fall. Commentary notes that neither man has used any weapons yet. Jeff throws RVD into the corner but RVD runs up to the top. Jeff pushes him off the top and RVD hits the barricade. Hardy hits baseball slide and then tries to run the rail but RVD meets him and they both fall into the crowd. They fight in the crowd where RVD back flips off a rail to take out Hardy for a near fall. The crowd is still behind both men. Back in the ring area now. RVD sets Jeff on the barricade and leaps off the apron with a spinning heel kick on Hardy's back. Near fall. RVD chants now. He takes a bow for the crowd. With RVD on the apron, Jeff hits a sunset flip power bomb from in the ring planting RVD on the floor. Jeff grabs a ladder from under the ring and it's about a 20 footer. Jeff climbs the ladder but RVD rolls into the ring and pushes the ladder over. Jeff crashed onto the ramp! RVD grabs a ringside chair but Jeff hits him in the face with the ladder. Jeff uses the chair on RVD. They fight up the entrance way. RVD is on his knees begging Jeff not to hit him with a chair. Jeff rares back but RVD hits him with a Van Daminator kicking the chair into Jeff's face and Jeff goes off the stage!! RVD goes after Jeff and takes him back towards the ring along with the chair. Back in the ring now. RVD positions Jeff in the corner and runs with a chair and kicks it into Jeff's face! Jeff's head is bleeding! RVD attempts a split legged moonsault from the corner but Jeff gets his knees up. Jeff spikes RVD with a sick looking DDT! 2 count!! Cover again and another near fall. Jeff hits a nice German suplex and stacks RVD up for a near fall. Jeff hits a jaw breaker and goes up to the top. He attempts the Swanton Bomb but RVD moves and Jeff lands on the WWE Hardcore Championship. RVD puts the title on Jeff's chest and hits a Five Star Frog Splash from the top for the win! This was great and hands down the best match of the night so far! It's 5-4 WCW/ECW.

W: Rob Van Dam via pin @ 12:33 (****)

Kurt Angles walks into Vince's office. Vince tries to get him pumped up and Angle says enough with the Americana bullshit. He's here to kick some ass tonight.

1st ever Tag Team Bra & Panties Match

Special Referee: Mick Foley

Torrie Wilson & Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus & Lita

This was Foley's stipulation for refereeing the earlier match. Torrie and Stacy try to kiss up to Foley during the entrances. Torrie and Stacy hide behind Foley before slapping Trish and Lita. Trish and Torrie start as they brawl. Trish gains control and tries to take off Torrie's top but Stacy stops it. Torrie is really bad. Torrie and Stacy repeatedly tag each other in because neither wants to be in the ring. Stacy gets in the ring and Lita takes her down and removes her top. Stacy bails and runs around the ring. Torrie kicks Lita on her way back in and holds her down while Stacy removes Lita's top. Stacy is just as bad as Torrie. Lita misses a cross body and Stacy tags out. Torrie and Trish are in. Torrie steps on Trish's hair and removes her top. Trish rolls through, traps Torrie, and removes Torrie's pants. Foley is doing very little officiating. Trish and Lita do the Hardy Boyz Poetry in Motion and then take off Torrie's top. Trish bulldogs Stacy. Lita hits a moonsault from the top and takes off Stacy's pants for the win. After the match, Foley collects the garments.

W: Trish Stratus & Lita via clothing removal @ 5:02 (1/2*)

Shane, Stephanie, and Paul give Team WCW/ECW a final pep talk.

Stone Cold is sitting in his locker room with Debra when Vince comes in to give him a rally. Austin isn't in the mood for talking and he says he's ready to whoop somebody's ass.

Great video package before the main event. We're all tied at 5-5.

Inaugural Brawl

Team WCW/ECW (Dudley Boyz, Rhyno, Booker T (WCW champ & US champ), & Diamond Dallas Page) w/ Shane McMahon (WCW Owner), Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (ECW Owner), & Paul Heyman vs. Team WWE (Kane, Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, & Stone Cold Steve Austin (WWE champ)) w/ Vince McMahon

They do alternating entrances for each team to give it a big time feel. Vince and the WWE guys get a big ovation. Heyman goes nuts for Rhyno and repeatedly says "Gore!". WWE Referee Mike Chioda is officiating the match with WCW referee Charles Robinson on the outside. Undertaker cuts DDP off on his way to the ring and everyone starts brawling before Austin is even introduced. Austin's music hits and the arena erupts! No one calls Austin's stuff like JR! Huge brawl on the outside to begin. The match officially starts with Austin and Rhyno. Austin hits an undetected low blow and stomps a mud hole in him while in the corner. Lou Thesz press by Austin on Rhyno and Austin continues to beat the hell out of him. Near fall. Austin puts Rhyno on the top and hits a superplex from the very top! Another near fall broken up by D-Von. Jericho comes in for Team WWE. Rhyno cuts Jericho off and is able to tag Booker. Team WCW/ECW beats down Jericho in the corner. Jericho gets a near fall on Booker but it's broken up by Rhyno. Jericho hits Rhyno with a springboard drop kick. Jericho goes to the second rope and hits Booker with a missile drop kick. Near fall. Angle is in now to continue working on Booker. Booker stops his momentum with a spin kick and Booker tags D-Von. He takes over on Angle. Angle tags in Kane and he starts unloading on D-Von. Kane is wearing him out in the corner and then hits a big sidewalk slam. Near fall broken up by DDP. Kane goes for a choke slam but Bubba prevents it from happening. Bubba is in now and the Dudleys hit a modified 3D on Kane for a near fall. Kane hits a boot on Bubba and hits a big clothesline off the top. D-Von breaks up the count. Kane tags in Undertaker. Big clothesline by Taker and he knocks DDP off the apron. Taker hits old school on Bubba. Taker nails Booker, Rhyno, and DDP off the apron but gets taken out by Bubba when he turns around. Rhyno in now for Team WCW/ECW. Rhyno beats down Taker in the corner and tags DDP. Taker fires back on DDP with a series of punches. A DDT by DDP gets near fall and he tags in Booker. Booker gets near fall off a kick. Booker ducks his head and Taker hits a big DDT for a near fall that's broken up by Rhyno. Austin is back in now to the delight of the crowd. He stomps Booker in the corner. Austin goes for a stunner but Booker counters and they fight to the outside. Austin suplexes Booker on the floor and they go back into the ring. Jericho back in. He attempts to lock Booker in the walls. DDP comes in and he attempts to put him in the walls as well but Booker makes sure it doesn't happen. Booker rolls out of the way of a Lionsault and D-Von hangs Jericho out to dry on the ropes. D-Von tags in to beat down Jericho. The Dudleys trade tags and double team Jericho. The crowd is cheering for Jericho to make a tag and he makes it to Angle! Angle is cleaning house! He throws the Dudleys all over the ring. Near fall. DDP distracts Angle allowing Bubba to hit a sit out power bomb. Taker breaks up a near fall. Rhyno back in. Austin breaks up a cover and flips off the official. They Dudleys trade tags back in as the crowd chants for Austin. Booker is in and hits a scissor kick and does a spin-a-roonie which JR hates. Taker breaks up the cover. DDP is in and Austin runs in to nail Booker. DDP hits a tornado power bomb on Angle but Austin is in again to break things up to the crowds delight; "Austin" chants again. With the ref distracted, the Dudleys hit their headbutt from the top on Angle. Jericho breaks up the cover. Angle has been in for a while now. Austin gets into it with Charles Robinson on the outside. Angle finally gets a tag but the ref didn't see it thanks to Bubba so Angle must stay in. He gets beat down by everyone in the opposing corner. Huge brawl now with everyone in the ring!! Rhyno accidentally Gores Booker! Kane is fighting the Dudleys outside while Taker works on DDP in the ring. Choke slam on DDP by Taker. Taker goes the Last Ride on DDP but Charles Robinson stops him. Taker hits a monster Last Ride on Robinson!! Taker and DDP fight through the crowd out of site. Austin is on the ground outside with an apparent knee injury. The trainers are looking at him. Kane is tearing apart the announcers tables. The Dudleys beat on Kane and set up a third table on the outside. Booker and Angle are still the legal men. Kane choke slams D-Von through an announcers table!! Bubba hits Kane with a monitor. Bubba and Rhyno both suplex Kane through the other announce table! Jericho runs the apron and puts Rhyno through the table that the Dudleys set up. In the ring, Bubba and Booker beat down Angle until Angle fires up to make a come back. German on Booker! Angle slam on Bubba! Angle locks in the ankle lock on Booker! Booker kicks him off and Angle wipes out the ref who falls to the outside. Everyone is down. Vince grabs the WWE championship belt and tosses it in the ring to Angle. Shane gets in the ring and intercepts it and hits Vince in the face with it! Angle nails Shane and he goes out of the ring. Bubba is back dropped out of the ring. Angle slam on Booker! He locks in the ankle lock on Booker and he's tapping!!! There's no ref!! Austin is putting the ref in the ring. Austin nails Angle!!! Stunner on Angle!!! Boos from the crowd!! Austin puts Booker on Angle and tells Chioda to count. Team WCW/ECW wins!!

W: Team WCW/ECW via pin @ 29:03 (***1/2)

After the match, Austin kicks Angle out the ring and celebrates with Shane, Stephanie, and Paul as they all drink beers. Austin pours a beer on Vince.

Overall Rating: 5/10

This event had lots of hype going into it but I don't think it quite lived up to expectations. This pay-per-view had a higher buy rate than any pay-per-view that's not a WrestleMania. Lots of matches on the card didn't crack ***. The opening tag was solid and RVD/Hardy easily stole the show, The main event was a brawl where everyone got to shine. My problem with the main event is that on paper, Team WWE should of killed them. Of course at the end we get the Austin heel turn. The event wasn't god awful but I think it was definitely a let down and it didn't live up to the expectations of fans.

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